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Fails to Land
latiöü For Sheriff
t The Miles City Ring
the Republish
Miles City Mondîay a.-«,
proved to be a iivtiv ■
"tart to finish.
• le legation mainlait >•
lation as fichiers V"i i
installées very ru,.
the Miles City slate. i'V
liean rihg in Miles V.-. iv
'.rolling' county poiiii-'
ion g that they sti 1 • ,i.
idea that their word '
but they will realize ! • -
next convention tha: i.e
districts will bo able o , •
biggest side of Politik
which will without
good thing for the coi •
The convention enov
■'ollowin g candidates :
State Re Presen tîitivec ,
Burt and A. J. Freeman.
. I l n
; m
. c'ral
s! ed
1 1 ' ■ -b
!" S Ch
4- 'me
y the
:ri a
County Commissioner, Charles
Treasurer, Carl Calvin.
Auditor. A. H. Lv.verd figer.
Assessor, Geo. Robb Ins.
Attorney, SharpléSf? Walker.
Cierk&Recorder, 0. C Ha'hes.
SherUf. RCn LoValley.
Survey o v , 11. E. Fesirnall.
Superentendent of schools
Mary l.°o Hi Ism.
Of the RopresGntati^fts; Geo.
Hurt of Tsihhy if* well fîhewh ànd
»f Hucce^fuî in gettihè into tHe
ist 1 will look after Ismay's in
trest in county division legislator.
Mr. Freman is a manufacturer
of Miles City and stands well
with the I ah (.ring classes,
Charles Daily of Pumpkin
crock, if elected, vvill succeed
Mr. iluckhn;, whose terrn expires
ihi^ fall.
Mr. Walker, M is, s Wi'spra, Mr.
Robbins, Mr. Fearnall and Mr.
Haines wore nominated to, suc
ceed themselves in their respect
ive offices.
A. H. Swerdfiger landed the
chance for the newly created
office of auditor by a narrow
margin, winning pver Carter
Snell by two votes.
The nomination for sheriff was
given to Ben Le Valley after a
lively skirmish. The un formal
showed no majority with Hugh
Hunter, in the le<id, Ou the
formal ballot the Miles delegation
bolted a^d this resulted in a
stampede tor LoValley, Ekalaka
precinct staying with Hunter.
The Miles ring evidently thought
that Hughie did not show enough
strength in their end of the coun
ty to swing the election so switch
ed to a man they felt sui«e of.
The Democratic convention
will be held in Miles City the 16
of this month and from present
*'-eiws iheir ticket will be a strong;
one. The fight this year promis
es to be fast and furious and
from now until November 8th
there will be something doin^f in
}3?al p olitics al] the time,
i* Lewart Unruh, a young man
"«veil khown here and in the Long
Pines Country where he has re
sided for years bar 5 !, is lirîOôr
arrest on the charge of forgery,
Committed in Camp Crö'ok this
week. Sheriff Davis arrived to
day to take charge of Uf.ruh and
his preliminary heading will Prtfb- i
ably be held in Buffalo.
The young man committed two
separate jobs of check signing
arid gathering in the cash oil
them. His first victim was Ed
Lake, who sold Unrüli a $12 bill of
goods Tuesday evening, the lat
ter presenting in payment a
check drawn ih hi'? own favor j
signed "O, Vv. Own<»s,' i
vhich wd.p accepted and Uni'tih ;
eceivtd the balance in cash.
Loter Mr. La n e became suspic
ious of the check and hunted up
Cashier McDermott, who at onte
pronounced it spurious, the mis
pclling of Mr. Owens' narric be
ing enough to condemn it. Unruh
when approached cn the matte?
claimed to haye received the
of Bkàlaka.- tri payme/H for o?ts:
Afier he BHd been te j
j disgorge the goods and money !
!/ t go cents which he was
check by mail from Wik Owens
short), he flashed another check i
for the same amount and the '
:r.r.ie signature. He wasinstruct
(eel to hurry in with the 80 cents,
and i hat ended the first chapter.
Bright anu early next morning
Unruh resumed operations, ovob-j
ably vvHh the ideu uf r^lai^g tha^ J
80 cents. This um : e bo produced
a check for $17.60, payable, to
himself, signed "John McNarie"
This he presented to Landlord
Pannill, who was induced to en
dorse it, and the young man got
the money on it at Chuning's. But
about that time Mr, Pannill
heard of the Lake & DeBghoy
experience and immediately nail
ed the budding "financeier" and
demanded, the money, getting
all but $1.80. Unruh was about
to leave on the Bowman stage,
Mr. Pannill telephoned Job,p
Mc]S T arie^ who lives or. Box Elder
fron) whom, he received confirm
ation that the check \ya,s forged.
Marshall Biffle was requested to.
t£>ke Un rub under his w|ng until
the county authorities h&d time
to sw<rt)p down upon him.
Unruh &nly recently got out of
trouble up at Bftker which came
about through his propensity for
writing cheeks. He is a pqor
penman qnd scholar and his at-,
tainniepts do not a^ ^11 fit hin^
fftr success ip that line, ms
chances are now very good for
a quick trip to Sioux Falls, where
they will soon learn him the art
gf engraving on stone.— Qa^ette
New Outfit Proves Satisfactcry
lj le ;
last I i
en _ I
gine, ho?!e Cart and equipment, !
röcentiy rt-eivéd from tho Wat* i e
erous Engihe Company, was for- j
mèrly accepted and purchased. ;
At a special meeting of
Ekalaka firë department
Friday äfterncftn the new
The compahy's ënglheër, Mr. Joe j
Helget, spent a day hCré Îîlâtruc- !
Ling the members ox the depart- !
ment In the operation and tiare j
of the apparatus. Mr HbifiK is
a practical (irettan and K, s words

of wisdom wer"e gratefully
A very satisfactory exhibition
of what the engine could do was
given Saturday morning when a
trial alarm of fire was turned in.
The chemical company had their
stream going in three minutes
after the älnrm was soünded j
while the hose ana engine com-jt
panics had twd UrieS of lios'e j
stretcned arid Wo ré pumping
water in Cix minutes. This is |
j not ' Jy any means a * ast ru ^ ar) d j
i n0 ^ e , com P ar|V be |
; at) ' e cut this time in half with j
practice, but considering the
fact that this was the first ç'all
responded to with the tfe'W âp
para tuft and thai the men were
not famih'ar with tii^ir various
duties, the demonstration made
Ti*as good. j
A centrally lobate' 1 '
with a large well
is to
bo in charge 'Lb
j föent and fh;e ^ppî*r^*.u^ ,
! ready for instant use. Wfiëfi 'Jtè i
plans are perfected the depart- j
ibuilt soon and a night watchman
, Protect the
est S,
At the special
i ment will be in excellent
' protest the town fr
position^ an*.
J ( |j\'i^d h.^o
Friday, temperory selections^
were made to fill the nocceHsnry
meeting held
IOC ''cS^ni y ;
i ti -i !
{ V'\o tiôpariîne-iit
thi.ee s°ALno us
" 1 ' '
Max Rickar<h Chief.
O. A. Dahl, Asst. Chief.
P-. A. Mahn,juist, Captain.
Members of section A. (Engine
Company )
Jupe G. Olsen, Foreman.
A. B. Johnson,
G, A. Baker,
C. K, Putnam,
J. Cory,
Wm, Borger,
J. H. Coonen,
Geo. D. Grant,
James Mallough,
A. W. Lucaa,
T. J. Martin.
Section B. (Hose Company)
A. E. Dague, Foreman,
Q. G. Grant,
Wm. Walker
Matt Carey,
J, E. Hail.
Section C. (Chemical Ce, }
W. C. Smith, Foreman.
W. H. Peck,
Fa> Riuh^rds.
Conrad Mvhr (: ,
H. Cory, "
J. W. Grant.
With this apparatus in good
working conditions and wells in
outlaying districts to fijrnisl) a^e
quate water supply Ekalaka will
be equijribd with the be^t fire
fighting system of any town of
similar size in the state. Great
credit is due to members of the
depart hiebt who have spent time
money and a great deal of energy
i n making the system possible
and to the citions who have feo
^°- y ' a ^y supported them in their
e ^ or ts by aiding financially,
Comn , iss ; on Co . bf si ., JX City>
Iowi the É ag i e will give .$17 in
purees to the "Queers ef the
(Jn behalf of the Waitt& Lake
Prairie*" at the fair next wèek.
The tiioney to be diVide'd as fol
lows. $10 to the best lady rider
appearing on the streets duling
tne fair, $5 te the second best
and a years subscription to
third. The equipment of
j horse arid costumes of the riders
0 be taken into consideration by
j the f ä j r judges. The extra pur
se cornés to the fair committee
| unsolicited and shows that this
j up-to-date commtésioïi Company
| appreëifctes its patronage ih this
j section rind believes hi boosting
any proposition thai will help to
frièhus. The judges
aHpoihted filter.
i . • lt • ■ .> , ».
j Atlantic City, in. J. 'where Lv.
Mr: and Mrs: Amos Lambert
^eomhanied by Miss Josie Bar
lél't r riisàuii.T VPirh.'nf* „for
11 1 u
Lambert will attend the tihnüol
f?ii-o[encampment of iheG. A. R. Be
i fore lc turning thô pârty will
! visit the national capitol at Wash
! ington, D. C. and many other
, . !
" )
f interest and will be,
! absent îÇhâhit-M
--o. . • * n .. ' c, v ■ |
"* ix v ^ ek - g '. Mî '. enlis -
tv>d ip if 4 e tinny at the beginning
vv>u ip tpe army at
pf the civil war, at the age of 16
and remained in active servico
from the first to the last. That
he will enjoy, himself and meet
many of his old comrads is the
wish of his many friepdg.,
• «BBS
Fruit! Fruit!
Of AH Kinds,
jusl received in fine condition, and are
to be sold at prices the lowest yet, A
Special low price by the box,
Wilson & Olsen,
Every Thing In Readiness Fof Ëig Evci.t.
Next Thursday is the time of
the commencement of the Eka
laka fair arid race meeting w ni eh
continues for two days. Final
arrangements have been made
and everything is in readiness to
show the visitors a good t; vie
and to pull off one of th; . est
programs in the history of 1 )
town". A glance at the or -
gram will give one an idea t
the doing that are to be In i,
there being one $2\J0 relay
four $100 races, two $75 ra. -i,
two $50 races and several otr.« r
events with purses ranging from
$15 to $50. All told, the pur- j
for the several races already ad
vertised will amount to nearly
;$900., whieh stim assures us that
the best h'orSes in the county
will be here to enter the race^
and compete fbr first money. A.
W. Lucas and L. F. Kennedy
will have entire charge of the pro
gram for the days and propose
to keep something doing all the
time. For the first time in sev :
eral years we are to be without
ta bal' game on the fair days,
I something which will be regret
! ed bv the mànv fans who alwave
) look fof an exhibition of this
national Sport oh these davs.
The bafid boys are putting in
all their spare time practicing
and expect to be in better shape
than ever next week to render
the music. Dancing will be held
each evening in the hall and it
has been rumored that a theatri
cal troupe is to he hère to put on
^t-e'r-ràl üp to 1 uate plays. An
other çvent i^hmjses t.o.fur
hitih öihUfifehlßfit for the visitorb
is the water fight. This 'stunt'
will be pulled off by the mem
bers of the fire department who
will resportî »n »1^

_ • v. i vi ; v
vhe^» lut the nose uien settle
| .■l-.
all disputes among themselves
with the assistance of the two
These different events promise
you two dctys of fun and frolic
and you should now prepare tc
lay all cares aside and come tc
Ekalaka next week.

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