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rom Forest Reserves
uted to Various
10.—Flathead county
littst «life of the share
# of Montana forest re
, fiscal year ending June
jiy of the counties, ac
i compilation made by
• K. <». Poland, showing
Ion to be made of $116,
nnd Clark Is in second
m third nnd Boaverh' ad
it* stands at the foot of
ounty, instead of getting
is credited with having
$2,2(13*45. This overdraft
fhe fact that for several
y was erroneously dis
t in accordance with the
egulatlons > which pro
er cent of ^0 forest re
pts shall go to the eoun
upon the proportion *»f
rea in each county,
ivill be distributed as
most Instances there being
he counties:
,d^ $7,128.00; Blaine, 35
dwater. $1,220. M: Carbon,
rter, $375.81; Cascade,
Chouteau, $175.90; Custer,
Lodge, $6,639,6!; F:»1
Ifergys, $1,073.85; Flat
,958.42; Gallatin. $2,984.31;
4,987.17: Jefferson. $9,606.50;
Mark. $10,460.85; Lincoln.
Madison. $6,488.49; M«*
Mineral, $6,687.5«; Mi
sou la.
MtfifcPlfthell, $137 16;
Phillips, $165.68;
Ravalli. $4,625.87; R«
Ramiers, overdrawn $2,203.45;
iow, $3,898.07; Still
weet Grass, $1.752.77;
Wheatland, $75.63.
lov. 16.—President J.
the Montana State «
start today on a trip through
[Montana, including Missoula,
Lodge, Anaconda and
under the auspices of the
sity extension department,
give his illustrated lecture
gium. President Hamilton
trip through Belgium shortly
ar started and has kept
touch with the developments
untry ever since.
Nov. 16 The University of
vill be «ailed upon to help
ieeds of the nation in war.
rence to be held Dec. 2 in
by Chancellor 1£. C. Elliott
rtf thf< affiliated schuuis will
the new problems and duties
s thrust upon them. "We
rid ourselves of a
of accumulated in«
i-itt. in discussing the
r education must hen
more direct ar
jstitu lions must
r step."
is," said
ule more
ade to
Via. Nov. 16.— Dr. M. E. Know*
finer state veterinarian, leaves
f ï Ohio, where he will enter
ny veterinary corps as a sec*
ti tenant.
na. Nov. 16.—The state cannot
he request of <*ertain s
uleau county that 3.000 a«
he relinquished in their fa
decided when a negative
received from the. interior
nt to a telegram sent by Rej
ne y Miller. He asked:
ite offers to relin«iuish ind*
! "ol lands after clear lii
'•< h relinquishments be
i lly referred Mr. Miller t
i rendered severtl years
the question adversely. It is
1 that «»ne of the provisions of
«filing act prohibits the state
iking the action requested.
City, Nov. 16.—Members of j
er county defense council met .
tho hoard of county commis
esterday in regard to the dis
pro-German residents of this i
ho may he arrested under the
act. It
agreed .ha, tto j
r the matter of ,
would take
' and support of any enemy
ho may he arrested and in- |
and that the prisoners he |
to work on the roads of the
several weeks United States
ervice men have been quietly
k on this county securing evi
^ainst pro-German and anti
n elements. Tt is rumored that
idene« has progressed to the
where arrests are liable at any
•t and presumably the subject
s posai of the prisoners was
ht to the attention of the de
councll with the above action
Nov. 16 —Charles F. Huppe.
f Billings, where, with Myer
Goldblrd. he held himBelf out to
attorney at law r , must show
before the supreme court Nov.
y he should not be punished for
pt In so representing himself
a matter of fact, he has
been admitted to practica law.
has left Billings,
proceedings were instituted
ibis month by Attorney General
F'ord against both Huppe and
lr d- Citations were Issued, but
ird could not be found In Hon
H tippe was located at Geyser,
Great Falls, where he was em
by the Great Northern a
n «gent.
More Scenes From Venice, the World's Wonder City, Which
Is Now Threatened With the Devastation Wrought by War
rr m
\ ......
•' ' HV . %
m '«ai
^_________ y —
jï, >~~
Wm*. ï : ÿ-2.r*l \
' * -wm f ! j "
Correspondent Gives Detailed Description of the Scenes Along
the Newest Battle Front in Europe. A Narrow Ribbon of
Water, Behind Which Crouch the Determined Infantrymen
of Rome and the Artillery of the Allies, Must Hold the Des
perate Foe.
Italian Headquarters in Northen
Italy, Wednesday, Not'. 14.— (By th<
associated press j—The Italian gen
era I staff gave the* first opportunity to
Jay t
e battle front and
es pondent was among the lirst
ilians authorized to take th*
t came at an opportune m«>
ment when the enemy had succeeded
in getting small parties across the
river al two point* and when the
holding or breaking of the Piave line
promised to bring the whole issue into
the balance for Italy and, to some +
tent, for the entire entente.
An olDcer fr£m the headquarters
stuff was in charge of the party,
which gave it free acc <•:■»« through the
rear lines to the Piave, where the chief
points along th« 30 miles of front were
, lsih!
(vhole rang«* of th«- giga
Some ten miles back
tiie correspondent r
solid miles of troops coming and
ing to the front. Thus«- going t*>
rear were mud-covered and tired,
not disheartened. Those going
ward appeared resolute and some
singing. Refugees afoot and ii
carts crowded the li«d«ls and r<
seeking safety from this sudden
rush of th«* enemy. The party passed
Ri- tc. a little hamlet where Pop*
X. was horn, and a small « ross road
church marked the place wh<
used to be a curate before his
tion to the papacy.
Witnesses Air Raid.
An air raid tuok place as the party
passed near the church. Five shots
were fired, hut the raider got away.
Knots of soldiers tilled the streets and
villages as they stood gazing at the
black pall of smoke in the east. At
the outskirts of the villages th"-e
were long lines of Chevaux de I lise
ready to obstruct infantry rushes.
Along the road toward the front inill
larv telegraph lires were strung on
the t"!>s of hushes as there had been
no time to erect poles.
j Th* first stop was made at Aso -u
. 10 miles hack from »er ' 4 _
the ancient castl«? ° '' , _ .
(Catharine of * yp
i abdication, locate
a commanding

high hill,
iew' «jf th«
j «ram. of the'baMJe I ^^ ^
, to th> east
eminence spread «*u
and the l»attle lin*
| plüln u
| to lh
Enemy Across River.
The Piave lay straight ahrv.l
appeared rather wide at this
although further on it was so
that it was difficult to believ
perate foe could be i
a harrier even in the fi
Ians' heroic resistance
river five small
the enemy could be seen
churches and towers stood out plainly.
These were on the plain bordering the
T ank for a half mil. back wher;
the foothills rose to high hilts, t
which the German and Austrian t at
Ter lee were located The cannonade
bad now become heavy and eouUnuou.
and bursts of smoke from the bills on
the other side of th" P "' rl
the line of the enemy s batterl a.
Villagers Fleeing.
The route now turned along the w
bank of the river, where iong lineg
peaceful vHlagee had been transformed
suddenly by terror of the enemy bom
k-nimofit The townspeople
Sïïîny gathering their belongings and
thf women and children seemed ter
rifled as they humed
groupe ^f "ardu"" which Inffi^cd that
Z fighting ground
atrained bv such
of the Ital
Across the
illages now held hy
hting ground was getting
ArdUl is '^^ÄuTlwe^twoW
ardent and they are men who
<j risk everything and to push U>
xtreme front. Their shirt fronts
open, although it was a cold
nn day, and they looked the da.ro
pitals fi
*y arc known t
ail along the
.ad had been
ry field hos
carrying flowers, which looked like
gaiety, hut other soldiers who fol
l« wed with a funeral .wreath ina«le it
look more like deâtV There were
ambulances along the road, hut no
sign of wounded. At one viilag*- regi
ments of Alp
forward. Ban
also moving down to the rivet
evergreen houghs screening the
The whole western bank of the
is lined with beautiful villas ai
tensive parks filled with statuary.
Shelling the Road.
The party had now reached a vil
lage three miles from the Piave line
and the shelling was continuous. As j
the army automobile earn«* up the road j
to the railway station a shell burst
squarely in the road, 100 yards ahead
"They are shelling the road," said
liie escort as he wheeled the automo
bile behind the station where groups
of soldiers w«re crouching in th«
doorways. One of the fragments of
this shell came whizzing towards th*
station an«l buried itself in the wall.
A soldier led the way through a
thicket up the side of a hill where an j
Italian observation post had Iw?*
tahlished and from this ptdni of vant
the correspondent looked out « n
he long lines «m both i»anks of the
The town of Vidor, now held
General von Buelow's German
troops, was just across the river from
the point of observation and a big
rman sausage balloon was inso
lently hanging over the town observ
ing the work of Italian batteries. The
ampanile of \ idor was distinctly vis
ile and Äith field glasses se\c*ral men
ï >uld iw* seen moving about the out
skirts of the town. How this could he
ith such shelling going on was difli
It tu understand. The ad van tag
e Germans had at this point was
ident, as the hills rose back of the
town, giving them a
batteries. These play
Italians in the pluin
f the river.
for their
ow n on the
the eastern
, — -' he lvall toward
Again the rout*, turned southward I
long the river. At one point the J
The Heroic Cavalry.
arty passed one of those h*^rolc regi
aents of cavalry which acted as a
rear guard as the main Italian army
retired to the western trank of the
lave. The cavalry horses had b<-en
tethered in a vineyard. AH the \ ine
vards, haystacks an«l gathered crops
.re being sacrificed in the present
mergercy. Nearing the river the
roads were full of frightened people
hurrying away with their pitiful fam
ilies on the top of household goods
rried on carts and wagons
The actual rlv.
t*ank was now near
I , h „ cove a'.p'-cial warninK I
Of rifle and machine «no Are. in addl
to ,. hr: ,..nel from the batteries
The town of N-ervesa. on the river s !
lee was deserted enmjdetelv as the ;
w rtv passed down ,o the wharves and
a .tient town had a sepulchral as
' ct The roar of nrtfllery was now
supplemented by the rattle^ of "coffe.
mills ' ■*"
guns, i
__ t h e soldiers call the machine
md the crack of rlfl«. fire.
Down to the Eiver.
Officer/* led the way. erwpinc in
.incle Hie into »o old warehouse
Ctanding on the edge of the Piave ]
it already had been a target
gùn flrè Then 1
machine gun fire, i
ehe« hoi«. The
TönjÄPieooc. .
The wonder oily of
tires and abartdoncil l<
l»c transported luive b«
magnificent building-.
Bridge of Siglis; the «*
the upper right is tie i
ta Maria della
nine of th*- iw
chant of Venii
i ul archite
is yet
jehed hy
its people.
of its 150,000
m taken to
of safety.
id public st
c-s has
a Ire;
i,ter pii-tun
. shov
.'s the
ch of Sa i
ialtu bridgi
, whi<
h was
wene of ■
a city denuded «,f its art tr<
*. All works «>f art that «■«
ic architectural beauties «.»f
•e: At the left is the fan.
, from tin- Campanile; am:
cldents that Shakespeare c
j , [
great wine vats. ill fud had been
abandoned in th* hasty flight of the
Villagers. The rfi • : at this point is
extremely narrow, with a Jong shoal
through the mttffi \ off- ring th«* enemy
handy medMAffedtOng b Vf way <A«r.
The escorting ,oüieer said both chan
nels measurV-d' a total <*f w "0 metres,
or about half a mile, hut the little
stream lying at the f««-t of the ob
servers «lid n«»t look half as wide as
an tiie Chicago «anal as it
rough the city. It appear«*«!
a military harrier, even with
Italian support, its narrow
«.•■/ident from the fact that
th party wer« compelled t"
whispers for fear of being
the other
Ancient Bridge Wrecked.
r .in : * iliner window of th*- war
up and do
irch* s
had. The Italian great
t below th*- window an*i
ï be seen crouching back
< with rilles ready fi-r
just across this narrow
ter. The wrecked Prioia
*.ff to the right. It was a
main highway running east
ross Venetia and was a
ï ore of masonry a °d con
-puns on l»oth river banks
id, but the two middl«
heaps of ruins which
showed above the level of the river
Directly »n front was the castle of
Count Callini, an Austrian noblem.« n
living in Italy, who now unexp«*ctediy
find.-- him.- If among his countrymen.
Where the Enemy Crossed.
farth* : down the river «a huge clou !
of Hm- ' drifted over Z^nson, when
tlie < -my had sucee«?d«*d in making
i..- r<•: ng and was now pressed
■ , k -• tinf-t the river hank. The
at tiiis point had been des per
il rough the day. The
c; ..coupled the village with a
number of machine guns. There
th* Italians attacked them with ar
tillery fire, hacked up by infantry
I rush« s The fighting became desper
J a ie,
nK bti ;
dle a li
ith hand-to-hand struggles
th knives. The enemy had the
advantage of position as the river
makes a «harp bend so that his posi
tions formed an arc on each side of
the bend. But with all their dlsad
vantages the Italians had steadily
forced them t»ack so that they now oc
cupied Us« than three quarers of an
acre and were hemmed in on all »idea.
Th*- artillery was concentrating on
this enemy party and it was believed
it would he forced back across the
river ->r thrown Into the water.
On the way back the correspondent
I tt.ri.ush the deserted city of
Treviso, where aenerata Foch. Wil
son and fad.. ma held the first of the
! conferences at which flans for French
; ,, n d Ttrltish eo-operation with the Ital
urns were made. The city was .ban
d. ned and /Aient. The town clock
| m d stopped at 9:10 o'clock, although
»'dock in the
i fien th«* party passed through
,____ _
j anM . s wa< run over by a motor ear y,.
] terda> . hut Ite had a «mile nn his face
iw hcn Ihev took,him to Ihr hospital.
1 "He^was carrying home a rake at the
'time and « pnnetared a tire.'
There are. compensations for most
things," said Mrs. Wilkins. "Poor
on appli
Boom 2
Make Appropriation for Y. M.
C. A. Fund—To Observe
Health Week.
«>f the Worn;
chapter h
n, at which
^ transacted.
i's club was held
jse Wednesday
insiderable busi
I'pon the unani
mous vote of t he members present it
w «s decided to subscribe $10 out of th*
treasurv funds toward th«; Y. M. C. A.
campaign which is now being con
ducted It was also decided that a
•turn equal to 25 cent.*-: for each member
sh«iuid be contributed to th«- •«tat*
»•durational fund of the Stab- Fédéra -
Health week, I>ec. 2 to 9. will be ob
■*. rved by the Woman's club, and h
committee has ixen app«*inted to look
if ter the sale of Red Cron« seals for
the fund for the prevention of tubercu
losis in Montana Mrs. W. J Marsh
is chairman of the committee and wi!
be assisted by Mrs. J. A Grant and
Mrs. D. J Davies. 8*-als will be placed
..n wile in a!! of the stores and banks
and a booth will probably be placed in
the postofllce during health week It
is also planned to have Dr A. D. Mac
D* na!d *r>e*k at one of the local
churches upon the subject of tuber
co!*»sis. The talk will be given Dec.
2 or Dec. 9.
Wednesday evening at a progressiv,
bridge party The ladies ha e decided ;
Dc«r laodg«*. Nov. 16—Ptartcring at
the n«i?w county high school building
Is being rush«»d with all possible «p«cd
these days, and It is expected that
with no delays the work will be com
pleted within th«* next thr«»e w«^V*
Everything wili then be in readin«»«»
for the finisher* and by the first of the
year or shortly after it Is hoped that
the building will be ready for use.
Deer lx>dge. Nov. 16.—Mrs. Joseph
Coy entertained about 20 women at j
home on North Fifth
'**' ran '* ? ul of duty
land hla tap ran backward.
to ^old week!« «session* at which «>ach ;
! member will pay 25 cents, the pro
; ce«*ls to be given to the Red Cross
Knicker- —la Jones physically dis
Bocker— H« can't see red. krhite and
ï. M. C. 1. C1PI1ICN IS
Captains Announce More Than
Half of the Funds Have
Been Pledged.
A. fund, had
ight, according to announce
rr«*nts which were mad«- at th* cam
paign headquarters. All of th« t* am
captains and their workers have en
tered into th<- campaign with a vim
which assures the success of the un
dertaking and it m felt certain that
when the campaign comes to a ci ->
Katurday night Powell county will
have subscribed its $2.500
; ?'* h *
Deer Lodge. Nov. 16—Mr and Mrs.
Hyatt Barnhill, Mrs. F. a. Grabenstein
and Mr« Karl ZerMuehl* n mot*.-red to
Butte Wednesday. Although the part>
returned in the afternoon th«* fog was
so heavy that the lights on the ma
chine were neceasar:
Will Briggeman of Gold «'reek wls a
business visitor here yesterday
Mr. and Mr« Fred Murphy have re
turned from a short visit in Butte.
Mrs. Clyde Medley r* turned the first 1
of the week from a two weeks* visit j
to Seattle and other c*<i*t points
Miss Alice Cummins of Missoula j
was a guest Wednesday at the home
of Mrs J E. Coy.
Roy R«*dgers of Garrison was In
town yesterday.
The ladie» of St. Margaret s g«i iid
were entertained at the h«*m«- of Mnv
Ed Boyer Tuesday afternoon.
Charles Rice of Avon transacted
business in the city yesterday.
Attorney S P. Wilson is attending
district court in Philipsburg this week.
M. F. Jensen m«jtored up from Gar
rison Wednesday afternoon to attend
to business matters.
Bozeman, Nov. 16.— The vocational
congress of the h.gh school girts of
the state of Montana, which was to
have been held in Bozeman from Nov. i
to 28, has been indefitely post
pened The action w.it taken last
*»>• recommendation of
; T *v.tlth Commissioner Srttz. who said
it would be unwise to take a chance
on the spreading of scarlet fever and
other conutgious diseases now epi
demie in Bozeman
• Woman has a hard time making her
self understood,' sighed ike »uff.
"No wonder.*' replied the Msi Man.
*T never met one who was willing to
make herself plain."
(Continue«! From Page One.)
.r at Vin lee, who a descendant
the Doges and a < h miberlain to the
. n of Italy, announced mday that
would remain at his post. Most of
art trea- re» painting • and sculp
Desolate Appearance.
I'h«- outward ajq «-.trance of th«* cdy
. « ry fJ«-M<»Iat« much like when f$in
' ï i. nn made th* r la -t descent Upon
more than '■<) years ago. All tho
In hotel;:, nil• » and fa«tori«: ami
• je dry and gin-'*- hops patronized
yal J»inie!i. on tfi«- Grand canal, re
o well
of Ft.
ire «till
ï along
Famous Places Deserted
force of har
she stayed a
of children,
she did not
next door nt
a very frient
ture. The
rg the other
home for the
and lh«m shn
-r,s said she had no
»R for r« main i rig so
'-.'•ide <!E.«r than the
In her *-ung«-r days
Tie with a large family
developing the habit
»it he
although she is
corni actionable na
ming she saw that
little log house.
The New Mother
Heartfelt sympathy of
foes oat to her who U
ttothar. For over thr«*
thousands of worn« bars 1
experlacoa. that tha absolutely sa f«,
and Ttdabla messays known
as Mo&sr s Frlsad" b tbs
procurable from tbs many
< j»fy f b |rtb By its dally Tfitlrall^ d
muaciss relax
i baby Is bom. Tba akin
aa4 tba ma n
»■ ÜX
Ibe tee network of
B^a senm ere eoothefl. Tb^
, ^
J lamer BuHdlxag,
They win sand yon without
' btarntbf book. ' 'Mother'
that roa aid
FrtWT «n

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