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Ferris Given Two and a Half
Years at Deer Lodge.
Other Cases.
- 9 -
Louis Ferris, after being arraigned
on a charge of assault in the second
degree by County Attorney Joseph R.
Jackson, this morning in reply to a
question of Judge Dwyer said that he
desired to plead guilty and accept sen
tence at once. He was sent to the
state prison for not less than two
years and six months nor more than
five years. Ferris was charged with
having assaulted a section foreman of
the Oregon Short Line Railroad com
pany at Feele; a short time ago. Fer
ris came into some prominence about
five years ago when he was arrested
in connection with the wrecking of a
Northern Pa< ifi train near the Mon
tana street railway crossing. When
placed on trial the jury disagreed and
he was never brought to trial the sec
ond time, being released soon after.
Albert Haubrich, charged along with
Charles Reese-. Vernie A. Yeager ami
Mabel Yeager, with robbery, entered a
Ilea of not guilty and was granted a
separate trial. Reese is to appear for
plea on Monday, while the pleas of
S'eager and his wife were ntinued
for one week
Reuben Edstrum was arraigned on
charge of robbery and his plea set for
next Saturday. llis Lund was fixed
at $7,500. He is represented b> At
torneys Nolan and Donovan.
Patrick Sullivan. Grattan Moriarity
and Percy Green each entered ile;is of
not guilty to a charge < : robber} and
were granted separate trials.
A man who had been arrested under
. I
charge of robber}' informed the court
that his true name was Michael Har
ry. He said that he was without
means to engage counsel and the court
named Attorney Louis E. Haven to
look after him. He is to appear for
flea next Saturday.
J. P. F.t
eba ;
of ha
mod b
;h Wi
He is
111am Meyer,
'ailed upon to
slaty ws
•hed to pie
Jackson sa
Edwin Pearce wie
plead to a charge of 1
resented by Attorn*}
Pearce said that he
guilty. County Attor
the case was one in w
leniency might be exercise«
was a young man and un
fluence of liquor when he
it} attorney further
did not take any
*aid that he did n**t
nding a young man
but there was noth
added that Peart
thing. The judge
like the idea of s<
to the penitentiary
ing left for him t
?e to
ot le
:ing the leading
« «1 It« :
• of "N
)er." will
be a .«
t n<

re to be
given b
efore a
-, •
• Sundav
5. a
• :
- *
t oaptist
»«A T . sv
O', b
i k.
jy morn
ing at
1 1 o'cl
i !.. d<
r\ i
e at the
n View
rch, pre
sentit }:
her top
ic ''(
L>f Pales
elling t
f lif
stoms of
her nat
ive home.
The «
• riental
c V
given by
Miss L
K ille Burge
eling com
c»f Prin
People's Community Church.
People's Community church, Harri
son avenue, opposite Majors street
I-awrence A Wilson, minister, phones.
3040-W and 5715-J. At 11 a. m. Mr.
Wilson will speak on "The Christian
I ndcr Strain. Sunday school at
12:1.*. At s p. m. address on "Chris
tian Patriotism verses Prussiau
Patriotism." The Adelphia club will
sing. Vocal duet by Mrs. R. K.
Wheeler and L>. \V. Synrons.
I» ri n-., , 1
™ pa ;: r' i ; nM :, n v ;
Do Moines. I«„. surrendered himself
I» f. ___________.......... , '
at the sheriff's office Inst . ...... „
n telegram lias been received to the ef
fect that an officer will come to the
city to take him hack.
At Stevens and Manie; hall e\ er;
Saturday night.—Adv.
Christian Endeavor Society of
the Christian Church
Wednesday Evening, April 2Ä,
at 8:30 o'clock
Best Talent to He Had in
One day recently. Mr'. Eliza Scandling, aged 78. shown in the center of the picture, thought she would like to have a
picture of her direct descendants, especially in view of the fact that the fifth generation has arrived. The baby.
Richard East ce, s seei • tting on th« knees of the grai ! R. J. Coke, 88 years old. Th 1 by*« i oth<
Mrs. Samuel Ku-tice - seen on other side of the picture. The gnat grandmother, Mrs. E. J. Williams, stands in rear.
One fa
e contains a great,
great grandmother at 78. a great
grumimoth« i at 58. a grandmother at
öS and a mother at 2u with a three
months old oabv to complete the five
generations, all healthy and happy
The picture
The great, great
anumother. Mrs
•orn in England.
Swedish M
church. Dakota and
Burplivrv st
the Rev. O. Bern
linid Olson mil
tr Sunday school al
id., m. Mo

nervi ce al 11 o'clock
Young Prop!
meeting at 6:30. Km
ning service
TriniH Mt
«1 Episcopal church ;
John G. llu«
tor. 971 North Main
Morn ng si
nt 11 o'clock, subject.
• The Vision
sus." Sunday school
« t 2:3ft i). n
thew H. Drown, su

vorth league at 6:3ft
P l,l„ Mis
Bawden. president.
Evening w
nt 7:30, subject.
ill's AI
to a Great Questi
Grace Methodist Episcopal church,
Second and Arl/«*mi; J. H. Mitchell.
r Premlnng b> the pastor at
*'• ui. and « p. in. Sunday school at
12:13. Waller Kinneysuperintendent.
Epworth league at 6:30, subject. How
Cod Guides." A cordia l welcome to all.
Anaconda vluircli. M. Sabinen, pastor
Sti'\icc> at I»' «. nr. Suirdav school
at 11:3ft a nr. Evcniu« scnjn ; ** 7 .*tn
u ,.,i____a«.» preaching nt / : .AO p. in.
I • ri ii *. meet it. ihiircli Thnr«!:it .f 9
f-adics meet in church Thursdi
•'clock. Luther league meeting Frida
t 7:30 p. nr. Collections taken l
icncfit new building; use envelope 1
mte your name on them and help u
"The Fc
toricnl s
rty 1)«'
r. corner Utah
G. W. Thomas,
m at 11 o'clock,
er Easier." his
n the series for young
will now lx- resumed.
Evening sermon at 7:30 o'clock, sub
ject. "What Now?" This sermon will
be of especial interest to all the work
ers in the church, as it will consist of
a program and purpose exposition for
the immediate future of our service to
the Ki adorn of God in Butte. A meet
ing of the newly elected executive
commission will be held immediately
after service to discuss important mat
ters and prepare material for presen
tation to presbytery, which meets in
our church next week. Let every mem
! her he sure to attend. The meetings
j °f Hie Presbytery of Butte w ill begin
and con
1 1 1"ur inrougnom Wednesday evening.
Th - "0..c meeting* , v m he in« P irn
| tional and »II nur people should al
un me I rcsnyiery oi mitte t
«t Ä p. m. Tuesday. April 17.
' l!. ,me throughuui Wednesday
il if possible I. et us not forget tllul
met Frldav evening. April 20. the
Woman's Missionary society will cele
brate its ninth annivertiarv by a fine
program at 8 o'clock.
Immanuel Presbyterian church, cor
ner Gaylord and Galena streets- Sun
day school at 11 a. m. until further
I notice Preaching al 7:3(1 p. m . The
IUv. .1. H Rus-ell will preach. A spe
cial Easier social will be given l>> the
1 .»dies' Aid society on Thursday eve
ning. April 19. An attractive program
:s being prepared and all the friends
•>t Immanuel church and Sundav school
are most cordially invited. Refresh
ments will l>c served.
First _ Church of Christ. Scientist.
Woman- club building, corner P-,r<
street and Clark avenue Services on
Sunday at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sub
net. "Are Sin. Disease and Death Real."
Sunday school at 12:45 p. m. Testi
monial meeting Wednesday evening at
8 oYlock. Reading rooms open daily
except Sundays and holidays, from 10
a m to 4 p. ni Rooms 80 and 87.
fourth floor of the Owsley block. Tel
ephone 849. All are welcome.
Silver Row Park Methodist Episco
pal church. W H. Pascoe. pastor—
Sunday school at 11 a. m.. J. Adams,
superintendent. Epworth league at
S:3n p. m Preaching by J. R Penhall
i at 7:30 p. m. Reception of members
at th:a service.
I.owell Avenue Methodist church C
i A Rexroad. pastor, 1715 Rowell av -
enue- The Sunday school meets at 10
o . lock ; classes for all ages. r. j x ep .
per. superintendent. Pronohlng sew.
ices at 11 o'clock by Brother John
Michigan with her husband and a !
daughter, who is Mis E. J. Williams,
living with her mother at «S Missoula
the great grandmother of the
Ti . rest of the family were born in,
Butte Mrs R. J. iToke is probably
the youngest grandmother in the city
She is only îg ears of age and 1. es
at f clear Grit terra ., Her daughter,
'~ ■ ; re 20 years
Miss Vida St
this ser
vire. The j U n
at 3 H
lock. The S
6: SO O«
?arhnrd Carl so:
ant. Mil
■ 8 Th«
at 7:30
. Lee Hayes |
hott will sing a
dor league meet

,,r ^ league at
. rung service j
itching. R. H.
are invited,
I nit\ Methodist Episcopal church,
H. 1
Preaching and Sunda> school at 11
a. m . topic of sermon, "Partnership
With God." Epworth league a't 6:30
r • m Preaching at 7:30 p. m.
Italian Methodist Episcopal church,
72 Main street, Meaderville—Sunday
school, 1:20 p. m Sunday service
11)7:30 p. nr.. April 15. "The Religious
Problem In Our Davs " the Rev \
Trappolini preac her.'
Scandinavian Methodist Episcopal
c > lu ', rch ' A '*»>"* and Copper streets.
-'»drew Odegaard, pastor — Ro«u 1 *t
*"•»*«> Evening at 8 o'clock
Tnnrsdu} evening at 8 o'clock the La
dies' Aid TTIPPts ar tha .
dies' Aid meets at the church. Krlda>
evening, prayer meeting. All Seandi
na\ ians are cordially invited.
St raid's Methodist church, Galena
and Idaho streets. R. H. Lewelling,
pastor, residenee 103 South Idaho
street, telephone 1070-B — Morning
service 11 o'clock, theme, "Holiness."
h Beter 1., 14-16. Evening service 7
oclock, theme. Repentance." Luke
xiii.. 3. Sunday school, 12:15 p. m.,
special Bible study for adults. Ep
worth league 6:30 p. m.
at 11
I n Italian Regular serv i
on'-Wiem' *«• W '" * I
n Ancient Conceptions of Immortal-.
Ity." Vocal solo by .Mrs. Morley Bom
mers. Thou Wilt Keep Him in Per- j
Ivhoo^lVso M " CUermid - 8unday
Tile Messiah's •• „ '
subject 'of the talk by J. W Duncan ;
Sunday evening at the room of the
•ophieal society. 102 Levv.sohi, :
under the auspices of the Order
of tile Star in the Flast. The public is
cordially invited to attend.
St. John's Episcopal church, Idaho
and Broadway, the Rev. C. F. Chap
man, rector—Celebration of the holy
communion, 8 a. m.; morning prayer
and sermon, 11 o'clock: Sunday school
nt 12 80; regular monthly choral md
musical service at 7:30 p. m.
St. Andrew's chapel, Centerville. R.
J. Jensen in charge—Sunday school at
2:30 p. m.; evening prayer and ser
mon at 7:30 o'clock.
St. Paul's Episcopal church, Talbot
and Warren avenues, the Rev. Jacob
A. Hiatt, pastor- Morning prayer and
sermon at 11 o'clock. Sunday school
sermon a, 7:1k Special"F-Ls'ier 'inuri' j
V la be. sung at ««evening service. |
St. Mark's Lutheran church, Silver i
and Montana streets, the Rev. M. '
Hudtloff, pastor; residence. 221 South
Montana street—Services at 11 a.
and 8 p. m. German preaching in the
m.nning. English preaching in the
evening. Young people's meeting at
7:80 p. m. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.
Emanuel Lutheran church, Mon
tana and Silver streets, the Rev. D. X.
Anderson, pastor; residence. 315 South
Dakcfa street — Regular servi 'c* on
Rnnday in the morning in English nt
10:46 and i„ the evening in Iwediah
at « oYiook. Sunday rchool a, 12:15
p. m. A cordial welcoim. n. »«it
Gold frill Lutheran church, the Rev.
F. A. T. Come Müssen, pastor, 51 West
('opper street—The pastor will preach_______
and 8 p. m. In the evening !
at 11 a.
live, at 1S1 West B and
it Is her little bah;. in. vomi Jet. « th'
five generations.
Every member of the family is very
healthy and a recent reunion was the
ureasion of many cot -ratulations from
their neighbors. There is probably
not a duplicate for t: - fnm.iy in the
state. Mrs. Soandlir.c. tl.. errat, great
grandmother, has t. : in H itt, for
the past 33 years.
holy communion will be celebrated.
All welcome. 8unda> school begins
i«t 10 o'clock. Please send your chil
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran
church, the Rev. Alexander Sand
Strom, pastor—Services at the Gold
' • - ■
Per street, at 2 o'clock p m Sunday
school at 1 p. m. All are cordially
First Presbyterian church, E. J.
Groeneveld, pastor Meaning service
at 11 o'clock. Sunday school at 12:30
p. m. Young people's service at 6:30
p. m. Evening service at 9:30 o'clock.
Christian church tShortridge Me
morial I, Washington and Mercury.
Walter M. Jordan, minister — Bible
school and morning worship at 11
o'clock. Intermediate meets at noon.
Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p m,
Chester Cassel, leader. Evening song
service and sermon at 7:30. The
morning semu.» meme Is "After the
Uverrrrec tion." Tile evening theme Is
"Christian Patriotism."
Melsh ehur )i, Dakota and Alumi
num streets- s- rv ices Sunday morn
ing at 11 o', lv k in Welsh. Evening
services at 7:80 in English. Preach
ing nt both services by the Rev. Wil
liam Davies. Special singing by Mrs.
Sarchett and Mrs. R. M. Jones. All
are Invited to attend this service, as
this will be the last meeting with the
Rev. Mr. Davies Sunday school at
12:16 o'clock.
First Baptist church, Broadway and
Montana street, Charles A. Cook, pas
tor, residence 728 West Galena street—
At 11 a m„ sermon by the Rev
P««or aTl^Tte'Tiintona
Baptist convention At mm«
school. Raraca ass for men kt « 30
P. m.. B. Y. P. r. topic 7he lord's
I ? ay 1 the Bw At 7:30 p. m the
H} rian princess. Rahme Haider, w ill
>Iivp . ,he Ftor . v " f "Naaman the Leper"
ù.thw' Pales,Tne ^ChrMlTn *
man of , ulture with a message She
is „ member of the T^mp^BapHe'
Class'^'meeDm?at mi "' Ste . r ~
service a, , l P^Cess"*
' „/' y ïî a , " 111 s I ) «'ak on
school ,t ,, ,, Pri| e»tine.'' Sunday
a t t in „ " 1 m R rw orth league
, V*° n ' 'Ol I, "How God Guides "
leader. Elisalieth Hocking. Evening
fr\i<e at . ..a, tho pastor speaking:
subject. Ts Perfection Boulhle?"
church, Los Angeles. After two weeks
illness Pastor Cook hopes to be present
and participate in the services.
Swedish Baptist church, 730 East
Park street. A Johnson Stormans, pa«,
tor: phone 5248-J-Sunday school at
1 a. m.. with classes for all. Eve
ning services at 8 o'clock.
Bethel Rapt ist church, Idaho and
Mercury streets. FJmmett B. Reed, min
ister— Preaching at 11 a. m. and 8 p.
m. Sunday school at 12:15 p. m
Praise meeting at 7:80 p. m. Baptis
mal serv ice at the First Baptist church.
roadway and Montana street, at 3
P. m.
Mountain View Methodist Episcopal
church. Montana and Quartz streets.
Mount Baikal Mathndi.t Eptacopal
ilHii-rti, 1609 North Main street G J
Stephen« Paetor-Mornln* service u
11. sermon l.y pastor. Class meeting
at 1. noon. Sumla; school at 2:30
Dm. Epworth league at 6:30 p.
rveni„J' PW ° r , th at 6:30 i
5hom, f' ~n»on
c hu T F^y ", ial »*"*"« by
" cr>bod\ Welcome.
at Tso,"'sermon Uy pastor
Besloy chapei, 1000 Talbot avenue
J btPr ^ heu«, pastor Morning service
bV '■•'c Haye» Bundav
• boo' aI 12 no °". Afternoon «er; ice
Mrs. Thomas West Writes to
Mayor—She and Her Baby
Want West Back.
Acting Mayor George ITagemnn to
day made the request that euryone
in Butte help locate Thomas N. West,
whose little baby back in Minneapolis
is calling for her daddy.
Mrs. West wrote to the mayor this
morning and asks him to help her
lorate ner husband for herself and
y. Any information concerning
West's whereabouts may be sent to
Mrs. West. 1123 Hawthorne avenue,
West is described as a man of 29
ears, five feet eight inches tall, with
dark brown hair. He has a birthmark
on the calf of his right leg. the size
shape of a mouse. He speaks with
an English accent.
Mrs. Wogt believes her husband is
orking in Butte as n stationary en
gineer, a fireman or electrician.
My baby ami J need him and want
him," writes the wife.
April 15, White Sunday.
April 16, Feast of the Day.
April 17. St. Anaeetus. Pop«
April 18, Feast of the Day.
April 19, Feast of the Day.
April 20. Feast of the Day.
April 21. St. Anacelmus.
Rev. James Lowney will sing his
first solemn high mass at the Sacred
irt church on East Park street on
Sunday morning. April 15. Father
James Lowney is the first Butte boy
3e raised to the dignity of the
priesthood. In two years another
Butte boy, Mr. Patrick McVeigh, will
>rdained to the priesthood, and two
rs after that two brothers, Lucien
and Edward Bur'.y. also uf Butte, will
»rdained. All the «above mentioned
s are products of the Sacred Heart
parish of Butte.
Rev. James A. Williams of Sioux
Falls, S. D., accompanied Father
.ney to Butte and will deliver the
sermon at the 10:30 mass. Father
Williams is a convert to the faith,
being of Welsh ancestry.
The officers of the mass are as fol
ws: Rev. James Lowney, celebrant:
pv. Joseph M. Venus, assistant
priest; Rev. V. U. Leclair, deacon;
Rev. Patrick Case}, sub-deacon. Rt
Rev. Mgr. Victor Day, Y. G., and Rt.
Rev. Mgr. Peter DeSiere, together with
some 20 other priests, will occupy the
t 10:30 o'clock sharp Sunday
morning the clergy, preceded by 70
altar boys, will form a procession
from the parish house to the church,
where the mass will be celebrated.
After the celebration of the mass
Father Lowney will bestow his bless
ing upon each indivldu.'il present.
A unique feature of the service wiU
be the music rendered by a choir com
pos« q qI tether Lowhey's old school
AMtres'when as a boy he attended the
Sacred Heart school. Sopranos, Mrs.
James Cummins, Miss Agnes Kielv,
Miss Mary McMahon, Mrs. William
Stanaway, Mrs. Moffet; altos, Miss
Allie Paige, Mrs. Charles Rollman.
Mrs. Wise; bases. James Gleason,
Mr. Vangeeson; tenor, Leo Boland.
The following boyhood companions
of Father Lowney will usher at the
church: Brandon McMahon, Joseph
Kelley, Dan Lewis. Andrew Kiely,
J. F. Driscoll, John Whelan, William
Sullivan, Lawrence Whelan, William
Whelan, Emmett O'Brien.
After the religious service at the
church the visiting clergy, together
with the clergy of Butte, will be
guests of Father Venus, pastor of the
Sacred Heart church, at a luncheon at
the Finlen hotel.
Charles Erb and Miss Katherine
Tripp were married Wednesday eve
ning by Rev. Father Venus. The at
tendants were Mr*. Mollie Froeh
lich and William Tripp.
Wednesday morning at h<gh mass
James Kehoe and Miss Mary Sullivan
were married by Father Venus. They
were attended by Joseph Moss and
Miss Florence Sullivan. Following a
honeymoon spent in Salt Lake they
will make their home in Butte.
The following high masses wore
said during the week: Special inten
tion, John L. Sullivan, Dan Sullivan,
Jnm^s Byrne and Stephen Christian.
Bishop Carroll will administer the
sacrament of confirmation at this
church on Sunday morning. April 29.
Mrs. Prank Corr will be organist at
the special solemn high mass by Rev.
Father Lowney at 10:30 o'clock to
I The Ancient Order of Hibernians
j ' vl11 fffelve holy communion in a body
: at the 9 o'clock mass at St. Patrick's
I church tomorrow morning. The mem
bers of the organization will assemble
at S : 15 o clock sharp at the Leu isohn
block and march in a body to St. Pat
rick s church. All members are urged
to be present.
Among the marriages of the week
at this church were: John Markin
and Miss Bessie Harte; Con Sheehv I
am Mis* Anna Hanley; Bernard King i
and Miss Julia Sullivan, and James
i:-r"f a, ;,,r nil ;: ,is8 Rose aiib * u "'
The following high masses were
said during the week: Monda;, .pec!
R,h T ""day, Mr. and W,
Frldav' T'',?'' Sp< "' l: " '"«ntlon;
---ïTÆro rpr* 5 ' in
The following high masses were said
during the week Monday, for Edward
r>enis''"Lvn."h' h ^ v ? h . ersa, ' y: Tuesday.
Monaghan third lo Micha «'
dav. John Waifh lv * rsar > ; Thurs
He ' l ather 8cu,,on > vho has been
Imperfections of Nose, Chin, Mouth, Ears. Eyes
Cheeks Corrected Without Pain.
Hirt hmarks, Wrinkles, Freckles,
Tan, Moles, Broken Veins,
Broken Nostrils,
rnsiglitly, deformed noie» straightened as
nature intended them to he. A new treat
ment. No knife, no bandages, no painful
plaster casts used in this wonderful new
method. Deep wrinkles, scrawny necka,
drooping mouths, baggy eyes, outstanding
ears and other facial blemishes removed,
making the contour of your face perfect.
All skin diseases treated.
DR. Fl'REY. Skin Specialist.
Late Chief Operator John H. Wood
bury Dermatologist Institute of
New York City. >
Arch Troubles
OrthopedF Shoes. Special Shoe.
Metallic Arch Supporters Made t.
From Plaster Cast. Extension. f ur
ness of Limb.
X-Ray Examination of HatF«J
Weak Arches and Ankles, ftj
located and Knlarged Join!
Crooked Tots ( directed. '
Scientific Chiropodist!
and Foot Specialist- f
Absolutely Painless
Montana Skin and Feature instili
200 and 201
Phone 709
There is no time lost in making
change when you pay by check.
And there is no risk of loss of funds.
There are many good reasons why
it is better to pay by chebk. which
we will tell you from time to time.
- r -,„ . Y.our -Checking Account, lä ge or
-Erhall, is invited.
Miners Savings Bank
md Trust Company
11:00 A. M.—Sermon by Rev. J. A. Hoffman.
7:30 P. M.—The Syrian Princess Ruhme Haider will present ***'' M '
mail, the Leper," in native costume.
A Special Silver Offering Wi
assisting at the St. Lawrence church
for the past two weeks, left today for
Drummond and Hall where he will say
masses tomorrow. Because of the con
ditions of the roads he will be unable
to reach Helmville. For the same rea
son Rev. Father P. J. Crawley of
Helmville will be unable to come to
Butte to take charge of the new St.
John's parish until next week.
Rev. Father O'Shea of St Joseph's
church has been temporarily appointed
to assist Father Ratens at St. Law
rence's church. Because of the pres
ence of the missionaries at St. Jo
seph's next week, Father O'Shea can
be spared.
The annual entertainment by the
children of the parochial school will
he given on Thursday, Friday and
Saturday of next week. The enter
tainment will take place in the eve
nings at the school hail. The pro
gram w ill be published in the Post
early in the week.
The members of the Sewing circle
will meet on Tuesday evening.
On Friday evening the Sewing club
will give a card party at the A. O. H.
hall for the benefit of the parish.
Bishop Carroll will confirm a class
at this church on May 3. The public
school children are receiving special
instructions at the church each eve
ning at 7 o'clock. The children or the
parochial school receive instruetions
every morning at the Sisters' school.
The three weeks mission at this
church opens tomorrow morning. The
masses tomorrow will be at 6 7 8 9
10 and 11 o'clock. The first w'eek will
he for the women and the masses for
s en W rî! d " ;s next "'■ ck " U1 1» at
; ■ 6: ! S ' 1 an( l » o'clock. The de
letions in the evening will he held as
usual at 7:30 o'clock.
1 he following high masses were said
Jam« p"** Denis «'oleman.
H(wl7 , ( Hte 8nd farally ttnd Mrs. Louis
1 he Knights of Columbus will at
tend holy communion in .1 l»od} **
9 o'clock mass at this i hurdi on
day, April 22. The main seatiM
city of the church will he resen
the Knights at this mass. Fw*
the mass the Kuests "HI **
tained at breakfast '> the ladies
parish in Stevens A Manley li*%
On account of the vielt 0*
Knights of Columbus to thee - ^
the 9 o'clock mass on April •
children's mass on that da)
held at 8 o'clock and the nnssw»
the children will be open« 1 a
mass. It will last for four ^
Announcement will be rna *
church tomorrow of the for® (
a new parish, parcelled out
present St. Joseph s parish,
the district south of the 1
lying between (Sirolinn a ' enu ,
east and Delaware avenue on
Rev. P. J. Crawley of HelmG*
been appointed the r af5l °r. j
the condition of the !oa , ? . a t>K
Crawley will probably not •
be present tomorrow t0 ' wert r,
formal announcement.
will arrive here as soon a
make his way over the *« ^ tl
This is the second new pa ^
started In the city < hi s
are now nine Catholic ^
Butte, Including St- Ann . n ' j?
which Rev. Father Leschner
pastor. _____
Daughter in Terrible *JJ
Women bear trou '.'!! «öfter »
than men. They smil ■ ' m3n
uncomplainingly wluie jrse .
manda a doctor J*"' 1
Mitchell. Bagdad, KJ-. „
daughter was In terrible ^ M
kidney trouble. I M it
Foley Kidney , rnl * b »A
pletely cured " Ac tInK pa«*
muscle«, atilt Joints. • ipdlcat*
aides, rheumatic ach * . {J
that the kidneys are » nt
erly. Foley Kidney , Co.-*
der troubles. Newbro _____
" S I

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