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Plans are Made For a Big Cele
bration of the Day
For the Coming; Term of School
Professor McKay of Butte Will
Be the New Superintendent.
Hamilton. June 4.—'•Hurrah for Hamil
ton: is the general sentiment expressed
o' et the action taken at the citizens' meet
ing last Friday night favoring a celebration
by this city of the glorious Fourth. Pre
parations will begin forthwith for getting
out the starry emblem, urging the eagle
to scream his loudest, decking the city in
bunting, rounding up some one to spout on
"Freedom's Glorious Birthright," tuning
up the big bass drum, procuring fireworks,
lemonade, etc., etc.—in tine, everything that
will go to make up a booming Fourth of
July celebration and make 1,500 people and
their neighbors happy.
ihe school ma'ams arc at length off llie
anxious seat. The board of education at
its meeting Friday niglu elected the fed
1< wing teachers for the coming year: J.
G. McKay of the Butte schools, superin
tendent; .Miss K. l\ Howard, principal of
ihe Washington school. The rest of the
teachers are: Anna Bond, Grace Stone,
Anna O'Hara, Adeline White, Minnie
Walsh and Miss Adams. Miss Stone and
Miss While are new accessions to tite
corps. Botli come from Wisconsin. Miss
Stone being it graduate of the Normal
school of Oshkosh, and Miss While a grad
uate of the state university. Some of the
school patrons are protesting against send
ing out of the state for teachers, but this
question like all others, has its pros and
Quite an interesting event in Hamilton
society occurred yesterday afternoon, when
Aliss Cora Grant, daughter of Hon. H. H.
Grant, owner of Ihe Hamilton (lour mills,
was married to Arthur'Baker of this city,
The wedding took place at the elegant
home of the bride's parents, in the pres
erne of the immediate relatives, and Rev.
J E. Martin of the M. E. church tied the
knot. The bride Is a very attractive and
1 ». pular young lady, and the groom, who
is connected with the flouring mills, is nlso
well and favorably known.
Miss Flora Lewis, the popular teacher of
the primary department in the Stevensville
si bools, has tendered lier resignation and
will not be connected with tiie school an
oilier year. Aliss Lewis, was tendered a
very pleasant reception at the home of
Airs. o. H. Buck before leaving Stevens
ville for her home in Missoula.
Hamilton has a new law firm. Hon. C. M.
Ciutohfield Marcus Daly's well known at
torney. lias formed a partnership with \Y.
C. Draff en, a relative of Senator Myers,
wiio came here recently from Missouri..
The new firm will be a strong one.
Rev. AI. E. Bailey, pastor of the Baptist
church, will be at homo to the members
of his congregation tomorrow evening. A
literary and musical programme has been
prepared for the occasion, and a good so- !
cial time is expected.
J. H. Duffy, the county attorney of Deer
I.edge county, is in the city for a few
days. Mr. Duffy is conducting a case in
the district, court in the interest of Mr.
Airs. E. P. Woods, wife of TIon. E. P.
Woods, is in Missoula, ill in the Sisters'
hospital. Airs. Woods' continued ill health
is a source of great anxiety to her many •
The Ravalli Abstract company is doing !
a big business in real estate. Tts latest 1
deal is the purchase of 120 acres belonging j
to James Rlntal, west of the city. |
An Information was filed Saturday
against George Wilson, charging him with
entering the home of Airs. Martin of Cor
vallis with burglarious intent.
John Kennnn, who has lived in Hamilton
and vicinity for some time, left Saturday
morning for Red Bodge. Mont., where he
will reside in the future.
The residence of J. S. Dougherty in Cor
vallis is being put in order for bis family,
who will si»»' come, from Anaconda to
spend the summer.
A meeting of the county commissioners
will be held, in Hamilton today. There are
several matters of publie interest to come
before the board.
W. H. Copp of Stevensville lias adver
tised his property for sale, and will leave
soon witli his family for California.
Miss Anna Bond of the Hamilton schools
lias returned to her home in Victor, where
she will spend the vacation.
Charles Sawyer of Corvallis is a) tlie
hospital in Missoula undergoing treat
Washington Star: One bright after
non about ten days ago a very tired-look
ing. shabbily dressed woman, anywhere
from twenty to forty years old. boarded
a Fourteenth street open car. bound
downtown, up near the Boundary. The
young, not particularly clean-looking
baby which she tried to bamboozle into ]
good-humor w as a squawker from away j
back, and the weary appearing mother
seemed to he simply wasting her time and
her breath in her efforts to appease tlie
howling rage Of 'the young one. The
baby was in a state above and beyond i
anything like simple crying: it simply
roared and shrieked. Its lung power was
a strange thing to reflect upon. Its yowls
rose above the creaking and grumbling
of the two oars Uke the top note of a
robusto soprano in a Wagner chorus.
The baby didn't want to be dandled. It
didn't intend "to be goo-gooed. It resented
all such flim-flaniming methods. It want
ed to yell, and it yelled. The mother
finally tried spanking, and that was no
good, either.
"Wound up for twenty-four hours."
« .......... „ ____ ____
growled a nervous-looking man. probably !
a, bachelor, sitting a few seats behind,
and he touched the button and stepped
off to wait for the next car.
"Deary me! It's a wonder mothers
wouldn't keep that kind of children at
home!" said an exceedingly tliin-faced
woman with poppies in her bonnet. She
looked very indignant over the baby's
"Ought t' git dat kid a megaphone!"
remarked the tinsmith on the rear plat
form. darting savage glances at the
tired-looking woman and the tireless
"Oh, I wouldn't do a thing to that one
if 1 owned it and a slap-stick at the same
time!" said the dapper-looking elderly
man with the white side whiskers, on the
front seat of the second car.
"Say. why didn't you tell us you was
runnin' orphan asylum cars on this line?"
said the plumber on the rear seat, ud
di easing the conductor. "D'ye t'ink we
git out nickel's wort' wit' a bunch like
that a-shootin' it into us de hull trip?"
"It's a wonder somebody doesn't tell
that woman that there's a pin sticking
into her baby somewhere," remarked the
beautiful young girl to her chum.
"The baby wants a drink of water—
that's what ails it." said her chum, wh
was fitly eighteen years old, and ought;
thereto«-» to have known all about such ;
"'An' de War Ain't Over Yit.'"
hummed the darky with the guitar who
had u whole seat to himself. I
Up to this time the short, very stout, I
huge-headed, straggly mustached man |
sitting directly behind the woman with]
the baby had simply regarded the whole ;
------ ........'
possessed of such superfluities as nerves, j
anyhow. Finally he leaned over until 1
lus n;*cid was right close to the deep, i
cavernous mouth exhibited by the howl- i
ing baby, and, chucking the infant under i
me iiuuy uau sunpiy regarded tne wnoie ;
performance with an amused smile. Thejst.
yelling of the baby didn't seem to worry j
him at all. He didn't look like a man !
its rapidly waving chin, he remarked in
a deep, bass voice:
"Wow-ow-wow!" replied the baby,
without paying any attention whatsoever
to the very stout man. The latter again
chucked the infant under the chin, sav
' ' Tu mpsey- w u m psey ! ' '
This time the baby ceased its howling
long enoug to get its eyes open, so that
it could see the very stout man.
"Woketsey-toketsey!" said the fat man,
continuing his chueking-under-the-chin
The baby looked him over and gradu
ally let up. When it arrived at the con
vulsive stage, where it looked doubtful
whether it was going to quit for good or
start in all over again, the big man
reached over and gently lifted the kid
from its mother's arms.
"I p-se-disey!" ho pattered, tossing the
stout hypnotist of the young one.
Thus, for about seven blocks
positively began to yell again as soon as
he, after touching the button, handed it
bgc-k to its mother.preparatory to getting
' You did .that, pretty well, Senator,"
satd a man who got off the car at the
same time Mr. Mason debarked.
"No better than I ought to," replied
Senator Alason, with an expansive smile
1 ve been in polities a long while, and
made a good many campaigns, and look
tice inf "* 6 ° f tho state I vc iuid to prae
in?reflec h Uvely n0iS m *" PaSSed on ' smiI
fliey may work things differently now "
said an old time railroad man. "but nine
01 . ton f ears »So train wrecking was a
U-i!| h |U a !' !l e al : ,OU ' S amusement in Mexico. I
.'I,. that Z' 101 Wrongly impressed on me
diiitng a leisurely trip I made down the
Mexican Central in the fall of '89. j was
'V Ul a °J* ap who wafi picking up native cu
aa,i , wo s,opped at a small town a
short distance north of Santa Rosalia to
__ -------- ^DOaUcl UJ
an lndlrtn Pottery works. To our sur
1 ' *
prise we found a company of soldiers
quartered at the place and all the inhab
lna Sta l e of excitement and
tenor. The oflicer in charge was a finie,
swarthy man with enormous black whis
kers and an eye as cold and beady as a
snake's. He told me in broken English that
He re had been an attempl at train wreek
in?- on that division and he had a squad of
men out looking for the perpetrators
About an hour later they came in with two
wretched natives, ragged, filthy, abject and
half crazy with fear. The Captain took
them into a 'd-obe' house,which lie had ap
propriated, and l could hear his voice ris
ing and falling in savage interrogation. In
a few minutes qome soldiers emerged with
one of the prisoners! rushed over to a mis
erable hovel across (lie way and dragged
out a couple of Mexicans who looked fully
us dirty and dilapidated as the original
captives. They were hustled into the pres
ence of the captain, and in a little while
everybody reappeared. The native who had
been taken out, and who as It developed,
had turned informer, was at liberty. The
other three were immediately marched at
a dog trot to the edge of the village, and
before I realized what was earning, they
had them lined un before a squad of sol
diers and sitôt. II was a horrible affair—*
so brutal, so headlong, so ruthless—words
cannot describe it. From all t could loam,
the evidence was extremely flimsy, and in
tlie heat of the moment T ventured to say
so to the captain. He astonished me by
promptly agreeing: 'Vair trus,' he said,
'but some examples ez necessary.' I must
confess that the plan seemed effective. I
was told several years later that the Santa
Rosalia section was subsequently the best
ordered on tlie line."—New Orleans Times
Finest crown bridge work. Dr. Wix. •
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Inter Atountain Publishing com
pany will be held at its office, 26 West
Granite street Butte. Mont., at 7:30 p. m.
June 20, 1899, for the election of trustees
for the ensuing year, and for the tran
saction of such other business as may
come before it. By reason of the absence
of the officers of said company, this meet
ing could not be called for Saturday,
May 20, 1899. the annual date for such
LEE MANTLE, Secretary.
Finest crown bridge work. Dr. Wix. •
Popular excursions to the East via the
beautiful scenic lines. Oregon Short Line
railway, perfect service, fast trains,
strictly first-class accomodations and at
! tentlon
Omaha. Council Bluffs. Sioux City,
Leavenworth. Atchison or Kansas
City ...............................$42.00
Chicago ............................. 53.50
St. Louis ............................ 49.50
Buffalo or Toronto .................. 64.40
'Montreal. Que., or Saratoga. N. Y.. 68.5Q:
Quebec, Que ...........
Ogdcnsburg, N Y..
Albany, N Y ......
Portland, Me......
Boston. Mass.......
Philadelphia. Pa...
New York City
......... 68.05)
......... 68.60 I
......... 72.50!
......... 71.0$
........ 70.ri#' 1
Tickets will be sold June 5th and 6th,
, ami ilth and 12th, good to return as lattf
i as September 4th. '1
! Make your sleeping car reservations
j now at No. 19 West Broadwav, Butte,
j Montana. H. O. WILSON,
I General Agent. '■
i —--t.a
In order to meet the increasing de
mand for the excursion rates to ull that
principal eastern cities, the Northerly
Pacific railway has decided to sell round?
; trip tickets on June 5 and 0 and 11 and 12
to the following points:
St. Paul, Minn......................$42 00
Minneapolis, Minn.................. 42 00
I Duluth, Minn...................... 42 00
I Chicago, 111......................... 53 50
| St. Louis, Mo. ........49 50
Omaha, Neb........................ 42 00
; Sioux City, Iowa ......... 42 00
_________, ... ........................ 40
j Toronto, Ont ................ 64 40
1 Montreal, Que." i".'".'!'.".!!!!"!!!! 68 65
i Quebec, Que ........................ 73 00
i O c 'denshure N V «8 gv»
i Saratoga, N. X.
; Sioux City, Iowa ................... 42
Joseph, Mo. ..!....!!"!!!!"!"! 42
j Kansas City, Mo................... 42
! Buffalo, N. Y ..............64
Portland, Me.
Albany, N. Y. ..
Philadelphia, Pa.
Boston, Alass.....
New York, N. Y.
68 65
72 50
68 60
70 00
71 00
70 00
Tickets sold at the above rates will be
good to return up to and including Sep
tember 4. Purchase your ticket via the
Northern Pacifie and you will enjoy the
ride on the solid vestibuled trains. Stand
ard Pullman fust-class and tourist sleep
ing cars and dining car service on all
trains. Reserve your berth at once.
City ticket office corner of Park and
Main streets.
AND 12.
Boston, round trip ............
New York, round trip ........
Philadelphia, round trip ......
...... 70
Toronto, round trip ..........
...... 64
Buffalo .round trip ...........
Montreal, round trip ........
...... 68
St. Paul, round trip ..........
Duluth, round trip ...........
St. Louis, round trip .........
...... 49
Chicago, round trip ..........
Good returning until September 4, 1899.
E. DAWSON, Gen. Agt.,
41 North Main street.
$60.00. $60,00. i
In order to aceomomdate the teachers
and others who desire to spend their
vacation in California, the Northern Pà^
cific will sell on June 8 th only, round trip
tickets from Butte to San Francisco at
rate of $60.00; the final limit will be Sep
tember 5th. Do not overlook the fact
that these tickets are only sold June 8 th.
The Burlington Route will on June 11th
and 12th make the following low round
trip rates to the East:
Sioux City, Omaha, St. Joseph or
Kansas City ......................$42.00
St. Louis ............................ 49.50
Chicago ............................. 53.50
Toronto or Buffalo, N. Y ............ 64.40
Montreal, Albany or Saratoga, N. Y 68!65
Ogdensburg, N. Y ..................68.05
. ----- "* * ' ■ ..........................
I New York City or Philadelphia .... 70.00
Boston, Mass.......................71.00
Portland, Me........................ 72TJ)
Quebec .............................. 73 ^oo
Tickets -will be good returning until
September 4th. We offer you choice of
three routes: Via Billings: via St. Paul;
via Salt Lake City and Denver. Through
Pullman sleper Butte to St. Louis via
Billings, Omaha and St. Joseph. For
particulars and sleeping car reservations
35 East Broadway, Butte, Mont.
35 East Broadway, Butte, Mont.
Will make the following rates, and tick
ets will be placed on sale Juno 11 and 12:
To Omaha, Kansas Clity, St. Joe,
Council Bluffs and Sioux City
and return ....................$43 ofl
To St. Louis and return ............ 49 GO
To Chicago and return ............. 53 59
To New York and Philadelphia and
and return ..................... 70 00
To Boston and return .............. 71 0*
To Ogdensburg and return ........ 68 65
To Portland, Me., and return .... 72 50
To Quebec and return .............. 73 90
To Albany, Saratoga and Montreal
and return ..................... 68 66
TO Toronto and Buffalo and re
„ i urn ........................... 64 4ft
Tickets good returning until Septemr
her 4. Parties going via the Union Pa
cific have option of route via Salt Lake
and Denver on going or return trip.
Solid vestibuled train, diner, compart
ment and library cars Ogden to Chicago
without change. For further particulars
apply to No. 50 North Main street.
B„ A. & P. RT.
One dollar to Gregson Springs and re
turn. Tickets good going on any train
leaving Butte between 4:45 p. m. Satur
day and 4:45 p. m. Sunday. Returning
leave Gregson between 7:40 p. m. Satur
day and 12 o'clock Sunday night.
Great Northern railway, commencing
May 13:
Boulder and return .................$1 90
Sold Saturday and Sunday; good until
Basin and return ..................00
Sold Sundays only; good returning
same day.
General Agent.
<1 Nsrfh Main street.
Notice Is hereby given tha f in pursu
ance of an order of the district court of 1
the second judicial district of the state j
of Montana, in and for the county of j
Silver Br.w, made on the 29tli day of 1
April. 1899. in the matter of the estate of
Mary E. Turner, deceased, the under- ]
signed, the administrator of said estate. 1
will sell at public auction, to the highest ;
bidder, for cash, subject to confirmation j
»aid court, on Thursday, the 22d day j
of June. A. D., 1899. at 2 o'clock p. m. at!
the front door of tile court house in Butte ;
Cily, in said county of Siiver Bow, all the :
right, title, interest and estate of the ]
said Mary E. Turner, at the time of her
death, and all the right, title and inter
est that the said estate has. by operation
of Jaw or otherwise, acquired other than
or j« addition to that of the said Mary E.
Turner, at the time of her death, in and
to all that certain lot. piece or parcel of
land situate, lying- and being in the said
county of Sliver Bow, state of Montana,
and particularly described as follows, to
An undivided one-fourth 04) interest
in and to the "La Monte" Lode Claim,
lot No. 230, Survey No. 98S in sections
eleven (11) and twelve (12) t. 3, ». r. 8 w.
Montana principal base and meridian.
Terms and conditions of sale: Cash,
ten per cent of the purchase money to be
paid to the administrator on the day of
sale; balance on confirmation of sale by
said court. Deed at expense of pur
chaser. FRANK H. COONEY.
Administrator of the Estate of Mary E.
Turner, Deceased.
Dated May 29. 1899.
State of Montana, County of Silver
Bow—ss :
We, tlie undersigned, do hereby certify
that we are partners, transacting busi
ness in this state at the city of Butte,
Silver Bow county, under the firm name
and style of the "Metropolitan Market
that the names in full of all the members
of such partners are: Owen Williams,
Herman Diestel and T. F. Geuting, and
that our places of residence are all at
Butte, Montana.
In witness whereof we have hereunto
set our hands this 22d of May, 1899.
State of Montana, County of Silver
On this 22d day of Alay, 1899, before
me, the undersigned, John N. Kirk, a
notary public in and for Silver Bow
county, Montana, personally appeared
Owen Williams, Herman Diestel and T.
F. Geuting. personally known to me to
be tlie persons whose names are sub
scribed to the foregoing instrument, and
acknowledged to me that they executed
tlie same.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and affixed my Notarial
Seal, at the city of Butte, county and
state aforesaid, on this 22d day of May,
Notary Public In and for Silver Bow
County, Montana.
(I, R. Stamps, 10 cents.)
A most successful remedy has been
found for sexual weakness such as lm
potency, varicocele, shrunken organs,
nervous debility, lost manhood, night
emissions, premature discharge and all
other results of self-abuse or excesses.
It cures any case of the difficulty, never
fails to restore the organs to full natural
strength and vigor. The doctor who
made this wonderful discovery wants to
let every man know about it. He will
therefore send the receipt giving the
various ingredients to be used so that all
men at a trilling expense can cure them
selves. He sends the receipt free, and all
the reader need do is to send his name
and address to L. W. Knapp, M. D., 1498
Hull Bldg., Detroit, Mich., requesting the
free receipts as reported in this paper.
It is a generous offer, and all men ought
to be glad to have such an opportunity.
KC-e.or^ V i I ALITT,
KC-e.or^ V i I ALITT,
Sures Impotency, Night Emissions and
wasting diseases, all effects of self
abuse, or excess and indis
cretion. A nerve tonic and
blood builder. Brings the
pink glow to pale cheeks and
restores the lire of youth.
I By mail ßOc pet «ox; O boxes
for $2.50; with a written guaran
tee to cure or refund the money.
Clinton A Jackson Sts., CHICAGO. ILL.
Vor aal* by Ntwbr- Drug Co., Butted
•r! flatl 0»]y Genul mr.
•AFC. i waysreiiahle.L«. fie» ask Druggist
for L'AfjA ester'» JSnyliak Diamond Hrand iuâ
tiueriials and "Kellcf frr
return Xiufl. 10,®0®Tef«.:m .ni«*)«, Aanwvr
JJm and After
'7m quickly cur* you et nil nervous
diseases, euob *a lost manhood, pains
la ths back, seminal emissions, ner
vous debility, unfitness to marry, n
haustlng draina Impotency and all
tts horrors. A written guarantee and
money refunded If six boxes does a*!
«■set a permanent cure. 11 per tet
gl« for 85, by mail securely sen l sC
Manufactured by A Augendre, Parte,
Address all mall f» D. M. Newtek
227 S. Main St.
i„ T £*.? n,y pure roct ail * herb treatment
in Butte.
Specialist in Chronic Disease of long
standing. Permanent cures made in all
Private Disease. The Diseases of Wo
men have been made a stucy of for
years, and are successfully treated.
Honorary graduate of the Ontario Vet
*l! nary College, Toronto, Canada. Treats
all diseases of domesticated animals ac
cording ti scientific principles. Office at
Marlow's Stables, 104 S. Main street
Telephone 293. All cases promptly at
tende,! in
Dealer to
Konnments. Tablet»
Copings* file.
In ltalb « and Americas
Marble, Besteh and
American Ornait*,
Wire and Iron Halle
204 8. Montana Street
Railway Time Tables
fifAa -OF
V-Aflfc»/ TRAINS.
No. 11?, To Garrison, via
Anaconda connecting at
Garrison with No. -1 to
Helena anil St. Paul......
No. Twin Citv Mail the
9:30 a. m
through i rain to -St. Paul
No. 114, From Garrison,
connections with No, 3
from Helena and all east
V:10p m.
9:21) p. m
e> n points...............
INED to Whitehall ex
M ce jit Sunday; Twin
Bridges Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday: Pony
and Norris Monday and
8:45 p.m.
7:0(1 p. m
8:00 a. m
No. 113, To Garrison via
Anuconda, connecting
with No 3 at Garrison
for Portland ............
No. 1. Puget Sound Mail
9:30 a. m.
t hrough trainto Portland
No. 1I I. From Garrison con
nections with No 1 from
9:05 p. m
9:15 p. m
all coust points..........
3:15 p. m
Short Line
New Doub le Trai n Service
To and From tlio K:tst and West via Suit
l.ake and Denver.
NO. 8 NO- IO
4:45 p 111......L1C A VIC 11UTTK ......3;45 n in
For the oast and west. Trains made
up at Butte, lienee always on time.
7:<H) n 111 . 1'IKsT ILVY OUT .. . «:4» p m
Arrive Ogden. Utah, connecting with
the Union Pacific, Denver & Rio
Grande, and Southern Pacific.
7:15 a in . SKCON1» HAY OUT... .«:0ft p 111
Arrive Denver, Colorado, Queen City
of the west.
4:45 p ill SU OMI DAY OPT .0:3« a in
Arrive Omaha, Nebraska.
7:45 a m.... TTI1UO HAY OUT ... 8:45 p in
Arrive Chicago, only one change of
cars from Butte (at Ogden).
8:45 p m-. ..SECOND DAY OCT . 0:45 a ui
Arrive San Francisco, Cal.
Trains arrive at Butte from the east
and west as follows:
NO. 7, 1:55 a ui, NO. O, 10:45 p ni
Passengers leaving Butte at 3:45 a. in.
may occupy Sleeping Cars at depot after
9 p. m. ,and arriving at Butte at 1:55 a.
m. may remain in Sleeper until 7:. 10 a. m.
For tickets, sleeping car reservations
and further particulars, call on or ad
dress No. 19 East Broadway, Butte, Mon
H. O. WILSON, General Agent.
D. E. BURLEY, G. P. & T. Agent,
Salt Lake, Utah.
(Santa Fe Route.)
East via Ogden or Denver to Kansas
City, Chicago and St. Louis, making close
connections in union depot* with trunk
lines to all points cast and south. Also
the direct line to Galveston, Texas, City
of Mexico and points in New Mexico,
Arizona and California.
For particulars call on R. G. W. R. R.
or C. S. L. agents. Butte, or address
General Agent, Salt Lake.
Bonk Island
Best Dining Gar Service.
Chair Gars Fret
JL 3UTTE LODGE NO. 22. A. P. 45
Wjf A. M. Regular meeting Mi Us
/V\ sonic Temple, second and fourth
Tuesdays of each month Sojourning
brethren cordially Invited to attend.
wV A. F. & A. M. Regular meeting in
/Tr\ Masonic Temple second and fourth
Thursday* of each month. 8o]oaintng
brethren cordially Invited to
Dan Yancey, Secretary.
Whitney & Stork
Montana Livery
All kinds of Turnouts for Pleasure and
Business Purposes.
120 S. Montana Street
Tel. 7b Butte. Mont.
Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway
Trains leave B A. & P. depot, Butte,
as follows: 10 a. m., 1:05 p. m., 4:45 p. m.,
10:40 p. ni.
Trains leave Union passenger station.
Anaconda, as follows: 8:40 a. m., 11:48
«• m., 3 p. m., 7:20 p. m.
^ or *hern Trains Leave Anaconda:
8:40 a. m. Great Falls and Helena local,
via Butte.
<:20 p m. Through train for all point*
Last and West.
Northern Pacific Trains Leave Anaconda:
10.-10 a. m. Pucific Express for Portland
and all points West.
7:45 p. ni. Thrmgh train for all point*
East and West.
cond?° n ^ or * ; k* ne Train Leaves Ana
South P ' m ' F °* a11 polnts East > West and
(i,Ti?. k u ts for sa,e for a11 Points, local and
n... ' s ot" tho Great Northern railway,
Sh .? rt 1,1,10 rai >road and Northern
i at lfic railway, and their connection*.
in S Vn,!™ hlr \ tloI î ots for sale t0 a11 Points
In pjuiope via the above lines.
3 ^ReatNorthern
New fast time between St. Paul. Minn**
«poll* Helena. Butte, Anaconda, Spo
kane, Seattle and Pott land. ClMP KW -
* or -Kootenai country, Oregoa
and California points. Alaska, Japan and
China. Connections at Twin Cities for all
points East and South.
Great Northern Flyer, daily....8:20 p. m
Local for Great Falls, daily.. ..9:45 a. m
Great Norther Flyer, daily____10:30 p. tr
Local from Great Falls, daily____4:^0 n. a
Through sleepers going East.
City Ticket Office, No. 41 North Main
street, Butte. J. E. DaWSON. Gen. Agt,
Of Course, Certainly !
But the overwhelming fact re
mains that the Burlington is TEN
hom-s shorter than any other line
to Omaha, Kansas City, and St
Other advantages are:
Through tourist sleepers twice-a
wcek, Seattle, Spokane and Helena
to Kansas City—through palace
sleepers daily, Anaconda and
Butte to Omaha and St. Louis.
See nearest Northern Pacific
ticket agent, or write
Passenger Agent, Butte, Mont.
35 East Broadway
To Kans a
St. Louis,
And all points
East and South.
" e • reclining
chair cars to
holders of regular tickets. For maps,
folders and Information regarding tick
ets, berths, etc., call on or write
G. P. • T. A.. St. Louis, Mo.
C. F. A P. A. T. P. A.
Salt Lake. Utah.
Estate of Winnifred Dolan, deceased.
Notice is hereby g.ven by the under*
signed executor of the estate of Winnl
frefit Dolan deceased, to the creditors of
and all persons having claims against
the said deceased, to exhibit them, with
the necessary vouchers, within four (4)
months after the first publication of this
notice, to the said administrator at the
offices of MeHatton and Cotter 518-522
Henr.'ssy building, Butte, Mont., the
same being the place for the transaction
of the business of said estate, in the coun
ty of Silver Bow. State of Montana.
Executor of the estate of Winnifredt Do
lan deceased.
Dated Butte, Montana, this 20th-day fit
May, 1S99.

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