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The Sunday chat. (Paducah, Ky.) 1901-19??, June 09, 1901, The Sunday Chat, Image 6

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Copyright 1901 by Robert Howard Russell
I bee ald 1Ir Doole7 tb Sup
nine Court has decided th constitution
dont follow tb Sag
who add It did uked Ilr I
nelle7 1
neueySome Dooley
Some wn Mid Mr
I dont
time ago
ned a long
bap >
but I
clearly bow It come up
th I I
laid that IU7bere
lame I
contltutlon went tb Sag was lure toI
I dont believe wan wurrud ivi Itt I
ro believefe I
tt other fellow te cant
fl III I
th contltutlon
n noe elpte
rrser eroucd hrfhere a
It W nnu7 taken ItI I
z7Y tJ he j CUck fk lIaspole Ita
r > UC hes a bm a May In couch
r lion Tit a bit coat with brut buttons
onto It anlt walks with a coldbeaded I
cane Ka old and feeble an It prefers I
to let on th front porch an ammo th I
chlWher It wuddent la > t a inlnjlt
In thlm trophlcal clime Twud get a
fourteenth amlndmlnt smile
pain In th
die befure th doctors cud erarround I
to cut It out No air veil keep It wld I
us an threat It tenderly without too
much bard wurruk an whin It plays
out entirely well give It docent Duryal
an Inrorprate ounllvci undhcr th I
laws IT New Jsrsey Thats what well I
th other It It
do says he nut says
lave ItT
wants to thratel why not
But It dont want lot I say It does
Howll we find out Well aik t th
Supreme Cart Theyll know hat
good fr It
So It went up to th Supreme Coort
Theyse wan thins about th Supreme
Coon It ye laTe annythlng to thlm
ye laTe It to thlm Ye dont set a
cheek that entitles ye to call tr It In an t
hour Th Supreme Coort IT th lnlled
States aint In any hurry about catch i
In tb malls It dont have to make 1 th
las car Id book th audjltoroom
again It may day rr a loot race If
ere lookln fr a game IT quick d >
clslons an base hits yere got to hire
another empire It niTer gives a do
cia73 till th crowd baa dispersed an
Ivf vyers hrvo packed their bata In
Kigs cntc < Jr home
Iir nvthlle Krstndy watched to see
Kiat the Surrtmo Ccort wud do 1 j
t ew tscillf I felt d cuddent make an
other move Iz th came till I beerd I
from them Dulldln opratlons was
susplnded an we sthud wrlngln our
hands outside th dure walttn tr In
formation trm th bedside Whafro
they doln now They Just put th
argymlnts IT lamed counsel In th Ice
box an th chief justice Is I In th comer
wnltin a porn Drown J an Jlarln
J Is dlscussln th condition of th i c l
man Empire bcfure th lire Th rrest
Ir th coort Is consldhertn th question
whether they ought or ought not to
wear ruchln on their shirts an hopln
crinoline wont come In again No
decision today An so It wlnt tr
months vh men
days an weeks an
I that had argyled that th constitution
I ought to shadow th flag to all th tough
resorts on th Psssyde coast an th
I men that argued that th lag was so
lively that no constitution cud follow
I II an unITe they died or lost their
I rbs or wlnt back to Salem an were
o teen Expansionists
i S3f tnUcsjaufonlsU blew up an lit
tn chlldcr waa born Into th wnrruli I
r grew to manhood an niter heerd I
IT Forther Ricky except whin some
I wan got a Job there Id about made
up me mind to thry an put th thing
out IT me thoughts an go back U
wurruk whin I wake up wan mornln
an see by th paaper that th Supreme
Coort had warned th constitution to
I lave th flag alone an Und to Its own
business Thats what th papers says but
Ive read over th decision an I dont
tee anny thing IT th kind there Theyse
not a wurrdd about th flag an not en
ough to tire ye about th constitution
Tea a matther IT Unions HInnlssey
that th Supreme Coort has been set
tin on fr this llnf ration a cargo IT I
Unions slnt frm 1orther Ricky to some
Eyctallan In Phllydelphy Th decls
Ion was r read by Ilrown J blm beln
th las Jontlre to make up his mini
an cxoQclo as Hogan says th drat
to speak lther a crone an blether can
IL Says Brown J Th question
here Is wan IT such grrtat Importaun
that weve Leon lUmimlln over It
her since ye see us las 1 an on y come
to a decision Fuller C J Gray J liar
Ian J Shires J McKenna J White J
Drawer J an Peckham J dlssentln
trm mo an each other because IT
Vt weather tomln en Washnton I
U i cur2dfei riser In summer Pnl
c 3 J etaeeln Th whole fabric
rtr cc 1I end In threatened th
> M Ir c wata aa th procress Iv
JtzaUor a to th bad Mn lIe
fxciud Iwo wkly We arre not
tHartan J I am Fuller CJ dissent
la bit net fr th same reason This
tklng Must be settled wan way or th
< otter udher that dear ol constitution
I 1M ranhue IT which we are here an
yS arre there an Congress Is out west
4 praetlcln law Now what does th con
stitution My Well look It up
thoroughly whin we get through with
this case Th rest IT th coort die 1
V sentlnr la th manetlme we must be I
governed by th diesel IT th Khan IT I
JMloochlstsa th taws Iv Hlnnery th I
Htihth th orluyon IT Justice IT th
Pesos Oecar karat lathIYlh
tawnsalp IT IUd wing varan Peter
t IN P tli Ohml Beott decision W alI
d key star ales UHm JXtirttnu
ull e AvJn we ttt tit JliIl4 Solt I
I tut Do This la van IT Ih wfiorst I J 1 I
lJStf mead It I eoul4nt write a bet
Ii i I
ther wan with blinders on Id le I
on th beach This horrible fluko IT
a decision throws a gnat an almost
bllndln light on th case I will turn
It off McKenna J concurs but thinks
It ought to be blower out But where
wail T I must put on me specks Oh
about th limon Well th decision IT
th coort lh others dlssentln Is as
follows First that th Disthrlct IT
Columbia Is I a state second that It Is I
not third that New York Is I a state
fourth that Ill Is a crown colony fifth
that all states arre states an all ter
chorea arre territories In th eyes IT
th powers but God knows what they
arre at home In th case IT llosan
venue Mulllns th decision Is I he must
paper th barn Hlnnery VIII six
teenth six four eleven In Wiggins
tarsus et al th cow belonged Louis
XIV 90 In rem In E P l gore Tar
ud Lib th custody IT th chllder
Ill now fall back a furlong or two In
me chair while mo lamed but mliguld
ed collagues rread th hlcthry IT Ice
land to show ye how wrong I am Dut
mind ye what ITe said goes I let I
thlm talk because It exercises their
throats but yere heard all th decision
on this Union case thatll get Into th I
fourth reader A Tolce frm th aud
Jeence Do I get me money back
Brown J Who arre yet Th voice
Th man that ownded th llmoni
Brown J I dont know Gray J
White J dlssentln an th1 Nest IT I lh I
Mrds concurrln but rr entirely dill
rent relOn
H An there ye haTe th decisions llln
nlisy thafa shaken th lltelllcts I IT th I
nation to th very foundations er will
It thty thry to read It Tea all rrlgbt
look It over some time Tls fine
spoon If ye dont care rr checkers
Some say It laves thlag up In th air
en some thsts where It laves th con
stitution Anyhow somethings In
th air nut theres wan thing 1am
sure about
Whats that asked Mr llennessy
then whether th constitution follows
h flag or not th Supreme Coort fol
low th election returns
rFor love he forfeited his friends
For Ion he turned away
From honors such as men are glad
To strive for night and day
For love he lost what nobler men
Would be most loath to lose
And had no recompense because
Twas all for love of boors
Chicago RecordHerald
To throw away the real though
that comes Into your mind Is worse
than to squander gold or Jewels
rHNom D knows all the possibilities
of evil that lurk In his own heart till
ho has been put to the test
One of the first requisites oP a suc
cessful career In society Is to be
able to talk without saying anything
ra7 Bwtnmlni
The latest thing In fancy swimming
II tht done by Miss Lydia Wlnterhal
tsr of Milwaukee who Is I now Tisltlg
In Chicago On a wsger she recently
swam for fortyone minutes holding an
open umbrella over her head all the
time She swam Into deep water with
the umbrella In the right bind Some
times she swim on her back some
times on her face and again sideways
without ever changing the hand which
held the encumbrance
Ares variot wlfw Tk
The most curious nswspsper Is I the
StereoReTue published at Paris This
newspsper gives the news of the week
not In type but In Instantaneous pho
tographs on a film like that of a cine
matograph A bobbin ot this film Is I I
the Journal and i subscriber puts
It through a pc Itereotcope like 1
a pictureshereby
thereby readln news Fourth I
neFourthI I
ibUdcra AI Unea I
First among transAtlantic liners to
ok out for the amcsement of chll
dren passengers Is the new racer I
DeutschUnd which has on the upper
deck a big room set apart ns a play
room Here the yoingiters may romp
play and make all sorts of noise with
out disturbing other passengers Toys
of many kinds are III < provided
ronlhtra CbarcbM NWa His taw
Bishop Charles D Galloway reports
that the Methodist churches In the
moth have raised nearly 11000000 ot
the 1SOOOOO they promised to con
tribute before Jan 1 1901 to the Meth
lists twentieth century educational
fund and be has no doubt the whole
mount will be secured before the
lawn of the new NDtury
WualJ Jfot Nark cm Sunday
Sir Donald Currie head ot the Cu
ll e JIM ot steamers was discharged
from the service of the Cunard line In
his younger and humbler day because
be C refused to work on Sunday
lIIUMrUn U Jpsn
1III IIIlnl li a
soMler and even the children know
s WM ot arm MlUiary drill U a
prt of of the regular tdocfiUbo l In tke
scUoola tbrovgb lit IM ewflro Their
Instructors ore army oQctrs I
I 1
Mrs Edwin Knowes Will Be Reljnlnjr Star of the Profes
sional Womans League
The Leajne that nnmbers among Its members so many stars ct tile drat
mstlo stage so many tights of literature and so many women noted In other
branches ot ait wilt henceforth have as Its preildlaj oKcer Mix Edwin
KnewHcs She was installed as successor to Mrs X M Palmer to the nccom
panlmcnt of floods of tear caldrons of tea and a jirofnilon of flowers
branheartedI I
Owen Flnncgan a right bravehearted
son of Erin began lite actively as a I
deck hand on an Alabama Hlver steam
er In the palmy days of steamboatlng
before the railroad removed most of Its
picturesque and comfortable craft
from the Inland waters
Flnnlgan declared according to Han
tug Taylor that when he was a deck
hand the cook who was also an Irish
man would call to him Ah there
Flnnlgan ye blackguard come and eat
And be In a hurry you spalpeen
Flnnlgan would hurry forward to
get his humble dinner
Finally Flnnlgan cot to be an omcer
on the boat and the rooks tongue
changed to Mr Flnnlgan dinner Is I
readyIn the fullness of time Flnnlgan be
came captain and the cooks speech un
derwent another change Captain Pit
nlgau yen honor will yon please take
your lay
That was the cooks way of acknow
edging that Finnigan had reached the
top of the ladder And the story that
good Hannls tells bristles with that
worldly wisdom that come ot human
There was a man In Mobile many
years ago so the story goes who had
a notably pesonal resemblance to Fin
nlgan This man was noted for con
trading debts and never paying them
for thriftless habits generally and for
partaking of too much strong drink
A Tlsltor to Mobile approached this nan
one night In Royal street and asked
him Arent you Owen Flnnlgan
HI t I dunno i I dunno answered the Poor
fellow In a wondering way I am owln
everybody else 1 I reckon I am owln
Flnnlgan looDoslon Courier
oats fmflr ua
Ohasl Mukhtar rube Ottemsa I HIS
Oommlsitoiier In Egypt has mage a
report to the Porte calllosj Its sties
Uon to serious evils In tile Internal
admlatitrstlon of the Ottoman em
pine and urging various retorms In
eluding liberty of ths press appoint
meat to otces by ruMlt the crnUen
ot a council ol notable with control
of the finances independent trlbuaals
and the sbolltlou ot Us palace sate on
the declslou ot tkt council ot ala
Caches otaa c
vide that In tile eau ot foreign cor
porations ar Boaresidents or of per
sea seeking to lean I Ih ststa or to
remoTe Uilr property tram It or to
conceal Usmselvss so that a stamen
Would not reach them the dlspuUd
mosey or notes may be gsrnUh4
ib IB nrwas el lraewg
The Ptttsbsrg Church federation ku
taken up the work ot tkeaur rsrorm
A commute on th subjeet hat notl
Sod all managers that It will exert Its
best efforts to prevent U present
Con of any notorious or demoralizing
play at any Pltubunc Iheattr
The Cup Dfendr as She Will Appear in Her Contest Wih
Shamrock II
TJcrabOTO picture shows the Ocnstrtntlon as the tbonsnnU of speeUters
whowill Memble to witness fee great International l Cup race will tee her as
the salts nrnlnat Shamrock It
Jor Lai firm to ± + rgwnmeny
v cne I
e d
ij j 0
rrr 0
a v v i i ltJfsi
C New White < Goods
I Dcantlfnl Lace Strip effects Fine
I White Ltnon French Nainsook Ba
title Eta A new line just opened
Plain Whit Llnon So per yard
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Yaleiciemies Laces
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Ellis Rudy Phillips
r IrL L i L

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