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Butte's Copper Output Will Exceed $40,000,000 Dur=
ing the Present Year.
Some Opinions of Experts on the Ore Bodies in the
Underground World of Butte.
"Elsewhere in this issue will be found
Interesting details of the mineral indus
try of the Butte district. Year by year
since 1881 the output of the great copper
mines has been increased, and at each
succeeding year it would seem that the
limit of production had been reached.
Y'et, during the year just closing, Butte
a vill show material gains over the previ
ous year, and if present conditions con
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tinue, the year 1900 will be the greatest
in its history.
Although statistics are not available,
it is safe to predict that the copper output
of Butte this year will aggregate 270,000.
000 pounds. This at an average price of
l.i cents per pound, would amount to
about $40,000,000. Tbe bi-products of gold
and silver in the copper ore added to
that extracted from the silver mines will
add about $8,000.000 more, making a total
of $48,000,000, or nearly $4,000 per capita
for every voter of the county! Not an
other city in the world can show as great
an addition to the wealth of the world, in
any one Industry, as that furnished by
the mines of Butte.
The commercial activity created' by
such an industry is necessarily enormous,
and the benefits resulting reach to the
remotest section of the state. Butte is
indeed the magic city of the new north
west. Her growth has been natural and
not the result of booming, and she has
not yet reached her zenith. Her copper
mines, in operation now about IS years,
are more productive than ever. At a
depth of 2.200 feet the copper veins are
richer and larger than at the suafaqe.
Scientists may speculate until doopjsday
on the problem of how long the $iines
of Butte will continue to yield, but the
men of Butte are satisfied that the treas
ure house of the great camp is practically
inexhaustible, and will continue to yield
until the shafts reach a depth where the
heat will become unbearable.
The value of the output of the Butte
mines will be greatly enhanced this year
by the high price of copper. The great
est metal men of the world agree in say
ing that the price of the metal will not
fall below 15 cents during the next two
'The following notes relative to the
large mines of the district were obtained
from reliable mining engineers who have
frequently inspected the mines men
tioned :
Anaconda—The ore runs from 5 per
cent to as high as 65 per cent for first
grade and is rich in silver, gold and iron.
The product from the gold and silver
more than pays for all the treatment
charges. The iron is a valuable flux' for
the smelter ore. The water of the Ana
conda properties shows a profit of about
$12,000 per month.
St. Lawrence—The ore body is of the
same general character as the Anaconda,
it pinches out on the east side. It will
average between 7 and 12 per cent copper.
Eight years ago a tire started on the
600 level of the St. Lawrence and has
burned through immense bodies down
to the 800. During the past few years the
efforts of the management have been de
voted to confining the lire within tlie lim
its of the 200 and S00 foot levels and mil
lions of gallons of water have been forced
down through diamond drill holes from
the surface. Within the last few weeks
the tire has been subdued.
Never Sweat—This is one of the richest
of the Amalgamated Copper company
possessions. Its hoisting plant is very
complete and is capable of operating the
property to a depth of 5,000 feet. The
ore body is from 15 to 20 feet wide and
averages about 12 per cent copper. The
ore has increased in richness with depth
and an immense body of ore is now
blocked out.
Bell—'This mine is operated in con
junction with the Diamond and High
Ore. The ledge is a broken mass of ore
with faults running through it in all
directions. The Bell is at present pro
ducing the richest ore shipped to the
Anaconda smelters. At a depth of 1,400
feet, a splendid body of ore was encount
ered which assayed 65 per cent copper.
Green Mountain—This is the deepest
shaft in the district, and it was largely
upon the development of this mine that
the Rothschilds made a purchase of a
minority interest a few years ago. The
ore body near the surface was narrow
and the ore was of low grade. This con
dition existed until a depth of about 1,000
feet was reached. Here it widened from
10 feet to 100 feet and continued good
down to the 1,400. Between the 1.400 and
1.700 the ore body was barren and it was
very generally supposed that the mine
had been exhausted. At a depth of 1,800
feet a big ledge of high grade copper
ore was again encountered. This has
continued down to the 2,200 level with no
sign of exhaustion.
Mountain 'Con—-Sinking will 'be con
tinued on both of the Mountain Con
properties, which have immense bodies of
copper ore running' from 17 to 40 per cent,
from which a big tonnage of concen
trates is also produced.
Ramsdell-Parrott—This is a low grade
property under lease to Miles Finlen. On
some of the levels, however, much high
grade ore has been found. It is said that
it has netted the lessee about $10,000 per
month during the past year, besides pay
ing 50 per cent royalty. j
Leonard—This mine has a large ton
nage of first and second grade ore and a j
considerable amount of third class ore i
which is treated at the company's con- i
centrators at Great Falls. The ledge
between the surface twtd 800 foot level
varies front 20 to 150 feet in width and
runs as high as 70 per cent. The ore
consists principally of copper sulphides, ;
copper glance and peacock copper, and !
contains some gold and silver values. It
increases in copper values with depth. !
Mountain View—This is the highest
mine in the copper 'belt. It lias a very
rich ledge of high grade ore from 10 to
20 feet in width. But the ore body
increases in width with depth. The ore
runs from 7 to 40 per cent in copper, al
though the high grade will approach
nearer to 60 per cent. The ore is all
sorted at the mine.
Pennsylvania—This is probably the
richest of the Boston & Montana mines,
but tlie ore body is only from 10 to 25
feet wide. Ore of the first grade will av- .
orage 60 percent in copper.
Colusa—'Both the East and West
Colusa have been opened up to a great
extent during the past year. The ledge
at tlie. West Colusa lias increased from
10 feet at the 700 to about 100 feet at,
the 1,100 and tlie ore runs from 7 to 20
a j
per cent. On the East Colusa the values
are less, but there is an immense body
of low grade ore.
Michael Devitt—This is the property
which was purchased for some $600,000
by the Boston & Montana, supposedly
for strategic purposes on account of
threatened litigation. The ledge is said
to be a very narrow one and the ore low
grade. As high as 15 per cent copper has
been found but the values did not hold
out. The Berkeley shaft on this claim
is said to be showing up much better
with depth.
Blue Jay—The ore body varies from
10 to 50 feet down to the 800 level, but
widens out to 100 feet at the 1,000. The
tonnage of the mine consists principally
of a high grade copper glance and sul
phide ore running above 50 per cent in
copper and high in gold and silver.
Parrot—This mine was the royal pro
ducer of the old Parrot company and
when worked with a full force of men
will maintain its fonrner reputation. The
ore body increases in richness and width
with depth. The Bellona has a 50-foot
ledge. Near the surface it was high
grade but at the 600 it became much
lower grade. The Little Minah has also
a large body of low grade ore. Both
shafts are in virgin ground.
Silver Bow—No. 1 shaft has a large
body of low grade ore running from 2 to 8
per cent in copper. Some of the high
grade ore carries copper values of 35 per
cent, but only a small percentage of gold
and silver. No. 3 shaft is producing large
quantities of ore of a fair grade. It is
understood that this shaft will be devel
oped to a great depth during the next
Gray Rock—The ore is of the same gen
eral character as that of the Bell and the
ledge is from 19 to 50 feet in width.
Some of the high grade ore carries values
of 69 per cent copper, with a little gold
and silver.
Rarus—Both the shafts are in low
grade ore, carrying values of from 3 to 15
per cent with a ledge of from 15 to 50
feet in width.

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