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Usually There Are Other Trouble* to
Prove It.
Pain in the back is pain in the kid
neys, in most cases, and it points to
the need of a spe
cial remedy to re
lieve and cure the
congestion or in
flammation of the
kidneys that is in
terfering with their
work and causing
that pain that
makes you say:
"Oh, my back."
Thompson Wat
kins, professional
nurse, 420 N. 23d
_ St., Parsons, Kans.,
eays: "For some time I was an
noyed with sharp twinges across the
email of my back and irregular pas
sages of the kidney secretions. Since
using Doan's Kidney Pills I am free
from these troubles."
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo. N. Y.
A Lemon Bath.
Among West Indian ladies a lemon
bath is almost a daily luxury. Sev
eral limes or lemons are sliced into
the water and allowed to lie for half
an hour in order that the juice may
be extracted. A remarkable sense of
freshness and cleanliness is given to
the skin.
DR. J. H. RINDLAUB, (Specialist),
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat,
Fargo, N. D.
People who try to stand prosperity!
are foolish. They should
and take it easy.
sit down
ff i »;!hu Î ^ KM arante *'d to cure any case
ci It* hin#, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles in
C to 14 days or uioney refunded. 60c.
An umbrella dealer says there ara
lots of hold-ups on rainy days.
N. \V. Hide & Fur Co., Minneapolis, Minn.
And a little kindness is
ble thing.
a char it a
Let'g have s«me Canada Sap and pancakes.
The Safest Place.
"Yes, sir, I'm giving you straight
goods," remarked the automobile man
ufacturer to a man who was looking
over his latest models with a view to
purchasing. "We are putting on the
market the very best motor car that
brains and money can produce, and
we are not afraid to stand right back
of every machine we send out."
"Well," drawled the prospective
cuslomer thoughtfully, as he walked
Flowly around the car, "I shouldn't
wonder a mite if that was safer than
standing in front of the plaguey
mark of a thoroughbred.
He Will Keep Going When a Common
Horse Will Quit.
As an old horseman who has bred
and handled horses of many tvpes,
says a writer in Outing, I have fre!
quently been surprised at the answers |
given by the majority of people when
asked the question: "What consti
tutes the most striking differences be-;
tween the thoroughbred and the com- !
mon horse?"
Nineteen out of twenty will name
the beauty or the speed of the thor
oughbred; but important as are both
of these qualities, neither answer is
correct. It is simply that the thor
oughbred when he is tired will keep
on with an undiminished courage and
, ... , ~
ambition, while a common horse
horse un
der the same circumstances will quit,
Advice of Family Physician.
i . lt
Formerly people thought meat nec
isarv fnr ctr^ncrtV» and mucnnin.
essary for strength and muscular
The man who worked hard was sup
posed to require meat two or three
times a day. Science has found out
It is now a common thing for a fam
ily physician to order less meat, as in
the following letter from a N. Y. man.
"I had suffered for years with dys
pepsia and nervousness. My physician
advised me to eat less meat and
greasy foods generally. I tried several
things to take the place of my usual
breakfast of chops, fried potatoes, etc.,
but got no relief until I tried Grape
Nuts food.
"After using Grape -NutB for the
cereal part of my meals for two years,
I am now a well man. Grape-Nuts
benefited my health far more than the
$500.00 worth of medicine I had taken
"My wife and children are healthier
than they had been for years, and we
'""n iiicj nan utreii wr years, ana we
are a very happy family, largely due to
"We have been so much benefited
by Grape-Nuts that it would be un
grateful not to acknowledge it."
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
C. eek, Mich. Read "The Road to Well
vf II-?," in pkgs. "There's a Reason."
Ever reml the above letterf A new
cne nprirarH from time to time. They
are (genuine, true, and full of human
Started by Mlle De Scudery In Paris
in the Eighteenth Century.
The feminine custom of having a
flay at home originated in France in
the beginning of the eighteenth cen
tury with Mile, de Scudery, an author
ess and a woman whom all the great
personages of old Paris delighted to
Mile, de Scudery was as busy as
nny modern American woman, and
for that reason, being also a wise
woman, she organized her activities.
She had two days a week at home.
Her Saturdays became historic, for it
was then she received the brilliant
men and beautiful women who made
famous the salon of the Hotel Ram
bouillet. On Tuesdays she received
her intimate friends.
Many French women of the great
world of the present time have two
days at home a week, says Harper's
Bazar; others receive certain hours,
say, until 3 in the afternoon, every
day in the week, while women of the
middle class who have many serious
occupations permit themselves the
pleasure of seeing their friends at
home but one day in two weeks.
In any case French women es
sentially preserve the charm of the
custom established by Mlle, de
Scudery, who achieved her success by
simple means which are quite within
the reach of every American woman,
i Her small house in Paris stood in a
! garden full of fruit-bearing trees sur
! rounded by tall shrubs and bushes.
Conversation—that finest
I of all the
fine arte—was "littéraire et galante,"
gay and gossipy, according to the
character of those present, and if the
weather was fine they took a turn in
the garden gathering and eating cher
ries when the fruit was in season. In
short, the day was truly and in all
simplicity a day at home.
The average American woman lives
always under the oppressive shadow
of the unexpected guest; whether she
is making preserves, writing books,
shampooing her hair or spanking the
baby she is always under the strain
of the fear that somebody will drop
in; and such is the open door policy
of American hospitality, particularly
in small towns, to be m the house
and not to receive the unexpected
guest is to convert a friend into an
enemy. What woman in what small
American town cannot provide as
much for herself and her friends? Let
her try it and see what benefits she
will reap from thus ordering her re
lations with the world.
think all writing sacred.
_ iaiu
away i n a clean receptacle to await
the collector, who appears at regular
intervals to transfer the waste pa
pers to the sacred furnace. If the
papers were burned by the Chinese
How the Chinese Dispose of Letters
and Waste Papers.
The Chinese hold every scrap of
writing sacred, 110 matter what tho
characters express—the merest com
mercial message, advertisement, etc.
Since Confucius used those charac
ters to teach his wisdom, they are
In the average Chinese community
all letters and waste paper are laid
by the Chinese
in their own homes the ashes of the
Bacred .writings would mingle with
the ashes of wood and other fuel, and
the ashes of Chinese writings are as
sacred as the writing itself.
The ashes from the sacred furnace
are placed in sacks, the sacks are
conveyed by wagons to the sea, and
L/j wct£uiis iu me sea, ana
there, in a Mon war boat, are carried
war boat, are carried
out where the tide runs swift and
consigned to the waves. The Mon
war boat belongs to the Mon War
Sher, which is a lodge with branches
everywhere, organized and main
v.v.^ „uviv, vifenuificu uuu main.«
tained for the
purpose of paying rev
. .. . . * J 0 v
erence to the spirit of Confucious.
The furnace in the Chinatown
which nearly every large city in the
United States harbors is generally a
brick, oven-like structure, about five
feet high. Opposite it on the wall
there will usually be an inscription
of the character of the following:
The spirits of our ancestors aro
pleased that we keep sacred the
writing of our country." The society
of Mon War Sher (Club of Beautiful
Writing) is made up In each case of
the prominent denizens of Chinatown,
who support it by voluntary subscrip
tions, which pay the salaries of tho
keeper and his assistant.
Topics of Conversation.
The pet subjects of today seem to
be as follows: Racing, stocks and
shares, politics (in small quantities),
chiffons, bridge, motors and motoring,
® r two thrown in, ac
cordln K to taste, on art, music, books,
newspapers, furniture, flowers and
This up-to-date mixture Is well
spiced with current small talk on the
marriages, deaths, debts, diet cures
and divorces of our dearest friends
and acquaintances. Among forbid
den themes are the weather, religion
(except, perhaps, Christian Science)
and such tame topics as husbands'
babies, servants and other domestic
details of & like character.
One of the Important Duties of Physicians and
the Well-Informed of the World
is to learn as to the relative standing and reliability of the leading manufactur
ers of medicinal agents, as the most eminent physicians are the most careful as to
the uniform quality and perfect purity of remedies prescribed by them, and it is well
known to physicians and the Well-Informed generally that the California Fig Syrup
Co., by reason of its correct methods and perfect equipment and the ethical character of
its product, has attained to the high standing in scientific and commercial circles which
is accorded to successful and reliable houses only, and, therefore, that the name of the
Company has become a guarantee of the excellence of its remedy.
appeal to the Well-Informed in every walk of life and are essential to permanent suc
cess and creditable standing, therefore we wish to call the attention of all who would
enjoy good health, with its blessings, to the fact that it involves the question of right
living with all the term implies. With proper knowledge of what is best each hour
of recreation, of enjoyment, of contemplation and of effort may be made to contribute
to that end and the use of medicines dispensed with generally to great advantage, but
as in many instances a simple, wholesome remedy may be invaluable if taken at the
proper time, the California Tig Syrup Co. feels that it is alike important to present
truthfully the subject and to supply the one perfect laxative remedy which has won
the appoval of physicians and the world-wide acceptance of the Well-informed,because
of the excellence of the combination, known to all, and the original method of manufac
ture, which is known to the California Fig Syrup Co. only.
This valuable remedy h î been long and favorably known under the name of—
Syrup of Figs and has at ta ied to world-wide acceptance as the most excellent of
family laxatives, and as its p, re laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are well
known to physicians and the Well -informed of the world to be the best of natural
laxatives, we have adopted the more elaborate name of—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna as more fully descriptive of the remedy, but doubtless it will always be
called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Figs—and to get its beneficial effects always
note, when purchasing, the full name of the Company — California Fig Syrup Co.—
plainly printed on the front of every package, whether you simply call for — Syrup of
Figs— or by the full name—Svrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna—as—Syrup of Figs and
Elixir of Senna —is the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. and the same heretofore known by the name — Syrup of Figs — which has given
satisfaction to millions. The genuine is for sale by all leading druggists throughout
the United States, in original packages of one size only, the regular price of which
is fifty cents per bottle.
Every bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with the
Secretary of Agriculture, at Washington, D. C., that the remedy is not adulterated or
misbranded within the meaning of the Food and Drugs Act, June 30th, 1906.
Louisville, Ky.
San Francisco, Cal.
U S. A.
London, England.
New York, N. Y.
It is said of a man in town thst
after four years of giving his girl nice,
sensible presents that would come in
handy when they got married, mar
ried another man.
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle cf
CASTOPtIA a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of.
In "Use For Over 30 Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
"She has always married well."
"Yes, but she divorces better."
"She has retired on her alimony."
! Ilo«l. Weak. Weary, Watery Eyes
Relieved by Murine Eye Remedy,* Com
pounded by Experienced Physicians. Mu
rine Doesn't Smart: Soothes Eve Pain
Write Murine Eye Remedy Co.. Chicago'
; for illustrated Eye Book. At Druggists.'
Self-esfeem never lets up until it
reaches the jumping-off place.
fWhen tec year« a re we flrot offered to tha world Salier'« Billion Dollar !
•küühl:.?!?.. r r Lc 'r dF , proîçwors doubted, farmer« wondered
m , > we 2 tons Ua » F eracr ®.«"»Id b«realized.N
Now all doubts are removed er.d today the fl-st farmers of Amerloa everr
„ . Eulzcr e l::: .cn Dollar Orawj to their fullest satisfaction. >
cenlthay peracrel ter Bcre ti,e l'leld 1» oekloia under • to 12 tons of magaifl.^
«2 _ . cone ,l n from ,?° a<"rcFiv,wi to Salter's 30th Centn r7 Alfalte Clover bar
Tested within £4 wec~s after eccd.aj 92BCQ.C 3 worth of magnificent bar or at the rata
ÎLES**?- 0 ? P " * lTe - S at Kth Century F trains of Al faite, Mod5ÏÏL »ÙinSioth i£d"ad
Alslke clOTer and gnsset» are tue purest we believe oa earth.
«ntnrîî rv,nîî— '^» n iiei lal ' 0 ? t8 i ntid v, l|. ;en t c frrc' ; ally reeommended and Introduced by the Agri
cultural College* of Wisconsin, Iowa, I* ort h Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, etc.
of vcjptaMe seeds wo believe In America, operating over B000 acres,
wa warrant our eocds to produce the earliest, finest, vegetables grown. Our seeds are money makers.
Catalog tell* why we have tha largoat Seed Potato trade In tho world
one et our oellaro holding cvar @0.000 buahela alone.
Try onr 35 package* earliest vegetable seeds postpaid for 11.00.
_ _ f ORTH «10.00 OP AMY MAN'S MONEY
For loela stamps we mall free of all cost samples cf Silver Kins Darlev rleldlne 173 bu «»■.<•»•
îîïïth 0 .^ il «fi*?! bu ' Per acre; Billion Dollar Grass; Spelts, the cereal and hay I oöd wonder.
inihi»Mhaifin T er * * nm P- etc - etc - «n* °ne °* wblcb. If It becomes acclimated on your
farm, will be worth $10.00 of any man s money to get a start therewith.
Or. send 14« and we add a sample farm seed novelty never mob before by you.
A flavoring th.it is used the same as lemon
<>1 vanilla. By dissolving granulated sugar
in water and adding Mapleine, a delicious
syrup is made and a tyrup betterthan maple.
Mupleine i s sold by grocers. If not Bend 85c for
îoz. but. and recipe book, i'mceat Ifg. Co., Seattle.
Famous Sure Hatch Incubators
Will be sold CHEAP the next few weeks. Best
liiittliine in the world. Built for real business, and
will make you money. Get into the business now and
raise chickens witile Poultry and Kpgs are high
priced. 8end for big free book about our Incubator
iiLd tt.e Poultry Business.
Sure Hetch fncubator Co., Box 170, Fremont, Neb.
Completely Satisfied.
"And so you enjoyed Venice?"
Returned Traveler—"Oh, Venice
was just to my taste. Why, when I
reached ihe Grand canal I just sat
down beeide it and drank it all in.
"Brown's Bronchial Troches" give relief
in Bronchial «nil Lung Troubles. A sim
ple remedy. 25 cents a box. Samples sent
free by John I. Brown & Son. Boston, Mass.
"Poverty is no disgrace," said Un
cle Eben, "but dar ain' no sense in
sittin' at yoh ease on de front step
I wait in' foh folks to come along an'
congratulate you on it."
H;gh price for furs and sell leather cheap.
N. W. Hide & Fur Co., Minneapolis. Minn.
When the optimist gets it in the
neck he is thankful that he isn't a
Miller & Holmes. St. Paul, Minn.
We feel sorry for some people be
cause of the ancestors they inherited.
Love is blind, but after marriage *
man is apt to take an occasional eye*
■ P itt j
Children Just love Gee Whiz Syrup on breaA
A single man is doubly attractive—•
to a spinster.
Positively cured by
the«« Little Pills.
They also relieve Dtv
tress from Dyspepsia, I»
digestion and Too Heart?'
Eating. A perfect rem»
edy for Dizziness, Nao>
sea, Drowsiness, Bad
Taste in the Mouth, Coat»
ed Tongue, Pain In the
rhey régulât« the Bowels. Purely Vegetable
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
320 Acres "VSRS**
Fifty bushalj p«r
acre havo b«cs
grown. G«n«ral
in any other part of
the continent. Und«r
new regulation« it i r
possible to secure a homestead of 160 acr«»
fr«e, and additional 160 acres at $3 per tne
' The development of the country has mads'
marvelous strides. It is a revelation, a ree*
j V " ,utD ' 'o m (vrviiiivn, ■ rve*
ord of conquest by settlsmsnt that it remark«
able."— Extrac t from correspondence of* Ni'
Editor, u>ho 'visited Canada in August last•
The grain crop of 1908 will net man/ -
farmers $20.00 to $25 00 per acre. Grata#
raising, mixed farming and dairying art
the principal industries. Climate is excel
lent; social conditions the best; railway «4r
vantages unequalled; schools, churches an#
markets close at hand. Land may also b#
purchased from railway and land com pan!—
For "Last Best West" pamphlets, maps isi
Information as to how to secure lowest rait*
way rates, apply to Superintendent of Immi
gration, Ottawa, Canada, or the authorise# 1
Canadian Government Agent:
Oiflsrd Block.
Orsoé Forks. North Dal
■» SHAKES that you will sell for cash, writ*W
305 Hlbernia IMdg., Sau Francisco, Cat.
WataoaE. Coleman«...
Ington.D.C. Books fre«. H
est teferancea ~
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