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Anaconda Hews
ANACONDA OFFICE 104(4 commer
cial, AVENUE.
Are to be Held During the
Coming Week.
District Court, City Council and School
Board Will Have Sessions
of Interest.
The district court, city council and Ana
conda school board will each hold meet
ings early next week and matters of more
than passing importance will be trans
acted by each body.
The district court has a murder case,
the defendant being Ellis Persinger, who
will be placed on trial for his life next
Tuesday, charged with being one of the
murderers of Eugene Ouliinane. His as
sociates in the crime for which he will be
tried are Clinton Dotson, who was tried
at the last term of court, found guilty and
sentenced to the pen for 9!) years, and
Oliver Benson, who pleaded guilty and
was sentenced to 10 years on account of
his youth. Attorney James M. Self will
defend Persinger.
On Monday evening an adjourn*'!
meeting of the city council will lie held
and the special order will be the hearing
of the defense of George Lancaster, who
has been dismissed from the fire depart
ment for insubordination. He has em
ployed Attorneys Duffy and Casey to de
fend him and they will be present at tin
hearing of the case before the council.
A meeting of the scVn-ol board will be
held, probably on Tuesday evening, to dis
cuss the manner in which the pr sent
term of school can be continued in full
after all the regular s hool money
been exhausted, which will not run
schools longer than Feb. 1 or less,
parents of pupils look l * the school b.
Î r* fi
ri a way
■:ivd the
y are uruble l
- t ]: M cour.«'
e whi- ii
wii! lead to th
r; iui
i.'v 3 end. T.
ie ho< «
! boa "f> has oil:.
t h f rr
to bear hi
•■d this
to he more thar
! r V
There may b
othi :
• things for
th. pc- he
10 ! board to
when they
rn : t. b
ecause there at
ru m f
rs of a few
t i . i i î 2 : ?
which wii] ne
special allt
WA hm.
This will bi .n
iar November n . *:i
1 F. Gattan, H. D.|
= Physician and Surgeon. S
3 SPECIAL ATTENTION given to '• '
S the treatment of AÎ ohol'.sm a: !„
5 other drug diseases, Genito, Ui in- £
3 ary and Chronic Diseases. —
g Office hours: 11 to 12 a. m.; 2 to —
s 4 p. m.; and T to 8:30 p. m. ~
üiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiimiiiixsmüiimiiunmmH wir?
ll4 , _ T.B Wh^t
iüà EVfcS
For Sale at 209 Main St.
Eyes Examined Free by L. F. Verberck
mose, Scientific Optician.
Photo Goods!
We are
for the
and all Supplies
A full line of
Dry Plates
and Photo Papers.....
Huy these goods of ns and get a
chance on thsit fine Shetland Pony
and Cart with every 25c purchase.
Standard OrugCo
Wholesale and Retail Dealers.
312 E. Park Ave., Anaconda
In the district court this morning
Judge Napton made three decisions as
"In the case of Mary B. Fowler vs.
Frank Conley et al. The question was
'decision on motion and demurrer of
plaintiff.' To the complaint the defend
ants tiled a nanswer; to the answer the
plaintiff filed a motion to strike out,
àîsd a demurrer.
' It is a fundamental rule of pleading
that separate answers ought to be sep
arately stated. In this part of the ans
wer are three defenses, one a denial, the
(Rher that plaintiff has relçaççd her
dower rignt, and thç tnhd that she has
received her homestead right In lieu
thereof. The motion as to the part of
the answer referred to, is accordingly
In the ca^se of Mary B. Fowler vs.
Christian Church et ux. Decision on
motion and demurrer of plaintiff," the
motion as to the first ground is sustain
ed. overruled as to the second and third
grounds. As to the fourth ground, it
is sustained down to line 26. The fifth,
sixth, sevents, eighth, ninth, tenth, elev
enth, twelfth and thirteenth grounds
are overruled and the fourteenth ground
overruled. The demurrer is overruled.
In the case of Mary B. Fowler vs.
Nels Hanson et ux. "Decision on motion
and demurrer of plaintiff." The motion
is overruled as to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
and 5th grounds. Sustained as to the
6ih and Till grounds, overruled as to the
Sth, 9th, 10th and 11th grounds, sustain
ed as to the 12th and overruled as to the j
13th ground. The demurrer is over- j
in the case of Tany vs. Vollenneider j g
mu »»« spt -
a bill of exceptions was signed and set
tied to which exceptions were taken and
_ . „ .
Beginning this evening and continu
ing until Dec. 1st. the time on which the ;
payment of taxes expires before a pen- ;
alty is added the county treasurer's of
lice will remain open until S o'clock in ;
tlie evening for the receiving of taxes, j
County Treasurer P. D. Twohy says the
total amount of taxes to collect this year .
is about $2,000,000 of which only $29,- ;
779.27 was paid in at the close of yester- 1
day's business. Had the school law not
been declared illegal the sum of about
$27,000.00 more dollars would have been
added to the total amount to collect this
year. it can be seen that only a little
more than one-third of the taxes are
already paid in. therefore those who
have not yet paid should do so at an early
date and avoid the rush which will hap
pen some time between now and Dec.
1st. There will be a great many who 1
will wait for the last few days and many
of them will be unable to reach the treas
ur r's desk with their money on account
of th.e number unless some of them come
1) fore. Tax money is coming in through
th** mails very well. The number who
call in person are a fair average with
other years, but it is too slow for com
fi.rt for ta- t'*e*>«ur.*r an I h«s dimities
who wup. r, I avoid the usual last'three
da vs' rush of tax-payers
' j
t T ' inv Tii » v 1 ;y,■ M*i\y. et' iîviï * ii
The hour of tha services is n
1 for 11 o'clock a. m. The
* usual Thanksgiving services which
"Uly prevail in Ana-onda of late
- ili be held this year at the Baptist
a at the corner of Fifth and Locust
'•n the day will be delivered by
G. Cattermole, pastor of the
hurr-h. Special music of the
1 union will b rendered under
•tien iif Miss May Redmond who
e,:::.e-L of t he Baut ist church.
.. 1: B. Cleland, pastor of the
»'.'an church, will omet th- ser
tit pray r an 1 Rev. J. A. C dor
1 '■ "f the Swedish Baptist
"tii cl ••■so with hen-diction. The
' * *■■ i - ly invited to attend.
'el's Catholic church was crowd, d
is: e\ nir.g nt 7 o'clock to attend
id: of another popular young
do man, Mr. Thomas Marron, who
.d i.i marriage t
0 Miss Agnes
V. w York. F *
ther Foil.-t of.
Mr. 1 : 0 s Mi;, :;!;
y was grooxs
Miss R-id.get Go
odman brich ?
fo r th. cervinon:
y the widdlng
s t.-ndpred a re
option at She
TO BUY i tiil REt 'ORDER.
M 1 : *• r :. v m
' he b:
Bull., to-.!
e V tO
c> editors r.
: !' the
tee. Ther
- is a
unknown \
,\ i 11
tile An;., or
owned by
of John Mc
case went to
meeting of
n :-° f . a trUR '
' ' nat !>äi tos
Il ciotnis and take ,
annot be learned \vh ther ,
der plant, which was
nd included in
arties who
spaper plants in Mon
Leahy was a Butto visitor
John Dezt-11 has laid aside business for
today and is taking in Butte.
Miss Matth- Evans called upon a num
ber of !:■ j- Butte friends yesterday.
A license to wed was granted yester
day to James I.. Peterson and Minnie |
Anderson, both of Anaconda.
Jack Mi-Yey, James McVoy and Arthur ;
Haley i r Lardo, B. arrived in the city *
yesterday on a pleasure trip.
Henry Mucllm- of Butte is at the Mon- !
tana and looking after brewery interests
in ttiis city. I
Call at the Anaconda Cash Bazaar, j
359 East. Park, and see what a large fine !
of articles can be bought for 5 cents !
apiece. * * I
Attorney John W. James has been ap- j
pointed United Slates commissioner to
suce ■* a J. T. O'Brien, who has removed
to Butte.
Superintendent John S. Hickey of the >
A. O. M. company foundry, is looking
afti r tii in', r st of his department in
Butte today. {
II. < ». AY ils...' of Butte, representing the '
Oregon ivlr.i i i was t. ing railroad
busine ss to An.-.wnda merchants yester- I
A petition for letters of administra
tion in the estate of Egbert O. Free
man, deceased, were filed by T. B. Mun
The Women of Woodcraft and their
friends enjoyed a pleasant dance at A.
j firms have raised enough money by popu
j ar subscription to continue the public
schools in that city for a full term, re
j g ar fi] ess n f jh e special school tax levy,
which has been declared illegal.
O. H. hall last night. The music was
furnished by the Myers orchestra.
Messrs. W. H. Fanning, C. J. Walsh, R.
W. Iiool and William J. Mogk acted as
floor managers.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Murphy went over
to Butte yesterday and spent the day
visiting friends.
Pudd'nhead Wilson, a beautiful play
with a good plot, will be at the Margaret
theater tomorrow evening with Edwin
Mayo in the leading role.
The regular examination for teachers'
certificates was commenced today in the
office of Miss Helen Gleeson and will con
tinue until tomorrow evening. The at
tendance is good.
At 8 o'clock last evening, at the resi
dence of William A. Taylor, In the Par
rot block, on East Park avenue, James
Peterson and Miss Minnie Thompson
were united in marriage by Justice Wil
liam Devine.
H. C. Gieske, Great Northern express
messenger on the Great Falle and Ana
conda route, was unable to go out today
on account of illness. His place was filled
by Camille DesJardines, from the Ana
conda office.
Deed—Anaconda Copper Mining com
pany to Madeline Landry, lot No. 3, in
block No. 21, in the city of Anaconda:
consideration, $1. P. W. Nichols and
wife to Fred Johnson, the west half of
lot No. 18, in block No. IS, in the city of
Anaconda; consideration, $300.
At Philipsburg 132 persons or business
Tom Dolan, charged with assaulting
Minnie Anderson in Mainville, and Mrs.
Chris Messner, charged with drunken
ness and disorderly conduct, were ar
raigned in the nolice court yesterday.
Both pleaded not guilty. Dolan's trial
; was set for today at 2:30 p. m. and Mrs.
; Messner's for tomorrow afternoon,
The Sons of Hermann and auxiliary
; daughters of the same order gave a
j pleasant card party in the Turner hall j
lost night. Whist was played at ten j
. tables. Prizes were awarded as follows: !
; First prize, Mrs. Kussman: second prize, ;
1 Paul Reiser; booby prize, Joe Pfiester. j
. . , , , . _ -
Arthur Comisky, clerk in the office of.
Police Magistrate J. M. Kennedy, acci- ,
dentally fell on the stone steps of the j
city hall last evening and sustained a j
dangerous wound on the forehead. He 1
was attended by Dr. Stephens, who dress
ed a terribly large wound on his fore
head and ordered him removed to St.
Ann's hospital.
1 __ ' _________
. ,, _ „ VT ..
dnc |\ Jv" '*•
13 W.. M. M., befois the clerk o*. tha
district court at Butte, Montana, on Sat
urday, th.e 14th day of October. 1599 .
j He name* the following witnesses to
prove the complete iri.gat.on and reel»*
j ^ n( j rew j. DeLashmmt, deceased, here
tofore admitted to probate In Frederick
county. Mil., and a certified copy ot
which, together with the proof of probate
thereof, duly authenticated, has bean filed
in this court, and for hearing the appli
cation of Joseph P. Collins, public admin
n atioa of said land: î'eter H. Der.o of
Dewey, Mont.; Ulrich H. Deno of Dewey,
Mont.: James Jensen of I'-etvey, Mont.:
Wm. Forest of Dewey, Mont.
Eept. 7. 1899.
Notice is hereby given that John B
Fearenteau of Dewey, Montana, ties filed
notice of fntemion to make proof on his
desert-land claim No. 3,344. for the ne*4
Second Judicial District of the State of
Montana, in and for Silver Bow County,
In the matter of the esTate of Michael
Cowley, deceased.
Order to show cause why order of sale
of real iste.te should not be made.
J. i'. Collins; the administrator of th»
estate of Michael Cowley, deceased, hav
ing filed his petition herein praying for
tin order of sale of all the real estate of
the said decedent for the purposes therein
s.t forth.
It is therefere ordered by the judge of
stslf court, taat r.H persons interested in
the estate of said deceased, appear before
m Marcus Daly M. Douahoe ■'(.
If H. B. Greenwood.
I Daly,Donalice & Greenwood I
Bankers, Anaconda, Mont.
General banking in alt branches. Ù.
Sell exchange on New York, Chi
cago. St. Paul, Omaha, San Fran- ?)i
jo, etc., and draw direct on the .->j
principal cities of England, Ireland, %
*. France. Germany and the Orient, t
if' rjtposits of $1 and upward received, ß
, 1 : 1 ~ . . .\ t
National Park bank. New York;
, If: Union National bank, Chicago; 0
First National bank. St. Paul; 0
Omaha National bank, Omaha; \
"7 Bank of California, San Francisco.
»i; M. R. Greenwood, Manager: Louis 0
% V. Bennett, Cashier; F. C. Norbeck, '.>•
Assistant Cashier.
if »
; d ■*/ $ -r "p i '
On Earth.
v „ _ _ . .
JP .$ /]h''4'y /V V'VA
mMl If }ra
''r tfesp
East Park.
the said district court on Saturday, the
26th day of November, 1899, at 2 o'clock
In the afternoon of said day, at the court
room of said district court at the court
house in the county of Silver Bow,, to
show cause tvhy an order should not be
granted to the said administrator to sell
so much of the real estate of said de
ceased Michael Crowley as shall be nec
And that a copy of this order be pub
lished at least four successive weeks In
the Daily Inter Mountain, a newspaper
printed and published in said Silver Bow
county, Montana, and hereby designated
as most likely to give the necessary
Dated October 28th, 1899.
Attorney for Estate
Mining Application No. 4154.
IT. S. Lund Office, Helena, Mont., Oct.
27, 1899.
Notice Is hereby given that Thomas
N. McCall and Adelia J. McCall, whose
postofflee address Is Butte, Montana, has
this day filed an application for a patent,
notice of which was posted thereon on
the 24th day of October, 1899, for 97.77
acres of the Rocky Mountain Chief Pla
cer Mining Claim, situated in Little Pipe
stone (unorganized) mining district, Jef
ferson county, Montana, the position,
course and extent of the said mining
claim (designated by an official survey
thereof, as Sur. No. 5635, Township No. 1
N., R. 6 W.) as set forth and described
in the application for patent and plat on
file in this office, and being more particu
larly described by metes and bounds as
follows, to-wlt: Beginning at corner No
1, a red fir tree 24 inches in diameter,
blazed and marked 1-5635 for corner No. 1,
witnessed by bearing trees, front which
the Initial Point In unsurveyed Township
1 north, range 6 west bears south 80 de
grees 28 minutes 23 seconds west 5,499.4
feet and running thence north 32 degrees
30 minutes west 1,310 feet; thence north
26 degrees 47 minutes west 1,613 feet;
thence north 59 degrees 45 minutes east
390 feet; thence south 17 degrees 22 min
utes east 1,809 feet: thence south 44 de
grees 30 minutes east 905 feet; thence
south 61 degrees 2G minutes east 2,035.5
feet; thence south 30 degrees 38 minutes
east 1.100 feet; thence south 12 degrees 3<J
minutes west 5S9 feet; thence south 77
degrees 22 minutes east 600 feet: thenco
north 12 degrees 38 minutes east 120 feet;
thence south 82 degrees 06 minutes east
408 feet; thence north 10 degrees 42 min
utes east 1,741.5 feet; thence south 7b
degrees 25 minutes east 1.875.5 feet;
thence south 13 degrees 07 minutes east
321 feet; thence north 75 degrees 48 min
utes west 1,595.5 feet; th-noe south 11 de
grees 07 minutes west 2.S85 feet; thence
north S 8 degrees 03 minutes west 1,835
feet; thence north 32 degrees 50 minutes
west 1,543.5 feet; thence north 57 degrees
26 minutes west 1.737 feet, to corner No.
1» the place of beginning, containing an
area of 97.77 acres claimed.
The location of this mine is recorded in |
the office of the recorder of Jefferson !
county, on page 478 in Book "1" of Pla
The adjoining claims on the north are
Survey No. 2,431, the Alta Lode, Francis
T. McBride et al, applicants; and on the
east the Lewis lod.e unsurveyed, claim
ants unknown.
M, T. BAKER, Register.
U. S. Claim Agent.
First publication Oct. 27, 1899.
Silver Bow, ss. :
This is to certify that the Butte Mer
tntile Company is a co-partnership,
composed of Pat Mullins, W. H. Wraight
and G. A. Lobbenberg, all of Butte, Mon
tana, and that its principal place of busi
ness is Butte, Montana.
Witness our hands this 14th day ot
November, 1899:
State of Montana, County of Silver
Bow, ss.:
On this 141hi day of November, in the
year 1899, before me, John N. Kirk, a
notary public in and for Silver Bow Coun
ty, Montana, personally appeared Pat
Mullir.s, W. H. Wraight and G. A. Lob
benberg, personally known to me to be
the persons whose names are subscribed
to the within certificate, and acknowl
edged to me that, they executed the same.
In testimony whereof, T have hereunto
set my hand and affix 1 my notarial seal
at Butte, Montana, this 14:h day of No
vember. 1899.
(Seal.) JOHN N. KTRK,
Notary Public in and for Silver Bow
County, Montana.
Notice is hereby given by tbe under
signed, administrator of the estate of
Owen J. McCann, deceased, that on Mon
day, the 20ih day of November, A. D.
1899, he will sell at public auclion at the
front door of the court house of Silver
Bow county in the city of Butte, Mon
tana, the following described property,
pursuant to order therefor made and en- |
tered on Oct. 28, 1899, in tlie district court j
of the second judicial district of the state
of Montana, in the matter of the said
estate. Said sale will be for cash, ten per
cent to be paid at time of the said sale,
and the balance upon confirmation of said
sale by the said court, and said property
will be sold in separate parcels as herein
after described, to the highest and best
bidder for each parcel thereof. The prop
erty to be sold consists of an undivided
one-half interest In and to each of the
following unpatented mining claims or
locations, all of which are situated In the
Highland mining district in Silver Bow
county, Montana, and are more particu
larly and accurately described in the
notices of location thereof recorded In
the office of the clerk and recorder of said
county at the book and page of Lode
Locations hereinafter given, to-wit.:
"General Sheridan" lode mining claim,
recorded at page 301 of Book "R"; the
"General McClellan" lode mining claim,
recorded at page 299 of Book "R;" the
"Contact" lode mining claim, recorded at
page 52 of Book "S;" and the "Scrub"
lode mining claim, recorded at page 278
of Book "R" of said records.
. „ , , J- P COLLINS,
Administrator of the Estate of Owen J.
McCann, Deceased.
Dated Nov. 4, 1899.
Mining Application No. 4,157.
United States Land Office, Helena
Montana, November 10, 1S99.
Notice is hereby given that Conrad
Kohrs, whose postoffice address I« Deer
Lodge, Montana, has this day filed an
application for patent, notice of which
was posted thereon on the 16th day of
October, 1S99. for 1,181 linear feet the
same being for 228 feet westerly and 953
feet in easterly direction from the point
Railway Time Tables
W —c?—
Air ve
No. 12—Anaconda to St.
No. 11—St. Paul to Ana
9 :00 p in
9:10 am
con da, dally............
No. 34—Mixed, to White
11:40 a m
il :50 p m
hall, daily, except Sun
day; to Twin Biidges
Tuesday,'1 hursuay and
Saturday ; to Pony and
Ni rris, Monday, Wed
nesday an 1 Friday ....
13:15 p m
8:00 a m
No 13—To Portland and
al! coast joints daiiy...
10:30 a m
No. 14—From Portland
and all coast points
9:45 j) tn
Standard Pullman. First-Class and
Tourist Sleeping Cars to Portland, St.
Pt.ul, Omaha, St. Joseph and St. Louis,
without change.
W. H. MERRIMAN, G. A.. Butte.
CHAS. S. FEE, G. P. & T. A„ St Paul.
Short Line
New Double Train Service
To huiI From »tie Emt »ml IVest via Salt
Unite nn.i Denver.
NO. 8 NO tO
4:45 I» in......I.KAVK 1HHTIÎ ......3;4S a ill
For the east and west. Trains made
vp at Butte, hence always on time.
7:30 a m- Î-TKS TO V OUT . fU40 p m
Arrive Ogden, Utah, connecting with
the Union Pacific, Denver & itici
Grande, and Southern Pacific .
7:15 a ill .. . SECOND DAY OUT.. -15:03 « m
Arrive Denver, Colorado, Queen City
of the went.
4:45 n m SECOND DAY OUT .15:30 a m
Arrive Omaha, Nebraska.
7:45 a m.... TIDED DAY OUT 8:15 „
Arrive Chicago, only one change of
cars from Butte (at Ogden.)
15:45 n m . SECOND DAY OUT 0:45 n in
Arrive at San Francisco, Cal.
Trains arrive at Butle from the ea 3 t
and west as follows:
NO. 7. 1:55 a uii NO. I), 13:45 p m
Passengers leaving Butte at 3:45 a. m.
may occupy sleeping cars at depot after
» p m„ and arriving at Butte at 1:55 a. m.
may remain In sleeper until 7:30 a. m.
For tickets, sleeping car reservations
and further particulars, call on or ad
dress No. 19 East Broadway, Butte, Mont.
H. O. WILSON, General Agent.
D. E. BURLEY, G. P. & T. Agent.
Salt Lake, Utah.
mm k
Best Dining Gar Service.
Chair Gars Free. *
of discovery on the Illinois No. 2 Lode
Mining Claim, situated in Summit Val
ley (unorg.) Mining District, Silver Bow
County. Montana, the position, course
and extent, of tile said mining claim, des
ignated by an official survey thereof as
Sur. No. 5698, T. 3 N., R. 8 W., being
more particularly set forth as follows
to-wit: Beginning at the southeast cor
ner, a porphyry stone 22 x 10 x 6 inches, set
18 inches deep, marked 1-5698 for Corner
No. 1, with mound of earth alongside
from wuich the V4 section corner on thé
south boundary of Section 1, T. 3 N.
R. 8 \V. hears south 54 degrees 24 minutes
east 1405.5 feet and running thence north
8 degrees east 189.5 feet; thence north 84
degrees 38 minutes west 1.181 feet; thence
south 8 degrees west 93 feet; thence south
79 degrees 55 minutes east 1,181 feet to
Corner No. 1, the place of beginning,
containing an area oF 3.83 acres from
which an area of 0.37 acres in conflict
with Stir. No. 1109 is excluded and not
claimed by applicant. Net area claimed,
3.46 acres, which is in conflict with Sur.
No. 1022, and 0.04 acres of which is In
conflict with Sur. No. 1520.
The location of this mine is recorded
in the office of the Recorder of Sliver
Bow county, on page 306 in Book "R" of
lode locations.
Tlie adjoining claims on the north Cur.
No, 1010, the Silver Lick Lode. Lot. No.
239, Frank Shovlin et al, applicants; on
the south Sur. No. 1019. the Tiger Lily
Lode, Lot No. 242, David Burt, applicant,
and on tlie west Sur. No. 2478. the Kerry
Lode, Lot No. 556, Michael Carroll, appli
United States Claim Agent.
First publication. Nov. 11, 1899.
Butta, Anaconda Æ Pacific Ilailffiy
leay e B„ A. & P. depot, Butte,
•'"•i" p. m
as folio,v 8; 10 a . m„ 1:05 p. m„ 4:45 p. m,.
•trains leave Union passenger station.
Anaconda, as follows: 8:40 a. m„ 11:55
3 1J. ill., 7:20 p. m.
s '; a - Northern trains leave Anaconda:*
tiuY L, a ' m * ^'eat Fails and Helena local,
v.a Butt".
.:2C p. tn. Through train for ail points
easj and west.
m' J j r ,i he: ' n trains leave Anacondar
:n- Pacific Express for Portland
and all poin!* W est.
7:n5 p. tn. Through train for all points
cast and west.
Oregon Short Line train leaves Ana
3:00 p m. Fcr al! points east, west and
Tickets fo,- sale for all points, local and
tnrougn, on the Great Northern railway,
Oregon Short Line railroad and Norther»
Pacific railway, and their connections.
Steamship tickets for sale to all pointa
In Europe via the above lines.
Drop Us
a Line.
To ALL points south and south
east. the Burlington Route is from
A seven to fourteen hours quicker
a than any other line.
X There's a statement lhat ought
S to intores: you. l-iest tiling about
▼ it is—ITT'* TRUE.
▼ And the service is good. Cars
© aire modern—track is in perfect
A condition—employees are polite—
♦ t rough sleeping cars are operated
daily from Butte and Anaconda to
© Omaha and St. Louis—through
4 tourist cars t wic-a - week, Seattle,
' Spokane, and Helena to Kansa^
Know any other 1 allroad that
offers such a combination?
Belter drop us a line about it.
35 East Broadway, Butte, Mont. A
All the Comforts of Home
011 the
Trains Are Marvels of Com
fort and Convenience.
You Regret Reaching the Eiiui of You
Local train for Helena and Great
Falls.......................9:45 a. n
Through train cast and west.. ..8:30 p. it
Local train from Helena and
Great Falls.......... 4:30 p. it
Trough train from Helena, east
and west...................10:30 p. n
To Kansas City, St. Louis
And all points East and South. Freo
reclining chairtcars to holders of regular
tiekets. For maps, folders and informa
tion regarding tickets, berths, etc., call
on or write H. C. TOWNSEND,
G. P. & T. A., St. Louis, Mo.
H. B. KOSSER, G. F. & P. A., Salt Lake.
E. J. FLYNN, 'T. P. A.

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