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Presented to the Senate
the Clark Case.
With One or Two Exceptions Kavjt
Put Their Names ou it—Bribery is
Charged and the Amounts Paid
Each Man is Specified.
Washington, Dec. 4.—In the course of
the proceedings of the senate to-day, Mr.
Carter of Montana presented a memorial
from some of the members of the Mon
tana legislature against the validity of
the "pretended election of William A.
Clark to the senate." The memorial re
cited "that Mr. Clark did secure and
procure votes in this legislative assem
bly by the payment therefor and by'the
promise of payment therefor, of large
sums of money." Further "your mem
orial and protestants do aver that the
said William A. Clark, by himself and
his agents, did bribe sundry members of
said legislative assembly to vote for
him for said office." the memorialists
alleging that he was not the untrammel
ed choice of the legislature of Montana.
The assertion is made that by corrup
tion and bribery Mr. Clark was enabled
to secure enough votes to compass his
election as senator. It is recited that
the sum of $40,000 paid to members of the
legislature by Mr. Clark or his agents
for votes, was produced in open session
of the legislature and deposited in the
treasury of Montana, where it still re
mains, still unclaimed by Mr. Clark. The
sum of $35,000, it is alleged, was to be
paid for the votes of four members of the
legislature. It is alleged the $30.000 is
hut a small fraction of the amount ex
pended by Mr. Clark to compass his elec
tion. The memorialists offer to show
to the senate ample evidence to establish
the charges they make. The charges
are signed by Henry C. Stiff, speaker of
the house, and 27 other members of the
Montana legislature.
Appended to and made a part of the
memorial is a report of the investigation
made Uie election of Senator Clark by
tin- legislature of Montana.
Mr. Carter also presented a petition
signed by Robert B. Smith, governor of
Montana, T. E. Collins, state treasurer,
Henry C. Stiff, and many other promi
nent citizens of Montana asking for an
early and full hearing of the charges
against Senator Clark, which are set out
fully in the petition.
fully in the petition.
The petition declares that "for the pur
pose of securing the support of members
of said legislative assembly to vote for
and elect the said Will.am A. Clark, he
did ■ confederate and conspire with par
lies named and unnamed by the petition
ers." to corrupt and .,ribe the members
of said legislature and to thereby secure
their votes in behalf of the candidacy of
said William A. Clark. It is alleged
ed that Senator Clark offered various j
the sums they are alleged to have receiv
ed set opposite their names. The sums
aggregate, according to the petition,
about $500.000.
In addition to the sums alleged to have
been paid by Senator Clark to members
for their votes or influence, it is assert
persons for their yotes or influence sums j
aggregating $lu>,000. Those persona also .
are named in the petition. The petition
ers aver that many other sums unknown
at this time were paid out corruptly by
Senator Clark in advancing his candi
dacy for the senate.
(Continued from Page 4.)
law in the courts of said state, and as
signing as the reason of said applica
tion the bribery and conspiracy to bribe
members of the legislative assembly
hereinbefore mentioned, a copy of which
said application is herewith filed, marked
"Exhibit--," and made a part of this ,
That in the original draft of the ap
plication and charges presented to the
supreme court for the disbarment of
said John B. Wellcome there appeared j
general charge of a conspiracy be
tween said John B. Wellcome and others
t/> secure the election of members of,
the legislature by corrupt use of money
who would be favorable to the candi- |
dacy of said W. A. Clark for the United
States senate; that said charge was by
said supreme court eliminated for tiie
reason the same was vague and indefi- j
nite, and by reason of such elimination
no testimony in support thereof was
taken before said court relating thereto.
That afterwards, to-wit: On the 6th
day of November, 1899. the~ said su- !
preme court began the hearing of testi
mony in such disbarment proceedings '■ '
and continued
including the ,, i,«vcmufi r
1899. the said John B. Wellcome being !
represented at such hearing by counsel
such hearing up to and
18th day of November, I
and being present in person, and the
stsi to being represented by Hon. C. B. j
Nolan, attorney general, designated by I
the court as amicus curiae in the pro-!.,
codings. That a copy of the testimony
me court in said
taken by the said supreme
proceedings is herewith filed, marked
"Exhibit -and made a part of this
That at said hearing neither the said
William A. Clark, John B. Wellcome,
Charles W. Clark, A. J. Steele. Walter
M. Bickford, John S. M. Neill denied or
attempted to deny any of the charges
set forth in the application for the dis
barment of the said John B. Wellcome,
or denied or attempted to controvert any
of the testimony of the witnesses on
behalf of the state affirming the acts of
brobery and attempted bribery herein
before set forth, although the said John
B. Wellcome, Charles W. Clark and
Walter M. Bickford were present irl
court during the greater part of the time
consumed in the taking of testimony,
and had ample opportunity to go upon
the stand and deny said charges and tes
That during said hearing before said
supreme court Stephen Bywater, John
S. M. Neill, G. F. Marcyes, John H. Gei
ger, H. H. Garr and D. G. Warner were
all in the city of Helena, and within
call of said court. That during a por
tion of said time said Maryces, Geiger
and Warner were present in court.
That none of said parties were placed
upon the witness stand to deny or ex
plain any of the facts concerning which
testimony was given connecting them
with the corrupt use of money by said
W . A. Clark, his agents and con-conspir
ators in the furtherance of the candi
dacy of said William A. Clark for the
office of senator in congress from the
state of Montana.
That growing out of the said trans
action of bribery hereinbefore mention
ed there was and is pending before the
district court of the Second judicial dis
rict of the state of Montana, in and
for the county of Silver Bow, an action
wherein Fred Whiteside is plantiff and
the Miner Publishing company and its
I trustees are defendants, wherein the
I plaintiff seeks to recover from the de
fendants damages for libelous publiea
I tion in the columns of its newspaper
with reference to the conduct of the said
! Wit/.-c? /I« ___—. v.
Whiteside while a member of the said j
legislative assembly with reference to :
the election of the said William A. Clark I
as United States senator. That said
William A. Clark was and is one of the
trustees of the said Miner Publishing
company, and was and is one of the de
fendants in said action: that in pursu
ance of the provisions of law the said
plaintiff caused the said W. A. Clark to
appear before--Nichols, a justice of
the peace in and for Silver Bow county,
Montana, for the purpose of taking his
disposition in said cause; that the said
William A. Clark appeared before said
justice of the peace, and, upon being
interrogated, refused to answer all ques
tions propounded to him relating to the
use of money to secure his election, a I
copy of which said disposition is here- !
with filed, marked "Exhibit -," and ;
made a part of this protest.
Your 'petitioners further say that '
through the use of said nvonye so paid j
out and expended said members of' the I
legislative assembly were induced to 1
and did vole for tile said William A. I
Clark for the said office of United Plates
^ ma tar, toy reason whereof the said i
William A. Clark pretended to receive, !
and did receive, a majority of the votes ;
of said legislative assembly and without
the said corrupt expenditure of money
as aforesaid by the said W. A. Clark and ,
his co-conspirators and agents the said !
W. A. Clark would'not have received a ,
majority of the votes cast for the re- j
spective candidates before said legisla- !
tive assembly. i
That t' 10 effect of the corrupt and
unlawful expenditure of money by the |
said W. A. Clark and his said co-con- !
spirators and agents with members of
the legislature to induce them to vote
for him for the office of United States
jj".'*!' 1 , , ! n aa 1 id | e Sislative assembly is
distinctly and plainly shown
record of the journal of the said legisla
tive assembly, recording the vote of the
members thereof on each day, beginning
with the first and ending with the last
day on which said assembly voted for
various candidates for the office of United
States senator, a copy of the record of
said vote being herewith field ~maHeed 1
j "Exhibit__" and mai» n of-.
j protest ' part of «Us
i u„ Tha î during the year 1898 the said Wii- !
I i u„ Tha î during the year 1898 the said Wii
g i A ' 1 dark. Charles W. Clark and the
3 ■ °thei conspirators named did iinlnu-fniiv
" , s named did unlawfully
confederate and conspire together to se
cure the election of members of the leg
the office of senator in the congress of
the United States; that in furtherance
oi said unlawful conspiracy and combi
nation the said William A. Clark and his
said co-conspirators and agents did ex
cause to be expended unlaw
j f «Hy and corruptly largo sums of money
j $ 0 '*| n var, ?V*. counties of the state of
1 pend and
j pVôximlueîy'HM.Ow ! 1 Ind whfch^werl ex
. pended antf caused to be expended by the
sa ia \\- \ ,-i,, anr1 ht« ««ta tne
baKl A ' Ua,k and his haui
spirators and agents to corruptly influ
ence and effect the election of members
of the legislative assembly in the respect
ive counties of said state who would lie
favorable to the candidacy of the said
W. A. Clark for the office of United States
senator as aforesaid. j
Your petitioners further aver that in 1
tddition to the evidence produced before
, of payments of money and offers to pay
the grand jury, the joint legislative in- !
vestigating committee and the supreme
court of Montana as hereinbefore refer- i
red to they have knowledge of other evi- !
dence going to prove the existence of the
corrupt conspiracies aforesaid between ]
said William A. Clark and the other con- '
spirators above named to elect said Wil
liam A. Clark to the office of senator in
congress front the state of Montana, and
in furtherance of said conspiracy they
stand ready to show and present proofs
j money to members of the Sixth legisla
tive assembly of the sta-e of Montana by
said W, A. Clark and his co-conspirators
which said money and offers to pay mon
j ey were intended to corruptly and wrong
fully influence such members in the per
bribe the
their official duties and to
said members of said legisla
tive assembly to vote for the said Wil
| liam A. Clark for the office of United
States senator.
Wherefore your petitioners pra> your
honorable body at the ea, *est practi
j eable moment to set a time and place
for hearing this protest, and the evidence
in support thereof, before the committee
] on privileges and elections of your hon
orable body to the end that substantial
! justice may be done to the people of the
: state of Montana and all others concern
'd in the matters set forth herein, and
'■ '
r ,, . , , , . ,
! ,jt Participation in the duties and bust
ness ot lhe senate as a nlemb " r thereof.
Aha '.P 0n< Rns such investigation the said
I v y ill,a ™ A ' ''. lark . be denied the privilege
On information and belief I sign the
foregoing statement and charges.
ROBERT B. SMITH, Governor.
, , . ...
Sl L e , ak ® r T of th ? IIous Y of Representatives
Slxlh legislative Assembly of Mon
Member of Congress for Montana.
Ex-Representative in Congress from
New York Press: "John," said the re
turned Admiral, seating himself in the
bay windMT, "the people seem to be fond
of me. Eh?"
" 'They do, sir," answered his private
secretary. "They do, indeed."
"And-yet somtimes, John," pursued the
hero, "sometimes I distrust the perma
necy of even such popularity. John— do
—do you suppose they will shovel the
snow off my pavement for me?"
The secreatry paPtj. He had not
thought of that.
News Comes Very Slowly
From the Front.
Are Ihe Rule as the People Are En
thusiastic Over the War—The Ap*
pointment of Consul Kay Meets
With Approval" i.i England.
the latest
j London, Dec.
: little further new
I Ev ., n
, , n . 1
-4:.0 a. m. There is
i to in the seat of war.
'counts of the battle
at M,adder river fui, to give an indent'
idea of what happened. There is a fbeltng
of dissapointment and a continuing unx- .
and a continuing anx
iety respecting General Lord Methuen.
The Times says editorially: "The bat
tle affords splendid proof of the unsur
passed qualities of the British soldier,
but while victories won solely by the ex
ercise o'
nlficent, they are not war. They fill us
with pride, but prit?
those qualities are indeed mag
t unmingled with
regret at the persistent perversity of
circumstances which, apparently, pre
vents us obtaining equal or
suits by processes savoring little of that
military science of which we hear so
Ma f eking is safe, or was so on Nov.
24. The British had captured 25 burgh-
ers of Commandant Dutoit's force.
-a toil
Durban says that persona arriving there
from Pretoria assert that the- Boers ate
full of confidence and are well prepared
reater re
. , . . ,
An r-. ssi tout ted Press dispaton from
for a full six months' siege at Pretoria,
Patriotic demons!rations in the thea
ters and music halls of London continue
'Unabated. There wus a remarkable
scene at the Umpire last evening when
Mrs. Brown-Potter recited a poem called
"Ordered to the Front," with soidiVis
and sailors grouped around her on the
stage. On each side of Mrs. Potter stood
a sailor, one carrying the American and
the other the British flag. When the
curtain tell and rose again to an encore,
she tied the two flags together amid loud
cheers, the entire audience rising, sing
ing "God Save the Queen." Lord Roths
child and a number of prominent men
were in the house.
The primas has the following from
Frere Camp, dated Wednesday. Nov
"The Boer camp at Colenso is Visible
1 fl , T>m a ,,0 "] L near t-'hteveley.
8trons Position and very diffle
direct front attack."
! standard
tern's -u
t f n< * 8 al
a point near Ohieveley. It is
ult for
The Capetown poffespondent of (.he
d says: "Tiie government in
an early date to send one of.
the ministers to England to urge upon
the imperial authorities tiie acceptance
court. He says General Joubert per- '
son-ally commands the Colenso forces. |
A Dut ban correspondent declares that, | f
owing to startling information as to the
after the battle, says: "I bear tha( the
Boers are in full retreat to Bloemfon
A local farmer arrested by the Boers
and released Nov. 29, has arrived at Est
existence of a dynamite conspiracy in
order to quicken the flow of Boer sub
scriptions, the executive has decided to
double the guards at all the military bar
racks in the district.
The afternoon papers welcome the ap- ! R.
pointment of Adeibert S. Hay as United
States consul at Pretoria.
The Westminster Gazette says:
Mr. Chamberlain is speaking today lie
will undoubtedly turn to Mr
pointment as convincing proof that an
alliance exists. We do not make such
a sweepi
nef (HMku'tion
It sumo es to
„ .... i 79
Hays ap- |
They (o
And bring children into the world to suf
fer from an inherited blood taint? People
do not realize that foul blood may lurk
under a fair skin, and that the fire smold
ering in the blood of the parent may
break into flame in the flesh of the child.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
puts out the smoldering fires of scrofula.
It cleanses the blood from disease taints,
strengthens the weak lungs, heals the
diseased stomach.
"Dr. Pierce's medicine has done wonders for
tny two sons,'' writes Mrs. M. Hartrick, of
Demster, Oswego Co., N. Y. "Both had scrofula.
I have lost two daughters in less than five years
with consumption and scrofula. My eldest son
was taken two or three years ago with hemor
rhage from the lungs. It troubled him for over
a year. He took Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery, and has not had one in over a year.
My younger son had scrofulous sores on his
neck; but has not had any since he commenced
to take your medicine."
Use Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets for
the bowels and liver.
it is pleasant to think that our Interests
art' represented by one whose représenta
tions can hardly fail to be received with
consideration by the Transvaal.'[
The American doctors and nutzes who
are going to South Africa on the Am
erican hospital ship Maine visited Wind
sor castle this afternoon under the guid
ance of Major Cabell. A landau and om
nibus front the royal stable tilok the
i'Utt.v ft out the station. They Were re
oehc-d by I.ord Pelham Clinton, master
°' 1 "e queen's household. They Were es
rorted through the state and private
apartments. Later the party Vent to
lumber,and lodge for tea at the! invita
tion of Princess Christian of Sehloswig
Ho.stein, daughter of Queen Victoria.
New York Sun:
rival custom amt
Tat to
ng the
Louisiana with both sexes
men it possessed a signifie;
to their career as furriers, and th
'ms as a uni
Indiun.H of old
Atm ng the
too marks were testimonials
tion. With the women it seems
nr tat«
r qistinc
o have
adot timt
j been merely a mater
1 f' ,,ln 'heir girlhood the women caused
themselves to be tattoed on the face
Sometimes it wa- a line of tattooing
^cross the top of me nose, sometimes the
body was thus marked,
. t he young men of the nation also sub
jected themselves to the tattooing pro
cess by being tattooed first on the nose,
like the women, and not until they had
given evidence of their courage
they privileged to receive
on any other part of tlie* body. The tes
timony of their merit us warriors was
reserved for them when they hud dis
tinguished themselves in war bv killing
an enemy in battle ' '
them from the field
r by
' with !
f carnage the
i the
enoe of
their :
eil among the
- war-
ighi t
o tattoik
theiv '
i and
HlllS- ;
mi t i \-
e of im-
inei- •
of an enemy taken in
they had thus given
worthiness to be rank. .
Hors they had the right
bodies with emblem
trative and common
dent in which they
Every man and woman anion;
dians yielded to the arbitrary
of tattooing, but the warriors, abolve all.
were carried away by this sort of vanity,
and not one of that class by any chance
allowed his opportunity to receive I his
liaient of knighthood to pass by neglect-
ed. One of the ordinary methods adopt -
d by a warrior to commemorate a h
the In-
killed or in sorti" way overcome ah ene
my. was to cause a tomahawk to be tat
tooed upon his right shoulder, and under
it the hieroglyphical sign of the nation
deed in battle, in which he possibly had
to which belonged the conquered
The operation of tattooing required
considerable fortitude to be borne with
ait so much as wincing. A design was
first drawn on the skin, and this design
was then pricked with six needles, firmly
fastened on a line in a fiat piece of
wood. After this finely powdered char
coal was rubbed into the punctures made
by the needles, leaving an Ineffaceable
print on the design. The operation
caused much Inflammation, and some
times fever, which brought on severe
sickness in case the patient, was neg
lect'd while the swelling lasted
the sickness remained the only
Riven was Indian corn, and water was
tiie only drink.
Mining Application No. 4.157,
United States Land Office, Helena,
Montana, November 10, 1899.
Notice is hereby given that Conrad
Konrs, whose postoffice address is Dc-er
Lodge, Montana, has this day fi/d an
application for patent, notice of which
was posted thereon on the I6lh day of
October, 1899. for 1.181 linear feet, the
seine being for £28 feet westerly and 953
feet in easterly direction from the point
of discovery on the Illinois No. 2 Lode
Mining Claim, situated in Summit Val
ley (unorg.) Mining District. Silver Bow
County, Montana, the position, con
and extent of the said mining t-laitr}
ignated by an oflichi'^smwey^ therqcf, as !
f " n< '° ''' * K " ° '
, - j
mttrr.p, i
I, des- ,
No. 5698, T. 3 N., R. 8 W.. 1
more particularly set forth as f'|llow.j
to-wit: Beginning at the southeast cor
R. 8 W. hears son 1 h 54 degrees 24 minute»
east 1405.5 feet and running thence north
8 degrees east 189.5 foci; thence north 84
degrees 38 minutes west 1,181 feet; thence
south 8 degrees west 93 fee-;; thence south
79 degrees 55 minutes east 1,181 fiet to
Corner No. i, the place of beginning,
containing an area of 3.83 acres, from
which an area of 0 37 acres in conflict
with Sur. No. 1109 is excluded and not
claimed by applicant. Net area claimed,
3.46 acres, which is in conflict with Sur.
No. 1P£2, and 0.04 nrros of which is in
&■»» ...
in the office of the Recorder of Silver
Bow county, on page 306 in Book "R" of |
lode locations. j
The adjoining claims on the north Snr. !
No. 1010, the Silver Lick Lode, Lot. No.
239, Frank Shovlin et al, applicants; on
the south Sur. No. 1019, the Tiger Lily
Lode, Lot No. 242. David Burt, applicant,
and on the west Snr No. 2478. the Kerry j
Lode, Lot No. 556, Michael Carroll, (ippll- j
United State« Claim Agent.
First publication, Nov. 11, 1899
Second Judicial District of the State of
Montana, County of Silver Bow.
In the matter of the estate of Kate
Toomey, deceased. Notice for publica
tion of time appointed fur proving will,
Pursuant to an ordPr of said district
court, made on the ZStli day of November,
1899, notice is hereby given that Saturday, I
the 9th day of December, 1899, at 2 o'clock
p. m., of said, day, at the court room of :
said court, at the City of Butte in the said i
County of Silver Bow, has been appoint- j
ed as the time and place Tor proving the j
will of said Kate Toomey deceased, and j
for hearing the application of Annie T. j
garvity for the issuance to her of letters |
:-stamentary when and where any per
son interested may appear and contest I
the same.
Dated November 28th, 1899 .
• Deputy Clerk.
Mining Application No. 4146. United
States Land Office, Helena, Montana,
October 25, 1899.
Notice is hereby given that Ellef Peter
M Mail Colm
n :
for Infants and Child y en■
The Kind You Haye Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
eon, whose postoffice address Is Butte, |
..Iontana, has tins day filed an applied
tion for a patent for 1,500 linear feet, the i
same being- for 30 feet in un easterly
and 1,470 feet In a westerly direction
from the point of discovery on tiie Ethel
I.Mtie Mining Ciaim, situated in Inde
pendence Mining District. Silver Bow
i ounty, Montana, the position, course,
and extent of the' said mining claim, des
ignated by ii r. offic iai survey thereof, as
Survey No. 5.730, Township No. 3 N.,
Range No. 8 'V., a notice of which was
posted on the ciaim on the 23rd day of
October, 1899, ana being more particularly
set forth and described in the official
field notes and plat thereof on tile in this
office, as follows, to-tvlt:
Beginning at the fiorthcast corner,
wi-ere is set a granite stone 8x12x24
inches, 18 inches, deep, marked 1-5730 Tor
Corner No. l, from winch the quarter
section corner on the north boundary of
. ection 18. T. 3 N.. R. 8 W., bens north
degree.* 36 nvnutes west, «80.5 feet
finit, arid running thence south 9 de
grees to minutes east, 375 feet, to the
souliieast Comer No. 2; thence south 81
degree* west, l,4S0.o feet, to the suutilwest
Corner No. 3; tltenco north 9 degrees 40
minutes west, 6l)u reet, to ihe northwest
No. 4; thence north 89 degrees 37 minutes
east 1.500 feet, to Corner No. 1, the place
of beginning, containing an area of 10.57
acres, claimed by the aoove-named ap
plicant for patent.
The local ion of tills mine is recorded in
the office of the Recorder of Bilvc-r Bow
County, on Page 441 In Book ft. of Lodes.
The adjoining claims are on the east
SurveyNt. 1 , 818 , the Tiger Lode, Frank
Kreitsr applicant, and on the south Sur
vey No. 3,339, the Oriole Lode, James C.
Friend applicant.
United States Claim Agent.
(First Publication Octoher 26. 1899.)
h:al and surgical appliances and a pliysi
Notice Is hereby given that the Board
of County Commissioners of Silver Bow
County invites scaled proposals for the
care, support and maintenance of the
sick, poor and infirm of said county per
capita, by the week, for the year bé"in
nilig January 1, 1900, and ending Deeem
ber 31, 1900; said proposais to include the
entire cost of feeding, clothing and nttrs
ing of the sick, poor and infirm, and the 1
bui 'ial expenses; the county to furnish
the county poor farm and buildings
beds, bedding, etc., also medicines, mod
Ian; the contractor to furnish fuel* good
and substantial food and clothing ' "
Proposais to be addressed to j
and ail bids.
4-i»asN ta * "*» aw "■
County Clerk.
Silver Bow, ss.:
This is to certify that 'the Butte Mer
cantile Company is a co-partnership
composed of Pat Mullins. W. B. Wratght
and G. A. Lobbonberg, all of Butte, Mon
tana. and that its principal place of busi
------- is Butte, Montana.
Ptaic of Montana, County of Silver
Bow, ss.:
On this 14th day of November, In the
year 1899. before me, John N Kirk a
notary public in and for Silver Bow Coin
ty, Montana, personally appeared Pat
...... —- — —
Mullins, W. H. Wr.tight and O. A. Lob
benberg, personally known to me to lie
tiie persons whoso names are subscribed
to the within certificate, and acknowl
edged to me that thej' executed the same.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto

Corrected Schedule of Mails for Kutte,
From May 4th, 1890.
firent Northern. e«s*. ......
Great Northern, Local, east .............
Great Northern, trom Anaconda.........
Northern Pacific, east Via Garrison......
Northern Paffilc. east ....................
Anaconda ........... ....................
Oregon Short Line, south ................
Northern Pacific, west ...................
Northern Pacific, west ....................
rflltw tUsmbafAL
I* 30 p. m.
4:30 p. m.
9:35 a. m.
1:45 p. m.
9:05 p. m.
12:59 p. m.
1:05 a. m.
9:45 1 ». m.
9:10 p. m.
4 06 p. ut,
Station No. 1, South Butte
Station No. 1, South Butte
al.09 p. Ri.
4:45 p. m.
9:45 ». m.
4:00 p. m.
9:30 p. m.
1:30 p. m.
1:30 a. m.
4:00 p. TO.
9:30 p. a.
4:30 p. in.
9.45 » m.
4:00 p. m.
4:30 ». tau
4:30 p. m.
7:00 a. m.
6:30 p. m«
10:30 ». m,
6:00 p. Bfe
7:09 ». m.
120 p. IBs
7:00 a. m,
E-'"C p. ofc
<:00 a. m
6:00 p. ok
10:00 a. m
4:30 p. to.
9:00 a. ou
4:00 p to.
Nor. Pas., west...
Nor Pae., west....
Anaconda. Local .
Anaconda, Local
,. 8:40 a m.
. 8:00 p. m.
.. 9:00 a. TO
.12:00 m.
O. N., to Anaconda 4'OOp. m.
0. 8. L.. south .....4:00 p rn.
Helena, Local .....9:00 a.m.
G. N.. east ......... 7:30 p.m.
Nor. Pac. east ...... 9:30p. m.
Nor. Pac. sast. "U
Garrison ..........9:99 a. m.
9:30 a. ra.
9:15 p. no.
10:00 a. m.
1:05 p. in.
4:45 p. ra.
4:45 p. m.
9:45 a. m.
9:30 p. m.
9:20 p. m.
9:iM a m.
| set my hand and affixed my notarial seal
at Butte. Montana, this 14th day of No
i vember. 1899.
(Seal.) JOHN N. KIRK,
Notary Public in and for Silver Bow
County, Montana.
Attorney for Kctate
The Board of County Commissioners
of Silver Bow County, hereby Invites
sealed proposals for the Interment at
the County Cemetery, located at th»
County Poor Farm, of the bodies of alt
persons who may die within said county
during the year beginning January L
1900. and ending December 31, 1900, the
expense of whose burial must be borne
by sa.d County. Proposals to include
the expense of transportation of bodies
from any part or the County to the
County Cemetery, digging of graves, fur
nishing of coffins, underwear or burial
robes whmi necessary, dressing of bodies
and the placing of an oil-painted head
board upon each grave, that the remains
may be identified, and the keeping of at
register of the same.
Bids must be addressed to J. E. Moran,
Clerk of said Board, and filed with, the
County Cterk not later than Wednesday.
December 27. 1899, at 10 o'clock a. m.
The Board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids.
County Clerk.
««">*•1 H-nr,
Jures Impotency, N ig-ht Em issions and
c asting diseases, all effects of self*
abuse, or excess and India
cretion. A nerve tonic and
blood builder. Brings the
pink glow to pale cheeks and
restores the fire of youth.
_ .Bymail 50c pei jox;Oboxes
for $2.50; with a written guaran»
lee to enre or refund the money*
Minton A Jackson Sts.. CHICAGO. !U,
For sale by Newbro Drug Co.. Butte.
II a for* and Attar.
Will quickly cur« yon #f all nervo«
diseases, such as lost manhood, pain»
In the back, seminal emissions, ner
vous debility, unfitness to ntarry, ex
hausting drains, impotency and' all
its horrors. A written guarantee and
money refunded if six boxe« does not
effect, a permanent cure. J1 per box
«lx for $5, by mail securely sealed^
Manufactured by A. Augendre, Pari».
Address all mail t« Newbro Drug C» v
V Bai« Ajfrtxiis, Butte, Montana.
»•aim «a
Raniment»» Tablets
Copißfs» Etc.
I» I la lb-» and Astatic»»
Marb'J», Scotch r.teù
American Grcsl'a.
Wir« stad Im Mal!«
rt 201 1 Hostaaa Street
fl-s may.
p to.
Walkcrv till«
8:30 a. a.
2:00 p. a.
9:99 p. a.
Station No. 1., S. B. 1:09 a. au
Burlington A Gun
derson, reaper, .. 2:30 p ra. 12:30 o ra.
Time of closing for Helen» and
Northern Pactflo.. east and
west, and all pointa on Great
Northern railway ............ 93» p. »
Union Pactflo and aa»t .........2J9 p. uk
Anaconda .....................4:09 » m.
Great Northern point», between
Butte and He!»aa ............9:99 A «

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