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Ra;i:îg Program Lcciclcci Upon and
Agricultural Corrmiltees
. , ^ mi
l U !ii \ > i he < in
wa:> arranged and <to
T , . . ,
on. In the neignbor
r.vo thousand and
dollars will be
and the committees in chargei
... , , ,, . .. ?
will endeavor to fee that a who
■ 't- "l 1 , , i * o .01 \
visit F.knlnkn on Sont Sivl nrwl
At a meeting of the racing
association Tuesday evening the
cork was pulled
bottle and one of
Ekalak f
from the fair
1 ho best -ni-'l
hood of
away i i
. iVe
and premmms
visit Ekalaka on Sept. 3rd and
4th get value received for their
monev. The program committee
which was appointed last week
wily ake full charge cf the rac
i;v. rogram this fall and see;
that 1 events are pulled off as
scheouled and that no unnecces
«ary delay will occur.
A committee consisting of VV
H. Peck, Geo. G. Grant and John
Oliver was appointed to handle
and take full charge of the agri
cultural and live stock exhibits
during the fair. This committee
has commenced work as if they
meant business and want to
prove the worth of this section
as to farming possibilities. Per
sonal letters will be mailed to
each and every homesteader in
this section asking them to aid
.. h ^ *
zœxxrjrMi*?, v
r o
We wish to thank you
"or your liberal patron
age during the little 4th
of July celebration hert
as weil as at times in the
the committee in bringing to
gethcr one of the best farm pro
duct exhibits yet seQn in this
part of the county. Thq,program
and premium lists will soon be
printed and mailed out over the
eounty. ;
The speed program as arrang
ed consists of some very good
races and v ithout a doubt is one
of the best ever, there being six
races each day, representing pur
j We hope to merit a con*
j tinuance of the same and
j ' extend to all a cordial in
I vitation to attend the
Liüala&a Fair
3, 4,
L i kJ
We assure you we try at
all times to give you good
service, the best goods
and fairest dealings.
Again we Thank You.
ses amounting to nearly $1200.
This program consists of the fol
lowing races:
i First day, 2:30 class trot or
pace, mile heats, 2 in purse of
! $200.00.
I One-quarter mile, free for all
! running race, purse of $50.00.
Relay race, 3 miles, first heat,
j purse of $100.00.
Three-eights mile free for all
running race, first money win
ners of former free-for-alls being
bar, ed, purse of $50.00.
One-half mile cowboy race for
, • . • , ,
untrained horses carrying stock
c i i rr ^ j.
Second day, Trot or pace for
0 o 11 i « ,
2 or 3 year olds, 1-2 mi e heats,
„ . '
best 2 in 3, purse of $150.00
die and rider weighing not
less than 130 lbs., purse of $30.
(j ne .h a ]f m jie, free for all run
ningH|ce> purse of $lon .oo.
Free for all trot or pace, mile
heats, best 2 in 3, purse of $200
Three-eighth mile free for all
running race for three year olds,
purse of $75.00.
Second heat of Relay race.
Two mile saddle horse race,
purse of $75.00,
Five-eighth mile free for all
running race, $25 to be paid to
winner at each eighth, purse of
$125.00. .
Don K. Rice of Williard war a
visitor in town the fore part of
th e week. t
R oy Gray of Sykes returned
the fore part of the week from a
visit to Sioux City.
Jack Hatton returned Sunday
from a short visit with his son
in-law near Knowlton,
Joe Western of Miles City was
a visitor in town the tore part of
the week visiting old time ac
For Sale. - 500 bu. of oats, de
livered in Ekalaka, at $1.75 per
hundred. - L. J. Piles, Chalk
Buttes. -adv.
T -n ir t , T tt ■*
L. F. Kennedy and J. P. Hea
ges this week purchased a part
of Wm, Sweeneys land west of
town for pasture use.
C. Sommerville, the govern
ment land agent has returned
from Miles City and will spend
some time in this section.
Miss Persie Ellis left Ekalaka
Tuesday noon for Orange Beach,
Alabama where she expects to
visit her sister for a few weeks.
J. L. Burns of Box Elder was
visitor in town Tuesday. Mr.
Burns says that his crops are
looking good and he fee's confi
dent that he will get a good
yield this year.
B. M. Melum and son of Capi ■
tol were visitors in town Wed
nesday, being enroute to Miles i
City on a business trip. Mr. j
Melum says that it has been
pretty dry in his section and that
rains are badly needed.
There is a good job awaiting
some bright young boy at this
office. We want a boy who is
industrious and willing and one
who would like to put in his
spare hours at this office during
the school months. If you know
of such a boy I°t. us hear from
Local Happenings and Other Items
of Interest to the Many
Eagle Readers.
Frank Simpson was a visitor
in town yesterday.
A. J. Speelmon is enjoying a
few days in Baker.
Martin Flasted made a busi
ness trip to Baker this week.
Miss Katie Munro is visiting in
Baker this week, among her
August Freese went to Miles
City yesterday on a short busi
ness trip.
W.I. Maxwell and family were
Miles City visitors the fore part
of the week.
R. H.-Atkinson went to Mar
marth this week and disposed of
one of his fine stallions.
For Sc' ^n 2000 feet of inch gal
vanized iron pipe, slightly used.
Inquire of J. W. Hiscock.-adv.
We understand that Camp
Crook will hold its fair in August
this year, a week ahead of ours.
Geo. Clark of Bad l and, N.
Dak. came over Wednesday. He
is looking for a location to run
his stotk this winter.
August Frie of Pekin, Illinois
is the guest of his sister Mrs. O.
P. Watkin's at Mr. Watkin's
ranch near Box Elder.
"Goo" Roberts who was tried
in Glendive this week for the
shooting of Ray Lowe has been
acquited of the charge.
The date for the reconsidering
of the county division petitions
has been set for next Tuesday,
when final, get that word 'final',
action will be taken.
R. L. Chuning, Mr. and Mrs.
13. E. Latham and Doc Latham
of Camp Crook passed through
town Sunday enroute to Miles
City on a business trip.
James Mallough was in town
yesterday visiting his many old
time friends here. Jim has tak
en himself a homestead near the
old Dave Anderson place and in
tends taking one whirl at this
farming business.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Wood
ard and son Norris of Prairie
City, Iowa have been guest of
the W. H Strain the past week.
Mr. Woodward came to Ekalaka
broken in health ano is return
ing to the Hawkeye state feel
ing greatly benefitted and en
thusiastic over Montanas match
less climate.
The Ekalaka Band is again a
visible object, many of the for
Ir.ier members having gathered
together during the past week.
Several new members have been
secured and Ekalaka is now as
sured a good musical organiza
tion for this fall. Regular prac
tices will be held each week. A
band is an organization that each
town should have an 1 we are
Iglac 1 . to note that Eka!: ' ' V 'U be
"on tap" hereafter.
We are in need of copies of
the Eagle for May 2nd, 1913.
Bring us a few copies.
Inquire at this office.
For Sale—One mare with colt
by her side, and two geldings.
Can be seen at Munro & Fergu
son barn.—Mrs. R. F. Law.—
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Picket of
Sapulpa, Ok la. are the guests of
J. W. Hiscock and family at the
ranch east of town. There Ok'ia
homans are favorably impressed
with this section and expect to
make their future home here.
The Thompson House.— Hav
ing thoroughly renovated this
house from cellar to garret, I
solicite a share of your patron
age. Meals, 25c; beds, 25c and
Tickets, $5.00. — Mrs. Wesley
And now comes the order from
Washington, D. C. that as soon
the present supply of parcel post|
stamps are disposed of that no
more will be printed. Ordinary
stamps will then be used which
gives us one bit of satisfaction
there isn't so much surface to
lick every time you mail a pack
Reasons, why you should h'st
your land \vith Grant and Fuqua:
Because you want to sell it: be
cause they are doing lots cf ad
vertising in the east and will
have more buyers during the
next year than land sale.—adv.
The Cottage Hotel at Camp
Crook is again open for business
where you may secure the best
of meals and good clean bsds
and rooms. When in Camp
Crook come and stop with us
once.—Mrs. L. A. deBelloy, prop.
— adv.
Senator T. J. Wash of Montana
whom many state papers have
quoted as being opposed to a re-1
auction on the wool and sugar !
tariff has come out with the j
statement that "free wool and !
sugar will not injury Montana.
Mr. Walsh issued this statement
on the eve of the greatest tariff
debate held, and will use his vote
The rain guage at W. Freese 's
office showed L27 of an inch yes
terday morning, the result of the I
heavy downpour early yester
day morning. This was the '
heaviest rain at any one time so
far this summer and it came at
just the right time as during the
past few days the hot weather
was beginning to show upon the
crops. The rain of yesterday
now practically assures the people
of this section an exceptional
good crop this year. Ihe gra'n
had headed out in great style
will surely boom from now until
harvest. The rain of yesterday
extended o\er the Box Elder s'al
ley, to the north beyond Baker
and west several miles. Th
weather prophets are predirini
much more rain for this ; ..
yet this month which we law
will not discourage any ol <■ :
What Hsppen
ings That May Interest
Our Readers.
was a
Ray Burns of Willard
visitor 3n town today.
The Bank examiner was here
today on one of his periodical
Doc Eowell was a visitor in
town today from that famous
"hop" farm.
Floyd Clark has gone to Camp
Crook where his mother is very
ill with typhoid fever.
A downpour of rain this a. m.,
one of those "whoop 'em ups"
with lighting attached.
J. W. Hiscock and family were
visitors in town yesterday from
their ranch east of town.
Highest cash market price paid
! f or butter »a- " I PSU
at the Hou^-a^v.' ^
Leslie Ramme returned today
fiom a short visit to Aberdeen
and other towns along the line.
A child was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Mcpherson yesterday
afternoon but only lived but a
short time.
Paul Cadle of Willard is the
new helper in the Eagle office
and he expects to remain with
us permanently.
Roderick Munro, Jr. returned
last evening from his farmstead
where he nas been doing some
extensive ' 'honyocking".
Chas. Laveii, Joe Arpan, and
Robt. Perkins or Box Elder were
visitors in t^wn today, and all
jare rejoicing ove, the big rains.
Dr. Wendell L-utcon of Sheri
dan is here this week in company
with a representative of the
Montana National Life Insurance
, una
. om ' Jani ''
We have foi
feet of rougl
sale about
imber and
ieet of 4 inch tir flooring,
prices that w.ll surprise
Call at this office,
The Comptroller of the cur
rency has received an application
for the organization of the First
National Bank of Baker, Mont.,
with a capital of $25,000. The
incorporators are f.. E. Baker,
R- L. Chuning, J. F. Beazley, J.
L. Barstow. Mr. Baker is at
present assistant cashier of the
Baker State Bank, Mr. Chuning
is president of ihe Chuning Mer
cantile Co. at Camp Crook, Mr.
Beazley is a co-partner in the
iiaker Mercantile Co. and Mr,
Jar s tow is a leading real estate
nd insurance man, ar.d all re
present the staple financial in
terests of that vicinity,
Three >ill be a dance' next
week at Sterling's homestead
near the Chalk Butte?.
Several of the your g friends
Martha Ramme .uy hored a;
her home Wednesday where the;,
celebratedM>.: ha'r ninth birth

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