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haswu ow Pstas bs a bps bas
Itwaft aaswy m -sses - Masse M
N. D. larig t he mes ib Md Miseasel
W. Me.hansa$. C. Wo wmo s
ses ,p no the am ry m ar ple e bm
ms lidse Tass. . Mr. Madbm wms
imaal lMess -l ns bariaea dius
sad Mr. Wo wem ss g lr a days ae
Mbs. 8. P. Miid iraesb tim im Ieas
at hshd -mdiag es masrsd arep (r
this Yar. Tais bhiag ie At »yta,. it
has Ib asa aemyari ar hero sadlvly evr
m thpasuslag lad the caps, she tads
that she has seommpled a laMgs asdr
so FrybNag a. Damsw VT. Ht Trm
day asght or Keama'. N. D. to atMd
the Natiuaf ersavsisa datlm Umied Dam
Mi La~tbesa ClhseuH.He stak with hi
e adveriag amttr regad to go
ememast lma& is Daw.s Caasty eastia
os to Ceibsees mad espes to lsmes
bhe delms ia premeoseg a edomy d
Dease a te leads there.
They Are Pretty.
fmlo spals. weehas U
pTledew r e arle sro
- dida- 5.« ws era
to b vwy pepIer.
They have already made the
vtrt on public favor. We
think you'll find here just the
piece of goods that will make
a satisfactory suit. Our mak
ing does the rest.
Preusing and Cleanlng
on Short Notice.
Special Attention to
Ladiee Cleanilg.
The Culbertson
Tailoring Company
* 0
f Reeves Threshing, Hulling & :
S Hay Balling Machinery .
S Reeves Plowing. Mas
" chlnery, Steam & Gas.
Prame Plows, Steam &d
Hand Lift, 4 to 16 bottoms.
L I AO. BRiO., ` Agta I
IhY~pl, :~km&
B~iEJPT -a~2rjJ ? ~ · ~r;;.; -; .
a.,, ., -.. ým m a. T
$ ttý" A
riet jeass bwle ably jear Iwo sa.
i-So.ft . 4al
J. A.'tnwer. df FPM. was is tie
aed C. Beare of Aaklope was l
e.--- lenssesy.
a .hL B.anwe, e te U S. Ged lo
al Seeyr. was in l wn Wedm y.
Mr. ad mM . so. B. Hob. o .e Goat
hr., qpest Weeasday and Theaday ls
Mr. and Me. H. F. Smith sm Mia
Idlth Wertby, as doWolf Poset were as
Iwe Tmdsay.
J. L. Bealer, Ed. Aadersos. C. 3L Var
as ad W. L. ell. all of idney. were is
Cklbergas Wedeedsy.
Ges. Zimmema mad Bill Rhes were
hee from Balevifl Teesday mraeig i
Mr. Zammerms' s new . M. F. nus.
Miss Ida Sleht left for Kalipell Tees
day to atted the State Coaveates of the
Christie Kadeevor as a delegate from thei
Culbernte C. E
Rev. and Mrs. WI. Norton. of Lamber
tea. Mine.. arrsmd in Culbertson Monday
and are makulg das Ideaite visit with
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. jueleo. Mrs. Norton
uad Mrs. Juelso, are sters.
Kim Mary Fresnas left Tuesday for
Spokase to visit relatives. She was o
the same trai with Miss Ida Slette as far
as Kalispell. Mlm Freesel will teach at
Ft. Beeton during the emasen abool year.
I O. Slete lets last Saturday for the
Twin Cities on busieam. He eapects to
visit Mtlloe on his returs trip where Mrs.
Slate sad children will oin him sad re
turn bhome with him.
Mr. and Mrs. K. O. Slette are stall at
Boulder Hot Spriegs. where Mrs. Slate
is now rapidly improving is health. Mr.
Stine is espected home today, but Mrs.
Slette will stay at the Springs a while
Fritz Haeth, who was driving an egline
fot the Heth Compasy at Coalridge. met
with a severe accident Monday. The pin
ioe of driving shaft broke and flew up sad
hit him in the face breeakig both jaw
boss. He was brought to Culbertsao
Tuesday and taken on the train to Willis
ton where he was placed in the hospital.
Business is picking up all over town
thes last few days and all the bsiness
boases is town are rejoicing at the change.
Ten loads of lumber were sold by the Im
perial Lumber Yard yesterday before aon.
Tasser & Best report increased activity is
lumber salm as well as other departments.
Wittmeler & West are busy ad cheerful
and Mr. Brooks, of the Brooks Company.
says that busianess is certainly coming
It is now well known that not more than
ne case of rheumatism in ten requires any
intereal treatment whatever. All that is
seeded is a free application of Chamber
laih's Lilimet and massaging the parts at
each applicatio. Try it ud see how
quickly it will relieve the pain and sore
seas. Sold by all dealers.
I. J. MAea.. Prep.
Poplar, - Montana
lbme Fleor at Thaser & Dg.
Mrs. G. H. C slbm astser is hue e.
a vilis.
C. L. Fowler,. dof the Selh ie was
beam Wedmedmy.
Ms. R. O. Lase ad sea Disk ws p
ber Labse" ysstiday vidlineg bheds.
Mr. sad Mrs. Foeacres Sr.. em ests
t their deughter, Mus. J. . bewic thIb
Jaaw s Hl mer. to PFplar. was lb I aws
igesteisy shaking heads with hs many
New paeeors ee pecsp d o be at e
maL.e is Celberdss Ihim weak. The price
will he sham eet s can a panead.
It is apermed that "Lucky DeB" St.
Heuay. ei, siator. hs bees aeramd by
the Mediois Labs poplf or the Fourth.
Miss Isabel Meajr arrived Wedaseday
from LaCressee.Wi. for as esteadd visit
with her brother. A. A Major,. ad family.
The Methodist Ladies Aid mt with
Mrs L. . . Scbow o Thursday aftereoa,
sad enjoyed her hospitality to ohe utmost.
Tim Lutheraa Ladies' Aid meat wih Mrs
Oscar Hags Wedaseday afternoau. All
had a pleasant time sad enjoyed a Be
Gradpe Bli Maltby died of old age at
his home ina Pertlaad. Oregia. as June s3.
at the rape old age of 9a year He was
the father of M. S. Maltby .d Culbertsoe.
One of the harses, beloging to Mr.
Tracy the shbomaker. was impoueded this
week which resulted in a lively squabble
between the city marshall and Mr. Tracy.
FOR RENT-Furmlehed four room ooat
tage belonging to the estas of Greedma
Reed. For particulat.inquire at the Search
light office or of ). H. Petersoe, admiale
trutor. gtf
A social dance was gives lasts ight is
the new hers on the LeClaire reach north
of town. About tgo people were there,
several going out from Culbertson. All
had a jolly time.
R. K. Johasua, the abstract mu, of
Glasgow. was in tows Moeday sad made
the Searchlight a call. He reports that
crops are looksng spleldid as the weeter
pert of tim county.
The valleys ad low places aroumd Cul
brton were visited by a sharp fmet Sat
urday night. Cabbage sad tomato plasts
sad other yardee truck seored, bet so
damage was dose to ield crops.
Mr. sad Mrs. Johs Brown sad four chil
dren came down from Froid oaday is
Mr. Brown's auto. They mot Wi. Ja
sea, an old friend from Sioux City, Iowa,
at the train, who will be their guest for a
week or more.
Stock pastured close to town. For terms
call on Bouterfield & Eaglebright. 4tf
The second beas ball game oa July 4th
in Culberton will be between the Girard
and Cherrwe Creek teams instead of Sioux
Pars and Charley Creek as asenoaced in
last week's Searchlight, sad i the small
bills sad programs.
List your farm for sale with the Valley
Land Co. 6t1
Miss less Palmer and her brother Lap
Palmer were over from the South Side
vesterday to get a load of barbed wire.
Soe reported that her father S. B. Palmer
had bhad bad loc tbis spring is attempt to
raise hop Ninety yeg pip have died
use after another since early spring.
Call a th Valley Lead Co. or fare
loarns. 6d
Mr. sad Mrs. Eraest Pao of South Side
were in town Mtoeday toco.melt Dr. Collia
s. Mrs. Po is the teachera the Nile
school and about a moath ago was throws
from a frightead horne receiving a severe
shck, redering r ru.conecous fehra time.
She partially recosered and resumed her
teaching, bat recetly has suffered from
severe headaches. Dr. Collinsa advised
her to remain as quietly as possible fr a
few weeks and the pa is her hed would
gradually wear away.
Os Jam syth Sidaey. Monts is going
to try and celebrate the come of the N.P.
RR. . ito thei Lower YTlowetla Valley
opseag up of the richest griculteral see
tis of the statl. Asyoe who has sever
visited this valley has o idea of thei baeuty
and riebues of this district. and the epper
tanity is being made at this time to antso
ideeo to as asmsy people as pemibie what
the Valley has to odar. Arransg aue
have beem made with the . P. R. R. fer
ua esmaref fahe Ierm ear pelet an its lie
to SidMey. d ano doubt a geet mas will
talb advassge of this eppeartuaty.
FOR SALE-A-n lse eat. seerty sew
alemow es trimmed isea beaead. as good
as aw. Iaquite of M . . I. Dia. Cal
bsr.ema. N4
Rmi H. P. Hames, wile ad baby.
Mr. sad Mrs. NMoesoes ansd dausbuer
Misa. Mr. and Mrs. . P. easer as Yissn
MRget Ladses. Mr. and M s. M.ess
maemSa..a and dashear. Fea Mel se,
Aues -esem . sa A YeAme, Ch
ammso. re Tbmns. Mae. Chelis
Wise nd a daer. Miss ase ~
-a Hia Cbesimaisean Mete lalus
and 3um J. Frylng. the saed Hge sad
ease. is the sambr ad tef. all feem
rag ses e C asses thell Wleme
a m l tealams~se dap
eviiilass ue sm. S to a kesp 1
- the y-d o pa uasil the
Sthem t ithaarag. P.Fa
wiN sem11 00 (*we baug
wd impmsdeL
aCity n Masuh
*7 Left [Drat Dude at Taemer &
Mr. sad MsA Thmer Moorm a
sea v. Jam th.
will play Ca.ehse at aeB
iJ r aest eea . It will be a
Oei mstion is lld o the advrtised
hse CI n sad ad imses eraw..
el kas d the PNphr Standard.
wed I Esther R.eib wae uitsd is
the tu heads of wedhek May as, gts.
The Citi-es StaU Dbek of Clbertson
anmmsmas ia their ad this week that they
are wOl g to iake farm leape. This is
pod ews for om of dor lmers.
Adlw Norby. who had him oot takes 6d
Lb a read acidelt a .e wmeths ago, ro
calved, petate lo this week sad now
welbs as well as he everdld banrig a slight
niery sale o the Peebyterisa Ladies
Aid asaesy will be held omorrow after
een at Tasner & 'eet's soees Call ther
,r year Seaday hmbed eads. Mrs. W.
W. hteveis will have schep of d h sale.
Metthedst Chuch services will be held ia
Teens Hall Sauday evealag at eight
edoek as usual. Rev. Coekinghab will
pebh we the theme 'The He sand Her
Chicks." This is a sabject that will inter
est everybody sad all are wecome.
FreIk Heater of Poplar was arrestd las
Meaday and brought to Culbertsna by
Ceassa'- Higges on a charg of illegally
laslug checks. W. S. Patch was the
complainlag witeas. He was arraliged
beore W. Mathews Monday sad plead aot
guilty. The trial was set for tomorrow
ISaturday) at te o'dclck . m.
of the Bewick Transfer Line.
*- blbrtson, Mont. *
Wittmeier & West Co.
your work to come to
town, but take advan
tage of every minute
to get your crops in,
but when you are thru
and come to town, we
invite you to call at our
store and inspect our
quality and price are
absolutely right.
Wittmeler & West Co., .Inc.
I M'-"
i The Best Looking House
is not the one which is most frequently painted, but the
one on which the paint last the longest. Repeated paint
ing because of fading colors, cracked and pealing paint,
Scan be avoided by the use of
Heath & Milligan
Best Prepared Paints
It imparts a beautiful, umooth, oil gloss coating
which retains its luster and tenacity for years.
Every drop us uniform. Every drop goes through
seven slow, thorough processes. That's why if you uue
it you wont have to repaint for the longest kind of a
time. Sample shade eard Free, ask for it.
i For sale at
i S. S. MOEN'S, The Hardware
Man, Culbertson
9'@@@@@[email protected]@e00*000000000000000*******0*
Piano Tunlng, Volcm
Ing. Action Regulat.
Inlg and PlNeRepalr
tal and will call.
Cl.arus reno.able,
expert work guaranteed

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