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Interesting Happenings In And
About the Town
Lester E. Hill filed on a home
stead Monday.
Christmas candies, nuts etc.
Ekalaka Drug Co.
Mrs. Munroe Elliott entertain
ed the guild Saturday.
E. T Pickering returned Tues
day from Minneapolis.
('. K. Putnam made a business
trip to Baker on Monday.
Ed Marty was here the fiist of
the week from Box Elder.
R. E. Buckmaster left for Hot
Springs, So. Dak. Tuesday.
Dr. Bakfr and J. Cory went to
the county seat Wednesday.
Mrs. Joe Hermann of Midland
was a visitor in town Tuesday.
Ro'-eii L. Il^rtis has sold hi
homestead tv> Frank Kesterson.
For Sale—Nearly new Stegei
piano. Inquire at this office.43tf
George Boggs made a business
trip to the county seat Monday.
Dr. Johnson arrived Monday
to assist Dr. tioyd in veterinary
Frank Buck of Rema autoed to
Ekaiaka Wed. in his new Hud
Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Co
zad Thursday morning, a baby
Edward Perso is enjoying a
visit from his father from Wis
Calvin Pierce and Anton Bends
proved up on their homesteads
Dr. Albert Sherril and Doc La
tham wore over from Crook last
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. BartletU
Holiday ïïnrrs
Toilet Goods
Fountain Pens
Leather Goods
China, Cut Glass
Shaving Sets
Dolls and Toys
Smokers Goods
Holly Boxes
Xmas Cards,Tags
Parisian Ivory
Thermos Bottles
'Writing Sets
Manicure Sets
Art Calendars
THE PLAYER-PHONE. The phonograph
without a peer
Something For Every Stocking
One of the special advantages in selecting gift goods
here is that something suitable may be found for every
member of the family. Practical, sensible gifts, novelties,
etc. are all included in our complete stock. The compel
ling power of low prices is another reason why you should
shop here.
The Reliable Drug Store
S. A. HOLT, Ph. G., Proprietor
IB ms
of Chausse were shoppers here
Stylish Stationery in Special
gift boxes—at Holt's.
L. A. Conser and Mr. Crorin
of Baker were visitors here last
Mrs. Kohert Finlayson came
over from Baker Sunday to visit
with relatives.
The Ekalaka Drug Co. has just
installed two new crystal show
cases in their store.
0. A. Dahl left Wednesday for
Baker to transact business with
the commissioners.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Mahnkin and
daughter Luta were Ekalaka cal
lers Saturday and Sunday.
Beautiful high class jewelery
and silverware, engraved as you
wish it. Ekalaka Diug Co.
George and Fields Wash and
Miss Mary Wash of Rema were
Wednesday visitors in town.
Mrs Julia Emerson and sons,
Charles and Bert were in Ekala
ka the fore part of the week.
Dr. Boyd is down from Miles
City and will remain here for
some time doing veterinary work.
If vou come early to shop then
it will be useless to look any far
ther than at the Ekalaka Drug
Henry Rrueggman of Nebraska
filed on a homestead before U. S.
Commissioner Emawiler last Fri
Jim Mulkey who has been seri
ouslv ill is recovering of which
his many friends will be glad to
John J. Owens and family, of
Clyde, Iowa, have arrived to
take up their home on the hi me
M. H. Pre!l returned Monday
from Baltimore, Md. where he
was called by the death of his
Final State Returns
Final canvass of the election
of November 7th as to the state
offices shows the following re
Democratic electors; W. M.
Bole, 101,062; Chas. Manseur,
99,681; Thomas McTague, 99.7G6;
M. C. Morris, 99.423. Republi
can electors, Thomas Cummings,
66,750; J. W. Johnson, 65,682;
W. D. Symmes, 65,209; R. Wig
gen horn, 65,129.
United States Senator — Henry
L. Meyers, democrat, 85,580; C.
N. Pray, republican, 72,753.
Representative in congress
John M. Evans, democrat, 84,499
Jeannette Rankin, republican,
76,932; Harry Mitchell, democrat
70,578; George Farr, republican,
Justice supreme court—Theo
dore Brantly, republican, 76,914;
John E. Patterson, democrat, 72.
Governor — Sam V. Stewart,
democrat, 85,683; Frank J. Ed
wards, republican, 76,5^7,
Lieutenant Governor — W. W.
McDowell, democrat, 78,704; J.
B. Annin, republican, 72,411.
Attorney General — S. C. Ford,
republican, 78,119; J. B. Poindex
ter; democrat, 73,911.
Secretary of state — Chas. T.
Stewart, republican, 76,806; T.
M. Svvindlehurst, democrat, 72,
839. j
State auditor-William Keat
ing. democrat, 73,845; W. D. j
Fenner, republican, 73.184.
State treasurer— H. L. Ilart,
republican, 76,341; J. W. Farrell,
democrat, 72,711.
Railway commissioner— Dan ie
Boyle, republican, 77.883; E. J.
Joh.ison, democrat, 70,811.
Cle v k supreme court— J. T.
Carroll, democrat, 73,061; Will
iam Cri ig, republican, 72,892,
Superintendent of Public In
struction —May Trumper, repub
licae, 77 940; Theresa O'Donneli,
democrat, 61,779; C. W. Tenny,
non partisan, 11,443.
Prohibition —For, 102,776 and
against; 73 890.
On Saturday, December 2nd,
at Buffalo, S. D. occured the
wedding of Ollie G. Hedges an i
Persie Ellis, both of Ekalaka,
Justice Wilson performing the
ceremony. Mrs. Hedges, who is
now teaching school near Sykes,
will finish this term after which
she will move to Ekaiaka where
the young couple will make theii
future home. Both the bride and
groom are well known here ano
the Eagle joins their man>
friends in extending congratu'a
tions and best wishes for a lon*>
and happy journey on the sea o!
" carmen "
The Fox Masterpiece
One of the most gorgeous Photo Plays ever
As "CARMEN" the Spanish Siren
Real Spanish Gypsies, Bull
Fighters and Dragoons
A Super b Production in 5 Magnificent Acts
Tuesday, December 12
Popular Prices - - - $5.00 in Gold Given Away
loi [Dir
r S\
Red Cross Campaign
Red Cross seals were first put
on the market in 1907 in the sin
gle state of Deieware. The
movement has since spread over
the entire country, and over
$3,000.000 has been raised from
the sale of seals while hundreds
of associations have been formed
which are fighting tuberculosis
in nearly every state and terri
tory. Facts about tuberculosis
have been published; helpful
j tuberculosis scars on our lungs or,
e | se latent infection and again in
j difference may mean not only!
your own personal health, mon-!
ey atl( ] happiness, but it may
men incalculable loss to your
own family and your own associ
ates, folt- the fact that someone
has it i.s a menace to to the health
of those most dear to you. for
from one to five infections come.
In the war abroai the Red
Cross ministers to the wounded;
we wage a war in which Red
laws have been passed; hospitals
dispensaries, open air schools and
visaing nurses have been estât
lished, suffering has been relived
and lives have been saved as aj
result of the sale of Xmas Red
Cross Seals. The educational in
fluenceofthe Xmas seals cam
. . l
paign has been as much respon
• ui e .u- .u j
sible for this as the monev de-'
ri.ed; every effort of the volun
teer to call attention to the seals.
■ e , • j
even if no sa e is made; every
d isplay of seals; every sermon;'
. !.. . h ,. .. '
every health talk elietied by the
seals has counted in educating
the community to guard against
None of us can afford to be in
different to tuberculosis. In the
first place, you d o not know
whether or not you may have the
disease, for statistics show that
90 per cent of us who appear to
be healthy are carrying about
Cross Xmas Seals bring relief to
the suffering and dying as well
as defense against the enemy it
self. This enemy, tuberculosis,
is more deadly than an armed foe,
claiming one death out of 1-3 of
all who die between the ages o
12 and 45. and costing us over
$500,000.000 a year in loss of life
and labor. Will you not enlist in
the campaign?
The Miles City Daily papers
have raised their subscription
price from $5.00 to $7.50 a year.
This raise was forced upon the
publishers through the steady in
crease in the price of print paper
A car of print paper cost the pub
iishers in Miles City $702 a year
ago and today the price stands at
$2,800 and the limit is not yet in
The fountain pen extraordin
ary—the "Evans" . A self fill
er. Price $1, at Holt's
j Governor Stewart has issued a
! quarantine to protect Montana
I livestock from the foot and mouth
1 disease that may come in from
Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri.
Governor's Proclamation
His proclamation follows:
Whereas, the livestock sanitary
board of the state of Montana
has reason to believe that the di
sease known as the foot and
mouth disease is now prevalent
among livestock in certain states
; 0 f the United States; and
j Whereas , the extent of the jr .
; fec(ion is unknown
XT . tot ,«
f 10 ™' therefore I. S. V. Stew
Z ' f s Kovern , OT of ,he s,ate of
! , M °" tana ; = nd "P"" recommen
^ at "7 °, f ' he ' lve , st f k ««>"«*
board, do hereby declare and pro
. . . ,. ,. „ ,
I claim that all shipments of cattle,
, '
! s f hrep ' ° h f ™ mma " ts and sw '™
I e ras , a ' issoun and
Kansas, are hereby prohibited
f . . . * ,
from entering the state of Mon
, .... " ,
tana, and all shipments of catt e,
sheep, other ruminants and swine
into this state from all public
stock yards east of Montana, are
likewise prohibited.
All stock shipments now actu
ally loaded and enroute, which!
cannot be diverted, must be held
at railroad destination until in-]
spected and released by federal
or state vetinarian. This order!
to take effect immediately.
"Si and his Pals" a vaudeville!
j a ttraction held forth at the Play
I House Friday and Saturday ev
enings. The company consisted
: of Si himself and three trained
! dogs, Spike, Rosie and Ginger. It
was very entertaining for the
children as well as the grown
f I , . .
roiks and quite a crowd attended
u , a
the shows. Three reels cf mov
ing pictures also were on the bill
each evening.
Christmas Cigars -the kind
he smokes and likes. Special gift
boxes, at Holt's.
For Your Xmas Gifts
We offer you the most complete line of Holi
day Goods in Fallon County.
Rich Cut Glass Hand Painted China Lavalliers
Solid Gold Jewelry Eastman Kodaks Neck Chains
Water Sets Pings Cups and Saucers Brooches
Bread and Butter Plates Bar Pins Cake Plates
Belt Buckles Salad Sets and Bowls Watch Chains
Baby Plates with Fasteners Diamonds Watches
Stiver and Gold Clutch Pencils Napkin Clasps Pens
Waldemar Sets Fountain Pens p ea rl Handle Pens
Silverware of all kinds, Community Plate and Rogers
1847, both with a 50 year guarantee. Carving Sets,
stag and silver handles. Game sets, nut sets, mayon
aise sets, souvenir spoons, nail files, etc. A fine line
of ivory novelties of every description. Toilet sets,
leather goods, shaving sets, manicure sets, handker
cheif boxes, vanity bags, purses, mesh bags, cigar
cases, and smokers articles. Dolls and cabs, toys of
all kinds from the cheaper to the most practical.
Don't forget our Jewelry Department in charge
of Dr. C. L. Proctor, an expert who can help
you in your selection—and in the matter of eg
graving let us show you samples of high-class
work. Let us supply your Xmas wants.
The Ekalaka Drue Co.
^ The Popular Gift Shop
At The Play House
A most excellent special attrac
tion will be shown at the Play
House on Tuesday night, Decem
ber 12th. This will be the fam
ous William Fox masterpiece,
"Carmen". The celebrated act
ress Theda Bara, has the title
role in this play and no expense
has been spared t o hring the
production to the acme of perfec
tion. The story of the play is
well known, having been produc
ed on the legitimate stage and
published in novel form. Raoul
A. Walsh who produced the mo
tion picture play has far surpas
sed both the novelist and the
dramatist. 'J'heda Bara, the act
ress has won world wide reputa
tion as a film star and is suppor
ted in this pif piece by an unusu
ally mpetent company. As Car
men, the haughty and intollerant
gypsy flirt, she has earned the
title of the greatest vampire wo
mrn of the screen, "Hades Hand
Maiden" and "Satans Soul Mate"
are some of her appelations. The
costumes and scenery of old Spain
add their lustre to this production
and a Spanish bull-fight is one of
the incidents of the piece.
Baker Bank Changes Hands
Baker—Transfer of the control
of ihe First National Ban,k of Ba
ker of the interests of R. L.
Churiing and L. E. Baker to H.
L. Bills and W. W. Brant was ef
fected Wednesday and the latter
named gentleman is now in charge
here. At the stockholders' meet
ing that day the following direct
ors were chosen; J. M. ComstGCk,
L. Price and E. T. Wells, H. L.
Bills, VV. W. Brant, Messers
n t , , T) . . ,
Comstock and Price were elected
j cially interested
Baker Sentinel
from the former directorate. It
is understood that W. J. Johnson,
cashier of the First National Bank
ofLewistown will alfo be finan
in the bank.-

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