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Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Chicago, 111.— "I was troubled with
ailing and inflamm ation, and the doc
tors said I could not
jet well unless I
îad an operation.
[I knew I could not
(stand the strain of
lone, so I wrote to
you sometime ago
about my health
and you told nio
what to do. After
taking Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound and
Blood Purifier I am
fco-daya well woman."—Mrs. William
A .iikens, 988 W. 21st St., Chicago, 111.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, made from native roots and
icrbs, contains no narcotics or harm
ful drugs, and to-day holds the record
or the largest number of actual cures
'mi l
)f female diseases of an
m ne in the country, am
r similar medi
thousands of
oluntarv testimonials are on lile in
Pinkham laboratory at Li
Mass., from women who have been
Mired from almost every form of
'«•male complaints, inflammation, ul
•eration,displacements,fibroid tumors,
regularities,periodic pains,backache,
ndigestion and nervous prostration,
nvery such suffering woman owes it to
îerself to give Lydia E. Pinkham's
vegetable Compound a trial.
If you would like special advice
ibout your case write a confiden
;ial letter to Mrs. Pinkham, at
1-yixii, Mass. Her advicc is free
»nd always helpful.
1 afflirU'd Willi >
Su:o eyes, use \
Thompson's Eye Wator
One Side Enough.
Senator William Alden Smith tells
of an Irish justice of the peace out
in Michigan. In a trial the evidence
was all in and the plantift's attorney
had made a long and very eloquent
argument, when the lawyer acting for
the defense arose.
"What are you doing?" asked the
justice, as the lawyer began.
"Going to present our side of the
"I don't want to hear both sides ar
gued. It. has tindency to confuse the
coort."— Washingtonian.
A New Version.
"Lawyers have a peculiar system of
abbreviation, such words as trustees,
executors being cut down to trees,
exors, and admors. This practise led
to an amusing slip on the part of a
solicitor who, somewhat late in life,
abandoned Iiis profession and entered
the church. A few Sundays after his
ordination he startled his congrega
tion while reading the lesson by deliv
ering one of the passages as follows:
"I see mon as trustees walking."
The Summer Girl.
"How'd you like to be engaged to a
"I was engaged to one all last sum
mer, and he seldom spent a dime. I
want to be engaged to a young man
who is down here for two weeks w ith
about $::00 in his roll."
The minute a man begins to try to
fiave money his friends call him a
For Any Meal
Are always ready to
serve right from the box
with the addition of
cream or milk.
Especially pleasing
with berries or fresh
Delicious, wholesome,
economical food which
saves a lot of cooking in
hot weather.
"The Memory Lingers 1 *
: sTT M CKUKAT, co., Lia.
Battle Creek. Inch.
Agriculturist Has Often Found It Hardship to Be Obliged
to Buy or Build Number of Vehicles
Required on Farm.
A convertible wagon bed which can
be changed into 15 different kinds of
bodies for different uses around a
farm, without adding to it or taking
from it a single piece, has been de
signed and is undoubtedly the most
radical improvement made in farm
wagons for a decade, says Popular Me
In a few minutes it can be trans
formed from a hay rack into a wagon
Tor carrying live stock, and with equal
quickness it can be converted into a
vehicle for carrying a large number of
passengers who can be provided with
ëJ B
Unloading Corn
Party Wagon
Market Wa(oa
Livestock Bed
Ai m Hay Rack
H *y
Wing* Extended for Use at Hay Rack
Wiae» Foldtd 0»«r fer H oji , Sheep. Etc
A Wagon Bed of Many Uses.
comfortable seats along the
picnicking, etc.
The remarkable versatility of the
new wagon bed is secured by hinged
malleable iron pieces attached to the
sides. These support two folding sec
tions on each side. The strain which
is put upon these pieces when heavy
loads are placed on the wagon makes
it imperative that they should be of
strong, dependable material.
ides for
= Jra ined soi t
»umlrainecl soil
undrained when drains are 100':feet ajtartj Jtut
drained vrhen they are SO *eot
The illustration shown herewith is
from a bulletin of the Ontario De
partment of Agriculture and shows
how the water table of the soil de
pends on the location of drains. If in
a field that is underdrained three feet
deep a number of holes are dug it
would be observed after a heavy rain
that In those nearest the drains no
water would remain. In the hole sit
uated half-way between the drains at
C would hold considerable water for
a few days.
In a clay in fairly good condition it
will be found that the slope of the
water table is about 1 foot in 25, in
loam 1 foot in about 3H. The illus
tration represents a clay soil with
drains A and B 100 feet apart. Wells
are dug 12.5 feet apart. At the end
of -18 hours after a heavy rain the
water will stand about as indicated
by zig-zag lines, in a gradient of about
1 in 25, and hence will be two feet
deeper in the centre well than at eith
er #rain. Hence if the drains are
three feet deep there will be three
feet of drained soil over A and B, but
only one foot at X. Capillarity and
soil resistance lo water flow play an
important part in holding the water
highest half way between the drains,
and the gradient 1 in 25 represents
their combined strength in cliy,
hence after this gradient is reached
drainage becomes very, very slow, and
the water table stands in this irregu
lar shape until lowered by evaporation
from the soil and plants. But during
the months of April, May and some
times June, when the rains supply at
the surface all the water needed for
evaporation, none is drawn 1'rom be
low for this purpose, hence during the
early months of growth the water
stands as indicated by the dotted line
AXB. Consequently root development
is hampered at X, as 1 foct of soil is
The agriculturist has often found 11
a hardship to be obliged to buy or build
a number of wagons for the inultifari
ous requirements incident to the op
eration of a farm. The wagon that
could serve to carry boxes or crated
vegetables and berries to market
would not be of any use when haying
time came around. When It was neces
sary to carry calves or live stock, still
another wagon must be called into
While reapers, threshers, and othei
farm implements have been continually
improved, the farm wagon has re
mained practically at a standstill. Per
haps the fact that the automobile has
made such wonderful progress has
served to overshadow the humble beast
of burden and his reliable wagon. Old
Dobbin may he a second rater now
but he will continue for some time tc
fill his particular sphere of endeavor
with a faithfulness which the mo
tor car cannot always be relied upon
to give.
not enough. There are two ways tc
remedy the defect, either to dig A
and 15 deeper or else put a drain at C
half wny between.
Value of Birds.
A French naturalist asserts that il
the world were to become birdless, in
nine years' time man could no longer
inhabit it. r I his seems a very sweep
ing statement at first glance, but
when we come to reflect upon the
matter we lind that ii is doubtless a
true one. Insects and slugs would
multiply so fast, notwithstanding all
the sprays and poisons that could be
manufactured to annihilate them, th*it
they would destroy the orchards, for
ests and crops. The land would be
come one vast desert.
Farm Problems.
The main problem of agriculture is
to show how a farm may be made tc
pay a reasonable return on the invest
ment and ou the labor performed. In
a general way it is well known that a
farm can be made to pay, and pay
well, but throughout the length and
breadth of the country there is a woe
ful lack of knowledge of the existing
cost and value of production such a9
would throw the average businesj
man into despair.
Good Exercise.
There is no harm in pigs rooting ii
they are in a field where rooting will
do no harm. Pigs can secure mucli
feed by rooting and the exercise will
do them good. Where troublesome
roots infest the soil they will often
eradicate them if allowed to do so
The fattening hog should not be al
lowed to root, as the exercise con
sum es too much feed aud enersv.
Jim—Gruet is terribly absent-mind
Jack—I should say so! I've known
him to telephone to his office and ask
if he was in.
Try This, This Summer.
The very next time you're hot, tired
or thirsty, step up to a soda fountain
and get a glass of Coca-Cola. It will
cool you off, relieve your bodily and
mental fatigue and quench your thirst
delightfully. At soda fountains or
carbonated in bottles—5c everywhere.
Delicious, refreshing and wholesome.
Send to the Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta,
Ga., for their free booklet "The Truth
About Coca-Cola." Tells what Coca
Cola is and why it is so delicious, re
freshing and thirst-quenching. And
send 2c stamp for the Coca-Cola Base
ball Record Rook for 1910—contains
the famous poem "Casey At The Bat,"
records, schedules for both leagues
Rnd other valuable baseball informa*
don complied by authorities.
"Doctor," cried little Ringle, over
his telephone, "my wife has lost her
voice. What the dickens shall I do?"
"Why," said the doctor, gravely, "if
1 were you I'd remember the fact
when Thanksgiving day comes around,
and act accordingly."
Whereupon the doctor chuckled as
he charged Ringle two dollars for
professional services.—Harper's Week
Nipped in the Bud.
The Minister (stopping to tea) —
No, thank you, 1 must decline on the
Little Tommie—Guess you're afraid
of the tummy ache, but you don't need
to be, cuz when I have it mamma al
ways rubs " (! ! I)—Boston Her
Included Her.
"Why did she get angry at the
stranger in town?"
"She asked him if he had seen her
daughter and he answered that he
had seen all the sights of the place."
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of i
In Use For Over 30 Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought,
A business man's leisure is simply
the time he doesn't know what to do
W m , WInslow'® Soothing Syrup.
Foreiilklren teething, softens th»» yii m s. reduces In»
tiuuiiuation,allaysi>ain.curcs windeolic. Jov a buttlo.
Better a nagless wife than a horse
less carriage.
We Give Away
Absolutely Free of Cost
The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser, in Plain
English, or Medicine Simplified, by R. V. Pierce, M. D.,
Chief Consulting Physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Sur
gical Institute at Buffalo, a book of 1008 large pages and
over 700 illustrations, in strong paper covers, to any one sending 21 one-cent
stamps to cover cost of mailing only, or, in French Cloth binding for 31 stamps.
Over 680,000 copies of this complete Family Doctor Book were sold in cloth
binding at regular price of $1.50. Afterwards, one and a half million copies
were given away as above. A new, up-to-date revised edition is now ready
for mailing. Better send NOW, before all are gone. Address World's Dis
fbnsary Medical Association , R. V. Pierce, M. D., President, Buffalo, N. Y.
THE ONE REMEDY tor woman's peculiar ailments good enough
that its makers are not afraid to print on its outside wrapper its
every ingredient. No Secrets—No Deception.
THE ONE REMEDY for women which contains no alcohol and
no habit-form in drugs. Made from native medicinal forest roots
of well established curative value.
ayo user," always one
The Rayo Lamp is a high grade lamp, sold at a low price.
Th.-ro aro lamps that cost mor<", hut tlirre Is no bettor lamp made at any
price. Constructed of solid brass; nirkel plated—easily kept, clean ; an
orna h . «»itto any room in anv house. There Is nothing known to the art
of lamp-making that can add to the value oî the KAYO I.auip asa ligtit
giving device. Every dealer everywhere. It' not at yours, writu to*
descriptive circular to the nearest agency of tho
Blest Be Nothing.
Wife—The doctor Writes that 1n
vi ew of our poor circumstances he will
not present his bill immediately.
Artist—We are lucky that our cir
cumstances are no better; if they
were, we might have to nay at once!
Didn't Want His Chewed.
Rill—Don't you like to see a dog
chewing a bone?
Jill—Yes, if it's not one of my own.
Good intentions are always hot
stuff; that is why they are used for
paving material in a certain locality.
Send postal
Free Package
of Paxtine.
Better and more economical
than liquid antiseptics
Gives one a sweet breath ; clean, white»
germ-free teeth—antiaeptically clean
mouth and throat—purifies the breath
after smoking—dispels all disagreeable
perspiration and body odors—much ap
preciated by dainty women. A quick
remedy for sore eyes and catarrh.
A little Paxtine powder dis
solved in a glass of hot watei
makes a delightful antiseptic so
ion, possessing extraordir
cleansing, germicidal and heal
ing power, and absolutely harm
less. Try a Sample. 50c. a
large box at druggiits or by mail.
THE PAXTÖN Toilet CO., Boston, Mass.
One gets it by highway men—Tens
of thousands by Bad Bowel* —No dif
ference. Constipation and dead liver
make the whole system sick — Every
body knows it— CASCARETS regulate-—
cure Bowel and Liver troubles by simply
doing nature's work until you get well—
Millions use CASCARETS, Life Saver!
CASCARETS loc a box for a week 's
treatment, all druggists. Biggest seller
In the world. Million boxes a month.
Northwestern 40 '" 8 ' ruct °"
r\ , 600 St udents
Consen Iltory (26th vear,0»ea&Sept.5.'t«>
AH branches of Music Art and Dramatic Art,
Orchestral and Band Instruments. Normal Courses
in Public School Music, Art, Piano, Physical Train
ing, Domestic Science. Terms Reasucable. Citalofc i rte.
O. A. EVERS, Pre*. Minneapolis, Minn.
»at,clean, ornanuu
1, con venieot, cheap.
-V' ' v
■ T;/** z. — ** 2- AV» •
.- a v
l.ant» All
! Msi'ie of iuetal ,caunot
spill or tip over, will
I cot soil or injure anj
I thing. (î u ara n teed®f
I fectire. Of all dealer«
I or *t?nt prepaid foriiOo.
HAROLD 80mkr8
I 150l)cKalbAvt.
' Brooklyn, New York
You can shave first time you try
with a
old sores cured
Allen'sTJleerlno Salve curesChronicL leers. Hone
lTlo«rs,Scrofulous Ulcers.Varicose Ulcers.In
doleiit Ulcers.Mercurlul Ulcers,White.Swell
ing, Milk I,eif,l''everSores, »iloM sor*». hhttiiflja#
twiurv. Bjr inui 150c. J.P.ALLEN,IH-pt.At,tit.Paul,Minn.
Watson E.CoIeinun,Wash
i ngton, U.C. liooksl'ree. lligb»
eat referencua. Heal résulta.
W. N. U.. FARGO, NO. 34-1910.

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