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The searchlight. [volume] (Culbertson, Mont.) 1902-current, August 11, 1911, Image 1

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*.a iiýý e1 1
S1AN ,
04X.1U.*7 U u!'O OU CUAN.FRDAAUUS t,111 $.0 E
M se
. a.s a m w . a . m , atom ema nI r
A. W. Huxsol, Prop.
Telephone 34 4k
Jacobs & Markle, Props.
i Palace Saloon I
SVOBODA & MAXIM. Proprietors.
• Imported and Domestic Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
* Family trade, Picnic parties, Hunting and .
" FIshlng partles supplied.
sCulbertso •n Montana
We Make It Easy
for you to possess a bank account.
You can open an account here with
One Dollar-you can add A it as
often as you wishb in ay amount
you desire. We are anxious to do
our part ands would urge ~ou to "
avail yourself of the advantages
sad facilities we place at the dis
posali of petres.
Your business welcome ber.
altss~sm J. IC. r A. P. Mrsei. C. West
C. A. weeeser.
Eight Candidates Are Alre4 in the
Field in the Searchlight ' nd
Piano Contest
A 266Piece Silver Set Will be Oiven to the First
Person Nominating the Winniag
The following candidates have been named d the present
week as contestants for the fie Krause (Grand Pianos ed as primse
by the Searchlight. One of these pianos will be given lutely free
to the winner of the contest and the next four wianeer be given cou
pons entitling them to a piano with a small payment ia ush:
The Young Peoples Society of the Danish Lutheran Church,
of Dane Valley................ ...... ... .. * ..... ,o000
The Eastern Star Society, Culhertson .. ...... .. ... ,ooe
Mrs. T. W. Collinson, .ulbertson ...................... ,ooo0
Mrs. F. Guenther, Dagmar.............................. 1,000
Mrs. H. B. Madsen, Dagmar................ - . ,,..... 1,o0e
Miss Mary Legge, Dagmar ......... ..... "· .... 0,o00
Miss Lily Helmer, Poplar ... ..................... ,o000
The Walker Opera Hall Company, Poplar... 1.......... ,ooo00
Isn't there some one that you, dear reader, would like to ee win
a piano? If so get her name entered as a candidate at once It don't
cost you a cent to nominate a candidate and you will get a valuable
prize if you name the winner. Why not name a candidate today?
Tihe Searchlight wishes to extend its circulation into wider fields
and additional homes and to let all of its patrons, old and new, in on
a good thing, on the ground floor; so to speak.
The manufacturers of these superb Pianos wish to introduce their
handsome, Qweet-toned, high class instruments into the homes of best
families and leading churches, schools, lodges and halls of this section
of the country.
Therefore, we are placing five of these elegant upright grand
pianor warranted for ten years namong the five most euergptic and pop
ular individuals, schools, Sunday Schools. lodges, PFtealleiWs, or
other educational, fraternal, benevolent, or religious orders, societies
or organizations according to the plan, rules and regulations below.
Read them and then fill out the blank on another page, nominating
yourself, your friend or your organization and psoceed to get busy.
a. 4ny person, or any educational, Iraternal, benevolent or relig
ious order, society or organization can be nominated as a candidate.
2. The contestant, whether an individual or organization receiving
the largest number of votes during the contest will be awarded one of
these grand pianos absolutely free. The contestants standing, second,
third, fourth and fifth, respectively, will receive due-bills as follows:
To the one standing 2d, $26o, good for a $35o piano when accompan
ied by $go cash; the one standing third, $25o, good for a piano when
accompanied by $1oo cash; the one standing fourth, $J4o, good for a
piano when accompanied by Si to cash; the one standing fifth, $230,
good for a piano when accompanied by asso cash.
Only one nominating ballot ofl ,ooo votes will be counted for
each canlidate. The first party nominating the winning candidate
will receive a ab-piece silver set. Seind or bring in the nominating
coupon TODAY with the name of your candidate. Further particu.
lars will be found in the Searchlight on another page. Watch the
paper from week to week for names of candidates and their standing.
3 The contestants, whether individuals or socteties/ shall obtain
votes in the following ways: First, by getting new subscribers to the
Searchlight. Second, by collecting subscriptions due from old sub.
scribers. Third, by getting job work for the Searchlight. For each
dollar turned in by either of these three method., Soo votes. Fourth,
by cutting out the coupons that appear in each issue of the Searchlight
and turning them into this ofice before the time limit on the'm expires.
4. No member ol the Searchlight force shall become a contestant
or work for any contestant.
5. The votes are to be deposited in a locked ballot box and at the
close of the contest a committee of three prominent and disinterested
citizens will count the result and announce the winners. After Sept.
tat no new candidates will be accepted and the ballots will be counted
and the standing of the candidates will be published in theSearchlight
each week.
The contest is now open and will run for three months, closing at
to o'clock p. m. on Tuesday, the 31st day of October, g at.
Bank Will Rmrgaalse
The stockholders of The First
National Bank of Culbertsono ave
concluded to reorganise or change
from a national bank to a state
beak, and the change wUll take
place on the hiteenth day of Au
gust, 191g. The state bank laws
are slightly dileaent from the na
tiomal bank laws inausmch as the
former allows banks to loans on
real estate mortgages while the
latter do srt. The olIlowing proem
inset men of Culbertson and Pop
lar are the eeaminses and seoek
baers e the Stae Bak of Cael
beasmes vis. t L . Pase and I.
C. Geesry el aPeplr G. W. Tam.
er, S. P. Mitchell, Tbomas Cour
chbene, S. S. Moen, W. T. Steph
eas, J. B. Petersoe, K O. Slette,
1. O. Slette. A meetig do the
stockbolders will be held is a day
or two for the electieo of o icers
o the new beank which will be an
noaced nest we-k.
It ye weat r ear wclote t be a yer
be- have sabs cme sd pmi -sd.
The CAlbwi.. Tailoring C. dm she
Dme @e aw a irdey an htairu
aele o w ddeep baIesi as meb el
m_ feb. T P.., io s F Ik. rMkT
uspe 9al" 0bsa sad heguates
alim seedlle poimpemes. MW ub10 by
as gl b aes
iseasd Mar at Tameer A bat.
LOUIS W. all
Pr.lidt i, o the Oseat Norw
thLre It.llwy, Speat Plve
Mears in Culmbrstee
Last Suday
President Louis W. Hill, of the
Great Northern Railway, arrived
is Culbertson on No. a Sunday
morniag in his special palace car
with his private secretary and has
atutoobde mechanician. His spec
ial car was sidetracked here and
he was our guest lot some five
hours, or until tile last mail camne
through from the west Sunday aft
ternoon at about 3:3o o'clock.
It was President Hill's intention
to make an automobile trip from
Culbertson to Plentywood and re
turn, but when his auto was un
loaded from his private car it was
found to be out of order and the
trip north was abandoned. The
auto was taken to the Donaldson
garage for repairs and the experts
there put it in first class shape
during the interval between trains.
Although President Hill's arriv
al in Culbertson was unheralded
and unsung several local friends
of his met him at the depot and
welcomed him to our progressive
town. Among them were Mayor
Mathews, T. j. Hocking, editor of
the Republican, and the editor of
the Searchlight. These were en
tertained in Mr. Hill's private car
for a short time, after which Mr.
Hill spent the balance of his stay
to Culbertson in looking over his
private mail, several bags of which
bad accumulated during his trip to
Helena with the Trophy tour and
his subsequent trip through Glac
ier Park.
President HIll expressed himseel
as very much dissaitisfied with the
government supervision of Glacier
Park. He says that Major Logan,
who was placed in charge of the
park by the government, with an
appropriation of $65,ooo for the
improvement of the roads. etc.,
has practically spent the whole ap
propriation on a residence for him
self and a few miles of road near
it, leaving the balance of the park
without trails or roads.
Alter President Hill had spent
several hours looking over his
mail last Sunday, he started out to
make several social calls on his
Culbertson friends. His first %isit
was at the residence of Mayor and
Mrs. Walter Mathews. He was
so well entertained there that the
last mail surived before he thought
of finishing his round of calls.
President Hill's visit to Culbert
son was so quiet and unobtrusive
that probably not more than a
dozen people in town knew he was
here until after his departure.
While here Presideat Hill was
presented with an landian war bon
net by Mayor Mathews, and was
highly pleased by the gift, as he
said the war bonnet just complet
ed an Indian chie4's suit of full
war regalia which he had at home,
but that heretofore he had been
unable to secure the war bonnet to
complete the outfit. Mayor Math
ews, and one or two other Culbert
son citizens were cach presented
with a bundle of 'magazines" by
Mr. Hill, with his compliments
and the hope that considerable
pleasure would result from their
pesrusal. Tit cbief article of in
terest in the magazin was a ceO
dened epitome of "Chief Rocky
boy" and his irrigation project.
Some parts of He article were
quite nrnri'.
wis CM TIP Tep Advibs
S1 0 1 w1 " M bay M
hv Aoedse to uCersamqi M ris D
PIFvb. d SWSi. O bhe.I pml 'v
Dsek·ms A Ysu sk -s h. Shi did us
as it ow" as u h i s iser urs"
giegMM ha' d 8& Saib Can,
Cseksh - S.q. '!ma
PaInass c Tryk. i.ahytt
Why DRs low
will hunt better, walk
* farther and feel better,
if properly shod.
See the new $8.00
Sporting Boot made by
* Pierheinm.
A high priced shoe
S--and worth the price
I eir the man who cares'
s eOther Styles, ..0 and $5.00.
s Cr rmeenw. M~wtse
" Uvery, Pidjd SaleN
* Stato
0"ý" N""'N"
Dray) $gDm 0 Sbit Notice
at wwwr PrI.M.
Phevo N.. 344
CAR6LB55NBM Is M. bS us wbt mey Mpug S
*poitb ask - f - wihjmtkias saw, da"
left .-rr su iy Ms Vu £ft YOU C
Orr VOauts uso at l an Mmd
*t wUi cmii ye. -a f"4 -I wI uMs00
- adMly apmmb vaufr aa l in year. T
* .hMawe or lea6e bmm T ear f
* 'The First 1stha1

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