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Anaconda News
Tom Wiles Was the Victim of
This Event.
Was on His Way Home When He Was
Confronted By a Man With a Big
Revolver in His Hand.
Tom Miles, a resident of Kerry patch,
the second village north of Anaconda on
the banks of Warm Springs Creek, re
ported to the police yesterday that he was
held up and robbed the night before at a
point near the railroad crossing of the
creek. He was relieved of a watch and a
small sum of money, every one in Ana
conda being short of money nowadays, j
Like the last two hold-ups in the B., A. &
P. railway yards which is in the same
vicinity the robber used his hands as well ,
v . . , , „„/lor
as a gun in order to get the
control before the real work of going
through the man's pockets was com
menced. The hold-up is claimed to ha\ e j
been committed in the evening about S
robber has not been caught.
All of the fraternal orders which meet
in A. O. U. W. hall on Main street over
Foskett's place have been notified to va
cate by February 1.
The hall has been
sold to Leopold Schmidt of Butte who has
purchased all the stock in the hall as
sociation which was owned principally by
the members of the A. O. U. W. and some
of the members of the other orders. Some
, . tt T*- u 11
12 or more lodges had the A. O. U. \\ . hall
for their meeting place, therefore the
change is causing a hustle for lodge quar
ters at other halls in the city. About the 1
blJk i'll, IfvÄn and ISnïart hail
T, T A a°,h H if" «" »? .
temple w?U be read^for"o^'cuome
time next summer The two Fast named !
places are being built for lodge purposes
and until they are completed the lodges
will have cramped quarters.
Manager H. F. Collins will present to
his patrons on January 19. at the Mar- j
garet Theater the latest New York
garer ineater, tne latest New Yollt
laughing craze, "Hogan's Alley," one of :
the funniest farce comedies ever pro- j
duced, and made famous by the New
York World, whose colored supplement
has created no end of talk. The manage
ment has secured such bright lights of
the comedy and operatic stage as Camp
bell and Caufield. Tiddlewinks, Johnnie
Dugan, Frank Rhodes, the Misses Anna
Driver, Ethel Cope, and May E. Cun
Special attention has been given to the
scenic production and all the latest music,
etc., will be seen with this company.
Miss Margaret O'Regan spent yesterday
in Butte.
Embroidery materials, No. 2. Shields. •
.. -, _
Kid McCauley was jailed last night
charged with vagrancy.
Con Hayes of Gregson Springs is shop
ping in the city today. .
Don't forget the Cycle Academy ball
Thursday, January 12, at Turner hall. •
Christmas is over, but the rush for
fresh candies at Pendleton's still con
tinues. *
Born—In Anaconda, to the wife of Mike
O'Neill, residing at 506 Washington street,
a daughter.
F. L. St. Jean, physician and surgeon.
Office, 212% E. Park avenue, over Stand
ard drug store. •
A. It. Clark has brought suit in the dis
trict court to recover $506.13 claimed due
from Henry Gilbert on a promissory note.
The petty larceny case against Henry
Richards charged with stealing a watch,
was dismissed in Judge Boland's court for
want of evidence sufficient to convict.
„ , .„ t r. , ,
Deputy Shei iff John Robinson will look
aftei the interests of the sheriff s office in
and aiound Deer Lodge where he will be
———--— --- —
' '
4 '
t fRl™ a , , *
1 lie r Ollcwmg Assortment 4 '
to FoUIld nt ^
0 De Brie
° Imp. Swiss
\ \ Dom. Swiss
1 > Primost
* ' Hardcase
! New York
J! 308 E.ParkAve.
Mont D'Or ♦
Camempert! [
Full Cream
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦ l
stationed most of the time—except during
court terms in Anaconda.
IT. Strain of Great Falls, one of the par
ties who purchased the dry goods store
of Greger & Co., is in the city.
J. S. Sullivan was arrested yesterday
for disturbing the peace around the Cop
per City Commercial company store.
Marriage licenses were issued today to
Albert Meihofen and Christene McLinn;
Mansfield Curd and Eva Estella Black,
all of Anaconda.
James Thompson lias purchased a half
interest in the barber shop of A. Sloan
on East Park avenue ami will take pos
session with his partner in a few days.
In the district court yesterday James
E. Edwards was arraigned and pleaded
not guilty to an information charging
him with embezzlement. The case was
set for trial January 23. Attorney W. H.
Trippett is his counsel.
Mrs. J. W. Walters of Deer Lodge and
E. W. Tracy manager of the Mitchell &
Mussigbrod ranch and stock interests in
the Big Hole basin were married at the
latter's home Wednesday evening, Jan. 4,
Rev. E. G. Prout officiating.
As an Inter Mountain reporter was
coming up Park avenue last evening at
9 o'clock he noticed a man grab a pair of
Alaska overshoes from in front of a cloth
ing store and walk away. The proprietor
was notified but when he came out the
man had made away around the corner.
The average cost to the county for
jurors' and witnesses' fees, as prepared
by Clerk of the District Court Corcoran, j
a s follows: Average per diem for
jurors, $1,250: average mileage for jurors,
$231 90; average pcl . diem for witnesses,
$456.75; average mileage for witnesses, I
$409.80. j
Pat Gormley of Carroll, who conducts j
a large boarding house down there, j
caused the arrest of a man named Ryan j
'ate yesterday afternoon on a charge of j
burglary. Ryan is accused of taking an
overcoat, the property of sonic one else, 1
f rom Gormley's house. Ryan will have
a hearing today. j
sheriff Conley and his deputies are
busy- serving subpoenaes on the trial !
cused of murdering a comrade at Deer
Lodge November 6. 1
. , . , , ...
t\ord was received m Anaconda this
th . a .L?£ ;
La Marsh creek in the Big Hole country,
. , . . . . , . -, y-».- t _
: last night. Dr..Oliver Le.ser was
! have none out this morning to render
have gone out this
medical aid but word came in this morn
ing that she was dead. The time or place
of the funeral is unknown. La Marsh
creek is nearly forty miles from Ana
conda. I
Two little girls, both less than 5 years
of age, the daughters of Austrian parents, I
-wandered away from home in the eastern
addition yesterday afternoon, causing !
great anxiety- on the part of the parents, j
T ' le Police were notified and they joined
* n t ' le search. About 5 o'clock a man who j
rg. a 2^"J b .L'SÎ "2 "IS JS
c ^ ildren are Mr ' and Mrs ' ° ruse - ° ne of I
, a I
pastor of St. Xaviers Catholic church at
that place, was at the point of death with
serious heart trouble. The attending phy
slcians are still hopeful for his recovery,
Th «y also decla I, e that he may pass off at
any moment ' Father Higgins who came
!to Montana two years ago. from the
south is one of the brightest priests in the
state and his many friends in Butte and
Neither of them realized they were lost, j
Word was received at the Inter Moun- ;
tain office this morning from Missoula :
that Rev. M. A. Higgins, S. J„ assistant
nnstnr of st Nnvlers mthoiin church at
low condition.
Anaconda will be pained to hear of his j
Last evening an elderly lady, residing
on West Park avenue, whose name is un
known, came near being held up on Park
avenue just off Main street, near the rear
of the Shields block. The lady was on
her way home after shopping down town.
She carried her purse in her hand. At
the point mentioned she met a dissipated
morphine-eating fiend, who demanded
her pocketbook. He said he wan ted
money and was going to have it, for he
was desperate, but he made no attempt
walkeTmpicUy towar^Main st?ee*t The
I man ran in the alley to the rear of the
■ ,,, . , . . . .
1 Shields block. Arriving at Main street,
Officer Stebbins was found, to whom the
lady made known what had happened.
The officer was given the man's descrip
tion, which tallied with Kid McCauley,
who was arrested and locked u-p. This
morning the lady did not appear against
him for the reason he had only made
threats. McCauley, who is a morphine
fiend, was booked for vagrancy and sen
tenced to 30 days in jail.
A Chicago man who has just returned
from a trip abroad that combined several
months of professional study with a num
IIIWIllllU V*. I ' * .7M1VI1U1 rnuuj n HU Cv 11U 111
ber of weeks of sight-seeing, tells a funny
story of a German medical student who
was inordinately proud of his knowledge!
! 0 f the English language. It occurred dur
| ir *S a recitation hour in a well known
j college in Berlin, and the lesson had just;
! fl een interrupted by the arrival of several
prominent Germans accompanying a dis
tinguished American traveler. The pro
j fessor in charge of the recitation saw his
■ opportunity to please the noted visitor!
; and immediately proposed to his linguis
I tic pupil to translate a verse of the Ger
j man Bible into English. The guest ex
1 pressed his anticipatory pleasure, the
! Bible was opened, a verse chosen at ran
! dom and the proud student stood up and
j assumed an important air.
The lines selected were from the story
I of the apostles' sheep in the Garden of
j Gethsemane. "The spirit indeed is will
j ing, but the flesh is weak," which the
I iug, but the flesh is weak," which
j medical student treated in the free t
^sv manner nf "Tho Fhnct irwTpßH
easy manner of "The ghost indeed
ready, but the meat is poor."
A remarkable banquet took place in
Yarmouth, England, the otiier day, pre
sided over by the mayor. The only arti
cle in the menu was sprats served in va
rious styles. The feast was intended to
inaugurate an annual Yarmouth sprat
banquet, which, it is hoped, may attain
to the fame and popularity of the Col
chester oyster feast.
Betrayed—"Yes, we went away and left
the gas burning; stayed two weeks."
"\yas your bill any higher?"
"Yes. The fool night watchman told
the gas company about it."—Indianapo
lia Jour«»».
Calls Him a Malicious and
Wilful Liar
Says the Commanding General Should
Be Drummed Out of the
Army in Disgrace
Washington, Jan. 12.—Commissary
General Egan, in the course of his testi
mony before the war investigation com
mittee this afternoon, called Major Gen
Miles, commanding the army, a
liar who had lied in his throat, Vied in his
heart, Med in every part of his body; who
- - ' . . .
perpetrated gross scandal and who
should be drummed out of the service and
imprisoned and should be avoided by
every honest man and barred from every
club." He characterized his interviews as
'•filth." Egan's testimony on this point
"Milos was asked by your commission
how tinned fresh beef may be part of
army rations. His answer is: 'You had
better ask the secretary of war or the
commissary general. I think they can
tell you. I know it was sent to t;he army
as food and it was sent as an experiment.'
to mean coiruption, because it was "a
pretense of experiment." He says, not
even giving credit to me for furnishing it
as an experim€nt) but that I furnished it
unaer 'pretense of an experiment.' This
is a serious charge and should not be
*-*> oci luuo t imi kc cluu oiiuu
ma d e by any man lightly-not without
statement in the sense it was probably
intended, the sense that will be accepted
by the country at large, the sense that al
ready the prtiss almost wholly in the
United States has accepted it, indeed
some of the press because of it called for
my dismissal from the army and my
court martial—I answer it was not fur
nished under pretense of experiment nor
even as an experiment, and when Miles
charges it was furnished as a "pretense
of an experiment," he lies in his throat, he
lies in his heart, lies in every hair of his
,*" a p ?7 - h i'
Slioiifualy'"' * y ' " a
"If his statement is true that this was
f " rni \ hed ,. unde U'P r ^ en _!L of J ex . p f rl ™ e ?,h'
then I should be drummed out of the
army and incarcerated in prison with
other libeiers. His statement is a scan
dalous 'L bel - reflecting upon the honor of
every officer in the department who has
contracted for or purchased this meat,
and especially- and particularly on the
commissary general—myself. In de
nouncing Miles as a liar, when he makes
this statement, I wish to make it as em
phatic and as coarse as the statement
itself. I wish to force the lie back into
his throat, covered with the contents of
a camp latrine. I wish to brand it as a
falsehood of the whole cloth, without a
particle of truth to sustain it, and un
less he can prove his statement he should
be driven out of clubs, barred from the
society of decent people and so ostracised
that the bootblack would not condescend
to speak to him, for he has fouled his
own nest, he has aspersed the honor of a
brother officer without a particle of evi
dence or fact to sustain in any degree
a scandalous, libelous, malicious falsc
hood, viz., that this beef or any-thing
whatever was furnished under 'pretense
of experiment.' "
Mutilated the nooks,
Pit tsburg, Jan. 12,-The committee in
V estigating the books of the United Mine
Workers was ,? ot ready to report this
morning., and the convention took a re
cess until afternoon. Prior to resumption
of th , sesslon it was discovered unknown
persons had entered the committee room
at the St. Charles hotel and torn eighteen
pages from the records being investigated
and otherwise mutilated the book.
Receiver Asked For.
Chicago. Jan. 12.—Ten stockholders of
the Klondike, Yukon and Copper River
company, of which Frank Buffington
Vrooman is president, have tiled a bill
in the circuit court asking for a receiver
and an injunction restraining the com
pany from disposing of any of its assets,
an accounting, and the dissolution of the
company. A receiver is sought on the
. . .1 .
ground that the company is insolvent
and m order that a pro rata dividend of
® ucb assets as remain should be made,
11 ls , c ' ha rged that President Vrooman
had disposed of money paid into the cor
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦♦♦ » ♦ ♦< » ♦♦♦ ♦ »♦ ♦♦ ♦♦♦♦ »
Young or Old
Suffering from Drains. Losses, Weak
Back. Varicocele, etc., I say to you,
as man to man. as physician to pa
not use nature's own simple remedy,
W^th my Electric Belt and Support
ing Suspensory? I cured 5,000 last
year. Rook "Three Classes of Men,"
explaining all, sent sealed, free, upon
request; or, if you live near by, drop
in and consult me, free of charge.
Dr. MeLaughlin
Office Hours—9 a. m., to 6 p. di.; 7 p.
m. to S p. m. Sunday—10 a. m., to 1 p.
1 10 North Main Street, Butte
Dr. Sanden's Electrical Belt is never sold in drug stores not by travel
ing agents; only at our office
poration for stock, amounting to over
$40,000. which the bill says "has been
squandered, used and misused by Vroo
man." Henry M. Wallace, one of the
stockholders, is the prime mover in the
suit. President Vrooman, who is a son
m-law of General John C. Black, ex
Uni.ted States district attorney, was for
merly pastor of the Kenwood Presby
terian church of this city. He came to
this city from Boston. The company
claims to have fields in Alaska and the
Nqrthwest Territory worth many mil
lions of dollars, and the president de
clares that a conspiracy exists among a
number of the minor stockholders to ob
tain a hold on some of this valuable
Don't Want the 1'iiglllstg,
New York, Jan. 12.—The Asbury Park,
N. J., boapd of trade hsis denounced pug
ilism. Rev. E. S. Widdemer, an Episco
pal clergyman, said:
"One thing which has done more than
anything else to blast the prospects of
Asbury Park during the past year is the
training of prize fighters here. They have
been told they that cannot go to Alien
hurst yet these same men come to Asbury
Park and are caressed in a certain sense
by some of the city officials. The influ
ence against Asbury Park by the pres
ence of such men during the last year
has been great and will take years to
overcome. I recognize the fact that we
cannot keep them away if they desire to
come but it is unnecessary for them to
get official recognition."
A resolution was then offered that the
board discontenance the training of prize
fighters in Asbury Park and the motion
was adopted unanimously. James J.
Corbett was the first pugilist to train at
Asbury Park. Fitz was the star attrac
tion last summer and Kid McCoy trained
there for the Sharkey fight.
An Alnikan Railway.
Chicago, Jan. 11.—A scheme to estab
lish an extensive railway system in the
Klondike region is revealed in a bill or
injunction filed in the United States cir
cuit court by the Anglo-Alaskan Syndi
cate, limited, against Paul, Herman and
August Heinze and Bernard J. Frank.
The court is asked to restrain the defend
ants from disposing of certain plans, field
notes and profiles of the Alaskan country.
The bill of complaint filed in the federal
court sets forth that the complainant or
ganized an expedition last spring for the
purpose of locating a line for a railway in
Alaska to extend from North Sound to
—... t,. -------- ----- - -------------
the mouth of Kaikuk river, a distance of
afoul 165 miles. Jmto Oro.scup eran.ed
a temporary injunction restraining the
defendants from disposing of the papers,
and the hearing of the case was set for
next Monday.
Out of Receiver's Hands.
Denver. Jan. 12.—At midnight last night j
the Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf and |
<4outh Park Lines Da*sed' out of receivers 1
u u j lalK Jjines pa 7 or recen ers ,
hands and became the Colorado road, j
being officially designated the Colorado & j
Southern railway. The company will |
operate 1,537 miles of road in Colorado,
Wyoming, New Mexico and Texas.
Capitalist Dead.
Detroit, Jan. 12.—Hiram Walker, capi
talist, founder of W r alkerville, Ont., and
head of the great Canadian distillery
which bears his name, died today of par
alysis, aged 82.
Old prints show out in new and popu
lar guise this season, and have developed
a value apart from their soft tones and
Old-time Paris and London journals
with frontispieces and fashion plates
Worth having are bought up eagerly
by the importers' agents, especially
those Issues that were curren as long ago
as 1803 and thereabouts.
The prints are cut out and let in on !
silk and satin surfaces to be used for 1
decorative fancy work, or else are 1
framed in burnt wood or stucco work !
groups of three or five for walls and cab- j
met adornment. I
Screens are made of them, each panel !
composed of illustrations of a certain !
era, and one or two old prints are eer- I
tain to be a main feature of thelatest ;
type of lamp shade.
Amateur workers who have left fin- !
gers and the wit and exactness to carry
out their own designs make use of the
prints in such novel ways as occur to
their imagination, but the majority get
together the requisite number of prints
and carry them to some shade or
screenmaker, who can introduce them
in the right positioin and set them off
with appropriate surroundings.
So that, if you have old prints or
pictures of any variety, don't allow them
to grow moldy as rubbish In the attic.
Have thtim outthis season, carrry them
to a dealer and ascertain just what they
are worth to him.
You will probably, if you care to do
so, be able to sell them at a good price.
"Don't nebber complain dot somebody
hab made a fool o' you." said Uncle Eben.
"Mebbe all he done was to expose yoh
true character."—Washington Star.
A good remedy, and there is not anything
on the market that equals French Tansy
Tablets for the relief and cure of painful
and Irregular menses. These tablets re
move all obstructions, no matter what
the cause. Manufactured by A. Augen
dre. Paris, France, and for sate only by
the Newbro Drug Co., Butte. Mont., sols
agents. Price, $2 per box; sent by mall,
securely sealed.
Notice ls hereby given, that in pursu
ice of an order of the district court
mlnistratrix of the estate of the said
Henry Gassert, will sell at private sale,
to the highest bidder, for cash, and sub
Ject to confirmation by said district
court, on Saturday, the 28th day of Jan
uary, 1899, at 10 o'clock a. m„ at the law
office of J. S. Shropshire, at Butte, in the
County of Silver Bow, all the right, title,
interest and estate of the said Harry
Gassert at the time of his death, and all ;
the right, title and interest that the said !
estate has, by operation of law or other- !
wise, acquired other than or in addition :
to that of the said.Harrv «assert at the
Imp ot h L 5!„r. " 7. , u *
tiFF 1 f t h I d th ' ,n and t0 a that cer " l
tain lot, piece or parcel or land situate. !
lying and being in the said County of j
Silver Bow, State of Montana, and
bounded and described as follows, to
wit: !
An undivided one-fourth (Vs) interest '
in and tn a , !
Block «qF 1 } K} •^ ) ' r i
p Jj'. en ' 3 '~h ,ne (_9). of the City of ]
mitte, silver Row County, Montana, j
said property being what is familiarly j
known as the Clarendon Hotel property. !
Terms and conditions of sale: Cash,
which is to be paid to the administratrix
on confirmation of sale by said district
court, and the delivery to the purchaser
of a deed which conveys a good title to
said purchaser.
Administratrix of Estate of Harry Gas
sert, deceased.
Dated January 10. 1S99.
IN THE DISTRICT mcRm no* n, U v
Second Jildicial District of Th« «m, ^
Montana within n ^ S .' e
SiWer Bow-ss- County of j
In the matter of the eotote „r p e, '
Gaylord, de'cëasecl ^ ° f ° raCe ^
On ret..tire ana on™- *1__„„»..I „ . 1
drew T nfvts thi 5.,mmt P f tl V° n °£ A I"
drew J. Davis, the administrator of the j
fngior aif oFder of Z TTurf aî. aSe - ' "'s?'' !
n B seU thirteen fl/teer .he f »'lowing him |
, f een , 04 °ue hundred
quest of the heirs , who are entitled to the
It is ordered that all persons interested
in said estate appear before the under
signed, the judge of the district court of
the Second Judicial district of the state
of Montana, within and for the county of
j Rilver Bow, at the court room of said court,
| Department 1, in said county and state, on
1 tlle 21st day of Januar y- 18S9 ' at 2 o'clock
, p m thcn and there to show cause why
j guch order should not bo made
j And it is further ordered that a copy of
| this order be published in the Daily Inter
city of Butte, county of Silver Bow, state
of Montana, and also be posted in three
least ten days previous to said 21st day of
January, 1899.
Dated this 6th day of January, 1S99.
public places in said city and county at
■ - —
.__. _____ , .
To Benjamin Armstrong, your heirs or )
assigns: You are hereby notified that we ;
have expended during the year 1898 one !
hundred dollars ($100.00) in labor and im- I
provements upon each of the following
quartz lode mining claims, situated in the
Divide Creek Mining district. Silver Bow
county, Montana, a more particular de- !
scription of which is found in the location '
notices of the said lode claims as recorded. I
The Silver King, recorded in Book F, page
206; the Sage Hen, recorded in Book F. page !
207; the Tacoma, recorded in Book J, page ,
! page 89? in the office of the county recorder '
1 of Silver Bow county, Montana; that the !
1 said labor was performed and the said Im
! provements were made for the purpose of
j i/nUed'sTateffTncTTh^FmeTdTFTn 0 ^ thereto
I concerning annual labor on mining claims
! for the year 1898, when said labor and im
! provements were made. If within ninety
I day* afte J K h ® J aa i f pabI î Ba p °" (r ?£ l f hls no ' I
; d ;if no y . 0 u 0 ^T^ -
twewl dollars and fifty cents ($112.50) or
! sa ij expenditures, as a co-owner, your in- I
terest in the said claims will become the
'property of the undersigned, your co
owners, who have made the above de
scribed expenditures according to the re
quirements of the said section.
Second Judicial District of the State of
Montana, County of Silver Bow.
In the matter of the estate of A. C.
White deceased. Notice of publication of
time, appointed for proving will, etc.
Pursuant to an order of said district
court, made on the 7th day of January
1899, notice is hereby given that Saturday,
the 4th day of February, 1899, at 2 o'clock
p. in., of said day, at the Court Room of
said Court, at the City of Hutte in the
said County of Silver Row, has been ap
pointed as the time and place for proving
the will of said A. C. White, deceased and
for hearing the application of Frank
R r i t ton" V n r' t h ê"î s s nance" t o "h I m" n f w?"* 1
Britton rot tne issuance to him of letters
testamentary, with will annexed, when
and where any person interested may ap- j
pear and contest the same. [
Dated January 7th, 1899. !
rr TVTnv n r>r «dit
Clerk, j
Deputy Clerk.
American National Bank of Helena,
plaintiff, vs. Eli D. Bannister et al., de
To be sold at sheriff's sale, on the 26th
day of January, A. D. 1S99, at 2 o'clock p.
m., at the front door of the court house in
the city of Butte, county of Silver Bow,
state of Montana, the following described
real property, to-wit:
; That certain mining claim or premises
known as the "Valley Lode Mining Claim,"
; designated by the surveyor general as lot
, number 216, embracing a nortion of Sec
I tlon 24, in township three, north of range
eight, west of the principal meridian in the
! Summit Valley Mining district, in the
! county of Silver Bow, state of Montana,
and more particularly described as fol
j Beginning at Corner No. 1, a granite
[ stone, 20x12x3 inches, marked 2 M. C.
! 171, 1-214 and 1-216, with mound of earth,
being also Corner No. 2 of Lot No. 171, the
i Tecumseh Lode claim and Corner No. 1
of Lot No. 214, the Despatch Lode claim,
from which Corner No. 6 of Lot No. 93 the
, Star West* Lode claim bears north 68 deg.
53 min. west seven feet distant; thence first
' course magnetic variation 20 deg. east,
south 1 d^g. 45 min. west 608 feet to Corner
' No. 2-i thence second course, magnetic va- 1
rfatlon 20 deg. 30 min. east, south 74 deg.
57 min. east 185 feet, to a point from which
discovery shaft bears north 15 deg. 03 min.
east 300 feet distant; three hundred and
'''y * eet intersect the north side line of
Lot No. 174, the Pike's Peak Lode claim,
at north 84 deg. 15 min, west, 601 feet, from
Corner No. 2 of said claim, 971 feet intersect
the east end line of the said Lot No. 174
at south 1 deg. 15 min. east 103 feet from
Corner No. 2 of said claim 1,412 feet to Cor
ner No. 3; thence third course, magnetic
variation 20 deg. 30 min. east, north 12 deg.
;LT' n ' , east 299 feet to 'he Corner No. 4;
(hence fourth course, magnetic variation,
cast - north 1 de e. 45 nin., east
xîl '" ter «ect the south side line of Lot
I7 °' nJ' 8 R ' lon b a r Lode claim at south
' . 30 H* n - eflst 413 feet from Corner
; U.. 8ald t,la L m 21 \ C eet> Intersect the
earlh alongside from which the north
! Quarter corner of Section 24, in Township
three, north of Range eight, west of tha
P n ,„ pal . mB, l dlan ' bpars north 5 de K- 6
course 2 m tan îi t 1 henc ^ flf , th
easj north^B Ä -
intersect the weft enS ffiu of said Lot!
No. 175, and the east end line of said Lot.
No. 171, at north 8 deg. 53 min., east 119
l ee4 I. rorn Corners Nos. 1 of said claims 447
in terseet the west boundary line of
5 a ' d V" 4 ' N °- 103 13 . at north 40 min. west 149
î-p®! to ^rn^'v" ?' 0 ;, 4 °, f said claim 1,467
' , GInpr No. ,, the place of beginning.
'-Expressly excepting and excluding all that
por , tion of ,ho ground hereinbefore de
scribed, embraced in said mining claims on
Lots Nos. 103 B, 171, 174 and 175, and also
a " that portion of said Valley vein or lode
alld of a " veins, lodes and ledges through
out their entire depth, the tops or apexes
2,m h l ch . of such exeiuded ground,
8akl Lot N o. 216 extending 1,467 feet in
length along said Valley vein or lode, eon
taming 16 80-100 acres of land, more or less,
Sheriff Sliver Bow County, Montana,
B £. JA ®- M. REYNOLDS, Deputy Sheriff.
Dated January 5, A. D. 1S99.
Gans & Klein, plaintiffs, vs. Charles S.
Warren, defendant.
To be sold at sheriff's sale, on the 26th
day of January, A. D. 1899. at 2 o'clock p.
m., at the front door of the court house,
in the city of Butte, county of Silver Bow,
state of Montana, the following described
real property, to-wit:
An undivided interest in and to the Black
|Plat ' er Minln g c ' a| m. lot number one hun
dred and ten (110), in Silver Bow county.
Montana. Also all interest In any and all
lots In blocks numbered 54 and 57, of the
8,1 , ver 8tat |
of Montana, belonging to the above named
defendant, Charles S. Warren,
Sheriff Silver Bow County Sa.
By JAS. M. REYNOLDS, Deputy Sheriff.
Dated January 5, A. D. 1899.
No. 7646.
In the District Court of the Second Judi
cial District of the State of Montana,
in and for the County of silver Bow.
William Owsley and Chartes Schatz
lein Plaintiffs, vs. Montana Smelting
& Mining Company, a corporation: E. L.
Larsen, I, M. Jacobs, A. S. Binnard,
Abraham Binnard and Sewel Davis, de
You are hereby summoned to answer
-' be com P' a ' n ' * n tfll 9 action, which Is
filed in the office of the clerk of thi»
court, a copy of which is herewith served
upon you, and to file your answer and
serve a copy thereof upon the plaintiff's
attorney within twenty days after the
service of this summons, exclusive of the
day of service; and in case of your fail
ure to appear or answer. Judgment will
v. p taken against vou bv default fnr tli*
F\ f ° r U "
re l!? f demanded in the complaint,
The said action is brought to obtain &
Judgment and decree of this court upon
a certain promissory note for the sum of
$7,000.00. alleged to nave been made, exe
cuted and delivered by th& defendant,'
the Montana Smelting & Mining corn
pany, a corporation organized and exlst
j n <r und^r and by virtue of the laws of
the Bt ate of Montana, to the plaintiffs on
October 19, 1S97, and bearing interest at
the rate of one per cent per month from
date un ' 11 paid ,' ard which now remains
due > owing and unpaid, and Is held ana
owned by the plaintiffs: that a certain
Hen of mortgage, as evidenced by con
tracts in wilting executed October 19,
1897, and alleged in the complaint to have
been given as security for the payment
of the said promissory note, be foreclosed
upon the property set forth in said con
tracts, to-wit: Upon 24,086 % shares of
the capital stock of the said Montana
Smelting & Mining company and upon
certaip mining leases upon the Longfel
,ow > Cooper, Buckeye, Dighthouse ana
Calcite lode claims In Madison county,
Montana, and that the same be sold;
that the plaintiffs have judgment against
the said Montana Smelting & Mining
company for the amount of said note;
that the Interests of the defendants, E.
L. Larsen, I. M. Jacobs, A. S. Binnard,
Abraham Binnard and Sewell Davis, be
decreed to be subsequent and subject to the
" en lbe upon said property.
and for an attorney's fee of $500.00, to be
taxed as part of the costs of said action;
and for such other relief as may be
Witness my hand and the seal of said
court this 30th day of November, A. D.
By T. E. BOOTH. Deputy Clerk.
William E. Carroll, Attorney for Plain
Estate of John P. Byrne, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the unrler
signed, administrator of the estate of John
P Byrne, deceased, to the creditors of and
all persons having claims against the said
deceased, to exhibit them, with the neces
sary vouchers, within four months after tha
first publication of this notice to the said
administrator at 6, Mantle block, ths
S ame being the place for the transaction
of the business of said estate, in the county
of Silver Bow, state of Montana.
Administrator of the Estate of John P.
Byrne, deceased.
Dated at mitte City, this 30th day of De
cember, 1898.
■•tor* and Aftar
Will quickly eure you of all norroua
diseases, such as lost manhood, pain«
in the back, seminal emissions, ner
tous debility, unfitness to marry, ex
hausting drains, tmpotency and all
Its horrors. A writtsn guarantee and|
money refunded If six boxes doss ao^
sftect a permanent cure. $1 per bo^
•lx for $S. by mall securely sealed^
Manufactured by A. Aucondro. Pari*
Address all mail ta D. M. Newbia
PnisOm.Md44Mto.Butt« CUT, MM

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