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The Ekalaka eagle. [volume] (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1909-1920, April 09, 1915, Image 5

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Legal Notices
i »l'|lll ii IIH'llt iii' III!' llllrrinr i S. i.. 'Illil
itlTici' ni Mill's ( liv, Mniihimi.
Nottfi' Is iii' 1-1 'II.v Kivi'ii I hill J iiiiii's K . \ D|
lili'.s.ol Kkul.'iloi. Mi .nlu h<>. (in O c I o I m'i- I i.
I '.hc.i, iiiiii I i' I! oiiii's I rail i'jiii r.v No. (iKI'J'.i, Im
!SW'A, Swtloll 'Jfi, I . :HN ., It. "iH K., M. I'. M..
Iltis lllril Hollen ol iiiti'hlioii to miikr liy
.yi'iir proof, In t'sliibllsli i l In In.' Ii
liliovr il.'-rri licil. I h ' I ok "' S. ,1. K iiihw II i' I*. I .
S. * 'oui missioiirr, m | i'ikn liiku, Mont .. oil i I m
Hill I i l'II.V ol Mil I eh. Hilf,,
rln I nui ni mi hick ii h u H liesses :
.loh il M< 'I lor. II. a. a Iii toi I, I in y Id I!. Sur
flirr. \Y i il m iii ;-mi rl .'mt iillol KU ii Inka, M mi I
A. K I KCl I Kit. lUx ialur
Notier foi I -J • »- I'llhlicjllioii
IM'MJii'tiiH'nl «»i.the Inferior,
C. 8. iiiiud OfÖct» hi Milite i'ilyt Molilalia,
KH». 1, I',»15.
Notier is hereby jriven Hint, .hums A ih I it
sini, whose fiost-ollieejuhlr«' s is linker, , Mon
ta lia, < I i<t, un Hi«' It I m lay of A pell, I'.Mii, (Ih* in
I his oilier Sworn Statement ami Applieji
lion, No. OT'.Ntl, lo pnrehnse I he S IO '/ i NW ' i ,
Section IT. Township *J N., Knimrbli K..M. I'.
MerMiiiii, and the timber thereon, mnler
t lie f>ro vi sic ii I. s of the net of .In lie |S7S, ; * n < I
acts amemhitor.v. known as the Timber
ami Stone |,j»w,"ai sm h Vitiums inijrht be
I1\ed b.\ appr.ii.-«« iim ni . ami that., piirsiiiml
to such a tiplient ion, the lamt ami limber
tln'reon huve In en appnii e<l. Jfl7H.0D U m
titulier «estimated ;w;.nuu honni feel ut
per M, ami I;lie laml .$7n.on; thni said anpli
cant will of Ter llnal prool in «npport ol hi
application and sworn slalemenl on I In
itatn day ol April, I'.'l.'i, before s. .1. Kmswih*r,
I '. S. t'onnni--sioner, at I'lkirmka, Montana.
Any person is al liberty to protest this
purchase before entry, or iuii in! e >i content
at any I hue tie Core patent issues, oy liliniz a
corrobora ted a Iii» la \ i I in I ii i*> oltie« , a i leuimr
facts which \\ « a I Id del ea i I lie entry.
A. KI IU II l ilt. It« visier
'2-12 HI
On Farm Lands
EKALAKA, MONI ANA. Office in Ramme Building
T. J. MARTIN, Prop.
When in Ekalaka, make our house
your home. We will ^ivc you a square
meal al a square price and we have
}.;<><»ti, clean beds.
Having taken over the entire man
agement of the Munro and Fer
guson Livery and Feed Barn \ solic
it your patronage in the future. I
have appointed myself president,
secretary and chief "swamp," and in
fact the whole "cheese" in hopes
that I i lay find more time to meet
you all personally.
R. H. "Dick" Ferguson
"Our Lights Never Go Out" s
Win Kodgers.
Oscar Giibertson
Ekalaka's Thirst Emporium
Good treatment.
Give us a trial.
Notier o^ Contest
I >i'|nirl 1 111 1 1 1 1 ni' I In- Interim*, I' S. I.ntiil
'Hliie ut M i les < 11 .V. MulJllllin
Mil re1 1 si it, t !iir,
Ti i ( ' I iiii I i 'r ( ' ni Ii i er of I in k m i «ri, I 'oil tost ce :
Voit ii re tie re I .,\ not if led I lilt! < ; nice \ . !•'. 11 ..
\V III I ul re- I i uluew jij , .Moll tl, ID), IIS lier post -
oil lee il 1 1 1 1 re ., 1 1 ni oil Mil re 1 1 I. lillfi, Il le In I Ills
'•"lee I m r tluly eorroliorn feil il luillen I ton to
eoiile>l ii ml seen re I he en nee| lui Ion of .vour
hiiiiiest eml, 1 ; ii i.i-.y No. Serial No.
"11*211, miiil" Si 'i i| (?ni lier Sill, I 'hi'.i , for \V 'See.
l.-i. Ii. ." in|i ;, Mon I :i i m lYInrlptil Merlilinn.
h lui us ii i oil mis lor her eonle>i -lie nlleues
I liai ti ni i ni r.v luis lieeii 11 ni ici i ipiei i for it
perloll ol mi ree ,\ ett I" Illlfl Is \\* 11 o JI llllrllHj
V tl t I'll milt II I III IKIOtiei I.
Vim are, I lieret me, tu 1 1 hi r not llieil Ilm:
I lie nil ti I leyti I inns will lie Innen li,v lin,
nit tee * I s 1 1 1 1 \ i 11 K heen enul'essetl n,v y mi, iiiiu
.vmir Sii ill entry wilt !"■ • n j i I Ici I tliereinj
1er Wit 11 1 1111. ,\uur I nil In T I'lMIII III tie lieu I 'll
I liereiii, entier lielnri' litis nil ice nr mi up
i 'eat, If 11 ii Inn in tile in tins nfl'iee vviUuii
i wem j un, \s tiller I lie fuurlli |i n lit teai imi ui
Mus nul lee, us shown I h 'I iiw , ymir uiiswei,
Hinter mil Ii, s|iceilie:illy nieeliiig uinl re
s 1 111 1 u 111 1 ^ In these It lli'^n I inns nf ronii -i, m
II .villi Itiil within llitil lime In lile hi iln
ntTiee itne primf Ihm yen lune Kei'veil u
enpy nf \ mir answer nu I tie suiil
eil lier in h,v re« ist ereil mu II. Il
lins sei'viee is niiiile liy I lie ilelivery ef u
enpy of ynnr answer lu i lie euiilesliiiil in
I m ■ i'si in. prent nf s tie 1 1 sen lee in iisl lie elihe,
i lu' «il i<f eon I esl II II I "s writ ten tiekluiwleil«
li it'll I nf Ills reeeipl nf the eucy, shew in«
I lie (In li- III' ils reeepi, nr the fill li'liivll nf the
person liy wlmni the ilelivery wiitj niiiile
stuiiii« when and where the enpy was (le
i livereij ; if made liy registered iiiuii. print)
I nf s u i ■ 1 1 serviee muvt eunsisl nf the it If id :i vil
j ni I he piTsi'm I 'y wlimi 1 Ilie enp\ was
I iiidilcil si a i in« when and the pnst uffiee i,
wlueli it was luailetl. uinl this ulfidmit
hi 1 1 SI he . i renin pu n ied In the pnsl 111:1 iter',
reeeipl I'm the letter.
J Vnn slimild »lein In v .nr iinswer tin
j IIIIIIII' lit I tie Plisloltiee lo wllli'h y ol t ill i I ,.
! I u rl her nol iee to si'iit t o you.
.1. 'I'. I! AMIl.TliN,
I »»i t e i if tir. I publica! ion Ma reli In. Id t.l
! " "I It ii, I " A p r il l ' "
IS< d. \ TI. I » TUACT.
I*ublIc I <amt Sa I«-.
Pcpm I aieib nf i tic ]nteri«>r- (' S. Land
Office at Miles «'ii.v. AJontaria.
F ell. 20. 1015
Not ice is hereby irl v n I hal. as » I i re t . h < I b>
t he I 'oniinissloner of I he *,. n< i a I Land Of
fice, under pm\ i ions ol Ac I of< 'on irren» ap
proved .1 u lie :.T, !'.'<»( » ' :'d St a I .. r,i7 '. pu r 11 a u f
I o I he a ppliea I iou o| Krank I». I'rlce , Mka
laUa, Molilalia. Serial Nos. I2Î), we
will offer al publie -ale. to thf hitrln st bjd
der.laitat not less thun f '.i'i per acre, at h»
o'clock A. M. on I he ^t h i lay of April, I9J5.
at this ottice. I he follow in i ract of land :
lints J, 2. K 1 > N \N 1 i. Sec. :;a. 'f. \ \ M K, F,(',
K , M. M
This land iv ordered inb. marlo-t upon a
showimrthat I he j/rea 1er port ion thereof is
inoiintainnusoi- too roui-h 'or cultivation.
Te» be sold subject, to l he condllhuis and
reservat ions ott In Ac! of .Iniie ' lî»lfi (
Stat.. f,s:p.
'I'he sale will not be kept open, bid w ill be
dee|ared closed wh» n l hose |> t < « ni at I lie
hour named have ceased bidding. The per
'•it inakliifr lin hiirle I bid will lie refjnirerl
to immediately p;i.\ the I i \« r | he anmunt
I hereof.
Any per -o i is e la imi nu ad ver < I.v i h «above
described laud are advi-id o» file their
claims, or fibjecl ions, <»n m efoj. the lime
designated . ;t i,
A. KlitCIIi:il. KetfiHtcr.
Prairie Dale News
School Election at the Prairie
Dale School house passed oft' very
quietly as Ed Rockhold and N.
P. Ryan, two of the old school
board had moved away and there
had to be the full board elected,
but as there was only one ticket
in the field there was no excite
A. P. Strain entertained his
bachelor friends at an Easter
dinner at the home of his father j
VV. IL. Strain. Some eiyht or ten j
forlorn bachelors were present j
and all did justice to the fine din-1
ner Mrs, Strain had prepared j
for them.
Bruce Haven and r ami!y were'
quests ut the ÀI Rice home East
er. 1
' i
A. .1. Rice received the sad
news that his father had d ; cd a
lew days a;jo at Valley, Nebr.
0. .1. P.uckmaster has securer!
his old position at tlx. 1 Hall and
Snow saw mill and will com
mence woik immediately.
Spring has arrived at. last and
seeding has commence)'.
Mr. Labrick passed through
this vicinit y Monday.
The valley was visited with a
nice rain Monday.
Dr. W. R. Morgan
Dr. VV. R. Morgan will return
! to Baker, Mont., April 5th. The
doctor lias been attending lect
! ures at a veterinary college for
; ihe past seven months and has
specialized in the following oper
ations or, horses: Roaring (coin
inonlv called bull heaver), siring
halt, chronic head shaking, cas
crating and spas ing. Pai ! ies de
siring ve terinary service for their
stock can address Dr. Morgan at
his oflice in Baker. (.'alls by
letter or phone given prompt at
tention. ;; 2oti'.
' i eiu hors' I ".xa miiv.it iosis
Teachers who nave p'upils who
■wish to lake the State Eight
; Grade examinations are hereby
notified that the examination wili
j be held May 19th and 20th and
•tune 2nd and -3rd . Examina
tions l'or certification of teachers
will be held Aiiril 2'Jth and Moth.
Sincerely yours,
Annette, Leonard, Co. Sup.I
Shorthorn Bulls
I will have here for sale by
! April 15th two carloads of regis
tered Shorthorn Bulls, an extra
' good lot, all Montana fired and
well wintered.
.lames Hunter
Miles City Montana. 12-L'.t
l o the Stockholders of 'I'he
Ivk'.iUik'.i Telephone Com
Nolice is hereby given lo
( he sloc k holders of Ihe Ekiila
k',i Telephone Company, lii.x
a Spec ial meeting ot Ihe sloe k
holders is called hy request of
the stockholders, for thetmns
action of important business,
ihe meeting to he held at the
(«encrai oflice ol (lie company
a I Ekalaka, on May 6, I'M 5, .it
the hour of 2:00 o'clock, p. m.
of said day,
Bv Order of 111 e President,
<i, H. 1'urwcll, President
I Attest, W. II. Peck,
Secretary and Treasurer.
• n < >i (tni:iiU',. lor the '.ininiiil appropriation for
J' n I' l*'d:tU:i. Moniana, lor ihe fiscal
vi-.ir hi'!;i,u,tnix May .t. |'I|S.
' ' l.niied, h» th. Town Council
"" I • ii . t t ;t aiakîi
s ' : !| fi'« t h. lollowimx sums, or so
il 1 u - i 1 i, . i . , i ,, ..... . . . ' .
a • 111 . i I " ■ ii. ee ,;i ry. be a ml
" l»y are appropriated from any
'injs ol tin- Town Treasury, not
1 1 'propria! ed derived from eol
! a%es. licenses filles, fees «,lld
a -if « 11 ree . for the purpose of
ol in I
leel if 11 ,
ojh'i ;, i '
pa ii b, ;
fir I \!•
"I 'inlenanee, i m provemenl . re.
I "I hr r . penses of I lie Tow n of
•i ihe lise;! I .year be crin nimr on the
•> «►(" May. r.d.'i:
ipal and administrativ e
j a i r poses. )
' p«
M a ;r ist rale per an
' f l"\vn M;ir Iuii per {innuin ÎKWI
: ' ' 1 ' 1 1 > Atloriu y iii'VHiilllllii 150.00
' MK'tlSes of i;|«c| j(,il I IM"). Of)
I • I'.trt 11 1 • ■ 1 11 lOO.tM )
Ho;ir»i « if H ( . } ,lt 2.50.00
I'"' 1 '' ! I 'Uli lui'iil J0(M) f 00
• ' : « • ii« i }i I l' iind $l'. 1508.00
0«-»|i l'! [j,;, j || J j,,.,. j, |,(J p . j ,. 0 f
y 1 ! • ' ■ s i m I l »r i < 1 $l5o.fin
T'- - - - .1 Knud $ir.o.(Ki
' 11 niîiJnt « n;iii« <• und repair of
" 11 ' ' • 1 I i - $7"».Ofl
-'■!< a ;i Ik I miik I $70.00
' 'i" opruittoii $2Sy:j.OO
. A ii.v n Dpropriut ion or fund
1 11 • i ■ * • i 11 i • ■ \ i(hd for inoy at any time I »•;
t run - 1 : < • i t ( » a n.v c > t lier fu ud \v inn so pro
vid«-d I... . -.cd 111 ; i nee duly «•nnct< , d l»y Un»
I own < i itiivi | for t h;i I pu rfuisc. Im t not ot h
« rwi
S« ci ii.ii Tills ordinaneo .-luiil take « I
!i ! 1 »'• in loive from ami aflor ils pas
sa^«- u i. -I*;, ppmva I.
A PI"'* ■ ' ' <i t his h da v of Ma ivh l'.Mö.
.1. r. \ i-: i M . J :S
Atl " 1 ' Mi VI .1-,
W M Mi IW Iii; \ 1
S' i . i Tinv II I 'li i k.
• N u "u iv.iiu y to amciul Orilinaiu e No. 17 of
ill«' In.-, u ol ! k-.il.iU'.i. rrlaliim in till' pul.licn
li " "I < i iliir.iiuvs ;nM |i| iivulin^ loi llii-pust
• n>: tili i «•« a m iieiiot puhlic.uioo.
: 1 " "ii .1 ii h« I'own Council of I Im
I'« • » I i ; k ; »! : I L ; i ;
• Thai Section I of Mid i tia nee No.
'- 1 i "Wii i- 1 I*! » : ; 11 ; i k a i- lin ■ l».v aimiid
<■'1 ' " a I« 'I In \\ •;
ii I. K \ • r.v ord i na m-r ■ |,a 11 a-don
I" : ; ' 1 ' i 1 ; » 11 « r il • pa • - a • ami approv
ol !>• 1" : ■ 1 I h. Tow n f'lerk on I In» Tow n
« 'Uli -> Ii« ..u r! m I r« nit «.i i Ii. hi « ♦ Hall in
o " 1 1 nid a I ■»» in I Ii ri ••• «»t I ï «' r ■ pul»i i<- a ml
«•"ii ; :..|| plac. • in aid town, and iinot Ii
"»• p ■ • o i< mi or p . t iptr I h.Tcof - lia 11 I». re
nn o • ' ■ 11 - i " i • i )i< a 11 \ <»l h« i a i . pruvid
ed in ' •11. iiîi i »•-. • • 11 ; i • I • d. •*
Se. I...,'. Tili ordinane.. -hall l»e in full
fore. ' I fi',',-,-! t hin \ day If a n- 1 aller
\ of April, IM'.
.1 IV H I ' I »> ; KS,
Ala • .
M« »wr.i: \
Town <'l«rk.
« M i mwB
Miles (lity,
April 14, IS and 16, 1915
To! MM IS Ci; y HOK i SK SA I ,K.S CO. Will
Sell At Their Uepuhu' Monthly S;ile
April I lib, 15th and 16th, 1915
2'MM) he;id oj horses neires and mules, mostly all
broken, in u'ood lle.sh and rrady for the spring
work, ['ig la; in m ires in foal, draft horses,
chunks, medium sized workers, and war horses
of .ii! t y pes. dome to the only l;»riïi> horse mar
k-'t in Jbe Northwest, where we always have the
horses and never postpone a sale. Keep in touch
with us if you want to buy or sell.
Apr. I i, lf>„ l(>; May 21, 25, 26, 27; .lune 21, 22, 23, 24.
.hdy 1 ( >, 20, 2!, 22. August l(>, 17, 18, 19.
Sept. I.*, î I, 33, K»; Oct. 1.1, 12, I.*, 1 »; Oct. 28, 29, M).
Col. C. N. Moore, Auct.
Guv (a'.iiHlah, Mgr.
^ ï f t
rüiÄi' ;. r
"'Pf ,y "l " M
[vW\ '7r^4vit
"I T ! " : n, 7 :: ' 11
| m |! V \ £ ï mil Mild ii « * 11 •: 0 ! I • I' ■ I V ;i 111
§ira„ ?v . t , p ; \ f>-1 «,
t'JPv "ipjs i r y -"'''■»'V
i -fc •. ! .
' i 's ;ill 1 1:1V speed jfj
iX'.ljtisf.'ihle i'oneli h
pif i f > turn out |U
• L-;,
in ike il
Il ! 1 c i J \
s 100
p-' ' i
V rit-:' i.'tn
i ■■r'ki
i'i { Se r lier , ' ■
HI I'^.otn'M.it'ii . f i. • Asii; ß
Iil: Master- P
!<.. W. Kli.SSKI.K, A^t., Baker, Mont.
r-/-*« vnw jwh, . m ■ » «rwar.'/w w ii ii wui ■ » . w a »?^w mji.up» .wiu ag-wrs n.* v,w.'i l iwni
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An Ordinance relating to the general safety,
protection from fire, disease and other injury
to ihr inhabitants of the Town of Ekalaka,
and providing for ihe inspection of all places
within the Town of ICk;il;ika where .any agen
cy or condition may exist dangerous or ini
mical thereto: also providing a penalty for
violation of this ordinance.
I'.«- It Ordained liy t.lif Town lV»uneil of tin
Town of Kkalaka :
Seetion 1. It shall l»e the duly of every j
person, firm or corporation having in its j
possession for us» , sah«, storeagn or other- j
wise, gasoline in any uunntlty to store and j
keep I he same in'safe und proper recepta
cles and in such manner as to reduce th«' li
ability of fH*e t herefrom to the lowest nos- j
Section It shall be Ihe duty nf every
person, linn or corporation having in its
possession for use, sale, storage or other-j
wise, a ni inflamuble or rombfistible sub
stance lo store and keep the hhhic iu safe
and proper ree.eptaeles and in such manner j
and condition as to reduce tin' liability of
fire or explosion therefrom to the lowest
pf>ssibie minimum.
Section No person shall wit hin 1 he lim
its of t he Tow n of Ekalaka ex pose for sale or
olTer to sell or deli ver any article of food for
human use t hat is tainted, diseased or oth
erwise unfit or dangerous for human use, or
any decayed and unwholesome fruits, vege
tables, market produce or any article for
human consumption unfit for sue. h use. and ;
every person engaged in any business with
in the Town of Ekalaka shall al all times
maintain therein clean- ami sanitary con
ditions, and such conditions generally a*
will reduce the liability of lire to the lowest
possible minimum.
Section l. Kvery person, firm or corpora
tion keeping, conducting, running or man
aging a hotel. lodging house or restaurant
within the limits of the Town of Ekalaka i
shall at all times conduct the same in an or
derly, (dean and sanitary manner.
Seel ion â. 11 shall be t lie duty of I he Town
Marshal to from time to time inspect'all
buildings, premises and places referred to
in i his ordinance for tie 1 purpose of enforc
ing the provi ions of the sa in ? a lid for that
purpose he shall lie permitted to haVeaccesv
t o t he same as often as may lie reasonably
necessary therefor.
Section (i. Kvery person violating any
provision ol t his ordinance shall upon con
vict ton thereof be fined in the sum of not
1 » ;s t hau live dollars or more than mm hun
dred dollars* or imprisonment iu II"' town
jfill for t lie period of not exceeding thirty
days, or puni died by bot h such line a mi iin
pri onne n t.
Section». A judgment that any person
pay a lim» may al o direct that he In- im
pri find not il I lie line be satistfied in the
proport on of one day's imprisonment foi
. \ h ry t wo dollar . of t he line.
Sections. Thi-ord ina nee sha 11 be in full
force and elle, t thirty days from and after
its pa -save.
I h i or.
■ I i 11 ; 11 n ■ i 1 is licn-liy a]
ir \ m il, Illlfl.
J. i'. UK ik iks,
\v \i. mi i\vi;i:av.
'I'own I'lriU.
The Ramme House
The hotel where you get the
best of meals, clean beds and
first-class treatment.
L. T. Ramme,
Gradual*.' of University ol Fennsylvn
Special attention to diseases
of womerf and children
General Court and Land Oflice
Oflii'o I ii Penn-n Block
U. Coinmis ioncr . . Notary Public
Filings, Final and Yearly
Proofs. All Homestead
Papers properly executed
Oft ice al I lie lüa^le's N'est
Raymond SheMen
Atlorncy and Counselor at Law
I'lkalaka, Montana
L. A. Cosiser
F-ikcr : : Mon?.
Formerly U. S. Deputy Survrycr for Mont.
Bridge, Crown lidav
Work a Specially.
Ekalaka. Montana
. . . LAWYER . . .
Rooms V and 8 Ldilmgburt Bloili
Tisor & McKinnon
Miles City. Montana.
Plaslorcr, Stone Mason, Also Papcriiiij
All Work Guaranteed.

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