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[pedal Ite (Qreamn
9 I
9 9 bay, June 4t4
Try our fancy Sextette Chocolate
Hot drinks of all kinds
, ,At McCormack's a
" . . . . . . . F . .
^^w~ w ^ ^W W
Want and For Rent and
For Sale Ads
For Ret Cheap-Good four room cot
tae and larg gardeo spot. with 7 acres
for small cow pasture. Inquire of Mrs.
D. C. Red or at Searchliht office 3tf
Church of the Brethren.
Services at the Beverly School House
every first. second and third Lord's day of
each month at to o'clock a. m.
Go to D. R. Brockman Resident Dentist
Ofice in First National Bank buildinR,
Culbertam. Mont. 9tf
Ed. Eagan of Shotgun, was in town one
day this week.
Wa. Ator of Plentywood. was in town
Wedesday and Thursday.
Editor Dolin was down Tuesday from
Pleatywood with the baseball boys.
Eastern Montana would be a hue place
to live if it would only stop rainini occa
Wire screen netting for doors and win
dows in all sizes at S 5 'lo :' Hard
ware Man. tllf
If "all flesh is gras tl-ri. , ry body
ought to be getting fleh i .s is rer
tainly plenty of .0As, tl. I, -
SBasement oi C.;i..ens State Bank
SAM J. F- I:LINU, Nlanager
S Gentlemen's Clothes made to or
der. Ladies' and Gentlemen's
S Clothes Cleaned, Repaired
S and Pressed. Dry Clean
ing a Specialty. Clothes
called for and delivered.
Ice Cream Freezers
Gasoline Stoves
and Ranges
called for and delivered.
S CFresh Homemade Bread.
Pastry Goods of All Kinds.
01Em9-U3 I * 0
0 ________ _________________________0
Decoration Day passed very quietly in
Culbertsin this year. there being no specil
services or observance of the day. A few
of the Dusiness houses were decorated witb
American flags and the postolice and banks
were closed. The ball game in the after
noon caused several business men to close
up for part of the afternoon. A dance was
held in the Opera Hall after the Moving
Picture show, which closed a day of quiet
enjoyment by most of our citizens.
Young John Kehoe drifted into Culbert
son yesterday morning. He came in on
No 4. having secured an "upper" berth on
one of the sleepers. John sass he prefers
a "top" berth on the car to a lower berth
under the car, although at times he awakes
with a thrill while rounding a curve, as
these "top" berths are not very well pro
tected and a fall might prove disastrous.
He left Los Angeles some months ago and
has traveled in both "top" and "bottom"
berths at divers times while enroute. John
has many friends in (ulbertson who advise
him to quit traveling for awhlle and accum
ulate a fortune in our fair it,.
Middle Aged and Elderly People
Use Foley Kidney P'ills for qu ck ani
permanent results in all case.s if kidney
and bladder troubles, and for painful and
annoying irregularities. For sale by all
fLocal Iiappemings. f £
1Q 0l-avn
SG. N. Ator of Plentywod, was in town
i ynslrday
i Ed. Peterson returned Tuesday from
the Twin Cities.
Jim Helmer of Poplar. speat several
Sdays is town this week.
Mrs. Tom Evans, who has been at Glas
gow the past week, returned Wednesday
Dr. J. B McCollum. the eye specialist
Swill be in Culber son July 6th, for four
t nlt Otis, one of the real old timers in
Culbertso, but now of Bainville was in
town Wednesday.
Sloo.ooo to loan on Farm Lands, at to
per cent interest See Walt Mathews.
Culbertson. Mont. Stf
Dr. H. A. Feiker has been attending to
Dr. Johnston's patients durng the latter't
absence in Chicago.
The hotel deal between Messrs Stafford
and McGinness was not consummated as
Sexpected last week, some hitch in the pro
in ceedings having occurred at the last mo
al ment.
*I Mr and Mrs L. C. Moothart are the
tb happy parents of 4baby girl which arrived
ks at the Mouthart farm on Fuesday. This
*r- makes Mir. and Mrs I). IM Moothart
'a grand parents.
as r. II. It Etdmonds. having become sole
tg Owner of the big Clothes A Shoes Store.
ehas had new signs paintrJ on the windows
of the store. The signs are in gold leaf
rt* and are neat and tasty. NiMonty" was the
n artist
The Valley I rug Store is having some
rs lovely window signs made by Manderback
ordinarily known as "Monty. ' This ec
centric German lad is one of the best sign
writers in the tUnited States.
Ed. liacon of Mabel. Minn. was in town
Sthis week. iHe catie here to visit W. II.
.. Reed. who was his teacher many years ago
near Dec.irah. Iowa. Hli visit was mail,
as pleasant as possible under the circum
stanices of Mr. Keed s allnevs.
Methodist ( 'lrcih services will Ib held
in the Opera Hlutis' Snlildaiy evening at
eight orlock as usual. rhe pastor He.
il 'CoDkingharn will preach in the tihine
*y "'lily strength for llialy l)utI " All
i fritndis ire in ited to, attendi tht erv wee
11 ilini will iw n elcome.
Stoik pia'tllred . lo-,e to tiwn For teritis
call on Iltittertield A IEnglebrilght 4t1
S Rev . I(. '. Coklnrhaln l went to I'oplar.
III? Krowillig ;i nl It lllthii ling little r(it west
iof i., las t T'uesda . where lie delistered the
SMemorial Day adldress and c.,uiducted the
Sservies utinder the auspic'es ofi thit Modern
Woodmen's fraternity. The day wa'. ideal
and the town was enthusiasti in its cele
D r I) k. firm kman will ie in Sc(tly I
SJune 5th fur the d:Vys I'ersrti- desrlon
| ifntal work take ti tiite. ,.
At the lillsitde 'etn lete) As-.m 'iitition
m n-rling on April 241h ). Z. liruegger and
I" (G. Ainette ,eri elected trustees for
Sthree year termils and S I'. Mitchell for
Stwlo sear term. . i. NugeIt anti II ).
l Edmonds hold ouvr for anothier year. ,
S. I'ruegger is presdelrnt of the association
and i.. D Elnimnds ,ecretars.
(;et your house paint at S. S. Moen, the
) Hardware Man The fainous Hleath A
I Mulligan Paints are the twest. ,itf
i r. C. Ijhnstu left Saturday for WilI
I liston and fruln there atcouniianied I. (
IG (;rery v t. ('licago where the latter was t
) placed in llospital ol the Sisters of Merry.
)I [Jn hi. arinial in Chicago Mtr i;regory g
was feelang ruiich better, his temiperature. h
Shaving lb-womie reduced to si. The in
tflaatnlion in his, broken leg was reduced
!anti at la-t r-l|.irt. lie was sery muchtua" im
iproued. I)r .Ihnstrn .ent on to T'oroiit
(:allada, for a brle t l s$ it wilth hi parent. ,
and is exrl-i tll honlne talay ur tuniorrouw.
The Star Meat Market, under the new 1i
' management l (Caren e loss, is doing `
'hne business All the meats and delicatCrs N
i of the season will Ibe found fresh and good. a
A man from Williston was in Mundak
VWednesday where he went to have a 'little
time 'as Wailliston is a prohibition city. In
the ervning, haviny tilled ul on boiore to
his heart's content he attempted to catch
the-kildtdu for hlutne. In attempting to
Loard the train after it was in mction he
was thrown under the wheels and had one al
foot and ankle ground to a pulp. lie was it
taken home on a stretcher on the nest train el
but will always be able to remember his P'
'little time" at Mondak. st
ItS acres four miles from t'road to rent
on shares Three years under cultivation.
will turnish seed, land is to be plowed and at
seeded to fax. LD not answer unle-'s you ti
ihave horses and ebther call or write to Ir
Mamie King. Froid. Mont 5) Itlu
ea John Murray wa i Iown Ia-t Saturday.
Ernest Reimana, of the South Side. was
0 in town Tuesday.
C. C. Chandler, O aSeaildL., was in
SCulbertson Tuesday.
N. (;. Petersw. of Willaton was in
Culbertson Tnesday.
Archie Curran. of the S,.uth Side. was
in town the first of the week
j. W. McGinniss ad E. M.ihews, both
nof Williston. were Culbr-:I u visitors
10 Attorney Paul Babcock '-.i at Sidney
Thursday of this week attllrning to legal
1 matters.
s Harrow your crop of greoui< grain after
the late rain if possible. slantina the bar
to row teeth back.
'H lion G;. . olster, the pi,neer mer
chant of Plentywood, was .,u Culbertson
rd Tuesday evening.
S The Valley Drug Store tell the farmers
' how to save a hundred dulljrs on each
' forty acres this week.
The Hrooks Company are advertising
se American Lady Shoes and Anerican Gen
Stleman's Shoes this week.
S Olaf lergh passed throughli ulbertson
rfrom Redstone last week Thursday on his
way to Williston and Minot.
\ W'm. Powers. of Hainville went through
Culbertson Monday returning fromo a trip
to Hig Timber and other puitt,.
Fred Hauers broke his leg Tuesday in a
runaway accident. lHe is bting taken care
of at the Hauters ranch and doing nicely.
(. 1. Zimmerman, of Haini lle. was in
town Wednesday morning and left on No.
2 for St. Iaul on an extended business trip
T. E. lIowman, of Medicin I.Lake. who
has Ien serving on the jury the past fort
. night, passed through Culbertson Tuelsda
on his way home.
Iscar A lanes, formerly uof 'ulbertson
anti now connected with the Hank of I'len
lywiaMt, was shaking hands with old Cul
Iwrtson friend Tuesday evenini
Alttrnley tlarry Iale ha- iii.elt his of
tice into the two rounos in lthe Irir of the
Cmitiens State l:lnk where he ha- tine
oltif e ijii.irlii , t1 i the groundl it .t
Mr. and Mrs. ). 1'. Spurgeoi .ire tht
happy parents of a baby boy 'ih h artilved
at the ranch un \Vednesda) rienin. Ir
S. 1.. Andersoun IKing in attendlaii.e.
Noltite the ne\% ad of A C. Mt.Mton at the
butloliin tl fhiis piaKe You can get muslt
t nii thing you wani fur the inner man theise
Sihot dai, in tire shape of fi.d and iced
. lrmnks, at lMiton . -
n r j 1.. Antlrstn., fornmerly of Iitts
I birK I'a., is nu Cultbertson talting care of
SIr. (oulinson's patients whilr the lailte is
ion Iis wedding ti ip. lr. Anderson is a
SKrildtlate of the W\estern t nuversity uof .on
The new ferry at the l purgeon cr., inn
is progressing rapidiv, th, boat is .iing
tibulft, the cable I-, exlfet trl to arrive von
anil shen ititipleted I illbertsun will lt
c ,nnclted with the souillh rIde by Iwu Irr
It yuu are going to biuld see E. Jilrlshn
thr new mianager lfr lle Liperial L.uuiber
Yards. I will make out your lumln r bill.
uraw your plans and sprilllalions anil sell
*you the best materlal al the lowest price,
satisfaction guaranteed (4 I4
Henry A Miller of the Iouth Side. was
in town yesterday. While still a ran, her.
IHenry says that he Is turning his attentiun
to farming and has over twi acres in i rupi
this year which looks very pronllsioK at
present. He inlends to ou a lot tuure
breaking this fall.
for dress making andi pI tn sewing call
on %Mss fiorlyce, room in the Dakoila
\esltern building. 'Culbe-r on sill
Miss Mary Freniel. uhi has been teach
mIK in the Primary Ikpailiuent of the Cul
tbrtson Schools during the past year, left
for her vacation Monday erveing. I- rolli
Cultwirtson Miss Frenael gues to Hamilton.
Mont. where she will spend a few weeks
and from there to her hoire in St Paul
H s. Browning. liano I uner of the (t
J. Kops piano house, Greatl Ialls. will be
in Culbertosn some lime in June. Leare
orders at this othce. t1i 4
'bhe Imperial Lumber Yaru in their ad
this week tells the farmers how to employ
their idle capital by building barns, gran
aries, machine sheds, houses, etc. While
the tarmers in this ,icinitv are not burd- I
ened with idle capalul at present. they will
probably have a surplus thls fall and the 4
suggestions of the Imperial I.umber Com
pany are all to the good.
Dr J. B. McCollum. l.spert Optician |
and .ve Specialist from i(reat Falls. will
be in Culbertseo July oth on semi-annual I
trip. lor four days. Dates for adjacent
towns following, given later 7t1
Notice of Registration
Notice is hetrby given that I wiil sit as
Registry Agent of lhe Town tof 'ulbertson
in my oRfce in the building on Hiradlay,
known as the If. 1). Edmonml, St ie on the
loih day of June, tsi i from .,'clock A.
M. to Ia o'clock noon. rom a o'clock I'. M.
to b o'clock P. M.. and from 7 o'clock P.
. to 9 o'clock ' M.. M and on the Iath and
Ijth days of June, .r lt i from 9 oclork A.
M. to z o clock noun. and from one o'clock
P. M to t> o'clock P. M. to hear objec-ions
and make corrections to the registry list of
person qualified to vote at the spcial elc
tion to be held in said Town of Culbertson
on June itlh, .lu ., io .,)e on the proposl
lion of issuing bond ; for the construction
of a water *orks system. Copies of the
registry list are po-ted in sls conspicuous
places in aisd town and a copy thereof is
on file in my oflce Any trson qualilied
to vote at said special election whose name
does not appear on said litl should appear
at the time and plaer herenbelfore stated
and be registered.
Dated June ist. lji .
If 1). ElisMo.is.
7tl rgisilr AKent.
Foley's Kidney Remedy
Is pa.rticularly recoimmended for chronic
cases of kidnev and bladder trouble. It
tends to regulate and control the kidney
and bladder aonnd dbar acin is healing. strentirr
ening and bracing. I or sale by all diulg
.sulisti w NOW lfor The Searchlight
SPRICE' RUN FROM $5501TO $1,850
SWe are in shape to do all kinds of Automobile Repair work.
now one of the largest and best equipped in Eastern
Montana. We want your custom and will handle It in such S
s a manner as will satisfy you in every respect.
SEmerson and Racine Farm Implements; Minneapolis, Advance and Avery *
SThreshing Machines, Rumly Oil Pull and Universal Gasoline Plow 0
i Engines, Lubricating and Machine Oils.
,: Garage and Office on Upper Broadway
i Culbertson, - - - - - Montana
Wittmeier & West Co.
Gordon Straws >
3 Are recognized every
where as the best quality
. guarantee-stands between
you and dissatisfaction.
I Men's Panama's, Sailors
and various styles Men's
and Boys' Harvest Hats, i
Children's Straw H a t s ,
. . Misses Straw Hats, Men's
Cloth Hats and Summer
- Automobile Caps a n d
S Wittmeier & West Co., Inc.
4 M**444444
Court News
Monday mornian the trial of he cse of
Stevens vs. Burk-was resumed going to the
jury as 9 o'rlork in 'be evening. The jury
returned a verdict at . o'clock P. M for
$20o.oo in favor of plaintif.
iuring the moon hour the case of BaLk
ers Reserve Life Co vs Foss Leese was
triet by the court and judgment rendered
io favor of the plaintll.
Tuesday there was so sessiol on accomnt
of it being Memorial Iay.
The case of George Reynolds vs. the G
N. Ry. was dismissed as settled on May 25.
lt the case of Koach vs. Ratter, jury
brought in a verdict for the defeadami.
This is one of the oldest cases o the cal
rnJar and has been to the supreme court
and iback.
The case of State vs lIuncan. as treas
urer. on account of N. W. Comfort. was
ls.mi.ssel as settled. rhe saloon license
petitioned for will probably be issued.
Ihe cases of First National Hank of Cul
bertson vs. Campbell and First National
bank of 'ulbertson vu . t1. I. Larson are
Iwing tried this week in (;lasgow.
) \. Jones ult liainille. drew a aidy
package in judler 1T'dlndl's court 'ueslday
ihen he appteairl before los himor on the
charge of hIlnK drunk .anl oli-wirel I., lh-.
turbing the peace anil uoing profane and
ot)scene language on the streets Sixty
ilas in ihl county )ail al (lasguw was th
sentence receinrd. C'oistable S-hauimburg
took ther prisonrr t l laJsgxu luila anil
lurnril him oner lto Sherian Sitplrha.
Haitnvillr Tlibunr.
F. S. ReuIord. 61s New York EUi Bldg.
Kansas City Mo.. uays: "I had a ere at
tack of a cold whach settled i my back and
kidaeys aad I wai in great pai from my
trouble. A friend recommeaded Foley
Kidey Pills and I used two bottlesl them
sad they have done me a word of ood."
For sale by all drugitsts.
Culbertson, Montana

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