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The Sunday chat. (Paducah, Ky.) 1901-19??, March 31, 1901, The Sunday Chat, Image 16

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AiTi 7J5 94SF + RpriP4ileSr Y999 Te +
Its preface Ii a lullaby tho end a
funeral song
Oh the blotched and ragged loges
In the volume of a life
Oh those hot and weary ages
Of the souls eternal strife
Oh the blazing crazing focrI I
Of the reddest reddest blood
Oh the raging aging fever
Of tho plangent ceaseless flood I
Oh the heaven and the hell
The temporal and supreme
The waking and the sleeping
The end of every dream
The banting of all babble
The patting of tho mind I
That sweeps os to the future
And leave tho put behind I
What trenchant pent are deeds
What rabid woes are rife dctodlI I
Whit mysteries and historic
In the volume of a 1IfI I
i i
This book Is exciting much com i I
ment now not only because of Its very
nnntualccss but alto for the fresh
ness and sparkle about It I
She It a most remarkable maiden
this 17yearold Elizabeth who starts
out on a round of visits to her still
more remarkable relatives and takes
you to intimately I and often irresist
Ibly Into her confidence through the
letter written to her mother they
tell the story and make the book
lice mother being an Invalid Eliza
beth goes to these hornet of nobility
accompanied only by her French maid
but she proves well able to fend for
herself No Yankee bachelor girl
or Western emancipated female Is
more competent to take can of herself
or to rite equal to e very emergency
though the emergencies are often
what no Amerrican girl would ever
have to encounter than loot this
moot carefully railed British maid of
high degree
At first yon think the It a moot
guileless maiden and are Inclined toI I
believe that over her matt be that es
pecial and watchful care that Is given
to children and Innocents but glrenII II I
Ibo shows such depth of Insight Into 1
tho ways of the world that yon bee
come convinced there must bo b some
truth In the doctrine of original I
tin One would like to lee the re
plies that her mother would and
ebpald have made to these letters I
The ibock of ionic of them mutt have I
caused n relapse of tome sort to the I
Invalid we fear t
You do not gain a very high Idea
of the British nobllltr and their ways
from these letters or of the French I
either as far as that Is concerned for I
she takes In both countries in her I
rounds and sees much of a life that
makes us glad that we aro good Amer I
ican trades people who arc not at
liberty to defy God and society
There U some very clever satin evi I
dent In there letters especially InI I
speaking of the French as when IboI I
naively says It is a perfect wonder I
that they wen not all exclaiming at
their wet feet and catching cold botI I
Itseems that dancing on the green and
these sort of fetes champctres an na
tional sports and yon dont catch cold
at them It is only washing and
having tho windows open and the
house aired and things like that that
Rive cold In France
Elizabeth often displays a great deal
of commonsense that makes her into
tress of the situation and she has the
courage of her convictions not hesi
tating to speak her mind frankly to
Lord and Lady What Ibo docs not
understand she does not at all mind
inquiring about and then tolling yon
nil she has found ontolieI guileless
reception of a proposal from a French
Marquis to elcpo with him Is refresh
lug In the extreme and perfectly
Think of Jt mamma Me flying
with the Marquis Without a wed
ding cake or Irldesmalds or pages
or tronwean or any of the really nice
boring part of just going away and I
staying with one man without any of t
the other things to make np for It
The book It destined to bo read f or
Its very novelty and to lie variously
viewed already the critic have
launched their for and against fall
upon It The Identity of the author
hat excited tome comment tuo but
not for an Instant do wo agree with
these who believe Elinor Olyn In
bo the unknown author of Elizabeth
and Her German Garden She just I
cannot be tho tame
The book Is attractively gotten up
as all the Bodley Head boob are
Tho most fetching thing about it
though Is the beautiful photogravure
portrait at frontispiece If It be In
tended for Elizabeth the Is Indeed a
dear at looking and her you do not
wonder that the hearts of the men all
adored her
The Visits of Elizabeth By
Elinor Gyln Published by John
Lane of Badly Head For sale by R
D Clements Q Co Paducah
Paul Leicester Fords sew book Is
entitled Journal of Hugh Gain
The Fanatic Is the title of Paul
Laurence Dnnbart new work of fic
Mlu Ellen Thorneycroft Fowlers
poems are even cleverer than her
prose and that Is saying much and
then they do not tire von to her
Loves Arguments and Other Po
ems It apt to have a wide reading
Sir Edwin Arnold It now totally
blind but with a splendid courage ho
thanks Heaven for unimpaired men
tal powers anll It going on with his
work He bat dictated a new epic
poem of 4000 lines that Is said to be
very flue It It to appear In The Loa I
don Telegraph
Lilian Bell U to have a new book
of abort stories out this spring under
the tile of St John and the Ameri
can Girl It is certain to bo t some
thing bright and clever
IOld Bowens Legacy Is I the new
book by Edwin Asa Dix announced for
April publication Deacon Bradbury
and other old friend will appear in
Robert Louis Stevensons Ass
Triplex It being brought out at an
Easter gift book by tM Chat Scrib
ners Son It will be In a similar
form to his Christmas Sermon
that was In inch demand last ChrUt
The late Maurice ThompMnt his
torical novel of the War of 1812 enllI I
let The King of Honey bland III I
selling at the rate of 1000 copies a
day It It said to In written In the
great authors characteristic style
juicily Mrs Lucy Cleaver Me
Elroyt first book Is announced to ap
pear lOOn Mrs McElroy Is I a Ken I
tucky woman and lives In Lebanon
the home of the McElroya The art
ist who Illustrated the book paid an
especial visit to the Blue Grass coon
try for the purpose
Tho timely appearance of the first
part of the official life of Queen Vic
toria by her sonlnltw the Duke of
Argyll has been characterised as a
literary activity that might be called
genuinely American Of coarse
this work wilt carry with it the
weight of authority as coming from
the royal family and has been adver
tiled the world over
That voluminous writer 8t R
Crockett has out a new book called
The Silver Skull The scene Is
laid In Italy and It treat of fabtt
in the early history to stirring that
they form the most vivid romance
There it quite a cry now going
np against the novel dramatized The
critics have been unsparing of To
Have and to Hold and It did look
at If this was dramatic In lit possi
bilities Some novels though that
have been staged are totally lackin g
In the power And now the London
Dally Mall art that Rndvard
Kipling Is about to dramatize The
Jungle Book Tho poislUilltles open
i i ed by this announcement are dreadful
From another source tonics the an
I annulment that Omar Khavyara It
being prepared for the stage Alt
this reminds pro that our friend Mr
Dooley has said that Websters Una
bridged will icon be put upon the
stage with over 800000 characters
How thrilling the theater will be but I
how educating
This magazine Is so aptly named
that It almost announces lit table of
content Tho April number presents
a most attractive array of strong ar
titles True to Its custom of treating
of the people who do things there
are fullpage portraits of Andrevr Car
negie Stephen Phillips Charles M
Schwab J Plerpont Morgan Arch
bishop John Ireland and others who
are prominently In the public eye of
today with timely and Interesting ar
ticks on them and their work la and
for the world
Some space In The March of
Events is devoted to President Mc
Kinley Inaugural address and Its
bearing upon the Cuban and Philip
pine question An account of The
Telephone Newspaper 9r Pudap est
the great journal which has all the I
equipments of a first class newspaper I
except presses paper and printers
Ink reads like a fairy story did we
not live in the day when all things are
The contents are so varied that It
does seem every ones Individual tastes
can be suited unless he Is seeking fib
tlon pun and simple and that Is not
In it at all
Make hard times easier te bear
The local tribe of Red Men Friday
night elected the following officers
C E Wbltesides sachem A W
Oretf prophet ROT Cnlley senior
sagamore II J Toppr Junior saga
more T V Baled keeper of records
J J Freundllch keejirr of wampum
Morn Whlttaker guard of wigwam
flea Meade guard of forest S E
Ebbert trustee for eighteen month
Mr F W Jones the well known
organizer will arrive In a few days to
work up the uiembrnhlp I
The installation ol officers will take
place next Frlady night i
Sergeant Nelson of the Tenth cav
alry colored will have stout eight
colored recruit to send away Mon I
day He will remain here until the
You know ui Yoshive Inown ut for
jean You bane lasted us We kin
never failed you Short that art the Ie
lull of blains from detlcner to mater
YOU will find here Ifoure Ml acuttamer
let us book you with the majirily Little
IC pay lota to save b trading with us
Monroe street 100foot retilenoe
lot shade trees north tide sear Foun
tain park circle Begins 160 feet west
of Sixteenth street I ROO Half rash
Could bo divided i SO feet 3SX
Foantaln arenas lot west side be
tween Harrison and Clay 1301
Five room North Foarth street
house between Monroe and Madison
Best combined business and resi
dence combination in Paducah
Five room house modem with bath
Brick store corner Tennessee and
Eleventh 13000
Nine room Clark street house be
tween Second and Third 11100
Five room Jackson street house No
1308 1100
Best corner lot on Tennessee street
corner Tenth could be rounded np
CarpetsFOR Spring 1f
The enormous business we Are IKIW doing In oar carpet epurtments
convinces ut that we hive the best a nor raent or carpets Cutsba and etc
that li I being shown this sessoo Our men ato now working overtime toof
nil orders but we fill turn your work out on lime If we have to Increase
our force We give below prices on tome of the many good things we are
For floe quality velvet carpet made and laid Beautiful liner 11
of patterns suitable for parlor hall or library r p J
For Tapestry Brussels which we guarantee to be the best carpet
for the money to be found In any market Warranted carpetII
sproute 1
Iagenlltn i
agents in this city Will wear equal to any 125 carpet
For a limited number of patterns of Axmiolster carpets that
out tell regularly for 1125 Some with border and others thlltII
160 f 170 and 12 we hive without question for elegant for
Same old priceno advance for the bett all wool Ingrain A
ISame l
carpets to select tromI
For strictly half wool Olllog carpet 1
For granite carpets usually sold for 30c 111
Straw Matting
ply placing our order for tune good about a year ago we were cc I
abled to save abort IS per cent on our purchase Our customers are DOW
reaping the benefit of our foresight ilock now complete t
E4Roll of 40 yards good China matting that sells regularly fur 1217
20c yard extra heavy jolntlei China malting
24e yard a very Urge line of these popular priced goods la both cottont
chain and China matting
SOcysnl Tilt li our banner line of cotton chain carpet pattern mat
ting Other houses are asking Jio for this value 1
SAc to 6 eWe have quite the most complete line of extreme novelties 1
ever shown
Tapestry Portieres and Lace Curtains
style tome han corded edge others
finished with heavy tassel fringe top
and bottom
I17S tapestry wtlerrt In veils and
ft damask portlem splendid
1360 tapestry portieres fall 48
laehet wide
t tajnlry portlemwell worth 15
II tapestry jwrtlcvrs an offering
well worth seeing
16 to tta Oar llnref fine corfcjns
you will and beyond eoi rlson
LACE CURTAINS The wonderful
welcome accorded out line of lace cur
tarns demonstrates their excellence
They deserve your Iniotttloa
S8e Smyral rags JOidO Inches
swell patterns brlgka rotors well
worth IkSl
Tfia Smyrna door uatt new Urn
patterns just in
1180 Smyrna rugs hearth site U
IIIW patterns
JS9 Moquette rags hearth size
1480 to II We ai showing an e1
tsiulvo time of entirely original ties
tame and finest finality that yon
should awe
Olio Nottingham fun three and a
half ydt long wortn II 125
110 Nottingham ItO laches wide
beautiful designs
13 MW stripe effect In pretty lace
patterns r
15 A very strong line of new
thing U plain centers with lace edge
BRISE BIB The latest French lacet
cmrtalneolored applkinejpftt tons sold
In cities for 1480 our price 15 t
Full UM of boblnet ranted curtains
pretty and inexpensive from It 23 to
MEA rattle curtail adapted from
the French very swell see them
Loo door panels In white and An >
blan ntoli
Rugsj II
lit to 30 carpet < size 1 rugs finite
popular now
Oil eleth 200 anti upward
Linoleum tOo to 1 17S yd
Window shades all colors sal a1
Let u flgaro with you for roar new
No > trouble l to show our iIIOt
Jont hesitate t come and look
whether yon an ready to buy or not
1400 Easy payments
Seven room Trimble street homo
between Ninth and Tenth 11700
Lots near now Illlnoli Central de
pot 1100 Easy monthly payments
Investment lots at Rowlandlown
50 cash
Broadway hotel property near Elev
enth lot 40x330 12 loom house two
cottages all 13000 Ten per cent off
for cash Easy terms
Three room Jefferson street house
No 1132 1100 cash
Court street 80foot lot a I30
Fine Writ Broadway cottage home
8 rooms corner lot 180V
Clay street 40foot lot 1110 Easy
monthly payments A
Ten room North Sixth street house t
between Harrison and Clay 3000
New four room Bernhelui avenue
house 1 tOO
69foot Jones street let big enough
to build two houses between Tenth
and Eleventh 800 Easy monthly
One acre of ground three houses
North Ninth street all for 900
WHITTEMOREB 430 Broadway
Agencyr r

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