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What Paul S. Noble
s of Film Star, Doug
»„re 100 . 00 « men In the
" like Dougins Fairbanks,
, this government would
1 Vrm>' to ,i< k any nation In
- «"'according to Pau. S. Noble.
* '„f the American theater, who
" f i friend of Mr. Fairbanks
*Ttwo o" three weeks with
!r '" 1° »t Dona Beach. Mr.
1,1 '"tha^for'a small man Falr
", ! a whirlwind in a fight, and
* 1 , booked to ai.pear in a
a picture he fights with de
'l^aUh'Valrbanks." said Noble
'' hen he was making the com
1,„re The Mystery of the l,eap
Ï , Lon* Beach last summer.
1 started for San Diego to
" ■The Americano' on the same
, which I started for »Butte. 1
cordial invitation to go with him
, Iileso. hut my business eom
L- early return to Butte. Fair
made 'The Americano' at San
and Tin Juana, Mexico.
•the finished The Americano.
obte continued. Mr. Fairbanks
0 New York pending the settie
apllt-up between Ids director
« Triangle people. Fairbanks is
in the east nt the present time
$ 100.000 slat In fact. 1 am
that his appearance In Butte
imerloan theater in 'The Aincr
iMnesdav. Thursday and Fri
n „st week will he the last time
t, c seen in pictures at popular
I understand that there is a
1 at the present time whereby
iks is to have his own corn
ai lie In a position to command
I ol the profits of the company
mount of JTSO.OOO a year. This
s not been completed, however,
present time."
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proposing to prosecute all in
to any attempt that might be
on a charge of Jailbreaking,
is a felony Despite vigilance
the guards, however, O'Neill made
Evaded Guards.
« cot through the thin partition of
and plaster which encloses the
room where the prisoners are kept
the new jail, early Wednesday
ing, crawled through the hole into
«^joining room and then burrowed
ny through the plaster and lath
to the attic, from where he
through a window' tc the side
k on West Quart/, street by means
it rope made by tying blankets to
elll's eacape was discovered as
wi* making his way down Alaska
and a shot front a deputy's re
tailed to stop him. He was last
running east on Granite street.
Box Car Burglar.
1 was held for action by the
<rand Jury on a c harge of
box car in the local
yards and stealing goods in
te transit.
Three Similar Breaks.
previous breaks have been
from the new jail building he
of the fact that it has never
equipped with steel cages, al
Neill's escape is the first one
tin O'Rourke administration.
'* been made in the same mtn
« digling through the thin false
otw put Into the building bo
it might be UBed until funds were
"t equipment of the building
*e ctges. So thin are these
M . w hfr-h stand between some
nl conflne ' 1 I" the building
! hat a ho1 ® < ' an he dug In
™ ,h * ,lp el of a heavy shoe.
Btdouble Vigilance,
Precaution Is taken to avert
il be!! eitra K ' ia,d * ar ® on duty
" h0 " r " *"h this in view. This
ibe leml-weekiy search of the
?» foums used Bs a Jail was un
«■omugh. Everything In the
a 'l of the prieonere
- ect8, wrs examined, and
" ln ' ilarly thorough
ùller " iY "' ° Ui J al > bulkl
ulrection of Under Sheriff
l»Wiue nf °? erS " re negotiating
Me of steel cages from a jail
*iiV M ,. 0n " rn and these, It Ib
. "** »tant »18.000. It Is pro-
-, **. «'0.000 cash for the
T . "cure credit for the
,v <e»„e„ , d lasu ® 8 proposed
4tf ni( J T. PP 'h® Jab have
with the* ,p * cla ' elections
h,,, „l h , expense of extra
iWtlclent' t„ C ° Unty * * Um of
ml„ner <K,U ' P ' he
'Makes Soap
"ad for Washing Hair
100 much 1 aiu r 1P arf<1 »hampool
' u It drt.f .» ali - whicl > '® very
^j^britti* the Bral P and makes
"»unit * 0 »° '}** '* in»* plain mul
f ?r this is pure and
"• moat 11 * ver >' cheap, and
.TtT P n : ,IV ' oe any
L-f «^to~ T a You g®'
** 4 » »hole famfiv d f 1 few ounee ®
S' m°l,ten th^ L , for monU, s
? " ta «bout „ T alr »*«h water
aitauir«. j"* » lesspoonful is aU
"*• ®umv lather*'" abundance
rinses nm' c, ' a n«es thor
Wckly ° Bt easily. The hair
ana 'Ï »ft.
* tandis Besides"^- **** * nd
psm ' r . loo *ens and
'•«tels of dust, dirt and
From 10 to 12
T Hennessy's 1 VICTROLAS I Meanest^!
Free Class
In Embroidering
and Crocheting
In our Art Needlework Sec
tion on the Third Floor. An
expert teacher in attendance
to give every little miss
careful, personal atention.
Second Floor.
Victrola X
Every Size in all V/oods and Finishes
Ready for Immediate Delivery
And if You Wish on the Easiest of Terms
Our stock of Victrolas and Victor records is most complete,
including every size Victrola in the mahoganys, oaks,
golden or fumed and walnuts. Prices range.. .$15 to $350
—Victrola Rooms, Hennessy's Third Floor.
New Spring
Will Have First
Showing Tomorrow
Clever new creations for the
early spring street wear, in
cluding an exclusive display
of the famous Gage Hats.
Come in and see them.
Clearance of Women's Coats
Lower go the prices on remaining garments from our fall and winter lines, and beginning tomorrow we
offer beautiful novelty coats of the finer hinds, this fall and winter styles , for less than one usually pays for
just an ordinary coat, and warm serviceable coats for motoring or stormy weather wear at prices that do
not cover the cost of materials—and remember there are still months of coat weather ahead
New Coats A 4. Q HK 11 New Coats À C)
This FaU and Winter Models I L uJ Â Zj m J J Includes Every Other New Winter L \ L if) 1 J • J 3
from the Regular $27.50 Lines 1 | | Model, Priced Earlier up to $50.00
from the Regular $27.50 Lines
Fancy plushes in brown, gray or blue, novelty coatings in navy,
Copenhagen and other wanted shades, and also mixtures. Coats
from the season's lines on which the regular prices were to $27.50,
all on this final clearance at the one price................$12.75
Warm Winter Coats
Odds and Ends from Many of Our 7
Lines Formerly Priced to $18.50, /O/' KJTLiy
Not many, to be sure, and mostly in the smaller sizes, but the woman or miss
who has need of a warm, serviceable coat for motoring or stormy weather wear
and who can find her size will find a real bargain in any one of the garments
at this very special price of..........................................$5.00
Saturday Sale of New Waists
Dainty Lingeries
Includes Every Other New 1
Model, Priced Earlier up to $50.00
Black plushes and silk velours, black broadcloths and handsome
novelty coatings, including fine wool velours in the new shades
and staple colors. Coats from our finer lines, all this fall and
winter models on w : hich regular prices were to $50, choice $19.95
Wo men's Coats
The Remaining Garments from Many
Lines Formerly Priced Up to $25.00,
Including the staple navy blue and black, as well as many coats in novelty mix
tures, and the styles nre not only most practical for present wear but can be
worn for months to come. And when you remember that they are from regular
$25.00 lines you will realize what rare bargains they are at clearance price, $10.00
Not a Week in the Store, Are
Specially Priced for Tomorrow
$ 2.50
Sheer voiles in polka dots and plain weaves, showing the large novelty col
lars so much in favor this season, and dainty trimmings of lace, frills and
jabots; these are a special purchase lot direct from New York by express and
placed on sale tomorrow while a limited number last at only.. .TWO-FIFTY
Children's Dresses
Stamped for Embroidering
Made from fine mercerized ba
tiste, requiring but few stitches
of embroidery and ribbon to
complete; sizes 4 to 6 years; on
6ale Saturday at the very special
price of..................40c
Art Needlework Section
Hennessy's Third Floor
V._ J
Boys and Girls Wool
Union Suits
The famous Athena make in the high
neck, long sleeves and ankle length
style; regular $2.00 quality; special
Saturday at, suit .............$1.50
Women's cotton union suits; Bedo
make; in the wanted styles; regular
$1.50 quality; special Saturday, $1.25
Ready! the New
Section - Hcnneasy's Second Floor.
In a most varied assortment of
styles and in a world of pretty
new light colorings and patterns,
as well as the staple dark shades;
prices range from. .. ,75c to $1.75
Apron Section Hennery's Second Floor.
New Spring Models
Now ready in the Corset Shop,
S aF ' oor :$1.5«to$3.5#
Taffeta Ribbon
No. 1 all-silk taffeta ribbon .in
every wanted shade; regular 25c
for 10-yard bolt; a special -j e
sale Saturday at low price *-JC
No. 1 Zi width; the regular r\r\
35c for 10 yards Saturday "OC
Fancy Silk Hose
Special at $1 Pair
Regular $1.25 Quality
Choice of novelty striped and dot
ted effects, plaids, fancy clockings.
Special Table, Main Aisle.
All Silk Taffeta
and Satin Ribbons
Qualities that sell in the regular
way up to 50c a yard; in ar) e
special sale Saturday, yard^DC
r T
Dimities and Lawn
handkerchiefs 10c Each
EKEÄ i2>4c E a .
The Boys' Shop
Many With Extra
Sturdy suits for school or
play wear in neat dark
gray or brown mixtures;
many of the 'suits with
extra knickerbockers; on
sale Saturday at the very
special prices as follows:
$2.45 $3.95 $4.95
Boys' Blue Serge Norfolk Suits—Strictly
all-wool quality and tailored to give last
ing, satisfactory service; suits that would
be splendid values at $10.00; in sale
urday, in sizes 6 to 17 years, at......*7.50
Rompers—Dark blue, fast-color denim; for
little men of 2 to 8 years; made in the
long sleeve, ankle length and high neck
style; specially priced at............."O*»
Little Men's Dress Hats that were priced
earlier in the season at 75c t0 *2 50. now
half price, or from........... to $ 1,2 °
An Odd lot of little men's hate,
some slightly mussed, special 25c
Boys' Shop, Second Floor at Hennessy s. ^
Very Practical things to buy
Utility Boxes
Containing four packages
of brads, one package as
sorted sUe screw», hammer
and screw driver; regular
HAO value, special Satur
day at ................TS*
copper bottom boilers that
were $2.50 and |] each,
special Saturday at $2.M
and .................M.M
STOVE S—Regular *4.50
value are marked at half
price or unly.........$2.25
size, heavy retinned bread
raisers; regular *1.75 each,
special Saturday at...*1.25
Housefurniahinir Section
—North Aisle, Hennessy's
Especially Now When
Selections May Be Had
From the New Spring Lines
In Children'sShop on 2nd Floor
Rompers there are in every good wash,
weave and in dozens of different styles,
including many that are prettily hand
stitched and hand embroidered. Prices
range from ........... . ,75c to $3.50
Girls' Middy Blouses—All-white or in
solid colors, rose, Copenhagen and
khaki; these in sizes 6 to 14 years; are
priced at.................75c to $2.00
Girls' Blue Serge Skirts—With waists
attached; just the needed garment to
wear with middy blouses; sizes from 6
to 14 years; priced____ $3.50 and $3.95
New Tailored Coate for Little
Tote ; Smart New Spring Styles,
$4.95 to $8.50.
—Children*« Shop» Hennessy'» Second Floor.
Heavy bottom hotel tum
blers in two styles; regu
lar *1 ■ dozen, special
Saturday, dozen........8*c
Special 10c Table
On which are odd pieces of
china and glassware worth
to 35c each, including sou
venir plates, 7-inch plates,
glass comports, etc.
Special 25c Table
On which are odd pieces
of china and glassware
worth to 50c. Plates,
bowls, sauce dishes, salts
and peppers, etc.
—Art China Section, Hen
nessy*» Third Floor.
Down Stairs Store
Women's ^ ne wo °l serges
OT TT'T'C a °d wo °l poplins,
OUliO beautifully tailored
and in styles that are smart and
practical. These are from lines
that would sell in the regular way
up to $25 and there are all sizes
from 16 years to 44
bust measure for
> 14.95
women, on Saturday
Women's Extra Size Suits
Designed especially for large women;
strictly tailored models of fine wool serge
in navy blue; these are in sizes 43 to 53
and are also specially priced at____$14.95
Little Boys' Suits—Smart Norfqlks in the
navy blue or neat gray mixtures; choice
of knickerbockers or straight knee pants,
in sizes 3 to 8 years; speciyl...... $2J25
Boys' School Suits—In the Norfolk or
plain belted styles and in a splendid range
of colors; all with knickerbocker pants;
sizes 6 to 17 years; extra special____$3.45
In the Down Stairs Store at Hennessy's

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