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Che £balaha £agle.
O. A. DAHL, Publisher.
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Washington» Congressional. Politi
cal and Other Events Briefly Told
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At Alexandria, Egypt, the customs,
tobacco stores containing tobaccos to
the value of nearly $5,000,000 was
gutted by fire. Firemen, assisted by
200 sailors from the German cruiser
Freya. succeeded in saving the great
er part of the tobacco. The loss is
estimated at $l,o00,000.
Sir George Henry Lewis, the most
famous solicitor of the present genera
tion, who has been engaged in all the
greatest legal cases in the last half
centry, retired from practice with the
new year. Sir George Lewis knows
more of the social life of Great Britain
than any other man. and had been
called the Geeper of English Society's
Estrada's pledge for the disarma
ment of Nicaragua does not disarm
the world of the suspicion that he
means to be its president.
A telephone message from Kabul:»
Mliro states that the American expe
dition camped on Monday night at
Katwe, eight miles beyond Kabula
Mliro. Colonel Roosevelt and the
others of the party are Well. The
hunters have covered fifty-four miles
since leaving Kampla Unganda De
cember 23. The immediate objective
point is Ivisingo, fifteen miles from
The Chinese government formally
complained to Japan against the viola
tion of the Manchurinn telegraph con
vention of 1908. The complaint con
sisted of two counts, which purported
to show that the Japanese were
guilty of extending telegraph and tel
egraph lines and traffic in Manchuria.
The special committee of Copenha
gen university which investigated Dr.
Frederick A. Cook's polar records is
now considering whether or not it will
publish a second report, giving further
details of its work. If the committee
should decide to do so, it will issue
the report about the middle of
Representative Hinshaw of Nebras
ka announced that unless the state
department brings about a speedy ad
justment of the case of James A.
Cook, the American conductor, who is
imprisoned at Guadalajara. Mexico, he
will bring the whole matter to the at
tention of congress.
The old war museum in Danville,
II!.. where President Lincoln had his
olfice when he was riding the circuit
as an attorney, burned. The museum
•.'ontained many valuable relics.
Announcement was made at Yale
of an offer made by Mrs. Kussel Sage
to the university of a gift of $<»50,00»,
to be used for the purpose of meeting
the entire cost of securing the thirty
acre park at the head of Hill House
n venue.
Simeon Hudson, a convict, stole a
pint of wood alcohol in the Nebraska
prison broom factory, drank it. and is
now suffering lrom paralyzed optic
nerves. He is totally blind and the
condition may be permanent.
The next regular meeting of the
South Dakota Board of Pharmacy for
the exemination of candidates for
registration and general business will
be held at Redfield January 19.
Consul Olivares was appointed to
take charge of consulate at Managua.
Champ Clark says that high prices
of produce are here to stay.
Scores of Nrw York shirt waist
strikers played the part of newsies
recently. Garbed in their best, the
girls invaded the residence and busi
ness districts, selling copies of a
newspaper printed under their editor
ship, and setting forth their side of
the strike.
Eight miners were killed and the
lives of hundreds imperiled by an ex
plosion of gas at Herrin, 111.
Total public benefactions in the
United States during the last twelve
months was $141,250 ,000, an amount
just $40,000,000 greater than any
previous year in the history of the
President Madriz has been notifiée*
that lie will be held accountable for
the safety of Americans in Nicaragua.
The total internal revenue receipts
for November were $24,310,717; for
the first five months of the fiscal year,
$113,358,102, and for the correspond
ing period of 1908, $l(L,„o4,C82.
Senators Burkett and Brown may
split on the selection of a new district
attorney for Nebraska.
Death has thinned the ranks of dis
tinguished figures in the world of
sport to an unusual extent in the
year now near its close.
The board of governors of the Ex
plorers' club voted to expel Dr. Cook
for alleged deception.
"If direct primary laws are safe and
can be operated wisely, then their
scope can be extended," said Leslie
AI. Shaw, ex-secretary of the treas
ury, in an address to the Indiana
Teachers' association in Indianapolis.
George Hanlcy. a farmer living two
miles east of Colfax. Ia.. drove his
wife from home at 2 o'clock in the
morning and with the thermometer at
least 12 degrees below zero, she was
compelled to walk in her gown and
without shoes to a neighbor's resi
dence, half a mile away. She was
badly frozen.
The centenary of the birth of Wil
liam Edward Gladstone was comme
morated not only in the land of his
birth, but in countries like Greece, the
Balkans and Armenia.
Senator Lorfmer fears he is bein^
ignored in the matter of patronage
in Illinois.
President Taft is trying to find a
way to make future payments in the
Panama canal work and reimburse the
treasury for amounts expended from
the working balance for canal dig
ging. To do this the president wants
to devise a way to issue the Panama
canal bonds authorized in the Payne
tariff law.
Zelaya is on his way to Mexico City,
where his stay is indefinite. He is in
no sense a prisoner. In an interview
tie said Secretary Knox had been un
iuly harsh.
Gambling in futures is to form the
subject of a conference soon to be
held at the white house. President
Taft proposes to arrive at a means, if
possible, of preventing an unnecessary
amount of stock market trading in fu
ture deliveries of wheat, corn, cotton
i.nd other products.
Reports from the east say Air. Wil
,'ard has been offered the presidency
of the B. & O. railroad.
P. L. Gue, who lives near Tecum
seh, Neb., lias a photograph, recently
taken, of a grist mill erected near
Perryopolis, Fayette county, Pa., in
1770, by George Washington. The
mill is in daily operation at this time.
New York striking shirtwaist mak
ers voted to refuse the settlement
offered by the manufacturers and de
clared their intention to continue the
strike until all of their demands are
The Atlantic coast, all the way from
Boston to New York, v.ai swept by
the worst storm for many years.
Senator Norris Brown has filed in
the supreme court at Washington a
brief in a Nebraska railroad case.
Postmaster General Hitchcock has
set about to reduce the deficit in his
The president is concerned lest the
Standard Oil decision, if affirmed, has
a bad effect on the business world.
The insurgent victory in Nicaragua
is declared at Bluefields to have been
At Topeka, Kan., Judge John C.
Pollock in the United Slates district
court declared the Kansas bank guar
anty law to be invalid.
While driving home in a covered
wagon loaded with Christmas gifts
for their nine children, William Payne
and his wife, Mary, of Hamilton, Ohio,
were killed by a traction car.
The health of Air. Bryan is reported
better and he has gone oa to Cuba
for recreation.
President Taft discussed with mem
bers of his cabinet the final details of
the special message he will send to
congress dealing with proposed amend
ments to the interstate commerce and
Sherman anti-trust laws. Air. Taft be
san work on the important document
Prospects for remedial legislation
at this session of congress are not
entirely promising.
The state department is becoming
impatient at the manner in which the
Mexican government is delaying ac
tion in the case of James A. Cook, an
\merican citizen, who was arrested,
charged with complicity in the rob
bing of trains.
Executive ciemency has been exer
cised in the case of Thomas West
moreland now undergoing life impri
sonment following his conviction in
the circuit court, eastern district of
Texas, for murder committed in the
Indian territory in June 1893.
Representative Maguire of Nebras
ka announced that lie has selected
George T. Liddell of Tecumseh as
principal to take the examination for
entrance to West Point, and Thomas
J. Doyle of Lincoln to take the exami
nation for Annapolis.
The magnitude of the sewer systems
of the largest cities is set forth in a
bulletin just issued by the census
bureau. Aggregating the seyers in
the 157 largest cities of the United
States, their combined length would
be sufficient to girdle the earth at the
equator; or if laid on the bottom of
the Atlantic would provide Beven sub
ways from New York to London.
many are dead or missing
because OF recent severe
Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and
Part of Mississippi Covered With
Snow—Cold Record Broken
In Missouri.
Winnipeg, Man.. Jan. G.—The bliz
zard of the last few days claimed
many victims, particularly along the
So»» lim-. Among those dead or miss
'ng i'"r several days are:
Sherift Whitehead, Weyburn.
•J".«. Clark, Lang.
.»Idm Hillborn, a homesteader, south
•'f Keleati.
I.awrence Tremble. Estevan.
Andrew Coleman, employed in Dar
win wood camp.
Clem Iiradiey, employed in Darwin
wood camp.
Little 1-oy found frozen to death it
i haystack south of Yellow Grass be
side Iiis two sisters, who were living
and whom he kept warm and saved.
Richmond. Va.. Jan. ti.—A sleet,
storm is causing havoc here. The
streets, trees and buildings are shroud.
1 d in ice. The public schools are
eiosed, dozens of persons have fallen
"id several have suffered broken
!imbs. The stores refuse to deliver
goods. Many telephone and telegraph
wires are down and trolley wires
br» »ken.
Kansas City. Jan. G.—Eighteen de
grees below zero was recorded unoffi
cially in Kansas today, the lowest
temperature in this part of the south
west in twelve years. Intense cold
covered Missouri and reached into
1 iklahoma, Arkansas and Texas,
St. Joseph, Mo., Jan. 6.—It was- i:,
degrees below zero here at 7 o'clock
this morning, the coldest of the winter.
Much suffering of live stock is re
ported. This is the coldest rince IS'.iO.
Eill Introduced Providing for Standing
Rock Agency.
Washington. Jan. t;.—< >,ne hundred
sixty thousand acres of land in the
Cheyenne and Standing Rock Indian
reservation in North and South Dakota
representing school section- 1C and 36
are turned over to the above named
commonwealths by the Gamble bill
which was favorably reported from the
senate committee oi Indian affairs to
The bi'.l also carries an appropriation
if $41ô.ii00 to pay the Indians for the
1;:nil at the rate of $2.50 per acre. An
effort was made to reduce the price
to $l.J5 but this nil t with vigorous op
position at t'.ie interior department
which maintains that the land is worth
anywhere- from $5 to $lo per acre.
$70.000 is aked to complete the Indian
Patients Removed in Hurry.
Ilielunond, Va.. Jan. 6.—Forty pa
tients, t'-rror str'ck' n, were hurriedly
roni' V'-d from the Virginia hospital
through sie. t und rain at 4 this morn
ing while a lire rag» next door in the
university c »liege of medicine. The
coll» g» building, a three story brick
structure, was completely wrecked,
causing $200.000 loss. Through strenu
ous work on the part of tli lire depart
ment which had to contend with ice
coated lire plugs and slippery streets,
♦he hospital was sav "d.
North Dakota Postmasters.
Washington, Jan. <!.—The s»-nat" to
day confirmed the following North I »a
k»ta postmasters: H. T. Nelson, at
Court» nay: Lyman ltrandt. Park
Hiver: C. < \ Hutchinson, La M ou re. and
W. II. Husch, (lakes.
Washington, Jan. G.—The* following
postmasters were appointed yesterday:
N. C. Lawn nee, Dickinson: C. C. Jan
kes.. Lansforil: J. II. Dooley, Leeds; H.
II. Hobert.. Tower City: C. AI. Condi'-,
We.'-tliope; and K. T. Ilalaas, Carring
Strike Mediation Fails.
Wahsingti.il, Jan. 6.—Kfforts to ob
tain an adjustment of the strike of tin;
switchmen on the railroad of tl; ■
northwest have been abandoned.
Chairman Knapp of the interstate
commerce commission and Commis
sioner of Labor Neill, mediators under
the- Rrdman ae-t, had a linal conference
today with H. B. Perham. It has
»let» rmine »I that nothing further could
be done to affee-t a settlement.
Estrada's Pay Roll.
New Orleans, Jan. G.—General Ks
trada. ti"- leader of revolution in Nic
aragua lias adopted what is termed
the "l, veI rate" of payment of his
.-oldiers. According to advices re
ceived by the acting consul of the in
■ urg nt government. a full fleered
general receives no more nay than a
privât»'. Twenty cents in gold, a day,
it is stated, is the individual stipend.
""gardh ss of rank.
Killed in Explosion.
Jamestown. N. Y., Jan. G.—The ev
plosion of a gas oven in the Dalil
strom .Metal Door Co.'s plant to
day killed three men. A large sec
tion <>f the- plant was wrecked.
Handkerchief Causes Death.
La Porte, Ind., Jan. 6.—Alderman
Ohulip (»ied here today, death being
caused by search in a handkerchief
which affected a sore on his nose.
special message causes him
some little grief
The Anti-Trust Message Is Ready But
the Interstate Commerce Recom
mendations Are Not
\\ ashington, Jan. 4. —Another e'hange
in President Taft's programme of spe
cial messages to congress was an
nounced at the White House today. It
was stated that the message on inter
state commerce law would probably
not go tei congress until Alonday or
Tuesda y.
The anti-trust message is still
scheduled for Thursday .
< 'n Friday. President Taft will senel
to the' senate a brief message trans
mitting all of the papers and the re
port of the attorney general concern
ing the* Glavis charges against Secre
tary Hallinger. These' papers were
called for by a senate resolution. The
president liael intended yesterday af
ternoon to send his special mes sage
on interstate commerce law changes
to congress on Friday. It was sai»l
today that he desired to consult fur
ther with members of the interstate
commerce committee of the senate and
In a. special message I
will s-.'lld to co
of $;!(>,000 to
irrigation pro;
it was stat
ident Taft
îgress next week a loan
complete the existing
■etc will be suggested,
el today that verbal
changes agreed to in a conference with
a number of railroad presidents yes
terday would require the reprinting of
both ajessage." and the Wickcsham
bill, enmbodying the president's views
His bill is to be placed at the disposal
of the congressional e-ommittees, if
they desire it. The special mes.- ago oil
conservation of natural resources
which the president had hoped to get
ready by Monday next has been p<»st
poneel until the latter part of next
Neither Side Is Meking Any Effort
to End the War.
Washington. Jan. 4.—Apparently
neither President Aladriz nor General
Estrada are making any effort in tlm
interest of peace in Nicaragua. A
telegram from United States Consul
Cladera received this morning says
that military activity continues at
1'noHieial advices Indicate that Ks
trada is putting his army in readiness
for an early move on the capital and
that Alaelriz is hastening an army
eastward to mo-t KstradaV. advancing
A conflict therefore may be expect
ed before Estrada's army has reach
ed the neighborhood of Managua.
Details as to strength and prepared
ness of either army are unknown, and
what will be the issue of the con
llie't can only be guessed.
To Examine Cook's Record.
Washington, Jan. 4.—Dr. I-'redi rick
A. Cook 's polar »lata is on its way to
"Washington te» be examined by the
National Gc'Ograiihic socie-ty, aeconl
i11 g to information sent to Prof. J. H.
Gore. The papers wi re started from
Copenhagen on Dee. 21, which wouhl
get them to Washington about the end
of the present week.
Professor Gore. Hear Admiral Pills
bury and Dr. W. M. Hayes of the
geographical survey will examine the
papers and make a report early this
McCumber's Prohibition Bill.
Washington, Jan. 4.— According to
Senat .r Ale-Cumber it will not be long
before the senate will pass his bill to
prevent the- sale <»f intoxicating li»|tiors
in buildings, ships, navy yards ami
parks and other premises owned or
us»-»] by the'* Cnited States govern
ment. The bill already has receiveel
favorable action at the hands of the
senate e-ommitte»' on education ami
labor, and ni now on the calendar
awaiting the- ae-tion of the uj per house.
A violation of the- proposed statute
Will mean punishme nt by a tine of not
less than $100 nor more than $.">00.
Heavy Blizzard Raging.
Washington, Jan. 4.—Another big
blizzard is raging over tin- miildle west
and it promises to be worse than the;
steirm of a few days ago. Reports
from Lincoln, Neb., Kansas City, AIo.
Omaha and either centers bring news»
delayed traffic, street ear service
suffering and property
Cuts Affinity's Throat.
Nashville , Tenn., Jan. 4. —Lizzie
Crenshaw, aged 28 years today cut the
throat <»f John AI. Jennings, a book
keeper, age»] with whom she lived.
Late r she hanged herself in a cell at
the police- station, using her apron
strings as a rope and was dead when
discovered. Jennings has a chance
Four Workmen Killed.
Aberdeen, S. 1).. Jan. 4.—Tliive Bul
garian workmen were killed and five
injured in a head ..rid collision on
the AlilwauKee road between Gretna
and Roscoe when a work train en
gaged in clearing the track of snow
and an extra freight train crashed to
Killed by a Dare.
Cincinnati, Jan. 4.— Dared by a
companion to shoot himself, Morton
L. Rodgers, 17 years old, raised a
rifle find shot himself through the
brain, dying instantly.
Mme. X., the fencing master's wife,
finds some pins long enough for lier
"When my boy was six years old, ha
suffered terribly with eczema. He
could neither sit still nor lie rpiietly in
bed, for the itching was dreadful. IIo
would irritate spots by scratching
with his nails and that only made
them worse. A doctor treated him
and we tried almost everything, but
the eczama seemed to spread. It
started in a small place on the lower
extremities and spread for two years
until it very nearly covered the back
part of his leg to the knee.
"Finally I got Cuticura Soap. Cuti
cura Ointment and Cuticura Pills and
gave them according to directions. I
used them in the morning and that
evening, before I put my boy to bed,
I used them again and the improve
ment even in those few hours was sur
prising, the inflammation seemed to
be so much less. I used two boxes of
Cuticura Ointment, the same of the
Pills and the Soap and my boy was
cured. My son is now in his sev
enteenth year and he has never had
a return of the eczema.
"I took care of a friend's child that
had eczema on its face and limbs and
I used the Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
They acted on the child just as they
did on my son and it has never re
turned. I would recommend the Cuti
cura Remedies to anyone. Mrs. A. J.
Cochran, 1S23 Columbia Ave., Phila
delphia, Pa., Oct. 20, 1&09."
His Littie Mistake.
They stood beneath the' stars, silent
as the heart-beats of the night, look
ing into the diamond-studded shirt
front of the sky.
"Is that Mars?" he whispered, as he
slipped his arm round her taper waist,
and gazed upon a glittering orb in the
distant blue.
"No, it isn't," she exclaimed, jerking
away; it's mine; and if you think
you are hugging mother, I can tell
you that you are very much mis
I taken."
The matter was amicably adjusted
before anything serious resulted.—Ex
Charity by Proxy.
There is an Oregon statesman who
Is very prudent with his money. He
rarely spends anything if he can get
some otie else to do the spending for
him. One morning he was walking
down the street with a friend and
they met a beggar who had a tale of
woe that was amazing. The states
man listened and asked some ques
tions. Then he turned to his friend
and said: "John, this man's story
affects me greatly. Give him a quar
CoaTs of Fire.
One Christmas evening a Sunday
school pupil appeared at church, only
to he surrounded immediately by a
number of deriding playmates.
"She's wearing her sister's coat!"
cried one.
"And she's got her brother's gloves
r.n!" cried another.
"Yes," was the retort that turned
the tide of ridicule, "and I came with
my mother's blessing."—Judge.
Mrs. Wlnalow's Soothing Syrnp.
For »-htlilren teething, sofu-ns the kiipiu, rexlures In
flami-iatlon, alouj -B pain, cure» wtud culte:. 250 u but Ue.
The best of plans fall out, and the
best of friends get married.
Constipation causes many serious diseases. It
Is tlioroi'L'hly cured by iHictnr I'icrce's IMeasant
Pellets. Une a laxative, three tor cathartic.
When you can't tell the truah, don't
tell anything.
75 "Guar** 1

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