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Don't Ived.. I! Walt for the Big Show
The LaL Best, Grandest Show Ever in Valley Co.
Will Exhibit At -
Culbertson Tuesday Aug. 8
Al.. G. Barnes
Big 3 Ring Wild Animal
300 300
ANIMAL performing
ACTORS animals
300 300
African Lions Ride Horse Back
30 Groups of Savage Beasts 30
JU In Salutation
Herds of Elephants and Arctic Sea Lions
Royal Bengal Tigers-22 African Lions-Zebras, Pumas, Jaguars, Leapards
all in Monster Steel Arenas under direction of famous maleand female trainers
Two Military Bands; Monster Tent; Special R R trains
Russian Stallions, Arabian Ponies, Dogs, Babboons, High School horses, Merry
Clowns and a host of Novel, New, Sensational features.
Free Street Parade at 10:30 a. m.
Worth Coming Miles to See
*To make NEW FRIENUS by giving **UOO) SERVIEB" to our *od ones"
The BROOKS CO., Inc.
I4Tlnf, d m I horn d.,, eb,.,,-. amy h io a. ,.ut v-ls. abu vc hav ju.t re...mj.., .i....p.. ,
H. . d E~~Eaprie. p.
MhWu.w t l e week gnagme ais em
de mg mmawg adr Clar erteMd a t
time sde h a s esea.so. Al
Nic NdM . Giamow and M. . Dma t
PMid lent Mme. wr company wi a Mr.
H. N. .l 1 E·p.tqiem. -
Ga-gs l r me atered as t P esmed
*ad aptr io pe
Miss Mgsalls Miler ef Calts l, p
Mrs. Aub · s Mrs. l p Crmwlfd Pt
called at thup bmstead Id H. Newtmam
nt lwee. d . .
Mies ClbMs Miller of Cai bereIs wa r
the get of . Archibalo d lat Yek.
aEd. sad joih Wigim sad Lip Caw- I
ford are bisg putting upby tlaedasv. It
r. W. Teer, Will Doas. e Cmad tbe
j. I. Case cmpsay's represetive d C.l4
bertsr:, calsd at the home of H. orst- a
man reseady. The three geitlemes roade it
an ovetrlad rip by auto.
tar Fransis of nrcibal, N. D. Rev.
d. urer of Fart 'qak and Mr.. WC I.
aoaung of Hamsestelm, .dlled on H. Horst- b
tian resally. a
(eport cam herre last week that part.
ol North Ihakolta *l reeal. litLe a lair I
to p. rI
r. anll Mrs Wil ll hugen and family
seturned froml Redl tont last week where
the% vissted with 'lhatlve. .
Itr. Gunderson. who clerked at the store s
,o Mlr. Lotrks of Fruod. left for Miamea- a
ptlt, last week, where he will take up I
work II a grocery store. Our best wishes
go N I h Mr. Gunderson
W'. i'oats. Mr. Wilson and M)r. ileish
man were Froid shoppers one dayof last I
I ,I. lauchamp. who has been laid up
w.a I. lauoLen leg for sume time. is able
ia L. arounld on crutchse.
It llorstman received word from the
tln. (ihas. N. Pray of W\ashington I). C.,
.t.tlnKg that there are no more large maps
of the I:nitse States to be had.
Tom Strom was hauling coal from the
'Watts mine last week.
Mrs. Vanaatta and Mr William Mr
Bride called on H. Horstman last Sun
II. Horstmla received word from his
.n F. 1. lorstman of Misneapolis of the
arrival of a nine pound baby boy. Mother
and child are doing hsee and Fred wears a
I braht smile all over his face, many con
S gr stulatoons.
A large number of our people went to
Ilhe sand hill, last Sunday gathering
.lheries and currants.
SRev. N.aurer of Fort PeRk called on Mr.
and Mrs. I. I.. Schultz and also made a
i ip to I roil
Ed. Luebke has ioj acres of flhe flai on
the farm of II. Horatman this season. and
II mnakea Ed mle to look at it.
Word was received last week that their
will be quite an Imigratlo coming into
this country durang this summer and
people in the east begin to realize that
I there is soUle good land yet to be had in
IEastern Valley County.
t lei, ble-arm, w . paaP
O. c. waeermsam n as MiUs
Teaday Ges sb-a- elan r sMes he
tIe ch.a ing has t J
L D. Swases .mit Wt ?insm bam -
day l as the Bia m.anagm h eUia
masaldg and gelg me i dbema i
taed the .seal of Mr. SIa Mt. H. .
In as war. up. Mi. Aibs h s fm
d Ies rta r and il peopaLs a Ide
et Mnd of wsdh t ha a f Mi haees
balm ha - be. lea tm Mean.
Ms.. F. . .Rehiam ad t d wha
bass bon ihetimg with Mls oa mre
pama sand riends as Labdeis le fr
Ppiser Tnsiiy evelning ea 3.
Miss Lomaee Swasa sesa paued Mih
F. M. Reainsan t Peer uad w pead
s taw days of er yvacades thaee.
Mr. L. D. Swamams A ly went to
Pepla Tueiday ewa ma witases tb
ladina tlstiv.its bald tow fr the bIaod
of the Trphy Tourists.
'Wild Rdeo Farm' wa basedlly dcor
aed with lags and Lanier is beae of
the auto toerists who passed through bees
Tuesday afteron. on their trip o Helema.
We hope it was seen and appreciated.
John Khnesamlh was at the Crandall
home last seek hanging screens in the
new house
Rev. ('cuklngham' thter and ns Vmilt
r iam accompanied hlm i his n i islterial
trpll lart Suitday.
F Mr. and \lr. Oliver Stewart are assis
Stants at the Lakside ranch. They came
from Boston. MaN., recently. They are
Ssaid to be fine help, Mrs. Stewart berag
Ss exceptionally fie cook sad all around i
p good helper.
+ The St. Paul Dispatch Automobile
Trophy tourist passed Lakeside on schedale
im ile They seemed a jolly bunch. adly
j one had favored the Post Oice store with
a call. being is need of good driakiag
water and cigars, which may always be
found there.
S Compliments
We have had many highly compliment
mtary ltlers from cotlumers, not only from
different parts of Mentana, but from out
Sside the state as well, on the high standard
of our abstracts of title. These letters are
in our files for inspection for any one who )
Smay desire to see them. There's A Re
is In all cases insist on having as abstract
N of title when beyiag property or leadiag
r mooey, and BE SURE its made at this "
a ofce. Your lawyer will tell you that it 3
ran be relied on, if it comes from sn. "
to service, make our work un-escelled
y Valley County Abstract Company, .
Johnson. The .bstractman. Pres., .
r. (Olicial abstracters for particulnr people.)
a iitf Glasgow. Montasa .
. . .. . ·
[email protected]@eee weeeeeO [email protected]* 5
* Dane Valley Items :
July 27. 1911. 6
eyv. and Mrs. H. 1'. K. Hamsse return
ed from diaerent poi.ts in North Dakota
Tuesday of this week.
A large namber of Dane Valley peopic
were is Culbertso Tuesday of this week
) to se the Minmesota State Auto Asaocia
tio. tourists come through.
) L. Peerso was a visitor at the home of
) Mr and Mrs. Asmu Thomson Sunday.
Philip Chrisaeses and Sam Fryhling
were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. a
N. Nelson Sunday.
) large ammber of girl friends of Marie C
SFryhlimg we invited to come and speed
SSunday afhernoe. it being Marie'a birth
SChris Petere was a Culbertasa visitor
SWedneday of this week.
Nels Jorgemso was a bemiaes caller is d
Celtbartsoe Tueaday of this week.
Mrs. A. Fryhliag was in Culbertso am m
basiaesm Theraday of this weeb.
)A A e amat oof y is being put a I
i Da~nm VaelVey hi seeoo. d
Fred Fryhiag was a vietor at the home
Sof Mr. and Mrs. N. Neleo Senday lest.
Thomas Neless. Fred Fryhling ned c
) Albert Jaesse. uee h Poplar as ee the
) ladis dan"ce Tudy. d
Ole Hamse and his mother were buti.
es- visirals Clbher.sem Wedeaday ci
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. i. Olm and family d
) wee viset s at the heme d Huan Ander
) m Sueday lat.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Nehes and laiy
Swee visine at the bomeo Mr. and Mrs. a
H. D. OeSmas lat Skdy.
S wv a Doeep Frmy
S" uest a thkee u em the betiom I
a m heat. b we. s C. B. Reder, o Lew
i)hseg. W. Vs.. "he the weedadnd dees
I beins I Set leem Eleai allsam, isa e
eg me of both a mwee aie at d eesi
meeblt ned e l hbiatiai..i, lem wMb I
Sbade a e. pske a helpless r hre t
years. It asued my ase am s thee made
juas r me." For dyspepda. .ipg.tim.
jaadire a as rid the tpenam of ti e I
IL -J --d. -. mm. -ram Easalh
li... . eases ***amealm. a luteis I
l es has s equ.L Try thems. very 1
Nels ho lag emd to s.aity. or ass I
as The altepr Drug Sta .
MeM Per as eTsem a "w.
cd...tsM .., Moa.rSm
CEO -to I Il - (··
--- --- --- - --- -
Attermsv At Lawº was* -prlCý r
Oina is twat . E
* Cit.. 01at AN Week W~ws.6
1 -
John Iurly 'ms>gL
'I 3.0. Wm bms.
F. D. McCORMACK *eeeeen ee
a ndertak.r iBmbla CflAS. L EOVET
ftdlsus Jwvbrd soon
om era n.ems cs. CULBSRTSON, MONT.
-la a WTft, VUWI
Ibra .."......"." l~ag.um, ,
Photograph Gallery '
i:F. M. NOHAVA Cup rrrri
Culbertson, - Moat. expurt work guarautoed
.." ..............".".....".""...
* *
0 -C
The Evans Hotel
W. M. McGINNIS, Prop. "
Culbertson, - - * Meetass
SCharley Creek Itemsi '
July as. g 911
The farmers are all weariag a broad
mile slace the big rain Saturday sight.
Archie Curran aad family viasied at the
Calwell hom last Saturday.
The Charley Creek "jack Rabbs" will
play Nickwall at Davievile aest Seady.
jaly oth.
While lookin fr aus is the lob esst
wek Mrs. Gooadwis me with am aci
dest by reaaiag a ail is her loot.
Mrs. Wood was oa the sick list las weak
from jumpig rope with her boy Clayte.
Grover Miaser'a ager is mpovig fast.
He aspers to be able to catch eat See
Three yoeag ladias were riding last weak
aad oe tshiskiag she was quite a rider
ooeasa testy got throws from her her.
As uaamesy large crowd atsseded the
dome as the Simpaso reach les Friday.
aad all declared they had the jolliet aim.
d the semmsa.
Win. Neil aed wile were ses pIin g
dews Charty Crtek with sheir two ber
pomwer amasebi.
The Minses Mary sad Ames Culwe a.d
Clara Keamedy were callBrs as tthe Weed
aed Geedwis hmesi st Wedaeaiy.
5dwid Cldwel wee a beleem caler at
the Maer reach yesday.
Heary Miller w a wet Charley Cask
eaner Saday.
Leaiy Fisher is hebiag rather ied
daye. I weeder why?
Msr. jeaspk Schmis me with gaet a
Seie a bi bR f.a..in ibee r esker.
UMasy hinMease s Cusv1
uain merem. caiewa The age #m d
olae me tbe be hls thie diem hes
peapeamd me hr. Mr. hny A. Plmm,
e l -er eae wih ba as hr Irasi
ils sad S sOnes. Om ehaedsd as a'me
sMiaW . me..l weasa--m "
A lin d.Maiamewa inYa
NeUm· t. Cr+.lws
3 . U S k r Mk N a , "
Netls o.1 Bow 1.1.
U~ae. Ia lmd~o dW OMlwWUb
Ua~a~ mrgau ma
«bTowud J .Vs al.'
sl ame I k f r.. Mo of J,
A. IL NU a. l~m.EiMý f 1OWb ea
Awo w w k bs. o " 1 ea i
r~rcu- ~---~
M sb·lw rl ooA. 3.M mo -
o..ibls -" i i mn Usba .wale.
MY~ b~ WIN domw 1Ns a.a aoe ma
WooahmLsirweao o 1O" M
vd5~JWA. .mL M. Uso b Wj
IaWA.D. U3M..5mnhwrallm.
£ Ubids* brSM1inI Mb
bua ~rUg LU.I Y
. w/bUd -"wnHllbd
»O~ NNW NE" Or b " l -li
--- c Or"3

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