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Saves Eggs
Price's Cream Baking Powder makes it
'ble to produce appetizing and wholesome
-es, muffins, combread, etc., with fewer eggs
are usually required.
many recipes the number of eggs may be re
ed and excellent results obtained by using
additional quantity of Dr. Price's Baking
wder, about a teaspoon, in place of each egg
itted. The following tested recipe is a prac
al illustration:
imp sugar
cup water
teaspoons Dr. Price's Baking
teaspoon salt
cup cold water
I teaspoon flavoring
I syrup w __ ________
stiffly beaten whites of eggs, beating until
the mixture Is cold. 81ft together three
times the flour, salt and baking powder:
beat yolks of egL's until thick; add a little
at a time flour mixture and egg yolks
alternately to white of egg mixture, stir
ring after eaoh addition. Add H cup cold
water and flavoring. Mi x^ lightly and
bake in moderate
The old method called for six eggs and no baking powder
Booklet of recipes which economise in egge and
other expensive ingredients mailed free. Address
1001 Independence Boulevard, Chicago, UL
»de from Cream of Tartar, derived from crape«.
"o Alum No Phosphate
meeting rtf the Silver Bow
elation last night there were |
* by Attorneys Earl Blodgett,
30rath*, A. Q. Phone. J. M. Hin
;m F. Emigh and others. At
lodgett, who was a member
lature, told of the legislation
nil gave an outline of the varl
■ures of particular interest to j
question of entertaining the
r association during its ses- |
e next August was discussed j
sldent Carl J. Christian was.
?d to appoint a committee t •
er the matter.
Kujala was found guilty of
by a jury and sentenced to J
60 days in the county jail b\ j
Buckley. Kujala, according to •
e, attempted to stab Osca** j
exhibited a coat with two!
which, it was alleged, wer«
knife in Kujaia's hand. I
You Blood and Pot
elf iu Good Shape.
necessity of being pre
for any emergency is be
rcibly impressed upon each
very individual. First and
st is the importance of
a sound physical body, of
g yourself in prime condi
Iways, so as to be at all
equipped to fight an enemy
> ever threatening the ene
111 Health.
means that every assist
must be given to nature in
ffort to combat disease and
the system in proper condi
And right now, as Spring
"ches, nature needs more
than ever, for the system
a thorough housecleaning
rid of the accumulated im
s and thus avoid the dang
fevers that are so prevalent
.ring and Summer.
have doubtless felt the
of a good tonic, though you
not have recognized the call
nature was making in the
of loss of appetite, lassitude,
gone, and a general "good
thing" feeling that pervades
whole body. Such symptoms
that the blood has become
sh, that the accumulated
'ties are clogging the circu
and that a general impair
of your health is imminent
the proper corrective steps
mptiy taken.
e is absolutely no neces
r permitting the change of
s to / cause this run-down
ion of your system, for
is a remedy easily within
reach, one that for fifty
Kujala brought « harnen of assault
gainst I-a ne several weeks ago.
as dismissed and Kujala wi
'ssed the costs and ordered arrested
Kujala aroused Lane of striking his
companion, Erik Johnson, over the
h»»rid with an ax** The trouble
the result of a grudge which started in
pi AMMAM |C rmiiun
After deliberating SO minutes, the
jury In the rase of Hendry Planman.
charged with grand larceny, found him
guilty and left the punishment to the
court. Planmun stole $145 from Andy
Suominen at the boarding house at 125
Covert street. The trial was com
menced before Judge John V. Dwyer
and a Jury yesterday morning and was
concluded late in the afternoon
' It says here that a labor leader
daims that four hours a day |g Jong
enough for a man to work." said the
old Fogy.
"Flow did he find it out?" asked the
vears has been relied upon by
thousands for purifying the blood
and building up and strengthen
ing the entire body. S. S. S.. the
great blood purifier, and the only
one guaranteed purely vegetable,
is without an equal as a tonic and
blood builder, and a few bottles
taken right now will revitalize
and add new strength and vigor
to your entire system.
S. S. S. is good for every mem
ber of the family, being beneficial
to children as well as adults. No
matter how puny the children
may be, this great tonic will build
them up and fill them with vigor.
For adults who are feeling the ef
fects of the general debility which
:omes with Spring, who are suf
fering from loss of appetite and
a general feeling of worthless
ness, a few bottles of S. S. S. will
prove a fine investment, for this
great remedy will promptly purge
your system of every impurity,
revitalize your blood, improve
•wir r-'-rtite. and build up and
add new strength and life to your
entire body.
Don't let this Spring find you
unprepared. Take no chances
with the dangerous ailments that
are so prevalent in Summer, but
go today to your drugstore and
buy a bottle of S. S. S. and start a
thorough course of system-clean
ing which will build up your body
and put your enitre system in tip
top shape. Give it to the children:
it will aid them in growing strong
and building up healthy and vig
orous bodies.
We will take pleasure in send
ing valuable literature, and im
portant information as to how to
keep in health, to all who write
for it. Address Swift Specific
Co.. 96 Swift Laboratory, Atlan
ta, Ga.
7 <s>.
This picture show« how United States
merchant ships will be armed by the
United States if President Wilson de
cides to furnish yuns and gunners for
ships crossing the Atlantic in defiance
of the German submarine campaign.
Three-inch or four-inch guns will be
mounted on the sterns of ships and
expert gunners provided to operate
them. The guns will be used only
for defense.
Musical Treat by A. C. M. Mu
sicians at the Broadway
Friday Night.
The Anaconda «'upper Minn* hand, I
under the direction of Leader Sam
Treloar, will gjve a benefit concert at
the Broadway theater Friday night for
John M'*ore. an old and valued mem
ber of the organization who was re
cently afflicted with total blindness.
The mere mention of a concert by the
famous band is sufficient f«»r the poo
plo of Butte who know what to ex
pect. The hand will be assisted by
the tftevens Glee club and sonn* well
known soloists. The program in detail
Hark! Hear the Cannons' Thunder
Pealing," from 'Tannhäuser" « Wag
nor), Glee club and hand.
Overture, "Calm Sea and Happy
Voyage'' (Mendelssohn), band.
Soprano solo, "Oh, Robert, Robert"
< Meyerbeer). Cavltlna from "Robert le
Diable," Miss Phyllis Wolfe.
Male chorus. "Goodbye," Stevens
Glee club. Miss Mabel Mitchell, accum
Cornet duet. "Seymourian." polka
(Strassberger). Arthur Baker and
Trevor Thomas.
Indies quartet, "Welcome, Pretty
Primrose' •Piusutl). Mrs. Richard
Calloway, Miss Pearl Kltto, Mrs
Trevor Thomas and Miss «'slanthe
Caddy Accompanist, Miss I'earl Ivey.
Selection from "II Trovutore"
(Verdi), hand. Introducing the re
nowned prison scene, with Miss Pearl
Job as I^eonora; Joseph Andrews,
lenor, as Manrlco. The Glee club in
Chorus, "The Crusaders" < Protheroe)
Glee club. +
Selection. "Songs From the Old
Folk«" (I*ake), band.
NOW WANTS $10,000
Damage suits for 110,000 each were
brought yesterday by Arthur Smith
and Thomas WaJsh against P J Dona
hue. who is alleged to have caused the
arrest of the two men on a charge
larceny. The two men say they were
compelled to spend ten hours in the
city Jail and that their reputations
were damaged as a result.
A recital will l>e given Friday even
ing in the rooms of the Butte College
of Music on West Broadway by the
students, who will present a program
of vocal and Instrumental numbers on
which they have been at work for
some time.
J. R. Norville, for six years superin
tendent of the state school for the deaf,
dumb and blind at Boulder, Is confined
in a hospital at Pomona. Cal., con
valescing from an operation, accord
ing to word received in the city. While
he Is improving, hi* condition is said
to be critical.
The second of a series of revival
meetings will be held In the Gold Hill
Norwegian Lutheran church tonight.
The meetings are creating considerable
Interest and every effort Is made to
Increase the attendance. Another
meeting will be held tomorrow- night
and possibly more.
Fire, Starting From an Over
heated Stove. Results in
Nominal Damage.
An overheated stove started a fire on
the ground floor of the Pabst Beer
Supply rompu fiy'.s warehouse. Iron and
Arizona streets, St 3:30 o'clock this
morning, but aside from burning a hole
through the floor and scorching the
rafters overhead it did little damage to
the building. Keg and bottled beer
valued at not mar* than $500 may have
been damaged by heat and smoke, but
in such event the damage was only
nominal. Fire Chief Fred Martin de
clared this morning that $500 will
easily cover the entire damage to stock
and building Aside from the scorched
woodwork in the room, where the'flre
started, the building shows no effects
of the blaze.
At no time was the building men
aced, prompt work of the fire depart
ment confining the fire to a small area
In the floor. Smouldering joists under
the floor, however, proved stubborn be
cause of their inaccessibility.
About 120 cases of l>eer and malt and
some 20 kegs of beer were stored on
the ground floor of the building In the
room In which the fire started. Wheth
er or not these were damaged by smoke
and heat remains to he seen, but In all
events it is said the damage to stock
will be nominal.
The building Is a two-story brick
structure, which adjoins the Newhro
Drug company's warehouse on the
south. It Is In the heart of the whole
sale district, the Great Northern depot
being uitohs a narrow street which has
been trucked. For some distance to the
east there are a number of warehouses
of wood construction, used for storing
hay, grain, furniture and the like. The
warehouse is one of the oldest in Butte
and is of brick veneer construction, in
terior partitions, floors and finish all
being of wood
"This was nothing but a little blaze,"
said the fire chief today In discussing
sensational reports of the fire "There
was nothing spectacular about It. A
little smoke pouring out of the roof as
it coursed upwards along the end wall
is all that even gave hint outwardly of
the fire. You can see for yourself that
the woodwork Is only scorched. At the
most the damage will not exoeed $500 "
Hair Often Ruined by
Washing With Soap
Soap should be used very carefully, if
you went to keep your hair looking its
best. Most soaps and prepared sham
poos contain too much alkali. This
dries the scalp, makes the hair brittle,
and ruins it.
The best thing for steady use Is Just
ordinary mulslfled rocoanut oil (which
lr pure and greasdess). and is better
than the most expensive soap or any
thing else you can use
One or two taaspoonfuls will cleanse
the hair and scalp thoroughly. Simply
moisten the hair with water and rub It
In. It makes an abundance of rich,
creamy lather, which rinses out easily,
removing every particle of dust, dirt,
dandruff and excessive oil. The hair
dries quickly and evenly, and it leaves
the scalp soft, and the hair fine and
silky, bright, lustrous, fluffy and easy
to manage.
You can get tnulsified cocoa nut oil
at any pharmacy. It's very cheap, and
a few ounces will supply every mem
ber of the family for months
Mines Will Allow Employes to
Have Day Off for Satur
day Celebration.
The St. Patrick's day committee ha 5
announced that, following a eonferenc
with the mine officials, those engaged
In the mines may lay off for the cele
bration of St. Patrick'» day without
endangering their positions. This Is
the regular rule ami the majority of
the worker* will take advantage *f
the opportunity to lay off lor the d*\
and join In the local celebration.
The Hibernians and the Invited so
cieties and their friends will assem
ble Saturday morning at the Lewl*oh »
block at 9:30 o'clock and march in
body to the Immaculate Conception
church, where mass will be celebrated
by Rev. M. O'D. Barry, who will als-»
preach the special sermon.
As already announced, the Irish
drama, "A Bit of Blarney," will be
given at the Auditorium In the after
noon and evening by & cast under the
direction of Miss Gertrude Ryan.
Three dances will be held In the even
ing at the Pallas, Palimont and Hiber
nia halls.
Tokio. The coral beds of Japan arc
■worked by divers In the employ of a
master diver,* who receives the take
as It comes In. grades It, and, when
a sufficient quantity has been ob
tained, asks for bids on the lots of
each grade.
Representatives of the leading ex
porting and wholesale firms are al
ways at hand during the season the
best coral is taken to Inspect the take
and proffer bids. The total annual take
is about 65,000 pounds, valued at
The color of the coral has a great
deal to do with the value placed upon
it. The most expensive is "boke," a
pale quince color. Single beads of this
color, suitable for manufacture into
ornamental hair pins, bring from $10
to $50 each.
The next color in value is pink, fol
lowed by white, light red and dark red.
Two cases were set for hearing in
Judge McClernan's department of the
district court today but both went over
in the suit for damages brought by Kate
Keenly against the «»rent Northern Rail
way company u continuance was granted
until tomorrow as a settlement is tn
course of arrangement,
In the suit of Hteve Mattch .against
Rade Milusnich h continuance was or
dsred until next Monday on account o$
a motion having been filed asking for u
dismissal of the case, which the attor
neys desired to have time to look into.
It Is an action for $10.000 as damages
for injuries alleged to have been re
ceived through being shot in the left arm.
Clear Your Skin in Spring
Spring house cleaning means « lean
ing inside and outside. Dull pimply
skin is an uftermath of winter inac
tivity. Flush your intestines with a
mild laxative and clean out the ac
cumulated wastes, easy to take, they
do not gripe. Dr. King's New Life
Pills will clear your complexion and
brighten your eye. Try Dr. King's
New Life Pill* tonight and throw off
the sluggish winter shell. At drug
gists, 25c.
Main springs $1.00, guaranteed. May
er. lowest priced Jeweler lr. Montana.
21 West Park.—Adv.
Is Thousands of Butte People Who.
During the Past 13 Years, Have
Dental Satisfaction
An Guaranteed by
e 2008 for Appointment*
The last word in modern dentistry, combined with 20 years* experience.
Besides our work you will also be satisfied with OLTR PRICES. Solid gold
crowns, $4.00; porcelain crowns, $4.00; bridge work, $4.00 n tooth; platinum
fillings, $1.50; silver fillings, $1.00; solid gold fillings, $1.50 up; full set of
teclh ...............................................................$10.00
Mining Meji, Attention!
Most of the Butte mines having adopted elec
tric power, we have on hand a number of small
size locomotive and steam boilers for imme- !
diate delivery.
A. C.M. Hardware House
Corner Main and Quartz Streets
Position of Second Lieutenant
Open—Military Training
The position of second lieutenant ban
been offered by the war department to
any male graduate of the State univer
sity who can pass a certain mental
md physical examination to be given
July 1U, 1917, according to a statement
recently published In Missoula. The
*rder sent to the university officials
i a ted that the United Htates murine
service needed men, especially officers.
The applicant need not have had previ
ous military training. The examina
tions will he held at Helena. Miles City
iiid Glasgow, July 10.
Military training is now compulsory
it the State university for under class
men. The students recently voted three
to one in favor of It. It was learned,
iccordlnK to statements of students,
that many of the affirmative votes
were cast by the "co-eds." "We like
to see the men In their pretty uni
forms," they said.
Carriers are not Allowed to accept
payment of subscriptions, or to accept
orders for cancellation of subu<-riptlon.
All su<h orders to have delivery of
papers discontinued must be made to
the Butte Daily Post, business office.
The Three Days' Anniversary Sale on
Twenty years ago we placed a trial order for Layton Hama.
They have been a feature of our business ever since, with in
creasing sales every year.
As a fitting close of the 20-year period we have decided to
place the 10 to 12-pound Layton Hams on sale Tuesday, Wednes
day and Thursday at
25c Per Pound
The 14-16 lb. Layton Skinned Hams will also be on sale at
the reduced price of 23 cents per pound. These prices are less
than we have asked so far this year and, according to market
predictions, will not be duplicated.
TeL 1287-1288. 543-547 South Main.
Farm Hands Wanted
Urgent demand sent out for farm help by the Government of
Canada. Good wages. Steady employment. Low railway fares.
Pleasant surroundings. Comfortable homes. No Compulsory Mili
tary Service. Farm hands from the United States are absolutely
guaranteed against Conscription. This advertisement is to secure
farm help to replace Canadian farmers who have enlisted for the war.
A splendid opportunity dor the young man to investigate Western
Canada's agricultural offerings, and to do so at no expense.
Only those accustomed to farming need apply.
For parttcoiara aa to raUwar rataa and dlatrtcta whara labor la rstmlrad,
or othar Information regarding Western Canada, applr to
J. L. PORTE, Dunn Block, Grat Falls, Mont
Authorized Canadian Government Agent
Dorhofer Secures the Plumbing
Bid—Plumbers Slow Pre
senting Bids.
The Mowatt & «"annon company
was awarded the general contract at
a cost of $16.400 for the extension to
the Harrison school building at tha
meeting of the board of school trustee*
last evening. The plumbing and heat
ing contract was awarded to F. J.
Dorhofer on a bid of $6,628. Dorhofer*
bid Is subject to confirmation by
County Attorney Jackson, as none o'i
the plumbers submitted their bids by
noon yesterday, as the published call
for bids specified. Charles P. Nevin
explained that the rule of the local
plumbers' organization was that bids
should be brought In person and
opened in the presence of the bidders.
Dorhofer'* hid was $2,500 under the
next lowest bid. The bids for the gen
eral contract ran from $16,400 to
Bills to the amount of $16,28$.$6
were allowed. Salaries amounting to
$80 and laborers' payroll of $14$ were
allowed In connection with the main
tenance of the recreation center. Paul
Gow presided last evening In the ab
sence of Chairman Charles Wallace,
who is 111.
'What is your favorite tree?" asked
« »f her ft lend, Mr. Blue;
Why, that Is plain to see," said he,
"My favorite tree Is yew."

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