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No. 7.
A K ,., ort l „f the Work Kein« Hone ky the j
Territorial Lew Makers.
l'iu' following hills were introduced.
Bv Rickards routing to the protection j
jovmcnt and adoption of children. j
1 Bv Waters providing for the erection !
ni a territorial prison and the custody and [
labor of convicts.
The following bills were introduced :
Bv Brown A bill to amend the election j
* 'p|, c hill provides that commission- j
ers shall designate the kind of ballot to be j
without distinguishing marks, and that nt> j
stickers shall be allowed. j
Rv Brown— To abolislt the top rail of j
B \ !
wire lences. j
By Buskett Relat.ng to special poor)
Bv Taylor—'To change the terms
county commissioners meetings. j
Bv Kennedy—Relating to swine run-j
bill by Taylor—i
ning at large.
Notice was given of
. , j
Prohibiting the running at large of
between the ist ot August and the first of j
December. Also punishing the abandon. 1
i/uvii.csi * I
, , r 1 i
n.eutof slnt-P' '
Sutherlin's bill providing for compensa- 1
tier, for assessment of Meagher and Per- i
guscounties, and house hill No. 3. prohih-1
iting the sale of liquor to the inmate«
cour.tv poor houses passed
The Governor nominated James Sulli
van, ex-mayor of Helena, for ten Mortal
auditor, and William Green Preuitt, of
Helena, for territorial treasurer.
The report for'1SS6 of the territorial in
sine asylum, by Dr. Mitchell was received.
COl,'NCI I.—EE it. 3.
The gambling act was discussed in com
mittee of the whole and recommitted,
will be amended before passage.
The following notices were given :
By Collin
By Sutheriin—Relating to the publica- j
tbnof the governor's message.
By Collins—To substitute bill raisin
j t j
Relating to the collection of!
, !
lue age of consent to 15 years. Passed. |
Council bill No. 19, providing counsel
fur criminals was lo^t.
Ihe bill providing lor the transfer ot the j
iiitte town site records was passed. j
A petition was received from Gallatin |
county for the creation of Park county. j
Notices of the foi lowing bills were given : j
By Harwood—Relating to the fees ot |
county officers
By Armstrong—Relating to the tees ot |
township, county and district officers. I
file House hill, by Page, amending the j
law relating to the lime of the construe- j
lion of railroads, was recommitted. I
Kennedv's hog bill, was defeated unani-!
mousl ' j
The following hills were introduced: j
By Armstrong—-Relating to the taxing j
01 jurors lees. :
By Taylor—Prohibiting the running at
large of rams between the ist of August!
and the ist ot December.
By Taylor—Punishing shepherds for j
abandoning their flocks. '
cousctl. FEU. 4 . !
A resolutian was i itroduced providing |
for printing 1,000 copies of the Governor's
The memorial to Congress for the ex
tension of surveys passed.
1 he bills to protect wages of mechanics
Joint tesolution providing a committee !
of three from the House and two from the .
ounc.l he appointed to examine the .
ot the auditor and treasurer was j
•-"incurred in. !
Ihe governor also transmitted the joint '
Sock resolution passed by the Dakota'
Legislature and recommended immediate!
action upon it. This resolution orovidos !
for the appointment of a committe* of u-cÎm
from the Dakota Legislature to confer !
wfih a like committee from Montana to j
-ake steps and devise measures to
|he spread of contagious diseases union
live st
Grazing and Stockgrowing.
Notices of the following bills were given :
By Harwood regulating appeal* from or
•ters granting new 1 rials.
By Mantle—For the suppression ofob
^ene literature and a bill for the relief of
on.. Beidler, in the sum of $5,000, for
past services rendered the Territory,
he tallowing bill was introduced:
«tort , ansc °m—Providing payment for
'Ock killed or injured by railroads. It
'on pels roads to advertise the description
05 lhe an'-mals injured.
Jndeu?r nmUtee ° f the «hole recom
Tax hill ü fejection of the Special Poor
fror sen.— 1-Kit. 5.
The Council met and adjourned.
Notices of the following hills were given :
. ■ c ° uodity the laws; also, re- !
lating to the payment of fines and costs in j
criminal cases. ;
"J Muth—Relating to the property of 1
non-resident minor heirs,
,! > Harwood—Amendln.
' ....."— ..... '••"•••» * v.i.MVMune ;
(Court creating act: also, concerning the !
penalty for non-payment of tax.
The following hills were passed :
1 he Houae joint memorial 7, for an ap
P'opriation of $100,000 to build the Cooke
Ci b' w »«°" road
11,0 ,,OMse hill relating to trustees ol re
ligious corporations.
r, * e var,et y theatre substitute hill un - 1
amended. '
, . . 1
lhcfollotU^ h, 11 was introduced : j
Dy Harwood—It regulates appeals from !
orders granting new trials in district courts. '
councii.-ieu. 7
1 he nominations of the following officer.,
were confirmed: Auditor, James Sullivan51
treasurer, William G. Preuitt; superintend
,,,,i ni'nntiti- .. r . t j
PuUtv 1 m 1 uction, A h , Ç. Logan;
'«-Ri ui.ir\ sutgion, Dr. Herbert IIolio-1.
, ..... ... . , , ,
A lommitLc was appointed to confer 1
„ in -.it 1
« * '»*« app^med by the ,
°' ,kol< L ^ , ' la,u,c * lo * he MC * j
• H ;h - ,c ""' ,0 ' ^ preven.icn of,
disease among live stock. j
.Sutheriin introduced a bill for an act to ^
punish persons making fraudulent pedi
grees of live stock.
,,,el 'Bure To compile and arrange
,, , , !
Hie bill amending the statute to author-j
ize County Commissioners to transfer
monies from the various funds was nas -cd.
Notices were given of bills:
To prevent double taxation—To inspect j
the insane asylum.
Bills were introduced relating to the sal
ary law—Limiting compensation of justices
of t5,e peace—Amending sections 396 and
397 «-* '-he statutes—Relating to obscene!
„entrai laws.
corNcu.—rEii. !S.
lo minh|g iocations and discoveries;
Also to contagious diseases anion
A ()jll xv _ w introduced authorizing the
organization and incorporation of building
and loan associations.
Buskett's registration liiil passed bv
yote of ,, tQ '
f - ov L ' eslk , took thc oath of office .
hh ncii.— t k„. 9.
JA petition was received from Gallatin
j;ountv concerning the employment of
women and minors in drinking resorts.
q'he following bills were introduced:
Council joint resolution 7, bv Collins, for
an appropriation for the expense of tele
. . ,. ,. „
graptung the memorial relating to the sur
veyor-general's ofiice to Delegate Toole.
p aRset y
Notices of bills were given as follows:
ByMuth-A bill for the relief of Fisk
jjy Corhani—An act concerning the
Cord's dav.
By Wilson
concerning th
| ot j c . s .
\n act to amend an act
representation of quartz
concerning marriage
By Tool,
The following bill« weie introduced:
House Gill No. 50, by liar wood—An act
to amend an act creating the county of
: Yellowstone and the election of officers
! thcieiu.
. Marshall wa« given leave to introduce,
. without leave, a hill to reorganize and con
j soiidate thc Montana library. Passed.
House bill 25, an act defining tlic co1 "*
'\.\s passed
' pensation of county
! > ,lous ' e b,n * b ' a b,Il . to " ,m nd
^ r '" ^ L(,r P >r,t *
! Ï^Jcn.l-rK,». .0.
j The Tanner relief bill ohiected to.
wte ...... ..... ...
Fh* ! variety bill substitute: also the
1 board of labor arbitrators hill were recom
elating to changing the names of per-1
■ ; also providing the adoption of chil
against thc repeal of thc commercial
cense law.
Notices of bills were given a« follows:
sons. .
dren—To provide for the increase 01 tl,c
salary and bond ot thc territorial treasurer.
Council joint memorial. No. 3. was in
troduced. It requests relief for the'dispos
sessed pioneer settlers of Yellowstone
National Park.
Thc bills enlarging the rights of married
---- ...
women Providing^for printing thegovern
'.'M ,,mShW * W ' h
inaU, all passed.
'The hill relating to the transfer of county
funds, reported on adversely.
Two bills were introduced :
One prohibits the keeping open ot auv
business house on Sunday, ar.d allows no
business except druggists for the sale
medicines, undertakers and da i vmeii : the
other extends the time 60 day.«in addition 1
to the year for filing nflidavit of improve- ,
inents on quartz lodes.
The substitute for the gig law was
passed. It repeals section 2#i a:.d 202,
amends the other section makiig violation ,
a misdemeanor in place of a fc'ony. Jur
isdiction was given to justices of the peace, i
-- -----
Another Uuilroad lioloeitmti. Almost us j
Unit us the Ashtabula Dliaster.
" 7 " """'J '-•»»«"S •■* """'•I
R,vel - A rail broke and the engine, one
baggage car, two passenger «»aches and
two s W„im, ca.« nl.m^t ÎLrW KrM«< I
v .........* „ __... _ , . ;
A dispatch Iront Bradlord, Vermont,
„ ™. , j
{dated heb. 5, says: The nlfht express j
which left White River Junction, hound j
for Montreal, filled with passengers from j
Boston and New York, for the carnival, i
was wrecked at the first crossing .if W hite {
tw ° sUe B in s CiUS P Iun 8 cd over the bridge, j
s ^ s b' feet, into tlie river. Belore the en- ;
gineer or any one could get to the wreck, j
the cars had caught fire and burned. The
tlsd was burned, and inside of
twenty minutes all was destroyed. It is
estimated that fifty persons are killied.
esnma-.einnat mtv persons are Kilned.
Tw ,, ;i) „ pcrJotls weremoror h
. _
, , ,
Baggage-master Cole, employed on t
& ' 1 '
train which went down, said that the first
|ntiinatfon o; - , roi:blç waS) h , should iu(ig<1 .
at the end of the bridge where there'was a
gh |lock _ Mv tlltf0 is that the first
P as<i0 ' 1 S Lr t, ' ,r
fT the track before
reaching the grade; he «aid, because the
ground was frosted it ran smoothie to the
bridge, when, from dropping of the nassen
* * * '
ger car onto the bridge, it depressed the
couplers of that car, letting them apart,
then ail the following ears ran on the
bridge and olfthc track.
Foitv-six bodies have been recovered,
the most of them unrecognizable.
More Indian Deviltry.
Hknvkr, February 9
N ' M., special to the A«w, says: George
Lockhart, deputy sheriff of Navajo Springs
accompanied by Kd. Palmer and Tom
KAtiig, started Monday morning for the
shot and killed him instantly
Indians opened lire on the tl.
Nnvaio res-i-i--i*ti-it, to in-.-vt ai> InA»->-» t'or
horse stealing. They found hin» on the
reservation surrounded tn .a large pa'i ty of
the tribe. Indian resisted,
nd Lockhart
The other
e men, ami
were killed
Lockhart, Palmer and Kin
and left lying where they fell. A sheriff's
posse killed two Indians and wounded two
others. Indians then rode oil' to Bennett's
: store, near Mamialia
! store, near Manua'.la station, on liie A. At
i 1 '- R- R-, and stole all the provisions 1 hey
j could carry off. The excitement i« high,
j and people living around the reservation
| are afraid the entire tribe will goon the
! warpath, and another Indian war i« irruni
........' '
, T l u , t:mU strike.
1 ---------------
\em York, February 9. Except ,(> r
the number of 'longshoremen standing idle
°n the corners ot the streets, the rive»
Ironts have assumed almost their normal
appearance, though it required a larger
number ol men to do the work than for
nicrly. Ihe steamboat and railroad pier
managers ail claim that the busir.es« is
good a« before the strike, and that trui
is being moved with the utmost facility.
Steamers now h uve at the advertised time,
and the jam of freight on the railroad piers
no longer exists.
l>Isrouriin>»a to tien! I It—
| TlK . Uer w „. .\ti:ong them at . F. A.
j 8mitil president of the Council, and W.
i W. Riter, speaker of the House oi the last
| Leeisiatnre, Mavor Arm«t
j 0 jf„.j a j s . They go a«
A strong Mormon loony ldl Salt Lake,
Monda» . to work against tlie Edmunds
T '" '
tig, ami other
i Mormon«, prepared to promise to give up
I polygamy, provided the Mormons arc not.
j pressed and I tab he admitted as a state
Tirter that they would uo a« tl^yp.cased,
Tin- 1 . *. »'reparlng tor War.
;dehu!t,thc t«'.u bib« appioyriating twenty-1
On Monday ihe senate passed without
iating tw
million« for modern ordnance
Water vieil at West Troy, N. Y., and the
yard at Washington a« establishments in!
j connection w ith which gun factories for
I t(, e arniv a ,ul navv respcctivelv are auth
1 . . ' ,
i »rlzcd to »>•• r stabhsheu.
j -------
; Mucklcn'* Arnica Salva.
. ... _
The Best Salve in the worm tor Cuts,
on- million« 101 mooi.ii -
coast fortification*. The two »ill« name
< Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Raum Fever
j Sores, Tetter, Chapped, Hands, Chilblains,,
, Corns, and ali S.«in Er, p.ion, an positive
tv cures Piles, or no pay required. It is
guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, 01
monev refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For saie bv N. M. White, City Drug
ItvenIs Transpiring in Our Sister state
ami Territories.
are several cases of «carlcti;
Jim Brintr, a Challis (Idaho; hunter, is j
amusing himself trapping wild cats.
Snow on Lost River is from 15'to 18 •
inches deep, and stock are suffering great- \
Snow slides in the vicinity of May Horse, [
..... t
Snow on the Pah Stmar. (Idaho! is re-1
ported light and feed good. The los« of
stock will be «mall. ' !
•>">'" 'll"« in me viwiimv 01 i»ay 1 torse, !
, - •
Idaho, are doing a large amount of dam
" ;
' ^ e ' j
V collision at Echo, Utah, the 2d inst., j
domo *hcd lour engine* and killed L. L.
Rem ' s > engineer.
*">ck will be small.
'*Cofle John," the fu
famous Salt Lake res
tauranter, made an assignment last week, j
lias voted nearly niuuii- j
the city to the amount of I
of the Santa Rosa and I
At Pagosa Springs, Colorado, a mol» I
drove the county commissioners from the i
town, burned several houses, and forced j
Com. Sense to resign at the point of a re- •
volvcr. !
caused by thc Mormon boycott.
Emily Iloneysett, a it-year-old Salt
Lake girl committed suicide last week by
taking strychnine. No reason given.
In a fight at King's River, near Frisco,
Cal., on the 29th. Geo. D. Fiskc shot C.
C. Jarret in the side, inflicting a mortal
Benicia, Cal.,
mously to bond
$15,000 in aid
Bcnica railroad.
The body of Win. A. Morris, who has
been missing since Dec. 23th, was found j
by a search party in the old porphyry j
shaft of the Iron mine, at Leadville, tool
feet deep.
Ogden is to have a new weekly journal, ;
to be called the GY nette. C. \V. Ilemin
way will be the editor and the initial num
her will be issued the last Saturday in June
of tliis year.
Dr. Rae, o u . sevua- .dectrlcUn, is mas
lug experiments the Dougi«.— -»>»■». «o'
the application of electric current.-*, to tall
!' n S s and quartz pulp for the separntibn
I '-herefrom of the precious metals.
At Price Station, on the Denver Rio
Grande railroad, lit
Stone, the tele-i
! graph operator, was shot and killed by a:
I restaurant keeper named Stein, formerly a
| reporter on the Salt Lake Tn 7 '/i;u\ and in
J 18S2 city editor of the Leadville OWw//f/c.
j Mrs. Jackson Singleton ol Denver was
j the mother of nine children Friday morn
I j n g. That evening she was the mother of
j twelve. -T was sort of dumbfounded at
; fust," said Mr. Singleton, who is a colored
i man and very poor. "1 thought they
I would never stop coinin'."
( Between Nicholia and Camas thc daily
• s i a g u hast,, change several times to wheels
J am j ,-., nnt - r s, because of the snow being in
j ,, t ■-1 : : 1 k s, the ground being hare at places
, ant j l0ll a t others to permit the pass
! ag , c 0 f wagons. Texas and Spring Mount
; a " n i>; s . r i os ;„- t! well si:owned under, hut
j development work is going on at several
* ,r„od claims,
The Viola Company is turning out about
twenty tons of bullion per day, and lias
over 500 tons piled up at the smelter await
ing transportation. The bullion carries
about fotty ounces silver per ton, and is
.... .
ot about one ton to
turned out at the
i two and a liait' tons of
Snow has
; f a ;j cn ,,, deep about the mine as to require
j k „CCS for the protection of the clcvab'J
'tramway from the mine to the smelter.
Reck Springs iWyo.)
—"There is a strop
, , . t .
nnf<r< mu u! :
. .....
probabthty that the
lh P. will build a branch road from Rock
Springs northwest across the Big Sandy
j ^ Grcen Rivcr u , jackson's Lake and
thcncc to lhc Yellowstone Park. One
, hlng is certain that if the U. P. does not
. bu5M „ , , nto the country through
j which (he Northwestern is soon tobe built,
t a large business from that northern coun
trv w ill be cut off from them. The south-j
O f tbo country through wliicit the
| proposed road would pass is a good agri
„ u j tltla ] i-ountrv while the northern part is
eh in timber and mineral resources."
'flie Tlchborne tlalniani.
About every «o often, Charles Ogden
Curtis, alias Sir
Ferris, alias Clutrle
Roger Tichborne, 1
people can see that he still lives. This
that the
i time he i* sentenced to five years in the
Coimtv pe nUcnt:a,y for defrauding
<he <iov In tlic matter of a pension
: j- (Jr jj ic )n ; ss ; n j, fingers ot hi« right iiand,
which he lost four years after tlie war
'.ended. Ferrir. ret used to eat any dinner
' when taken to the court, saying he intended
I starv e himself to death.
tji.rm.mv is drilling a battalion of trained
wai dogs.
Troops are being concentrated in Sfcmth
ern Russia.
There arc 25,otx> people now engaged on
the Panama canal.
The Suez cannai is blockaded by the
grounding of a steamer.
The national sugar grower*
j s | n session at St. Louis.
A great religious revival is in progress
M T J „ " ltlrch BropkIvl) .
* '
The inter-state bill has been signed by
the president and becomes a law.
' ' *
0 ,, . .. .
Some 400 Lastern capitalists are going
to Cal., to seek investments,
The employes of the South llorse raii
,. oa j i Boston, are on a strike,
High vvater ,hc 0,1,0 r5vor lias C!U,scd
considerable damage the past week.
There are 685,000 German troops being
drilled in the use of the repeating rifle.
Beach has accepted Hanlan's challenge
to row on the Nepean river, Australia.
.V Dubuque, Iowa miss had lier teacher
arrested for punishing her too severely.
D. O. Owen, of Ohio, has been con
j firmed agent at Fort Peck agency, Mnn
I tana.
I At the burning of the Industrial Home,
j at Rochester, N. Y.. last week, one woman
I bei life,
i ,\ German and his wile were found in a
j house in the woods, near Breslau. L. L,
• with their throats cut.
! a (;,- 0 in the Harmony mills,at Paterson,
N. J., damaged the property to the extent
of a quarter of a million dollars.
The strike of the 6,000 Monongahela
river coal miners is ended, and work lias
been resumed in nearly all of the mines.
The supreme court of Washington Ter
bill granting
j rilor - v - has decUed f!,at ,ht
I sll,Vrag '-' "> » is unconstitutional.
The Pall Mall (.imittc asserts that Eng
j land has practically decided to adopt the
( * -•> .\mc<riean ''ifie' for thr use of her
anm .
! The French Senate lias passed without
* debate the bills appropriating twenty-one
j millions lor modern ordnance and coast
At Slokosdalc Junction, Pa. Mrs. Jacob
j Van Woert, aged 15, shot and killed he»
{ husband, who had beaten her, and wa
| attempting U> kill her with a dirk-knife,
j The hearse in which the remains of
Abraham Lincoln were conveyed to their
last resting place, was consumed in a liven
stable fire at St. Louis, Wednesday night.
The Spanish republican hnmigiants re
siding in France have decided to favor a
volunteer force of 2,cxio men to assist
France in the event of war with Germany.
I11 the senate, Dolph, from the Commit
tee on Commerce, reported a bill lo cre
ate a port of entry at Port Angeles, in the
district of Puget Sound, Washington Ter
Tin: German government will contract
for a loan of $25,000,000 for military pui
pnses. The Belgian government wants an
j appi wriatio!1 of So,<xx.,on;> francs (or the
j . ;am „ pllrpo , c .
j . .
urk. N. out ot $75,000 bv forgery and
j - 1 •
James Wilson Kehoe, who swindled the
National Shoe and Leather Baiiii, of New
embezzlement, has beer, arrested in W:n
j ALmitoba.
i • N -' ar Jefferson, Iowa, Tuesday, alarm
house, occupied by aman named Luck
1 man, his aged father, wife and son, was dc
j ,
. stroved bv tire, al. 0! the occupants p.-r»sh
i # - - .
j ,l> " 1,11 ,lanlL ' '
j -A' 1 New » ork '.he Western National
! hank was organized Wednesday by the
1 election of Secretary Manning as presi
| dt»h United States Treasurer Jourdan as
| vice vice-president, and F. Ranken horn a*
j cashier.
j It is ic|km ted that Anarchist Spies, and
Miss Nina Van Zam.it were married by
j proxy last Saturday night, Spies being
represented by his brother Henry. Justice
j Englehardt declares the marriage to be
: binding.
The race between George Bubear and
■ (} j Perkins for the sculling champion
I ship ot England tor Cpx» ami sporting
j meJal challenge cup was won by Bubear.
j pionship course.
' The race was rowed over the Tyne eh.im
I Richard A. A. Jones ot Oicgon. ha*
i becn „ominated to'' he chief iu««iceof the
1 territory of Washington : Frank A. Lynn
I to be associate justice of the supreme court
! () f the territory of Washington ; James II.
Wright, of Missouri, to be chief justice of
t} 1(? supreme court of the territory of Art

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