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The Ekalaka eagle. [volume] (Ekalaka, Mont.) 1909-1920, December 29, 1916, Image 1

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Lots of Timber In This Section
> "/ v>-x I.:' ■/<
hall & snow sawmill.
Ekalaka is situated adjoining the Sioux National Forest and wt
have two sawmills near town. Hall & Snow operate about sevei
miles from town while H. G. Lantis has a mill near the Jonn Smitt
ranch. These gentlemen have a good trade and are live boosters
Ekalaka State Bank
Shows Prosperity
It was on August 22nd, 1908
that The Ekalaka Commercia
State Bank was organized ann
opened up for business. Theii
first location was in the building
now occupied by Stitser's harnest
shop. At that time Totn Sillet
and John Almbaugh had a notion
store there and they alloted th<
bank about'eight square feet off
in one corner to keep their safe
and set ud a desk. As soon as
the weather permitted, in Janu
ary of the following year, thei
present building was erected. A
glance at the list of officers a
that time shows; Robt. Yokley.
president; H. N. Sykes, vic<
president; John Oliver, cashiei
and Robt. Yokley, Kenneth Mc
Lean, K. N. Sykes, Septon Cach
and John T. Smith as directors, j
On June 20, 1911 the Commer (
cial State Bank and the Ekalak*
Bank were consolidated and af
ter increasing their capital stock '
to $30,000, continued the busi- j
ness under the name of "Tht
Ekalaka State Bank". At tht
time of the consolidation, tht
two banks showed the following
Commercial State Bank
Capital stock, $20,000.00
Deposits, 59.920.21
Loans, 61.477.47
Reserve, 18,973.93
Resources, 79,000.00
Ekalaka Bank
Capital stock. $20,000.00
D --posits, 37,906.18
Loans, 31,304.26
Reserve, 22,931.06
Resources, 55,000.00
That since the consolidation,
this bank has been steadily grow
ing, is shown by the comparative
statements of each year since
that time, which are as follows:
We Thank You
As we cross the threshold of a new year, we wish
to thank those who have honored us with their confi
dence and trade during the year that is gone.
We strive always to protect and promote the int
ests ot our friends and customers in every way and we
are gratifyed to note the generous response which this
policy brings.
During the coming year we shall make every ef
fort to serve you even better than in the past.
We extend to all sincere wishes for a happy,
healthy and prosperous New Year
The Reliable Drug Store
S. A. HOLT, Pii. G., Proprietor
December 31, 191*2
Deposits, 77,063 15
Loans and dis. 86,191 94
loserve, 22,427.33
Resource 0 , 108,000.00
December 31, 1913
Loans and dis
December 31, 1914
I joan s an d d i s . 11 , 3S0 22
îeserve, 22,304.61
Resources, 135,000.00
December 31, 1915
Surplus, 2,000.00
Deposits, 124,778.98
Loaqs and dis. 110,882.16
Reserve, 48,471.10
Resou rces, 159,000.00
December 23, 1916
Surplus, 3,200.00
Deposirs, 197,840.42
Loans and dis. 163,735.44
Reserve' 72,102,82
Resources, 235,000,00
In looking over the above fig
■ires, one can readily see that tht
ousiness of the bank is under a
conservative management. Sii.ce
January 1st, 1915, H. B. Albert
has had charge of the cashiers
desk and his services to the bank
nave been highly creditable. At
present, The Ekalaka State Ban!
■s one of the soundest and most
reliable in the state. The pre
sent officers are:- Septon Cady,
president; J, VV. Iliscock, vice
president; 14, B. Albert, cashiei 1 ;
L. M. Elliott, ass't cashier am'
Septon Cady, J. VV. Hiscock, H.
B. Albert, E. J. Flasted and Mrs.
Poster Cleveland, directors.
The prosperity uf your hom*
bank proves the prosperity o
your country.
Wm. Freese Store | The Peck Company j Uncle S ams Agent
"Billy" Freese came here a
king time before we got the Eka
aka habit. In fact, Billy is one
>f the real old timers. Prior to
.periling up his hardware store
here he was located at Miles City
vhere he bounced around in the
lusiness circle of that place a!
a lively clip for a number o
- ears. In Ekalaka he has bni.t
ip a good business besides hold
ing down at one time or othc ;
ibout every "charity" job on
ecord. His home is one of the
test and most comfortable here
md represents a substantial in
estment. Billy's experiences
n Montana would make interest
ing reading, but for lack of space
ve can't go "gadding" about
hem. It' its too cold, too warm,
)r not enough rain, blame Billy,
le's our weather man also.
And Also Plenty of Coal
:.v". v
the park.:; coal mini-:.
We're not. going to run shy of co~ ! in Ekalaka unless the .hauler
-'o on a strike. The coal supply is unlimited for the needs of this
country. Trepanier Brothers and Chas. Parks are delivering oui
coal this winter and their business is rushing, (see weather report!
Putnam- Furniture I Hedges Old Ihnes
C. K. Putnam has had a variée
career since locating in Ekalaka.
Landin ir here in July, 1908 his
first job found him driving nails
ind doing other carpenter work.
When the Eagle hatched he was
)ur type-sticker but later he en
tered the employ of the VV. II
Peck store. In March, 1912 he
oought a third interest in this
store and stayed with them until ;
Fan. 1st, 1916 when he sold out. !
After attending the state univer
sity of Minneasota where he suc
cessfully graduated as an embul
mer and undertaker, he returne.:
to Ekaiaka and after receiving
his license for this state, se'
iut to build up the furniture
store business that he enjoys at
present. The Putnam store is
a credit to the town and a vet\\
splendid stock of goods is al
ways on display. Charlie holds
a life certificate for being a
Ekalaka booster.
What Is
The Difference
About the NAME of a movie
show? The Great Problem is
to get good ones and have em
delivered. Know then that there
will be a GOOD one at The
Play House on New Year Eve,
Sunday, Dec. 31. Also one of
our Famous Dances, Monday
Night, January 1st 1917. And
Mrs. Owens will serve midnight
supper at 35c a plate.
W. H. Peck came to Montana
on April 20, 1889 and struck hit
first job on the old Swift ranci
13 miles west of Ekalaka when
he staved until 1900 when ht
entered the employ of the olo
Ekalaka Mercantile Co., now the
Charters store. In 1904 he open
ed up for business in his present
quarters and continued the busi
ness under private ownership
until March 1912 when he formed
<he VV. II. Peck Co.. with C, K
Putnam and Wm. Mowbay as hi.
nartners. Mr. Putnam retiree
from the firm in January of thi.
year. Since last fall they haw
oeen endeavoring to close oui
their business but until they firrd
i purchaser for the fixtures am
ouildings they will continue. t<
conduct a cash grocery and har,
lie a line of gent's furnishings
Dr. J. P. Hedges came her«
just after they dug the Litt e
Missouri river in the 80 some
thing. Ever since he has been
doing our dental work and hit
reputation for doing good work
in that line is not lacking.
Real Estate Dealer
Fred Dworshak came hot
from Nebraska with the rush ol
the homesterders in 1910 and af
ter locating was employed by tin
telephone company for some time
He was for a few years U. S.
Commissioner in this section, af
ter which he entered into the real
estate and farm loan business.
Fred enjoys a good business and
has become one of the big boost
ers for Ekaiaka and Fallon Coun
ty. He is one of the present
members of the town board.
:»-,bwwe 'w?; '..3 vs&ggpz œunrœxs- ,_\2 ; tjrsncrairv twzjn&rm
i he day after we wore the
hamrock and celebrated in hon
>r of St. Patrick, in the year ot
1913, S. .J. Emswiler moved hi?
• unk to Ekalaka. At that timt
lack was employed by Uncle
Sam in the forest service and
vas put in charge of the Ekalaka
division. The following year he
iccepted a position in the office
j of Grant & Fuqua where he re
named until Jan. 1, 1915 when
he was appointed U. S. Com
missioner for this district, a pos
ition he still retains. When the
Play House was built, Mr. Ems
viler was selected as manager,
another job he still has. That
îe has great confidence in the
uture of Ekalaka is proven b\
he tact that he has invested ir
a number of lots on the Wesi
Side, the coming choice rèsiden
tial section.
The Amusement Co
We used to contend ourselves
•vi th a quiet game of seven-up,
)r pitching horseshoes, but noi
;o now. The Play House was
milt to fill a long felt want in the
imusement line in Ekalaka and
ince its opening it has enjoyeo
i very liberal patronage. Roller
skating commenced on Feb. 12th
>f this year, the first dance was
>n*Feb. 22nd and motion pictures
arrived on April 4th. Shows are
4'iven now twice a week, Sunday
and Thursday evenings while or
•'nday and Saturday evening the
ilaje is open for roller skating,
'.'he Play House is owned by The
Amusement Co., composed of S.
i. Emswiler, L. M. Elliott, C. K.
Putnam, H. G. Lantis and C. G.
Rickard, and represents an in
vestment of over $5,000.
Besides Big Crops and Good Land
on ,j. vv. grant's farm
; The weather is far from favorable for the farmer at the present
j time but just as soon as the frost is out of the ground, watch cen
|t al 1* allon County. The acreage into fall crops was increased tre*
mendously in this section the past fall.
The Ekalaka Drug Co.
Wishes You and Yours
A Happy,
New Year
Grant & Fuqua Co.
Grant and Fuqua, dealing in
livestock and deeded lands, or
ganized their firm shortly after
the influx of homesteaders to this
section. At first their specialty
was livestock, farm loans and lo
cating but as soon as the home
steaders began to receive patents
to their ranches and farms they
entered the deeded land game,
not as land speculators but as a
gents. They make a specialty
)f Box Elder and Beaver Creek
lands and have such an acquaint
ance ana knowledge of this sec
tion of the state that their busi
ness has rapidly increased, Mr,
J. W. Grant, the senior member
of the firm came here in the
spring of 1910 from Bhomfield,
Nebr. to homestead land while
his partner Mr. R. V. Fuqua had
already been located here and at
that time was engaged in the
sheep business - . This company
ranks among the leading real
estate firms of the state for hon
est dealings, financial rating and
Nims Is A Booster
Bill Nims knows a good thing,
even if he can't see it. He came
to Ekalaka upon the solicitation
of friend! and found that it is
just about as good a place as was
ever placed on the map. Since
coming here Mr. Nims has mixed
in several lines of business, first
in the meat market, then a gar
age and now the feed barn and
lumber yard. Ile is the owner
choice business locations, besides
several hundred acres of farming
land north of town. At present
he is building a large new lum
oer shed and more yards, which
he will stock up in the spring.

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