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Is Thousands of B 'j
During the Past
Dental Satisfaction
As G -inran teed by
ine 2008 for Appointments
The last word in modern dentistry, combined with 2<1 years' experience
Besides our work you will also be satisfied n.th Dili PRICES. Solid fold
crowns. $4.00; porcelain crowns, $1.00; bridge »oik, $4.00 a tooth; plaliuun,
fillings, $1.50; silver fillings, $1.00; solid gold fillings, $1.30 up: full set cf
teeth ...................................... ..................
Raise High Priced Wheat
on Fertile Canadian Soil
Canada extends to you a hearty invitation to settle on her
FREE Homestead land» of 160 acre» each or secure some of
the low priced lands in Manitoba, Satkatchev/anend Alberta.
This year wheat is higher but Canadian land just as chcap t SO
the opportunity is more attractive than ever. Canada wants
you to help feed the world by tilling some of her fertile soil
—lend similar to that which during many years lias aver
aged 20 to 4C bushels of wheat to theacre. Think of the
money you can make with wheat around $2 a bushel and
landsoeasy toget. Wonderful yields also of Oats, Barley
and Flax. Mixed farming in Western Canada is
as profitable an industry as grain growing.
The Government this year i3 asking fanners t- put in
creased acreage into grain. Military £<?rvice is rot Cora
puLcry in Canada but there is a great demand f ar farm
laber i i replace the many young men who have volun
teered for service. Theclimate is healthful ard agreeable,
railway faculties excellent, goed schools and churches
convenient Write for literature a? to reduced railway
rates to bupt. cf Immigration, Ottawa, Can , or to
Dann Bleck, Great Falls, Mont.
Canadian Government A pen'
mm I ■ wm ■ ■ ■ ■■■ ■■■—— ■
Physicians and Others Invited
to Gwe^Tfw Opinions
Whether the swimming plunge
the Butte high school gymnasium w
be thrown open to the pud for four
nights a week has not yet been de
elded and will not be until next Tues
day evening, when physicians and the
public in general will be invited to at- ;
tend the meeting of the trustees.
Physical Director T G < 'ook ex
plained his plans to the board last
raised that
had l»een
the meetin
evening An obJe< tior
It would be wls* to p
tlon until several phy
heard on the danger of contagion. Mr.
Cook did not believe that there was
any danger to be feared in this re
gard Of course, he said, the strictest
watch would I«» kept on all members
and the greatest care exercised to pre
vent any possible contagion. The fur
ther discussion of the matter will be
given the
matters a
I -wing tn the nines« of Joseph P.
Callan, the report was not made on
the school audit and was postponed
for one week. The trustees ordered
♦he purchase of 10"* clocks f « .r use in
the s« hools nt a maximum c t --f
$5 50 each. The Montana < '» instruction
company's bill for $s,024, for work
done on the new annex was disallowed
It was claimed by the construction
company that through the fault of the
board, the contractors were put to ad
ditlonal expense and hence the extra
olll. One of the contentions of the
contractors, it 1« said, was that the
board had not finances so that the
i all oth'-r
\t 1 uesday
' ;
In many a home the keystone of the
family's Health is a daily ration of the
Splendid wholewhe at and barley food—
The reason lies in the fact that this food contains an
abundance of those elements—the mineral salts—so neces
sary for well-balanced bodies, brains and nerves. (ïrape
Nuts also includes the entire nutriment of the grains, in con
centrated. easily digestible form, ready-to-eat from the
Grape-Nuts is usually eaten with cream or milk, and
the fla\or is wonderfully delicious. It also combines in
numerous attractive, special dishes.
Better digestion, better health, better accomplishment
with Grape-Nuts as a daily food.
'There's a Reason"
I work could be proceeded without de
! iay. The board maintains that war
rants were being issued right along
I and tha* ~ * ----------------- ~
ither contractors were ac-{
cepting the warrant«. The contract
started last July. The trustees de
dded to refuse to allow the bill. Sun
dry bills amounting to |.V.«3'\45 were
Mary Higgins, as administratrix
hc-r husband. James Higgins, has filed
her final account with the clerk of the
district court and has asked for an
ts. as admin
order of
bas received
out $1.464. All claims against the
estate have been I aid. In the distrl
hution of the estate the widow and
only child of the de eased. James Hig
j The new pub!'
J l(?rs of Inter
ribution of the money and i
hand The administratrix 1
i, . I
li and l aid
to share equally. i
______ !
"Dadsah," a wo id coined from the
letters of the name of the local tem
ple of the Shrlners "Bagdad," is the
title of the breezy little publication
whi'-h has been Issued by the local!
( temple. It Is well Illustrated with oar
toons of local interest by Merle Davis.
fit ion is devoted to mat
to the membership.
Among the annual statements file
ith the clerk and recorder y ester da
-re those of the Montana Hardwar
mpany and the Timber Butte Milling
of the
curient ex
tern s has
The poet's income is «juite slack,
His lot he often curses :
And, when he getd his verses hack,
1 has his reverses.
Religious Summer Camp Will
Be Discussed—Reception
Friday Night.
plans for » summer c imp for church
workers will be made this evening at
the meeting of the Montana Fédéra-^
tion of Churches which will be at- (
tended l»y several of the Butte min
isters w ho left this morning for the ,
capital. Among some of the prin- |
ci a! speakers will be Attorney «en- |
era I Koid. Chance'lor Klliott of the,
I'niversity of Montana and John Pope,
etato superintendent ' f the Montan -1 . ■
Anti-Saloon league. The sui.Jeet of a j
summer camp was discussed at a
meeting held in Butte one month ago.
could Le :
move::.» * * a J* * ' " . .
f ten ' : , iptnniK-'r Thwe
' 1 ' lt j
I.« .-r.nn- tai.A - f Putins it direct.>
! the beautiful Gallatin val
cuvities of the camp would j
,ver exercises. Bible study. .
u.nd games.
meeting of importance in
t j, „f,, <m . iaiiii __
jcatingp.- 4 v 'I!,., w « uld i
attended b7 mml of 'the Batte min- !
i ..... w 11 be the reception which is '
to be' tendered Friday night by the.
'Helena Ministerial association to the
inemlier« of the legislature, at which j
'talks Will he made by Gov. S V. Stew- '
.H-t. Chancellor lllliott. Speaker J. F.
o-i-o-.r.or. President Pro Tun. of the
Senate John E. Edwards. Chief Justice
Prantly. Congresswoman - elect Miss
Jeanette Rankin, and others Ret N.
Burdick of Helena will presiele at
the reception.
A '"''
vertised at the Butte
ending Jan. 12, 15*17.
,l rt , r
j, ;# i ee
stub, F
A rcher,
and Mr
t. AMI, Ptai
E. AUe
Fred Alers, Nelsc
Anderson, J. W. Acuff, Mr:
: Mr and Mrs Wm. Ad
•lpn Anttila. Miss Jo s eph!n
r. and Mrs Beverly Angov
Alien, Axel An
arles Austin.
e /_ '
,.t a .
Brown, Turn
Brown, Thos.
Sarah Blythe,
Babb. Mr and
Mrs. W B Baxter. P. I,. Beckstead,
Thos. A. Bernard, Thos Branon, Sidney
A Briggs B. W. Burma», P. A. Barlow.
Mrs Byron Bowman, J. H Burgener.
Miss Nelle Brown. Pat Bonner. Bab©
Brennan. R. V Bnmdsfleld. Teresa
Brewl. Raymond Bell, Mrs. Borg. Boston
«'onsolidated Copper Mining Co., Miss
Buck, J. W Bianey, Henry Brunkon,
& Brlgg , Haro!d B:irry H u
iell, A1 Burton. Mr. Edgar J. Bar
George Brown. Cecil Brandon, T. H
les. Geo Black. Mlsss Audrey Bran
: on Alonza. Bradlei, Harry Brings, Mrs
Lena Bowman. Mrs. C. H. Brow n, Mrs.
Agnes C. Burke. *'arlos Burke, Clinton
T Brooker. Miss Edith Burli. E. E. Ben
nett. E. V. R&rek, Re ta Blair, Franklin
Brokau, M. B. Burke. Mrs. Nell Beau
champ, Jovo Bogdanovich, Mrs. J. R.
Boyce. F. O. Bernard, Miss Maxine
Brasg. Henry C. Beck, Rose M. Bittner.
OUle Bryant, Mrs. R. Black, W. G. Fisher
Barrett. Mrs. Adolph Baker. Mrs. Louise
Barnes Mrs. J. R. Baxter, J. V. Barker,
Best. Fannie Brown, Charlie
Jesse Bal
v Belanger,
Buck. Rose
Beegle, Ray Bresland, Mr
langur. John Barbour, Mrs.
James Bateman, Rexford
Booth, Thos Byrne t2>, Barbara Burns,
Angela Balluff, N. Busch, Miss M Bois
Jolie, Mrs. S. Orl C. Brady, Mary Berrl
ßtu« But ' k ' nuh " rd Kur * ess ' Mr *
ish. E B
Mrs A A Currie. Cs
Carter. R. Cook, Mrs.
.'ham pagne. Cari, Mt. Fleecer Tim- |
Mr and Mrs. !
Christie, Mrs. John Campbell. Eugene F '
Crandall. Mrs. Ada Chaney (2), Mr. and
Mrs. Chane' . Carrie ' lark. Pat Cunning
ham. Hazel Clark. Mrs. Thos. Clausen, i

k Chambers. F. W. Carlson, Miss B.
*k J. G. Collins. P. Carlson, Mrs. W
H. Cassidy, J. Cainpbel, Miss Irene Clark,
Mr James Connor, R. S. Curtis, W. P.
Culberson, Lawrence Coakiey. Herbert W.
Conger. A. J. Christian, Linda Canning.
Fred Cooper, Frieda Cramer, Mias
Ivah Crawley, F. H. Campbell. Paul Chi
nti. Frank Coburn. Miss Muriel Cor
. Carrie Cutting, Miss Effie Chase.
rie Clark, Margaret Cosling. Leo
Clark. Mrs. P. Cimnnd. Hridgie Carol.
Ray Cobban, \Vm. Crowther. Mrs. Wilber
ur.nlnt;bam (2), W. H. R. C'erson, Wal
er A. Clarke. Walt Cosby, Miss Clara
Clark, R. F. Cutlar. Olaf Carlson, Michael
■11. C. M. Campbell, E. Cheadle.
Sarah Downs. Mrs. Dunstan. F. A. De- I
nom, Ixîo G. Dandler. Al J. Denier, Anna |
Darragh, Ruth Dixon, Mrs. James
JCrf.î®* 11 ; Kut « Dixon, Mrs. James J. j
, >'i e, Tv Jame8 T I >am , on ' * u,ffaeIe Defanti.
n!.kLV*f V1 m J , w' Rom j
I,, 1 , T» T-. - ' VI - ' — I
n ' , I- 1 ^ r> ' Bill (
? avK '
I^dessa Davis, James!
<-). Jmnes Duncan,
Jane Dowdle, ]
Devlin, J. De Fi
Sidney M. Davi
Mrs. Bridger
Everett, Mrs. I
Emraorft, M
Iy >Ul ."'
, h i ford 11 1
stnre ii.ie. * H ,"°*
Mr, A M ?
FUI, t Wvnwf vill « v y '
Mra W L EHam. 'c "!;
Edwarde. Madame Ell, sa, mind reader. .
Julia Foley, F. Favero. H. D. Fagan
<2l. John p. Flynn, F. D. Kagan. Ethel
Fetid. May Kant, Horaee Furston, James
W. Foster, O. L. Fairbault, Mrs. Steve
i Furman, Mrs. H. F. Farrell. Feely Ranch
Co., Mrs. Fitzsimmons. Mrs. Jones Ferler.
Mr. and Mrs. Fryck. Mrs. James M.
Frank, Carl E. Franien. Mrs. T. D. Frit
cher. C. Franson. Mrs. A. J FVush. Wal
ter Fenlon, Mabel Florence, Mrs. W. Fln
nle. Jennie Forrest. Thos. Flemang, M
Forestelra, Walter Flegel. J. Fahey (21
Ous Finley. Miss F. M. Fregrdg, A. B
Finch, T, J. Fitzgerald A Co.. Tom Fil
OUie Gunderson. J. W. Glllis, Mrs Rich
ard C.aUivan, James Geddls, «Mr. and Mrs.
J. A. Gulls, L. C. '»rash, Mrs. Kate Grif
fin, Chas. P Gregory, D. S. Goodfellow.
Frank Gulick. .Mrs Gove, Carl Gordon,
W0NDER; europebids^ornew sea diver

Lo* Angeles, Jan. 17 .—A
sc. small it could be tucked in the vest
pocket of 1'ncle Sam. and which, ac
cording to its iivtntor will • •• 1*-.*<1 -
..... ..... K- m >nean
cording to its inventor
factor la ending the European
was perfected recently by Milon
J- Tnimble of Los Angeles.
Tests made at Alamitos bay near
here with this queer iittle craft indi
. ite that it will revolutionise warfare
on the water—just as the aeroplane
has turned the technique of land
fighting topsy-turvy,
It will be as greet a surprise tothe
world as was the German subsea
merchantman or the British trench
defying ■'tanks."
Here are the most astounding fea
tures of this baby submersible:
It Is manned by one man. He is
captain, navigator, crew and gunner.
It can be built In 10 days.
It can be transported overland by
motor truck from one body of water
to another; thus being able, indirectly,
to attain a speed of 20 mile? on dry
land, in addition to making 35 miles
on the surface of water and 20 miles
Make Them by Score.
Enough of thef»e vessels could be
made in 60 days to protect an en tie
nation. They could furnish an im- j
pregnable defense to email countries
not equipped with fleets of dread
A whole family of these little boats
could be carried by every battleship
in the American navy. They could be
launehed from davits as readily as
are cutters and launches at present,
The baby divers are fully as efficient
and far less expensive to operate than
are the larger undersea craft. They
are so quickly controlled that it would
be impossible for a larger vessel to
destroy them. They can outdistance
the fastest vessels we now have and
can submerge so rapidly as to dodge
any torpedo fired at them.
Each ••sub" carries two torpedoes
(also the invention of Trumble)
weighing 1.000 pounds apiece. They
Mrs C F. Goodman. Mrs. C L. Guest, i
Gehran. J W GiUett, Jones Gunn.
James Graham, Irene Grisley, Thomas
Goldsworthy. F. Granen. Mrs. Ri»sr Gra-1
ham, S. V. R Gr*. F. M. Garside, Mr?
J. L. Guyton. H D. Goodfellow, Ivai^Miss
Gradal. Ethe. Gainer, H H. G ru well, '
Ronald W. Grahame.
H. J
Anton Huh«.. Mr, A. H. Q. Hansen,
R. H. Holden. Kate M. Hamilton, H E. '
Hartman. Huch H Harper, Frank Hud- '
__________ _ __________:
own, Anton Huber. Bessey Harrigan. «..i
and Mrs. Hanson. Perle Hubbard. Mark''"
V. Hannon. Mis« Mae Harrington. Bally,
I-iura M. Henick, Mrs. Laura Hall, Jeff
Hill, John L Heegarty, Harold Hansen
N Hen
' Geo.
Hoey, W E
Grace Lenorc
i ton, Mortlme
UOIH..S.U.., $».ij|
Hall. Mrs. W. C. Hasking. Whitt Huff. ;
Llovd Hiien Mrs. Glover Hamit. C. D * ,
Hoffman Mrs F. ra Hangaswaa, Dr. F. !
Hill. Aladdin Hvssvn. Christ Höbe. ,
AniYjrose Howe'.l, Gordon Heavlin, Elli .
Hermann. Bdw Hatsllng. Mrs. John Hoi
land, M Htftley, Margaret Hegarty. Marv |
Hailam. M J Higgins, Mack Hanlev '
Hensly. Mrs. Joe
Hughes, Wm. Hegarty (2).
Hamilton, Vivian 1 Hamil
L Hall t2), Rose Hunsing
j ton, R. 'I. Howard. Davis M. Hart. Mrs.
' ' Henderson, C'Ure Hinton, Hon. H. M.
Harwood. Miss Eli*. Haggerty, Miss Ida
' E Holm. Chas Hostetter, Ralph M.
■ Hodgens. Mr« Rose Homie, Pat Hannl
' gan, Pat J Hamilton, Mrs. Hergert, R.
j Chaa. Hartley, Mrs. Chas. P. Harman,
Chris Hartig. Mrs. Callie E. Henderson,
John W. Howard, Thos. R. Harris, Frans
; Emil Huorck).
i I.
Archie Irish, J. T*. Jmigal. James 1^
Irwin, J c Inman, Ryan Irwin. Mrs.
Edna Isdell. AUton Ivle, Tbi* Irwin, At
! den Ivie.
I .aura TÙ Johnsoir," VllllMja Jones. Mrs.
Sara A. Johnson, R. E. Johnson, Mrs
D. Jone a , a.
Rosa \ John
es, Mrs. B. James. .
Oscar Johnson, Nells I
Jensen (2). Mrs. Robt. L. Johnson. J. A.
Jarves, Otto Jones, Charley Jessen, Jen
nings & Od. 11 . Lillian Jussila, Mrs. F. G. j
J. Kivcla. U I
is H. Kurtz- {
Kalla, Fannl j
•••••«*«* «• a,i iimn juneua, .«til», r. vt.
Johnson, Ed Jackson, Ed Johns.
K. !
J. Kennedy. Jim Kelly, T. J. Kivela. u |
Keith, James Keating. Miss '• , ----- *
man, Geo. P. King. John
'Mnrko l«iwt,,n, Velma T>*af, Mr. Euhn,
Kd I., l^arrv. Mattl Un«berg. Claud Ed
<T ar Lliwtrum, Ians Eeutter. Mr«. John
■- T. I.ynd. Erma Easclle, H. U
l *" e ' lrew l ^" na ' I-ather Lowe. Mias A.,
ÎÂÜÏ C YSb' 0?% Ä !
Oeo. Lanifaton. Claude F.. luonergan. Mrs!
Ruth Lark, Rev. j J UitVer, Fred"Ünves. ,
Harry Lewis, M. Oskar Lake. Omear
Lezeatte, Jack Launen. Chas. Loggie, C. 1
D. Lavell. C. Leonard, E. Iarson. H. Ti. !
Leith, Herman I-enter, Nathan Lyle.
Mrs. McManus. Miss Ivan McKinnon, A.
A McCoy. Maimie McLeod. Beaulali Mc
Oraw. Nellie McKinney, Mr. and Mrs
Frank Knowls, Mrs T. S. McConkev, Wm.
McDonald, Winifred McVeigh, Gregor Mc
Millen, Angus McMaster. Mrs. Wm. Mc
Carthey, Emma McDonald. Mrs Cass Mc
Donald. Miss Merle McDermott, Virginia
McAuliffe, Mrs. Chas. McFarland, Mrs
C. H. McCllntlck, Bert McGIllvarv, Olive
McCalterey. Will McClain, Mrs. Thomas
McLaurell. H. O. McLean. Mabel McAIUs
ter, Walter McClemment. Dan Mcluean,
Wm. McCarthy. James McCarthy. Jess A
McCarthy. James McCauley. H. Earl Mc
Cultuin, Eugene McCann. Mrs. McNair,
J. Trumble, Inventor of New
Under-Water Boat.
could blow up the biggest dreadnaught
afloat. These torpedoes are propelled
by a specially constructed gasoline
motor and are launched from the out
side of the tlnv submarine.
The vessel also mounts a light rifle,
such as is being used by undersea
boats In the present conflict.
. ..
Man IS Ballast,
The man and the motor are the bal
last fur Trumble's boat. It Is capable
of remaining completely submerged for
six hours, and in case of accident is
protected with an automatic method
of raising which would prevent such
tragedies as the F-4 disaster at Hon
Besides the periscope it is fitted
with a collapsible ventilating tube
which reaches from the boat to the
surface alongside the periscope. This
ventilator can be used when it is de
sired to conserve the supply of com
pressed air.
Mrs McLeod, A. W. McLeod, Mrs. Clyde
McClene. Donald Mcl^ean. |
M. ;
Wm. P. Mitchell, A. B. Mo riff, Rudolph 1
Mercer, Wm. Mad dock, Lena E. Masker. }
Loi« Marsh, Jos. Miles, John Mas«!-j
bran. James Mullins. Hi ja. Milavovich. '
Hazel Major, Geo. W. Moore, Frank E.
Messenger. Evylin Monahan. Miss Coy
ï a L ,fc ïfi. A V, Ma * w t H ',îi 0, ; e . 1 MÂ 4 uv , iCT ' !
?; Möhler. Mts. W. S. Mitchell. Arthur i
Man, Jack Murphy, John M. Murphy,
Mrs. Phillip Murphy. Mrs. James Murphy.
», _ .. .. .
J " h ". M. Murphy. Jerry C. Murphy,
^ JSÏ.'
wil ^ Vf ... ... . _
^ R. Maguire,
, Mlll 'ngton, \\ m. Molloy, Sidney Mal
Mandelkern. Mont. Elk Basin.
t: r J, ,?ate * M " n,ci 5f 1 House, Mr.
M.t lony Marko. Mrs. P. Moalder, Meta
Mitchell. Johnny Morell. Mrs. B. Morrison, j
, , .
John Montgomery. Joseph I
Morris, Lawrence Mor-1
, . .. _ ,
^I'tehell Johnny Morell,
" a " y ,
' ' ' ' '
Newton, Frank
Mrs. L
rissev. Roy Miller, David Mankie, .Mrs
Frankie Medley, A P. Mondick, Art
Mann. Alice Matson. P.illie Milkey, Vera
L. Mayes. Mrs. Jimmie Miller. Mrs. M. C.
Maloti' 4 , Guisepie Moglignos, Hilja Mat
tila. Mrs. Litton Morton. Len Myers, Ben
Merry, Meat Market, L. C. Merrill, Mrs.
Geo. Martin.
Florence Nixo
A. Neelon, Thos. Nolan, M
sen. Emma Nash, Miss Ellen Namran,
Miss Bea Naughton, Pauline Nickel. Geo.
•Nutt. Harry L Nourse <2), Mrs Lily
Conrad Neal. Mrs. A. VV. Nielson, Nils
Olsen Nakheim, Helen F. Nolan.
Fred Ostberg. Billy Owens, Pat O'Neil,
P. J. Optera, Mabel O'Leary, Gertrude
I Oldfield, Miss Frankie Owens, Sam Os
borne, Wm. O'Brien, Mrs. R. O'Connell.
Vom ir o'Cnti,.«. M. E. O'Neill, Jack
Odum. Mr
. O'Leary, J. F. O'Brien.

Fred E. Peeso <3). Everett Petterson
Denny Page. Louis Pari, Chas Powell
Jos. Peters, Effa Pirtle, L Petrovitch.
.Miss Eunice Potter. Svante Perser, Miss
Mary Pain. Reuton Philips. Alfred Pa
nuette, Jaase Post, N. A. Parke, Manu
Paajarvi, Mrs. Lee Phillips (2), Leroy
Tiffany Palm, Karl Paulsen, J. L. Pat
.....- - ' «t t o, uua rirue, J,. feifOVitoh I
Miss Eunice Potter, Svante Perser Miss 1
Mary Pain. Renton Philips. A^ed Pa!
quette. Jaase Post, N. A. Parke Manu'
1 » —.....
! OUin Roger«. Paul
RuhéJnr vü*"' « am f' RoK< '''»- He
tanen, E. Post. Chas. Peoples, Mrs. J
learson, Chas. Trouts', Miss Edyth Peter
son, Mrs. F. Page, The Pearson Family.
Miss Reggie Quinn.
, Remil^ Rowland. Ethei
, R » ln »"' rd . Ram
1 Fdi'tb Rn«,« Ù E i W " d r - R»nd. Miss
! \y K Ronlllard, James
jj- T !. R ey - JoR L Rey, J, w . q
Ib-t. Morrte Hysganrd, M. Itetsllich Mrs
Myrtle Rodccrs. Phil j n OR . Ben Rlnda
^n" ,r*', er ' y R°hertson. Miss Belle Robt
son, Hobt. Rees, s. W. Ryan. Teil Rymars
Mm. Rankin, Fred Roark, Mrs. \ mm
Read, Harry Ilaotaeor.
w. Harry Spears, Jas. W Scott T »
Miss Joe Sullivan, Mrs A I ss
8 tue. Mrs. Clara SHfe*''
Milon J. Trumble is a practical
inventor, not a wild, theoretical
dreamer or a "blue print*' inventor,
meaning a fellow who gets his plan
down on paper and never goes
Trumble is a millionaire, due to
his inventions. A crude oil refin
ing process which he conceived
brought him a million dollars. Be
sides this he has many other pat
ents operating which bring him
large royalties.
While reluctant to discuss the
disposal of his one-man submarine,
he intimates that he has marketed
it with a big steel company in the
east, which, in turn, will sell it to
one of the European belligerent»
now 60 arduously engaged in the
butcher business across the ocean.
hut on his latest boat the inventor
With one exception the Trumble
submersible is the exact counterpart
of the larger divers. It lacks a con
ning tower. All observations will be
made by means of the periscope. The
first model possessed a conning tower.
________ _ ________________ _____
defend each end of the Panama canal
( from an enemy fleet. They could nav
igate the canal even should it be
choked by slides, for they draw' little
more water than a rowboat"
dispensed with the hooded cover.
Weighs Four Tons.
The boat's operation in the water
is controlled by two sets of planes
which govern it in submerging just as
planes control an aeroplane's flight.
Trumble's vessel Is 28 feet long and
has a depth of 6 feet 8 inches and a
beam of about 4 feet. The entire sub
marine weighs only four tons.
All that a crew of several men do
aboard the large type of submarine is
accomplished by one man in Trumble'»
"Fifty under-ocean boats of the type
have built," says the Inventor, "could
Dave Stromback, C. L. Southern, Chas.
Sheard. Chas. Sherwood. Sigfrled Wolff,
Churt Skarrbn. Albert Sibilskv, A. C.
Sanders. Carl Strauss, Miss Margaret
Sullivan, Tim J. Sullivan, Daniel Sullivan,
Pat Sullivan <2), Chas. Strong. Chas f! !
Seib, Thos. A. Simpson, Dr. Elmer A. j
Sutherland. Mrs. E. J. «urrfel, Edyth
Schall. Mrs. John Smith, Mrs ' Ma jorie I
Wm E »n'lth. Mr. T H. Smith.
Don C. Smith, Percy Schenk. Pat Sheedy,
C. S. Smith, Martha Strotngren. W. A.
Schade, A. C. Stuart, Morris Sorrensen,
Mrs. 1 joins St. George, Leo Strlngha
James Seddin, Joe Small. Morton Simp
son. Morley Somers. J. P. Sheedy. Robt.
Shrock, Fred V. Schell. Mrs Geo. Sunkle !
(2), Frank Settle, Mrs. Geo. Samick. Mrs.
Geo. S. Sander. G. G. Stack. Mrs. Harriet I
Snowberger. Joe U Sanders. Mrs. John
Scott. L. P. Sorrensen. Wm. Skafloth. Ed]
Scoville, E. A. Schraer. South Side Coal I
Co., Steck & Van Brooklyn Dr lee
Smith, Mrs. W. Seymar. Bob Snell/
Scott, Mary Stark.
Treasure State Thea. Supply Co., T. U
Thompson, H. J. Trigg, Frances Thomp-1
S(>n, Wm. S. Todd, Annie Taylor. Allen I
Tilley. Mr. and Mrs. D. Tasker. Kniest C. !
Thompson, Ethel Taylor. Chas H. Tracey !
Mrs. David Tasker, Mrs. W. W. Tliomp-'
son, Townson <2).
Constance Vickus, Mrs. Van Dvke, Mr
U A Vanadnre. Thos. Vachon, Misai
Emma VaCayette. D. F. Valdav. E M
Van Doran.
Grace Wadsworth, Chas. Wilson, E. A. ,
\\ heeler. Jack Wilson, Lulu M. Wheeler
Mrs. Marie Wellington. Mrs. Mae Wilkcn^
son Russe» Worth, R. C. Wales, Roye
\\atkins, Axel Wertmer, Mrs. E. It Wil-i
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Me ls. Mr, Katherine Wood, Katie Wanl, |
Wtlso C ' Vo ,e ' Mrs - John Wlleborge, Joe
PHIL C. GOODWIN, Postmaster.
I'ho Silver Bow Trades and Iuilior f
assembly will forward to the Montana
legislature a report of action taken at
the meeting last evening. It was de
cided to give moral support to the plan
of Congressman J. Charles Linthieum
of the Fourth Maryland district for a
more extensive campaign against tu
herculosis in cattle and for stricter i
federal legislation pertaining to the !
pure milk question. The committee
appointed to investigate a report made
by the Butte Typographical union in
regard to an alleged practice among
some local dealers of giving short
weight in coal reported progress. The
remainder of the meeting was given
over to merely rout ine business.
m eet in Helena!
i,n!'v a ," nual mf,e,in K of the Montana
Anti-Saloon league will be held Friday
morning at 10 o'clock in Helena. Ten
pastors and laymen of Butte will he
present at the meeting. Officers for
mnoT 3ear WUI h® Pl ««t« d and
FV rn ,'! bu8,nes * wl » be trammeled,
pri h i rn ° Ver the passing of the
P hibUion amendment and plans for
go!°„ r mr n f, 0f the ,aw " aa 't
goes Into effect will occupy a goodly
»hare of the sessions
Subscribe for th. Butt. Daily Port
Spring Styl
of Newest
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ture. two cars parlor furni
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— 42 —
West Broadway
Filled with Ne*
; Furniture, Re?*
and Range»

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