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f i
s 1
A motorman oocaslonay goes op
against 1t I Yesterday a halfgrown
toy boarded a car full of pouengen
and dropped In a school children
chockSonnyj I
bonny said the motorman to a
r t Fe loud voice youre too old Yon
cant fide on that tonll hare to
drop In a nlckle
t The boy blushed In confusion bat a
happy thought struck him
Olmme back my check then he
demanded and Ill pot In a tickle
It was the motorman time to get
rattled lie was stumped and the
passengers were laughing at him
Well he finally said yon can
Tide on It this time but dont yon
ever try It again I
On the chalngang at present li I one
I 1of the mot demoralized look ing Indi
viduals to be found In a days journey
and If reports are true one of the
most remarkable III li Dutch leI
liy a typical hobo whOle pretent
plight malted from a disastrous con
sonj j 1 I a
jpllhl j good tort but like many others
I lie persists In hit quixotic booze fight
tug nntll he has developed or rather
legenerated Into quite a character
Ills right name Is I Richard Hcsiel
Line and he came originally from
Xathtllle Teun It U Mid that he
I was educated for the priesthood and
received a legacy of 160000 which
lie squandered quickly In riotous sirs
I e lam lie li not fond of work became
lila requirement are met just u well
appearsa as
e blithesome and gay In hit depravity u
the millionaire with fall bank itock
and fine carriages lie bat len about
Paducah for several yean and It well
known to everybody Despite hit
shortcomings Hatch hat quite a
number of friends who hope he will
jet brace on
The noted Kit Carton bat relatives
in Metropolis 111 The pioneer scout
was a great fighter and an interesting
I story it told of one of hit rifles Hit
t I I Motropolle kinsmen are L O and L
t p IX Flanagan whose mother was hit
titter The rifle story It that the
i weapon It the property of Montezuma
lodge Masons at Santo Fe New
Mexico and It deposited In the
vault of the First National bank
Kit Carton was a member of the
lodge and hit remains are buried In
Toot N M Then It a monument
erected to hit memory In front of tbeI I
United State court house In Santo Fe
and many citizens and a few mem
tort of the lodge remember him when
T In life and all respect hit memory
memorrI I 80th I
anniversary if U I < otttotlon on the
llth of May next and it It I proponed
liy tome of the members lo place the
B relic on exhibition daring that day
a a a
6It It said that mllliont of cane fish
6I I Ing 11 le are Imported every year
i from Japan to supply the demand In
i this country
The poles are brought from Japan I
and India ai ballast In the tea vessels
If they were not used for this they
could never bo Imparted profitably
At It it they are handled merely for
the accommodation of country cus
tomers These pole are called Jape
Formerly thoniamlt of poles were
brought from the swamp of Middle
IppL Now that supply U practically
exhausted One room had to bo left
at a regular temperature keep the
reSouthern canes In condition and oven
t then the low 1 was heavy The Jap
polo It much superior the natural en
amel being almost perfect The im
a ported poles are told for but a slight
advance on the Mississippi canes
The Japanese supply It being rapidly
cut away and In a few yean the cane
pole will be entirely supplanted by the
steel flihlngi rods
a a
A facetious friend lend me the
following clippings from a Twenty
What He Sees and 1
What He Hears
first century newspaper dated March
81 20 1
From The Sunday Chat publish
every five minutes Thought wa e
newt from the planet and other part
of the universe regnlarly Latest and
Best Reported by wireless telephone
The Billionaire Wiling company
Is I preparing to erect a compressed
food and perpetual youth factory on
the site of Morton opera house The
lire that destroyed this building a
hundred year ago Jt well remember
ed by tome of our nlder citizen
General Manager Gus Thompson
of the Consolidated Air Ship company
dropped In from New York at noon
and returned at 1305 It is I rumored
he It I ttlll contemplating matrimony
Mr Ed Qlllen of the Artificial
Timber Producing aisolcatlon met
with a peculiar accident above Cairo
today Hit ballbearing selfacting
airship collided with tome thought
wave from the Sunday Chat audit
was half an honr before the vessel
could descend
Mayor James E English hat jmt
celebrated his 188th birthday He
was given a banquet In the 76th ttory
of The Kentuckian opera home build
Ing Among the guests was Adeline
Patti who is now making her fare
well tour of America
General Manager Charle Morrll
of the Illinois Concentrated Electric
railroad will have a few frlendi over
from Europe this evening
Considerable fun was created yes
tcnlay by the celebration of the tooth
anniversary of the Famous Works b y
Wellle Brothers A large crowd gath
ered In front of the building to grab
for elegant sample atbettotllned
aluminum pant which are now a
great favorite with the women who
lead the men In the latest styles In i
trousers P eThe pants all had
strings tied to them The crowd wat I
grabbing for stray buttons
Jack the whiskers clipper con
tinue to harrau the patriarch of le
gal row Yesterday a daring fiend
wired Federal Judge Eugene Gravet
and deprived him of hit elegant
growth of chin sorreL As usual there
ti no clue Later The police got the
whiskers They couldnt getaway
Rev Jeff J Read made the pre
sentation speech at the celebration of
CoL Hatkell Hughe golden wedding
yesterday when CoL Hughes wa pre
sented with a Revised Edition of hit
own onto biography
Mr George Detscl the million
sire brewer bad out on exhibition for
a short time yesterday hit herd of ed
ucated typhoid germs lie in I mourn
ing the lots of hi petrified Xray
however which was accidentally
wallowed by hit reckless giraffe
Nix Carrie Nation visited Padu
cah last week with her patent saloon c
exterminating apparatus with Xray
burglar alarm attachment She via
lied Mr Chat Emery Nicotine
Bottling Work on the 49th floor of
the Odd Fellow building and gave
an exhibition tailing ten minutes
after which Mr Emery offered a reo
ward for anything that was IdSs I
apt Mrs Carrie herself She was ar
rested by General Commanding
Jamei Colllnt but Mike Johnson I
went her bond and she was noleuNt t
The Arcade held another big one
lion sale yesterday I A few of those
relics once popularly known as auto
mobiles were cloned out at V8o mark
oil down from half a dollar
Captain Billy Gray has gone on
the road for the War Cry Ills ter
ritory will embrace the greater part of
Europe and a small portion of Kan i
Dr Marmadake Dillon received
the sad news today of the death of a
relation on Man
Steps are to be taken to repair the
contr house at Sixth acct Washing
ton It 1s laid fiscal court opposes
the appropriation as the bnlldlng was
repaired In 1889
Prof Chat Wellle to 1 meeting with s
great success with his new lecture 1
Pioneer Days of Paducah lie will
shortly tart on hit second tour of the
W J BryanVHot Air ship Ia now
running double time Mr Bryan It
getting ready for hit next campaign
and his twentyfifth effort to become
president promises I to meet with the
same success the other twentyfour
The city council hat decided that
Paducah media new city hospital
and some among them Councilman
Elliott think It Is still good but Dr
J O Brooks It circulating a petition I
to Increase It from six rooms to ten or
IwelreI I
Pat Crow who created some
thing of a sensation last century kid
naplug a youngster out west was In
the city today and called on his
old friend CoL J R Dorrit at
one time assistant general superin
tendent to General Manager W J
Hlllt of the Billion Dollar railroad
lie spent an enjoyable day with Mr
Dorrls but didnt have much to say
Rev Jeff J Read preached at
the Union Trade League association
oro f
the entertainment was the exhibition
of Tom Payne liquid arifled soul as
a horrible example
An amended petition to the salt t
of Porteons C Pattenon against the
street t
last century was filed before Judge
Dave Cross today It It rumored
that a settlement may yet be reached
There U I one certain candidate In I II
Pauncah who cannot be worked by
moochers The other morning a
typical jnllllcal parasite copied the
candidate and called him
Just watch me fix this fellow
the candidate remark ed In A low tone
Say began the moocher Id
like to borrow fifty cents from you
Well thats mange answered
the candidate In admirably feigned
aso k
that were both broke Its just m y
luck though for me 11Mm friend I
to all be broke at the same line Im
sorry yon cant accommodate tat
The moocher was one of the most
aitonhhto men In town about thU
time There was nothing for him to
take offense at so be stammered
some kind of an apology and abrupt
ly left
Thats the only way to deal with
those sort of fellows observed the
candidate Half of them cant vote
and a man who hat no more selfre
spent than to go about Imposing on
men running for office In inch a dli
gutting manner li at useless as a
friend as he U powerless u an enemy
They work em coming and going
and are bat strictly lo gouge every
candidate who corner along But they
cant pull me that way
As there are to be ether elections
this year candidates might profit by
the above mans experience and thus
contribute to the obliteration of the
moocher element
The true me of speech Is I not to
toImuch I
much to express our wants Ad to con
real them
Toe belt way to do good for our
selves Is I to do It to others the right
way to gather is to scatter rlgbI I 1
Tim not chance nor yet fate tis the I
greatness born with him and In him
that makes a man great I
Let ns be of good cheer remember
Ing that the misfortunes hardest to
bear are those that never come
If yon have never tried to make any
body happy yon have no Idea how I
much pleasure yon have overlooked
Can man or woman choose sins
ties No more than they can choose
their birthplace or their father or
mother j
The Rellglonns Spirit In the Po I
etslsa series of essays In the Eng
lIb poets from Spencer to Browning
developing from the great poems of
literature the religion convictions of
the writers It Is I by the Right ofI I
W Boyd Carpenter Bishop of Rlpon I
and should prove eminently Interest j >
Ing to loren of poetry j I
A tripling of effeminate rosins
and neat attire sat In the corner of a
frontier saloon modest silent and a s
far out of the way as he could get
He bad stepped from the train and he
was waiting for the stage It was
starched linen that he worst the city
showed quite plainly In his bat and
It Is still In dispute whether any down
was visible upon his lip But he was
old enough to be smoking a cigar with
all the appearance of habit This
clear also was not a native of the
town In fact the young man had
made no purchase upon entering the
saloons I nevertheless the proprietor
could scarcely complain of him The
stranger had asked If be might wait
here for the stage and bad thanked
the proprietor for his permission
Then he had sought his quiet cot
ner and lighted his cigar
asA citizen walked out of the back
j room and op to the bar lie had l
left a faro game and the proprietor
I was friendly with him but respect
1t I s
flavored delicately with just enough
I familiarity to bring it out It U prob
1able I that the citizen had had more
drinks than the one he POW tlVk It
It aim likely that fare had Lot gone
IIwell I with him this morning ai he
considered his due Hit ilitutlified l
eye fell upon the rosy youth and bit I
cigar and he took the glass from hli I
lips and held It considering the I
At length without removing hit
Christmad s
tree did that drop off l
The proprietor battened to take
j this view Its express tag has But
tered away I guest he whispered
The citizen remembered nil whim
ky swallowed it set the glass gently
down gently drew his sixshooter and
shot the cigar to smash oat of the
young mans month
isshould have done ttt Ihe young mans
place Something sensible I hope
Whit the youth did I know I should
not bare done You see that his be
havior ws out of the common lie
stooped down picked np hU cigar
found It ruined put It In the spittoon
got a fresh one out of hit pocket
found a match In his waistcoat slid It
along the seat of his nice breeches
lighted the new cigar and settled
himself once more In his chair with
out a word of protest or an attempt
at resentment The proprietor saw
him do It all and told about It after
The citizen took the second cigar
smash like the first Perhaps he
went a trifle nearer the youths Up I
What were the card pbyen In the I
back room doing at all this noise
They all lay flat on the floor like the
welltrained Indigenous people that I
The Real Bad Mm
What Hit friend Wanted
they were minding their own bust
ness For there was no rear exit
The youth felt In his waistcoat
pocket Dot brought no match from It
So he rose with still another fresh
Ill have to ak yon for a match
he laid to the proprietor who at once
accommodated him
Once again he slid the match be
neath hlicoattallt and bringing up
bit own ilxihooter shot the citizen at
Instantly dead ai that can be done
Owen Witter In Everybody gaga
H W Lan fl 11 The Worlds Work
nisiAn old friend of Mr Carnegie
who kept his fait trotters and held
the record was beaten In a brash by
a yonna man The old gentleman
disappeared for some time He bad
gone to Kentucky to get a none that
would reeitabliih his supremacy He
was being shown over a stud and
bad already been pasta long string of
horses with their records on the Hall
anil the t victories they had wpn Then
he was taken through a long line of
young horses with their pedigrees
from which the dealer was prtvlntf l
what they were going to do when they
got on the track The old gentle
man wiping his foreheadfor It was
a hot day suddenly turned to the
dealer and said
Look here stranger youve
shown me have boons and yonve
let me see your going tobes but
what I am here for Is an leer
Lindsay Denlson In the same jour
nal says
sent by his employer to Mr Morgan to
make a verbal Inquiry When he en
tered the big countingroom he saw
that Mr Morgan was not at his desk
lie asked the nearest clerk where he
was The clerk pointed to a distant
door The young man went at once
Into the room and there he law Mr
Morgan In an armchair before a nap
ping wood lire There were many
clerks In the room working over led
gers and sheets of figures He con
gratulated himself that he bad found
the banker at leisure The banker
seemed to be tracing a curved line on
the arm of the chair He held hi
finger at the end of the line ai one
marks the place In a book when he li
Interrupted and he looked up and
asked gruffly
How did you get In here
111 walked In sir stem
mered the young man lie could
think of nothing else to say
Walkout roared Mr Mcrgan
Then be turned his attention again to
the line on the arm of the chair
Eelin Isolde and Queen Mab which
will shortly make a visit to this country

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