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The only kind we carry upon our books.
Any one of our splendid additions has all
modern improvements and are ideal
home sites. Let us show you
1 Slur Muon
That will not cost you anything. It may
make you rich later.
If you intend to build before winter,
get started now. Investigate our easy
terms at once. Be a FIXED STAR in
Uncle Sam's firmament by investing in a
home site while property is still cheap.
9-room modern brick, west side.....$43.00
7- room modern brick, Dakota street, 50.00
6-room modern brick, west side..... 40.00
3-room modern brick flat, east side.. 18.00
8- room frame, So. Butte............. 10.0()
3 unfurnished rooms, Dakota street. 9.00
2 unfurnished rooms, Dakota street. 8.50
6-room furnished house, west side... 40.00
Real Estate
Fire Insurance
(JO. 48 E.Btoadw'j
jp at* at* at* at* oe
Good Judges
Say the
Has no equal
in this country and
no superior in Europe...
We have all the genuine
that there is for sale in Mon
tana. Anything that in any '
way resembles it is an imita -
Call for the Boook of Marks
that are lo be found only on
the genuine.
Beautiful Display of it
in Our Window.
Cor. Main and Broadw'y
di di di <46 di di di
Knights of Pythias Will Meet
in Butte Next Week.
A Kindred Organization Will Meet
Tuesday Evening—Pleasant
Time Expected.
The grand lodge. Knights of Pythias,
domain of Montana, will meet in Butte
in annual session next Tuesday, and
local Pythians are making great prepar
ations for the entertainment of the visi
tors. Every lodge in the state will be
represented by one, and in many in
stances several delegates. It will be a
great Pythian reunion.
The lodge sessions will be held in Min
ers' Union hall, and at 1:30 Tuesday
afternoon there will be a grand Pythian
parade. The column will form at the
Miners' Union hall, with the Alice band,
the members of which were recently in
itiated in a body into a local lodge,
Knights of Pythias, at the head. The
principal streets of the city will be tra
versed, after which the grand lodge ses
sion will be opened.
Tuesday evening the Dramatic Order
Knights of Khorasson, will assemble on
the oasis of Butte, plain of Silver Bow—
which is the description of the Auditor
ium as given in edict No. 1, just publish
ed. The royal decree is as follows:
"Hearken, you children of the Desert;
to you, the chosen ones, comes greeting:
"It is decreed by Allah and the Proph
ets .that We, the Votaries of A1 Hoosayn
Temple, No. 82, D. O. K. K., of the Oasis
of Butte, Plain of Silver Bow, Desert of
Montana, shall on the Thir-Te-Enth Day
AH 1317, which means, as spoken by the
vulgar and un-regenerated, the 19th day
of September, Eighteen Hundred and
Ninety-Nine, gather at the Temple to
guide across the wild and dreary Desert
numerous brave and Knightly Tyros that
they may pay their respects to me. Your
August Sovereign. They promise to
speak truly, and if they so do speak, by
the Khoran 1 swear right shall prevail.
"Remember—Know thyself—for I have
"Royal Vizier.
"Me Too, You Royal Galoot.
It is expected that a class of forty or
fifty Tyros will attempt to cross the burn
ing sands on this occasion, and the class
includes many prominent men of the
The announcement of the meeting of
A1 Hoosayn Temple, contains, besides the [
decree, some hand made poetry and some
pertinent instructions for the benefit of
the Tyros, as follows:
"Don't get gay.
"Do not wear 'hold-backs' on your har
ness—you will not need them.
"Stick to the camel if you have to 'get
pasted' In order to do so.
"Don't monkey with the tiger because
'he'll make a roar.'
"Watch Mohanna if you want to see
the fire escape."
The meeting of the Knights of Khoras
son will conclude with a banquet, which
will begin about 4 a. m. and conclude in
time to permit the newly made knights
to attend Wednesday's session of the
grand lodge. Wednesday evening a ball
and reception will be given at Renshaw
hall in honor of the visiting Pythians.
The Fair for tinware, glassware, no
tions, etc.
Berlin correspondence of the New York
Times: I had occasion lately to relate a
ruse of a restaurant keeper to make his
establishment more popular, or at least
to seem to be so. Several days ago a sim- j
ilar episode occurred that Is as amusing
as it is characteristic of German manners j
and customs. Advertising for a wife or 1
a husband is the regular thing here, par
ticularly in the lower middle classes, and
It therefore was the less a matter of mar
vel when people read In a well known
Berlin newspaper the following notice:
"A young lady 23 years old. who i *
ready and able to support a husband,
wishes to make the acquaintance of a
good-looking gentleman, with a view to
The young lady in question was, how
ever, in such a desperate hurry to get
married that she wrote personally to a
large number of young men, mostly in
the more modern walks of life, asking
them each to meet her at a given hour In
a certain restaurant, the means of recog
nition to be a white pink. Needless to
say the young fellows were true to the ro
mantic tryst, and, one by one, silently
and expectantly made their appearance
in the restaurant at the appointed time,
each with a fresh white pink in his but
tonhole. It was not long before they be»
gan to notice the fact that there were
white pinks "to burn" in the favored es
tablishment, which had seldom enjoyed
such popularity, and before a half hour
had elapsed an Indignation meeting, furi
ous in character, was in progress. The
"White Pinks" came to the very natural
conclusion that Mine Host had adopted
the ingenious rusç In order to fill up the
empty places at his tables, and did not.
hesitate to apprise him of their opinion,
which, however, he promptly repudiated,
and, his friends loyally taking his part, a
first-class row was soon a-brewlng.
When late at night the restaurant was
closed the "White Pinks" continued thei»
"demonstration" in front of the hostelry,
with the natural result that a dozen
broken heads soon needed looking after
at the nearest accident station. The po
lice finally succeeded in quelling what
promised to become a smajl riot and con
fiscated a number of the letters which
were the cause of the unusual popularity
of the restaurant in question, but it has
not yet transpired whether the real mis
chief-maker was a lovelorn damsel or a
modern innkeeper.
I $20 sets of teeth $10. Dr. Wix.
3*»' 1 ! ,
Billings: Andy Myrold, the foreman of
the construction crew of the Northern
Pacific, was seriously stabbed Thursday
by an Italian workman.
Washington: Legrand Powers, chief of
the agricultural division, will start on a
trip to Montana and the west next week,
to investigate the live stock industry.
Billings: The closing day of the Yel
lowstone county fair was marred by a
drizzling rain.
Speaking of the suicide of Dr. A. L.
Webster, who formerly resided in Butte,
the Twin Bridges Monitor says:
"As the Monitor goes to press the dead
body of Dr. A. L. Webster is brought to
town, having been found by Ben Pidgeon
and E<1 Coloton the other side of the
Home, as they were going fishing. The
body was lying near the road with a.
bullet in its heart and the clothes on fire.
The fire was extinguished and Acting
Coroner Bolinger notified.
"Front facts gathered at the inquest it
was learned that the unfortunate man
had contemplated self-destruction since
August 22, as he left a letter under that
date saying that death was a happy re
lease to him. He left instructions to have
his body cremated and his ashes scat
tered to the four winds. He said Bright'9
disease had sealed his doom.
"The deceased left a mother at Wau
kesha, Wis.. and an uncle, Judge Coburn
of Salt Lake, who have been wired. He
was a promising young dentist recently
from Butte and was highly esteemed by
those who knew him."
The preliminary hearing in the case of
the state vs. Max E. Mayer, charged with
receiving stolen bullion from the Bi-Me
tallic company, came to an end in Justice
Harrington's court about 4:30 o'clock yes
terday afternoon.
Justice Harrington held that the state
had failed to make a case against Mayer,
and ordered the discharge of the defend
In Judge Sullivan's court this morning
Frank Schanmulleshon pleaded guilty to
a mild disturbance of the peace. The
established fine for such indiscretions is
$10, but the judge held that any man
handicapped by such a name was enti
tled to judicial consideration, and he
fined him $5.
Frank Brown was fined $5 for drunken
$20 sets of teeth $10. Dr. Wix.
Chicago Record: "There was a funny
little incident happened on the car 1 came
down on this morning," said the under
wear clerk to the madras-shirt salesman
across the aisle. "There was a girl got on
at Twenty-sixth street with a couple of
kids. She was a good-looking girl, well
dressed and all that, and the kids were
in clean waists and looked as if they were
all tight, too. There wasn't anything out
of the way, and I don't think I should
have noticed them if the girl hadn't been
good-looking. After awhile the conduc
tor came around and she hands him
nickel. Then he tackled the two kids.
" 'Sister paid our fare,' says one of
them, looking up at him kind of sur
prised. The conductor looks at the girl,
and she looked at him as if she didn't
quite understand
" 'You didn't pay me for your broth
ers,' says the conductor to the girl.
" 'They're not my brothers,' says the
girl. T never saw them before.'
" 'Why, Grace!' says the kid.
" 'Honest, I don't know them,' says the
girl, 'and my name isn't Grace.'
" 'All right,' says the other kid. 'Wait
until I tell ma.'
"Well, the girl kind of snickered at that
and the conductor, thinking she was
Joshing him, told her she would have to
"Then she found that she hadn't an
other nickel and you paid for her?"
"No; she paid all right, and the boys
gave her the laugh. It fooled me, and I
suppose every person in the car thought
that she was their sister sure enough."
"Wasn't she?" asked the shirt sales
"Naw. The kids got off at Van Buren
street, and she said to an old lady that
sat by her: T wonder what boys will do
next.' "
Fernell House, 613 South Utah.
Store does much for the housewife's con
centrative power. It Interests her direct
ly. It wins great results. It makes her
money worth more, add a premium to
her income by reducing prices.
Fancy large Potatoes, good cookers......
Per too pounds $1.00
Fine Granulated Sugar ...................
Per loo pounds $6.15
Brobeck's Fancy Patent Flour makes
whiter bread and more loaves than any
other Flour, no matter what price you
pay for others. Every sack guaranteed.
50 lbs. $1.15; 100 lbs. $2.25
Separator Creamery Butter, none so good
Per pound 25c
Don't forget our Tycoon Teas, they are
the best ................................
85c grade 60c per pound
75c grade 50c per pound
Fancy large Freestone Peaches ..........
Large Box $1.00
Rising Sun Stove Polish ..................
4 bars 25c
Log Cabin Maple Syrup ..................
Per gallon $1.25
Hoffman House Coffee will piea.se you.....
35c pound; 3 pounds $1.00
Fine Granulated Sugar...................
16 pounds $1.00
135 W. Broadway
Developed a Strong Tendency
to Slump Today.
Reiuction of the Surplus Reserves
Was the Signal—Watseka
Mine Sold.
The copper mining share market was
demoralized again today, but prices held
up wonderfully well. The quotations
wehe: Amalgamated. $92 bid. $93 asked;
Anaconda, $54.50; Boston and Montana,
$345; Butte and Boston. $05; Calumet &
Hef>ta, $795; Mohawk, $22.50; Osceola, $85;
Parrot, $47; Tamarack, $212; Utah Con.,
The following dispatch from Wail
street today explains the cause:
'New York, Sept. 16.—There was a dis
position to curtail vent ui es by the trad
ing element pending the publication of
the bank statement. The appearance of
the bank statement showing' the surplus
of reserves reduced to only a little more
than a quarter of a million dollars was
the signal for throwing over stock in all
directions. St. Paul dropped to 128, lead
ing the railroad shares. Traction stocks
slumped violently. Brooklyn Transit held
firm. There were losses of from one to
three points among specialties. Rail
roads were not so much affected, but
showed many losses of a point and up
wards. Covering by bears caused some
feverish rallies of from one to three
points. The closing was furiously active
and excited, showing speculative demor
alization, prices continuing to drop ex
cept when bears were taking quick pro
fits on a sudden and wide decline."
It is reported from Rochester, Madison
county, that Frank R. Merk has sold the
Watseka mine for $40.000 cash, the pur
chasers being Butte and Salt Lake capi
talists, C. H. Hand of Butte negotiating
the deal. The Watseka is one of the old
time producers of Madison county. Water
was encountered with depth, however, to
such an extent that the pumping machin
erty was inadequate to handle it, and
work was abandoned.
Messrs. Hoge, McCune and other capi
talists took charge of the property about,
a year ago and since then have been j
developing a new shaft. The work has ;
been seriously handicapped by water, '
Silver City Grocery
$ 2.00
We guarantee our Flour the finest on
earth, none excepted.
35 bars Soap..............................
10 lbs Lion, Leverings or XXXX Coffee
$ 1.00
Finest Butter made, 5 lb kegs or Jars____
_ $ 1.25
Park Street
Phone 432.
Good * Carpet
Our Big Fall Stock is Here ^ 4» 4 » * j* Our Big Fall Stock is Her
It is by odds the largest, most complete and comprehensive show ng of all that is desirable in Carpets and other
Floor Coverings ever made in Butte. This may sound like an Idle boast, as the largest stock in JTontana (?) has
•iready been advertised in several other places; therefore we offer to carpet with your choice of our immense
stock, any sized room Free of Charge for that person who will point out a larger or better selection than ours in
any store, big or little, within 1,500 miles of our place of business. As we have led in the past, so we are deter*
mined to do in the future. Here are prices to show we are In earnest:
16 Pieces of New Linoleum, worth 65c, for................................................ QQ e m y _ p .
30 Pieces Good, Heavy, Full Yard Wide Ingrain Carpet, worth 40c, for.................. 23 c a yard
90 Pieces Elegant Tapestry Brussels Carpet, a pattern to suit every taste, worth 65c, for 3Q C a yarc |
86 Folding Beds Just Received
9*rom the Welch Folding Bed Company, who stand without a rival in the production of the most beautifully de
iaigned, strongly constructed and best Folding Beds made. The figures given below will do more than words to con
vince you that we are in a position to
Give You the Best at Prices Demanded Elsewhere for the Ordinary.
We price but one of our very exclusive line of this celebrated make. The frame is golden finish, handsomely
carved, and quite massive. The springs are a special feature, in which the wove wire fabric is supported with
spiral springs, and both springs and fabric are of the best carbon tempered steel—points of merit to be found in no
other make. ,
Think of It~$i3.50 Buys One.
48 to 54 West Park Street, Butte, riont.
but it is said that the management now
has the water under control and that the
showing is very favorable.
J. G. Bates, tuner, Montana Music
company. Tel. 504. *
Dolman & Jameson, lawyers, 26 West
Broadway, 'phone 91. *
Butte Stove Repair company for fix
tures and Home Comfort ranges. 'Phone
529, 216 E. Park. •
Chemicals and assayers' supplies. Fair
Drug and Assay Supply company, 115
East Park street. *
Dr. J. W. Reed has returned to Butte
and opened dental parlors over Bab
cock's, No. 115 North Main street. *
Don't forget that all annual statements
have to be published before the 20th of
September for the year 1899, to be legal.
The sixth annual convention of the
Montana State Trades and Labor Coun
cil will convene at Helena next Tuesday.
Lost—A 4-mnnths'-old Chesapeake dog,
brown color. A liberal reward is offered
to the finder if returned to 101 North
Main street. *
Fred J. Rowlands, the mining machin
ery man, has received the sad informa
tion of the death of his brother. Dr. W.
Rowlands, M. R. C. S. of Brundellsands,
England, which occurred several days
Mrs. Ellen Hogan, aged 80 years, died
last night at the residence of her daugh
ter, Mrs. Murray, No. 27 East Gagnon
street. The funeral will take place Mon
day afternoon at 2 o'clock from the fam
ily residence.
The best investment on the market is
Butte & Bingham Copper Mining com
pany's shares. This stock will advance
in a very short time to 60 cents pet share.
Thirty dollars invested now will buy you
100 shares. Call on or address the sec
retary of the company, W. H. Nichols,
No. 1 West Broadway. Butte. *
The Montana Heating and Ventilating
company, which was recently granted a
franchise for laying pipes and mains
under the streets of Butte, for heating
and power purposes, filed its bond with
the city clerk yesterday in the sum of
$50,000, with J. E. Rickards as president
and Henry Mueller and D. J. Hennessy
as sureties.
The Fair for bargains, 79 West Pa He.
Dr. A. B. Martin. D. D.. president of
the Montana college. Deer Lodge, will
preach for Rev. Settles of this city on
Sunday morning and evening. The ser
vices will be held in Odd Fellows' hall.
Dr. Martin is an eloquent speaker.
j . _____
; at moderate rates. The water of the
' springs is very soft and contains mineral
properties advantageous to health and
complexion. A dance hall is furnished
free to private parties and meals on short
notice for same.
Five miles west of Butte.
Crystal Springs has many desirable
points to parties or Individuals looking
for recreation, pleasure or quiet rest.
First, the sleeping apartments for guests
are in a separate building with all mod
ern conveniences. In the cafe only the
best is served, and special care is given
to each guest as well as private parties,
$20 sets of teeth $10. Dr. Wix.
In the District Court of the United
States, District of Montana, Court of
Bankruptcy: _
In the matter of Fred I. Gaskiil, bank
Notice is 'hereby given that on the 13th
day of September, A. D. 1899, Fred I.
Gaskiil was duly adjudged bankrupt,
and that the'first meeting of creditors
will be held at the Court of Bankruptcy,
No. 49 West Park street, Butte, Montana,
on the 26th day of September, A. D. 1899,
[at 2 o'clock p. m., at which time said
(creditors may appear, prove their claims,
examine the bankrupt and transact such
. other business as may properly come be
fore the meeting.
Referee in Bankruptcy.
Dated September 16, 1899.
Notice is her'/jy given that John B.
Pearenteau of Dewey, Montana, has filed
notice of intention to make proof on his
desert-land claim No. 3,344, for the ne!i
and se^i of nwU, Section 13, T. 2 N„ R.
33 W„ M. M„ before the clerk of the
district court at Butte, Montana, on Sat
urday, the 14th day of October, 1899.
He names the following witnesses to
prove the complete irrigation and recla
mation of said land: Peter H. Deno of
Dewey, Mont.; Ulrich H. Deno of Dewey,
Mont.; James Jensen of Dewey, Mont.;
Wm. Forest of Dewey, Mont.
Sept. 7, 1899.
You can get patent envelopes for mail
ing photographs at the Postoffice News
Stand. *
Why not make money work for
you? A credit grocer exchanges his
goods for "promises to pay:" we
exchange ours for "Cash." Which
can sell you groceries the cheapest?
$25.00 invested in groceries at this
store will earn you more than $1,000
in the bank drawing interest.
Our guarantee: Any time you
would rather have your money than
our goods we'll trade back no cross
words or looks about it, either.
Fine white Potatoes, per 100.... $1.00
Fancy yelow Onions, 10 lbs.....25
Per 100 pounds ................. 1.85
Wheat Flakes, 2 lb pkg.........10
Pillsbury's Vitas, pkg........... 15
H. O. Rolled Oats, 3 pkgs.......50
Quaker Oats, 4 pkgs...........50
Dundee Rolled Oats, 3 pkgs.. .25
Fancy Bel] Flower Apples, box 1.65
Ohio Concord Grapes, sweet,
fine flavored, pony basket.. ,25
Fancy California Black
Grapes, basket................25
Pure New York Buckwheat,
the old fashioned kind, 4 lbs .25
Our delicious Butter, none
quite so good, 2 pounds, 55c;
5 pounds .....................
Quaker Flour makes the finest
bread because it's the finest
flour, sack $1.25, per 100......
A sack of Quaker Flour given
away every day—a ticket with each
dollar purchase. No. 16,601 wins the
sack for Friday.
Lutey Bros
47—W. Park St.—47
Prompt Delivery. Mail Orders

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