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Isjfi'Ki» Every Friuay Evixix«
fgE tiibüke publishing oo.
piuox rosTorncK.
, iront Butte, Dcer Lodge and points
,h irrives daily at 9=45 P- «"• The mail tor
" hove points closes at 8:jo o'clock p. m.
mail from Salt Lake, Ogden and all points
h and Eastern Idaho arrives daily at S'-45 o'
ka ">• The mail for the altove places closes
o'clock p.m.
f leflerson City and \ trginia City mail arrives
6 ao o'clock p. ni. daily, and departs at 7:30
inrk a- nt, daily
* nl »il for Bannack and Argenta arrives at 3:30
" except Sunday, aod departs at 8:30 a. m.
Mi- except Sunday.
'ce hours—on Sundays front 7 a. m. until 911. m.
U ot i, er days, during usual business hours.
•0 money order or registry business done after
V!«*. p. O'- T w POINDEXTER, P. M
„ yt. A. Dinglcv has just received a tine as
of Summer llats for the ladies- trjinwed
have just received my Spring Stock., ami every
g is New, Fresh and Cheap,
oils from jo cents to *13.00.
Is 35 cents to fpi.on. All kinds of Hooks,
Sinkers, Snells, Flies, etc., etc.., cheaper
the cheapest. Catch ontt
ing a practical fisherman anil knotving the
is of this locality I am prepared to sell you
what yon want. W. T. EASTMAN.
Furnished Booms to Beat.
Inquire of Geo. II. S.WMir.
LLIDAY A CO. are prepared to deliver Ice
ifies in Dillon, at three-quarters of a cent pea
Leave orders,at their store un Montant
mise to rent. Inquire of U. Coffin.
eDillon Lumber and Grain Co. pay the high
ice fw Oats- w „ s.MEAD, Manager.
e City Drug Store, opposite the depot.
ong, healthy house plants for sale at \. M.
te's drug store.
ct from the fiictorv, 10 dozen large Machine
ers, at T. W. Poindexter's.
those new silver inlaid bits and spurs; a
line of lushes. At I. II. Hatfield's.
large assortment of half and full Bone Buggy
-s m'arrive in a tew days, at I. II. Hatfield's
lion I. II. Hatfield and leave your order inr
■size of Saddle or Harness.
nlion Sportsmen! Mrs. I.. Kupfer has ro
her fall stock of Shot Guns and Ammunition,
assortment is larger and prices lower than
fall and see for yourselves.
ood haulers and choppers at N'icliolm, Idaho,
y to James Kino, Jr.
. CHARLES «. KOHLE has returned
his California trip, and will In; glad to see his
'tient» and all new ones at his office on Mon
_te Mustard Seed,
•lory Seed,
dinger Hoot,
the City Drug Store, Opposite Depot.
lie subscription price of the Trim; ne
been reduced to $2.50 per annum, if
strictly in advance. Reduction to
place from July ist, i8S6. Subscrib
who were 10 months in advance at that
will be entitled to the paper until'ulv
1887. No changes will be made in
of names on the books less than 10
the in advance. Those in arrears can
re the benefit of the new rates by pay
old scores at $3.00 per year.
Tribune 1 'i blisiiixo Co.
"Mornings frosty grow, and cold.
Brown the grass on hill and wold :
Noons are sunny, warm and still :
A golden haze o'erhangs the hill.
Amber sunshine's on the floor
Just within the open door;
Oft comes faint report of gun ;
Busy flies buzz in the sun—
In September.''
•Cumber, where art thou?
Axe's family moved to town
- for the winter.
exquinoctial storm did not amount
lorious weather for camping out. or
ock and teal are suffering at the hands
*1 sportsmen.
fountains and valley were white with
* Monday morning,
be recent wet weather caught some of
r *nchers with their hay down,
be fall term of court will open at Dil
{ be fourth Monday in October,
be kids enjoyed the use of their sleds
u plt of hours Monday morning.
A fortune-teller would do a rushing bus
*s in this town, at present, posting can
M.hst we do for amusements the
winter ? We have no hail, no rink,
j.j?® ®SHen Xrz.s has taken a new lease
*• The Mormons are in consetiuer.ee
John Weightman reported six inches of
Bannack ^Monday * ArsenUand
The baby boy of Robert Bolton at Ore
Camp, born last week Thursday, died Sat
urday and was buried Sunday.
Sunday night was as disagreeable a» m, s .
sibly could be. with the falling sleet and
two inches of slush under foot.
Standard gauge ties and new steel vails
are facing laid on the Spring Hill division
of the l tab and Northern railway.
The next annual meeting of the Press
Association of Montana will be held in Hel
ena during fair week in month of August,
The Ogden Ac::.« perpetrates the follow
ing bilious pun: "Watermelons are a drug
in the market and causing a market for
Sunday night's storm of sleet laid the
uncut grain flat and weighed down num
erous shade trees in town and surrounding
Cole's circus is billed for all the impor
tant towns along the Oregon Short Line.
It is very likely Dillon will not be visited
by the "aggregation" this year.
The public should bear in mind that the
rate for money orders has been reduced bv
the postoffice department to five cents for
ail sums of five dollars and under.
Moonlight nights were made for wooing ;
believe some Dillonites think so too, as
they take long walks—simply cooing; but
soon there'll be a wedding or t\v*.
Mr. Brundage's auction, held last Satur
day was very well attended, by both sexes,
considering the unfavorable weather. The
most of the goods went for fair prices.
An exchange says: "The longer we run
• newspaper and write about people and
events the tpore we realize how utterlv im
possible it is to scratch every man on the
spot where lie itches the most."
Mrs. Samson, the "test medium*' spent a
few weeks in Virginia City. While there
ahe gat tybld of Tom Baker and told him
so much concerning, his past and future
that he he has been dizzy .ever since.
The Sebree, Ferris & White Company
is selling more binder twine this vear than
ever before. Manager Chapman's elo
quence coupled with the excellent quality
of the twine handled is the principal cause.
The funeral of Mrs. B. E. Nelson was
held from the Methodist Church Sunday
afternoon and was largely attended. A
large procession of carriages followed the
remains to the last resting place on the
Salmon city Recorder: The mail route
has been changed, so that all mail from the
south for this place comes via Camas and
Nicholia. The stage will arrive in the even
ing hereafter ; the route between Red Rock
and Junction will be cut down to tri-week
The change in the weather the past week
has caused Eliel to haul down his "summer
bargain" advertisement, and in its place
will be found (on the eighth page) a neat
little card calling attention to a few of their
specialities. When the immense stock of fall
goods arrive, another announcement may
be expected.
It it a good plan, that few seem to fol
low, to secure the hay-corral fences in
place by firmly setting posts in the ground
in the center of each panel on the inside.
Then heavy bulls or other cattle pressing
hard against the jack fence to get at the
hay stacks cannot push it inward and get
at the hay as they otherwise often do. It
is worth attention.— L. S. Journal.
'Maw," asked a Dillon hopeful the other
day, "what does frugal mean?" "Why,"'
answered the curious parent, "it means
economical or saving." "Well ! guess that
Miss C. must be 'nomical or sumthln',
'cause when she went away the other day
she said she was goin' to 'set up a trugal
housekeepin' ", an" all I could see was a
lookin'-glass, a lone patchwork quilt an' a
Attention is called to the report of the
First National Bank of Dillon, published
bv order of the Controller of the Curren
cy. With a paid up capital of $50,000,
undivided profits amounting to $4», 000,
and cash on hand $135,000. it makes a
showing second to no bank in the terri
tory, and at the same time disclose» the
most careful and conservative manage
ment of its aftairs.
Postmaster Poindexter received this
week hi» instruction» relating to the special
delivery of letters and parcels bearing the
special ten-cent delivery stamp, in ac
cordance with the recent act of Congress
making all postoftices special delivery of
fices. After October ist any letter or par
cel so stamped will be Immediately de
livered, upon arrival, to any address within
one mile of the office.
Mrs. Dlngley is having the old bakery
refitted, calcimined and painted, and when
finished will move her millinery business
downstairs. The change will prove a
great convenience to her customers, be
sides enabling her to make a more satis
factory display of the attractive goods
which go to make up a complete millinery
establishment. We expect the old bake
oven will be used for the purpose ot cook
new »tiles of hats for tali wear.
Step into White's drug store and see the
big fly.
Three dentists tusse! will» aching fangs,
in this city.
I he first ice of the season formed last
Friday night.
A "pilgrim's" best friend is his overcoat
—if he has one.
C. F. Hobart reports game of all kinds
plentiful in Centennial valley.
Frost nipped some of the gardens in
the vicinity of town the other night.
A jolly party of young people from Dil
lon went out to Birch creek last week for
a day's fishing.
Don't forget the Band ball to night. The
boys need all the money they can get to
defray expenses.
The Miner's society editress seems to be
well up on the use of cosmetics, but rather
rusty on entomology.
John Gra\ elle brought in a load of ore
from Bannack, yesterday, weighing 4.300
pounds, with one small team.
Hickman Crossland gave a party to a
number of his young friends Wednesday
evening, at the residence of R. B. Smith.
Sixteen young ladies and gentlemen at
tended a party given by Miss Alma Thorpe.
Tuesday evening, at which they enjoyed
themselves greatly, with games, music, etc.
The reopening of the Dillon public school
has been postponed until Monday, Septem
ber 20th, to enable the carpenters to put a
partition through the large hall, and to
make some needed repairs.
Alt officers and members of the Good
Templars Lodge of Dillon are requested to
be present at the meeting next Wednesday
night, at School Hall, as a number of new
•embers are te be initiated.
Died, in Dillon. Montano, September 9,
1886, Jennie Grace, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. M- F- Eby. aged tS months. The
funeral was held front the Methodist
church this afternoon at t o'clock p. m.
John Hall, merchant at Sheridan, came
over to Dillon this week after merchandise
for his store. He reported crops, in his
neighborhood, to be lighter than usual, but
of better quality ; also that business was im
An advertisement of the Northern Pa
cific railway, the only through car line to
Chicago and eastern cities, will be found
in another column ol to-day's paper. The
N. P. is the only Pacific road running din
ing cars.
We were shown this week some I leads
of White Russian oats twenty-two inches
long, raised on Thos. Loughridge's place
below town. This variety of oats has pro
duced, in this vicinity, as many as ..5
bushels to the acre.
W. 11. Sheffield, arrested at Glendale fer
stealing a $20 gold piece, was brought up
by Deputy Sheriff Bateman of Glendale
yesterday. He was tried before Judge
Holden, and was committed for failure to
pay the fines ami costs which amounted to
The eloquent temperance lecturer. Mrs.
Clara B. Hofiman, president of the W. C.
T. U., of Missouri, will lecture in Grace M.
E. church Sunday night. The lady has
an excellent reputation as a speaker. All
should hear her. She may also speak at
11 o'clock a. nt.
Xalsman moved his bakery, Saturday,
into the building formerly used by Kline Si
Callahan as a butcher shop. The internal
arrangement of the new bakery is similar
to the old. A new oven has been built and
John is again in shape to serve the hungry
public with everything in the bread and
pastry line.
The Sebree, Ferri» A White Co., present
to the readers of the Tribi ne this week
their new fall announcement. By refer
ence to their advertisement it will be seen
that they have in stock a larger and better
variety of goods of standard make than
ever before handled by any concern in
Southern Montana.
They M»»t. Let Contracts, aual Dispos» of
Much Other Busins»«.
A regular session of the County Com
missioners was held this week, commenc
ing .Monday and lasting until Thursday
evening. There were present Commis
sioner» Lovell. Brown and Pickett, and
clerk of the Board McGough.
The bid» for grading the new road,
near Argenta, established at the
I une session of the Board, were opened
and found to be as follow s :
Robert Martin.................$600
T. F. Hamilton................. 700
John Tritt ...................... 44 f '
O. Mast........................ S«»
Sim Estes..................... 4^7
The lowest bidder. John Tritt, received
tiie contract.
The bids for furnishing wood for use at
the court house and jail were :
J. B. V andyke, logs............$6.00
Cornell & Keliar. coid wood----4.S5
Henry Estell. ............... 4-9°
Sim E»tes, logs................ 5 95
Cornell & Keliar, bidding the lowest, re
ceived the contract.
The report of R. M. Bateman, deputy
sheriff at Glendale, was approved.
J. W. Fruit, supervisor of road district
Xo. 6, tendered his resignation, which was
The bond of W. W. Bentley, contractor
of roads in Big Hole district, was approved.
The bond of W. R. Billings, contractor
for'district No. 1, was accepted.
J, W. Murray tendered his resignation
as deputy sherifi*at Dillon. Accepted.
J. F. Bishop, W. R. Gilbert and Geo.
Gornick were appointed viewers of the
Glen road, in response to the petition of
Wm. Reichle and others who asked that
the road be opened. The gentlemen were
directed to meet at Glen station on the 4th
day of October, and it was ordered that
the penalty of tha law lie enforced if they
fail to attend to their duties.
Wm. Roe and others presented a petit
ion asking that the road on the east side
ot the Beaverdead river, near Dilion, be
changed. It was granted on condition
that the petitioners make a good road and
bridge alt ditches properly.
The question of building a new court
house was brought up, but no action was
taken thereon.
County warrant No. 74, registered July
7, 'Si, cancelled by errov of September ses
sion 'S.', was ordered to be paid on presen
The bill of Sim Estes for some repairs on
bridge near Ashbaugh's was rejected: also
bill of W. S. I'arke vs. John Doe.
Proofs of last quarterly reports of clerk
and recorder, sherifi', and probate judge
were examined and approved.
The salaries of deputy sherifi'at Glendale
was reduced to $Go and that of deputy
sheriff at Bannack to $40 per month.
The treasurer was notified to pay oft con
tingent and poor fund orders a» presented,
from licenses and taxes collected during
the oext quarter.
Df. Raymond Mitchell was appointed
justice of the peace at Glendale
The clerk was instructed to publish
notice tjfr sealed bids for building fence
around the Court house block ; also to give
notice of meeting of the commissioners as
a Board of Correction or Equalization, on
the third Monday of this month.
Grand and trial jurors for October term
• of District court wete selected.
The coirimissioners had an interview
with O. M. Best, station agent for the l*.
P. at Dillon, with reference to the danger
ous crossing of the If. P. on the Dillon
Bannack road. Best agreed to remove ttie
telegraph pole that stands almost immedi
ately on the road, and to see the company
regarding the crossing.
The following judges and places were
chosen for holding the election, at the sev
eral precincts:
Argenta, at French's—-J P Fletcher, Geo.
L Scott.
Bannack, at court house—J S Ferster, A
F Sears, W R Billings.
Big Hole; ist precinct, at school house,
district 15—Jas. Geary, W Frazer, Charles
Herman; 2nd precinct, at school house,
district 16—John Paddock, W Bentlev,Geo.
Odell (Bald Mountain), at the mill—A II
Odell, J T Connor, John Chandler.
Barrett's, at the station house—Jas. Da
vidson, M B Henneberry, Sim Estes.
Blacktail, at school house— P II Poin
dexter, Craig Cornell, J R Selway.
Birch Creek, at the school house— W II
Olliver, N Axe, Fred IIopp.
Dillon, at the court house— C L Thom
sen, W B Carter, R Deacon.
Dewey's Flat, at the school house—Allen
Hay, F C Brvant, H Churchill.
G.asshopper, at Cochrane's ranch—Geo.
Perkins, J J Sperry, W A Smith.
Glendale, at the school house—Geo. W
Chinn, David Terry, N Generaux.
Horse Prairie, at Brenner's—-J l.' Bren
ner, Tom Pierce, G L Batchelder.
Lion City, at the school house—Geo. E
Tarbell, Jos. Arbour, Dan McMaster.
Monumental, at Salt Lake Co.'s cabin—
W H Edwards, J A Corev, Chas. Richard
Medicine Lodge, at school house, dist. 7
—D E Metlin, L A Harkness, W Wadatns.
Point of Rocks, at Pony Gilbert's—Geo.
Staudaher, G F Charlcton. Jas. Mauldin.
Red Rock, at Shineberger's— W L Mc
Intosh, Jos. Shineberger, W F Kirkwood.
Spring Hill, at school house—Henry
G Iced, E A Bailey, Chas. A Ripley.
Ore Camp, at the office—Robt. Bolton,
N Bell, N Sira.
A contingent fund.
Road fund........
Poor " ......
General fund......
73T- 1
-j'5-447-4 0 -
Saved His Life.
Mr. D. I. WHcoxson, of Horse Cave,
Ky., says he was, for many years, badly
afflicted witli Phthisic, also Diabetes ; the
pains were almost unendurable and would
sometimes almost throw him into convul-
sions. He tried Electric Bittersand got re
lie! from first bottle and after taking six
bottles, Avas entirely cured, and had gained
in flesh eighteen pounds. Says he posi-
tively believes tie would have died, had il
not been for the relief, afforded by Electric
Bitter». Sold at fifty cents a bottle by N
M White. City Drug Store
By Nelson has gone to Nicholia, Idaho.
Rufe Ferster is rusticating on Horse
E. M. Bloomer is making his regular
business trip in Idaho.
Mrs. Robb, of Junction, Idaho, is the
guest of Mrs. C. G. Noble.
Frank Landon and wife of upper Black
tail were in town Saturday.
Mrs. fl. W. Rote, who has been very ill
the past week, is much better.
A. L. Pickett and wife, of Glendale,
were in town apart of the week.
R. P. Patterson is again behind the
counter at Dart's Hardware store.
Wm. Roe and wife, of Bannack, spent
several days at the county capital.
Mrs. J. C- Metlen and daughter Bertie
returned home yesterday morning.
Rev. Dwight Spencer, Baptist mission
ary-at-large visited Dillon this week.
Dr. H. 1). Pickman returned yesterday
from a business trip to Eastern Idaho.
Mrs. C. Mulkey and Mrs. Mattie Slienon
came over from Bannack Wednesday.
Mrs. G. H. Savage, has gone to Horse
Prairie for a two weeks' visit with friends.
C. F. Hobart rnd w ife, of Centennial val
ley, came down Tuesday and returned to
Jos. Shineberger and Miss E. Shineber
ger, of Red Rock. were It. Dillon a few
Commissioner Geo. M. Brown, of Horse
Prairie, came down t > attend the meeting
of the Board.
Rev. D. J. Frew, late of Dillon, has been
appointed pastor of the M. E. church at
Beaver, Utah.
Rev. 8. D. Hooker returned from con
vocation Saturday and held services as
usual on Sunday.
Judge R. Z. Thvnvax was down from
Glendale interviewing his Dillon fr lends
on topics political.
R. M- Bateman, deputy sheriff of Glen
dale, was in town Monday nn business be
fore the commissioners.
Miss Mollie E. Bridwetl went to Spring
I lilt Saturday morning. Her school at
that place commenced Monday.
Major S. S. Reed, superintendent of the
Gilmer &'Salisbury stage lines, whose head
quarters arc Boulder, is in town.
Phil. Lovell, was in town the first half
of the week, attending the meeting of the
Board of county commissioners.
Miss Maggie Revnolds, of Fond du Lac,
Wisconsin, arrived Saturdav morning. She
will teach the Poindexter school.
Mrs.Dr.Ncwton, of Butte,w ho has been
spending several weeks with Dillon friends,
returned home Tuesday morning.
Misses Fannie Poindexter and Mamie
Roe went to Deer Lodge Thursday
morning to attend the College of Montana.
Miss Anna Eastman, canvasser, came
down from Butte and went to Eagle Rock
on business connected with her cook-book.
J. W. Fruit, of Glendale, was in town
this week on business. Mr. Fruit expects
to go to his old home at Moingona. loxva,
the last of the month.
Misses Maggie Taltic and Carrie Berrell,
of Sheridan, expect to take this evening's
train for Sait Lake, where they go to attend
school at St. Mary's academy.
W. W. Turney and wife, of Marysville,
near Bannack, spent a portion of the week
in town. Mr. Turney was foreman of the
Kent mine until it shut down.
lion. J. J. Gilson,ot Gibbonsville, Idaho,
one of the commissioners of Lemhi
county, came over to Dillon and went to
Butte on important mining business.
Dr. Raymond Mitchell, of Glendale, tiie
democratic nominee for county sup't of
public schools, was down this week, nuk
ing the acquaintance of voters ot this pre
John Cummin», who has been stopping
in Dillon for the past two month», has
gone to Baker City, Oregon, to purchase
horses which lie will ship to his Colorado
Prof. I-J. Knapp, the new principal of the
Dillon High School, arrived Sunday morn
ing. As school will not begin for a coup
le of weeks, the Prof, has gone to Stevens
ville to visit iiis sister who resides at that
Will C. Oaklv, having disposed of his
interest in the Dillon E\aminer to his part
ner C. S. Wright, has gone to Helena and
assumed charge of the ! ndefendcvt job
rooms. Will is an artistic printer and
withal a fine fellow.
Rev. C. C. Frost, pastor of the Baptist
church at Butte, and well known in Dillon
where lie has many warm friends and ad
inirers, went to his home in Connecticut
last week and will not return until winter.
It is understood an effort will be nude to
engage him for the first pastorate of the
Baptist church in this place, on his return.
The lb) lowing persons were also noticed
in town : C J McSherry, Butte : William
Russell, Glendale ; Jas. Mauldin, Willow
burn; Neil Christiansen and John Hall,
Sheridan : Milton Kirkpatrick, Birch Creek ;
John Yearian, Junction ; D. Chapman, Ban •
nack: P. Holehan and wife, Horse Prairie.
John Wilhart and wife. Twin Bridge».

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