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- ' '*'1 ■ • ^
.if J\?it
How Does He Stand It?
By Doing Five Things
A ' of which, except the fifth perhaps,
e.try man i_an do. And he would
work better and live longer if he did
them. See what they are, and why
the President weighs more now and
is :n better health than when he vvent
into me White House. It's all in the
November Ladies' Home Journal.
Spend 15 Cents on It
- - *T'
Trustees A'e Placed in Doubt
Ove r Legality of Kin
Tfc* trartc*« of th* Bane school
board d:d not tak* final action l\st
nirbt on the manner in which <ui ai
f*o®'t tna- » the fatal mistake of re,
ta<rt!K* dm mar seem to be » r:~.pie
llttS« ha. k i - * There isn't err .- : -
U«n* It may be the fir.: warms tbit
rxT fadneva ire ryM wcrk.rg pro périr,
arid thron?-. r :<T th# pou- ia u *ht •
abonni If 't. s the caa* eo after the
CM», of tbit beuche arl do it q.. r k
ar >ou may find , ourself r the gr p a
■ rvcurabl* tew.
GOLD MET AL Hu->- Os: 'apsuies
»■" r.te lb- .t .-.medat- relief frc—
W-dney and beider traeib.es. » • -h •
be the crjurpected -»use of per,era. •
h«k." GOLD MEDAL Haaree- Oil
Csps.ss are .rr.jo- e- tree; :rom Lt . 1
latess-otve* to H; js 4 The, are pee
p»r«i y correct tnutitr nd itiiiiii
tin. :c tike lid are posit: a el r sut-rar
terS to «re* proer.pt retef ar tout mener
»u. be refsnded Get them at as* drue
ESI? h" W * - rr * *" ">•"» °* the OOLD
Hr.uA L brausd and aa< as other i
boaes. three scat*.
... - .. . ....
w E. MiHyV »-1 Clvrh 1 Emory
P.hritn »lihou*- Ar hitv. W« Lr.rtor.
bm.ih tad an opt:on on what .a rv>
- 1 - . ■ . ■
'.r,r purp-o»» Th* mattvr *:ii n* tai-n
up n«x-. ,Mk. r it it t .
that s sp*..:ai rr.--: »ta b* cal'cd
as. in the event of building su:h a
structure. Mr Sn.th w-.sr.es t:. get
started aefore the real cold w eath-r
.otces so that the offices would -e
ready far oo upation at the opyrunç ■<
the next Ernest er
On receipt of ar. opinion from At
t .-rney Genera: ? C. Kord to the effe't
that the public sc bools can he used
only for children between the ages of
« and il cons deration of the legaiity
cf the ioca! k.nderearten departments
of the public schools was referred to
the education committee, which will
bring in a report at the next tr.eet.nu
with suggestions.
Permission was r.ven for a dar e
in honor of the soldiers at the gym
nasium of the high school on Nov. *.
Freden a Schauss and Fannie :th
* erf named as assistants for g>nt
nasium work far the students on üat
tarda:- s ar.d H .mer o. Bradford was
appointed to take charge of the gym
nasi-m and swimming p-wH for the
grade pupils C H Fort»« of Cali
fornia was named tea her of man ,!
training in the grade achcwdw The
Lake Avon old school bn, Id me was
a« 4 d to P. X. Sjogren for
Sw for th* Butt* D»t*y p^t
Paoe-ewski to Help Collect
Data Concerning Pol
ish Politics.
Wts'Lgtaa Oct. 24— U- e Pid
er-w-ak. pianist and ietd*r of the
Pvltsh oationaiist roevemer: it. the
•- r '.r 3 lI wia »"-• •>iooo:
t. -V House in gathering dvta for .-e
■f Pdiv* tcmm.ss. nere at th. - nd f
the war, it became known today when
< oionei House peed anoth-r .»n to
the white house Mr Paderewssi has
-stabitshed headoBarters in Wishing,
ton. -asK-eked m et of his concert en
g.g-meots and will devote hi« time to
ccl.ecting and arranging the mas« of
details concerning Polish périmes. : ■*
n«« and nati r.aiist ideaia or, which
a peace . inference would ne~d to be
informed before i.greeing on Pot.ndS
f iture status
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
Sunday Set Aside for That
.Purpose in Mayor's
All people of
pray for the ear 1
a proclamation :.«>
Maloney in accor-i.*
of the preeid*-re
reads AS folio««
WhereaLS. Our
, in the créât atr
acainat autocr
aniast barbamtr
uphrrdled misrht.
Whereas. Amer
soon will be or. :
by «ide with the s-y
ferine their lives
not rensh from th
Whereas. The
United State«
of prayer ihrou.ch
; the success
J cause. and
Wh re us. C* cr
tomed in their dî
the Almighty :n e
< confident that G -
jcer.ce «ill bless
r.ght Tr.d strerc
hands to carry or
in behalf of th
! pressed:
I Now, therefor
M i- I
O r 'gmal Sto r y Ce.er, Pre
sented at Butte High
"If l'^ams Wo
u* the title of a
- • -
a? compoMd
a: ar.d Miss L
I Fk M:*ÀJan vra.
àC T-îMnu ' 4 1 Uè*\>y tc an
ad-i-e*.« -.r Ma Si !. -• -
Fa' .1 r. of Mo-jr-*oineer.- :he r'
ir d. M _55 H k«tt.,
Mr. «"'anfield, Gardi
••'xvnist Joe Froeh
H€nr>- Sar' —
;fcy Lampher. A.
■n .th; Miss Stewa-t
Mr. Divkin«on
'■ Bradford. T:m-=th;
Neil Wilson: Mr
•npson: Mr M.T. k.r
-s Tenner. Eucen
:aan editor. Minr.n
Ryan. Gra. e Pop*
** Huffmar ath'.e*..
-d ers: football star
>sxstant manaîrçT
Mr. Fiilinser Rons
• Ren Addelsteir
- rl. Dorothea Bu r
•t Î4. — G ..state H,r
im tted he u a fir ? *.
•— .n field marshal ar.^
.-■hi list« worth
-n ï rposely pa^^d by
*« Hindenture said
: He added there
: trere ? - fr.r*~ .rs, and until lately
r.s was all ri^ht."
is T 4 ' ears j
der. \irs
■ L;'
t w -
Mir nr-. ;■ ...*. . t *4—The sound of J
rv j» j* ,r.d:r.g stäke#, the -dor
f peanuts, the haik of the "hot dng
! '*' n,5 '' r ' rd «be « eht of aU the painted
Woe : - cf a great American circus
ca.seo the first désertion at Camp M
Arthur. Wac Tex. during the past j
- W.s
mer , an emploie .f the circus, was
thr mar * r whom the lure of bn
top proved -tr.-nger -har. milimry d- !
cibur, He was a prtrate ,n F com
p«r a*«h wse«*, rntantry
P.. axe Bei hi* axre*t«-d and '
,f •" r.-.r-ih iwtitinr court
__________ ;
Ms. Jesse Ft F.eote returned to He s
-na todas after «rending two da>. ID
a i iait to the city.
Ttv> Set«* n th* tranches old
_ «U. t Wilt
» lfc * ?rorl bold;
And. while b t, » trie :b.y are cold with
--------- _
T.w^ fir i Ik ) re am k.K with the
Don't Poison Baby.
pORTY YEARS AGO almost every mother thought her child um i
■ PAREGORIC or landanum to make it sleep. These drugs will J
sleep, and A FEW DEOPS TOO MANY will produce the BLEEP FROM Wl
THERE IS NO WAKING. Many are the children who have been ki!
whose health has been mined for life by paregoric, landanum and morphia,
of which is a narcotic product of opium. Druggists are prohibited from
either of the narcotics named to children at all, or to anybody without 1
them " poison." The definition of " narcotic "is : "A medicine which reliera
a nd produces sleep, but u-hich in poisonous doses produces stupor, coma o
sions and death. " The taste and smell of medicines containing opium are dL
and sold under the names of "Drops," "Cordials," "Soothing Syrups," etc,"
shonld not permit any medicine to be given to your children without »1
your physician know of what it is composed. CASTORIA DOES
TAI N NARCOTICS, if it bears the signature of Chas. H. Fletcher. '
Letters from Prominent Physicia,
addressed to Chas. H. Fletcher
Dr. J. W. Dinsdalo, of Chicago, 111., ears ; .... , our j
adviso its use ia ail familiea »here there arc <' -»a.» 1
Dr. Alexander E. Mintie. of Cleveland. Ohio, . A'""i ta „.
prescribed your Castoria and hare found it a re „ble and i
edy for children." » '«wa
Dr. Agnes V. Swetland, of Omaha. N'ebr . sa . , : 'T wrCu
the best remedy in the world for children and ;• . Jore , 1
recommend." "*
Dr. J. A. McClellan, of BufTalo, N. T.. says: "I hare frequently»
your Castoria for children and always got gocl résulta InfiaiJ
Castoria for my own children." 1
Dr. J. W. Allen, of SL Louis, Mo., says: "I heartily endors»™«
toria. I hare frequently prescribed it in my r ai rractlce cij
always found It to do all that is claimed for It '
Dr. C. H. Clidden, of St rani, Mine, eayj. "y, r »tperleneem,
titioner with your Castoria Las been highly ratlifactory aal 1 0
an excellent remedy for the young."
Dr. H. D. Benner, of Philadelphia, Pa., say- "I hare um mk
toria as a purgative in the cases of children for y-r-ars put will is*
harry effect, and fully endorse it as a safe remedy"
Dr. J. A. Boarman, of Kansas City, Mo., say»: You: Castoria Inal
did remedy for children, known the world over. I use it in p.
and have no hesitancy in recommending it for the complaint«
and children."
Dr. J. J. Mackey, of Brooklyn, N. T., ears: «I cons: 1er your C»
excellent preparation for children, being c mp. d cl reliable z
anl r'.easant to the taste. A good remedy for all disturiuca
digestive organs."
Bear« the Signature of
Set Contents 15 Fluid I fractal
r .A SCA F
AVHeUbk IVcparatioafa^
ätSo tiP.rt ihc and
§igHt There yPron»crti* 4 W 4 c*«J
ii-Oi. rhrifgin« lEdReAtCcctM»
ï'Tîf'' neither Opium. Morphine c*
Mineral Not^Xahcotk
y 'MÖtsÄKK-* 1 **
y-otet-, W \
MX Sri* t
u A helpful 8 eme 4 ? for
ï Constipahon and
and Fc'Trisixno^s and
/ac-Siiaile S-coatovef
Ter U—»— t* Wr -
>rw YORK
In Use For Over 30 Fears
The Kind You Have Always Bought
IOCS FOR 52,25 ä 0«
Discoverer of Nevada El Do
rado Employed in Califor
nia Bean Fields.
r.d p.
-? 1 -s the dis
r.xdo ^in Death
> 1 r -iiçaüty in
- r .-,f a de«ert
; «eekers o? gold
• « rkinp in the
re.tr Sacramento,
> tty" appeared
r-.'Ugh crab of
■nination.« He
1 f* rav® discovered a mine in
' alley and proceevled to scatter
among the bellboys in the
co-nner^ ^ acros * ,he
Fr^m ume tn tiCTiê
disapr ^r • ' ' a
No one * U PP<> of mohey.
men™ . r I ■ h î * ot ,h *
*»n re - . *. v
{ a f nte ^ îhA hir
V ' ^
=—-- .r-:— --
Snc h p- 00 f ** ^
' ' Cta«,» LTS,,"""
J Cit.Zen
Th» r
rititen the 1^"."' » !x*l
produced None teiLIL < ' f ,h *' Can *»•
can be had \v-.e - non * s:rc,r -Ker
ward ar.d te«- « . I ? a " imt! for
j lens, address*« r « r- h , s r * l *ow-citi-
hors \ c u ma bl * *" d
.T he i, , hor .
so Te,:«,,,,, „ ' womd Dot do
for th* public roc - . ' M *°* * h * n •* >»
! ten that «houatLï^ E ' of kind -
following sSîm^t The
(dent of b,r » «•*
' ma-y ca ^ t-»* more to the
^h; h an. k. r _ *. * n ^°r»m#nt
; r T •«■**? »y about
» irret. B "^è «V, ^2 Alami "-m
-i^°* ts Kidnev t>,u. —... ^ave used
*>utie K&v«- -t a "
for both kidney tro r hr' lb ' ^ ?ood
suffer - . .-----^ tb *» «O thoa.
suffering frvën ,' n t n! ,0 ,ho »e
are the best £? '**■ aa ,ha >'
of ' ***** I know
Pnc* 4Ac .. ^
ply ask t J' "Don't s.m
B~n s K,dnev P.Ä, remed,-g„
Mr Rxmse> k,g «ha,
in RammV had' Foster
jl-rop*. Buf'alo. N t M b rr > Co,
'MO-hÜ-HUM ] Fn I
. i'M CObiNA f--—*
fîeo EAlît-V ^
ev&Ky nicht'
TKih weei \J !
; h I ; an't change it" add the at
tendant. ■ That's all right. Take
•' :« and s Oily, ■ tearing the* bill In
,nd offering half f it in paj-ment
lr 1M5 ■ s.-otty decided to go east
H. ch.-.ninrl a »;.s*o special from the
b.vr.ti Pe and covered the 2.26s mUes
ir m les Angeles to fhicagu ln 4J
ours and 55 minutes.
In Chicago he established a new
j record for spending. He ordered
j champagne for breakfast and at any
time during the day when he hap
pened to be thirsty
i l'y -m time to time various capita'
, ist« attempted to corner "Scotty" and
' Sdtd' h< ' m ' ne " The > "ever suc
reported that "Death
It iuw a.* 00 , ha<1 * ,dd hi * mi ne for
«1 hi ..«• It developed however, that
the mine never existed and the f
mous spendthrift found himself the
laaighing st.wk of il» wort where
he obtained his money has never Hi
disco«ered He dropped from sight
Now he IS working in the bean field
■or a sum he would have deemed i
sufficient as a Up for a bellboy He
takes his work seriously and his em
plov ers say he makes a good hand
I ve seen some gold fields but be
,'2r f'" '^n fields have them
bwi t a mile - he said
great scheme
"1 have a plan that will save you a
•ft of money and reduce the nak In
your businewa." said the long-ha red
mm All I ask is that you employ
*t a food «alary **
And what is your plan" asked the
h ~V f ,h<> Uf * ikwdrwnce company.
' » «wdy of putmMrr."
_id the long-haired man "When a
*f P ÎÜTi f0r * red icy in your com*
T*" 5 . 1 T 1 " Inspect the line» in his
,,n tod •- -
A^ent- for the Fm
H oward Heater, *
Gives More Heat on 1
the Fuel.
Steel couch
S-«« ing machine
Linoleum, per ya
flf iron beds
Je« ell *** ranft
foot extension tablf
The House of Bet*
B. Kopald
58 West BroaiWl
The Old H«
have an) where *t *"•
Best Set T^ '
Crowa and bridge»** *
Gold filling* ..............
Gold inlays ............. g
Porcelain fillinf- .......
Amalgam filling»
l'ainlr«« extrnri'«"' "j^,l
case, No
We on!> Pm£ ,f Lr,t ***
ical dentists do. but t
Only middle-OvA t d>
operators »" cro P '.jacdC
specialists in th« tee*
He fcçw'ïï
IMS N *' 1 ' 1
Office Ho»*»—t«
Sa.day. H .
IX BITTE # 1 -tJ j
Tbe Old gî

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