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judge Says He Will Forfeit
Bonds When Principal
Doesn't Appear.
____ _ ________
W. K. Carroll The latter entered a plea
In cases where bonds are placed for
the appearance of offenders, the de
fendants must apjiear in person, ns de
cided this morning by Judge P. J.
Whltty in the L. Popovich rase. Popo
rich, was represented by his attorney.
W. E. Carroll The latter entered a plea
of guilty for his client and wished the
court to name the amount of the fine
*'l don't agree to such arrange
ments," protested Assistant City At
torney Lorenz. "The man is not here
If he is lined, his bond is immediately
released and then we will have neith
er rnnn nor bond."
"I'll have to declare the hond for
feited." said the court. I don't wish
to establish a precedent "
Attorney Carroll then withdrew the
plea of guilty and submitted one of
not guilty. Iiis client will he tried for
disturbance either this afternoon or
tomorrow morning
Good Government Club Invites
Other Local Clubs to
Members of the Good Government
club today are seeking t.. bring about
co-operation of the various women ;
organizations of the < itv in a move
ment to relieve distress of the man>
women stranded in Butte as a result
of closing of the restricted district.
Mrs. Margaret Rozsa. president of the
club, is addressing formal invitations
to these various organizations to par
ticipate in the movement
The plan was suggested b> Miss
Mary O'Neill, "ho told of the distress
Incident to sudden closing of the dis
trict and urged that some effort he
made immediately with a view <»f find
ing the women stranded here some
employment or towards providing
them with carfare t.. send them to
their homes
The club has gone on record as en
dorsing Attorney General I-old's stand
with reference t.> abatement of re
stricted districts and reports have
been made on endorsement by the
state organization of the 'lazy hus
band'' hill, the Hill providing for care
of the feeble-minded, the woman juror
bill, the children's aid l.ill amendment,
teachers' pension bill and measures f*r
lying-in-hospitals and a vocational
training school for delinquent girl«.
Members of the local W. U. '1'. l\
and of the Florence Urittenton Home
society are making an effort to^assist
former inmates of Butte's restricted
district to secure employment.
died •
John J. Murrish. aged 41 j
n resident of Butte for 27 y<
last evening at his home.
Tenter street lie leaves
him. his wife, mother and t\
ers Albert and Reginald M
nephew. Hramwell Dower, an
In. Mrs. John Gern lie was a mem
ber of the Calnnthe lodge, Knights of
Pythia«, and of the Butte Aerie of
Kugle«. The Rev R. J Jensen will of
ficiate at the funeral services, which
will be held at 2 o'clock Tuesday aft
ernoon 'n St Andrew's Episcopal
< hur« h. The services will be under the
Joint auspices of the Knights of
Pythia« and the Eagles Burial will be
In the Mount Moriah < enc tery.
To Prevent the Grip
Cold* cause Grij» Laxativ.- Brom» Qmrdnr r
move* rau.-e There only on.- Brom > (fu
•ine." E. W G ROY E*S -ur nature on
West :
mourn !
ish: a
i con*- 1
"Delight of the Epicure "
110 South Dakota Street
Wine Served With Meals
Lunch 75c-Dinner $1.00
Sunday Dinner $1.25
Special Service for Dinner Parties
Representative Hollingsworth,
Makes an Important
The Post's Washington Bureau.
Washington, Jan. 22 .—representa
tive D A. Hollingsworth of Ohio has
put the national house of representa
a position where it has "to
IIBM w , , ut bait" on the question of
h vvjnK an eTn t, a rgo on war muni
general Hollingsworth has resur
re. tod a rule of the house of represen
tatives under which the author of a I
Hill can prevent a committee fror
smothering his measure. Ail he has to |
do, after the committee has had the
Mil for 15 days or longer without
, evvin
|'' _
showing any symptoms of acting on it. ;
is to enter a motion to discharge the
committee from further consideration
of the measure in order to bring it be
fore the house for action. The enter
ing of this motion does not discharge
the committee but it enables the au
thor to force a roll-call vote on the
question of whether or not the com
mittee shah be discharged and this, in
effect, opens the way to secure a vote
on the merits of the bill itself.
Hollingsworth has entered u motion
to discharge the house committee on
interstate and foreign commerce from j
further consideration of his hill to
levy a munitions embargo and one of
these days he is going tn make the
house dance to some lively music
when he calls up the motion to dis
charge the committee. Heretofore he
house has shown every inclination to
sidestep a vote on this ticklish ques
The Hollingsworth bill is entitled
\ bill to conserve the ammunition
supply of the United States and t<
protect the people from extortionate
ase of war and from re -
ponsibility for aiding in the continu
ance of the present European war by
temporarily prohibiting the export of
firearms and munitions of war "
The bill which the house must face
provides in part'
' It shall be unlawful for a period
of one year from and after this act
shall take effect, or until the close of
the European war. to export from the
1'nlted States any firearms or muni
tions of war except for the use of the
army and navy of the United States,
or to supply the naval and military
stations of the United •**.
iny tir
be exported from The United States i
in violation of this act the vessel, boat, |
raft. cart, wagon, motor vehicle, air
craft or other vehicle In which the |
same shall have been exported shall
be forfeited and the owners or owner
<>f such goods and every other person
knowingly concerned in such prohib
ited exportation shall each respect
ively forfeit and pay a sum not ex- I
reeding $10,000 nor less than $1.000 !
for each such offense, or be impris
oned for not Ynore than 10 year« in a ;
penitentiary, or both."
The bill provides for the forfeiture |
of any ship that may attempt to put
to sea with munitions on board with- !
out a clearance or permit granted to
essels carrying munitions for the i
United States army or navy and
makes the owners or owner, agent,
freighter or factors of such ship liable
to pay to the United States govern-!
ment a sum equal to double the value
11 ;» it;. \V Shabel. a resident of Ana
onda. Missoula and Butte for more
ban 30 years, died last evening at his
Tome, 254S Harrison avenue, at the age
horn in
He leav
Mi. h. The fu
s wife, a daughter
» sons, Frank of St. Paul
of Glendive, the latter of
'•ome here for the funeral
e is also survived by n
John Hanley of Marquette.
vices will be held
of D J. liar
igton street.
-rse "Quality First" Store
For Women and Misses
In h great large assortment which has
just arrived, including middies of an
excellent quality white galatea, plain or
with colored trimmings, and of beauti
ful Japanese crepe, plain and in colored
stripe patterns. Shown in several smart
new styles, with pockets and belts, and
the popular new large collars.
Prices $1 to $2.95
ifiv /A
Veiling and
For Women
NEW VEILING —In a splendid assortment of
smart new designs in large and small mesh,
plain and fancy, showing grey, white, tan and
navy; yard for...... ............. ,.. 25 *
NEW NECKWEAR - Beautiful collars, collar
and cuff sets of net, lawn and crepe, plain or
^with dainty lace trimmings; special----65*^
/- — X
Special Handbag
LADIES' HANDBAGS—In a special sale
which includes bags in leather, silk and vel
vet; regular 50c. for...... ............ 10 *
black with colored lining and bead trimmings,
finished with tassel and draw string; regular
$1.25, for...........................69C
flowered silk, very specially priced; regular
79c, for ........... ..................48 Ci
V__ J
the Great
Evening Gowns
For Women and Misses
Including our entire stock of beautiful dresses
for evening wear. In all of the accepted mate
rials and in the fashionable shades, including
many exclusive creations ; regular prices $19.50
. to $89.00. Now offered in three sales
Ai $17 Will be sold all dresses for
xA.1 merly priced at $19.50,
$22.50 and $25.00.
all dresses for
À J. $OQ OO Will be sold al
yAV.VJKJ merly priced at $29.50,
$35.00, $39 and $45.00.
A4- $QQ OO Will be sold all dresses for
tpOi/iVV merly priced at $49, $59,
$65, $69 and $89.
For Women and Misses
Women's and misses' new waists in the
daintiest and smartest styles of the sea
son, in Georgette crepe, chiffon, crew
de chine, silk laces, taffetas, silk nek
etc. Beautifully made and shown in
every color, besides a great variety 0 f
the most desirable combinations. Our
entire stock regularly priced between
$8.95 and $15.00
Now at 'â Off
A Sale of Onyx
A Great Special Offering of a Big
_ Cash Purchase Stock of the
Famous Onyx
ONYX HOSE FOR WOMEN Silk lisle, cot
ton and fleece lined hose, in splendid quality,
shown in medium and heavy weights; spe
cial ......................25C an d 3!k
fanc^silk lisle, with double garter top. double
sole and high spliced heel, shown in all of the
most popular colors; regular 50c. for.. 35c
cerized and silk boot models, of a fine dur
able quality, in all colors and black and white
regular 75c, for.................... ß5f
quality cotton, with double knee, heel and
toe, in black and white, all sizes; regular 35c,
for ............... i .................25<*
cotton and fleece lined, in black, white and
colors; regular 50c, for.............35*
made with double knee, heel and toe. in black
and white, all sizes; regular 65c, for.. .. 45*
Ministerial Association Would
Close the Saloons on
Jan. 1. 1918.
The Silver Bow Ministerial associa
tion, at the regular weekly meeting
held this morning in the Mountain
View church parlors, decided to ac
tively support the program, endorsed
by the Montana Anti-Saloon league,
the Federated Council of Churches and
the state organization of the Women's
Christian Temperance Union, to intro
duce a Mil at the present session of
the legislature to pi
prohibition It
o put Montana under
on Jan. 1. 1918, one
the time mentioned in
•ndum, which passed last
> ear previ
the refer
•ember. Rej
ings in Helena
»> Rev. G. I>. Wolfe and Rev. J. A.
Rev. J. H Mit* hell, the president,
was in the chair. Much of the time
of the meeting was devoted to a dis
don of what «-an be done to handle
the situation which has arisen as the
result of the closing of the restricted
district here The ministers agreed
that the situation could best be han
dled by women, and therefore they
Pledged themselves to support in every
possible the Good Government
league and other local women's or
ganizations in their efforts to take rare
• f the unfortunates. The committee
>n public morals of the assoc iation was
Instructed to make itself active In the
support of the women's programs.
Adjutant Smith of the Salvation Army,
ho worked for three years in Chl
ago when the distric t was closed
there, has been added to the minis
terial committee.
Rev Mr. Mitchell delivered the pa
per. Its title was "The Minister as a
Business Man." lie took the stand
that while the world in general felt
that the preacher was not a business
man. yet the varied duties, problems
and demands of the preacher's life
made it imperative that he possess
business qualities which, in a secular
profession, would bring him honor and
reputation. He held that the preacher
is n salesman, but that it is more dif
ficult for him to sell spiritual wares
than for the ordinary salesman to sell
what is demanded, due to the human
feelings of cold, thirst.
t- j
.......—# hunger and
lent. T\ bile the ordinary salesman
caters to the a^etiles of man, the!
preacher must create the spiritual ap
petite first and then satiate it. The
church is the clearing house for the
spiritual business."
The members of the Eagles Social
club and their friends will hold a
danc e this evening at the Eagles hall,
according to invitations issued by
President William Malloy and Secre
tary Phil McDonnell.
J>. Boyle an : J. E. McCormick, mem
bers of the st ite railroad commission,
with A Wi ter and W. B. Rhoades, are
h« rc today from Helena. They are at
the Finlen.
Among i î m visitors from Virginia
<'itv who spent Sunday in Butte were
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Duncan, Philip
Duncan. Patti Duncan and Matt Carey.
Dr. A. u. Lilley, who was operated
on recently at Murray hospital, is re
covering so rapidly that he will be re
moved to his home within a few days.
Francis Burns and Emmett Mac
Donald of Great Falls are guests at
the Grand hotel.
J V. K*own. special agent for the
Northern Pacific, came over yesterday
fr«»m Bozeman.
and Mrs. John W. Kenney of
Lewistown were at the Thornton for
the week end.
McMullen and I*ee Williams
among the visitors from the Powell
of Deer Lodge was
; end guests at the
county seat.
J- H. Basher
among the wee
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Tooley of Two
Dot are spending a few dues in the
Mr and Mrs. J. A. Coates of Mar
tinsdale are visiting with friends in the
I Pendergast of Deer Lodge and J.
Pendergast of Dillon are here today.
A. Eliel and A. L. Stone of Dillon
were at the Thornton on Sunday.
T. V. McLaughlin of Helena is
among tlie visitors in the city.
George F. Ingram of Helena is vis
iting with friends in the city.
John S Ax tell of Columbia Falls
i ere on « business mission.
I J ( >' Brien of Deer l^odge is visit
ing with friends in the city.
R. H. Cobban of Missoula Is the
guest of Butte friends.
Mrs. F. L. Benepe, Jr., is here from
the Gallatin county seat.
H. J. Miller of Livingston is visiting
with friends in Butte.
J H. Duffy, an attorney of Ana
eonda, i« he>* today
Mrs. Charles Doherty and son are
| here from Great Falls.
i Mrs. Catherine Hhei a i'mmi ,unio#i u„I
her daughters, Mrs. johnny Harrtng-I
ton, wife of the county treasurer, and
Miss Vonnie Shea, telephone operator
at llennessy's, will be passengers on
tiie California special Wednesday. Mrs.
Harrington's infant daughter Janet has
been seriously ill and it is hoped that
the change from winter to summer will
speedily bring about her recovery.
E. Axelson and wife of Great Falls
are visiting in the city.
S. Joseph Miller of Willow Creek is a
guest at the Finlen.
J- C. Eisman of Thompson Falls is a
guest at the Acomu.
Bergstrand of Gold Creek came
over last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Xepstad are here
from Big Timber.
W. J. McMullen cf Deer Lodge came
in last evening.
Mrs. M. W. Atwater of Basin is visit-
ing in the city.
- Shabel of Glen-
- and Mr
Falls came
Miss Watrous of Gi
r *ver yesterday.
Montana Piano Co.
Henry Osman is among the Tw
Falls visitors
Fred Woodside of Dillon is a guest
at the Leggat.
Nelson of Div ide is a guest at
the Thornton.
Miss Emma Agues Scott of Dillon is
here today.
J- C. Heilman of Wallace, Ida. is
here today.
H Urown of Livingston is visiting
in the
Ftrnost piano
in the city.
M. C. James came over from the
Sugar City.
J. E. McCormick of Helena is visit,
tug here.
Harry Oberis came over from the
iv J heré SOdin 0f " hlte Sulpbur Springs
I . r ^ t Ut8 ° n of L>i,,on 1» a guest at the
Bouler. HanChi ' d rame ovei ' fron >
tod'ay bm N BaSSeU Uf Helena is »«re
" steoDath - Bonnes-» btk.
to.hiy 8 Pitllipsburg i s here
b"™ Ward Austln Cascade Is in
trip. <! ' ee ° f Dm °" is llerc on a brief
Cole of Livingston is in the
î. — •—•»#»»«*, manager *
',° m|iany ' am * Miss Terew
* uuj, Stenographer at the Murray
ein" 1 Mitte,mier of Billon is In the
man. 0 ' 8 * K Br ° Wn is hcre tr ™ Boze
l. rod V ° lk * rt 1" here from Ulendive
|tner for E. A. Brown, manager of the
hospital, will leave Wednesday evenii
on the California special for an e
tended vacation.
E. W. Love of Plains is here today.
W. B. Gleed of Lima came over.
Which comes on the 20th of each
mouth, means that the Ladies' Home
Journal is always ready on that date.
The February number, with a wealth
of good things for every member of
the family; stories, articles, clever
suggestions, cookery, domestic science,
pictures, paper dolls and a really
harming cover, will be ready for one
and all on Jan. 20. at the P. O. News
Stand, agents, 25 W. Park.—Adv.
A meeting of the members of the Meader
Red Rose flub of soccer players has been
railed for Sunday night by Joseph Mitchell,
president of the organization, to nominate and
elect officers for the coming season.
John Jenkins of Main street was taken to
the hospital today after a long illness with the
Miss Lillian Downing was hostess last Fri
day night to a number of friends in honor of
her birthday. The evening was spent in music
and games.
y-D- Bunny of Lafayette street, who was
_ ahed to Boise. Idaho, to attend the funeral
' Hue**** 1 ' Mrh ' Croui8e » has returned
The Meaderville Young Men's club will hold
'ts regular semi-monthly dance in the Meader
ule gymnasium Wednesday night.
cvJSi E,) n° rt ^ ,eaKUe of the Unity Methodist
for iî h , Tnet * t toni *ht in the church parlors
for its regular monthly business sesaion.
S.,n.U« LiMie - Romai ? entertained a few friends
Sunday evening at her home. 38 Lincoln ave
^ne time was enjoyed in listening to
«ome Old Style tambourine music. Several
fancy jigs were stepped by «ome\of the old
served by the
CeL d Ä r ha ," U" horn Mr - and Mrs.
ueorge Hammond of 2211 Oak street.
B"» vlub did not hold its
wrathe,• Wa?. »hoot yesterday afternoon. The
. too void fo r good marksmanship.
tomnrr '"' |SS Aid concert
hue a n-u at * he Mountain View
titled -'-M W,U be a dialogue, en
' , ,a Not "'anted, ' which takes
hour mlnute8 ' lime: there are also
humorous readings, recitations, vocal
2 B d n. 8 o en,al mU!,ir Admission
lioanit 1 » r Weeds for the Deaconess
Hospital fund. Come!—Adv.
aa '' I nan ' you've never re
ueelO umbrella 1 lent you last
_l, l ^. ll |' K '* a * 1- " lrt man . he reasonable
its been raining ever since."
Local Poultrymen Show Fine
Birds at Annual Exhibit
at Kalispell.
Five Butte chioken fanciers »
valuable prizes Hist week at the »n*
nual state poultry exhibit held in Mr j
ispell, according U> < A. Green :
who returned to Butte v csterday
Kalispell, where he acted a.soneof
judges in the show, lie said that W
show was the best he had ever *»
in Montana and that the 70" w»
shown were examples <*f
poultry raising in the northwest
states were represented in the ex ^
its, Washington, Idaho. Oregon
The local prize winners were
J. L. Dorsli, who exhibited hoik >•»
Comb White Leghorns and F'u
Gume Bantams; J D. Luder»
showed Single Comb Buff UrI«™
Mrs. Clara Des Jardeins. »*»
Rose Coml) Rhode Island Red» •
Roberts, with a number of An»
and John Claus, with bite Pi u
Rocks. , _ -g
next annual poultry »l* 0 *
be held Jan. 14 to 10. 1018, tbe
be decided. The following "
were elected to hold office
lowing year: Harry Burke of - '
ville, president; Mr. McCaule!■ ^
(spell, vice president; J *-■ '' ]|#( ^
Butte, secretary-treasurer. 1
has held this position f or »ever . .
Mrs. Mary Shepard. »*****! ill
died this morning at her' ^ jn j,
North Wyoming street, f" ^
stroke of paralysis whi< i
yesterday. Her death J™ a
pected as she had enj '■ cm
health prior to her sudden ^
was born In New York an sM *
Ident of Butte for 20 h( . r , shep
survived by her husband. p-1
ard; three daughters.■ 'V »1rs- 1
Cooney, Mrs J. J- X' l, K en ' jato«
J. McLaughlin; a T sister. '»*
Dwyer, all of Butte, and» TM fr
H. W. Reau of Duluth. Mb ^ ,(l
l.cral will proceed from th
time to be fixe d later ______
Henry Crosby, ''oloreJ^' # ^
years, died this morni "* f re l»th« '
den Illness. He has me „fsM
Butte. The funeral arra K
not been made. The bod!
to the D aniels & Bilbo» P__ .
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