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Best Protection Against Destructive Beasts Is Woven Wire
Fence With Barb Wire Stretched
Across the Top.
In answering a query as to the best
method of preventing wolves from de
stroying a sheep flock, the Wisconsin
Agriculturist publishes the following:
Many bells on a flock of sheep will
no doubt do good service toward
keeping wolves off though they would
not be proof against attacks from the
bolder animals. A few well trained
shepherd dogs would 6erve the pur*
Wolf and Dog Proof Fence for Sheep.
pose better and would make very ser
viceable animals in other respects in
helping to attend to large flocks. The
best protection against wolves for the
flocks, however, would be wolf-tight
woven wire fence, with barb wires
stretched at the top so as to prevent
the wolves from getting over and into
the sheep pastures. Such a fence
must also be built close to the ground
to present the wolves from digging
their way through underneath. A barb
wire stretched tightly along the
ground line will be very serviceable
In this respect. The woven wire fence
should be at least as high as any
farm fence ordinarily in use is, and
pieces of 2x4's should be nailea or
Should Be Fed at Regular Times
and Never Roughly Handled
by Being Chased by Dog
or Left in Cold.
(By A. D. WILSON, University Farm, St.
Paul, Minn.)
One of our good dairy farmers, liv
ing in Carlton county, who is also a
Farmers' Institute lecturer, Mr. F. B.
McLeran, in talking on "Care of
Dairy Cattle," always emphasizes the
Importance of making the stock com
fortable. He 6ays that if they are
made uncomfortable by being fed at
irregular times, so that they spend a
great deal of their time expecting to
be fed, the discomfort shows in lower
production. If they are made un
comfortable by having a poor bed, by
being roughly handled, by having a
dog set on them, or by being left out
in the cold or allowed to go thirsty,
these conditions result In decreased
production. He emphasizes the fact
that one of the great advantages of
weighing the milk every day, from
each cow, is that it gives one a qntck
check on any condition that brings
about discomfort to his animals. If
any cow shows a dropping off of her
milk flow, as a rule a little observa
tion w) show that she has been made
uncomfortable in some of the wars
mentioned above; and, knowing these
factB, the farmer is able to check
these unfavorable conditions quickly.
One of the points that Mr. McLeran
especially emphasizes is the import
ance of not allowing the cows to st-'y
out in the winter when they are un
comfortable. He states that a good
way to determine this Is to take off
your coat and out in the yard with
the cows, stand around and act Just
as the cows do. When you begin to
feel uncomfortable and feel like eoing
Into the house, put the cows in the
•'"n ft
Tl»« brood sows murt have dry and
reasonably warm quarters. Tb« ac
companying Illustration gives us a
talrly good idea of one style of a litter
pan. h la roomy and Its long panel
spiked to the tops of all the posts
projecting outward from the field en
closed for sheep pasture at an angle i
of 45 degrees to the upper parts of the
posts. The pieces of 2x4's should b« :
IS to 20 inches long and to them the |
barb wires should be stapled The,
fence thus made will prevent the !
wolves from getting over as they j
cannot get over the projecting barb j
wire arrangement even though they
manage to get up the woven wire tc
its top. The accompanying illustra
tion shows clearly how the fence is
built. Such a fence is of service tc
any sheep farmer who wishes an effi
cient means of protecting his flocks
against sheep-killing dogs as well as
against wolves.
High Prices for Horses.
We may well doubt the prediction
that the automobile will soon put thç
horse out of business and reports
from every section of the west show
that well-bred animals are selling al
$350 to $500 per pair.
Cows Are Not Soiled to Anj
Great Extent but Pasture Is
Depended Upon for Entire
Summer Feed.
In England cows are not soiled tc
any great extent but pasture is de
pended upon for the entire summei
feed. They say over there that 11
takes two acres to keep a cow goin?
as she should.
Early in August the cows are turned
on the aftermath of the meadows and
later changed back and forth between
the pastures and the meadow.
When taken off the pastures In late
summer the cows are fei a little cot
ton seed cake but they do not get
much grain at any time.
In the winter they are fed roots—
40 to 70 pounds per day, about 13
pounds of straw, half as much hay
and about eight pounds of meal and
oil cake mixed.
The barn yards are paved with cob
ble stones to keep the cows out of the
mud and the manure is saved un
der sheds. Not a thing is wasted.
There are very few creameries in
England and the butter on the mar
ket is all farm butter but it is of fine
quality, generally a great deal better
than our farmers make.
The prices for milk for the year
averages about $1.50 per 100 puunds
after the freight is paid.
Many Goats in Country.
It is estimated that there are over
2,000,000 goats in this country and all
are practically free from tuberculosis.
Thousands of them are milk goat3 and
are used regularly for this purpose.
Honest Packing.
Pack fruit honestly and label pack
ages so all can know where they come
from. A reputation for honesty Is a
business asset.
doors when opened admit of plenty of
light and air. This style of a pen is
handler for the attendant tban are
the triangular shaped sheds. These
pens can be more easily olesaed and
Salt and Kerosene Are the Twin Al
lies of the Housewife Devoted
to Cleanliness.
Every housewife should realize the
possibilities of salt as a cleaner. In
deed. salt and kerosene should be In
the cleansing outfit of every house
hold, for together they form a combi
nation which eradicates almost any
For polishing mirrors nothing can
exceed the merit of salt. When apply
ing it the glass must be wet with
clear water, then the salt rubbed on
with a damp newspaper. The final
rubbing may be done with dry news
papers or with a chamois skin.
A tablespoonful of coarse salt, a
teaspoonful of ammonia and a pint of
hot water mixed and kept for rinsing
decanters and carafes will make them
as bright as new.
Silver discolored either by egg or
other use will respond at once to a
vigorous rubbing of damp salt.
Salt and vinegar combined will
usually restore polish to brass and
copper, and 6alt is a wonderful reno
vator of polished wood surfaces that
have been dulled with hot dishes. To
brighten such spots cover the gray
portions with salt, which is then wet
with olive oil, all of the latter being
poured on that the salt will absorb.
This should stand for 24 hours, when
it should be removed and the surface
rubbed with a soft cloth. If all gray
ness has not disappeared, repeat the
salt and oil bath.
For removing discolorations of fruit
from teeth or hands salt is excellent.

Some one has given the following
as the aims of domestic economy:
To lessen housework by mechanical
device and convenient arrangement.
To save money by gaining knowl
edge of how to spend it.
To supply rational food to the fam
To understand the well-being of the
family and the home.
To make development of character
the aim of the home.
New York Apple Charlotte.
Like a mold with lady fingers or
sponge cake. Soak a third of a box
of gelatine in a third of a cupful of
cold water until soft. Pour over It a
third of a cupful of boiling water and
stir until dissolved. Add one cupful
sugar and the juice of a lemon, to
gether with a cupful of sour apple
sauce drained dry and put through a
sieve. Cool in a pan of cracked Ice
and when the jelly begins to harden
beat until light. Toward the last add
three whites of eggs well beaten, and
beat all together until stiff. Pour Into
a mold and when cold and stiffened
turn out on a platter and Berve with
a sauce made from the yolks of the
eggs, a pint of milk and Bugar to
sweeten. Boll like a custard.
To Clean Wall Paper.
You can remove grease spots from
wallpaper with blotting paper and a
hot fiatlron. Put the blotting paper
over the stain and press It with the
j hot iron. By this process the stain
[will be transferred to the blotting pa
; per. Other stains may be removed
from the wallpaper by rubbing them
with a piece of breaj| a day old or
with a piece of flannel dipped In dry
Scrambled Cauliflower.
Trim off the coarse outer leaves of
a nice head of cauliflower, and after
soaking and cooking, drain well, then
divide into branches. Sprinkle with
nutmeg, salt and pepper, and toss In
the frying pan with hot butter or olive
Lemon Filling.
Three-quarters of a cup of sugar,
one egg, one lemon. Juice and rind,
piece of butter large as egg yolk. Beat
well together and cook until it thick
8auce for a Clambake.
The sauce used at the ordinary clam
bake is simply melted butter seasoned
with pepper and a little lemon Juice.
If you prefer to make maître d'hotel
sauce, cream a half capful of butter,
add a scant teaspoonfnl of salt, a half
teaspoonful pepper and a half table
spoonful lemon juice. Lastly add one
half tablespoonful finely chopped pars
To make the borne the expression
of the mental, moral and spiritual
culture of the family.
I Want to tell you in a few words what
your Swamp-Root did for me, believing
that my testimony may do some other suf
fering person a great deal of good.
About six years ago, I was dangerously
»11, consulted three doctors, all of whom
said I had kidney trouble. One of the
doctors analyzed my urine and reported
that I had gravel, and further said that
in order to regain my health and life, an
operation would be necessary. I did not
want to bo operated on as I was afraid
that I would not recover, ßomeone told
me of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root and said
it was a reliable medicine for kidney
trouble, so I decided to try it and went
to Mr. Rose, the druggist, at 303 Central
Ave., Minneapolis, and bought a bottle,
took it, noticed results and continued
taking it until I was entirely cured.
Having been free from any kidney
trouble for over six years, I consider that
I am absolutely cured and know that
Swamp-Root has the credit.
I never fail to tell my friends about
your remedy, as I believe it is the best of
its kind. Your U & O Ointment is also
very good. We are never without a jar
in our house.
Yours verv truly,
Minneapolis, Minn.
State of Minnesota )
County of Hennepin J *
Personally appeared before me this 23rd
day of Sept., 1909, Mrs. Margaret E.
Anderson of the City of Minneapolis of
the State of Minnesota, who subscribed
the above, and on oath says that the same
is true in substance and in fnct.
Notary Publlo.
Commission expires March 26, 1914.
Letter to
T h* . Kilmer A Ce.
ninprhamfon, N. T.
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do For You
Send to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingham
ton, N. Y., for a sample bottle. It will
convince anyone. You will also receive
a booklet of valuable information, telling
all about the kidneys and bladder. When
tvriting, be sure and mention this paper.
For sale at all drug stores. Price fifty
cents and one-dollar.
Some folks never feel saintly until
they have a chance to syndicate their
DR. J. H. RINDLAUB (Speclallst),
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Fargo, N. D.
Anaemia Is often temporarily mis
taken for virtue.
A good honest remedy for Rheumatism,
Neuralgia and Sore Throat is Hamlins
Wizard Oil. Nothing will ro quickly drive
out all pain and inflammation.
That observation which is called
knowledge of the world will be found
much more frequent to make men cun
ning than good.—Dr. Johnson.
Laying tne Foundation.
"Why are you always so careful to
ask advice about what you are going
to do?"
"So that if things go wrong I can
say 'I told you so.' "
Mutual Expectations.
A notoriously close-fisted man was
taking his golflng holiday in Scotland,
where he hoped to improve his game,
and, by driving a hard bargain, had
managed to secure the exclusive serv
ices of a first-class caddie, who was
known to be a very good player.
"Mind, now," eaid the ambitious
southerner, "I expect to receive somo
really good tips from you during my
stay here, you understand?" "Aye,"
replied the Scotsman, hitching up the
heavy bag, "an' Ah'm expectin' the
like frae ye, ye ken."—Golf Illustrated.
6WC0 P away all doctor's charges. We put the best medical talent
within everybody's reach. We encourage everyone who ails or thinks
he ails to find out exactly what his state of health is. You can get our
remedies here, at your drug store, or not at all, as you prefer; there is
positively no charge for examination. Professor Munyon has prepared
specifics for nearly every disease, which are sent prepaid on receipt of
price, and sold by all druggists.
bend to-day for a copy of our medical examination blank and Guide
to Health, which we will mail you promptly, and if you will answer all
the questions, returning blank to us, our doctors will carefully diagnoso
your case and advise you fully, without a penny charge.
Address Munvon's Doctors, Munyon's Laboratories, 53d & Jefferson
Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.
*3 *3J? & *$4 SHOES
Bovs* Shoes , S2 .00, S2 .50A *3.00. Best in the World.
Do you r»*lUe that my shorn have been the itaadard for over
sa .ee, »a jm> and S4.oo
£ Btbettetvuid wear l*n**rthan ray ot
SÄ •».®0 th— s jroq mo boy * Ounlltjr eonnti
wadbm 4» the world.
«1.1 "I whe a Wa bur myehoea boe »«woi
• of the
Fargo Directory
CO. of N. It. All premiums are
left la your state fur Ita develop
ment. Country hanker* may bo
come depositaries. Policies guar
anteed by state deposit. AgetlU)
wanted, l. J. iMkUr, nj>.
.lofruenand literature,
loping and printing,
ren prompt attention.
Write for catalogues and literature.
We do developing
Mall orders given f "
Growers and shippers of
O ut tfi .owfckh, P uants,
. etc. The largest facilities
r and best appointed ser
vice In the Westfor han
dling ont of town orders,
tfnne-aldeslgns made up
on short notice. Phoneor
write ns Might or Day.
BstabUshed a quarter of
a century. Send for cafc
CMaw Braslwsy A hwl Btract, Fut«, H. Ik
Receives hides And skins for tanning to
harness leather, robes and coats. Robes
lined, bides bought, leather and robes for
sale. Bend for price list,
Andrew Monson "iii.L"" Fargo, N. D.
Ship your Cream to the
Farso North Dakota
Our modern facilities and excel
lent local market enable us to pay
the blähest cash price for butter
fat. Write today for bhipping tags.
PRMDAIIV plumbing, heating and
uUmrAliI electrical contractors
We do Electro Plating of all kinds. Have
your old fixtures refinished. Ask about our
Electric Lighting Plant for your country
home; cheaper and safer than gas or gasoline.
Write for delivered prices in car lots.
STONE'S gasg?
teaehes you to play .any chord on tlie
piano or orpnn without the aid of a
teacher. Regularprice$l.fiO. Spécial
for 30 days, postpaid only 08 cents.
Fargo, North Dakota
1 f m odds enjoyment
1%, % m )' Ul J* Pk to every sport or
■ ■ ■ m recreation. Ko
dak way Is eauy and simple. Kodaks
$5 to #110. Ask us for a copy of the
Kodak Catalog. Njk.Hajto Kc*!»« t«., FirnVU,
OoDipJet« courses in Music and Dramatic Art. Cat
alogue Ireo b'argu, North Dakota.
"I have been using Cascarets for In
somnia, with which I have been afflicted
for twenty years, and I can say that Cas
carets have given me more relief than any
other remedy I have ever tried. I shall
certainly recommend them to my friends
as being all that they are represented."
Thos. Gillard, Elgin, 111.
Pleaeant, Palatable. Potent. Taste Good
Do Good. Never Sicken, Weaken or Gripo.
10c, 25c, 50c. Never sold In bulk. The gen
uine tablet stamped C C C. Guaranteed to
cure or your money back. 924
onr Invention. Free booking
I be nil IVrms. Oonsnltns. M ILO
m m-* m wmmm m r>. BTKVKNS & I/O., Es'ab. lotii
868 lith BU, Washington; 2tiU .Dearborn st., Chicago,
W. N. U., FARGO, NO. 45-1910.

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