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The Dillon tribune. [volume] (Dillon, Mont.) 1881-1941, February 04, 1887, Image 2

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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St -
t. Anyone who takes a paper regularly from the
postoflice—whether directed to hit name or an
other's, or whether he lias subscribed or not—is re
sponsible for the payment
s. If a person orders his paper discontinued he
must pay ali arrears, or the publisher will continue
to send it until payment is made and collect the
whole amount, whether the paper is taken from the
poetollicc or nut.
i. The courts have decided that refusing to take
the newspape rs or periodicals from the postollice, cr
removing arid leaving them uncalled for, is frima
facie evidence ot intentional fraud.
Papers ordered to any address can be changed to
another address at the option ol the subscriber.
Remittances by draft, check, money order, or,
registered letter, may be sent at or.r risk. All post
masters are required to register letters on applica
lletsverheml County Officers.
Sheriff................Thos. li. Jones........Dillon.
Clerk and Recorder..Phil. D. McGougli.... Dillon,
Probate Judge........II. It. Mellon........Dillon.
Treasurer.............Robert T. Wing ..... Dillon.
Assessor..............A. I.. Pickett......Glendale.
Supt. Schools.........Miss M. li. Carter. ..Dillon.
Public Administrator.C. Mead.,.... .
Coroner.............. Dr. II. D. Pickt
Survvvor.............I. II. Balt-.-rton
|W,M. Oliver......
Commissioner». , M. Ilrown..
i I. M. Johnson......
. .. .Dillon,
li . Dillon.
.. .. Dillon.
.. . .Dillon.
If trin.'o: !:.
mmi hotel,
> 1 >. Montana,
Grugin k GHieuo, Proprietors.
t orn , «table accommodations fur guests. Coed
stable run in connection with the Hotel.
"Viola, Hotel.
Mn. Mary MoBea, Proprietress.
Oood accommodations and the best the market
affords on the tabic. , TV(
f odge fards.
Regular meetings ol Stccdman Post, No. 8 , G.
A* •**! w®ld on The second and fourth Tuesdays
I 11 /vnn.s *
0 . 11 .. are ncid on the second
®»Wch month at Post Rooms.
standing arc cordially invited
to attend.
ts— « n OTHO KLBMM, Post Com.
Jamcs D. Bisiiop, Adiutant.
A »CIESTO»D^O, rareH
Dili on Lodc.s, No. 7 , A. O. V. M t
meets the first and IhirdTuêsday evcnini
_r—----. ... 'clock, in X.O.U.W
.. of each month, nt S o'...................
i" 1 , 0 " A *?oUna street. Sojourning brethren, 1
*ood standing, are cordially invited to attend.
I» R. SntINGHAM. Itccnrder.
Tvjrr*? 1 ^ arl '" **, 1 '* 1 '' ,e second and fourth
Tuesday ol every month, at 7:30 p. ra.
X. o. o. p.
DANNACK 1.0 HO»:, 3
.. ,, 1 îï**. t '. ver . v Wednewlav t veuin.
... j,. «;";,''. ver , v .."'i-ilnoaday evening
tit its in Girndale. Sojourning
•«uSBTw good standing, arc cordiallv ?^"te"t
ittiinl. ... ... .......
s a. , "* • I • L (M Mv, .\ . ( ,
'V.J, Huy tip, Secretary,
meets in conviMtalion every Thursda*
i-.emng in Uu , Castle Hal!, comer d
V !!, * ,ul MonUna street,,
t.d t.^uenl K " lKht ' '""^i'divinvl
lIlKM-M.MVN, K. ot It. *;,f 'A" , ' SON ' * ' ' '
.TZ* *', er I Mundav evening, at
w* '" l,'' 1 ' tl,c cornerot Montana and
'«pw vi.v eorner or Montana and
•n Stood standlnt^are'cordiakv ÄtoÄ "* 1
K. I. SKI-SON. N. t
C, lllHSt llMAN.Sei
1. O. O. P.
Occidental Koi-ainpment. No. i>, meets the ist
ÎTallAn *t Mro là? month at laslge
I!ÏÏ' . i- ll . •' ,1 sojourning Patriarchs in
good standing are invited to attenil. '
i u- u „ WM. GALL, C. I».
Je w. Mil.l ieu, Strnbc,
i y
Absolutely Pure
Yhtijxwl r nev. r vari r. A rrcirv'.lcf pile! .
«tn-rigih rr».l v Meso.-Ticac Mer.,- t
thar. th-i'-.-ttirur - . ki;.<1 , ar.d cannot L:.-el.!. . • c.-E
fc^ition with the- multitude i f low Sett, . ..ort
V. Vt-nllim 'irpiw.pl.atopowd: r<. S«u-.f,v!,y:s
CAN-. Icoyali Ti - kt - ; Pourra 'v... 1 !<C '.fall-sit,
X v
Live Stock Headquarters
Consisting of Clydesdales,
Percheron-Normans, and En*
glish Shires.
AIm> h choice lot ol .Standard Bred and
General Purpose horse».
Come and see for }our»eIve-. We can
allow, with the individual horse, both qual
ity and pedigree.
To visitors we can show the result cjf
our years of experience. We can show
and sell you sound, vigorous, acclimated
horses. We carry no over-fed, pampered,
worn out or doubtful breeding stock.
Correspondence and inspection solicited.
III NTI.KY A CLARK, Tostim, V I*. K. It.
■IO Miles ICitst of Helen«,. ;-im
&TjJlT 2 <T
öf. S«»T «OTlCf,
Hill Heads, Letter Heads Note Heads,
Statements, Posters, Handbills.
Circulars. C'utalogui-s an*l
Price Lists, Cards.
Meal Tickets,
ItuuUcrs' lilanka,
Wedding and Dull Stationery,
und In fact everything usually
turned out at a .1«!» Printing Office,
Alter Forty years'
e,périme« in tbs
preparst ion nt mors
than On« Hundred
Thousand applications for pateuM in
1 : . bolted States end l'oruiaii eoan
tries, th« putilislirrs of the b'eientilie
I . - puuosiiers or inu eeieiitlUO
American commun to net a« solicitor,
lor patents, caveat,i.'t rado-ninrk*. cony.
. .I.,.— 1 fitrbts. etc., fur tl;o I'nited but vs, and
c.™S* Pate»*» in Caneda, ICngland. France,
• »ad all other countries Thuir eapori
passed' u,,B 'i ,l * | od and tliair facilities am tineur
Prepared and filed
rS.ii.ö.m- V,' , H è'' J h ""' notice. Tonna very
îî diïîii«» N * c , h ' rR0 , f,n ' , ' i Vt" n * t loti of modela
ü n3ï lw . Ativu'o tiy iu.tt;lrcu
« . hl 6 èu- aa?-'»!« •• ! I'" 1 ''«'! Î! ;r. n A Go. arn not iced
. wvvnio 1.111 ,tn|ei| i finillJMI i\||l
K lSW PIC A 9H'llUCAN7whïüVhaâ
un» Itriiest circulation and is tbo mosl, influential
Thn'SSSü». 0 * ,ts kit'd publi.ihsd in tlin world.
unde!Snand« , ® e! ' °* * uo ** ft llol,co ® v *ry Patontoe
I Ilia largo and Mtlimdidty illaalratod noivatianer
I « 1 nubliehod WKRKLT at Bin »year andia
t,1 :' bo>l paP" r d«votod , to science.
J 5 J™* 5 K *. inventiona, encineoring works, and
departmema of industrial pman-aa, pali
all .?IrjU.* 1,T c 5 V?JP r - , ,, ' coBtslna the names of
! ii* 1 ." ° ,BV «ry invention patented
Bold by'aM newVdcaleri;' " 0Utha *° r 0n *
ll!itin°i %#?!* J* n . invention to patent »rite to
ttUrnfttfiftlSk !SCi#0 " tt0 A»" 1 «"
Uandbuok about patents ma lad très.
Wc are now lire pa ted m furnish all .1 is* es ieii>,
.•ui,do V ,.i. nt at Innm , the whole of the time, ,,r for
ah! ■ P -'A m M T n T' - "i w light :,nd ,,r*.i-,
abh . I er "ns ol either sea ,.,si| v earn ten,;, eo Vents
1 Ilin N.ViTi'''' T" 1 '' ""'î ;l I'roiwirlhin.il muii l. v de
* r »'"V «<' lh. lues,ness. |t„ vs
* !" T 1 ' ;, . s i'",«, 1 * as men. That all who se "this
m.i\ », ml their address, and te.,t the tmsin-v w.
wiM ' l ÏT " ft ' r i m" kuoh ;,s ;,rc ,,,u well satisfied we
» 'tiMd.i '' ,r . IO P: ' V V' r '"at»* 1 « ol writing
|urtiruUr.<i ;imi outlit irw. Addn ss < ii/iK.iK
.. • ;....... *,»*• '''BIB HIT,
Stinson a- Co., Portland Maine,

so it
.a -t :.!ic :::;y - ixsssus
wax o y unr% -•» 11*: ^Ii- so
Park' :• etr.;l 1 riot L-we Lis
Lut i:
r,rcin", tea 4
nit it.
1 : r
to U;
i~ cl
. - , , i
Joe t
row c
^rec; arn r ;.ll abroad on the old
j pie.':.* Ft. ? .• ! f v<- i !.' "urdc-:: r.i:d the nest
; À. Li:: hi bead to
I peep through • ■ - . re pectabk.- paiiogsaad
XX wfcat he could so:.
And thir u v. hat he saw: buch a lovely
jirl 1 If r hair r: <1. to lx; sure. l ut it v. u
j tLia: bronzr; rr i that looks brown in the
depth of it; ripples and p'old on tarir crests.
; Jiêtuo.i. in the Uazit-; snnsbiae, i: was i
i a rieh deep red. w ith yilt threa-Ls among it.
! but then she had such eye? I large, clear, rtc
I hazel eyes, r .3 beautiful as a robin's or a
j sqtirrei's, fringed with <b.rk lathes ana over
I brov.ed with delicate dark arches, a little
J lifted with a look of surprise that was the
J result of shape and outline.
1 regret to say that her fair, soft brow and
cb« Vs were slightly t reckled, but in such a
j fnsh r.sl and w hite tiie smallest spot will
; show, and nobody is perfectly Le-tutiful, not
' evei Mary Ann May. commonly called
''Manny May." l'or instance, her mouth was
j large; but then it was so full, so red. and
i {jaited over such firm white teeth, that it
1 seemed just to match the raucy litt le nose above
I and the round dimpled chin below it.
...u.uu,... ....... .j. ..... ... ..... !
wafet was large, too, just os lurgo as the !
«aMcfimyrolptiired goddess wrought by
Phidias or Praxiteles, for Manny had never I
been pinched in mind or body, or given over |
totbat awful tyrant "They," who puts our I
. çiris to the torture of rack and boot from
thar Infancy, that they may bn and do as f
•■They" do and are. |
But she had a tall, strong, shapely figure,
ind its movements were all instinct with the
urcraimnclf d grace of nature. As she stood |
i in he
ilig her
; li«jn gm.-iis and ait old case knife at her feet,
! she was a jmv"! piettu-i-.; hut she liad not eu j
j idra of it.
lira's theoj'ies fie.l a, tie grc/. ti. The voice j
had not misled him, it was wt a mother's j
1 vcice; tin* finilin:: on whom Manny hivi.d.r l |
r tender enihi ace. ever, lier '
iiiiiiiL-nai grace 01 natuiv. 1 -, micsiooii '
r luotii'r's garden, with both herds clasp- j
crV to her bosom, « basket of dande- i
ev.rw...i. .1 .... -.1 1 ....... i.r.» e — t I
her K.'-cot w- i ■>! ;
But such u cut! I'.l i- »ad as vic;i!
beauty us his laistivss. His coat of di
bule-grny was striped nnd dashctl with shin
ing bim-k; a ring of black encircled his mas
sive neck; his tail was ringed also with sable,
awl live wide black stripes ran from between
bit ears down to the very tip of the tail,
merging as they went into one broad band,
then there was a snow-whito spot ujioii liis
breast, mid his powerful paws were black as
"Manny's dumb siliy about that there cat,"
was her father's chronic growl; but, since
Manny was all the eliild left to him, und in
his secret heart i!s living idol, ho only
growled. Ho would not liuve utteretl ti de
rogatory word aitout Peter for anything; he
even remembered to get a bit of meat for him
whenever ho went to the village, nnd bad
once been known to turn back half .1 mile for
that very puijiose.
As for mother 51 av, she spoiled tlio eat just
as she had spoiled Mary Ann. She was a
dear, kindly, tender-hearted old woman, with
an utter inabiity to rule or order or mold
anybody or anything. She took life as she
found it, and neither trotted at nor tried to
amend it—a sort of moral feather bed, soft
to exasperation, but, after all, 1vstft.1l to the
eager, hard-worked, exasperated and wiry
people of Lit race.
"A proper, nice woman," Scniaiitby Car
rier said: •'otuiaya an' eternally goocl
nutured. No faculty in her, ami one that
riles you consider!ile when you want to bavo
things gee; but when you'ro sick or sorry,
sort of comfortin', liko a poultice."
l'ctcr knew his power and bis position.
Betted front his early kittonhood, ho soon
learned, like the young ot the humait sp-cies,
that lie. could tyranui'/e over hi:; potters, and
then the warmest, softest root was given up
to hint, the dour rqx-ned nt ids first, appeal,
the giblets of the rarely used fowls were
saved for him, his tastes gratified ami his no
tions respected. Ono is sometimes tempted to
half accept tli- masculine theory that wrunen
like tyrants, when ono sees how they nimm
facture them for themselves.
Now, Joseph Parker had just, come to Meri
den to live. A certain Mr. Webb, who had a
manufactory in Vermont, had moved to
Meriden to get more water power, and as Joo
Parker was his foreman in the |taper mill, ho
had moved ti«», hired a house u littlo way out
of the village, next to Mr. May's homestead,
and brought, with him Ids mother—anil his
mother - cat. Iicnco this story, and what
ever tears mav Isvsprinkle it.
Mrs. Parker s cat was not at all like Peter
May. He was black, nil black, with given«
yellow eyes, and mi aspect, that made a
stranger think of the regulation cat that wns
the familiar of witches in all history. He
came from Hanover to Meriden by rail, nailed
opin a strawberry crate, hissing, spitting,
yowling and sharpening his daws on ids frail
prison nil the way. to the terror of every pas
senger in tli - car. Indeed, Joe was forced to
• any ernte and all into a baggage car at the
thud station, and ride with it the rest of the
way, for the brakemcn refused to look nftor
it, so daunted were they with the w ild animal
within. Tiger was sent into solitary eon fini*,
ment 111 the cellar ns s<m:i ns Mrs. Parker
readied her house, and was subdued by hind er
end darkness liefere they dared to let liim
rntige abroad in the new neighliorhood.
Now, Joe Parser had not been in Meriden
ling umugli to make much acquaintance
there, nr.ll was very hard nt work the first
1 ur weeks ot his stay, so that h-> always went
to sleep in church on Sunday, ami missed -nv
sight tbereli.v or the blooming iI.tiu»' !, in the
choir or in the |iews; lie was adiaevsi ->1 it to
be sure. I.nt there was the 1 hange of f,.™
Vermont, mountains to the fat. mendèv' land
and low lying pastures about the river, and
then ho wus.really.ni r.d for » time i„
bvlping to plaiv the new machinery, move tbo
old, anil si-lilt hismi'ilii-rin this strange pb:v
w Ihm ehe knew no one in whom It" could nr '
ply for help or suggestion, it was ..ot S,,!*
day to day wd.01, he pce|N>d through the fence
at Manny, and suddenly, as jf t, v a sfr(>k 7
lost Ins honest young heart—for, beloved
reader, this is only a love story. Only a i ovn
story; only a record of the great world son^
the event of so many lives, the finality of all!
That 1 tossing |m>||
That tells one into heaven ur lu-II.
«t-iS- 1 ^^ u : h ? 1 ,i, ' ar p^pio
•sij. Onlj a love story," 1 think of that
:u*> but the V
I: «
; the
i:S-._T ar '
■ ar, mi! ft* ' -
iatc i!- ► »'» - ' h '
ini. of tnrdita n n. '
n-tnncc* d-> we -c *;•
in thfor*- Igm red ir ' P r
I ; tar lio-Tett. S crunch
fut in so many ca*es
•s privions! v !tit'.'! were
•« attributed to the fact
be It-'
> truth
m . n \
-,t-s ana remov-s ..,t
maladies to which
held. it i« really, r.o! nominailv, a radi
cal remedv, and it endows the system with
an amount of vigor which is the hest pro
n a gai
to cop
h •'•: iiciri.-> w i ich rear
cause« of the varioii 1
i. adapted. Indigestion, fever and a a'
liver co'nplidi
of the bowels, urinary
maladies are not pa..
rooted nut bv i>. It goes to the fountain
It is reallv, r.o! nominailv,
çoüt. rheumatism, disorder
affection« anil other
rif= r^cî metelv. hut
t disease.
Drunkenness, or Liquor Habit, can be Cured
by Administering Dr. Haines' Golden
Spec! lie.
It can be given in a cup of coffee or tea
without the knowledge of the person tax
ing it, effecting a speedy anc
nt is a moderate
eck. Thousands
cure, whether the p:
drinker or an alcoholic ...............
of drunkards have been tr ade temperate
men who have taken the- Golden Specific
in their coffee without their knowledge,
and today believe thev quit drinking
, { uii l. No harmful effect
results from its administration. G tires
guaranteed. Send for circular and full
„ art i cu | arP .. Address in confidence Got.
.. ... ,,
i.es hirttiK.Vo., 1S5 Race Sb, Ctnctnna
ti. Ohio.
*P /\ "Ts /1 Q
Kept on sale at the
Pnt Ut> to Order 011 Short Notice,
Quart/, location blanks—largo or small.
Water right location blanks.
Bargain and sale deeds.
Warranty deeds.
Chattel mortgages.
Summons—Justice's court.
Executions—Justicc's court.
.Subnccnas—Justice's court.
Mittimus—Justice's court.
Affidavit of Attachment—Justice's court.
Garnishees—notice of.
Promissory notes—several .stvles.
Blank shipping tags printed to order.
Blank programmes and folders.
Stock receipts—Bound the long way for
office use, also, the short way for couve
nience of carrying in the pocket.
Blank tablets, for counter or pocket use.
also, put up to order on short notice.
Ruled cardboard, for placing under un
ruled paper w hen writing.
Letter heads, note heads, statements, etc.
neatly tableted without extra charge; and
flil/lnri (il and #sf »..til».. * 1________
blotters added at cost of putting them on.
Fine blotting board kept in stock and cut
to any desired size.
Mourning note and envelopes in stoci.
and printed to order.
Everything in the printing line at cast,
orices for cash.
More Money Needed •
The Committeo in charge of the coi» ■ - < ;, „
?! «'.*:•* "'• V , SU ' tu '' tfl ' wlach thev ;,re rk-,'
,h ' ^ «i
Ne. 1 Statli : v,t il
iivvÄS,™:- .......
»»Äür-iss» '■*;? ■
»'m' Vn* 'mottcW- <,ClUtm ''
Nt». :
»im*: and mottov lmve , v ui0,! - .
.' ■H' -ti.i'.; the Statuettes. ;ti-'-v ? -
"■••-sur .nÄÄ! ow —v
l'litcs tin* tVitstär h-u'h Ul is < f V U '" X '
$ 4 »cnOi< Vö t i,.-.,.. Li,*. •"•itnatiit tl.:,
«b- K» ÄÄ» Mint,,;;,,,.
Address; with^^rtwH-w.
-UHAED P-UTLER, Secvc*«-
__ *~ e - Cor Street. Now Y.>:-k
The San ftaaeace hit* m\
«SS? a o? add,Ê5! * ülirtc '^ weeks
ä ? lC£ «Mpiesü"
ma» ere ofibrod to yeaily subscriber*.
8 an Francisco, Cal,
sïSrrSâF;^?«. Ï-.iIînT«
2 SääBMC«A«»~" -----------
Keep' !l
urn' Rolx.-s, ('lifiin.s, Velvet Cn.
Broadcloth, Etc.
Mctalic Caskets, from $io 10 $ic 0i

it !
han rati
Stock grand <£ar:!s.
•v ••'■ii-n.'i !tit hip.
* ' ' ' -'V ''"dric- sad ft,
Big Hole Basal.
Billon, Bcaverhcaii Co., M. T.
Brand—!Cattic, square and com- ,
, : pass on right hip, horses same on j
j gft shoulder. U
Marks—Cattle, two slits in right ■
«nd one in left ear. Double dulap in brisket
Counter brand—A bara-ross square and romnisa
Jbu.gs—Rlacktai! Deer Creek valley. 1
r.rmd- Catlii-. JH.mh-fteiù,
Iby J H on 'It!
,V 1 ' Cattle, slitm I'.-n Car.
U..ngv —< irasshopper, 1 j , (rs
City or Puller S|
Brand—Smalt in ..
if horses.
Range—Belmont l
miles south of V'irgi
Road (icidings .m.l
Stallions for sale.
SIM. ESTKS, Dillon, Be
veriicad County, Montana.
Brand—Horses, S E on lw
shoulder. Cattle, U on left hi;,
.and marked with underbit from
left ear.
Range—Beaverhead Valiev.
P. A.I., vRGRY, Butte City,
Mon Una.
Brand—Cattle and Horses,
B on left shoulder.
Range—Camp Creek and
■ dkxms amiot, 1 -
j Madison <
.'otuiiv, Mont.
j Brand
Cattle thu M
on left
side. Ho
use.-«, son:e "
on !«u
■ Ri.bv
! Valicy.
■N BllO'S.i l>
: Montana.
i Itr.iml.—
Cnl.tlc* - \ ». T: • t:
!> 89
jaws, under hit on foil t.iv. _
Hange— Hlacktail, Ucri Uot i; -ml s>ag«creca.
! JOE. A. BROWNE, Glendale,
! 'U-averhead Co., Montana.
1 Brand—Cattle, JO on left
amp. Also, i hi same place.
Horses, X on left thigh.
Mark—Cattle, left
ear cut as shown. Range—we»
Die- Holt- river from JJ-rch Creel;
c Melrose.
ALEX MKTZl'.l,. Fuller,
8 r>rinjrs. Mtulisuu Co.,
Montana. ,
Cattle and itcrw brand,
circle A on left -liouldor.
ThoriiUKhbred cuttle and
American horses, branded J
on left jaw, vent sum« brand
on left tbiab. Cattle marks
down-cut dewl;t)> in brisket.
Hanse, Upper ltuby Valley, from lower tun
per canyon, inchuliusaU tributaries.
i horougbbred and hieh-sradeshrirt-horn bul
for ivde.
r :..1
Rock p.o. Ber.v irh'i! Co. M. '
Brand—7L on left side. A!
owns the following brands: i
on right hip and OC on lclt(
hip. Cattic marked witii dui:
- -, _— right think. Horses - -7L on right should
anil on right shoulder. Range—lied Rock a;
Sage Creek.
M. B ARRETT, Horse Prairie.
Beaverhead County, Montana
Brand—Cattle, f'on left aide,
llqrsc,.same on left shoulder.
Mark—Cattle, wattle on left jaw.
^ liante— Horae Prairie and Big
1Æ TEMPLK ' Sh " id
Brand—Cattle, JT on lefth
old brand, 96 left side.
Horses, J y , in | ;t j,i, nu !d
—- . 1 'nd thigh.
Ranise—Lower Ruby Vaihvo
»TdSS- ^EWAED for the apprehension and Mifficti
videnie In convict any [terson t r iierson« s'l-thi
■ne or more horses or cattle ;>e!o„ vto me.
_______ |"*iy Tt MPf.r.
O. WILLIS, WU 11 s, Mont. Brand
111 on right hip,
hole in right ear.
Horses— g cn ri|
hind leg; also the Sm
de Poxson brand S«P
right sholdr and some
left shoulder. Also so
branded L on left sho
der. Range from R<
creek to Rattlesnake.
"Illft Beaverhead Co., M.
Brand—Horses, star an I
Range — Between Btav
head and Willow Creek.
E B. 8PKINKLK, Dillon. Mod
Brand-Cattle', I '■
on loft rilw.Hquntv c
off each oar nnd 1
(Inlap on brisket II
ses. un mo brand on I
Bang«—Black tail «
Centennial Valloy
. *It» s HEWAUD will
Rp PV d ,, pvittonco
tnatRhall result iu con*
vie tin« one« or more
persons of killing,
stealing or branding
rno or more animals of
shove brands.
Hones of all kinds
or sale. 141.
T. M. SELWAT, Dillon, Moaterw
Horse brand—T on near thigh.
Cattle— T O on r
ribs; two slits in c
ear. Also Citas liai
old brand; figure «■'
near hip; smiil! c
near ear.
Kange — lllackt
Beaverhead und Bi
idan, Madison co„ Mont.
tle, 7Ten left
side. Horses,
- . .. 7on left thigh.
CaUle marks - Cnderbit In right
5J. Range—Rochester and III - a
vide Creek. [ 33 V 3 Î

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