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AMuIu lm M *1a1
The aportaties of opium tmte the
Ulted tatesM ecept for meradtnal
prposes, is prohibited by a house bll
paed by the senate. The bill will
beeome a law when signed by the
A report reeeived from Mare Isl
sad by the naval medical department
shows that the death of three enlisted
ames and the dangerous illaess of ten
others are due to tthe oee of wood al
Iebhl in milk punches.
Al widows of veterans of the Civil
war, the war with Mexico and the In
dia. wars will be entitled to receive
peasem. at the rate of $12 per month
I a bill just passed by the senate ls
faverably acted on by the house.
Pensident Roosevelt has accepted
en invitation to attend a farewell
meeting of the congregation of Grace
ieflrmed church in Washington on
the evening of leb. 15. The presi
dent has attended this .church ever
elace be has been in Washington.
Dr.Job Mitchell. a former president
at the New York State Homeopathli
society, died at Newburg of heart dis.
Michael Arthur Bass, Irst Baron
Burton, died to London following an
eperation for an Internal complaint.
He was born in 1837.
Henry M. GOlImore, grand dictator
ao the grid lodge of llinois. Knights I
If .Ueaor. died at his home In Dele
va, aged sitty years. I
The death is announeed at Boston
at lries H. Atlkinon, said to have
been the oldest negro minstrel In
the United States, aged tventy-two
Ales H. Smith, journal clerk of the
ig hbouse of rpresentativUe
sad former deputy state labor com.
sloiemer, dropped dead from heart
disese i the capitol.
Mae. Mary MeCoy, aged elghty-elz
e said to be the oldest woman
imastaster i the United States, has
essnd her position at Bheekleyville,
Pa., which she illed ftr hrty yeam
eph Marsha Graham, viae proe.
dent Of the Brie railroad and oeu of
am best known engseers in the ees
try, died suddenly at his home it
Swk Tort. Mr. Graham was lfty1ve
years ell.
& H. Harriman was elected a meei
ar of the board at directors of the
Lape Shore & Michigan bouthera
ralway and the Michigan Camtral
railway. In each case su ceeded
Samel Barger, resigned.
Carrying down three men, two at
whae were negroes, the schooer
Ramsey sank In Lake Pontohartarit,
sear Little Woods. La.
The Uaion Depot hotel, located
eer the unio station at Sault Ste.
Mari burned. The ire threatened
th surrounding district. Al guests
eseaped without serious Injury. The
lose was $1e.0oo.
George Lezdnsky. a New York pow
Ir tIpeator, was terribly Injured at
La Islle. Ill, while making a test in
a esmeet works quarry. Leslasky
lost both eyes and the left arm. His
emdrtlS is critteal. 8tx other men
weon hurt by the explosonm.
Newts. M. Baker, se aged y.
Wlspkoaets, was Intantly alle, nad
Geege H. Woelley, aged Sltrave, o
Sidney. p tbebly tally injureds at
lme,, Obio, when a ClancInatt. Haem
Wle A& Dayto tranl struck a wages
ia whrch they were rdin.
Three tralame were kille and ea.
ether fatally Injured when two stock
trains oa the Milweke railroad col.
Ied bhead at Poweraville Me.
wer cars of prise Ire stock, detined
er Chicago, left the trac and rolled
dpwp a step embankment, mot of
*tbe eattle being illed.
With the gas radiator turned a
4l Prederleiek Vale. forty years old.
'ld his wat Mare were found dea
asA asphyxiateca in their apartments
b Jersey City. There was no .ote
1 s maesge left by either of the
sg le to Indicate that their death
ai. nthr trhan aw.eridatn
AUia. te Eve mnth. old achild .1
oe ou f IadlMhaaol. wan hil d
vb o mr. Wzed heure a satsh
eu 's pay sh. eat a in thea
wist assspss i oo.m with a "uit. The baby
Bern fý hmeffhmg. onca attar
iare imad "t thate rno
u~was kille& ass er hut
m - whw as aeqom
- bI Mri. Zloemr h
BeYI a 40r0" , e. The
- um mmlath. uwh
idii~l w as srrs
- he Wuw. ¶. Thus
-r - ss 1M a'i m-m
gllr-ll -llB IIL -
Ylhe - w blee art staed was,
weei as Jettlesd md eight eof her
e0rw wer shs.
The wdow of alther John of
Krsesdt, well knows RIumslan
priest who died a math ago, has
been stea a yeastr pension of sO ..
A number of gVyptia students li
Paris have seat a telegram to str d-"
ward GreO, the British foreign m1nis
tar, Iprtesting agaast Great Britalbt
conteasd occupation of Egypt.
President Gomes of Cuba signed a
decree appointing Jose Ugarte chief
of the secret police. This closes the
sensattloal Incident arisng out of the
proposal to appoint Ricard Arnauto
to that oelie.
The police of Berlin are studying a
new system of identification of criml
nals. It consists to taking the veins
at the surface of the band as the aur
est test of identity. A Berlin profes
sor has polated aot that the reins are
never the same on two diferent
hands, nor eves upon the bands of
the same indtvidual.
Notwttbstanding olal denalsis, It
is still asserted that the duke of
Abruss has resigned as an obSer of
the Italian navy. It in also stated
that he has expressed his deteramls
ties, after his expedition to the Him
alayas, to marry Miss Katherine 3l
kiss, either as a royal prtince or as a
porite individual.
Baron yon Seokeudorf, the German
minister to Vmesuela, and foreign
Minister Gulans signed on Jas. »
a treaty of triendship, commerce and
naviation between the two govern
meats. This agreement ateins a
"mast favored nation" elau dser Ge
many, and its comelusion is an out.
tome of ten years of effort.
Natives bring the report from Pes
that while the sultan, Mulal Hald,
was conversing reemntly with a mem
ber of the French military mission, a
street porter rushed up with a knife
In his hand. He was Immediately
sesed, but he explained that h.
meant to ill "the dog of a Christian,"
pointing to the French oaaer. At the
sultan's orders the prisoner was bas
tnadoed until he lost eonsciousness.
Charles aladersar. who murdered a
his wife and mother-in-law Stock- 1
tom, Cal., on Sept. 20. 1202, was ens W
outed at the state prison at Ban Quen t
Harvey Hssel. the sevteent-year
ld boy found guilty of the murder of
his mother at Toledo, Oho. wa se a
teaoaed to life Imtprisonment in the
Ohio penitentiary at Columbus.
Willim Winters twentyeae years t
ed. slayer eo Lma Triable at Union.
Iowa. Jan. 1R was aconvrted of mare
de In the a rst degreeat lfde4w
lews. The Jury recommended lie t
Patrick White was covicted to Ut d
Louis of fraudulent registration by a I
jury and setenced to two years t I
the peanitentary. This makes the
fourteenth eanviction for illegal regis
tration for the last gemiea election.
Broodlag over ble oeadeemet to
quarters at the mard barracks at
Norfolk. Va. for overstainga a leave
of abeence. Private A W. Harris
shot himself through the breast, dy
ing almost Instantly.
Pleetwqod Lester, traveling sale
man for the Southern Supply compar
ny, sad his wife are in jail at Mobile.
Ala.. charged with holdlang up Harda
way Young at the point of a revolver
and robbing him of $0.00.24.
John Gilmore Speed, author ad
journalist, shot himself while In his
bed room at the Phoenix house at
Meadham N. J. He lived about en
hour and a hslL He left a confession
of his act. He leves a daughter,
ra. aDudley Grey of Morristown. Mr.
Speed was a grandnephew of reats
the poet
Severe rusing temperature and
killing frosts eurred last weak i
Northern. Caentral sad Bastera Prn.
Nearly $5*000 was r.e eled trm
the musical and eets held at the
Waldorf-Astoria, in New York. for the
behnet of the victims of the Italian
Reports recetived fro orange gpo
ag sections south of New Orleans In.
dlste* that serious damage was doe
b the If weather which estsen
ed to the gaul coast:
Threer more Indiana counties.
SParks. Hauntington and Swltaerland,
were voted dry in local optison else
lions last wek. Thirty-n.e saloons
were put out of business.
The Winnipeg Stock m aange was
opened last week. Great taterwet t
being taken in tohe ehan sea.
considerig It was the Initial day's
trading, bsalaeas Was heaJe.
Mrs. Martha Maybele Dmuphy of
Bostmon who has been oe trial iht a
eage for the theft of .0W worth o
Sdimeads from Charles U. Ones. a
Dorchester (Mass.) money leader.
was acquitted by a Jury.
The a.eagad as.resess of a me
gre porter in attng a a. the
won berth of a seipag ear was
Sthe bes eo a $1f.M selr beght a
the federal court at New Orleas by
Mrs. Amelia M. Daberg agaMt tas
Psah ea mpeany.
SPise trvSI to sa theo senes et
the Ust In Pleasure club at S.
klads, feen tw doars barrne. Thee
Ssenwiseas r tew hrah the ha
L bros ge ' at 3LTa d eseabg Ia
eMa . e aee gar a o m
Old eastead to Be Scee od
Siple Cereamos oe M- o . ;,
tyr's Birtday. yi
Presides t R Aomat m PreieN
Paratcipate. I
Loulevtle. Feb. 9.--Simple and yeti f
splendid "ith the presence of the irst
citizens of the United Staten will be l5
the bomage which will be paid the old
homestead of Abraham Lincoln in La to
Rue county, Kentucky, on the oec' 3,
sion of his ceateary., Feb. 12, the P1
plans for the ceremntesi of dedicating tl
the Marble Memorial hall by President a
Theodore Roosevelt having finally t
been arranged.
The last preparations were made in ri
this city yesterday by the committee re
It charge and Charles 3. Miner, reproe
seating the Lincoln Farm association. a
Run Five Trains. a
It was determined that the Ave I
trains that will be run to Hodgeville 4d
from Louisville on Feb. 12 shall bear e
the various delegattons; that a platoon
of polloe be permitted to do duty, and 0
that the representatives of the Re- h
publlcan and Democratic committees
of Kentucky be given a place of prom
ineace in the ceremonies.
At the meeting two facts were p
learned also-one, regretfully, that the
venerable Cardinal Oibboes will not be
able to come to pronounce the invoca- le
tion, and the other, joyfully, that Mrs. *
Roosevelt and Miss Ethel Roosevelt r
will be members of the president's i
party. I
Schedule of Trains.
The first trata will leave this city
st 7:31 o'clock on the morning of Fhb.
12 and will carry all who desire to a
reach the farm early. The second
train, at 7:45. will carry a band, sixty
volunteer militiamen, eighteen caval- r
rymen and fifty newspaper men; the o
third, at 1:15, will bear the federal
and Confederate veterans who are to
act as escorts to the president, the
veterans of the Spanish-American war I
and Gov. A. E. Willson and his mill
tary staff; the fourth train, at 8:368
will carry the Louisville business men
who are behind the dedication plansr
and those of the public who cas gett
Into four extra coaches; while the
fifth train, at 9:35, will bear the presi- I
dent, Mrs. .osaevelt. Miss Roosevelt,
Secretary Loeb and Secretary of War
Luke E. Wright.
President on Program.
The farm is two miles from Hodge
ville along a road which is usually
Shard to traverse in winter, but which
has been veneered with gravel and
cinders until it Is now passable.
The program for the day Includes
addresses by President Roosevelt,
Former Governor Joseph Folk of Mis
sourl, A. K. Willeon of Kentucky. Gen.
James Wilson for the G. A. R., and
Gen. Luke E. Wright for the Confed
erate soldiers.
Taft's Statement ears on Maon at
Sight" Announoement.
Atlanta. Ga, .eb. ).-Aneat the an
a nouncement that President-elect Taft
Sis to be made a "Maaen at sig't" in
a ledge at Cincinnati. It was annonec
ed here that during his visit to Atlasn
to Mr. Taft was asked whether be
would like to become a Mates sad
that he said "It I am ever elected to
take the Masonic degrees I shall take
d them in the home lodge of my father
a Ol Cincinnati."
Three Mey Drwne.
Flsbkll LaUding. N. Y.. Feb. . -
While sleddal on the lee as the Hd
a·s river. near Dutchees Juoantin,
three boys broke through the Ice and
were drowned. The drowned are:
AlMed De Mary, aged seven years: his
brother Ernest. aged thirteen, and a
cousin. Alfred Cbapellalce.
Kills inieHlf Because n. Is Old.
Maasleld. Ohio. Feb. f.-Ollver B.
Feulke. seventy-two years old. proml
at business man committed suicide
by shooting. He wrote a letter to hiy
wife before shooting himself. sayrlg
that so old a man as he was a burdea
to his family and should sot be per
mitted to live.
Peliceman Weunded at Riet.
New Toak. Feb. 5. - AMUt a bLar
mish between truckmen near the eta
bles of the W. H. Rankln Trucking
mempesy. where a strike is on, John
eOutlwas. a special pssman. was
struck with a missile while walking
aleag the street ad is believed to be
Killed Playing "Wld Wet."
PFeghkcepsie. N. W, Feb. ---Wbll
playing "Wild West" Hgsh Maher. a
ale yearold bo was shabet by a buor
te.u-yearld colored boy. lhard Ip.
Dejo. Maher was Instantly kiled.
Daye was not hl. as the coroner he
Deved the shooting toa be aecdsntal.
Bedy Feuad In Trtak.
New iave· . COan, F1b. a-A , ena
a_ -me er was Maeertlhu bae
IwheIm e 4asm bu5M k h aI t Ma s
m,16n. 0 augreai war Iafd ON"
iS a Iss .
bemw.. was New es lm As
ems h--Two Semnl A te
Wmahlato., Feb. 8.--A poll of both
Ianehes of gress shows s an almost
a rided sattlmen in tlvor ofd a
m tste statehood for the TensitCei
at New Mexlco and Artsosa.
Of the ninety-two senators sit
5vet express themselve as deslrous
of voting tfr the separate statehood
bill. Three are against, seven are mam
committal, and the poll being made
during the end of the week, lte..
members were found abseet fromt
their seate and committee rooms.
In the house, out of 381 members,
349 are on record as favortng the ad
missieon of both.
The small number of four are con
fessedly against admIssian. Forty-oee
are nooammalttal, and ninety-four
umembrs eould not be aeon.
Thlu two new stars would be added
to the iag of this nation befre March
3, were Senators Beverige and Aid
rich converted. These two men, and
thee almost alone, leaders a they
are, stand in the way of tmmediate
statehood far the territories.
On M a, the 15th, the house of
representaives will pas the bill. Rep
resentative Hamilton, chairman of the
committee an territories, said so last
_ight. Speaker Cannon will Interpose
no objection. Neither will his aides.
The bill will go through the house un
der a suspension of the rule and with
But when it rseahes the senate, so
cording Do Seastor Beveridge. it will
have opposition.
Put Bullet Through His Head at Fort
St. Paul, Feb. .--Joha Dye, a pops
inar gunner, a member of the machine
gun platoon at Fort Selling., recently
returned from Cuba, was found dy
lng in the basement of the artillery
barracks yesterday morning by a com
rede. He was removed to the post
hospital and died at 4 o'elock from a
bullet wound in the head. When found
a revolver was clutched nla his band.
Among Intimates it was said that
the young man yearned for home and
a sweetheart he had left behind in
Part of Scheme to Shorten Northern
Pacific Route to Coast.
Butte, Moat., Feb. 9.-The Paradise
Stregl cutoff of the Northern Pal.o'
railway was opened Saturday. This
cutoff i the beginning of the plan of
the Northern Pacific to pieree the IdJ4
ho-Montana range of mountains and
use the Wallace (Idaho) branch as a
main line. This will shorten the
Northern Pacific route from Minneap
oils to the coast by 200 miles.
Spectator Shot Through Arm, but Prin t
elpals Are Uninjured. I
Butte, Mont., Feb. 9. - LouIs Kauf at
man and P. J. Bartells, well known 01
Butte business men. are charged with S
having had a pistol duel on the street a'
Saturday afternoon, during which N. o
U. Huff. a spectator, war shot through d
the arm in the exchange of bullets.
Both alleged pritncipals were arrested.
They fought over a trivial matter. g
Otogenarian n deo of Israel Pule
nam Expires While Snowbaliing.
Muaskegon. Mic.. Feb. 9. - Martin
H. Putnam. elghty-two years old, a
great grandson of Israel Putnam, of
Revolutionary anme, dropped dead
here. having become unduly excited
over joining the play of children snow
alng in the strtet.
Is Agate Ski ChamrGpn.
Eau Claire. Wis.. Fob. 9. - John
vsanson of Duluth Is again national
skit hampion o( America. By winnlg
the big profeaeeioal ran of the alth
annual ski tournament of the National
Ski association yesterday afternoon
the crack Duluth runner retained the
championship which he won at the
national tournament at Duluth last
year. His two jaumps In the champion
ship run were 115 and 121 feet.
Hangs Himself in Barn.
Mason City. Iowa, Feb. 9.-Asel R.
Hurlburt. an old resident of the cort
S ty, committed suiide betweeea 10 sad
11 o'clock yesterday moraing. At $
o'clock he was found hnlag. ts a
rafter in his hera. He was forty years
old and leaves a widow and two chit
Liner Unijorwed.
New York. Feb. 9.-Unl·aured by a
two-hour stay on a North river asbol,
a on which she rat her prow shortly
I after leaving her dock late yesterday,
i the Hambur-American liner Dueotsh.
, land resumed her journey to Medites
raean ports early yesterday.
Woman Durned to Death.
Iowa City. Iowa, Feb. A-Mra. Jehn
1Cain. aged thirty-eight. was urned to
death at Parnell. Iowa co sty. bhe
Swas alone with three little children
When she poked a coal stove ha
clothlag caught Ire.
Six Blems to Pieces.
Nac y Feb. L-k -Sx permse
Swee Dowon to pieLes yesterday by te
a ulesion ef a aora esatit of damse
r mSe sad 15*5 tllth d arlsp a Ilt
I tiancekeesn at a am at lgicI
Through a
Woman's Heart.
By Sidney Warwick.
CHAPTER Xl.-(Getanued). t
The persoa n the rom was BDn- g
bolt Hume. He had the air of havings
entered hurriedly. He was standing t
by the desk. his figure thrown up
against the firelight, his Bngers grasp- H
ing the handle of the top drawer- he
that drawer where for three yeeks a of
revolver had lain under lock and key, fa
stalaning the sheet of sermon paper bi
with Its blot of rest. st
Bonbolt Houme swept a quick, fur- kt
tfive glance, first at the door, then at ai
the window. But Stephen was not kl
sear enough to the window to be al
seen; he was swallowed up in deep Ic
shadow where he stood.
Then, swiftly, as it reassured that R
his action could not be seen, Boaholt w
Home pulled open the drawer. p,
But Stephen had'locked that draw- 4
or, though the need for locking It was H
gone, before going out. Stephen re- an
memtered that distinctly. Had locked or
It-three weeks had made It a habit as
with him-and the key was In his at
pocket! And Hume had opened the m
drawer! h
Stephen could not be sure whether 8
there was a key In the lock now. and w
he was too intent nla watching Humo3s II
face, shown up distinctly In the fire- I
light, as the Intruder pursued these S
amasing proceedings. w
The white-haired man's face was B
full of suppressed eagerness; .1s tl
hand dived swiftly into the drawer
and felt round It, his eyes were .,nt h
down with lntent expectancy--then a *
sudden gleam of disatppontment swept au
over his face, as though he had failed u
to find some object that he had ex- d
pected to find there. i
Was the object of Bonaholt Huma's P
mysterious movements the revolver? v
What else could he have I.e -
searching for In that partl,,lar tl
drawer? p
But how could this man have ob- h
tained the faintest inkling of Its pros- r
ence there? And what was the ex- tl
planation of this stealth and mystery? I
For a moment Stephen Ruthen
stood with shaken nerves, In the grip r
of a sudden dread. But only for a mo- r
ment; then anger and resolution I
came upon him simultaneously. d
He stepped up to the window, his n
face close to the panes.
With a start Booholt Hume looked C
up. and the eyes of the two men met. I
Probably Bonholt Hume had never
been more taken aback in his life e
than when he looked up from his
mysterious proceedings in the rec-e
tor's study to see the rector himself I
watching all his movements. His
Jaw dropped; blank, utter consterna
tion showed in every line of his face.
Instinctively he jerked himself into I
an erect position from his attitude
of bending over the drawer in which
Stephen Ruthen had surprised him. I
and tried ineffectually to screen the
open drawer with his body.
Stephen went away from the winl
dow and walked into the house
straight to the study. Bonholt Hume
greeted him with a rather poor pre
tense of being at ease; he spoke with I
a nervous rapidity.
"I just called to see you, Ruthen.
I've been waiting In the dining room
for you; then I thought, as you might
be some time. I'd have a look at your
books till you returned, and took the
liberty of an old friend of coming
in here. There was a book I wanted
to see-"
Stephen Rutben's face was stern.
He said. quietly:
"And did you expect tob nd it in
that drawer?"
"Ab. I wanted to explain that, how
it was you came to find me lookin-a
In your drawer-I expect you thought
it was like my impudence?"
And Bonholt Hume gave a little
laughb, as if to carry off an awkward
situation lightly. Ruthen did not
laugh. He stood looking hard at the
older man's face in the firelight.
"You will pardon the liberty. I
know. when I tell you the cause.
Look." He held up his wrist and
pointed to the button hole of the cuff.,
f:cm which the link, was missing.
"Fact is. I've lost one of my sideve
links 'omewhere. I noticed the loss
as I was looking ht a book on your
desk. It occurred to me the link
might have fallen into the top drawer,
which was open an inch or two-"
"Open? Are you sure you are not
mistaken, Mr. Hume?" Stephen said,
quitetly "I was nder thi ..Iprt.
Sion that I had I~ft that drawer
He had more than an impression
that be had locked it; he remem
bered that, as he was leaving the
study with the revolver. It had struck
thim bw he bad mechanically looked
A Woman's- Threat.
*Well, if that aint the limtt"
muted the potnian&. a he csae down
*the steps of a private residene.
"What's the troubler?" queried the
Spassing citise s who had overheard
the postma's nosy thought,
Why." expainad the man It gray.
"the woman in that borse says if I
d eat come along earlierm she'll get ha
letters hum Isme ether earrier."
S A A rsis , iWht Nhte b geh e
e n te m the ig anr glsh.
the dawer sen. although the eedt
for that preemmne as longer existed at
He was aoure h had looked it, and
the ke.-as Ia his pcket.
"leI edi Mr dear Ruthe" Mr. $
Hume seesmed qute surprised. "But
how could I have pulled the drawer pa
open If loeeked?--quite aprt from the
fact that bhad it been looked I could s1
hardly have expmetbd to and my **
sleeve link there. Au there s noo a
key In the drawer. Otage t Rtheal" a
and he laughed. "Bldea, I hope you
know me well enough to anuglt me of a
any soeuh act as tampering with a I
locked drawer?"r i
"I hope you found your llak?" said b
Ruthen, disregarding Mr. Hlme's last ea
words and their pained tones of re- t
proach as he turned to light a lamp. hs
d He was not convinced. If Bonholt ti
Hume's proceedings had been as Ian- c
ocent as he professed, It was curl- h
ous that the man ihould have looked pt
so disconcerted. had so guilty an air al
at the sight of him; and his furtive 0t
manner as he pulled open the drawer ft
his look of eager expectancy struck qi
Stephen as being dilcult to reconcile c
with the explanation about the sleeve at
link. And though there was no key
in the lock now, it had seemed to ea
Stephen in that glance through the at
window that a key, half-hidden by k
Bonbolt Hume's hand had glinted in ti
the firelight. a
Yet how could Hume have possessed to
himself of a duplicate key?-end. if
so, for what purpose? Stephen had 6
never dreamed of loeking the drawer a
until three weeks ago, when be had si
deposited the revolver there. And ti
that brought him back to his first sues c
picion. Had it been for that revol
ver Bonholt Hume was searching? w
The rector could not rid himself of tU
that suspicion. Though it was mex
plicable to him bow this man could p
have known of the existence of the a
revolver, or that it was deposited.in .e
that drawer, yet the doubt Iingered b
in his mind, even though he tried to Q
argue it away. Thank heaven he had a
removed the thing when he did, got a
rid of it effectually! Perhaps it he
had not acted immediately upon that I
disquieting interview with the bhlad
man Bouholt Hume would have poc- r
sessed himself of that clue to the t
crime-for what purpose? To place I
it in the hands of the pollee? a
The whole affair was mysterious f
and disturbing; but of one thing the t
rector was sure. He did not Implic
itly accept Bonholt Hume's glib ex- r
planation. I
"I expect I must have lost the link a
out of doors," Mr. Hume was saying. c
"My chief regret in losing it is that I
I have innocently laid myself open to a
a misconception--"
"Let us say no more about It." I
Stephen broke in curtly.
And the Incident was not referred
to again that afternoon; but it left
a hint of constraint on both men. I
And long after Mr. Hume had gone I
the rector found his mind exercised a
with the problem to which he could
Sfind no solution-those three ques
Was Bonbolt Hume searchids for
a the revolver? If so, how had he came
t to know of its existence or that it
r was in that drawer? And how had
the drawer come to be open?
I And that other question:
I If Hums had found what he
nought- ?
Preddy Rises to the Occasion.
S "Wtell. what are ycu going to do
It jInh him or rescue him?" a passer.
by inquired, facetiously, of those near
Sett to him, as he tried to elbow a
.-ay through the crowd.
~ Outride the town hball the street
n.s :'rr t 1 locked. It was known
i that Jack Lathnm had been brought
d up ag.in that afternoon before the
r· nitrates, after being remanded ia
cu.totdy for a week.
e The question was put jestingly. but
SIt looked as though it might have a
serious answer. Thee crowd was in
a dangerous mood. Popular feeling
was at a high pitch, and the sympa
't thy was entirely with the prisoner.
i" There were almost as many women
as men among the crowd-factory
girls in their aprons, with bawls over
a their heads, some of them from La
! thom's mills, with whm "handaroeme
I Jack Latheom" was a general ahreorite.
d They were talkltag ieltedly and reck
aeed Re.on
" "'Hare you heard thet Jim has Iuit
h- "Ys; you se h is a llle .ae
rd sihted. and the etaer h e ematIed
his pipe la a powder berL."
I YUht ad uet.
-, Hamme-Ceme. Voeht. eou meet
say yor p ayere
Vlsai--a d mid M e
, - aI 1mw?
ales ta ~ ne e4
net as aoiatea Po swear
rn ct I me t bin linm -
tM by the aeils
seem. l tb me orlt wlms tl ma
stra ramber pt c he4 hebSt po*
Se duty outsided the etmisae to
the aows ha,
pade, to esetan where the me
" M 'in s it s& Jack I .m0 i oe r
iad e eden ofi angry, srent bitter
eae L td; o the eidem ce agaiat
pason a the pole e -seed- e their
cart, breaklitg at aet
thelo ot thret oa with a psolLn
ate latesr erpt. n,
The tep sPo t t abme wma sape
rated the combatants a the b ad
ave evidence of the raceas reto e
witnessed; of the prmeth weo the
prisoner had received-the blow fum
Iume's stick; of the priaamer's pee
sld ate threat as he went ellen ly
away. The farmer Griersoan, whe heW
cohame up t the safor me time, gave
corroborative evidence. The notl-m;
as ill will existiug between the two
men pas we as the case of t, weas
gore intao; the fracas at the club n
the day before the crime was retold
by several withneses; there was the
evidaee of the gusmith, who prveda
that early in the eventng a couple of
hours before the second quarrel be.
twra the two men, the prisoner bad
called at his shop for the revolver he
had left there for some tril ngt te
pair, mad bad takes it away with him;
all the evidence on which the ase of
the policerested. Undoubtedly a ease
for committal; the magistrates were
quite agreed. And Jack Lathe was
committed for trial at the forthcomina
aswed ma
Scarcely had the magistrates erd
ed their decision than the sews
seemed, as If by magic, to beecme
known outside; It ran like wildre
throug oh the crowd. anen, pgry t
murmurs ad cries rose, the mtl girls
taking thedr lead.
"It you're men, you know what to
do" more than one t cried to their
matm companions. There was every
si an of a threatening rush and a a
tempted rescuIn e the moment the ao
clsed man appeared., b
As In mspector came out and gave
whispered instructions to several of
the constables on duty outside.
Two of the poine began to push the
people back, making a path to where
a cab was drawn up. The crowd pet
ed.grimly; time eumegh to show their
and when Jack Lathom appeared.
They waited in a state of sullen ten
alon; minutes passed, but still no
sign of Jack Lathom.
As a matter of tact, the police, per
fectly alhim e to the danger, had no
intention of risking It; these elahe'
rae proceedings were a ruse to keep
the attention of the crowd ocpter d.
Meanwhile the prisoner was being
smggled out at the beck, where a
four-wheeler waited in readiness to
take him back to the district jail.
The dusk of the short winter after
noon was already dosing to as Lee
them was taken out quickly threegh
a small side door and hurried late the
cab. Just as he was getting in, fol
lowed closely by the two coetables,
a motor ear dashed up; Jack turned
his head to see that the driver was
Freddy Thornton.
"Good luck, old chap!" cried Fred
dy. excitedly, to his friend. Freddy
was pretty wide awake, and he had
been prepared for some such ruse as
this on the part of the police. "I have
a message for you "
But Freddy's message was never
riven. The two constables hurried
their prisoner into the cab. followed
and slammed the door. and the deievr
whipped up his horse smartly, leog
before the crowd on the other side of
the building had realised the trick
played on them.
TI'e cabman, who had been iastruct.
cd to avoid as far as possible the pain
ihoroughtares of the town, took a cir
cu.tous hone through a network of
tide streets. Jack Lathom leaned
beck against a eushion, with his face
dark and bitter, as he was driven past
the familiar scenes back to the prison
Sell trcm which he had been brought
that morning.
"look! That's why we had to asma
gle you out by the back way." The
more loqucclous of the two constables
Jerked his thubomb towards one of the
windows of the eah. The driver ad
taken a devious route to avoid paseig
near the froneat of the town hall, but
rome little distance away Japh La
thom? could see the dense. ea ed
crowd gathered there, the ligs ra
the windows of the great buildig
falling on a white sea of uptlur.e
faces. "Friends of yaours, those!
They're waittig for you to come oat
at this momeat---mrade up theltiallds
Sto rescue yaou as soon as they cuht
slght of you. Afrald they'll sve no
sport today."
SAnd the speaker laughed.
r (,o as ceatiamee3
In almost every letter that a wina
writes there lan litle lot, wad that
fwels lie moy through the eaveie.
bet whah is anlr a manle a ~h
naewest dress.
The Joan
T iitribre f roued.
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