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The Butte daily post. [volume] (Butte, Mont.) 1913-1961, August 10, 1917, Image 9

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I Store
Saturday In the
Children's Shop
years; made of excellent quality
gingham and percale; light or dark !
plaids, stripes or combinations; to
morrow, each.... 75é and S1.00
years; made from excellent quality
mercerized crash; white ground
with large discs of gold, blue, rose
and green; value $2.00.....SI.49
years; excellent quality middy twill;
all in the latest models, including
the coat design; all-white, stripes or
solid colors... .....75C to SI.50
By popular demand we have continued this remarkable sale of furs from
Wednesday until tomorrow, Saturday, evening. There were so many .
people who for one reason or another were unable to come to the store
during the first three days, and we have had so many telephone calls ask
ing us to prolong the showing, that we have decided to continue selling
these beautiful furs at the reduced prices until tomorrow at closing time.
No doubt the street car trouble had something to do with the delays, and
since things were not normal the first part of the week we feel that it is
no more than fair to give EVERY ONE this unusual opportunity.
? Capes, Stol es,
in separate pieces to match
all furs. These are shown
in all the new designs for
the coming fall and winter;
many of the capes in the
fashionable shawl effect.
I Greatest
I Stör«
SMALL BOYS' WASH SUITS—1 to 4; made from ex
cellent quality gingham in solid colors, stripes or plaids,
in two-piece or beach style............75C and 85C
CHILDREN'S COVERALLS—Made from fine quality
denim, trimmed with bands of bright red........69C
^Children's Shop—Second Floor^
atriotic Middies
Something Real New
Made of heavy white galatea and
trimmed in fancy naval designs of
red, white and blue. These come
in Norfolk style, with collars of
plain white and blue, with white
trimming and white with red and
blue trimming. Priced $ 1.50
and ............... » — $ 1.75
Well Matched 9
of Hudson seal, mole, nat
ural and taupe, squirrel
brown and natural opos
sum, natural black and
blended lynx, beaver, kolin
sky, ermine and the several
beautiful varieties of fox.
NOT E:—Fur purchases
may be placed on
special ac
count to
There remain several hand
some coats in the 1917-18
styles, of Hudson seal, self
trimmed and trimmed with Ko
linsky wolf, marten, etc.; nat
ural and black muskrat coats,
with coon and self-trimming;
genuine Scotch mole coat with
fox trimming, and many more.
NOT E :—Fur purchases
may be placed on
special ac
count to
Fine Knit Underwear
Children's sleeveless vests in cotton, in sizes 2 to
8 years; special for Saturday, each.........lOcf
Children's vests and pants in cotton;
high neck, long sleeves, ankle length
pants selling regular for 50c. .
Girls' union suits; high neck, short
sleeves and sleeveless style; sell regular
for 75c. Special Saturday, each.....95<**
Boys' halbriggan union suits; high neck,
short sleeves short knee; selling regular
for 50c. Special 1 for SI . each.
Black cotton, fleece-lined, for children; in
ankle lengths; in sizes 2 to 8 years. Spe
cial, 3 pair for SI. each........... 35t 4
Children's heavy cotton union suits; high
neck, long sleeves, ankle length; sell reg
ular for $1.00. Special ...........75C
Ladies' extra large sizes union suits;
low neck, no sieves, knee length; sell
regular for 75c. Special, ca . 50C
Ladies' union suits; low neck, sleeveless, lace trimmed
or tight knee; selling regular $1.75. Special SI .00
. Knitwear Section—Second Floor
V /
ew Victor Records
lent home on approval over Sun
ay. Phone or bring in your list be
fore 1 p. m.
ictrola Rooms—Third Floor.
Men's Gun-Metal Shoes
Button and Blucher Lace
Goodyear Sewed
And rubber heels; all sizes, E and EE. Pvfk
Specially priced at only................«pOeOt/
Wonderful Value in These Times of High-Priced
^___ Leather. __ j
E. M. C. ^
Women's Athletic Union Suits—Loose fit
ting. Price........... $ 1.25 to $ 2.25
Camisoles, Chemise
and Petticoats
Fine Silk Camisoles—In pink or white,
with dainty lace trimming. Sell- -t c _
ing now at................
■ c
Fine Silk Envelope Chemise—In pink or
white, with ribbon or plain stripes and
dainty trimming of lace. Sell- (T»-i
ing at....................... «R J.. y 1)
Silk Gowns for Women—In either pink
or white, with lace trimming. (Ta qc
S elling tomorrow at.......... «Ptg J J
Petticoats of Pink—Of white satin or
China silk, lace trimmed; all
silk, lace trimmed; all <J*o qe
Selling tomorrow at----
Batking, Suits
A new shipment of suits has jusl tVl
arrived from the east. They are
the newest thing, showing the pop
ular lace front effect, in both plain
and combinations of colors, includ
ing black, white, purple, green, Co
penhagen and gray. Full line of
sizes up to 46, at......... $ 6.00
New Victor Records
Sent home on approval over Sun
day. Phone or bring in your list be
fore 1 p. m.
Victrola Rooms—Third Floor.
China and Glassware
Saturday's selling offers
very seasonable articles
wanted in every home.
6, 8 and 10-ounce jelly glass
es, special, dozen.....35£
Colonial iced tea goblets, at,
per dozen.........$2.25
Frosted sherbet glasses, per
dozen ... .......,.$1.75
Water tumblers, special, per
42-piece gold and white din
ner set at......... $ 6.00
Candle shades, regular 50c
pair, now .... ........19*
Brown and white china tea
pots at......50^ and75<£
42-piece gold and white din
ner set at......... $ 6.00
Candle shades, regular 50c
pair, now .... .......19 4
Tbird Floor.
Saturday Is Boys'
Boys' Wash Suits, ages 2^
to 8 years, in new military
styles; regulation middy
styles with long or short
trousers, junior Norfolks,
etc., in a wide range of col
ors and materials.
Suits valued to $5. .$ 2.95
Suits valued to $4. .$ 1.95
Another lot of boys' wash
suits, Billy Boy and middy
styles, in white and colors,
ages 2y 2 to 8 years. These
are $1.2o value, for.. 85<^
Boys' double seat and knee,
dark blue indigo dyed over
alls, ages 4 to 12 years, for
only ................65£
Extra value boys' shirts and
blouses, ages 6 to 15 years,
three for ......... $ 1.00
f - r - ; — s \
Wash Day Ne cessities
Buy Tomorrow For Monday
Wash boilers, copper bottom, at $1.75, $2, $2.25, $2.50, $2.75, $3.50
Metallic bottom wash boilers $2.50 and $3.00
All-copper wash boilers.................................$5.00
Galvanized wash tubs ...........................$1.00 to $1.50
Clothes wringer, wood frame....................$5.00toS6.00
Clothes wringer, with bench......................$7.00 to $8-50
Willow clothes baskets..........................$2.00 to $3.00
Coffield motor washing machine, special.................$18.00
Electric washing machine..............................$63.00
Washboards, all kinds...............................25c to 75c
Hand vacuum washer...................................$1.25
Eagle mop wringer pails........................$2.50 and $3.00
Mopstick, with scrubbrush, complete........................30c
O-Cedar mops ..................................75c to $1.25
O-Cedar oil, per can...............................25c to $2.50
Just Received
the New
Packages of articles to be
Every package contains
only the most artistic de
signs, carefully prepared on
good material with color
charts. Instructions and
sufficient embroidery floss
to entirely finish the needle
work. There are novelties,
children's dresses, dressing
sacque3, gowns, infants' gar
ments, underwear, centers,
pillows, scarfs, bedroom sets
and many other things.
Art Dept.—Third Floor
Saturday In the
Downstairs Store
Watch for these Donwstairs
Store Economies every day.
They mean real savings.
Women's Petticoats of the
finest quality sateen; deep,
fancy flounce; value $1.75,
now .............. $ 1.25
Women's Summer Skirts in
stripes or checks; value
$1.75, now ........ $ 1.00
Women's Percale House
Dresses in a large assort
ment of styles and colors;
made full and well finished ;
$2 value, now..... $ 1.25
Boys' Suits made of heavy
mixed materials, Norfolk
style; $3.95 value, $ 2.00
(Continue« from Pm* On*.)
•fee Hueslan people on the de
«Ion of czardom and warmly wel
* OBsietance to the cause of hu
In council no lees than
battlefield that la now being ac
fey the American people. It de
le 18 being waged against the
88 lm Pertallem of autocratic gor
ent«, and continuée:
* conference asks the peoples of
-, nations, particularly eo
ri. ,7° r c °t"radea of Germany,
■""'•«ary. Bulgaria and Tur
. e , er 11 I» not possible for the
«tion of working c la sees of the
world to bring this monstrous conflict
to a summary conclusion conformable
to the principle» of the international."
To Prevent War.
After welcoming the formula of no
annexations and Indemnities of the
council of workmen's and soldiers' del-
egates the memorandum declares:
-Of all war alms none Is so impor
tant as that there should henceforth
on earth be no more war. Whoever
triumphs, the world will have lost un
less some effective method of pre
venting war can be found."
For this, relis. -tee Is largely placed
on the "complete democratization of
Germany and Austria-Hungary, which
now cannot fail to place themselves In
line with other civilized notions, on s
frank abandonment of every' form of
Imperialism, on the suppression of se
cret diplomacy, on the placing of the
foreign policy under the control of
elected leglelators. on the absolute re
sponsibility of the foreign minister of
each country to the legislature, on con
certed action for the limitation of ar
maments and the abolition of profit
making of armament firms."
League of Nations.
It Is further declared that the es
sential condition of a treaty of peace
will be the establishment of a "super
national authority or league of nations
adhered to by all present belligerents,
white every other Independent state In
the world should be pressed to Join "
The »cope and constitution of the
proposed league are eet forth. Including
machinery for settling International
disputes Judicially and mediating dis
pute» which are lnjustlclable. and the
formation of. an international legiela
ture «herein every civilised state will
be represented.
The memorandum condemns "tbs
crime against the peace of the world,
»•hereby Alsace and Lorraine were
torn from France in 1871. and de
mands their restoration.
For Ail Races.
It recognizes the necessity of safe
guarding the legitimate interests:
Italians in the Adriatic and the
Aegean: of a just settlement of the
question of Poland and other states
where independence has been tempor
arily destroyed.
For the Jews equal citizen rights are
demanded and hope of a free Pales
tine is expressed, together with free
ing of Mesopotamia. Armenia and
Arabia from Turkish rule and placed
under the government of a league of
nations. All dreams of an African em
pire. the booty of any nation, should
be abandoned, the memorandum as
serts. and suggests that all present
colonies be transferred to the proposed
leagu«- of nations
Food supplies, after the war, and the
j prr\ ntion of unemployment are dealt
with and projects of an economic war
j after peace are condemned. It calls
I for a full inquiry into alleged acts of
cruelty and violence during the war
and calls attention particularly to the
destruction of lives and property by
the "inhuman and ruthless'' submarine
warfare. It proposes a court of claims
for such cases, with suggestions for
restoring devastated areas. The re
construction of the socialist Interna
tionalists, to discuss and deal with all
questions of international importance,
is declared desirable. Finally It Is
claimed that an agreement of the war
ring governments la only possible by a
free and frank discussion of each oth
er's claims and desires Such a dis
cussion the socialists and labor men
of all countries are urged to demand.
Peter K. Melonas today, through At
torney Edwin M. Lamb, brought suit
against George Papp. Othon t'acharelis
ar.d Nick Telegndas. asking for a part
nership accounting, the appointment of
& receiver and for judgment in favor
of the plaintiff for the amount alleged
to be due on the partnership by the
According to the complaint the
plaintiff and the defendants entered
into partnership to conduct a saloon
business at 22 Fast Park street July
II. 191t On July 1 of this year, ac
cording to the plaintiff, the defendants
sold and assigned to F. A. Sutton a
certain interest in the business with
out the consent or approval of the
plaintiff. The plaintiff says that he
is informed that a half interest was
*oW for $4.000. Mel. .nas sa>s that the
defendants have failed and refused to
give him an account of the business,
and he believes that the defendants
received $2,500 over and abo\ e their
lust proportion. It is also asserted
that the defendants continue to collect
debts due under the partnership.
Paris, Aug. 10.— Price McQu>man of
Overbrook. Pa., and Wayne Yetterlaim
of Philadelphia, members of sect ion 22 ,
of the American Red Croua ambu ance,
have been seriously wounded by a »heit
while loading wounded at an advanced
post oa the battle front.

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