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To Welcome the Montana Vol
The Bulte Reception is All the Talk
Here--Wood Flume is Now in
Good Running Order.
Deer Bodge, September IS, 1899.
Among those who are going to accom
pany Governor Smith to San Francisco»
to meet the brave Montana regiment are
< 'olonel Tom MeTague and Assessor
George Miller. There will probably be
others, as the rate, with a 30-day limit,
is very reasonable. There .is talk of a
party of twelve ladies and gentlemen
from this city taking advantage of the
rate. The preparations going forth in
Butte, looking to the reception of tlia
home-coming soldiers, is all the 1 talk in
Doer Lodge.
F. A. Grace. St. Paul; H. C. Cooney,
Butte; Addis Gallagher, San Francisco;
R. J. Saxe, St. Louis; James Fitzsim
mons. Valley; W. I,. Hardman, Garrison;
into Stroll. Butt- : R. H. De Wet*, Kan
sas City; J. L. Davies. Rochester, N. Y.,
aie at the McBurney house.
'The merry-go-round will winter in Doer
Lodge, the owners having left for the
east yesterday. John Peterson, the car
penter, has the contract to reconstruct
it and improve it according' to the plans
■and dictations of the owners.
The wood flume is now under full way
and is dumping about 60 cords of wood
daily just opposite the prison. This
Hume is one of the greatest conveniences
imaginable and is now in perfect re
Mrs. George S. Miller is* suffering from
lln- second severe attack of mumps and is
very ill. If any one thinks they are
exempt from mumps after they had
them once, let them call on Mrs. Miller.
Colonel and Mrs. Aylesworth and Miss
Elizabeth arrived home today from
Bulte, where they were tiie guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Clark prior to their
departure for New York yesterday.
Judge Nap ton is here from Anaconda
today and is superintending the moving
of his furniture to the depot, for ship
men t to Anaconda, where they will take
lip their permanent residence.
In giving the names of the appraisers
in the E. W. Holly bankrupt case in this
city, we were in error in mentioning the
name of M. G. Mignery. It should have
been Walter B. Wiles.
Miss Norma Robinson is home from
Butte, to remain until Monday. Miss
Robinson is again giving mu.sic lessons
in the great mining camp and has a
profitable patronage.
It is a Sanford man who has this state
nient sewn in his undershirt: "My ap
pendix has been cut out," and he explains
his ease in this way: "You see these are
t lie balmy knifing days of the surgeon.
If a man happens to fall in a fit, faint or
lose consciousness for any reason, they
cart him off to the hospital and operate
for appendicitis without waiting for him
to come to and say what ails him. I've
been sliced open once and don't hanker
for encores,"
"The two prettiest women that I saw
at Atlanta City," said a Washington wo
man who returned from the New Jersey
resort last week, "were a couple of young
The cripple
Who is crippled by accident or deformity
hardly understands the meaning of the
word "crippled" as compared with tlia
victim of rheumatism. He is not only
bent and twisted, but also racked with
pain so cruel that
e envies the crip
ple who stumps
along on a wooden
leg, whistling as
he goes. Rheu
matism is known
to-day as a blood
disease. It can only
he cured through the
That powerful
blood-purifying med
icine, Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Dis
covery, cleanses the
blood of the acid
poisons which cause
rheumatism. When
the blood is cleansed
the rheumatism is
There is no alcohol
in " Golden Medical
Discovery" and it is
absolutely free from
opium, cocaine,' and
all other narcotics.
Mr. R. J. McKnight,
of Cades, Williamsburg
County, S. C., writes :
"1 had been troubled
with rheumatism for
twelve years, so bad
at times I could not leave my bed. I was
badly crippled. Tried many doctors, and two
of them gave me up to die. None of them
did me any good. The pains in my back, hips
and legs (and at times in my head), would
nearly kill me. My appetite was very bad.
Everybody who saw me said I must die. I
took five bottles of • Golden Medical Discovery,'
and four vials of ' Pellets,' and to-day my health
is good, after suffering twelve years with rheu
The slu;
the use of
_ liver can be cured by
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
matrons from Philadelphia. In addition
to being pretty. they surely were howling
swells. Their clothes were simply
dreams, and they never appeared to get
to the bottom of their trunks. I did not
meet them, but I admired them. They
were exceedingly quiet in their demean
or, and austerely respectable. On the
evening before I left I happened to be
sitting on the porch of the hotel—I was at
the same house with them—waiting for
dinner. My rocker was quite close to
them. They talked in low tones for a
while, and then the handsomer, more
austere of the two looked at her watch,
rose from her chair, and said distinctly
to the othei- one:
" 'Well, lets go in and feed our
"I detest disillusionments! - '
The accompanying model is a specially
pretty design for an afternoon bodice,
and an elegant one. The yoke is made
of renaissance lace set over a foundation
of white silk, and the sleeves are of the
same material. At the sides a short cor- |
sage of the lace fits close into the figure i
and extends below the belt line at the j
The bodice proper is made of dark 1
mousseline de soie embroidered in figures
oAnreT.' nevM i tcls , nmr. . .«p
A-Jk t^ ACE i
of swirling design. Bows of ribbon to
correspond with the color of the mousse
line de soie plentifully trim the bodice
and is run through the lace of the sleeves.
At the elbow there is a scant ruffle of
white mousseline de soie edged with a
narrow band of renaissance lace.
The hat which matches the bodice has
a roll of chiffon set around the edge of
the brim. Over the chiffon are bands of
the ribbon used upon the bodice.
At the left side there is a large buckle
which confines several curling quills and
a bunch of "watered" crepon. Under the
brim are massed white roses with ros
ettes of dark mousseline de soie.
This design combines a trio of the most
desirable features in a costume—comfort,
beauty and style. The skirt is made of
novelty goods with a smooth surface. It
is close fitting over the hips with the
fullness underfold in invisible plaits at
the back.
Worn with this skirt is a waist of vel
veteen or satin. Dark eiimson is a very
desirable shade and an economical one,
since It is slow to show the strain of con
stant wear and can be .associated with a
variety of colors.
The waist has a vest effect which can
be filled in either with a linen chemisette
or a fichu of soft goods.
The hat is an English walking shape
trimmed with a band of plaid ribbon and
two long, curling quills.
Missoula, September lô, 1S99.
The city council held a short session
last evening at their hall, and in the ab
sence of the mayor, Alderman Mix pre
sided. The matter of looking into the
connection of the Higgins avenue sewer
at the intersection of Cedar and Pine
streets, Alderman Gibson reported
that the distance to be connected at each
place would be about 50 feet. On motion
of Alderman Coffee the clerk was instruc
ted to advertise for bids for these con
nections. The report of the electric light
committee, to whom was referred the
placing of an electric light at the corner
of Toole avenue and Hawthorne street,
was laid over until the next meeting.
Street Commissioner Angevine asked
permission to dig a ditch from the corner
of Railroad avenue to Spruce street, it
to lie used for draining the street. It was
referred to the street and alley committee
and they to report at the next meeting,
The council adjourned to meet on Sepi
■-tomber 21 , at S o'clock p. m.
There are two happy hearts in the city
today. A father who has not seefl his
son for about 15 years and the lost son,
Thomas McGregor, about 15 years ago, j
through some family troubles, became '
separated from his family. The boy,
then three years old, was taken away,
and the father has been unable since to
locate him. Tuesday of this week he
heard that his son was at Seattle, arid as
soon as ho could he left for that place
and found the lost lad. Father and son
returned to Missoula, where they will
make their future home. The boy is as
big as his father, and will be a great
help to him.
The Eagle Placer Mining company has j
filed its annual repoi't with the county i
clerk and recorder. It shows that t He |
amount of capital stock is $400,000; ,
amount of subscribed stock, $ 100 , 000 ; the j
amount of capital stock paid in is $400,- i
000 . and the amount of indebtedness is j
$2,200. The report is signed by A. P. !
Johnson, president, J. E. Rickards and j
K. Salveson. !
William Spurgeon, the well known far- j
nier near Fort Missoula, is minus his
turkeys, some scamp of a hunter having j
killed them and taken them away. He j
killed three that he did not get, they be- ;
ing found in the field this morning by Mr. !
Spurgeon. Mr. Spurgeon is very indignant
about the matter, ami will do all that .is '
possible to find the party or parties that j
did the shooting.
W. O. Fisk of Butte, the well known !
bookkeeper of ihe Excelsior Wood and I
Pipe company, was married last evening j
at the Methodist church parlors to Mrs. i
Nellie Squires of Hamilton, Rev. J. J. Me- j
Allister officiating. Mrs. Squires is the
daughter of Mr. H. S. Page of the Hamil- !
ton hotel. The happy couple left this |
morning for Butte, where the groom has
fixed up a nice little home.
County Attorney Denny left this even
ing on the Coeur d'Alene train for Super
ior, where he will prosecute the case of
ithe slate vs. Sullivan Bros. Sullivan
i Bros, run a saw mill at Iron Mountain
and are letting the sawdust run into the
Missoula river. Game Warden Catlin
swore out a warrant for their arrest, and
the case will be heard before Justice of
the Peace Bowers at Superior, Friday.
7 — " . „ ,1
Fred Crain, son of Dr. E .A. Cram, who, !
has been attending the stenographic d
partment of the Butte Business college,
leaves Sunday evening for Des Moines,
Iowa, Where he will enter the law de
partment of Highland Park college. He
will go by the way of Salt Lake and Den
ver, and will be gone about two years.
The trial of Thomas Jackson, the lad
who was caught tapping the till in Hoff
man's butcher shop, was held this after
noon in the justice court of Wm. Houtcti
ens. Evidence was taken and the judge
reserved the decision until tomorrow. J.
M. Evans defended the boy, and P. Z.
Prince represented the state.
j Joseph Dumontier of Stevensville and
1 Miss Ellen Lacourse of St. Ignatius were
! married this afternoon at the parsonage
I of the Catholic church, Rev. Father Pa!
idino officiating. The happy couple left
this evening for Stevensville, where they
will make their future home.
Arnold Mickles and wife of Woodworth.,
Deer Lodge county have transferred to
R. M. Cobban of Missoula the northwest
quarter of section 8 . and the west half of
the southeast quarter of section 32, all of
township 14 north, or range 16 west; con
sidération, $1.600.
The remains of Daniel Gillon, who died
from Injuries received from being run
over by Ihe fire wagon 011 the 8 th at Wal
lace. passed through Missoula this after
noon for Rosse, N. Y., where they will i
Interred. Miss Gillen accompanied the
Word lias been received In the city
that Mr. W. P. Forbis is slowly improv
ing, and that he will pull through'all
right. He is still in the hospital at Port
land, and is receiving the best mSllcal
attention that is in the city. ^ ,
Ray McAllister, son of the Reve-J. J,
McAllister, has returned from an ext
ed visit with'friends up the Butter* Ron?
Beautiful Hair
May be easily had by au y one who will kill
the germ or parasite that digs up the scalp
into dandruff and eats off the hair at the
root, thus causing (ailing hair and finally
baldness. Science has receutly discovered
a destroyer of that germ, which is embod
ied in Newbro's Herpicidc only. Kill that
gsrm, you'll have no dandruff, and youx
hair will thicken and lengthen in • lew
For Sale at First Class Drug Stotts.
Dr. M c Laughlin
New and
Electric Belt
Important Improvements Over All Other
Electrical Treatments. *
If you are sick you need help. You have tried medi*
eines and they have not cured you. Stop drugging. Elec*
tricity, properly applied, is the greatest tonic, the greatest
reliever of pain, and the only positive cure for all Nervous,
Muscular and Organic Weakness, Rheumatism, Kidney
Troubles, Lame Back, Liver and Stomach Troubles, and
it will cure when all else has failed.
My Electric Belt is the grandest invention of the age.
It contains the work of twenty years. It is simple but re
markable in its construction. I positively warrant it, on
a bond of $5,000, to be the strongest Electric Belt that
was ever invented. Its current is easily controlled by my
perfect regulator. It is guaranteed at my expense for
one year, and $5,000 will be forfeited for one of my Belts
which will not give a current of electricity that can be
felt as soon as it touches the body.
You feel its vitalizing warmth as
s you like the power, and i
Its touch is the touch oi
It is unlike all others. It is stronger, more durable and mote
satisfactory to wear than any other method of treatment,
j,,., , c „„„ n . ., . . soon as 11 touches your body. Put it on when you are retiring, set the regulator
} ' e 16 P owex > aI1< ! *t pumps a gentle stream of electricity into your body while you sleep.
blood li nv.k .. a ii i , maßUetl8m ' the essence u£ vi,al £orce ' 11 " oothe ' s P ail '. quiets the nerves and enlivens Ihe
uioou. it lUdKes all who use it stronger.
■•I would not take »2,000 for my belt," writes a grateful patient. It is worth more than money when it brings health.
CALL AND TEST IT T O-DAY—FREE ! Come and let. ine show you how grandly superior
wh : !* nn ^ ~ ' ----- and how easily it can be made mild or strong t
truths for 5 L- ' y ' ! eSt U tree ' 1£ you canuot call > write for free book telling all about it. This book is full of
irutns lor weak men. Call or direct ,
Dr. McLaughlin,
I2i North Main Street, Butte, Hont.
Office Hours-=9 a. in, to 6 p. m.; 7 to 8 p. m.
Not Sold in Drug Stores,
Sundays, 11 a. m. to 1. p. m.
valley. While away Ray caught 36 fine
trout in one day, and among them were
three that weighed three pounds each.
Young Jackson, the lad that tapped Ihe
till of Hoffman, the butcher, on Woody
street, was discharged. This action was
j taken owing to the age of the boy. His
parents have promised to look more care
I fully after him in the future.
Mrs. Henry Kern entertained the mem
bers of the relief corps of the G. A. R. at
her home on the south side last evening.
, The evening was spent in games and con
versation, and a light lunch was served
! t j ate pour.
John O. Smith, while working in the
Iron Ridge tunnel, fell off a car and broke
his leg and dislocated his shoulder blade.
He was brought to the city and taken to
the Northern Pacific hospital, where he
is resting easy.
Mrs. Alice Barnes of Castle spent ;
short time in the city with friends whit
on her way from Hamilton to Castle
While in Hamilton she instituted a lodg
of the W. C. T. U. with a large member
. . .
j J a, ' tor c1ajs '
Thomas Benson, an old offender, was
up before Justice of the Peace Hayes thi*
afternoon for being drunk and disorderly.
The judge ordered him sent to the county
Miss Lelia Bryan will teach the Poto
mac schools during the absence of the
regular teacher, who is at the
hospital with a severe case
of typhoid
The Jewish people of the city are cele
brating the day, Yom Kipper, today. The
stores are closed and the people are at
tending services in the Odd Fellows' hall.
J. H. Buirdette and Elsie Burdette have
sold to the Big Blackfoot Milling com
pany 120 acres of timber land for the
sum of $300.
Con A. St. Clair of Butte, agent of the
O. R. & N. company, is looking after busi
ness in Missoula, and is stopping at the
Peter Breen spent a few hours in Ihe
city the guest of friends while on his
way from Butte to the Coeur d'Alenes.
J. H. Inch, administrator of the John
Cornish estate, has filed his final papers
with the clerk of the district court.
Editor Durston of the Standard passed
through Missoula this afternoon for an
extended trip to the coast.
Mrs. Hugh Campbell and children are
visiting Mrs. Campbell's brother at
Drummond for a week.
Charles Teano has sold his Rattlesnake
creek ranch to Robert Harkness for the
sum of $2,500.
E. C. Atwater of the Continental Oil
company of Butte is making Missoula a
business trip.
Mrs. W. H. Smith, who has been visit
ing her daughter in Butte, has returned
Miss Alice. Coleman of Deer Lodge is a
;uest of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Browne.
$20 sets of teeth $10. Dr. Wix.
Notice is hereby given that the annual
meeting of the stockholders of the Mon
tana Loan and Realty company will be
held at the office of the Thompson In
vestment company. 48 East Broadway,
Butte. Montana, at 4 o'clock p. m.. on the
27th day of September, 1899, for the pur
pose of electing trustees, and for the
transaction of such other business as
may properly come before the meeting.
A full representation, either in person or
by proxy, is desired.
J. U. THOMPSON. Secretary.
f ▼▼▼ Y ▼▼▼▼▼▼TT
Customer—Here, waiter, bring me another chicken; thi.
Waitin'— How do you know it is?
Customer—By the teeth.
Waiter—-But chickens have no teeth.
Customer—I know they haven't; hut I have.
one is 12 years old.
Free Help
Weak Men, do not
despond, CALTHOS
wNI restore you.
100,000 Special Trial FREE Treatments of the Great
French Remedy Have Been Imported.
The Von Mohl Company's Wonderful Offer;
The Von Mohl Co., of Cincinnati, O., known the country over as ,
the largest importers of standard remedies in the United States,
bare achieved the most remarkable success ever known in the his*
tory of medicine with "Calthos," their marvelous French remedy
for lost manhood. They were the first American concern to hear o(
the wonderful discovery soon as it was given the public in France,
and at once sent a trusted representative to Paris, who secured the
exclusive rights for the preparation in North America.
The past year "Calthos" has become as famous in America as it
is throughout Europe. Over one hundred thousand sufferers of lost
manhood in all its most terrible forms have been cured, and have
written the Von Mohl Co., telling of the joy they experience in hav
ing the functions of perfect manhood restored. Not one of these
letters have been, or will be made public, because the Von Mohl
Company hasmade itan imperativerule to treat all correspondence t
oi the Calthos department of their business sacredly and confi
dentially. Every year letters from patients are destroyed, and
among their patrons are many men with national reputations ill .
public and private affairs.
The Von Mohl Company has just imported 100,000 treatments el
"Calthos" fresh from Prof. Jules Laborde, the greatest physician
In all France and the great discoverer of this remedy, and now
invites all men suffering from Lost Manhood, Spermatorrhoea,
Varicocele,Small Parts or Weakness of any nature in the Nervee
or Sexual Organs, to send their names and receive a live days*
.treatment oi " CALTHOS." After using it five days the suffer,
rers wiil find new vigor in their organs, new force in their muscles,
new b'ood in their veins, new ambition, and rapid progress
toward the buoyant feelings and sensations of younger days.
' THIS LIBERAL OFFER IS GENUINE. There is no swindling
C. O. D. or Deposit Scheme connected with it. The five days'
treatment is sent by sealed mail,wrapped in a plain package,aad
full printed instructions accompany the preparation, so that egdi
patient becomes his own doctor and cures himself at home. Cunn
are effected at all ages from twenty to eighty years, There is no
case (except where the stage of epilepsy or insanity has bean
reached) which it will not radically, quickly and perman ently
cure. Sexual weakness does not oure Itself. It grew« wove fun
day to day until the victim is beyond nil hope. Each day agglge
vates the mental and physical anguish.
Don't delay, but send to-day lor the FREE 6** days' trial treatment. You can send jnimih
the full knowledge that the "CALTHOS" department of our business Is strictly mn rT-^T
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