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fW 1 —
Withdrawn Coal Lands Car. Be Filed
Last Monday President
restored to entry all lands
ed by hi.-; former order of .
These lands are now open t<
irv and sale in conformity
; act of congress, June
1010,. which provides forgo
ment retention of all vai
>ai deposits and giving ti
en try men. Ti
will greatly i<
•e to
vein orde
L } ! <?
here, as the withd
mds had checked tl.
migration movement to this t
r . and pnralized the veal e.
business in parts not yet i
v. tied up.
The whole transaction
doubtless result in benefit to ;
country for the reason that whi •
the president was being askr i
and petitioned to modify his
sweeping order he \\ as asked and
urgt Viiiy rcoue.tfed to inaugurate
an i mm<■ liato movement toward
relic;' of entrynun whose
!/roofs have been held uo by spec
ial co"! protest Already special
vigcnis are being hurried into this
vieinity with instructions to
either procure waivers of coal
privilege or at once pass upon
;o to coal value,
he special agents was
ao la; i Tuesday mm
:dver of coal privileges
' ; vt s the patent for
i • - : 1 ; 1 1 eld up for more
. Ile cal led at the
ad state 1 that w'ni!"
. •••(-» contained small
ite coal of iocal val
»•>.ion 1 he coal under
icts would be claimed,
Sam. However, lie
p man can greatly
:•> v.ira nee af their pat
iuce the work of the
1 . • waiving coal prive
en an opp ! rtunity
o'irmarth Mail
.he lands
( )no of
: n M arma
•it-cured v
m a
,u h
m nis o
Ov T
! ! •
! 1 •'
on ihe
and r.
to do so.
Eat at Coonen's. That's all.
M. O. r fra.cy returned from
IMiies Cit., yesterday.
Dave Lanc-y left for Miles City
in his auto yesterday.
Dr. E. O. Col vin made a trip
to Baker yesterday in his auto.
John A1 stronrr of the Chalk
Buttes spent yesterday in town.
Lost —Somewhere in Ekalaka,
one ladies belt and belt pin. Find
er leave at tins office.
James 0. Ferguson was a vis
itor in town yesterday from his
ranch on Box Elder.
For Sale -One "New Home"
sewing machine, practicaly new.
Price $20. Inquire at this offce.
Pot sale some good broke
Grant Bros. Ekalaka Mont.
some good
Hereafter all reading notices
inserted in The Eagle will be
charged for at the rate of seven
Henry Newbary is in town
•om the M C ranch this week.
Al Hardy is visiting 1 in town
I ay from East Fork.
• ( »e Arpan, Ed Arpan, Chas.
;• voll and M. H. Pericins of Hox
• ;r were visitors in town \-tis
L us add your name to our!
'ription list now so that
an keep posted on the do-!
at the election this fall.
members of Gertrude Re
•i Lodge No. 37 are request
be present on Sept. 7th.
•) ! business. By order of N.G.
'.ill do sewing for anyone
ng that kind < f work done,
at my home. Mrs. W. E.
"iey, Ekalaka, Mont. S-12tm
e neglected to mention in
last issue the arrival of
y boy at the ranch of Conrad !
Iter's ranch on Beaver Creek.
have some
•kens for sale
wo dollars each.
G. M. Sweenev
n ti 11 Sprit. 1st
•Vas it the return of Halley's
comet or the smoke from the new
railroad? A: ay be it w;
steam from the political pot.
Prof. Deranlcau the ])iano tun
er oi I-lapid City, !.i. D. will be
liore next month. If your piano
is in need < f axing leave word at
of fie*
>. r,.
J i 1 ei
iss. He
to "Bull
Miles wi
j )ague
City v
left \
Au hisp
.to pon
; U
.<) i J
no v n i oe
on Mond;
After A gust. 15 all p.
debtei to me for boa)'; 1 ;
ch.arged at the l'ate of ;
per meal unless their
oaid. 1 must have the money,
rp , ,' . !
1. i. .Martin,
rtt es in
will b(
0 cent
1 want
■ ■ a gooc
ram can
to oxenan
weigh.! ol
:! mare -or
l n n n
■e a team of
out 2000 lbs.
moo'o colts.
i ---, v h('ine o
miles southeast >
ranch. A.

Geo. Bel
i. Chase.
l'g s ,
,9-i I
of j
of ;
Dr. F. W. J
Knowlton, Montana, will be
Ekalaka, Mont, on the first
every month for the purpose
treating sick and diseased stock,
and doing veterinary, dental and j
surgical worK at Mai lough's liv- j
erv barn. |
^ i
lbs torest rangers have com
Pleted the r report on the recent j
forest fire here and find that the
total number of acres burned I
over was i.995 acres, 202 of which ;
was prairie, 205 by back fire and
1793 acres of timber land. j
$5 ; Reward for information |
leading to recovery of a bay mare ;
weight about 1250. strip in face,
two white hind feet, branded
reverse letter "U" on right jaw,
Strayed from our ranch Friday
night Aug. 12th.
Booth & McLean.
Lost Strayed or Stolen-One]your
horse 3 years old with strip
in lace, brandedKSon left shoul
kjd v nuioc o vt'aiD uiu vvitu mi'ili i
der. Ten dollars reward will be
paid for his return to Mallough's
livery barn or information lead
Catnered By O i Reporter Since Last Week.
(leo. Boggs returned Tuesday
from a business trip to Terry.
Anjone wanting good grey
'" ounc ' s leave word ai.. this office,
Chas. Emerson and wife were
in town Tuesday from Beaver
The Ekalar a telephone Co. ha
• hS
ordered the switch board for the
new Baker Central.
Deputy S t'.vie
Thompson o.
^ new lighting plan; has been
the LO.O.F. lodge to
visitor in tow> last week.
Word has been received to the
effect that the new fire engine
will be shiped next week.
be installed in <he lover
U. S* Commissioner M
0. T:
: r » t
Monday for a few davs
business trip to
Senator H. N.
C ,.T
Martin made a business '
Laker Monday returning
Miss Myrtle Bur
lotte Londergan 1
their ] /ositions w'
Peek store.
1 he 2\ i i s s (
Free se left
weetvs visit
Louis, Mo.
:arl a
1 'I . T
rip to
j 11 p ^ «
( 'har
f < >r
The petition for
is being em.
a: iv
e received a large num
oi sitrners.
' leri T limro Jr. gave a nance
his new house last Fridav eve
!.ne event
mg v.'(
it ten
town and countr
Rob t.. Y ok ley was in town yes
ten 1 ay from his ranch at ten dine
t .
tne meeting ot tne directors
the Ekalaka Cond
Tho F
le mm
laka Band and Orches
s be n secured by the
- , Crook people to furnish
the music for tneif fair to be held
on September 16th and 17th.
i ne
ofjtra ha
^ " * J ; ^'hitehouse, wiio will be
remembered by many here as the
"Editor and manager of the
Ekalaka Enterprise" is being
sued ior divorce by his wife at
Ismay who alleges des ert on.
^ >r '. *'• ^ a ^ er started for
the P icnic Saturday in his auto,
returnin g in the evening via the
lumb er wagon route. The cause
of the change was the twisting
off of one of the back wheels on
the car.
satisfactorv work and
work in this line
W. L. Cherrier has om ned up
an up-to-date cleaning and press
ing shop in the rear of the new
barber shoo next to the post
office. Mr. Cherr er guarantees
Deputy sheriff Geo. Boggs re
turned Saturday from Terry with
John Bjornsen the photographer
for whom he had a warrant for
arrest. The cha
by T. J. Martin who claims that ;
Bjornsen stole a camera from his
hotel. At the hearing held Sat
urday afternoon before Judge
Lambert, Bjornsen waived ex-1
animation and was put under
;$500 bonds to appear before the!
distric court at Miles City.
A pall of smoke overhung the
town the fore part of the week,
making it almost impossible to dis
tinguish persons across the street
The smoke was presumably from
the forest fi
in the northwestern part of the,
state. Press reports state that
it was neccessary to turn on the
electric lights during Monday in
Abeideen. Valley City and many
other places.
0. T. Jackson. Chief of Po ]ice
of Miles Citv has announced him
self as a canidate for the office
of sheriff on the republican ticket
; Mr . j ackson needs no introduc
tion to the people around Miles
and that fie will receive the sup
port of that delegation seems
certain. île would make an ex
celent officer. Ins record while
serving on the conn
force showi0 4- mm ,
the position he seek
s oo. nie to fill
The picnic at Home's ranch on
Box Elder last Saturday was
attended by about 150 people, all
al a most enjoyable
program consisted of
u 1 . a base ball
oi wimm n:
time. The
speaking, singing, a base
game between Camp Crook
Box Elder and dancing in
evening, lite ball garn.t e
with a '-core oi -i m C
an e>
lineup o.
; of about
i deieg ition.
comprised tne Crook
Frank Chisiv
Luttes was in t
Mr. Chisholm r
visit and left :
; bird" for one y
•on of the Chain
own tii's morning.
iade this office a
m order f
und ; nom all n ports was
eler.t game conquering the
the team.-,. A crowd.
"*■ !
•t: Box
tiie streets this j
v it,, , ,-i • i
\. hiqua o.asin town this!
iw.m- iT-w, -, i „a r , 4 1 i
week wiiti a load of toothless
^ Ike Wilhams d 'ove in from
Box Elder today. j
l ' CT
For Your Correspondence Get a Box of
Our Fancy Stationery. We have
a fine line of writing mater
ia! always on hand.
son & Olsen,
What The Traveling Public Is Doing Here.
Frank Murphy of Mizpan was
a visitor in town Saturday, thir.
being his first trip here in nearly
two years. Frank was surprised
at the growth of the town and
seemed more surprised to find
his old friend A. W. Lucas still
one of its inhabitants, thinking
wc hac - chased him out long ago.
j Joe D' Scanlan and Kenneth
j McLean of Miles City were visit
: or=s in town the fore part of the
| week. Mr. McLean came down
j |_ n attend a meeting of the direct
j ors of the Commercial State BanK
held Tuesday whl,e the other
I gentleman dropped m for a look
! lL ^ ne town. ^* l? - Scanlan the
cditor of the Miles City Inde P en "
' dent ancl ln s P eakm £ of hls first
visit to Ekalakr admits he was
surprised at the size and growth
of the town and predicts for it a
great future.
Pete Clan-, returned Wednes
i day from a visit wdth his brother
George in the Cave Hills. Pete
drove over in his brothers new
automobile accompanied by his
siste-' M'ss Emma his brother
Geo. and Deputy Sheriff Davis
of Buffalo, S. f). who will visit
here for a few days Pete says
s ordered s new seven pass
I no
enger automobile that will arrive
; in a. few 'lays to be used by
i between here and Baker
| transportation car for the travel
i ' Public.
Ob! You Juicy Fruit»
Town people have been greatly
sturbed of late by extensive
ids on their chicken coops. The
losses sustained have been so
great that immedite steps will be
taken to apprehend the thieves,
Elder:Deputy sheriff Boggs has given
orders to shoot trespassers on
[sight and no doubt this will go a
long way 0 towards effecting a
' , ,■ ■ „• ,
cure. Ihe loss of a pair of birds
, , -, ...
now and then for a ' mulligan
is to be expected but when twen
ty or thirty are taken in one
night it ? s time to call a halt.

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