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Interesting Happenings In And
About the Town
Bert James was over from
Frank Simpson was in town
Tom and Jerry were with us
Girl Wanted—Inquire of Mrs.
W. E. Owens. 43tf
Lorin Gilman was a town cal
ler Tuesday.
Colin Munro Sr. is town this
week from McKenzie.
Jess Grant made a business
trip to Baker on Monday.
F. M. Dworshak transacted
business in Baker Tuesday.
Miss Mary Wash of Rema was
an Ekalaka caller Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Wheeler
went to Miles City on Tuesday.
For Sale—Nearly new Steger
piano. Inquire at this office.43tf
Mrs. Joe Hoffman returned
Wednesday from a trip to Oma
Miss Mina Munro returned last
Tuesday from a trip to Miles
Walter Maxwell was in Miles
City Monday transacting land
G. S. Bradshaw was in town
from his ranch at t h e Chalk
Buttes Tuesday.
Miss Frances Schultz spent
Thanksgiving at her home near
Chalk Buttes,
Mrs. Oral Denniso.n returned
Wednesday from a visit to the
schools of the south end.
Paul Meyers of Dodge, Nebr.
is here visiting with Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Hoffman at Elgin.
Mrs. Virgil Davis and son left
Wednesday for Baker for a visit
wite E. Traweek and family.
Miss Martha Haftle went to
Baker Wednesday t o spend
Thanksgiving with relatives.
Catholic services were held
yesterday at the Union church
Father Moscopp being in charge.
Charlie Griffin was in town to
day from his ranch and purchas
ed a part of his winter grub pile.
For Sale—Daroc boar one year
old. This is a good ono and will
sell him cheap. D. U. Surface.46,
Mrs. Robt. Yates, Sr. left Tues
day for Oklahoma, having been j
called there by the illness of her j
Miss Clara Yates was the win !
ner of the five dollar gold piece j
É.iven away at the Play House on
Christmas Presents and Other
Goods Sent by Parcel Post
FOR A LONG TIME we have been pushing
our mail order business. You are, there
fore, probably familiar with the high quality of
our goods and the »rompt deliveries we make,
Customers who cannot conveniently come to town
should buy gifts by mail. In choosing gifts to fill
mail orders we take as much care as you would.
Goods will be carefully packed. All goods are
subject to a refund of your money or exchrnge of
goods. Stationery, Fountain Pens, Leather
Goods, Perfumes, Smokers' Goods, Shaving
Supplies, China, Cut Glass, Candies and Cigars
are some of the always appropriate gifts.
The Reliable Drug Store
S. A. Holt, Registered Druggist
Thanksgiving night. The next
orize drawing will take place on
December 12th.
Mrs. Frank Evans who has
been on the «sick list for the past
week or so is up and around a
John Alstrom was in town to
day from the Chalk Buttes. The
"500" club met at his home last
Big Kid Dague attended the
show and dance last evening,
motoring in from the Chalkie
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wear and
Mrs. W, I. Maxwell returned
Sunday from a visit at Virginia
City, this state.
F. L. Funkenbusch and wife
left for their ranch on Powder
river on Wednesday t o spend
Before placing your farm loan
see Grant & Fuqua. They nave
something entirely different
which will interest yuu. tf
Dr. B. B. Sandy of Elgin left
Monday for Lake City, Iowa
where he will spend the holidays
with relatives and friends.
A. J. Rice with a crew of as
sistants is busy putting in a neu
heating plant at the school house
which was badly needed.
Remember, a piece of furniture
makes a very appropriate Christ
mas gift. See C. K. Putnam,
The Furniture Dealer. 47tf
Lost—One poland china sow.
Weight, about 200 lbs. Strayed
away from my place about a
week ago.—Harry Williams.
Miss Constance Sjoblom hat
accepted a position a s steno
grapher in the office of U. S.
Commissioner S. J. Emswiier.
Cv Hardy put in his appear
ance in town yesterday for the
first time in several months. Of
course, he attended the dance.
Too much turkey, cranberries
sauce, pumpkin pie and dancing
is our only excuse for being a
day late with this weeks paper.
Taken up—One bay mare with
A on right shoulder. Owner can
V have same by paying the pas
ture bill. W. J. Brown, Kimball.
The new toil line between Miles
City and Baker has been com
pleted and the three-minute fee
has been reduced from $1.35 to
L. F. Arpan was in town Mon
day from Elgin. While here he
executed the papers deeding over
320 acres of his land to Jo3 Hoff
C. D. Newbary left Wednesday
for Virginia City to appear as a
witness in a land case involving
some land that was patented
manv years ago.
Something entirely new in
farm loans. It will pay you to
see us before doing business else-j
where. - Grant & Fuqua. tf
Rock wood, the town decorator
and paint brush artist has finish
ed up a job of re-tinting Ihe in
terior of the Ekalaka Barber
Last night a large crowd at
tended the picture show and the
dance at The Play House. Every
person there had a most enjoy
able time.
Johnnie McCumsey left Sun
day for Alsada. Johnnie has been
with the Eagle mechanical force
so long that the place is rather
lonesome since his departure.
The foot and mouth disease
has again showed up in Kansas,
Nebraska and Missouri. Cattle
from these states are being bar
red at the Chicago stock yards.
County Surveyor-elect J. C.
Cory and Meli Reese have been
in the north end of the county
this week laying out some new
roads and selecting bridge sites.
Ben Clark has purchased the
building adjoining this office to
the east from C, K. Putnam and
will in the npar future have an
up to (,ate batn house in opera
tl0n> j
This is to certify that anyone
except Plymell's, handling or J
desposir.g of any stock branded
LB will be prosecuted to the full
est exte U of the law.—Mrs. Leo J
Ray Allen was in town from j
Kenia Wednesday. He was ac
companied back home by Miss
Catherine Chilton who spent
Thanksgiving with her sister,
Mrs. Alien.
Mrs. John Pickard and
T hurs
Ferguson went to Baker
day t o meet Mrs. Pickard'?
daughter Geneva who is attend
ing school at Miles City.
Geneva will visit here.
R. M. Griffin of the
Buttes was an Ekalaka
Tuesday, being enroute to Bakei
with a load of grain. He stop
ped in at the Eagle office and had j
his name placed on our subscrip
tion list.
Ole Tweed has |been here for
the past week visitiing his sister
Mrs. C. J. Rasmussen and other
friends. Ole is now located in
the State of Washington, where
he is interested in some mining'
Ollie Hedges, E. A. Jabobson.
Bobbie Yates and Curly Sever
ding were taken in as members
of the fire department at their I
regular meeting Tuesday evening J
As soon as about seven more |
members are secured the d e- j
partment will have an active list j
numbering forty.
□ ;□
Note The Dates.
Sunday Dec. 3rd. "shoes" u s a Bluebird.
Thursday, Dec. 7th ItÂlïï
peo, with J. Warren Kerrigan.
DeC. 10th Anot her Bluebird.
W ïïî. Fox Feature, with
Tuesday, Dec. 12fh wf RlltN " Famous
Theda Bara.
The best schedule we have ever booked and
* OU might win the prize. Save coupons.
Dio !□
The county commissioners will
j be in session next week at Baker
and will have a large amount of
election bills to consider.
The entertainment committee
of the fire department have been
instructed to prepare a smoker
for the active and honorary mem
bers. The event will be pulled
off possibly at the Januare meet
The fire department held its
meeting Tuesday evening. At
thi S time O. A. Dahl resigned as
assistant chief and George Lee
man was selected to fill the vac
anc ^» f° rmer having been
^^^terred to »the position of
chief engineer.
Tom Martin is back with us a
gain after a visit to the Simpson
ranch where we are informed he
perfected his plans and mapped
out his route for that often spoke
of trip to Arkansaw. Until his
company i s recruite to full
marching strength he will make
this his field headquarters.
On the last page of this issue
will be found the statement of
the condition of the Ekalaka
State liank at the close of busi
ness on November 17. The last
~ . A.v. . W...MV1 JL ii v. mo L
statement ii September gave the
volume of business as $193,139,27
while the present statement put
the figures at $228,414.10, a very
encourageing increase which
speaks well for the officers now
in charge of the banks affairs,
j t may j lave | )een ] iar( j ] ucl< on
{some to accept the result of the
past election but it could have
been worse. We remember a
fellow who mortgaged his farm
to buy his wife a set of diamond
iear !> : gs for Xma?. His wife
took in washing to pay the inter
est on the mortgage and one day
jshe lost a sparker in the suds.
She tried to hang herself in the
barn but the rope broke and she
fell on a $150 jersey cow, break
ing its neck.
Of course the postmaster has
a J 0 ''- One kick we have on
him is that no letters are given
out before they have been re
ceiv ed. If you don't gel a letter
or a package on the day you ex
pect it, have the postmaster look
through ail the boxes and down
the cellar also. It ought to be
there and he likes to hunt for it
just to please you. If your dear
friend doesn't write, rave at the
postmaster. He is to blame. If
he says no, put on a grieved look
and say there ought to be some.
He is probably hiding your mai!
for the pleasure of having you
c ill for it. Ask him to look for
it again. If you are buying any
stamps, make him lick them and
put them on, that's his business
and be sure to get the cash dis
count of 13 two-cent stamps for
|a cent and a quarter.
, Delayed Election Dispatches
New York's only hope is t<
move west.
Woodrow also seems to have
I received some rural credits.
! thirteen electoral votes in a
doubtful state are luckier than
ballot No. 13 in a voting booth.
Few men can have followed
I the returns with more complicat
• ed emotions that Theodore Roose
! velt.
Mr. Hughes was right. He
said that work would be scarce
if Wilson won. and now he is oui
of a job himself.
ihe Colonel now intimates that,
he will retitu to private lift.; but
he has tried that before en sev
eral occassions.
If only his name had been
Hughesson there never would
have been any doubt about Minn
esota or North Dakota.
Furthermore, it was a great
treat to watch those women
who can I vote telling the West
ern women who can vote how toi
The newly elected congress
wo man from Montana will not be j
the senior member from her own
state but she will be the Rankin :
Pr.iirie Dale.
A, L. Schaum was a business
visitor in Ekalaka Wednesday.
Mr. Harris lias just finished a
new well on Iiis place and install
ed a windmill.
Ray and 0:\i Strain are ai Eka
laka helping i.lr. Rice in.-tail the
heating plant at the se'' ..»ihov.ri .
Dr. Sandy and I Ian e 'j in ana
passed through thin vicinity on
Tuesday enroute to Baker with
loads of grain.
Iii'.: i ,
A. i ). otrain departed Sunday
for a two months visit with re
latives and friends at his old
home in Niobrara, Nebr.
Clyde Conger and Roi lie Trog
don are in the house moving
business, having moved the old
Antrim house to the Harris ranch
this week.
Ceo. Stevens and Will Murie
nave been kept busy the past I
two weeks at the coal in::ie, peo- :
pie for twenty miies around out
there after coal.
u-irs. .J. U . Hisceek nnd child - j
ren arrived home last week from j
their trip to Boston. While tin",
'lad a very enjoyable time tliev
•\ ei e glad to be back on the ranch i
Miss Marvis McGuiivery is j
planning a program lobe ren-1
derec at the Prairie Dale school
house on Friday evening Dee. !
22nd after the program there ;
will be a dance.
«■»»WIK. * nt.frr» Witt, JKQtOTS*
<ui £resn candies in
A shipment of fi
bulk and in boxes. Tliey are
delicious. A box would be
appreciated by '"lier
most any
The Ekalaka Drug- Co. a
© r ^ ...
frj. The Rexall, Nyal and Santox Store
Frank Clark is busy these days
working on his new house.
Miss Eleanor Peabody was cal
ling on Miss Johnson Saturday.
The county superintendent,
Miss Leonard was in this neigh
borhood last week getting ac
quainted and visiting schools.
The nice days are surely wel
come after the spell of real win
ter weather last week. Every
•me was wondering if winter had
come for good.
Henry Martin is helping Mike
Moolick dig his his weil deeper
and (Hit in a new curb. Mike is
m&.K.in^ every duy count, (getting
things in shape for winter.
Jacob Hamilton just purchased
the old Bob Smith ranch, also
several head of horses. This with
the land he already possesses
makes an ideal stock ranch.
Ed. Marty of Camp Crook was
a guest at the A. L, Pangburn
home last Fhursday, on his re
turn to Crook from Ekalaka
where delivered a bunch of hor
Mr. Alfred Cline and Miss Lois
Hamilton wore quietly married
'it the borne of the bride's par
ents last Monday, only the im
mediate relatives being present,
i heir many friends extend con
gratulations and wish them a long
and happy married life.
Henry Maly, who recently set
tled on his home: tead near Soda
Lakes, had the misfortune to
have his horse stray away, when
about ten days iater he found it
mired in the mud of one of the
laaes, where it hud perished;
F u- -I
U T " '*•
Based on 'he drama of
Author of "Ululer Cover" and co-aiithof
ot ' It Paij.': to Advnrtise"
.'um rikiii. j.io. uj Mtuaulay Couiuau/.
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appearing in This issue.
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