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LE C [email protected] ISA
which no community can af
ford; to do amyone a benefit
it must be kept moving and
to do the most gqod it should
seek legitimate channels.
Then let us divorce our- "
selves from the prevailing
"get rich quick" fever and
get back to the good asys of
our forefathers. Put your
money into something at 1
home, where it will
and enhance the
other interests you may have.
Why not build a house, a
granary or a barn? Of course
you'll need lumber, but we
can quickly help you out, as
our stock is complete and
most orders can be filled the
day we get them.
Don't the present good
prospects warrant you in
building now?
Call and see us.
Let Us Help You Plan \%'hat
You Want.
B. Judase, lgr. & Architect
g Lakeside Items l
[email protected]
May; 30. lI.i.
This is a bright heantlIfl Mlrnlori.iI d;a,
Mourning se.rsices will be held 1 llot-r the
'aitsed State. new flags placed on the ul
diers graves, and many beautafnllh delcr
a4d with flowers
The Misses Mildred and Frled, %. tI"eii
of San lose. Cal.. are visiting Ithlr s :-er.
Mis. Oscar Romo
There was no schoul on Friday of last
week on account of rain and mud
Rev. and Mrs Cookiugham were delayed
at Lakeside by the storm last week.
Arthur Hasheld, of Iowa. wllt spend the
summer sear Lakeside. He is a nephew
of the Gardner,. also of I L. Allen.
John Hogas Jr.. of Mondak, was vaslitng
has comums. Ed. and Art Cody. the tsrst of
the week. His father is manager of the
Yellowstoae Houtel at Modak
Harold Allen sad Arthur Haslield drove
* "
* ,To make NEW FRIENUD by giving ,,UOOU SI.IRVIE" to our old ones" :
* 0
* *
Ba eqide w.pei.e d6 . ../ type of lads." and /edeme, cL, fo,..,..d fotwa.r. the
i -" - ", Sh, sldi shoes i R..r gu that they ,ill pl.,se y . -
Lo as uIu.ye ti iieme et tyse o ( lnai.. al ea.u.weo aahoa.e h wea it e SvH.Ov
, .
iu 5 wi tsm . bee, as yem, gmaatee that they will Jease yxu. "
Lue " yo uet out a am o t. ·wy Lhem-rew etylothat we Lavejust receive.
The BROOKS CO., Inc.
------------- - -
to Mosdak Sati'rday. They reported th
reeds anr Moadak bea for traveliag since
thek hi.
.Pastr Cookighbam went to M.ndak ba
Saturday sight on the tima. and held the tn
mormiag service, sad had to walk back to l
meet his appontamet here. Some IfreeoAs
met him part way with their auto. making p_
the last part of the journey easier.
Our school is progrmasing flne under the
able laatruction and managemeet of Mass
Loresa Swamsom. Pupils are going on and
up is the grades, and every one seeming
well pleased with the work being done oth
by the teacher and the ich.lars. ma
| Keller Lake Items ,
[email protected]@OOO*OOOOOOOOOO*
May jo, gt tt
Mr Mischke pulled his well machine n
to the La( omp tanch Monday morning.
Earl Evans and wile called on M I..
Williams and wale Thursday of last week
Itobert Cookson went to Hainsalle ,ion
Monday morning on business.
W m . 1s ank s. isited Frolal on I hiutIi 4la-,
Nets frenson is taking p lrock ,-n ,ilr t
lake which has became a dlry lak,. I. It . .1
Keller tr breaking up the same and eral- Is
to put in a lax crop. It
NellyS'terple Sundayed at the Sw1ank
home. a
.Mrs. Sharp called at the W'laiamst h t.me
I M1 MaIt une andi family, of Me.itone
Lake. atletded service tat the Itrethr.'n at
the Heaverly school house Sunday.
Mr Fryhlang. of D)ane Valley. called at
the Keller Itanch andl purchased some of
.Miss Hines tfla see. which she has storedl
Mr. JaIrolen is planting corn with a
real horse (trn planter two rows at a titate.
.I1rs a a.rlfi calleui at the Kellar home
on : le.sla and reportedl that her ...ia.
Charlev a antinnes tto mtprose of hi inli.n
tale paralysit. lIe ieimts to le strongeri
since lie can run out in the sun to, eelt ise'
IIolit. are entertained that he Iniar higlh
rec"% tar
H .Iger c('okla, n went to ItailnilIe to
hae dental work done. returnitlg lT'ieda).
lr. Ilanes, o leetarng. N It.. a rex
lw'tetrl out to I nterprise Iue. Ii em inting
to ire alter his cropas.
S lt r. M.acIlwatn. of I l.atelrpt 'r. went tIt
* "nilaertt n \~eln.esal.t
M*aMss% M.rtan Myer.. at nII. ... k. Mlna
a-s . asitin her untile, I. I I K let
"iV s. o m.u t l i ll o I ta l ltll h, 1 . .t I, ;
ithe per rant ntelrest .re. \ II ' a lahi w
tul- tultert-n., Mont 5ti
et. G. N. Train Time Card.
\\ I.1 I I it tlt
last No a . i t
N o. j .... ..... it
tred No. J7 Fast Ma.1' .. ao 4t I' t
Ithe EA I Ittl 1It
the NOat 4 - . - 5 I*. .- . 1tt1
INo : ... . .. , . i
ru N, :, Fast M i 5", I tel.
i No 3 Sk la .... . -. all.
t at All of these traias sItop at t'u i t .ta In ex
the rcept the last masl rai.n No I Ls :I i
No. aM gloing ran tt.ops hietr .anl tLke" ton
rove .i foair larger eastern clties.
Strayed from the Steeple Ranch. one
bay mare, weight about oo Ithn., branded fo
on left hap with turkey track, brand on to
left shoulder not known, white spot on fore- lo
bead. Please notify John Steeple. Enter- as
prise. Montana. 6p2 N
Notice for Pubikation. L
U I eprtm t f tte Intrio
U.21. itad t tlk ilt aMaow. Motearb
April h191.
.Notice Is aheerb grtven that
Jrrr M Kurh.
uof lastar. Mint. whu. .P June Iati. tIIII.
ade UtJuautead imattn. No etl.Il edsal No (1
l .7 1 for P u.df a4 . ae "r. T. 1 N.. R
.. M. I hl.. alad itaikh o illo t.ati to matLe sI
h'I ..ala ....auttl kl,, i'naidf., t tad rl etll tho d
the land huave de.arlhbre. tIrfuoe U. H ('Ial
ter. I' .o4 otatmlwo*ec. Ita his* uoe. a CeI
l aher.n. att athtrctaU ter d da. t JlaeI. cr
It WIIliam T. Fenton. Andermon C. N i. A.
Mr('l.n and F.dmund Haumen. aIlof Lanark.
a TRUMAN M. A 1TRTN.Rlterter.
i t inl Putllca.lltl . Afpliln IIt
.Nu. batn .at ...
Notice for Publikation
1'4 I.l.at (llce at Ulasg.r. Montana
SAsLII 'th, 1911
NAt" It. lwral.h) grlaa thas t The tIantI 1'e
I'a .'"l l I . I a( ' t,*, I l )rtI l t a .j'. e.t..ta e(St aId
d "+ . 1 "t'a t a a. t anaa... la'. It tl. th ai) ot f a
a trit. 1 1.ilt t-. t ti t11 ..U'e' It. aaa t-latl.ta.
t. .'ta-,' al altd rI ,ah iar. la has of the Act of
At.)- atotl al aaa I -a'Ua.aIalttaitl idad rsa-II the
' Iala ,tlir.,a tled., * dr iat.' to oblect Imatur.ue
Iat taf If I . *iitIara *'t*er oIf the letand. or fur
Sanr uoth*a rrIa'.a tI I. tlu e dbpnaIl at applatelat.
aIulid tilt. itl.aIr afindtt ia otaf Iot. t In Ibth
Saei.n-... itr t.afta'ta, th uth da.ot .lotut . llt t.
Ite later. I
'Ira a It 'a a h. tld H ar tla . a Ia t lllaralt
Notice for Publication
11 Iat .aa - tt ati f i Itat." O . I '.
.. 1 ttot. aalla' .. I l ltat i.a.
d it wt..s, .gm .t. I" a.dds, aaaeu.t- tl. u".taliatla ril 3.;
F .a 1 .' l to,, t a ,a Ma a trlllana . tie- t tllt mo.ll .', oft
SItlh-(l lkl't a ItI Ill.L ' iat tl " )a- r l'taf. tat
ao. ,'l.t .I a ll'tala t. I ta- ImaI atrm a ala.r-r 'd, I
n i ,,1'. . II'. ata' ta11 .i'.a,. . l..%11111a . at,.l u 1iit1 I
ai l ta, t. tiataI
-i it. anaa Iltarr Ittt, a I. aattafl'taa-'ra ..aa. Il atl.
tt ' .t-aalN.r.
to tIat..t Iaaiaa'l elhh la . .hiataa 2, tl l t
"Lr Y~~n l (W. r r NJItkul P..rk
WcLr U.I· nalkl. (U..~
lake' McI~unaelel. eY'eeeeeI.,I I., lot- ..111" .
tie.' *eee'l Ilezetilul water ii e iin II..
wseee1ldi. Ie~a. liIe is. t.Ij.eeer \~..1iieia~l Izei k
in. e.rt lee.e.i a1 . Ieeeehe. TIle dliee eel
was . eee'zte'el lent.e a \sSieeeeie I l'leygreeeea
l) ltme S'iili lie-S I'. S. teessre'.e. andie
Meins'' Ileast tides. lee.. leeeese a~ise'ee emaseele jes
Wleyl I lreengle Is. leedceleemmem..1 the' le'ad
11mg Cb.e"IM IM'5e and .1 eag5.eriSH'. ame wrll e'.
tlse' I rreast Neeri here. it. ina iS'. '4'See Aeser
isis lirst" Cnieelmee"eCC
lake' ?sle.imeeeasll lie', illte SI.'eeeellws'e
.cut pearL eu the Park, is 12 muilecs leesg
Two coll 1 , ii witb whili -
forehead; a- bad a small while tsar
forehead. 111 ear old. ThM W.
lowed up a srUp4Iau lasat. L
oer Cs1hartion:' b"Mder will motily Wil
Nelsen. Danrn Vdhv. Moot. sad euidee
reward. 41[ h
Later Tbe bIh'sS u rwhite tarl is hIn/.
Stata .6 1`1901a inoMuvGs otr
0 ulment p.
N*W& Nontana. ayV It $ 11
Wlwvaie36 711 German 3e4r * CI
I .nafl f a i -h. lathe MRku
of Havaia. In ii.k .AIe a sagsa sr
s.aiei eut Its h s..i the tblrut,4
day of Iscomhsr ln a.'o.rdaa~mwt thu9
*v. rlk,mk imf Wes 1i de., of M~osata
f. 13 a Lia loll to lflsuraVft
I ompaniias rtianr. with the te50'
viin f* a amnended. ut a5
ol1tuno tLlfol nuIngO panloSaadWbSW0
sa.'.ldst w atmst hUtsala iisupu oa
t.nmlmnrY ooy i wub the laws of 6kb
'mmii'a re latiiloe ________""" It
TIIEkF.FORLIU lm.arnr o law. 1. 3.
K 6 unnl . i Autlltr sd (JOmB. 6
.lone~r of m El-P -t oclo do bars li
.erlf tithat inai ·eC.impsaL t li1
Deland tut tm-incas of t, 36
Iisiuruice In pp 1. agents oe
tiolnted. u U Ip Ian. untllthbthlytUL
Orwl dal' of Mai la r untl the -
t lnbr. 1`"i" unless utrrueIU
,oI.edbl oq t a am aul,.-rity of law.
I further nerdf thai I." I. ii. Ilewartm~tal
let. el actualala.oor ..t paid upa
I'nliedtita. ca,.al..If aald
Commpany. se. :u, I'u... io h16.A5IM5
1 .d. The agregat. an".. of the
A vetao ttsaid t..,i t' r . le.
31. 1910. toh·, .... I.Uw.
siii. Net Supaar'I~~ of
r pitl a ...aA
!tIt. -urplus Y retest .1- Wol
Ii..erli. . .s0!.5"0
%ald t . intany has oo ,r..i,1~l trausactod
tig~ine,. In the U mit-ii -I m
IIt l lsilownl t bar. " I have heresnto
Ii....ril..d mty name sit itttewl the seal of
n.o o..ve the day albte. .i ttel.
State A u*ht. "r and irCJnlmboner
of lUIe.... it. l;-o/ietu.
.. Notice lee Publication
I, s aIt M taiteatl rI . IN~t NMier
I I.rand cakne, at cllism. Mrodtan.
N hScIIi Is ereo teolvflnt ht nice Cbnaul en
ti rh.".f liaise Vtesta. Mbl... iash. t Atheland.
Irm...nair Mom qu a ttre.ad r1 . No. 306. Seriall
,I i )IlidnotiIreo fine(ICI .".· I .- makeL Final Sr.
1."ar~r I'n.rf. to U~ahh-l .lraam to the land
I, at..r." diw'rlhed. hefir . i I. I. (uulter. I'.
t'..,mi.ml.Miile?. at (tilt. .I...n. Miuttansia on
ih.I:ihdlayofJune.. 1'41
tl'afit.aini atame. as n"w
r- N~ie.Nl. \tWn.Jselas % .nipe. Ausust F h
,t. liie atil lMrleChrita.-.,. all of lane Val
r. lemman M. latten. ItiwIter.
FiLmt Publlcatol.: tiat l« 1I11.
.md I'". mlle wide and Is surrounded on
.,II Ih, ide " I.i. pine coverer)l ,umuntains.
'hIe prineileal ..aeeml datiuns in the Park
.at the pre,. et time are thelce located
Ii thlis lI.e. and arrangements can
I.e nseal at 1I.h-.' hotels for one day. two
liay or lolle.l tlils through this wonder
Iul region uitl c.oLpetent guides at re
-,matlle rate-.
'lhis new Park sooner or later will
sullrely on icnto, its own as a big draw
ing eard for tourists.
, ,i a aaaaamamad,, ,
Pi~l.kcy II I
hts imbaee nIes M 73, feislk
has. bees melm or ht, M md do - tgaIe
lre Iag .rae. compae we fa bu tr 4
Iet CL. . Sa iord, d il.a s. Meam
a o. bmb, give o. tbh Mid pi
ass abrh peely weld and of as 61 Wear
ekch as the said policies wse t bod
-r iaed by C. S. Stalerd or by the Cam
paum. Ampos holding mach eholee will
.plas commeicate immedumiasi with he
Company. at No. 537 SacratmaI Street,
a San Fraacico., Callornia ass
SOae bayteam of mares branded
Son left thigh also branded o right
thigh. Have fore-tops cut o and bad bal
Strs on at the tim- they gut away. Very
| liberal reward. H. It WVcas.
i 51t Poplar. Moat.
Later -One mare -as been fluuAd.
tI It is worse than mms to tai sb my med
icines int-rnally lor meec.i or ctemic
thru.rnatl-m All that is aeedd a fee
-al,:.aunn of ChamberWala Lilmeat.
F. r e by all dealers.
SAN OAINlNANCK proddlng or the ealline
and bulding of a. peelal elecstlo the Iow
to f Culneteon. Valler Coeatp. Uor esa. OS
the IStL day of June. A. D.. I1. br tLe pr
pose of sebmlttiln to the qualed lseets
mo thereof the promaditioa of ieanlag the ago
tiable outpon tImds of aild town to the
amonat of Ms..0 fo r the perpose of Me
rvldln funds for the .nstruntioa of a wa
terwolrksystem In and for said town.
Wberea. It has been deemed ne ary anad
advisable that the town of Cunlertrml. Valley
County. Montana. construet a waterworks
- stem in and for said town to supply said
tal town with an adequate and suiteant water (
Iop spulty for the estinLuisbment of lree and
. the inhabitant thereof with water flr dmes
und ti. naatlulacturinr and other prpueeo . and
I'. Whereas. acnosedin to estimates nuhmitted
on by Thomasu . tbhepperd. a ompetent enrl
neer. the mu-st of such waterworks system will
rh- be le..im.at. attd
aI- Whereas, there are no funds in the a'own
Treasury a' allablle for the pay ment of the
Oat of said Iar lts ed waterworks system, and
Whereas. It aill Ito neemsary to tirrow
munll)ry for ald rimprnovelmenlt by isaultu the
lergtlatlher.utlal insmlds olf -aid townll. ow.
thlleref re.
He i tt irdal sd by the C.tumrill of the Touwni
of ullerte.un:
'.lctkim I. That a tat."iatJ t.l.eltn hlle and
th.e aui-. its hereby .aalhtl t. It. tldI in-saild
tous1ut thh i-ftetlttl dat of Ju r..1 1 1i..l1.l.
f.rl itur th r-sr of .llmiltl It I .. tle ,tualljmd
ele.,-or. t,..rs.,f the tqut. tlt. of istsuing the
. a ll. .iab.l .teu.upon lattd f -aid tuuto un ot ui
ltersl..mt. lallre tailly. Montana. to the
aus.m lsst of -. r..m+u al fr t li iutm a"t of urtvid
ll.it (flt i- for ihs. s.h.. truetli..t *.f a water
wsrk. . 1,st.11 ill aelid f r .aid tue sI to .sllptly
I heai * ti I sw it wi ass di untll att" d au tl.rlttltl
a slur mslltly fir aiI ptur5..st.. |att tl-n Itthab
itlants th r.tuf wtllIt water for tdoltssiuti. uman
sfaeeul l arinl an o thier lssrtarim,-..
c. .l,..o : maid 1* sou .hall s ,a t - mandited|
aslsths rl. lltusrn.s hthrsof ruades it tlhe alute
uansllr a. . lluhr It.a nu hets ls.u .
Th. .t i,, t pla e'-. at .alid I.ehs hm hall i, bat
St.np'.hen. Hall. - - in FItr t Ward.
Tanner, lHall. - - in .m...nd Want.
T1r I.llI at atid elecit hi Iall opeu at Ellht
.'ihL .t 1I. al *.".ne at , l'.. 1o, k i'. I 4
rThe f-llw .lg iameild lwr.n. hall a•t a•
,elh-,ion .,.tikal. at said elrri,.
hi 1lirt, If. Is. l:Edu.nd,. K. I) $etate and
I -. hCerd. Judgi.,.
F It thlI'.,rnmaek. LE NehL.w. ClerkL.
".lld arnl .ltn Shlields. Thinla. Iktleper.
andl Andrew ill...n., ludge..
W in Ikm.t.n.w. D. N. llglebrigIt. Clerks
The lirid, lto Ic autlhurirled at said eleetilon
.hall In daitel .luly 1:, A. It., l19ll, due July I.
1101. and • hall lear ilteri.t tot rx.re-dln the .
rate ..f..r .ten I-rtum iwr annum. payable
.enli-annually. 4
The ftorm of balkls to h. used at said el.e- (
tkl .lhalI he a. follows:
"lknda. yer."
"Ik.nds.n. .e
and t1i voting the elector shall expret iss
prferfrlne by miakin a cNsa thue "X.," otp
piate I I aIs.lwer fior whir l nltelds tio vvote.
No '.rwu ihall be llltitled to vote at said
eletlLuk unlkess he to in all respirts aquallleod
kelel'tr lanl tax parer qualllied lt vote at
such election as deoLed by the laws of the
ttate of Montanl e
i.i'tlkin i TheITown Clerk is ereby direet
ed o give Notice of saild Eletktmn. which a.
tIeo shall Ir ulhthed fur a peried of not lee
than three wleks In mlmse newspaper printedh
and pi bl.hed in said town of igneral clroula
Lthn therein, anid said IElectiin Noutl. shall
Ie It stilmtantlalll the folilwing form:
Notlee is Helreby l vet That on the 15th day
of June. A. D).. 191., there will hr a aspelal
ilection held in the town of Cullertson. Val
ler County. Montana for the purpiue of aub
mittlling to theiuallied elector thereof the
luestlun of tourrowing mneOr in the sal of
aaiiat1.ue and knelun the negotiable cuupon
lund of aild town therefur. for the pr.uaw
of prurvidin funds for the constrution of a
waterworks ayrstem In and for said town to
lupply sald town with an adequate and mlf
.lent water supply for all purp"mes and the
mIhaldtants thereof with waler for doesatic.
manufacturinl and other purpuame
The voting pla.ea at aid election .hll he at
Stephens all. - FPet Ward
Taunea Hlall. - Second Ward
The pulls at said election shall upon at
icht o'elock A. M. and chlose at s o'clock
P. M.
The huod. to be aath.rl ed shall be dated
Julay i A. D.. MIA. du Jaly I M. ad shall
bear lesne not oexceeding the rate d i
per centam per amass ayalesem annal
No peanem shall be entitled to vote as saId
electea mss he be i a all renposet a qall
led eleter and tsa-Iarvr of eawd lown.
The o e o ballot to be aed at smid ee
inu shall be ho the bllowing boem:
"Far Roo sea."
Feor loeds as."
I l .clmg the elector shall ealseem is ae
faerem he marking acmer thea "" cgguae
nthe wwer b4 r which he atnends to me
SC. West.
IREAL) ThwaCleekPinta
Section 4. This Osdhiase shal be in iB
1 luee and eaea bum and after ise pumoge
Sand amral he es Mayer.
Pared MU d ial.
SApseed MaN I, ..
W. M tlsdi -
) 4 es: a C. Wen. Nae.,
I LhMk. C PW eaT m
C. aJONrsrn, M. D.
Plh.imu s.d
omw Be Now cowamnss
Crs.lkrt.a, -antae
Attorney At Law.
OS. ua Fisnt NIIdel
Beak Baildiag.
PmeM s IM a Goms oam beoA"
U. f. Iasm seoe
John Hurley
Photograph Gallery
=* Culbertson, - Mont.
rr utmedmet- .NL C
IUgad n y m
d The best place
to buy Harness
bhe and Horse Fur
nishings is at
"l the HARNESS SHOP of
* *
: ,. . - g. :
-" ---. _. -n.
aC. S. STAFFORD, Prop. S
: Cuertson,. - - Mo.t,,, |
*I-oooo****,- ************
Notice for PuMicatioU
Deartnt. ott Interlor.
U. H. Lugd ooe u Glasr.ow Montana
April Stb. 1911
Notice is here givre that Fred Frhtln
Of Vane Valle. Metau. who. o.Arl
dib. Hme ed tr N.
SeilNo. OuI for W ,'own
adkimmNo Rasm Is t JwL.O.M. bU /led
.tlkaof Itentin to make 'lanl ,lverar
Sto ltabUlib claim to Lthe laud abvs
dealmd, before 0. .Coultsr. U.S. Commn
sloser. at Caeral a. Montana. on the T7th
dahr o Je.. $111.
Claimant madl a witnesses:
Ntela NMamm. Aurw Igrbllar. NeleOLhit
ease. alloul.Pane vailey. _oa. and earle.
imanthlr. ofnultlrsom. MoerL
Wh'et Paulhathm. Mar th. )~
In the ortes Gm O f the Twelfth Jadlelal
DI atrit tor s m r jia Ia an d
J. A. LA O Plt. P.Ut u
J. N. 3AisNn GAllas emmosa
The elanef alamnsgrseatn tong tee
os ete m dm ses. e aonse d
scuumd wolle uris io ie ioe
eniet arn Ia aa ts he
rv s yau hM ra iul
agerasd t.n de eof -s sospa u
huW te sm Nag In
L a il'rlaMin..'~ fo
in" va"We~l·, s. My go.z
mywaun a suinn
Culbubsu, m
.W. -Ortsch
Watch, asck an Juwuluy
All Wok WammrrWtl
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