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If Napoleon Could *
Have Sent a Telegram
Ho might have recalled Grouchy Irom hie fruitless
attacks on the Prussian rear guard and protected his own
right flank. But communication was slow — and the
battle of Waterloo was lost.
In times of war, as in times of peace, speed in com
munication is an important factor often the deciding
factor. Whatever the need or special emergency. The
Western Union's fifty thousand employees and one
million, five hundred thousand miles of wire are at your
disposal at any hour of any day or night.
Telegr am.'—Day Letters -Alight Letter s
Cablegrams—Tloney Transferred by Wire
Mi t ' .
The Bayer Cross is
the sign of the one
True Aspirin. Accept
no other. Substitutes
may prove ineffect
ive and even harmful.
TABLETTS toPocktt EoimoI 12
Betti*« of 24 and 100
CAPS L LL5 in Sealed Package«
oi 12 aad 24
Rayer Créas —
c* me trügst Bijt;
, T**«x C ta.» ute«
1 tfPwKy'
and Capsules
- f Aspirin
Woods* Ice Tools
We Are State Agents
Kmplox er --! « I • n't pax ym for whist
•ii . t B< ] ■ \ < a'l rieht. s<r : 1
an i w hiNtlo well enough yet ter
h.vrge extry fer it -Boston Transcript.
"topr ii
Annual Festivities Resolve Into
Fond Farewell to Old
Tin annual iliuner «*f the Ncxxm
writ'T* assut tatiou of Butte might ho
dt of a rar« v it 1 • '
tho I lira**«' un :ht ho initniinlrrotood
what i*j mount to he said is« that the
« vont soenv» to Improve with uge At
nn> rate. >*'storda> m hih-IuI session of
the non so ritor.s xx.is the most enjoy
able m the liistorx «*f the organUatlon.
«linnet xx.is scrx od tit the l-'tnlen
hotel, ami «'hurle© «Nxpenh.irx e. former
ot the Anaconda
:ur'st of honor. Jim
point in proxiding
• i:titon of trie
I onoo attend« 1 «!
od by the fact
lino all the nay
is the
. hed s
s former associa tes.
Having »lone Justice t
am) other ttelloaei
the viand*
Berfx asked if ther
hnsimsf« to tame
This was a stall,
oratorloally and fh
sihle • Spike " H;
James Cummins to
had h
is any important
ore the meet ins.
Most « loiiuentlx.
ishingly irrepres
llaynrs eallod upon
to make a speech. It
i out and dried among the
that (Charles t?openhnrve was
to he the guest of honor, and when this
xxas sprung there was not a more sur
prised man in the xxorld than "Cope."
Hax in g cleared his throat in his usual
manner, Cummins tried to express the
feelings of the hoys for "IVan" t'open
harxo. and failed as many a brighter
ami hotter speaket would hax« «lone,
and then presented him on hehalf of
the association with n silver cigarette
• as- engraved with the monogram
and tin* following words: "Cope, from
the Butte Nexxs\\liters. Nov. 11 1917."
This \x as the stgnul for a flood of
oratorx in praise of .Mr t'openharvo
with forxent w ishes for his <mi« k re
turn to Butte from California, and
when t'opcnhat x e said that he was not
having the state for good there was
sponiunv'iis nnd whole-hearted ap
i Max in-: announced the forma
: * **f the Bo.- man t'omnieroial cluh
told what
h-* thought or "Copt " Then "Deir
K« ih i aid tribute to the guest 0 f the
I»' ' Spik. sport writer a«ul church
i»«iit««r combined, did his "hit." Harry
hilt /.er laid a tribute to Ills former
oss and th«*n went to semi the "pack
gc* to Ana ond K B. Mtluiughlin
xtended the freedom of the city on all
evasions to Cope" "Tosh" Mein*
onIi . -ncratulatcd ''Cope" on becoming
millionaire like himself and told of
he «v *. ix days of the ticxvswriters' as
|s'- ation. l'resh from his Pasadena
j villa b> the shore of AvoVn oe©$$[ anil
! immaculate from the hands of his Knc
I li«h valet. Byron Tv Cooney told "Cope"
I "hat he might expert to see in the
land of flowers In California.
Coman read a most Interesting letter
from Tom Bro kway, formerly of the
Min« r and now at school in Portland.
DmxsK«* Clark managed to get in a
few xvords He was followed by his
teammate. * Ar« hie" Clark. Bastido
showed that lie will he a valuable
member *>f th* association for morel
Puri i-.-N II . »1 XX l it ino»px . M, Dowell
nd A W WalllMi add««
to Cupc. anil there were!
' x*I" ' did not make a speech. He!
\'. too surj rised and too affe« ted by I
tbc j r. >« ntation and the speeches, lie
did the best he could under the cir
cumstances. however, and while he
was fnterrui te«l frequently by bursts of
a l J lause, he gave the hoys another
sidelight « *n his charming personality,
his loyalty and his interest in the local
Songs were sung not exactly sung
but an attempt was made at modern
and classical creations from the sextet
R - 1 Do W< Go I it un
H«»» Boys '** The speech made by
Eddie Ha timer was deleted by the cen
sor. but those desiring a copy may ap
ply at the sports department of the
Tost betxveen the hours of a. m.
and 4 :17 p. m. On account of illness
In his family, R G. Leipheimer was
unable to T* present, and Mr. Berry
conveyed his regrets to the members.
We. Mr. an«l Mrs. James «»race, wish
to thank our kind neighbors for the ef
ficient help which they gave us yes
terday in sav ing our home and furni
ture from the fire which destroyed the
Sullivan house. We also wish to thank
our neighbors for ' taking our sick
brother. Henry Grace, into their home
while we were endeavoring to save our
house- and furniture. We shall never
forget their kindness on this occasion.
313 East Summit Street.—Adv.
The United States civil service com*
mission announ« es that the electrician
examination announced to be held in
Butte on Nov. 16 ha© been postponed
to Dec. 7. A vacancy In the custodian
service at Butt© gt $1.200 a year and
further vacancies requiring similar
qualifications will be filled from this
examination Applicant« must be more
than 20 and Dot more than 30 years
j old. A < lerk-carrier examination will
be held at Butte Nov. 24 to establish
j an eligible register from which selec
tion may be made to fill vacancies as
th$y may occur in the positions of
clerk and carrier at Butte. Both men
land women will be admitted to this
examination. Applicants should apply
at once tq the local secretary or to the
beard of civil service examiners.
I A horse with you will not agree,
j And "yea" he will not »ay.
He »»ont affirm a thing. Yon see,
I With him il'a always neigh.
If Cross. Feverish. Sick. Bil
ious. Clean Little Liver
and Bowels.
A laxative today sn\* .» ' ick child
tomorrow. Children slniplx xx ill not
take the time from plu> to empty
their bow«-ls. which hec«»me rh'icged up
with waste, liver get* Hlngccdi. stom
ai-li sour.
Look at the tongue. Mother! If coat
ed, or your child Is listh-s-;, « r«»ss f«*x
i rish. breath lipd. rest . s d« * 'm l eat
lieurtily. full of cold or l... sum* throat
or any other children's ailment, -ix«* a
teaspoonful of ••Callform.i Syrup of
Figs," then don't worrx. b«v.iiis<* it Is
perfectly harmless, and In a few
hours aJI this constipât i< n poi-.n. sour
bile and fermenting wum* xxiii gently
move out of the bo\v«*ls, ..'id ' <>u hax«*
i\ well, playful child again. A thor
ough "inside «'leansing in nfititms all
that Is necessary. Ii should be I lie
tirst treatment given In aux • ick ness.
By ware of count« rt« u fig syrups.
Ask your druggist for i bottle «»f
''California Syrup <<f I xxhlcli has
full directions for hal e « hll«lr« u **f
all ages and for grow i i plainly
printed on the bottle l K « ai. fully
ami see that it Is iniul« I- ih. •Vnll
foruio Fig Pyrup Comp t
At Lowest Prices
We are offering a complete selec
tion in the latest styles and best
qualit> at the most reasonable prices.
Direct manufacturing enables us to
saxe you munrj on your fur pur
$7.50 ami Up
Repairing, Remodeling
and Furs Made to Or
der Our Specialty
Montana Fur Mfg.Co.
200 West Park St.. Bulle
Phone 790
Dinner at Butte Grill This Eve
ning—Tom Davis De
livers Talk.
The local campaign to raise $20,000
for the work of the Y. M. C. A. in the
army and navy and a lesser amount
for the War Camp Community recrea
tion fund will open n Butte Ibis eve
ning at a «linnet* t<» be given at 6
o'clock al tin* Butt** Grill. At that
time Charles Henderson, who has been
designated ns the head of the cam
paign in this city, will npiwint his cap
tains and team work 1 rs. An address
will be made by T .1 Havis, secretary
for the Y. M. C. A. at camp Lewis,
who is in the city to boost the cam
paign. Headquartet s for the cam
paign will be maintained in the Mon
tana Power company building and will
be opened tomorrow morning. Dona
tions may be made there.
Air. Davis delivered an address last
evening at the Empress theater before
a largo audience. IP spoke on condi
tions at t lie «ami* at American Lake, of
the necessity f«ir sup|*>rt for the work
of the Y. M. C. A. ami of the splendid
morale of the Montana boys, due in
large extent to the efficiency of the
Y. M. t\ A. Chalks Henderson pre
side«! and Secretary • *. O. Colton made
a brief address.
Mr. Davis will b© in Dillon tomor
row and on Wednesday will si>eak at
the Butte high school aid the Ad club
meeting. He delivered an address this
afternoon at the Butt«* Business col
*'ghc married him t<J reform him,
•'How foolish!
*'An«l how sad! They both need re
forming now.'
It's Easy—If You Know Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets
The secret of keeping young is to fee)
young — to do this you must watch your
hver and bow, — there's BO need of
haring a sallow complexion — dark rin«
imderjrour eyes — pimples — • bilious
h**, ft rout face - doll eyes with no
sparkle. Your doctor will tell yon ninety
"■ *
pou nd m ired with olive rtl to act on
Ljtalor _ _
buem^wMA should be eqjoyod by
ri^ T^.tagw D r. Edwards* Olive Tab
l0c - d85c ««
Tablets, the aubsti
m gentle in their action
How Members of the National
Chamber of Commerce
The Post's Washington Bureau.
Washington. I». t\. Nov. 12. On© of
the interesting und slgnlfiennt de
velopments of the times is the swing
of the business interests of the coun
try toward government price control
In conformity with the principle find
udvoculed by Senator J'omereno of
Ohio und embodied in legislation au
thorising the president 1*» fix the price
''Tliero should not ht* a profil in
Iciest in war." nay the business men
affiliated xxith tin* Chanib«*r of font
ntorce «»f the t'nlted States.
I*Yum th«' hend«iuarters of this na
tional organisation in this « ■ it y the
announcement is made that a referen
dum of ils members throughout I In*
country shows that they strongly In
dorse th«* principle of government
price fixing. It is expected that their
attitude, s«i strikingly expressed, will
give a big boost to the Pomeren© bill
now pending before congress, niithiirix
ing tin* president to fix the prices t«»
be charged for Iron and steel and like
t*n government price fixing and
allle.l questions tin* organizations af
filiate <i xx h ii i h< national i h imbt r of
commerce voted as follows:
1 Additional legislation 1»i create
authority to control prices during (In*
1 io.
2. That authority to control prices
should extend to all articles which
hax«' Importance in basic industries as I
Well as in war. and which enter Into
th«* nocesitarh's of every day life—yes, I
in*. 116.
*'L *rhat authority to control price© I
should extend t « » raw mat«*rials and
finished products y«*s. 977; no, 117.
■L That authority to control ^prices
should extend to the prices the public
pays as well as those paid by tin* gov- J
eminent—yes, 946; no. 146.
T*. That authority to control jfirictxs
should be administered by a small ex
ecutive board appointed by the presi
dent*—yes. 964: no. 121.
6. That an agency working iti har
mony with the hoard controlling prices
should have authority to distribute I
liable supplies to those purchasers I
lit'ods un* most directly rclatcHl
!* public welfare—yees, 9
tt tin,
rtl lc.
•ling industry nnd
trade should t rente a representative
in mit tee to represent It In confer
< «' atul t«» advise with agencies that
ntrol prices and distribution-yes,
9S I ;
The national chamber of commerce,"
said HU lot 11. Goodjvin, Its general
secretary, "already bus gone on reg
ard through a referendum Vote of its
members committing it to the prin
ciple that flier«* should not be a profit
Interest In war. This principle has
been reiterated by the members of the
chamber since the Unite«l States de
clared a state «»f war."
Slang Dictionary Makes Its
Appearance—Bowlegs is
a Cavalryman.
Th*' following slang dictionary is
print* d in the Gamp Lewis "Trench
and Camp," published by the Y. M. C.
A. publicity bureau:
Bellyache—To complain.
Blind—Sentenced by court-martial
to forfeiture of pay without confine
Boot lick—To Hatter.
Bucking the Orderly—Giving cloth
ing and accoutrements extra cleaning
» as to compete for orderly.
Bunkie— A soldier who share© the '
shelter of a contracte.
Bust To reduce a non-commis- |
sioned officer to the grade of a privat«'.
Butcher—The company barber.
Crawl—To admonish.
Dog robber—Name by which the en
listed men call a soldier who works
for an officer. (An offensive t* rm. the
use «»f which generally results in
Doughboy and Crusher. — Infantry
Goat — Junior officer in post, regi
ment, etc.
Guard »muse lawyer—A soldier with
a smattering knowledge of regulation
and military law: loquacious and lib
eral with advice and counsel to men
in the guardhouse or other trouble.
Hobo The provost sergeant.
K. o.—Commanding officer. *
Mule skinner—A teamster.
Old file—An old officer.
Order room—Company office.
Regimental monkey—The drum ma
Sand rat—An officer or soldier <*n
duty in the rifle pit at target practice.
Sawbone -The doctor.
Shavetail -A new' second'lieutenant.
Slum A meat or vegetable stew.
Striker—A soldier who works for an
Top sergeant—First sergeant.
Wagon soldiers—Light or field artil
Windjammer—A trumpeter or band
All members of Butte aerie No. ll
and vlHiting members are requested to
attend meeting Monday, Nov. 12. In
itiation of candidates and social sen
* ion - DON B. KINO W P
of a grand assortment of best makes hand woven
= fiber, plain or upholstered in fine tapestry
= or cretonne 1
I Rockers, Chairs,
I Tables, Desks
js In dark golden, old ivory and frosted green or
= Kmliod>inn all tht* new and up io dale ideas in design and
= eonslruetion. The l>es( quality hand woven filwr is used, fad
— piece is perfeelly framed and filled, comhminn the «reals)
possible strenjrlh and solidity.
Upholstered Rockers anil
Chairs at $16.95
l^irK«' xi/.e, fan hark, old j«on
« hairs and rockers, upholslmt
in finest qradc figured frelon»
.......... $1(5.95
Old Ivory Chairs
and Rockers
Beautifully designed
old ivory chairs i
rockers. Am excellent
size, but mu uphol
stered. Specif
only ..... $}kOI)
Nine-Piece Old Ivory
Living Room Set
Upholstered With Loose Cushions; $200 Value U* 1
for Only .................................... «M i U
Set consists of one arm chair and rocker with openwork sides,
one Rood-sized rocker and chair without arms, one handsome
large rocker and chair, one library table, one desk an I one
desk chair; fully upholstered in fine cretonne with' tin loose
cushion style seats; made of finest hand-woven d* 1 f7A
fiber in a beautiful old ivory finish; $200 value. , . «P 1 Iv
Chairs and Rock
ers at Only......
Made of fine reed in a dark
brown effect; specially priced
at only ............$7.45
Tables to Match Ihe Above
Rockers and
Dark brown reed tables to
match chairs and rockers
listed at $7.45 for only $22.50
to ...............$14.75
I ('hairs and
Made of brown reed vit h -
tapestry upholstered scat Ills
back; loose cushions; ilöl s
values at . . $14,15:
Chairs and
Old ivory chairs and rockers
upholstered scat and back in
fine tapestry;'$18.50 '.allies
'for only .........$15.75
- $6.50 for $9.50 Imperial
S Reed Rockers Like Cut
Has roll arms and seat and a high back;
constructed with a view to comfort and
durability; an exceptionally large size
rocker in an attractive design and made
of best reed in a dark golden Û*/?. 50
finish ; a $9.50 value for..... «1)0 _
= *■
1 = 42 =
= 4V. Broadway
= 44 =
W. Broadiouy
War, W. Va.
Battl«*, la«.
Scrap, T«*x.
Kilgore. N. C.
< »ore, Okla.
Slaughter, Tex.
Bln* iff, Ky,
Don't Trifle with Blood Disorders,
But Get Rid of Them Q»
Cleanse the System of All Impurities,
Watch your blood supply closely,
be ever on the alert lest some impurity
creep In which will make Inroads upon
your general health.
Vor upon the condition of your blood
depends largely whether or not you
«çe to enjoy that robust and splendid
vltoUty to which you are entitled.
Borne of the most painful and se
Jlous ailments are diseases of the
blood, which could be avoided by alert
•nd prompt attention. Rheumatism
\ u "y **nn which gets
Its foothold when t»v* blood supply is
Impur© and run down.
CJmtarrh l© another diseas© which
ahown 11 mop a easily con -
Whei) th© blood 1# in aa Un
"This îh a rather aff«'* t ' - l"-*®
''What is It about ?"
An automobile racer
farewell to bis ear."
''And the clrcumstanc*
"He'© going to the h»*s! ' ,:l * '
ir to Hie scrap heap.'
poverisbed ond disordered s
are numerous other «Ilsen
due solely to an impure « o
the blood.
Can you not see, therefor
portance of taking u bloo(
bo as to avoid these dlsea:
give the system a thorough
with S. 8. 8., that sterling >
edy, and you will be in U
enjoy the blessings of go®' 1
• ß S. 8. has been on* :t h
for more than 60 ye*J» ar
fctf druggists everywhere
8» B. 8. and don't takf" ®
Free medical advice win
given about your own ca>
will write to our medical dir
dress Swift Speciiflc Co., 141
Laboratory, Atlanta, Oa

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