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(BULLETIN -10.30 P. M.)
London, Fob. 3,-Th. Am.rlc.n
| Ui mr Hou.tonio ho. b..n sunk by ■
fcrm .„ submarine. It I. b.li.v.d
Houitonic wo. .unk near th. Soilly
__ ;
The HoustonlP «ailed from Galveston
•Jon. 8 ami from .
tor London. The Houetonlc was for
• ly the Hnmltm'K-American line
«»mer Oeorgl». and American r*nls
Braided to lier in April, 1916.
iwtor to that tinm atm bad been laid
„at N«"' Orleans since the begin
lip g of th© v^.u
iiiiist ACTION
Austrian Freighter in the New
York Harbor Put Out of
Ä- York.
Impture with '
Bee to take
Mice were
•likely to be ;
3 News of the
any caused the po
iiutionary measure,
»red to all places
eked.'* jnrluding the
titer supply und the entrances to the
greet bridge* ov er the East river. Men
ftre also detailed to guard foreign
nwulates Acting < 'ommissloner God
hy said no sen..us trouble was ex
f ficted
Word reached the police today that
»incident with the publication of the
lews of the rupture with Germany,
the Austrian freighter Himalaya,
ithich has been lying in Newark bay,
in estuary of New York harbor, has
Iwn put out nf commission The re
port had it that the piston heads and
•ther parts of her engines had been
■ashed by crow bars and axes.
Confirmation of the report that the
(Himalaya had t.«- -n put out of commis
m! later from an of
ficial source
Philadelphia, Fob. 3.—According to
, »report at the Philadelphia navy yard,
ar. attempt wa- made today to sink
the torpedo boat Jacob Jones.
A machinist's mate is alleged to
kave opened the sea cocks and as the
fcoat was being towed into her dock
w as seen to list. Investigation re
Waled that the seacocks were open
4 when the vessel was finally docked
tker** was two feet of water in the
tod The f'hief machinists mate was
wasted and placed in irons, it was
New London »'onn., Feb. 3—A tool
*»P on the state pier, a portion of
!fi leased by the Eastern For
^ r *j' nir company for storage and
dlinR of cargo for the German sub
■JNne merchantman Deutschland,
* urned today The loss was small,
»the shop wa> metal used in the
** instruction work.
*' Pr two daughters,
and Mr*. Alfred
"on, ami Mrs. Maeon's hua
|*omen Planned to Shoot Poi
soned Darts at Lloyd
I k, 1 * F - nKla "d, Feb. 3.—The Gulld
I mi si. c fn»de,l when Attorney Gen
! frederick E. Smith today
I WM I»' Y"* a * ainst 'he four per
I link. , " r eonspiracy to murder
I trtLL r Uoy 4 George and
I r 0 „„.,? d<irs " n - members of the
I lie. Wheel I Tl " accuse d are Mrs.
5* Ann^V
**ensatt„ n was nested when At
bM«d , th all *sed It had been in
m 't , 'der the premier with
k »1 J" 1 ''"' 10 be 8h °t at him while
J" «»Un* gulf.
tot *.», preml< ' r "hd Mr. Hendb. -
feHi. , t0 be killed he added, by
^d,,n , l8 ° n ban ded by Mr»
"* «lllûrv , un , agent - employed by
, ' euthoritles, who had ln
^^elf into her favor.
•WÜlnB. com Prised hydro-chloride
ttilM 4n Anie rican Indian poison
•^r ow r to —
fet the ?!'°,' he ''est way of poison
Htttn. o, , l ? er - i,rs - VVheeldon. ao
•offr»» l . he attorn ey general, said
had 8pent *®° Pounds
1,4 Su» 1,0Uon Mr - L1 °yd Georgs
•Me on ,, n mtempt also had been
„!*!" ald McKenna, former
J« »wu J * he exchequer.
JL'ootlnufti |h»*' b *' ,h * had ""«(rest
Jf 3 ilp;*) ' Prosecutor, to drive a
Jl'btha »nd ï,i,* lï0n lnto 'he boot of
!S*««»ted an »'tempt had been
kf. George
Ï® 1 " 4 Prouosrrt ,0r Fl1u>e ®. Another
" ^ * pulaon « 1
(Continued from Page One.)
'* d * tcrmined *® restor ® 'he principle of the freedom
of tne seas, on whatever quarter it is violated. 1
"To this the government of the United States replied on the eiehth
of May accepting, of course, the assurances given, but adding
Refused to Consider a Reservation.
The government of the United States feels it necessary to state
that U takes it for granted that the imperial government does not
intend to imply that the maintenance of its newly announced policy is
in any way contingent upon the course or result of diplomatic negotia
tions between the government of the United States and any other
belligerent government, notwithstanding the fact that certain passage
in the imperial government's note of the fourth instant might appear to
Je susceptible of that construction. In order, however, to avoid any
misunderstanding, the government of the United States notifies the
German government that it cannot for a moment entertain, much less
discuss, a suggestion that respect by Germany naval authorities for
the rights ot citizens of the United States upon the high seas should in
any way or in the slightest degree be made contingent upon the con
duct of any other government, affecting the rights of neutrals and
non-combatants. Responsibility in such matters in single, not joint,
absolute, not relative.'
To this note of the eighth of May, the imperial German government
made no reply.
The Withdrawal of Her Promises.
"On the thirty-first of January, the Wednesday of the present week,
the German ambassador handed to the secretary of state, along with a
formal note, a memorandum which contained the following statement :
" 'The imperial German government, therefore, does not doubt that
the government of the United States wftl understand this situation
thus forced upon Germany by the entente allies' brutal methods of
war and by their determination to destrpÿ'the central powers and that
the governme|t of the United States will further realize that the now
openly disclosed intention of the entente allies gives back to Germany
the freedom of action which she reserved in her note addressed to the
government of the United States on May fourth, 1916.
" 'Under these circumstances Germany will meet the illegal measures
of her enemies by forcibly preventing after February first, 1917, in a
zone around Great Britain, France, Italy and in the eastern mediter
ranean, all navigation, that of neutrals included, from and to England
and from and to France, etc. etc. All ships met within the zone will
be sunk.'
Only One Course Left Open to U. S.
"I think that you will agree with me that, in view of this declaration,
which suddenly and without prior intimation of any kind deliberately
withdraws the solemn assurance given in the imperial government's
note of the fourth of May, 1916, this government has no alternative
consistent with the dignity and honor of the United States but to take
the course which, in its note of the eighth of April, 1915, it announced
that it would take in the event of the German government did not
declare and effect an abandonment of the submarine warfare which
it was then employing and to which it now purposes^gain to resort
Notice to the German Ambassador.
I have therefore, directed the secretary of state to announce to
His Excellency, the German ambassador, that all diplomatic relations
between the United States and Germany are severed and that the
American ambassador at Berlin will be withdrawn; and, in accordance
with this decision to hand to his excellency his passports.
Cannot Believe She Will Sacrifice Friendship.
"Notwithstanding this unexpected action of the German government,
this sudden and deeply deplorable renunciation of its assurances,
given this government at one of the most critical moments of tension
in the relations of the two governments, I refuse to beheve that it Is
the intention of the German authorities to do in fact what they have
warned us they will feel at liberty to do. I cannot bring myself to
believe that they will indeed pay no regard to the ancient friendship
between their people and our own or to the solemn obligations which
have been exchanged between them and destroy American ships and
take the lives of American citizens in the wilful prosecution of the
naval program they have announced their intention to adopt. Only
actual overt actions on their part can make me believe it even now.
In Case of An Overt Act. .
"If this confidence on my part in the sobriety and prudent foresight
of their purpose should unhappi'y prove unfounded; if American ships
and lives should in fact be sacrificed by their naval commanders in
heedless contravention of justice and understandings of international
law and the obvous dictates of humanity, I shall take the liberty or
coming again before the congress to ask that authority be given me
to use any means that may be necessary for the protection of our sea
men and our people in the prosecution of their peaceful and legitimate
errands on the high seas. I can do nothing less. I take it for granted
that all neutral governments will take the same course.
Desire No Hostile Conflict.
"We do not desire any hostile conflict with the imperial government.
We are the sincere friends of the German people and earnestly desire
to remain at peace with the government which speaks for them. We
shall not believe that they are hostile to us unless and until we are
obliged to believe it; and we purpose nothing more than the reason
able defense of the undoubted rights of our people. We w.sh o serve
no selfish ends. We seek merely to stand true alike in thought and in
action to the immemorial principles of our people which *
exoress in my address of two weeks ago, and vindicate our rights to
liberty and justice. These are the basis of peace, not war. God grant
. _ ?. _____..„f K» rhallenoed to defend them by acts of wilful in
that we may not be challenged to defend them by a
justice nn the part of the government of Germany.
Washington.—Orders were
today by the navy department forbid
ding any navy officials divulging
movements of American war vessels^
The department anounced that tne
Atlantic fleet would continue Its ma
neuvers In the vicinity of Guanta
Washington—Measures proposed to
protect the United States against con
spiracies that may result from the
rupture with Germany will b * c °" a ' d '
ered at a special session of the senate
Judiciary committee after the pr
dent's address to congress. The com
mittee was urged to
measure as quickly as possible by the
Bremerton. Wash. — The c
Pittsburg, whose orders to sail for '
west coast of Mexico were <- ance "^
yesterday, sailed at noon today tor *n
unannounced destination, all Informa
tion being refused. •
The torpedo boat Truxton. which has
been assigned to patrol duty on Puget
sound, sailed from the yard this mom
ln*. Sh« will go first to Seattle.
Washington.—Chairman Padgett of
the house naval committee, announced
late today in closing debate on the an
nual naval appropriation bill that he
would offer an amendment proposed
by Secretary Daniels authorizing the
commandeering of private plants en
gaged In navy construction in case of
Washington—Issuance of passports
to Germany was suspendtd today by
the state department. If Austria
Hungary formally concurs In the Ger
man position, however, suspension of
passports to that country will follow,
it was stated.
London.— A large crowd of home
ward-bound Americans took the boat
train at Euston station this morning.
Thers seemed little apprehension as
today's sailing was exempt under the
German warning, lt being the last one
with such exemption.
It turned out that the demands for
transportation by Americans desiring
to get away from England was lsss
urgent than expected sad virtually
one entire deck with flrst-class accom
modations an the departing steamer
was not taken.
flpeclal to the Post.
Helena, Feb. 3.—Gov. Hum V. Stew
art today wired President Wilson the
following message.
"Whatever the eventuality In the
crisis now confronting our nation,
permit me to assure you that the peo
ple of Montana stand loyally behind
you in any step that may he deemed
necessary in upholding the honor of
our country."
—ir' -
(Continued from Pago One.)
Even delivery wagons were turned
Hremerton, Wasbu, Feb. 3,—The
commandant of the Puget sound navy
yard today ordered the entrances
losed to all persons except employes
and these are required to be Identified.
El Paso, Texaa, Feb. 3.—An order
received at military ^headquarters to
day speeding up th^ departure of the
Sixth Pennsylvania infantry by 10
days is taken here by military officers
to mean the state troops will be used
on guard duty at eastern military
depots and other important points be
cause of the crisis with Germany. This
regiment will leave the 6th instead of
the 16th of this month.
A Demlng (N. M.) dispatch says it is
reported that the Arkansas infantry
which left for the state capital yester
day will be diverted to San Antonio.
W.-uthlngton, Feb. 8.-—Lieut. Huns Berg and
hi» German prize crew were removed from the
liner Appam at Newport New», Va., today by
coa»t guard cutter» under direction of a Unit
ed State« marshal. The »hip la in the custody
of the federal court», tending appeal to the
upreme court from s-decision awarding her
to her English owner».
(Continued from Pagre One.)
The vessel will carry probably 100 pas
Several freighters left New York
for Europe yesterday. One of them,
the Dochra, bound for Genoa, flew the
American flag. Other freight ships
will sail today.
To Be Met by Convoys.
Officers of the British and French
steamships express no concern regard
ing the German submarine danger.
The Cunard, White Star and French
liners are all armed with a gun at the
stem and each ship master makes his
own course across the Atlantic to the
best of his judgment. Approaching
their destination In Europe these ves
sels will be met by convoys when they
reach a certain position that is decided
upon before they leave New York.
The New' York harbor guard has in
creased its vigilance. Collector of
Customs Malone now' has 1,200 men
assigned to this duty. In addition to
the co-operation of the navy de
stroyers stationed at the Narrows, he
has under his command the harbor po
lice boats and four tugs of the coast
guard cutter service.
Philadelphia. Feb. 3.^—Despite the
state department's advice that vessels
flying the American flag and destined
to foreign ports should postpone their
departure, shipping men today said
that Germany's action in declaring for
unrestricted submarine warfare had
not caused them to change their plans
in the least. Half a dozen boats, with
capacity cargoes, obtained clearance
papers yesterday and some of them
were expected to leave today. Among
the numbers is the American tanker
Goddshell. with gasoline for Bordeaux
river and Rouen.
Two torpedo boat destroyers were
today patrolling the lower Delaware
river to enforce neutrality regulations.
Although officials at the Philadel
phia navy yard refused to discuss the
matter, indications were that the war
ships of the Atlantia reserve fleet were
being made reedy for eee duty. The
guard of marine« at the yard has been
increased and no one is allowed
aboard the ships without special per
Amsterdam. Feb. I (via London).—
The Handelsblad says that the Hoi
land-American liner Nleuw Amater
dam. which waa on her way to Amer
ica and had been recalled by wlreleea,
arrived off the Hook of Holland this
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(Continued from Pa*e One.)
law and the obvious dictates of hu
When the president concluded, con
gress rose again and cheered and re
mained standing while he left the
Passports Presented.
While the president was addressing
congress. Law Adviser Wooisey of the
state department was at the German
embassy with a communication for
Count von Bernstorff which contained
passports for the ambassador, his wife,
the embassy staff and his suite, which
comprised more than a hundred per
Neutrals Notified.
It was announced officially that all
neutral xovernmenta have been no
tified by the United State» of the sev
erance of relations with Germany. Of
ficials of the state department, though
declining to discuss the notification,
left the impression that the United
States would welcome the co-operation
of all other neutrals
Beyond saying that various precau
tionary measures were being taken.
Secretaries Baker and Daniels refused
to make any statement after a confer
ence with the president. Three^Amer
London. Feb. 1—A Madrid dispatch
to Reuter's says that the Spanish gov
ernment has telegraphed the central
powers asking that the time allowed
Spanish ships to return to port be ex
ican naval vessels in the Mediter
ranean, one at Constantinople and two
at Alexandria, will not be moved, it
was said.
Official announcement was made
late this afternoon that Ambassador
Berostorffs passports were sent him
at 2 o'clock. The ambassador's de
parture from the United States will be
arranged in conferences between the
Swiss minister and the state depart
American Consul*.
Official announcement also was
made that all American consuls had
been ordered to leave Germany and
that Germany was expected likewise
L» withdraw all her consuls from this
No specific instructions have been j
sent to facilitate the withdrawal of i
Americans now in Germany, but Am- ;
bassador Gerard has been instructed >
to keep them fully posted as to de- !
veiopments. The Berlin embassy' has
funds to provide for Americans need
ing aid in leaving Germany.
Governors of states began eartv in
the afternoon to telegraph President
Wilson approving his course. The
first to come were from Governor
Towden of Illinois and Governor Man
ning of SoutF Carolina.
Many towns are protesting against
the note of the central powers and
have sent appeals to the government
to support with dignity the interests of
the nation. The administration has
prohibited an anti-German meeting
which was called at Santander. The
consulates of the control powers
Barcelona and the camp of tntarned
German.! near that city are being
guarded by the police.
Y. M. C. A. Experts Will Act
as Associate Architects
for Building.
The Chicago firm is celebrated an
over the country for Its work In con
nection with Y. M C A. building. The
members have had much experience in
such work and their retention as as
sociates w'ith Mr. Hamil! is another
proof of the busness-ltke methods be
ing used by the local committee in or
der to secure the best possible build
ing for this city.
Late this afternoon the trustees of
the Y. M C. A building met with Ar
chiteet Floyd Hamd!, who eras selected
as the architect last evening and de
cided to secure the service« of Shat
tuck and Husseys of Chicago as as
sociate architects for the construction
of the building.
London, Feb. t.—Ten members o»f
the crew of the British steamer BssonL
previously reported sunk, were drowned
Lloyds announced today. The captain
and two men of the crew have been
Madrid. Feb ( (via London)—The
Spanish steamer Butron and the Greek
steamer Blekon have b ee n torpedoed
and sunk by the German submarin,
U-BT. Two Spaniards wane drowned
In the sinking of the Batroa. The
real ot the or s ws of both eeaee la were

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