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!Ice Cream
Fresh Fruit in Season. Cigars
Make this your stopping place
. .
Culbertson, Montana
eseeee . .... . **********************.
Palace Saloon
* SVOBODA & MAXIM. Proprietors.
* Secceseors to Frook Steph.e.
: Imported and Domestic Wines,
* 6
Liquors and Cigars.
* I
" I
Family trade, Picnic parties, Hunting and
* Fishing parties supplied. 4
" I
* I
* I
" A portion of the trade of the I
" public is rers tfully solicited I
* I
j Culbertson. . . Montana
Moved to temporary quarters just west of former location.
We handle a full line of Gro
ceries, Provision, Dry Goods,
Hardware, Paints, Etc. . .
Local agents for Honor and
Giant brand canned goods.
When in town give us a call.
We aim to please. Prices
right and goods of the best.
Courteous treatment extended to all
Traders State Bank of Poplar
Poplar, Mont.
Capital, 25.000 Dollars
Invites accounts of the people, assuring
perfcbt service and every accommodation
consistent with sound banking.
neer Livery
*.wy Winch, Prop.
bolihlr to A. J. Culwell.
AIn the Livery Line. Hors
BaIled hay for
Mou s.
Loss of Many Lives and lMllions of
Dollars Worth of Property
A Dense Pall of Smoke Hung over the Country for
Several Days During the Past Week
The dense pall of smoke that t
has obscured the sun in the vicini
ty of Culbertson for the past week
is some indication of the fierce for
est fires that are raging in the
mountains of Montana, Idaho and i
Washington. The following dis
patches clipped from the Great
Falls Tribune tells the tale :
Spokane. Wash.. Aug. 21.-Fifty dead
in and aomend Wallace. Idaho; property
los., $z.yoo.ooo. Fire has not enlarged '
area burned Saturday night.
Mollan probably sate, but fires threaten.
Elk City reported still unburned.
Four or more dead in fires near New- t
port. Wash.
One hundred and eighty men in the for- F
estry service are missing in the St. Joe C
country. I
Taft. Mont., had been burned; Saltese t
is suroounded by fires; Deborgia and St. I
Regis are seriously threatened; Haugan.
Mont., is reported destroyed. C
Solid line of fire from Thompson Falls,
Mont.. for fifty miles to Idaho line, with
portions of Belknap. White Pine, Noson
and Heron burning.
Conflagration rages in Gallatin forest,
Mont. t
Thompson Falls is in peril.
Anatone. Asotin county, Wash., is
threatened with destruction.
Ymtr. B. C., is in danger from fires
which are burning in the brush. Other
fires are gainiun headway in that region
and the situation is alarming.
Avery. Idaho, destroyed and people are
f n T.I.e. Wash.
Missoula. Aug 21 - Mercilessly and re
lentlessly the forest fires in western Mon
tana and Idaho are sweeping over a vast
area, driving hundreds of fugitives before
them, destroying small settlements and
wiping out of existence millions of dollars
worth of property. The situation tonight
is more serious than it was to the early
morning, except as to Wallace, Idaho.
where it is believed that nearly half of the
city will be saved. Communication with
Wallace to the west has been possible at
intervals today, but eastward it is entirely
cut off and it is known that the entire east
half of the town above Seventh street has
been burned. West of that a hard fight is
being made and with an improvement in
the water supply there is a chance that the
flames may be driven back. For a few
minutes this afternoon the Missoula report
er at Wallace had a wire. tie sumarized
the situation as follows:
"Thirteen lives lost; property loss. St.
uoo,ooo; fire still threatening
Elsewhere in the fire zone, the situation
has gone from bad to worse today. The
most serious ineident is reported late this
afternoon from the St. Joseph country.
where Ifo men engaged in the forestry ser
vice are missing, and it is feared they have
been burned to death. When the fire ap
proached the camp. where there were coo
men, two fire fighters took a horse and,
riding the animal to death, reached anoth
er camp and brganised a rescue party
which penetrated the fire district at Bird
Creek. Twenty of the men were found in
the water where they had gone for safety,
and they were unharmed. Of the remain
ing i8o no word has been received. The
forestry service has organized a relief
train, well equipped with pack animals,
carrying provisions and hospital supplies,
and will endeavor to get through the fire.
About tooo refuges have been brought
into Missoula today. There is much dis
tress among them. Their wants are being
supplied by Missoula people, and they
have been given temporary homes. The
fast of the trains which came In over the
Northern Pacific's Coeur dAlene branch
brought the patients who had been in the
Sisters' hospital at Wallace, and as many
refuges as could find places an the small
train. There were aso on the train, and a
second train at eons brought as many
more. Theme people came from the small
towns along the line between here and
Wallace. Many of them had been roused
from their sleep by the people on the train.
whose summons had been their frst leti
mations that the fire was near; there had
been no siga of it when the people went to
bed Saturday aight. In most lastances
thee folks escaped only with scanty cloth
lug. A woman who had fled from her
home at midnight gave birth to a child ins
bus car just after the arrival of the rast
train is Missoela.
Local hospitals are caring for the sick.
Misoula homes have been opened freely.
and the homeless are in comfortable shape
for the present. Another train with Soo
people on board is expected tosight over
the Milwaukee oead.
A dems poll of smoke hangs ao ever
wasters Montans. In Ulmosla it was a
dark as midnight at s o'clock, the d ma
emobt beleg giss a elad his. wM*o bed
all the aassmhoed tha glow of ie, but
which was lwchably due to the men.
The towe df Taft, near the Idaho line.
was entirely destroyed by daylight this
morning. Salses just below Taft, has
been abeandned by its inhabitants, and is
knows to be rrsonded by fire. Debar
gin Is serloeasy threatened. and eee man is
missing. At St. Regis the fire has crossed
the river and threatens outlying buildings,
although no bars are entertained for the
Haughan Is reported to be destroyed.
The last word from there was that the fire
was dangerous, and tbh telephone operator
was preparing to fee.
The area covered as, roughly estimated,
too miles queare, most of it in the moun
tains and sparasely settled. It is diffaicult
to obtain Ifeormation from any of the
points, and it is Impossible to reach some
of the isolated places at all. There is a
probability that there has been serious loss
of life, as there are prospectors, camping
parties mad lambermen all through the
mountains, sad the fire may havecome up
on them while they slept last night. or ihey
may have wakened this morning to find
themselves cut of.
Camas Prairie. a farming valley in the
Blacklfeet country, surrounded entirely by
hills, is the scse of a serious conflagration
tonight. A courier arrived here tonight
from therewith an appeal for aid. From
Booner, so men were sent to help the farm
ers and so more are going from Missoula.
The fire came out of the timber, and is
sweeping the valley. Grian and bay are
being destroyed.
Three more rescue trains reached Mis
soula tonight from the west. The Milwau
kee ran in two of them and the Northern
Pacific another. There were soo people
on the train, but none of them were in the
distress that marked the earlier arrivals
The last Northern Pacific train brought
information that the town of Saltese, re
ported earlier to be threatened, had caught
fire before this train left St. Regis.
From all dtrections come reports of death
In the flames, but they are not authenticat
ed, and it as not believed that there has
been many fatalities. Two unknown men
were overcome by smoke teday tn the for
est near Iron Mountain.
The latest word from Wallace confirms
the earlier report that half the city is safe;
the fires are yet ragtng in the hills, but the
situation in the city is believed to be more
satisfactory than at any time tn two days.
A telephone message from St. Regis, re
ceived in :Missoula at to o'clock tonight,
says that the hre swept down Mullan gulch
tonight and cut off the towns of Deborgia
and Henderson The Mann Lumber Com
pany ran its logging train down from Hen
derson, bringing men and their families,
after all valuables had been buried. These
towns will doubtlessly burn.
The old town of St. Regis is at so o'clock
threatened; the fire as in a canyon and is
only a mile fromn town, approaching rapid
ly. The last equipment of the Northern
Pacific in that section is being used to bring
away the women and children from St.
Regis. Most of the men of that town
were at Deborgia, seven miles above, fight
ing a fire there, and many of them most
have been cut of. Two were killed in the
fire in Wallace, a mail carrier named Boyd
and an unknown man. There have been
so deaths in the fires in the hills around
Wallace, according to the forestry service
bulletins. but no names are given.
The fires which have swept around thecity
of Wallace are now working their way up
Canyon creek toward Burke. easterly to
ward Mullan, but are not near enough to
these towns to cause alarm.
The Northern Pacific and Milwaukee
have suffered the losa ef importast bridges.
Missoula is tonaght the western terminus of
both lines, Fires are serious in all parts
of northern Idaho and in northwestern
Montana. and the damage to railway prop
erty is chiefly to small trestles. Overland
trafic on both tines is indefinitely Iuspeed
The relief train which left Missoula this
morning to assist Mellan. is held by fire at
Saltese. being unable to go farther west,
and is prevented from reterning by the de
straction of a small bridge this side. The
train is well equipped and no alarm is felt
for its accupants.
Since the above article was put
in type reports from the. moun
tanas are to the efect that condi
tions are greatly improved by rain
and snow which fell in the past
three days. -Editor.
They Have a DOmits Purpnss
Foley Kidney pills - quick rdlist is
can rl Kidney sad beader aflmms. Mrs.
Rose Glaser. Terra Haus. Iad.. tRlls the
result in her case, *MAtisr eslaeeig for
say years from a uasiess we f huissy
trouble and speeke each m obay Sor as
called cares. I usem Foley EKidg Pill
hbs osly mediciat glb pme am a pemo*
seat carse. I as aria able t be up ain
stisad a my wask. I aW a'mr bheobel
be seo!mets te layo uu Csc
Mr. MWihey seashed thbrelfg hp wbeat
esop Saturday.
Mrs. Wiasta and Mrs.L Leren -aday
al at tie Cooke.. born.
Mr. Chas. Clark waet to Baleville Sat
urday to do some trading.
The Jacobesn brothers are petting up
hay on their father's claim.
Ceraelas Beverly Suadayed at Mr.
Coaua.'e a. the North Side.
The mew mail carriers, Mr. Fowell sad
Mr. Steeple. get ia an time with mail.
Miss Alice Haaeee and sister Lilly call
ed at the Keller reach Friday afternoon.
Misses Loris Bale, Mary Moil and Nellie
Steeple took a horseback ride to Froid
Miss Clark. who is teaching the school
at No. 6. is having a program by her pm
pils Thursday of this week.
M E. Barley and wife went to Bainville
for shingles and ealls foa the new school
house which is being built. They called
an Mrs. Chas. Johnson on the way.
We On Panama Canal
has had one frightful drawback-malaria
rouble-that has brought sulering and
death to thousands. Thegerms cause chills,
fever and ague. billiousness. jaundice. lea
suede, weakness and general debility. But
Electric Bitters never fail to destroy them
and care malaria troubles. '*Three bot
ties completely cured me of a very severe
attack of malaria," writes Wm. A. Fret
well, of Lucama. N.C.. "and I've had
good health ever since." Cure stomach,
liver and kidney troubles, and prevent tv
phoid. Soc. Guaranteed by Valley Drug
" Lakeside Items *
Aug 23, 19to.
R. 0. Lunke went to Glasgow Tuesday
We are glad to see the smoke blowing
away and will welcome the return of old
Sol once more.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mathelslev of the
Sweetman ranch spent Saturday night
with friends near java.
Many from Lakeside attended the dedi
ratton service at the new Catholic church
at Bainville last Sunday.
The ,round of the steam thresher is
again heard in the rand. We have net
yet heard anything of the yield per acre.
The government surveyors are with na
looking ever the hills, supposedly for coal
They are camping at the Lakeside ranch.
Our elevator is growing skyward and at
will not be long before the farmers in our
valley can market their grain at Lakeside.
Mass Flynn left last Tuesday for Spo
kane, Wash Mrs. Sweetman and son
Merrill went to Culbertson and spent the
day with her. Miss Flynn departed on
No. 3.
Mrs. Margaret Mandlin. mother of K.
H. and L. D. Sweetman, will leave on
Wednesday for her home in Cofleeville.
Kansas. She will visit friends near Kan
sas Caty. Iowa. while enroute to h'r home.
Mrs. L. 1). Sweetman will accompany her
to Culbertson, where she will take No. a
for the south.
Two Exposition Cities to Unite
Against Common Foe in
New Orleans.
San Diego has formally enlisted
an the ranks of the San Francisco
1915 supporters, and has pledged
her entire influence to secure Fed
eral recognition of San Francisco
as the official site for the Panama
Exposition in 3915. Headed by
D. C. Collier, Director General of
the San Diego Fair, a delegation
from San Diego visited San Fran
cisco, where they were the guests
of the directors of the Panama-Pa.
cific Exposition, at a luncheon at
the Fairmount Hotel. The San
Diego delegation came north with
the good news that their city had
just bonded itself for $i,ooo,ooo
to improve the 54oo-acre City
Park, and to erect permanent
buildings which will be for the use
of the San Diego Exposition. R.
B. Hale, acting president of the
Panama-Pacific Exposition, pre
sided, and Senator Stone of Mis
souri, and Messrs. Frank L.
Brown, Chas. C. Moore, D. C.
Collier, J. D. Spreckles, Wm.
Kettner and J. W. Sefton, Jr.,
were the speakers. Governor Gil
lett, Mayor McCarthy, Gavin Mc
nab and many prominent San
Franciscans were among those
present. D. C. Collier, spea
for San Diego, said, "We are a
to learn how we may best assist
San Fsancisco's esorts to attain a
victory at Washington this wina
lmes. r at M~w C e.mm.p lU~ntýtAff a SSDH
Culburtmna, Montana ,- Mot
HARRY lL; DALE 1. w. Ortschl .
Attorney At Law Wach Clock and Jewelry
Office in First National Repairing
Bank Bullding, All Workc Warranted
C.*beete.o., " Ml.am ULBERTSON, - - UONTAN
°n I N coU.i...- w.. F. D. McCORMACK
U. S. huni so"
John liurly ndraeo Emal
Olasgow." Parlers IN Jervs. a O"
L.e...r.srLZT'nad M..t Over the Family Thetr
rnmd.l No.1k Dheb~e ot
geeeee"e~"""Clbertson, Matm
AND Wod al I ...,
P i w e if If " name
Iyae.mp / ý 'IR.. Pub. Ce
auMiwb .. IL. ýYtlm.r~r
ftatm t o"O M o.Sd~NM. b Nswdiw M. f- 08 I~ '..{
MISjj(h~'9m~m Nw med :'"°IL
I@@@@@@O@ec ee@@eOObeOaeteeeeO eO
" t o . - ý ". ý - :ý -ý
The&~ Evn0oe
Culbetson - - IN Mntan
The Star
Chas. Jarvis, Prop.
Fresh, salt and
smoked meats
Fish and Game in Season
All Equipment is New,.
Clean and Sanitary
Culbertson, Montana
Montana Beer Hall
MAX OONION, Proprietor
Dealer In
Wines a Liquors
Imported and Domestic Cigars
Pure i.quors for Family Use a Specialty.
A Shame of Your Patronage
is RespectfuUy Soiicitated.
Cvlbertsoa, Montaa

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