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part two I
The hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs.
Eugene Carroll was thronged with their
many friends on Thursday evening, the
affair being a dancing party given in
honor of Miss Montague of Missouri, who
is their guest for the summer. A most
charming addition to the house room had
been fashioned for the occasion on the
lawn at the right of the house, where a
multitude of evergreen trees formed a re
treat for those fatigued with dancing.
The perfect weather made this available
during the entire evening and the soft
lights hung among the green added much
to the beauty of the decorations. About
midnight a course supper was served, af
ter which dancing was resumed until a
late hour. Following is a list of those
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Connell, Mr. and
Mrs. J. V. Long, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cot
ter, Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Calkins, Mr. and
Mis. H. O. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. John B.
Wellcome, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Sisley, Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs.
A. T. Morgan, Dr. and Mrs. Leggat, Dr.
and Mrs. McNevin, Mesdames Carleton,
Lavell, Holbrook, Thornton; Misses Mon
tague of Missouri, Radley of New York,
Arnold of St. Louis, Scallon, Mary Seal
Ion, King of Anaconda, Pearl Hanson,
Rita Hickman, Bell LeBeau, Ethel Black,
Agnes Doty, Katherine Foster, Mabel
Foster, Fannie Thornton, Carrie Thorn
ton, Mae Sullivan, Mabel Renshaw,
Slemons, Leggat, Russel, Marie Barret,
Sue Baldwin, Lizzie Busch; Senator W.
A. Clark, Senator Lee Mantle, Messrs. C.
W. Clark, John Noyes, Richard Kunkle,
E. L. Whitmore, Wm. D. Burbage, Frank
W. Haskins, Phil P. Carr, Edward Tass
more, Will Black, Gaylord Black, George
Busch, Dr. Renick, Lease, Dunshee, Will
Thornton, H. S. Tuttle, J. B. Leggat,
Geofrey Louzier, Dan Raymond, Will
Dixon, Jack Thomas, Frank M. Sullivan,
Rob. LeBeau, Fred Slemons, C. W.
French, Harrington, Foster, Drake of
California, Walker, Sellers Largey, Ware
of St. Louis, F. W. Bacorn. Aldrich. Geo.
A. Clark, Smith of Anaconda, Beattie
and Dr. Napton.
The second annual "tea" of the Trinity
M. E. church congregation of Centerville
was held in the church Wednesday even
ing, and it proved to be a delightful af
fair. The following programme was ren
dered: Opening song, by congregation;
invocation, Rev. John Hosking; reading
of scriptures, Rev. Robert Andrews:
prayer, John Bishop; solo, Mrs. J. T. M.
Stephens; address, Hon. A. F. Bray; solo,
Miss Katie Williams; address, ex-Gov
ernor J. E. Rickards; address. J. L. Al
britton. D. D.t remarks, George H. Feese,
pastor; benediction. Rev. J. T. M. Ste
phens. Tea was served by the following
ladies after the evening services:
Tabic No. 1—Mrs. Amelia Tallack. Mrs.
Clara Kanard. Mrs. Sarah Goodland, Mrs.
Mary Barker, Mrs. Harriet James and
Mrs. Grace Phillips.
Table No. 2—Mrs. Bessie Grihben, Mrs.
Martha Bishop, Mrs. Jane Collins, Mrs.
Grace Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth Matthews,
and Mrs. Elizabeth Wilis.
Table-No. 3—rs. Elizabeth Waddletnn,
Mrs. Eliza Scandiing, Mrs. Mary J. Rick
ards, Mrs. Mary A. Cornish, Mrs. Eliza
beth Eddy and Mrs Eliza Trippett.
Table No. 4—Mrs. Mary J. Wilton, Mrs.
Margaret Mellow, Mrs. Susan Callaway.
Mrs. Ellen Thomas, Mrs. Emily Kent and
Mrs. Alice Irvine.
Mr. Frank Parker and Miss Bertha En
gel were united in marriage at the home
of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Engel, SOT South Idaho street, Wednes
day evening, by Judge John Lindsay of
the district court. Those present were
Carl and Mts. Engei, Miss Johanne En
gel. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Mayer, Elias
Siegel, County Recorder Moran, Mrs.
Alex Cohen, Miss Cecelia Gratz, Mr. and
Mrs. Adolph Wetzstein, Miss Blanche
Monis, Miss Stella Coplnus and Mrs. I.
Flatow. Mr. Parker is one of the valued
employes of the Siegel Clothing company,
while his bride has been for years a
popular clerk with O. K. Lewis & Co.
Besides being handsomely remembered
with gifts by relatives and other friends,
Mr. Siegel presented the couple with a
handsome sideboard, and a couple of
linen outfits came from Mr. O. K. Lewis.
Among the marriages of the week In
Butte was that of Mr. Thomas Talbot and
Miss Emma M. Tjeat, which took place
at 301 West Quartz street last Tuesday
evening. Rev. E. J. Groeneveld performed
the ceremony, after which the entire par
ty present partook of a wedding supper
in keeping with the occasion. The bride
was the recipient of a number of useful
and handsome presents. Among those
present were: Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Clark,
Mrs. N. Yauney, Mrs. Marie Firch, J. H.
Hollingsworth. A. Hollingsworth, Tom
McGinley, Arthur B. Clark, Frank W.
Vance, Lewis Clark and Rev. Groeneveld. 1
-- !
One of the society events of the season
was the party given by Mr. J. Benton ;
Leggat, at the McDermott Hotel, Friday •
evening in honor of Miss Ruth Leggat
and Miss Arnold of St. Louis. Of the
many and pretty and enjoyable parties
given at the McDermott hotel this season, '
this was the most successfully successful.
The dancing commenced at 9 o'clocok
and continued until midnight, when a
charming course supper was served, af
ter which dancing was resumed. Among
those present were the following: Mr.
and Mrs. J. V. Long, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Cot'ter, Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Calkins, Mr.!
and Mrs. H. O. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. W. ■
B. Hamilton . Judge and Mrs. W. H. De
Witt, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Morgan, Mr. and
Mrs. Thos. Lavelle, Mr. and Mrs. Turner, 1
Dr. and Mrs. Leggat, Dr. and Mrs. Mc
Donald, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Booth, Mr. j
and Mrs. D. M. Newbro, Mr. and Mrs. I
Fayette Harrington, Mr. and Mrs. Thos.
Hodgens; Mesdames Carleton, Holbrook, j
Murray. Leggat, Foster; Misses Monta- j
gue of Missouri, Radley of New York, Ar
nold of St. Louis, Leggat, Scallon, Mary
Scallon. King of Anaconda, Pearl Han
son, Belle LeBeau, Ethel Black, Agnes
Doty. Ltiiu Foster, Mabel Foster, Fannie
Thornton, Mae Sullivan, Jennie Sullivan,
Mabel Renshaw, Marie Barret, Florence
Stevens, Lulu Largey; Senator W. A.
Clark, Senator Lee Mantle, Messrs. Rich
ard Kunkle. Phil P. Carr, Edward Pass
more, Frank W. Haskins, Will Thornton,
H. S. Tuttle, Geoff, Lauzier, Dan Ray
mond, Fred Slemons, C. W. French, Glenn
Harrington, Foster, Drake. Sellers Lar
gey, Ware of St. Louis, F. \V. Bacorn,
Geo. A. Clarke, Beattie, Dr. Napton, Jno.
Noyes Jr., Dr. W. H. Hall. ;
Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Henry Root
and Mrs. W. B. Hamilton charmingly en
tertained their friends with a whist party
at tile home of Mrs. Root. The house was
daintily trimmed with flowers and deli
cious punch and refreshing ices were
served during the entire afternoon. The
first prize was won by Mrs. Donald Camp
bell and was a beautiful Bohemian glass
vase. Mrs. Lloyd took the second prize, a
cut glass creamer, sugar and spoon hold
er. The third prize, a pair of dainty glass
and silver vases, was won by Mrs. Thos.
M. Hodgens. The party was a most de
lightful affair although the guests were
saddened by the knowledge that it was
the last time Mrs. Root would play the
pait of hostess in Butto. as she and Mr.
Rooi soon leave for the east to reside
there permanently. J
Mrs. Donald Campbell gave a delight
ful reception on Friday afternoon in hon
or of Mrs. Witherspoon of St. Louis, who
is her guest for the summer. The house
was profusely trimmed with roses, the
parlors and hail being in pink, while the
dining room was decorated with Ameri-j
can Beauties. Salads and ices, were serv- '
cd at intervals during the afternoon, while
an orchestra stationed in the upper hall
added sweet music to tlie charm of the
occasion. Mrs. Campbell and her guest
were assisted in receiving by Mrs. Mc
Hatton, Mrs. Geo. Day, Mrs. Busch and
Mrs. Holbrook. About two hundred la
dies called during the afternoon. j
Tuesday night a merry party invaded
Crystal Springs, and after a plunge ir. the
surging pool enjoyed a supper which was
r very jolly affair. There were present
Mr. and Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Largey, Mrs.
Connell, Miss Radley, Miss Foster, Miss
Black, Mabel Foster. Miss Thornton. Miss
Frances Thornton, Miss LeBeau and Miss,
Lulu Largey; Messrs, Carr,Lowell, Camp
hell, Slemons. Largey, Leyes. Beatty, Le
Beau, Bob LeBeau and Dr. Renick.
Mrs. Lavelle gave a children's picnic at
Columbia Gardens Thursday at which
were entertained besides her little friends,
Mrs. Cotter, Mrs. J. A. Murray, Mrs. Con
nell, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Holbrook, Miss
Radley and Miss Biask. The gardens have
been so beautiful, this season that they
are becoming a favorite resort during
these warm days.
Last Saturday a small party of ladiea
enjoyed a plunge at Crystal Springs fol
lowed by a luncheon in the cafe of that
popular resort. The party consisted of
York, Mrs. ,T. A. Murray, Mrs. F. E. Shaw,
Mrs. Connell and Miss Radley of New .
Mrs. J. V. Long, Mrs. Fred Holbrook, j
Mrs. Lavelle. Miss Foster and Miss Black. {
Mrs. A. C. Sandberg and her niece, Miss
Mary Tulles, arrived from the east a few
days ago. Mrs. Sandberg was away about
four months. j
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Clark re- \
turned this week from Europe, through
which they traveled extensively for sev- j
eral months.
Mrs. Annie Llewellyn returned Thurs
day from Pennsylvania, where she spent
about six weeks visiting friends and rela- (
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lewis left today
for New York. Mr. Lewis will select a
fall and winter stock of goods while ab- ,
sent. !
Alex J. Johnston, cashier at Clark Bros,
bank, returned from his old home in
Pennsylvania the early part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Dutton of Hel
ena spent Monday in the city, while en
route from Salt Lake to their home.
Miss Fredda Falconer of Rathdrum,
Idaho, is the guest of her mother, Mrs. A.
O. Falconer of this city.
W. F. Cobban of this city was the guest
of his brother, R. M. Cobban, at Missoula
a few days this week.
The Entre Nous Club will give their an
nual picnic party at Lynndale Tuesday
evening, July IS.
Mrs. Charles Copenharve and Miss
Doughty are visiting friends in Deer
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Wetzstein spent a
few days at Fipcstone Springs this week.
Miss Katherine Noble is back from a
five months' trip through the east.
Mrs. G. H. Hobart has returned from
a three weeks' visit in the east.
Mrs. E. B. Howell is the guest of friends
on the South Boulder.
Bozeman Bits.
Mrs. Edsall went to Butte on
Fourth to see lier son Ernest.
Citas. Ruffner and friends left on Mon
day for a camping tour.
Citas. Lane, agent for Chesnut coal at
Butte, spent Thursday in Bozeman.
J. T. Highsmith, formerly of this city,
now of Hamilton, came over on a visit
Attorney McConnell of Helena, was a
visitor last week in the interest of the
Dartis heirs.
Herman Moshur came up from Billings
on Sunday to spend a couple of days at
Coal Expert Myers left on Friday with
a cook and outfit, for work in the Sixteen
Mile country.
J. A. McGowan and wife of Horse
Plains, were in the city on Tuesday, out
fitting for the Park.
Miss Harkins of the College has gone
to California to spend her vacation, as
has Miss Corbett.
Jcre Harrington of Gebo was a Boze
man visitor this week, having business
before the land ofiice.
Mrs. Johnson, aunt of Mrs. Chas. Hoy,
arrived from Charleston, III., last week,
to visit for the summer.
Mrs. Waiter Edwards of Manhattan
has been the guest of Mrs. Carter and
Miss Anceney during the week.
Miss Zoe Monforton is spending a
couple of weeks at the home of the Miss
Patterson near Manhattan.
Mrs. Suprernant came over from Ana
conda on the Fourth to spend a few days
with her daughter Mrs. Jos. Walsh.
Hon. S. W. Langhorne, came over from
Helena on Saturday, Miss Gage return
ing with him to spend a few weeks in
Mrs. George VanFleet, after a pleasant
Visit with relatives and friends, returned
to her Big Timber home on Saturday.
Squire Kenyon's folks returned from
Deer Lodge on Saturday and a smile sets
lightly upon Squire's countenance once
W. B. Brooks, who runs a store similar
to the Fair, at Missoula, spent Saturday
in the city and was pleased with Boze
man and its business.
Mrs. A. McCoy, mother of Mrs. Dr.
Hibhs, arrived on Thursday to spend
some weeks with her daughter. Mrs. Mc
Cov's home is in Kirkville, Mo.
Mrs. Alex. Freeman and daughter of
Butte, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jas.
Forristeil,. Mrs. Freeman once lived in
Bozeman, and is a sister of Mrs. Forris
Rev. and Mrs. Donaldson of Ohio, ar
rived this week. Mr. Donaldson, formerly
pastor of the Presbyterian church, comes
to fill Mr. McLean's place for a short
Al. Orton came over from Butte to visit
his family last week. On the 4th, he says
the electric line carried 30,000 people and
took in over $2.000 during the day.
M. McDonnell who was in from Madi
son valley last week looks for about a
half crop of hay.
Miss Blanch Patterson has finished a
successful term of school near Logan and
has returned to her home at Manhattan.
Bozeman last week experienced ns hot
nights as ever visited it. It was com
fortable after night fall to sit in the open
The family of Bruce Chisholm left
Manhattan for California last week. Mr.
Chisholm expects to stay a year and
hopes to regain his health.
Rev. G. O. Rector of Nashville, Tenn.,
arrived last week to take the place of
Rev. Whitesides, who goes to China. Mr.
Rector made a very good impression on
Sunday with the congregation of the M.
E. church, South.
Miss Bessie Wightman of Elroy, Wis.,
is visiting Miss Nellie Patterson for the
summer and taking in the delights of
these mountains.
Major Henry Filing spent Sunday in
Bozeman, using the opportunity to go in
to the country and see some of our prize
farms. Major Filing had just returned
from Red Lodge, where it was decided to
increase the capital stock of the Carlton
County bank to $50,000. The bank is now
putting up a fine binding, having under
Cashier Va ill's management, been highly
sut et ssful during the few years of its
John Work leaves today for the fam
ous Chico Springs, where several Boze
manltes are stopping to recuperate and
get tile rheumatism out of their systems.
Mr ,K. X. Carter of tile fish commission,
arrived last week to put in some months
at the Bozeman hatchery. Mr. Carter
is accompanied by his wife and child and
will live in Bozeman during his stay.
G. 1). Bavin 1er of Denver, special agent
of the Niagara Fire Insurance company,
spent Thursday in the city. Mr. Bat
chelder visits Bozeman twice each year
to see his resident agent. R. R. Finlay,
and his friends count these visits as
pleasurable events.
A .J. Sutton, father of Attorney Sut
ton, arrived on Tuesday from Portland,
Ore., where he attended the national edu
cational convention, being connected
with the newspaper press at Logansport,
Ind. He was accompanied by his niece,
Miss Grade Custer.
Attorney C. L. Merrill of Bridger, was
in tlie city this week on business at the
land ofiice. Mr. Merrill says that Bridger
is rapidly forging to tiie front and that
by the time coal is in demand will lie a
lively burg. He was aecompannied by
J. P. Baker and Geo. Gebo of Gebo, and
Henry Gebo of Bridger.
J. A. Green, the Willow Creek mer
chant. spent the Fourth in Bozeman, with
Mrs. Green, who is temporarily domiciled
here. Mr. Green is interested in some
promising mining properties near Three
Forks and has put in a good deal of time
this year in looking after their develop
Tlie "Ladies Gym!' on Friday evening
entertained a large number of their
friends with an advertising party;. Eacli
of the participants was dressed in a cos
tume advertising some business in the
city. Miss Mary E. Sales won the prize,
the judges having decided that she had
put in more time and details than any
of the others, though there were many
who .showed great ingenuity and artistic
skill In their make-up. There was danc
ing lo music that was a ceaseless as a
brook—it played on and on, until (lie
dancers were tired out. Ices were served
and the few who preferred cards had an
opportunity to play. Altogether it was
a pleasant little affair and one that aided
in the good work of bringing people to
gether in a social way.
Jos. H. Kay of Bozeman, and Sadie E.
Mortimer of Springfield, Mo., were united
in marriage on July 10th. The ceremony
took place at the residence of Mrs. Jose
phine Hunter, Rev. M. L. Rickman offi
ciating. The newly married couple will
go to housekeeping immediately on East
Mendenhall street.
The 1'. T. D. society mot at tlie home of
Miss Maud Martin on Thursday evening
and enjoyed one of its so ial sessions.
Part of tiie evening was devoted to cim
dymaking and other appropriate amuse
ments so much enjoyed liy the young la
The Ladies* Social, Domestic Literary
society met at the home of Mrs. Green on
Bozeman street on Wednesday afternoon
of this week. There was a very good at
tendance of members.
Tlie Misses Flowers, Parkins and Perle
Schmalhausi ti entertained a number of
friends to dinner on the Fourth at the
home of the Miss s Flowers.
A lawn pisnie was given on tlie Fourth
by Mr. and Mrs Walter Cooper.
John Edwin McDonnell, son of Mr. and
Mrs. John McDonnell, or the Model
Ranch, near Bozeman, was married on
Sunday of last week to Miss Catherine
Black of Camp Cre k. Rev. Davis Will
son, an old friend of both families, per
formed tlie ceremony. Mr. McDonnell
is one of Gallatin's most worthy young
men. He is engaged in the cattle* busi
ness on Elk Creik and lias a promising
future before him. Tlie bride, Katie
Black, is one of the fairest daughters of
this mountain land. Her father was a
pioneer, and lu r mother, whom she now
leaves to take up ir-r duties as a wife, lias
been since the early days a well-known
and belovi 1 resident of this part of Mon
tana. The bride lias many charms of
character that endear h r to numerous
friends, and it is tiie general opinion tiiat
she has found one most worthy of h r.
R. B. Turner, representing the Nevada
& Utah Exploration company, has made
a contract with the Allis company lo con
struct the m ichinery for a cyanide mill
with a capacity of fr< m 50 to 60 tons p r
day. The mil! is to In erected .it Norris,
and will be supplied with ore from the
Madisonian mine, of which Mr. Turner
and his brother are tin* principal owners.
This is the fourth of fifth mill built by
Mr. Turner during tie past three years,
including the Culbertson concentrating
mill in Boulder county , two cyanide
plants in Montana and a cyanide mill in
Cripple Creek, all of which are in suc
cessful operation. This one is for his own
property, which is of consicb. ruble mag
nitude. The mill will be completed in
about three months, the plans of Mr.
Turner having been sent to the foundry.
vis :
■ J.
* E
Doings in Billings.
(Gaz tte.)
k Fraser tins returned from a busi
irip into Wjom.ng.
s. J. It. I'iyat I• f: last week for a
to friends at ll.fi Timber,
j Holland, a prominent business
"nf I o was here Sunday.
!.. Merrill, the rustling attorney of
-, r, v ; s in tiie city Saturday.
1:. W< rick, cashier of the First Na
il bank of Butte, is in tiie city today.
Ash returned last night from a
few days' visit to relatives near Red
H. L. Reed and R. C. Hargraves, wool
growers of Lusk, Wyo., are in the city
on business.
Walter Lehrkind, a son of Julius Lehr
kind, the Bozeman brewer, was in the
city Saturday.
Rev. A. Carswell expects to leave to
morrow for Bridger where he will hold
services that night.
IT. F. Ruger, the 1 popular traveling
representative of the Burlington road at
Helena, is here today.
E. M. Hungerford left last week for
Forsyth to construct tlie Forsyth-Lame
Deer Agency telephone system.
Karl Simmon of Helena, the rustling
land agent of the Northern Pacific rail
road, was In the city Saturday.
Aiiss Jennie Matlnson left Saturday
morning for Helen:!, after a several
weeks visit to her brothel, J. D. Mathe
H. C. Nutt, assistant -superintendent
of the Burlington, came in from Sheridan
last night on one of his periodical rail
road business trips.
City Attorney J. B Herford left Sun
day on a business trip to Nebraska in
company with J. H. Charters of Lewis
town, who arrived here Saturday.
Louis P. Best of Butte, one of the pro
prietors of the Billings brewery, is here
today looking over the work on the build
ing and attending to other matters.
Miss Mabel Merrian, daughter of W.
H. Merrium, general agent of the North
ern Pacific at Butte, is visiting in the city,
the guest of Mrs. Janies Butterfield.
Oliver Ashworth came in last night
from the Grey Bull, in Wyoming, where
he has been looking after tlie settlement
of bis deceased brother Richard's estate.
Mrs. Theo. L. Ringwalt and children
of Omaha were here last night on their
way to Gebo to spend the summer with
Mr. Ringwalt, treasurer of the Clarke's
Fork Coal company.
L. P. South worth of Denver, who buys
sheep for a Nebraska firm, arrived in the
city Sunday and will spend a few days
in looking around for some snap pur
chases, which are scarce.
Newman Kline of Glendive, superin
tendent of the Yellqwstone division of
the Northern Pacific, accompanied the
special train of officials thus far yester
day, returning home today on No. 2.
Miss Hattie Braytbn entertained her
Sunday school class of girls of the Con
gregational church on Friday afternoon.
Pleasant amusements were indulged in
until 6 o'clock, when tlie hostess served
a dainty repast.
Mrs. M. H. Tompkins and daughter.
Miss Martha, left Friday for a couple of
weeks' visit in Wyoming. From there
they will go east to spend the summer,
returning to Billings In I lie fall.
Mrs. C. M. Child arrived home yester
day front a weeks' delightful visit with
friends in Livingston. In company with a
party of seven. Mrs, Child spent two or
three days in the National park.
J. E. Bower of Bower Bros, of Stan
ford, a well-known Woolgrower of Fer
gus county, arrived it) the city yesterday
from Helena. He has a portion of bis
wool clip in Billings and will sell the
Henry Filing and State Senator W. A.
Clark of Virginia City were Billings vis
itors Saturday night en route home from
Red Lodge, where they attended a meet
ing of the stockholders of the Carbon
County bank.
Miss Cora McCormick arrived in Bill
ings last week to spend the summer with
relatives. Miss McCormick has been re
engaged as teacher of the grammar de
partment of tin Dillon public schools for
another year.
D. F. Slayton of Folsom, one of the
county commissioners of Fergus county,
was in the city Saturday on his return
home from Helena, Where he attended
the corner-stone laying of the state cap
itol. He sold liis wool clip in this city yes
Jor<-Collins, formerly editor of the Hel
ena Independent, is in the city today.
Mr. Collins is now interested in selling
government serif» land and soetns to en
joythal bet I er than cd ting a paper, prob
ably because it pays him more tlmn lie*
Principal II. M. Braymn and family
will leave the latter part of this mouth
for Big Horn county, Wyo., where tle-y
will join Rev. J. L. Limes and family,
and the two parties will spend a month
in an overland trip through Wyoming,
fishing and having a g .....1 time in gen
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Morse an
yesniday morning from t'hiei
the latter underwent thro: opri
the removal of tumors. Mrs. M
stood lie operations well and returns
home feeling much better and on the
road to comph te recovery, which will tie
good news to the mtiny friends of the
Dr. J. H. Rinehart and family are m ik
ing atrangemints for a month s outing,
tlie greater part of which will be spent
in tlie Yellowstone park. They will be
joined by Miss Rone J)lcCannell. niece of
Mrs. Rinehart, who Was ca'led to her
home in North Dakota a couple of
months ago, on account of an accident
having befallen her father.
*Strike For Your A ltars
and Your Fires.'
Patriotism is always com
mendable, but in every breast
there should be not only the
desire to be a good citizen,
butto be strong, able bodied
and well fitted for the battle
of life. To do this, pure
blood is absolutely neces
sary, and Hood's Sarsapa
rilla is the one specific which
cleanses the blood thorough
ly. It acts equally well for
both sexes and all ages.
Humor — " When I need a blood puri
fier I hike Hood's Sarsaparilla. It cured
my humor and is excellent as a neve
ionic." fosie Eaton. Stafford Springs. Ct.
dfci cdiS SoMafa witug
Hood's lV.incure liver ills [the non initating and
"only cathartic to take with llood's Sarsaparilla.
F. A. Bates of Lincoln, Neb., was a
visitor in Billings Saturday. Mr. Bate»
is one of Uncle Sam's employes in the
railway mail service and formerly had!
the run from Edgemont to Billings.
About two years ago he was transferred
to a better run, from Lincoln to Edge
mont and return.
Mrs. H. N. Kennedy entertained in a
delightful manner Saturday evening in.
honor of tlie birthday anniversary of Miss
Maud Whaley. The house was prettily
decorated with cut roses and flowers.
The evening hours were spent at cards
and a n elegant repast was served at a
seasonable time. Those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Bouton, Misses Edith
Colvin and Maud Whaley, Messrs Hugh
Babcock, J. C. Maring, W. L. P. McCaw,
and Mr. Howard of Madison, Wis.
She took three yards of plain mull and
covered it with ruffles half an inch wide.
That is the task which a woman who
desired a shirt waist with ruffles willing
ly took upon herself. The work of ruf
fling occupied two days, but as the ruf
fles were machine made and were sewed
on by machine, the work was not hard
on either eyes or fingers.
When the material was entirely cov
y \
ered with little ruffles the waist was cut
out upon an ordinary waist pattern and
a tiny yoke of tucked white goods was set
in. Finally there were stiff white cuffs
added to the waist, and the neck was fin
ished with a narrow band over which a
stock could be worn.
The general rule that all skirts should
he trimmed may be violated in the case of
tti(> figured skirt, which needs no trim
ming. A skirt of cream, figured with
small hunches of flowers, looking for all
the world like summer curtain materia.',
goes well with any shirt waist. If very
fastidious the shirt waist can match tha
color of the (lowers with which the skirt
is so profusely trimmed.
Materials that are closely woven and
impenetrable to the soft breezes of sitm
lii*• I can gain no entrance at the summer
woman's court of fashion, sheer, open
work fabrics being given the preference.
This illustration shows a tennis oufit wffft
skirt of wood brown wool canvas lined
with bright, scarlet silk. Tho waist is of
ecru linen, and a sunbonnet of tan striped
with red matches the suit.
Women whose circumstances allow
them to gratify their exclusive tastes
have pet patterns for their damask cov
erings as they have favorite llowets.
Lady Randolph Churchill is as sensitive
to artistic napery as to a good literature
or a beautiful picture; and a design of
small wreaths scattered thickly over
linen of the most exquisite textureds the
distinguishing feature of her dinner
cloths. Another American woman in En
gland has succumbed to the questionable
fashion of associating satins and ribbons
with culinary matters, and considers the
silken sheen of valuable linen, woven
with graceful, spreading fern leaves in
natural sizes, quite worthy her dinner
service of gold and the goblets of Vene
tian crystal.

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