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Two Splendid
On* U plenty of open
Air exercise.
If you can't get all of
that you should, it's all
the more important that
you should have the
other tried-and-true rem
edy for a torpid liver and
bowels that don't act
freely and naturally.
Take one pill every night;
more only when you're sure it'e
Ctnoinm to mm r 9 SSg/tmfyrm
Colorless faces often show the
absence of Iron in the blood.
Carter's Iron Pills
will belp this condition.
"Run Down"
Men and Women
For the past 15 years I have
devoted my time to the treat
ment of Chronic Diseases.
Time and investigation have
proven that the HOMEO
CINES used in the treatment of
ing the most wonderful results.
Medicines are mild, they leave
no bad after effects.
Save money
bills. I furnish
your doctor
all medicines
-10 Owsley Block, Butte, Mont.
Vulcan Welding Works
Weld any part about your Automobil
Frames. Cylinder», (rank Cue. broke:
Machiner* in Mill or Plant. Me reraov
Carbon from Auto Cylinders.
45 East Galena Phone 25:
You may lose a shift if youi
watch is not running right. Let
Zlglssh. late of the Waltham
Watch Factory, repair it. Rea
sonable prices. 121 l*enns>Ivania
— |
_ ,
That fellow Smith must have
turned into a regular rounder since hi
got married, said Brown 1 heard!
The Henningsen Land company has
brought suit against the Great North
ern Railway company, asking for a
Judgment in the sum of 11,760 for in
jury alleged to have been sustained
by cattle while being shipied from
this city to Gilman. Mont
saying that he was up
boys all last night."
"Maybe he was." replied Jone
has a new set of twin sons ,
I heard
ith the
= !
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get at
the Cause and Remove It
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the sub
stitute for calomel, act gently on the
bowels and positively do the wort
quick P relief ^through ' Dr. ^Edwards'
Olive Tablets. The pleasant, sugar
coated tablets are taken for bad breath
by. all who know them. I
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act gen
tly but firmly on the bowels and liver,
Stimulating them to natural action,
clearing the blood and gently purifying
the entire system. They do that which
{dangerous calomel docs without any of
the bad after effects.
All the benefits of nasty, sickening,
fcriping cathartics are derived from Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets without grip
ing. pain or any disagreeable effects.
t>r. F. M. Edwards discovered the
formula after seventeen years of prae- i
tice among pr.ti ■>>, afflicted with !.. r l
bad breath COm| ' lai,U wiÜ1 **** wten ' Uut }
^.Edwards' Olive Tablets are pure- 1
ly a vegetable compound mixed with
olive oil; you will know them by their
olive color. Take one or two every
night for a week and note the effect, i
10c a cd 25c per box. All druggists. i
Judge Bourquin Makes Impor
tant Ruling for Butte and
Superior Company.
(Continued from Tage One.)
tion patent on the same ground that It
was tn the Hyde case, prior state of
the art. This time, however, the de
i tense claims to be armed with evidence
of practicability of processes of oil flota.
I tion of which there was knowledge and
patents issued prior to the application
; of the predecessors in interest of the
Minerals Separation company for
Seek to Meet Court's Criticism
Tn its decision in the Hyde case, the
supreme court held that prior state of
the art, previous knowledge of oil
flotation for use commercially, had
not been shown. It was held in the de
cision that the laboratory experiments,
of which proof was offered, did not
establish that processes known and
patented, before application for the
Minerals Separation patent was filed,
were adaptable to commercial use. In
fact the defense of Hyde that prior
state of the art had been established
was rejected on this account.
Claim Same Results.
In addition to evidence relating to
prior state of the art. introduced in
the Hyde case, the record of that case
having been made a part of the record
in the present trial by stipulation, the
Butte and Superior company is now
seeking to show by records of big
j plants which have been placed In oper
ation since trial of the Hyde case that
the formulas of processes which were
■ known and patented before the Min
erals Separation patent was issued, nre
adaptable to commercial use and nre
I in fact in use and effecting the same
I or better recoveries than those possible
I under the Minerals Separation process.
Erect Miniature Mill.
In furtherance of it* effort* to show
the patented processes of oil flo
tation which existed prior to the patent
in controversy, the Butte and Buperi
company is erecting or
of the federal building a min...........
flotation plant, the equipment for
which weighs live tons. This minia
ture will malte visualisation of oil flo
tation by use of varying amounts of oil.
especially those prescribed by prior
patents, possible.
Chino Expert Testifies
objections to
the Butte nnd
r offering a dr
o, other than
that submitted in the
tie case, had
been o\
erruled toda
Frederick R.
who is in chi
of oil flota
tion at
the Chino C
r company's
plant, w
as permitted t
• sh
ow by a tnb
«■f operations
f th
e plant since
er. 1914, that
as good re
were made
ise of oil in
far in excess
the 1 per
the supreme court has
of the Minerals Sépara
limited claim
tion patent
Mr \\ Lkos declared that in
course of operations of the Chino plant
it has been found necessary in some
instances, which were specified, to use
as much as 2 37 pounds of oil to the
ton of ore (1.185 per cent) to effect
maximum recoveries He said that op
erations have shown that when 43." of
1 P* r vent of oil. the minimum quan
tit\ attempted, was used the head**
showed recovery of
eta! content wherea
.. ....
third floor !
P 7 per cent of
when an aver- i
dence along the same line in „
> pllflcatlon of the prior state of the art
I defense.
To Permit Wide Latitude.
Judge Bourquin made it known dur
ing proceedings testerday afternoon
| that the court would permit the widest
j latitude in trial of the case, so that
I when It finally goes to the supreme
££ 11 wiu no ' be etnt ,ur «
II 1th introduction of agreements,
letters and cancelled checks In which
the Butte and Superior company and
Hyde both figured as principals. In an
effort to show that the Butte and Su
perior is estopped from further litiga
tion In connection with the oil flotation
, patent, completed, the plaintiff late
J » esterday afternoon sought by oral
testimony to show Hydes relations
with the Butte and Superior company,
Hyde EXDected Suit
M W. Atwater, a former superintend
ent of the Block Rock mine and mill,
that Hyde told him at the
time the Butte and Superior was nego
j tiatlng with Hyds for his sert ices in
! Installing the flotation process that If ?
! be were engaged and the process in
: stalled, the Butte and Superior com
pany would probably be sued by the
Mineral. Separation company. He 1
testified that Hyde told him that the
Butte and Superior ompany had en- !
tered Into an agreement with him to
-.and the expense of a suit if one was !
instituted. Hyde, the witness declared, ! !
told him he contemplated taking out a !
''' a ' en ' ™ 'he process and that" » hen |
h* asked him why he was going to try j !
paten ' a Process which he consld- !
I " rt ' <! was already covered by valid pat- !
en,s - H >' de r «P"*d 'hat he intended to i
atk for 6 patent on the strength of v
made t.v
discoveries made by himself Hyde,
he -aid wns paid Ji50 per month while
constructing the plants at Basin and
Attorney H. IV Williams of counsel
for 'he Minerals Separation company
was 'he last witness for the plaintiff.
Ms testified that the Hyde case had
been taken to the supreme court and
'he validity of the Minerals Separation
i company's patent had been upheld
} Report on Litigation.
1 , Th * p,a, " t,,t ' n '™ da « d 'into evi
7, n 7 7u «"7 a i T"* 1 re
, ,,t °. f ^ up Y com '
£'7 y t ,n '", h,c , h Pr » sid '' n ' **. H Me
i ^* ,vle ' 7 f "- r >n* »« the patent litiga
i .7' „
1 1 h - litigation in connection with
ase_0f l.rn per cent was used the i
he. os -1 wed recovery of S8.4 per rent, j
Mr \\ tykes' testimony was followed ;
■V that of other experts developing
Bonus of Western Canada Land
to Men Who Assist in Maintain
ing Needed Grain Production.
The demand for farm labor In Can
«da is so great that as an inducement
to secure at once the necessary help
r^uired. Canada will give one hundred
and sixty acres of land free at a home
stead and allow the farm laborer, who
files on land, to apply the time he is
working for other farmers as residence
duties the same as if he had lived on
the land he had applied for. This of
fer made only to men working on
Canadiun farms for at least six
months during 1917, thus reducing the
necessity of actual residence to two
ears Instead of three years, as under
usual conditions. This appeal for
farm help is in no way connected with
enlistment for military service, but
solely to secure farm laborers to in
crease agricultural output. A won
derful opportunity to earn good wages
while securing a farm. Canadian gov
ernment will pay all fare over 1 cent
per mile from Spokane to Cunndian
destination. Information as to low
railway rates, etc., may be had on ap
plication to J. 1,. Porte. Dunn Block,
<» r vat Palls, Mont.—Adv.
the Minerals separation company,
which at the date^pf the last annual
report was pending and undetermined
on appeal in the United States circuit
court, has since been decided in favor
of your company by the court of ap
peals holding the patents of the Min
erals Separation company absolutely
old. The case has been taken to the
supreme court of the United States,
where it is now pending. Your di
rectors have no reason to modify to
UV extent the expressions In the last
inual report regarding the final out
line of this litigation."
Attorney Williams held that this
section of the report shows that the
Butte and Superior company was the
•al defendant in the Hyde case.
Attorney W. A. Scott made the open
! in K statement for the defense after the
j amended answer of the Butte and Su
perior company had been admitted.
He declared that the decision of the
supreme court in the Hyde case had
been secured by misrepresentation and
false statements and the court Inter
rupted to say that the decree of the
supreme court was binding in every
case, involving n similar state of facts.
Have New Evidence.
Then Mr. Scott took up the question
of disclaimer of claims held invalid
by the supreme court, arguing that the
patentee In this case was required to
surrender such claims, but had not
eb ne so. He declared that the Butte
and Superior company will introduce
evidence in support of its claim that
the oil flotation process is not patent
able, which had not been unearthed at
the time the Hyde suit was tried
The defense called John Ballot, pres
ident of the Minerals Separation com
pany. to the stand to identify adver
tisements in January, February and
March issues of eastern papers, in an
effort to show unnecessary delay in the
filing of disclaimers to the claims of
th*' patent ruled out by the supreme
It was when Frank R. Wicks, who is

" irKs, w no is
harge of the oil flotation plant of i
the Chino Copper company, was called
to the stand and asked whether or not 1
When you don't want them, worms
are found
As thick as one could wish;
But you can't And one in the ground
_When you start out to fish.
Take a Tablespoonful of Salts
if Back Hurts or Blad
der Bothers.
W !, Î 7 1 meat *' at< ' rs ""I
? -,7!?°w ' fU1 * d 7 *7 Url ° a ° ,d ' **
7, 7 J ", au ' hori,y ' who w»«™
Mdney ^hle °" * U " rd "** to * t
u m7. lv . a „ , .
,J h * "J"*»',?? \ he r u , ,m0Et 10 fre "
^ , I " ^ but
w f ak ,rum ">« overwork; they
!,** ; *7* * Mrnina " v «
"7 '7"" the , w "«* ,a r « a "' ad
! ,h btood *° poison the entire sys
*7?.. „ .
" hen your kidneys ache and feel
„^7?" *"m * nd f ®*'
! nlt !'!?„. ,7 , 2 y ° U 7 avf
Hm.a.fnii th<?,,ack . or 'he urine is
ÎYi' °nn7? iment ' ° r * h * blad<Jer
7, , '*• obl '» ,n * >' ou ,0 p eek relief
v „ * tha n, * ht ' wh en you have ee-
Iheadaches, nervous and dizzy
spells, sleej lessness. acid stomach or
rheumatism in had weather, get from
your pharmacist about four ounces of
Jad Salts; take a tablespoonful In a
glass of water before breakfast each
morning and in a few days your kid
neys will act fine. This famous salts
is made from the acid of grapes and
lemon Jules, combined
longer a source of irritation, thus end
Ing urinary and bladder disorders
Jad Salts is inexpensive and can
not Injure; makes a delightful effer
vescent llthia-water drink, and nobody
can make a mistake by taking a little
occasionally to keep the kidneys clean
more than 1 percent of oil was being
used In operations at the Chino plant
that the question of estoppel of the
Butte and Superior company as a litl
Kant in view of the supreme court de
eislon in the Hyde ease was raised.
Attorneys were given until this morn
ing to cite precedents.
ith llthla and
Uinns m flush
has been used for generations to flush 7
and stimulate clogged kidneys, to neu
trallze the acids in urine so it I. no
tralize the acids in urine so it is no
longer a source of irritation, thus end.
State Convention to Be Held
in Great Falls Next
The third annual
ference or state mi
gresa of Mothers
Teacher aaslciatlon*
[•hilt! welfare eon
pting of the Con
and the Parent
be held in Great Falls Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday of next week, ac
cording to announcement made today
by Mrs. T. C. Brock way of this city,
the president of the Montana branch
of the National Congress of Mothers
and Parent-Teacher associations. The
representatives of the 18 active circles
Butte will leave on Thursday
The opening session will he held
Thursday evening when the main ad
dress will be given by Prof. M J.
Abbey of the Foreman State college,
who will speak on The New Educa
tion." Following the session there
will he a reception at the Rainbow
The business meetings will start on
Friday morning and will he continued
during the afternoon. Addresses will
be made Friday by two Great Falls
educators and the different depart
ments of the Great Falls high school
will be inspected also on the same
day. Friday evening the main address
will he given by Miss May Trum per,
the state superintendent of education
at Helena, and an address on "Immi
gration" will also be given by Rever
end Bennett.
Saturday morning will be devoted to
what Is known ns extension work. The
following five speakers will take part
in the discussion: Superintendent B.
D. I.argent. Great Falls. "Kindergar
ten Work;" Mrs. s M Sonders. Red
bodge. "Child Hygiene;" Mrs. H. R.
Farnsworth. Missoula. "Press and
Publicity;" Mrs J w. Chivers. Hel
ena. "Children's Films." and an ad
dress by one of the county superin
tendents on "Rural School Work." A
luncheon will he served at the Rain
bow. at which Mrs. S D. Largent w ill
be the toastmistress and the follow
ing toasts will be honored: "Better
Parents." "Overalls and Freckles—Our
Future Citizen*." ''Mine Host." The
Little Red School House," "Our
Guests." "The Hand That Wields the
Th<> following nre the chairmen of
the different committees: Mr* I. M.
Walker, chairman of general commit
tee. (treat Falls; Mrs J. 1. Bywater
Program ; Mrs. F. N. Bagley, rooms
nnd entertainment; Mrs. Milo Krcllo
imtsi. : Mrs. !.. tv Puhr and Mrs M
tooling meeting trains; Mrs. tv. K.
Bettlbone, the Saturday luncheon;
■ ,s *" McAllister, reception;
Mr*. O. A. Hurst, registration.
Arrangements are being made by
the Great Falls ladies to provide a
room and breakfast for each member
of the organization during the conven
tion. This
vent ion
for n threi
have a noth*
not be an e
ventlon. T1
ident, Mrs
Ice preside
Great Fall
Butte; Mrs
Mis. M B *
^ ■ »«nu. .uicH'iiia; Airs,
îy R Cunningham, Helena; treasurer,
Mrs * W K Gaily, Anaconda: record
ln *
finger of Gas So w Wt the "«J?
in 77urt with hl^'ri.H,
bandaged The îmident heavily
11 on the street in front or me Mine
Exchange liar. 6ui East Park street
Anaconda: record
secretary. Prof . B . A . Winan ,
fat ingston. corresponding secretary,
Mifs J B Faddls, Butte.
- "-- Cö I UW, H
of an unaccountable pro
ha " d * and blfing
7 (f fln „ r „ -
bound 7ver ,7 a. . A , nderson " as
!° u " d °'®f "> the district court this
"7 ° Ver . to the d ls'rlc' court this
T-nm-t*" tried in a Sou 'h Butte
Justice court on a charge of mayhem.
It was alleged that he bit off the little
the third annual
state officers are elected
.' car term and as they
year to serve there will
• tion at the present con
state officers are: Pres
T. C. Brock way, Butte;
ts. Mrs. C. A. Wilson,
Mrs. C. H. Bowman,
U W. Richter, Bozeman;
rnsworth. Missoula; Mrs.
Mrs Mary Ann Huddleston, aged 90
«f7 r 7i dl< " d la * ! ' eve n' n K a ' her home,
310 Vi est Granite street. She was a
native of County Cork, Ireland, nnd
had made her home In Butte for the
last 15 .tears, where she was widely
known and had many friends. Her
husband died in 188S. There were 14
children, eight of whom survive her.
They are Hoben and Joe of Butte.
John of Laurium, Mich., Will of Rock
land. Mich.. Mrs. Mary Hungate of
Bos Angeles. Cal., the Misses Agnes
and Cecilia Huddleston, who are en
gaged in teaching school in Butte;
Miss Stella Huddleston, who is em
ployed In the Butte postoffice; a
daughter-in-law, Mrs Mary Huddles
ton of Butte, and several grandchil
The funeral will be held at 9 o'clock
Friday morning, proceeding from ttie
home to St. Patrick's church, where
a mass will be celebrated. It is the
request of the family that friends
do not send flowers.
Washington. April 18.—Approximate
ly 2.600 of the 15,000 experienced car
penters needed by the shipping hoard
to build its great fleet of wooden ves
sels have been found by the depart
ment of labor in two days of its na
tion-wide Inquiry. The work is still
Preliminary reports from San Fran
cisco Indicate ,h at 55a shipwrights, 150
caulkers. S00 Joiners, 100 boat build
ers and 100 machine hands have been
found in that vicinity.
7 ■ r-'MP ,
For m Better R es $
—the (Bolumbta
A fuel «aver, a good baker, lan j.
tary, attractive to look upon-H^J
U why the Columbia Steel Rangel,
the pride and satisfaction 0 f u |
many kitchens.
We are exclusive agents in Butte
for this high-quality range and wc 1
guarantee it absolutely.
The Columbia Steel Range has many new and exclusive
features that the housewife will find very convenient. It
has the easy-to-clean polished top, high warming closet,
nickel-plated sanitary base and many other features that'
make it the best range you can buy.
Sold on Easy Terms
We will take your old range as first payment on a new
one, or terms of $5 down and $5 a month.
Tho »tore of Better Things
m:w yosk&î
4 . -»»L
JuL MLr J mL Jet- JUü. M.**'
Now York.—A thousand boats going
) Britain with food—a thousand
boats coming back for more—a thou
and boat sloadin gand unloading in
American and European ports!
That's the meaning of America's
"jitney fleet" that will carry food to
our allies in Europe. The first thou
Jacobson, Anderson has used his teeth
before. T\ hile In Alaska he chewed
off a man's hand, the witness said,
and later In Butte he sank his teeth
Into a man's nose.
The damage Buit of Thomas C. Eo
clestne against the Great Northern
Railway company, commenced before
Judge Lynch yesterday, is expected to
be concluded late this afternoon. The
plaintiff is asking for »35,000 as dam
ages for permanent injuries sustained
while working for the companv as a
orvt wait for time
to heal your skin. —
"Oh h will get well anyhow!" you
say? Perhaps it will, and perhaps it
won't. M ay be it will get worse instead.
And think of the discomfort and embar
rassment it causes you even now.
Isn't it better to get rid of the trouble
by using Resinol Ointment and Resinol
Soap ? Doctors have prescribed the
Resinol treatment for over 20 yÄrs, so
you need not hesitate to use it. Resinol
usually sto^s ticking instantly .
All drafffiats tell Resinol Ointment and Resinol
g **?' J™ * bee simp]® ot etch, write to Dept.4»-R.
^emeel, Baltimore, Md. Yeu'd better try
for that skin trouble
sand ships are to be built in 18 months.
General Goethels, who built the
Panama canal will direct the con
struction of the fleet.
Every three miles will seet a boat
going and a boat coming when this
mammoth fleet, this moving pontoon
bridge, is completed.
From New' York to Liverpool is
3,042 miles,
Transact Much Business Today
and Will Ordain Two Can
didates Tonight.
The Rev. Harris Pillsbury of the
College of Montana at Deer Lodge
was honored last evening with the
election to the office of moderator ot
the Butte Presbytery at the session
in the Central Presbyterian church
here last evening which marked the
beginning of the annual conference.
The Rev. E. L. Moore of Philips
burg gave the opening sermon, which
was well received by a good-sized con
gregation. His subject was, "The Re
ligious Interpretation of the Present
World Situation."
Reports which showed the churches
in the Butte district to be In flourish
ing condition were read at the busi
ness meetings today.
The ordination ceremony will begin
at 8 o'clock thla evening. Frank Al
exander of Potomac and G. L. Cul
bertson of Victor are the candidates
for ordination.
More than 1,000 members of the
Woodmen of the World and of the
Modern Woodmen of America, of both
Butte and Anaconda, enjoyed an exten
sive log rolling at Gregson Springs last
evening. The contest was declared a
draw. Teams from Anaconda and
Butte participated In the contest.
Dancing and a dip in the plunge were
enjoyed by many of the visitors.
Richard J. Browning, aged 40 years,
single and a miner of Butte, died here
today. He was a resident of the city
for 10 years and was a member of the
\ Ictoria lodge. Sons of St George,
under the auspices of which the fu
neral will be held later, probably on
A sixth of a million lumbefl
and woodworkers soon will 1
ber for the fleet ' ngWW NJ
propi luted $50,000,000. and $300,00$
more will be available.
Half a dozen yards are being I
pared to build the boats, which »
displace 8,000 tons each.
Ships will slide into the
three a day beginning No v -.
Sunday. He is survived I
ents, a brother and sister »u
another sister in Scotland and om ■
A large number of old friends
present at the funeral service* heii
day in memory of William
church, a well known
Butte. The Rev. W. H P"® 0 ** .
Unity M. E. church of MeadervlU*«
fleiated at the services. HurUl f
the Mountain View cemetery
e of*
Have a Bottle
S loan'» Liniment
place amoni the trusted »
remedies in thousands
cine closets. Confidence ^
based on the uniform eff
with which it banishes the g
rheumslism, neurslfil«.. t •
sors stiff muscle«, 5 ru " e .,' r iS
Cleaner sad esner
•1rs iu.
and re]
A7 L L S

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