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. Cold Try
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Savings and Time
Capital $100,000.00
Established 1877
AF.KX .1. JOHNSTON........Cashier
J. K. IIESLET.....Assistant Cashier
Transacts a General Banking
Business. Accounts of Banks,
Corporations and Firms Will
Receive Best Terms Consistent
With Good Banking Methods.
interest Paid on Time
Moves in Safety Deposit Vault
Daly Bank and Trust
(Established 1882)
Charles J. Kelly, John D. Ryan,
Marcus Daly. C. C. Swinbome,
R. A. Kunkel.
CHARLES J. KELLY......President
John D. Ryan........Vice President
C. C. SWINBORNE..........Cashier
R A. KUNKEL.... Assistant Cashier
R W. PLACE.....Assistant Cashier
Interest Paid on Unie Deposits
Capital ..................1200,000.00
Surplus and Profits....... 860 , 000.00
All deposits made in
our savings department
on or before January 15
will draw interest from
January 1.
Established 1877.
First National Bank
of Butte
Capital and Surplus 8600,000.
ANDREW J. DAVIS........President
E. B. WEIRICK......Vice President
J S. DUTTON...............Cashier
J E. STEPHENSON... .Asst. Cashier
GEO. U. HILL.........Asst. Cashiaf
Travelers' Checks and
Foreign Exchange Issued
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Delegation to Be Sent to Hel
ena With Memorial From
People of City.
A memorial will be presented by the
business men and others of Butte to
the present legislature protesting
against the proposed extra tax on
mining companies. Facts will be
cited and figures quoted in support
of the contention of the people of
Butte that it is manifestly unfair to
overtax the mining corporations,
which are already carrying and have
always been willing to carry their Just
share. This was decided upon last
evening at the annual meeting of the |
Chamber of Commerce. Talks on the j
subject were made by Vice President ;
A. R. Currie, J. Bruce Kremer, Her- {
man Blank and others.
Mr. Kremer made an extended ad
dress to the chamber in which he
pointed out that if the proposed 6 per
cent license law is passed, the local
mining companies will have to carry
a tax of 8.87 per cent in addition to
the taxes on improvements. "Tin*
proposed action of the legislature af
fects all here, and when conditions are
normal again we will find that if the
companies are called upon to pay ex
ess license taxes It will be necessary
for all of us, business man, wage
«•truer, miner and smelterman, to
Through Chairman James H. Rowe
the committee on the "smoko
nuisance," a report was submitted to
the chamber stating that a conference
had been had with Frank M. Kerr of
the Montana Power company and the
Phoenix Electric company, who in
formed the committee that an auto
matically controlled underfeed stoker
lant. similar to those used in Chi
cago and other largo cities, had been
ordered many months a"o and was to
have been delivered in September.
The manufacturers ha\e been delayed,
however, and it will be another GO dayi
before the new plant is Installed. I
believed that the new plant will
dispose of the greater part of the
smoke trouble, while it will also re
duce the operating costs, so answering
a double purpose. I.ator the commit
tee will submit an ordinance, fair and
practicable for the whole community
The eight outgoing directors were
re-elected. They are 1). J. Charles,
T. Brophy, John Gillie, L. O. Evans,
T. Davis, W. M. Tuohy, Louis Drei
belbis and A. R. Currie. Those, w ith
seven holdovers, will meet later
and elect officers of the chamber. It
has been customary in the past to give
the president two years of office. J.
L. Carroll, the Incumbent, who is away
his honeymoon, will probably be
offered the honor for a second time.
The chamber will give a banquet on
Washington's birthday. Fred Acker
man of the Independent Milk company
was elected a member of the chamber.
The reports of Secretary Austin
were read and accepted. They cov
ered the ground outlined in last night's
Few' people realize that over 350,000
pounds of various herbs are used an
nually in making Lydia K. Pinkham's
Vegetable ('ompound, and these herbs
all have to be gathered at the season
of the year when their medicinal prop
erties are at their best.
The watchword in preparing these
herbs is cleanliness, the process of
percolation is perfect. All utensils
and tanks are sterilized and the medi
cine is pasteurized, clarified and fil
tered before it is bottled for the con
It is this wonderful combination of
herbs, together with the skill and care
I used in the preparation, which has
I made tills famous medicine so success
ful in the treatment of female ills*.
first Installments on
The tiret quarterly Installments of
subscriptions to the Youniï Men a
Christian Association building fund be
camo due yesterday. All subscribers
were eb en the rieht to pay their sub
scriptlons in four quarterly install
ments. However, the mnjority of the
larper Installments are helne raid all
at one time. In fact, the majority of
them havo been paid already. The
banka of the city are receiving the
installments- and will make accounting
to Secretary-Treasurer Colton.
The petition of Bishop John P. Car
roll of tho Catholic diocese of Helena
and others Interested for the vacating
of an alley which runs east and west
through the property recently acquired
by Bishop Carroll In the Smith &
Shewe addition, where a Catholic
church for the south side is to be built
this summer, was granted yesterday
bv^the^oard of county commissioners.
Th. D.mton was presented on Jan. 5.
The property contains 24 lots.
_ r the extreme cold and
Because of the oomin unity
the small attendance. tMwmmun^y
singing r f hearsf ' 1 n rt postponed
the rntdwnUr
L aa . t . T V . "
held later. ___
Troy, N. Y., Jan. 16. By a f re n
unknown origin the armory^of UmW
ond regiment. New York national
guard of this city, was destroyed to
day. The total loss will amount to
nearlv half a million dollars.
A poker fiend Is Dentist Land.
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Mrs. Graham's
Aids to Beauty
A T her celebrated Salon de
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Cactico Hair Tonic..................$1.00
Mrs. Graham's Fine Toilet
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School Trustees to Hear Re
port and Act on Cook's
The regular weekly meeting of the
board of trustees of the Butte school
district this evening will probably re
cet-ve the report of the official audit
of the accounts of the district, which
has been completed. It is said that
report is very satisfactory
every way and very creditable to the
office force. The board will consider
Physical Director Cook's suggestion in
egard to making provision for the use
of the swimming plunge at the new
annex gymnasium by others than high
school students.
Last week Mr. Cook suggested that
club ur clubs be formed by those
desirous of sharing the advantages of
such a plunge; that a small fee be
charged to defray expenses, that spe
cial classes be conducted for those
ho wanted lessons and that the club
or clubs name committees to pass
upon applications. Copies of Mr.
Cook's written plan were given to each
trustee and action will probably
taken this evening on the matter.
Wheeling, W. Va„ Jan. Ifi.-Capt.
Matthew A. Batson, U. S. A.,
charge of the West Virginia recruiting
district, with headquarters in Hunt
ington, died in a hospital here last
night of pneumonia. He served In the
Spanlsh-Ameriean war and was
awarded a medal by congress for ex
ceptional bravery in the battle of
Thousands 1
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EMI occurs:
Department Responds to Call
Same as Twenty-two
Years Ago.
At exactly the same hour, on the '
same date as the explosion 22 years
ago >vhen 60 people were killed and
250 badly Injured, an explosion oc- .
purred last night at a shoe shop at
421 East Park street. The fire de- j
partment responded to the call at five ;
minutes past 10. Twenty-two years
ago the department responded to a
call at five minutes past 10, and five
minutes later 60 people were dead.
No one was hurt during last night's
explosion, however. The building was
set on fire, but the flames were ex
tinguished in short order by the fire
Chief Martin estimated the damage
to the owner, Anthony George, at M00.
These are the first women to be
members of a committee planning in
auguration of a president of the
nlted States. Mrs. Wesley Martin
Stoner, left, prominent southern suf
fragist; Mrs. J. H. Boggs, right, or
ganized the Women's Wilson union,
which campaigned for Wilson support
before election.
Life Looked Black to Girl Who
Had Five Children to
Care for.
Trenton, N. J.. Juu. 10.—She never
hod a doll. She never had a plaything.
And so Ruth Smith, at the age of 12.
decided there was untiling in life und
tried In put on end to herself by drink
ing Iodine. ,
She will probably get well, the kindly
doctors and nurses in the McKinley
hospital tell her; but sbe isn't at all
sure she wants to, If things are to go
Oil ns they have. A life of nothing but
drudgerv, of none of childhood's pleas
ures. holds no particular appeal to her,
she says. ....
The child is the daughter of Arthur
Smith, a night watchman. She was
found unconscious In her homo at No.
52 Assanplnk street, with the empty
drug bottle beside her. Mrs. Hannah
Long, n policewoman, rushed her to
the hospital just in time to save her.
When slie recovered she told what she
had been through.
Ever since she could get about alone
there has been a baby for her to play
with or care for. First there was John,
now 1(1; C.nra. now 8. and next Mary,
Dorothy and George, whoso present
ages arc f> years, 4 years and 10
Ruth's mother died a few months
after the last haby was born, and all
the responsibility fell upon the shoul
ders of the eldest child. She had had
enough already, for the mother had
been a semi-invalid, and the father
worked at night and slept days, so ho
could help hut little.
Because of the doctors' bills and the
ever-increasing family there was no
monev in the Smith home for toys or
dolls. Actually Ruth had never pos
sessed that dearest of girl possessions.
All she knew of them she had seen
through shop windows. She told tho
doctors and nurses and policewoman
that a hit of bright ribbon or a toy
would have made her wild with delight.
Recent'y, through lack of amusement,
she would put her little family to bed
early at nights and wander about tile
streets, enviously looking at the r
ing picture houses which she could not
enter, and the bright scenes which she
couldn't lako part in.
This led to reprimands, and, finally
growing desperate, she said, she found
the poison bottle and swallowed Its
Seattle, Jan. 16.—United States coast
and harbor defense Bubmarine N-2
was launched today at the yard of the
Seattle Construction and Drydock
company. Mrs. Whitford Drake, wife
of Assistant Naval Constructor Drake,
U. S. N., christened the diver. The
N-2 is a sister of the N-l, recently
launched at the same yard. The N-S
Is almost completed nearby
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Washington. Jan. 16.—William Jen
nings Bryan conferred with President
Wilson today. He has just returned
from a trip through the south.
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Coroner Lane's Inquiry into tho
death of Qunard Peterson, the 7-year
old son of Eric Peterson who was
killed the night of Deo. 30 at the East
Butte crossing of tho Columbia Gar
dens line when a street car struck a
cutter In which he was riding, will be
resumed at 7 o'clock this evening. The
condition of Peterson pore, who «'as
forced to undergo an operation after
the accident, is such that he can tes
tify tonight. Practically all of the
testimony, save his, has been received
by the coroner's Jury. Previous
velopraents of the Inquest indicate that
father and son were returning ti
Butte from a visit in the MeQueeri'od
dition and while crossing the street
rar tracks a car struck their cutter,
killing the boy and Injuring the father.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. Ford ynd
daughter of Great Falls are guests at
the Thornton.
To Relieve Catarrhal
Deainess and
Head Noises
Persons suffering from catarrhaJ deaf
ness and head noises will be glad to
know that this distressing affliction can
usually be successfully treated at home
by an Internal medicine that in many
Instances has effecte<l complete relief
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ferers who could scarcely hear have had
their hearing restored to such an extent
that the tick of a watch was plainly audi
ble seven or eight Inches away from either
ear. Therefore if you know of someone
who Is troubled with head noise*
catarrhal deafness, cut out this formula
and hand It to them and you may have
been the means of saving some poor suf
ferer perhaps from tetal deafness. The
prescription can be prepared at home and
is made as follows:
Secure from your druggist 1 o*. Par
mint (Double Strength), about 76 cents
worth. Take this home and add to lt
^4 pint of hot water and 4 os. of granu
lated sugar; stir until dissolved. Take
one tablespoonful four times a day.
Parmlnt Is used in this way not only
to reduce by tonic action the infalmma
tion and swelling In the Eustachian
Tubes, and thus to equalise the air pres
sure on the drum, but to correct any
excess of secretions In the middle ear,
and the results it gives are nearly always
quick and effective.
Every person who has catarrh in any
form should give this recipe a trial.
Custer County Attorney Urges
segregated Vice as "Moral
Miles City Is resisting closing of its
restricted district with more vigor
than any other city in the state just
now, and in answer to many letters of
protest from the Cowtown, Attorney
General S. C. Ford has declared that
"an exception in the enforcement of j
the laws will be made neither at Miles |
City nor any other locality in M 011 -
This declaration by the attorney !
general was prompted by a letter from
County Attorney Frank Hunter of
Custer county, urging that a restricted
district in Custer county is a ' moral
"The trade is supplied," says the
Custer county attorney, "and kept alive
by growing girls entering these houses,
and If we can successfully place under
strict surveillance prospective inmates
and those who frequent the streets it
late and unusual hours and who pro
miscuously attend dances and picture
shows and restaurants with unsavory
company, continuance of this segre
gated district will aid us. If you in- !
termlngle those already in the busi
ness among decent and respectable
youth, both on tho streets and in the
residence parts of the town, we are
rendered helpless from interfering with
the source of the supply."
May Reopen at Great Falls.
In circles in a position to know it
was rumored In Hutto yesterday that
an attempt will be made tonight to re
open the restricted district in Great
Falls. An effort, it was stated, would
be mads to keep the district open for
at least two days. Suppression is ex
pected, hut property owners of the
district there anticipate that ultimate
ly they will he permitted to operate
under certain close and drastic re
A majority of Montana cities and
towns have taken the redlight abolition
order ns did Butte, and a great many
scarlet women have left the state as
a result. However, owners of prop
erty in such districts are hoping that
the order will be tempered so that
operation under certain restrictions
will be permitted.
Property Owners Obey.
There was little need for police sur
veillance in Butte Incident to the or
der closing the district. Property
owners of that section themselves took
tho initiative in the matter of enforce
ment. Realization of their liability
and the penalty attached to renting
property for an Immoral purpose led
them to stop traffic In the district.
Tho property owners In this instance,
say the police, co-operated with the
authorities as they have never done
before. At least one of them, a big
property holder of the district at that,
is resigned to abolition. "It's coming
sooner or later anyway," is his phlloso
phy. He has given up hope for with
drawal of the abolition order. The
others are not so pessimistic.
Many Are Leaving Butte.
Many late denizens of Butte's dis
trict have left the city. Twenty-flv<
per cent of the 300 or 400 women havi
departed for other cities and states,
according to estimates made by the
police. "Every woman who has the
money is getting out," the officers say
Many are pawning their Jewelry and
selling their furniture and effects.
Pianos and phonographs bought on
time" are being returned to dealers
Several Montana cities abolished
segregated vice long before the order
of the attorney general. In others
sporadic movements for closing were
initiated at intervals during the past
two or three years.
Three Forks, Jan. 16.—The Brother
hood of American Yeomen held In
stallation of officers at their last meet
ing. Installing officers were Mrs. Da
Fever of Townsend homestead and
Mrs. Liston as Chief Yeoman of Boze
man homestead. Those who took of
fice ore: Foreman, Mrs. John Rogers;
master of ceremonies, Mrs. Edna Eck;
correspondent. Mrs. Mabel May; mas
ter of account, William Howard; over
seer, Mrs. William Rockefeller: chap
lain. Mrs. George Bracken; watchman,
Harry L. Gustlne; guard, Mrs. Flora
Barch; sentinel, George Bracken.
After the installation the members and
invited guests spent a most enjoyable
evening playing cards, while some
amused themselves with dancing,
after which delicious refreshments
were enjoyed.
William Irwin of Pipestone is at
tending to business matters here for a
few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Dunbar enter
tained at an informal dinner Sunday
to a number of their friends. After
a most enjoyable dinner the hosts and
guests formed a theater party, going
to the Ruby theater for the evening.
Mrs. Nellie Jensen, wife of Pete
ensen, died at the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hunt, at 7
o'clock Monday morning, after a ling
ering illness. Mrs. Jensen had only
been home from Butte three weeks
She had recently undergone an opera
tion there. Mrs. Jensen was bom in
Potosi, Wts.. Sept. 11, 1877. and she
spent her girlhood in the east, was a
graduate of the Platteville Normal. In
1909 she was married to Peter Jensen
in Rt. Anthony, Ida., and they came to
the new town of Three Forks shortly
afterwards and located on a home
stead between here and Toston. where
they have lived the past eight years.
She leaves to mourn her, besides her
husband, an adopted child and her
parents; a brother, Charles, all of
whom live near Three Forks; a sis
ter. Mrs. Bob Thomas, of Butte, and a
brother of Butte, and a sister in Wis
consin. The funeral will he held in
Three Forks Thursday.
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poo w'ith Cuticura Soap and hot water
using plenty of Soap, best applied with
the hands, because it makes them very
soft and white. Rinse with tepid water.
Read directions around Soap. Nothing
better, purer, sweeter than Cuticura
Soap for every-day toilet uses, assisted
now and then as needed bv little touches
of Cuticura Ointment. You can have
samples free by return mail for the ask
ing. Address post-card: "Cuticura,
Dept. 14F, Boston." Sold everywhere.
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specialty. 222 Vg South Arison*.
Phone 2554.
Expert Watch Repairing—Watch
cleaning, $1.50; mainsprings, $1;
both guaranteed for one year.
RRODIE, the Jeweler, People's
Theater building, 40 East Park
Over Clark's Hank
Lady Attendant
Charleston, W. Va. —John W.
Shaner, manager lor the Green Hill
orchard near here, received a check
for $2 a few days ago for a bill of
lumber he sold nine years ago when
In business at Connellsville, Pu Only
one bill was sent and that with the
John Lee, aged 68 years, a bricklayer
and resident of Butte for many years,
died yesterday. He has no known rel
atives. He was bom in Ireland. Th#
funeral services will he held tomorrow
under the auspices of the Bricklayers'
union, of which he was a member.
The funeral will proceed from White's
parlors at 9:45 o'clock to the Sacred
Heart church, where a mass will be
celebrated. Burial will be in the Holy
Cross cemetery. __
A medical preparation like Dr. Kil
mer's Swamp-Root, that has real cur
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an endless chain system the remedy
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Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is a phy
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The success of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
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Do not suffer. Get a bottle of
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Start treatment today.
However, if you wish first to test
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Dally Post.

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