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The glit.
,arme May as. i .es as e Ca
Maner. Paslim a Os lses. Meat.,
Us Act .eCas Morb e. s%79
FRANK S. RLUD. stlr l'iPropraetr.
Ters-t.advaes. p yewr........a so
A.v.etiig R . Vwre nsagmeMbe. will be
temaiebf a pplatioin at bis oke
Hen. A. N. Yoder, Secretary of
State of Montana, died suddenly
of heart failure, while picnicking
near Helena last Sunday with
friends. The news of his death
was a great shock to his many
friends all over the state. Males
Remney, of Hamilton. a democrat
and ex-state senator from Ravalli
county, will probably be appoint
ed successor to Secretasy Yoder by
Gov. Norris. Mr. Romney has
twice been the Democratnc candi
date for Secretary of State, being
defeated each tame by a narrow
margin by his republican competi
tor, and well deserves the appoint
ment at the hands of Gov. Norris.
Boaseman will bold its sixth anu
nual sweet pea carnival Tuesday
and Wednesday, Aug. sgth and
3oth and extend a cordial invita
tion to every body to attend.
$ge, pctaUlt
Ir. 1. A. Wetktr
If your eyes trouble you come
sad let me examine them by the
NEW diugless method.
Examioatwo Free
Office in Courchene Block
Culberton. Mont.
MeJicine Lake... . Aug. ia-13
Antelope ......... Aug. 14
Plentywood....... Aug. z5-t6
tt --- ·
*. -e,
Montana N eedsYour
Smi this uAk EtU~- em
Iee laes your friends back east o coe and
be wi yoe the success of future Mors. Mtusa
-e them mad wiS make them iadepm Give
wat e yr emtern friead and sreli ud we
ame themee a coy od our baademrely Sue*
ý wpge boklelt, "Montama," which tis where
the oportuaisi are.
-. of re . w , a o ias ti Omes NoN w
Le ads af d awoi ase m o. W ened i s
The Casea Dr. H. L, Bals of
Belmvfle vs. Tie Oreat Nor
thera Ry. etpos d I
R. O. Lunke arrived home from
Helena Wednesday where he was
attorney for plaintiffs in the trial
of Dr. H. L. Ennis of Bainville vs 9
the Great Northern Railway, is n
which the plaintiffs seek torecover
25g,ooo damages, before the fed
eral court.
In the complaint it is alleged
that April t8, 90o9, the carcass of
a dead horse was lying on the l
Great Northern right of way near
a public crossins; that on that day, a
Nettie Ennis, the mother of Guy ,
Ennis and the wife of Herbert En- t
nis, had occasion to cross this s
track with a team of horses, and i
that the team beeoming frightened c
of the dead horse, ran away and
during the runaway Mrs. Ennis .
was thrown out and fell against a
barb wire fence, receiving injuries l
from which she died.
A jury trial was held and at theI
close the judge instructed the
plaintiffs to amend their complaint J
and that the case would be taken|
up again at the November term.
The following witnesses were
present from Bainville: John Lund
quist, Fred Swant, John Bigelow,
John Hamilton, A. O. Provost,
George Sutherland and Alma Han
Fresh fruits for preservaag. Berries,
Cherries, Peaches. Plums. Etc. direct
from the growers. "No Middle Man's"
prot. at Taaaer & Best's.
to get magazises at itgorlub prices Near
ly every standard publication will sicrease
their club prices for the season igi i s so
we cannot fill your 3rder for say club given
below after September to, I9e i. See the
poitl' Then seed us your Order TO-IAY.
Delineator............ for Si.65
or) lverybody's........... " ..95
or) The tousekeeper...... " i 5
or) McCluree. ........... .. .95
or) Womanas Home Com
paies .............. " .95
or) Hamptou'.......... " ,.95
or) The Housekeeper and
bcClure's..... ..... " I.75
or) World's Work,
Cosmopolitan and
DIelnestor.... ......" 4.35
These orders, at prices given. can only
be delivered is the lI. S. and insular poe.
Remember, the tame is abort.
Address. The Pacific Moatbly. Portland.
Oreaos. s6t4
G. N. Train Time Card.
No. t.............. ........6 a.
No. asa Skiddoo..............5:0 4. m.
No. 3 ....................... 6i2p. m.
No. Fast Mail............. so:4s p. m.
No.4 ......................5:e6 a. m
Ne. ................... ..... o 8 a. m
No. as Fast Mail............. .o p. m.
No. aSo Skiddoe.............. 5"os p. a
All of these trales stop at Culbertson es
cept the fst mail train. No s7. Past mail
No. a going east stops hee and tashe on
mail for larger easgaue cities.
It WPB CeatlusmrwelveDaysamd
WI Be Hesmad I the t.
Patl AuditKrum
From December ta to December
23, inclusive, the Northwestern
Land Products Show will be held
in the St. Paul Auditorium under
the auspices of the Northwestern
Development league.
These dates were announced to
day after advices had been re
ceived from the various Western
states and the dates of other shows
and expositions had been consid
ered. The dates selected give
those who will exhibit an Chicago
an opportunity to bring their ex
hibits here. The Chicago show
closes December 9.
The entire enterprise has but
one object in view, according to
ogicials of the league, to aid in the
developement of Washington, Or
egon, Montana, Idaho, North Da
kota, Minnesota and Alaska.
It is more than simply a land
show, hence the incorporated
name will be the Northwestern
Land Products Exhibit, and it may
include not only those things
grown but things taken from the
soil. The show will be more than
a mere instrument for the use of
the land man in selling land. It
will show graphically what can be
produced on lands in the territory
west of the Twin City, what it
costs to produce the crops and the
St. 'aul and Minneapolis biusi
ness interests have pledged thelir
co operationi on the theory that
every man and every dollar put to
work in thel states interested, will
be a direct benefit to the local
Th,. Northwestern L)evelopment
league is defined by Secretary Will
A. Campbell as -"an educational
imovement," and lie says, *"after
all, a booster is an educator, seek
ing to make people acquainted
with the facts, and only the facts,
about a certain section, state or
"iLaunched on these lines," Mr.
Campbell said, "tthe land sliow to
be given in St. Paul is to be void
of selhsh interests. It is not to
make any money, and the North
western Development league has
nothing to sell, its only object be.
ing to attract settlers, arouse inter
est and educate people who are
moving West to the advantages of
making their homes in one of the
states represented in the league.
It matters not to this organization
whether a man with his family and
capital settle in Minnesota, go on
to the Dakotas, or choose a honme
on the far Pacific coast--just so
they stay in Twin City territory."
It has been decided that H. H.
BIagelow and Eli Warner of St.
Paul, with P. L. Howe of Minnea
polis, will constitute the finance
comnittee, and that Will A Camp
bell, secretary of the league, will
be general manager of the show.
He has been instructed to secure
the necessary experts, and work is
under way for the show.
Some interesting exhibits are al
ready in sight, including a unique
exhibit from Alaska,. which will be
shown m the way of an Alaskan
village. There are to be enter
tainment features which will make
the show an attractive mid-wiater
amusement for the ball million
people of the Twin City.
Ma. Fs ' r, Aatbmet mani
s wmst u Gall
humme-r Cdb,
Mn be auliawed qoickly ..d Foleys
Hsmmy sad TarCempsm.d will doii. E.
M. Seawait. Iej3 Wolfram St. Chicao.
wiims '11 havehee peatly troubled dat
jag t hat o mamer msah. with Hay
yer ass Id that by os" Fuhym'
Hmy sa Ta Composad l g mml g ia .
hi." Mauiher whoa wh, ast holhly
will ha hbdisa humola by Mr. Startsum
sarinpm.o par ad by all dau
UeemeiOlve fling
wi . hav M M, aui a
ow amaI di miiati
my .ini." mim. H. N. Yargpsea
Klihis di 71s h. Laha hinw. Ohio.
The Uns lin doses d ii hls~
blam m Lieu Taiu w am arma
raet ame usae ml poshmi,
H s" Vwinr ehs v dr
S_ 1
ue tl as ea.t yeaw -
knew, al M lu feed of heia an
to thi s u nuass te~aml mlst
as tes s l atkea to iaf a watar
hule. mews at Camel Im the
poetpmAlma fha a swe. the eart
s41a noy bheatsela the it
i1W L bathing at the bhem I
-h IgO bm a , re eempatu d bW
tambea, whe It cn tbher en and
gadA thiem em the water whenm tdr
rne ts thi to aees eary. far they
ae show aohs and mait be In thr
plaa. whm the perrmaae begl
It le to themselv.. they woel pmb.
ahly farm all abeut ther engage.
seam The elephant to the pleate to
3atut the amoua perurmad .I
uat to the Central Park sea The
heteap er caught her a abi was
gettlg hr daly bath brm a been
r emapeunsm shows she is mSjegstg
Ib hagly.
As Old Tnime
'mtl.s a ems of a few lthlds t a
to that Eve longer them se ds
They leek te ase toe. A tartle that
had a date mark am him, thugh net
the date hi Hs arrival In the wrld,
wasm f a few days age nl New
Tork. set lw grem Pougheepdis where
the beat ree a eld am the Hubae
ter In the early sammer. The tartna
whie wasm a ta d tortose, Twas .ead
by David i Selght, who livs am the
farm wher hi father lived far mmyr
year. On the turtle's back. but to the
hard shaell, ir. Sleight found his fa
thers Initlals, A W. 8., and the date
l14. cut deeply and still pl vly en.
le. He added bhi own Ittlals and
the date sa turned the little creature
iama to iUve perhap until enather gs
matea of hle.ght come aleag.
A b by the Sea.
A few mil below Delmar. OCl..
there may be In a rocky ledge a
pasellar bea.s ct eut ct alid reek.
It masaures by 4 g t and StN depth
to about Ive feet At hgh tide the
bals Itos filled; at lew. It and the smr
remding rock ledge e laai btear
Abeve the bala are getters, which al
low the eecape of earplus waters. It
is espposed that the bath was used by
the Indians In earl timra and that
they heated the ae water by means
f hbrated stoea. It is sot Improbable
that the dlek ardales obtained re.i.
frem akin dlaeseea and other Ime by
bathl In the but ask water of tlM Iwpe
amllr badsi
It s quite well made sad abaely
a would have bea very eanreatst
1g ouch a purpea.
A Delf S)ie~ Met.
et ofd silver Ap the deft edrw
I ltable can made em M ell a
.s a good pla to ave all the d
that com around easy. etc, an
sseeth It out aealy. Yoea may make a
mirer far the agawl seem at the
daMs headoir of thp efiell with a be
der t geld paper. Cat eut a plee at
eardbaard to any shape yea drele
md t.en cover iI wI thw. The et
hareer should asd he plan. but abseal
hs eat oe Ornamlenal earne wr se
to sever a raoed frame of eaoheard.
It ye are oln to e the mior r
the ting room a Naray et the dalFe
bass make the setr to the sa
Measr with a deohie adheard a me
s-s the edge and cever this aes
wa daft paper to the wad teas
w4 a·n sod on n rs! "
- N . s tb~w.
WW 6v aI ·g gs o. MI h
m w msi b~feI os~twd
Wbss bow B. tes~h y ad at
0 MWI -
aol s.uk I. an
Whyls Kb am bsmeak
to " e ~ K e ft
b -r -
Ssm --- -4
was" def __m oft
rWheis 4ano
Ass r v.m ha =oYf
W aw *u be Ns k.6...
Wbe -e saf
Tm a " -"a " e t
W as. ths -U
hi 1w bilte _
"m hn..I e Os y :
V= o ..
Y mmLaIb.
inwuu s sw.uoý
W. 3. AUEi d inEl
A~tfnW. L . U0UWA~dkft.~
A. u. v o ml d m e w .a
s I slwrrr;drwlla
a.3. ou5nNI3OUAdtUdin~,
sU-Wa.Mine1 P.sU-..wNI.
W. 3. E AMOW d 6s~dl
m-aim amu-Ss1s
J. A. NOugaT.
stes ds..esr-~
1033 UUEVANY o Males.
3.l.s1t.303 aw- m.
Cmami Oamin3lmae
J. 3. UTEPMENI dl 1mew.
J. C. DUNCAMI 3.er
Chubk mad Reemela
W. Il. SOEMAKKE. eld Mles.
Comti AttarrUem
JAMU FOX o 0103g,o.
Cuts~ Setveweeo- -
W. U. MANN of Mee..
Uapeultaledint of Seseb
C. . PETERIISON of 0g.s
Public Aimlabesee.N
PETER NARRON of Medlatmo Lakeo
Cflbertamu Township Officers
Juatlrnof tb. Peace-
Lumber At Cost
We still have a good assortment of staple
" which we offer for CASH at a Liberal Re
duction, consisting of
= Number One Dimension,
= Flooring, Ship-lap, Drop Siding,
a Sash and Doors.
g It will pay you to buy NOW for future use, as
I you will not buy again as cheap.
We are Closing Out Our Yard.
Tanner & Best CoQ
0 Pd.·
Fresh, salt and
smoked meate
Fish and (ame in Season
All Equipment is New,
Clean and Sanitary
Culbertson, Montana
SPioneer Livery
Livery, Feed & Sales Stable
Hbores. and Cattle Per Sale
o Day and Night Servlce. Telephee Ne. 7.
Auto Lie a emetie.•
Tony Minnehan, Proprietor j

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