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The Benton weekly record. (Benton, Mont.) 1880-1885, January 02, 1880, Image 2

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn85053148/1880-01-02/ed-1/seq-2/

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PuuLx.o'r' E v'rt FatoDA, AT rTn, litoCvi:i
Sr.TIA PU1L1ltlIYG IIor'r, Colter tl, Mx N
W. H. FUCK, - - Editor and Proprietor.
SRf~L 4rALY, Local Eitor and Bxiecss Manager.
T'15(I'UPTIfl 1 i1Oo P.Ii : AIGYU. 2 1
1 a11lunllo , 1 s.aoir
1 C~olumn. is mouthy Lt'~i
,;; ulumn, in(, 1(1,1
Walrln, I year
:, C-nlrt nn, I:i niOllnýI
.COluln, 1 r fe. ,o'i
StiC-i (iii, 1. uton
Cio' Iaix n, 3 moicith
:ircf° ii- Ia :v ran. t; aiv--" ,1 ((a v
lent x i~lro rti : ný; Ii.i:r"-I I., l' ,<i III .. !i'
:atl to , a]ii .eci -ve I ;, :i-r_· 1 : ;,
I Miler (he ti1: Ct ':1iitj t ii t~tt~t 1
pt liCOl IL eirlic it-i ill Ill 1'1: a I
I't~~~~~~tI ntyu 1t nh i-ln igt, -,",
faL-.I- I___II____
u-"i a, :1 nt i;;u;;lýrn _t. ut~:··:.; :ii' z'.
:i Ait]n I~'ll itt lili l:
it jkei' ,tlca li it_ 'X~.t :''ii'' l~
' O :. 1 1 1t' l ti +; , nt', ,.
"viii Htatv it
'1Tie ro ii ~ nil
ii"··-I ' i i:tt i':;t It i
tline. lxii'-l ie '' It,' mtttiii t- i-i -ii -
ltae, idopteitl b'z~iiei
1'-di rose (" ) 10- it to i ., , I~
~T WsiI P11ll-il p -h:i "I! t,
liii ~ lii'
illtlc nspl c i'aiiiii ~ :c ail ihai-·irIc·i·,
ii' thl-O lilt liir i'i Li a
1','1 j ~h i i
A'o taut-e~gi ilia.t~ ti-t~ttti t.i 1 u; i
frteB'lelt t 11ld'iir 1 tat i . Yý1^
t i p u:
li' i 1 a 7/111 Ii i r-i tE^ ntýYli' I.t (I .t
Ililti out.
e e ie-1 lý'o Ile .L ,!o
lit in about it.
'he rea'onit tati thehi t !iit
[tg neiwspaper i' ci tI thi ii1.01iiii 1:tai .
tisheagui itt ha ail l ,'')1i -I 11i
;011 riii d in .1 oi iia.
,,0I wit il e 111 V' ii' :t tii' I l liii t a ttlii
i-Ill-pet ill iiii2ltiil'intSi Hi1
3u'aiie ot yti (i tia. ei itii''tiiil It thii li t ),: tit
XXer h 0lt the traii $3;liiI I) i ~'11i-,.- il il' "
It'll'J t nllt'' tiitn1 I i'ii'ii 1Itii - 1.11111 t"
Ti e C iii ai~tr till i- :it ' 1 t iin toI lii-t 1
ui ;hi' 'Xie~i.-t ' V 311 th111. Ii i.,tieit
1 It i-i Otit' i-1i''t',i u to lii m~ul ,
-''- -t-itltl Il- 'itt i In i t( 1"ii 1) t. I'- 'iiit
.tinto 'tc lt'g a t lii r rr I1t~ 1,11'- iii
't'ii t iiti'' rd n:e in 11," 'it i ' ; I Iia i
\ -L iiii- I tirt_ rI t ;.t 4-:;,. I- i :j ,L I
:3l Ii tjfl l i liriie ; ill ici · 1,1111'1 InII ·r
.11 t i- . 111;1,1 ,I'll ] -i/,"1 li ' < i :. ;iII
:ii -1' Ii
i halr-Cl Inrl~i /I it -:li t",'p I
*j die Iii vlll' ii"l i ji . ii
,nnc, ;4. noncoIIc theit.1
iiia lclln 18 itinI wi' lti ji ' 1 ,l i l , ý- lii w il -
Sl l W t itillts l t'o lii-l i Xit7i , il l*.illl
.il 1' lit t Ii fitillt iiiit hut" ·--i ;li'l`t P -' :
ytot t1tir4 'hinittl ['Ohit.- . th tIdi-to
1oc:·it10~u alhl~lthr dm~titiSti~Lhtfto ilii. ) ii:·~~: -
c i) iti tIH niLci- i' -. 111 0 1 1( m ý
11,its ) f i tI~r fi-tit hli) ~ l: 10 S:':"h- ~
r: '1 1) 11 )!l ii" 1;tou. uti l! dt ol b i n t ;li .i't" I -
ti r nit liii) lt ' 131'1) u ltII9 .11t'1:.1,, :1'1 i
:"II ' (I" i-i hii X i II 2000h i tIk-. l em I
011,i 1tii 1011 ith llto 'l Mthei ait 11 i -.. iiR s +P
litltilliiitf Datttclt~oflPt.~i;l Ifhtl h nt
[had p~ririf~ilVhtt 111 ~'F(it I1.1101- , iii rIt getlf
'-; Aol e'si ti~ wotI ofS sir' "I° in lI 1-t '.n t k1',1;' 11
geig bolioni t n-in -pro1th1 itt Ii'. at ~ t
III I'ilt lu 1 110 tue n hillth lit. to7ff.Z
* hosi e Clif tit(' lfto )p-I 3h llt<r 111: l-Fr
1-1A1hL . 1 tttIliC fit~ ofi tit' l1Itt 1 1W a Go ol
II his ,4I g it IttItel
Th ~'ti"i ' 11"s...11 oF-1'111 ?1ol'IU oII i1 7.!(
"' Ti'. "Co" t help thi ei.il ie p tllou.
e m - ' true yin t tind tits ,ther4
tie-ot A)r tie' tuntineet t11i1 of Th'oa to11
i i-., i t .I t(.:' svi' il" this li im Asnifi sen-t
t,/ri.'ic. B, pr'oviding mills ibr t..e u.he
iof ithe f:sru.ig colll.Ul hnit', thy :e "`h lp
li t hý e 111 }21. es:'1L 10,' :11)11 cre.i'l':itiog 0 d t.t h' a t1!1'1
Ioit nivtii 'VI't lo l' to t in ca. i 5 otei r Z ;'.r -
hi' 'o, tl she rt bi,' miilt i in i so hat
when thfe Ip>;dnet°r 1'io.iht in his gi:toin
hte't, would be in'rridi'tiely in the 11:trk10:
Iwith his flou.
Thf inphe -i'e of shis enterprise is too
appar'oiut o require further refirtinee to it.
iThro',uhoug t tle ct'ittry there is groat
, }' of eapiLl s._kitg protitab.le invest
;. 1ia it, onll~y 1 1.(s' fiS tis t. = ittet' to
.bei gitl to lit. afterltio!n of thiy pi op'ie
''" sioinare ieit " a.s' iioti Lt t siite
'er " 'I of e i!t;1 s Seri to it that
on ioa t1 .(l t i a ilou 11 m1i1
T'i1 t an h:' !P, Iltod'.t_-- .
F1'is ,:. d Figur e' I for t~o'pl.t
Seeking Isomtes.
Si., "(' t e 1 i:, " p oi [tf e -Northern
... ll ,. ..'.I.l l:i iso 1i, ltirit's iti f o'k
' i,, t a ;,: ' 'ri l iturc, ; t0 of w' i -' iie:!.-I
', 1, +1 - i+1111 lh le 1 tI tI ti"¢ + , Wu { l
lit <n
'ju it''' I
! l - a 1 I th
, : 1 t ,i i , : . I , ti i . i' ti
,! :' 1 i , ' '.':,1:1 w h i:. : ,
t' ' t' . ": "!, '0i s l iO . ' : it}
I :::k ~",'.f, us to th ",', No. . i i.ti
ý. .._.,' ý . . ")t' t. ..,,st tý i . t t-i. _ -, .
.,_ (. ii'., !i; `1 :. ± ' :11 II!: - i~. " .: 1 ,
-'i- hot'
- v i t', 1s i i. ' i'': I it'ia i.'it i i ti;tt '- 2 ,i.
- ,lt : piti 10. r tOltil t 1O n't ci
isgra i-s' eit -f t 55 i1g
it .s:' 1 tit , ;1,', " - i' t ... . I1 i - i t ,I. 0s '.'
i,: ,.." i. s . ii:lt. + o .' ' . st; f ' : i .' i s. 's'
_a '' 1'. i10110, i; iii it-'"' i ' , 11i 1 1 i.'ii 4
11;;1", ) i ;, '^i i,, , tit.- t2.} i:'k ; h ow,.) c _.!!-i l('v~ tlb
) i " 5,,' t'1 ' t:ilb'1 s , ''t'il w'',15 llt
t.si",;, l t,;s'i i''. .JIt n t.-' + ;;, 'i M si'f'
. 'i';. Tt :[ , .i r 1 pi) ?i;:. 5 .214 0a 1i
un " win on tisti -' ii ' :iin ils irt t
r_ ý , :d1' ,"s :sit ' . _i i' ' 1 sit.1s;' - itti s.. ts110
t .'.'t:_ o. i , t-. i 5u i 1trttt siilsi i
..: ;:ri~ jh tiun em,,: i n-.' : , nm!t+' l ' lkyon
+_-i .: ',-.i 1 1, . . l i i:h . i; t.s, i' , 0 1 " . h ,
erit 11(1~ 0(150 m:ie r whe- i m W,:
101 ut -:.l. ifs 111'" !01;++'l t,.tI l t':1!)ý 'iii 111)1 1:.! it
+111, 11 1 1i.1 114q t t bl - W il 'l +l
I , - '.11 '- 1i 11: t .'.1 1" _ r 0 10 m ::n +l+i+ .
0i1 rll l: 'i ' o i U. s ,'t' ý i artl. d(11: Ia I
in{, _..:i"' .lt ,i 1' 11;1- t` 10' 01))+' 1V'-11'1 till it
"tty: ,"t" i<} 1 . W llti.ll t i }W s(l i
pi., 1 . hy !-.t:-,' d 'ti 'h _ ho to
J` 0 I i 111'-' 'I1 up01 ;1 i! itj r pr('rli l 111 01 11 . 1111- 1
"}i..' l li't' Q t he i:+ ai t pr duc ',t+!' : usl id iti ',in
:,!i v r t ig ti' .J. ;"::n "'thert :por :?tion r of
twi, o- ur( peopl: ma t't h' lg o(s. th at,. tw(',.i
I -if g:'. l.'.( iul, ) ilWO i !.i (;.1 HIONYi; :18nd
oa,, ba.! e. when,.u,,.l :.;otat kin, Arrow
.d 1 l OilA , Ill,); '.:'i~ill "-*H :11 °( }).'.*-.+GilL
t g - row in!1.£ a. y o;i[lt e por*V t"i'' n: oi th'I+.+)l
tloy , t'(l Th WA. fr, i t.< l mlulrcv. S:7I ight i
:tlL. .\811 ++'1.11/ t;''il t ..t- OW
. i.Aiii--ve .11 , - r l
(he G amim,' Oil th. pilah of a11110 K
" itlA ek, wo l rdd hiis
j. ;l l 0;if. 7 ' v i l'l I 1 1' tl, ::t ny r'. t
.'' if ! 1 i ! I: (:i
*i -P 1: I: n - - - i-. r : t ('Il.:i:i
A h: :q , i Iull .'.ii - ii- iillA
.. ,tH r. "£i ;. . I 3 h b:. of ` l lit y i T1
mPied oInl t i' Ihlp. In l:l'eit cd i o trailr
:mni yl.e r wi thr"-hr .h.; d up
? 1 1n :1 't':h I : i +. ". i ! f w fi*:'ltll ithill
"d:11ius l i v i-,il 'i i- . I" l ii in:l;t . Look
tt,ti n i' 1: . liw t !ra, aill yo.1 ol - s"ct
10-i _of ?.o11110i :iii- aind i li 'i re tle i that
tw' ic" 'lt rict.s are oi- ai i -nd i th11 : e1 t ioiin
hu i ll ilty ot hr pioriltiol of ! Oliettlt.
An. rfti r a t ls thi,- p: >opi1, l :io, .
xln withl a im l--t I t uh l teary- to all( be
+ond ihe Brilth lh,: with Fort A1;s. a
inroi, whilh the new .lt:er, utl- quartz j
li 1-i-n of the i.n and( Iid -ghwood moutt.ins
i1il d.nwig o-l this u-i'rii h ·i, ' i - upplie-sc .
t will takei years fo: the i fi'rmes to.i mee
101- xvhi-r- lie-rN C'oil ? i- ti 1-: :1i ido
tt de-t:nds x n-ide upo- loihem, t- itese
e i:1s 0ulst naturailly iew 1se iyear
her yeatr
To the n, lit . kg I:. a p n ei,
I.,1' tv all inipur d .0.1 50€i:: at th, j 1 west.
].ielw pretailthig 1 1 ,"' . tau , l 1 w#' "' .'t' 1 "lio
.iroe thit Our tit- it y. . itnd h , m:1e tir
ihito i-tliti llti' ih--t hi.ten -nu tlt- t
in t, ni ,.t inai re Inrc iiti.leti o vli01 the
;it;:;a.,a'e. - ot tikc five uavigatlti of the l
i."ouri liver', viit quIrt and pla-e
Iines u lii , ith a pro perot iao eiIulhI
irai a1 i O ik k i sint. oi.O.uliry surir. Ian-n
1g hit', will S:t, thei? QltLeti of title
atesl of hiir git , t 2i.- t lo ItO 1110
1~uir wa -, xei-o h o 3i1aid, xi
700 lc i nht0\kpiitiil t 11,0 5gie 1tie flI !i{
"iif tortii 11h Mi t it oliitl OP % 0 ti
t i liroi1ter, wri - to at u p,; alio li .i
t4 .'t ;;,_ fllo.w 0i ratid -i t es- iot litj
eiouot - iui has huh li tot ih puaeht, ;as d
o- , 5; e.; 1 us n4 t , -e. l l t
r-- us-t.-,,4
inl 141
Im uiten 7 t n bettei. r ih tra
H a la)r.h , I t. ti , t le :ie t'a ;
, .t r13u, , t st t, _F rite a Wh.) and"
i, o ' at$ri tl-t. r!·,~ci - ,.fn4 $t i e th)e ga t
ii r at :r
ill111 1 1. p--t ile l:rit l i. ith; Tll^
ioriaial 'ndier I-. l it- '1 2 rT o i Iy
,pptsedl to Illmy initr-ctins, ilnl ,.ih, :di re
( ni 91111il1 n tl' " iv mii " I il 1 ," li ,h
, elllve el i a.. -iv te tt:iT; s ui n-. .!
rit i r 'Xi iou Sll kt I d lll i i
luI : t-o T i' T1 v IT lzii YI;11 Oi ," iliW- , 7i!1 t
D tlir (j i ,:' |.l, i . 'iC i ill ; ·' C-, $i' it.,
m ll il 'LTS Ita tIi T ti "T T i il. i c
pi.l}' r:.' l ..i ;C,+..1r le li d W1ro .'
l, T
.. 1 1 Y a " . e d i s ,:to vei r ' . ", , , ': : 1a l i -. t h M '
,h ..: i, l I hadi i .i ipl ii ci;iu I kC •, ih ,'
Iboli Irtlls 1 Ov11 ltt S1.11 ll adib g IN 111.11 ;
iti ibu i o i i
en,. Da:ys lesgt:ro d ini o wn l eks aud :till
rl ii -leron U lituaLi.- t '; l i i W. i , : : i:.:. n
re': criiical a:nt in i" e rail ,{. ; .i n ,
ntotu Ilt ine. U lu' ", d |it ime e: k' .i it )y
pruovisions it) plenty, buts it rin his evi
dhie dc.-.ire ;i Oun 1, u.l stttt, ey1'1 1 u u.1
t h e o t -r ' f , x h , . . . . -i, r i :. , ..
i . o '1 :.n . , . l- o , . .
:,-U 1 .10 , , .:.Yac .,i:.,.y . a i m
il,.t.1t5: 1 ! h - , [ lalf !
it. i i t I. " , ,t , i
i - i t l r ' .a t , i t t: .. t .r e l: :11'
ta t: ( ill i t:;l , .
Of bi 61"" I in o _ lit . I a
i ot . . . .
d rl ii . is ' 1 ..- V c ..' t hew hI d
ci i' 'b, ' -:i'i 1i , : - . { ,i r 1i , i1 l, "
T* F. ;-nc h rthe , " tiae- : : ei;ma lt r :- ;t
It '' - '"', ' ' h l ", ll '.. I ' 'ti , ll, 'c: - : .
Si. ,' s t h , th ,.,.-, elt th o I i
o " 1 !1 i 1;in . tr w r yet a few
h9 i t(: c til ii U i gl c.-::;, ; iV ,, :1, i si 'ii r,' i or,, b
hi l. f 'Ii: n:< h:,lj ni ', I tIh e r a, ptnt. ; f t
1 I, l i 11t1 v.. _ a , t :t} 'ii {b' t' ,1
r'` I'' l. l , n h_. t' A il. Sul','i'e : 1 ,1t; i l's
tf' i St l th ihe i.i ::wlitl ol:it
r o" , 'I ,r: d :ti- I :i n . 9 ir b , ' r .l : :t lc..
run on the bno r-tea I to" oe i1 the cot'inu
hyil. d ho o lthi dunt i. . l, is n t nl t I by
:Ib il tl rutun e l ,inth ,re t o 1i: ulytt'hl i it
111"ea I Iot-hilo he 0, Oxtlic 0 0
th e ;, ,t iis d. . I ie Iap'm r o i1 l to.... i 'o :,
.o dr t-"" .randrr' dPtl 1r wth
l', d , ni y i eitr n, u,- h it
It intit in Ill Thli e Of l " t Ii- ahir "lt' Ilr it
jii notl'1 with the Blte f 1'toontnc lem s'otatn
o te al:e on i g li ,o itcll t : t iihie lociloti
i 'locri n- ie tehel-n': ino e i a.slto, t nd .
!cu et lf ii iii t r i re en ni t 1a' 'eoticii du t
o t' . o'ir so., : ., 1 lantO il p ssOi-. '0-.l-i.or th
fierntcua inbetw'iiitgher 1n'hltgw u motui,,nnt r
.. h e r J+tdit : 1:,ver1 t oe ":Bi.usery fori I
ea dloreim ou iit o otrhe -i -hi ltt 'thi e a igeait 1
~I :! f C •O e . . , .... . . I1
Imoun x itershta ," hoiputhx'-maoto ' uthe sLh frmie r
th1. ,castrn ., bound irty, lcon iht , on ut o- r 1l
hino in i -t is oith e1nowy
. 'mod n ht. h , itc h . a t . l r,1 o li: g u riIf, l
Sis tis lii)" - .:ie ot ?iii li 4 h tlt h fo' , i 1
":P ;i 1' ,!.: 17,,I): l lt.q it.1f i ti : 1, l t; 1 hit i ' dý ail,' L ,
o' n titi(: me itt'15: Ie, J. , l,' -.: o O: ie 1 l:
t the 'e., I' ni . .t rlt m t'II gi it' r ,
' lk~l hoocl dill an ~ nit f c Pi t t 11
tlt u iteonthe mre ow ut an
+ ,
1The country E e, litfsthe ed '., Bhsi, Ir
it la k el its t e Bltt e f ro ut t b ein g t he \af or--sh] t
h of the Jltltdith rver. The "Basin" hais for
mo untins, the J udith mlountios, fortmingS
the teaster 4L.bOutth y,; eontinubes on to- n
no .dams the south Untl it joinso theuSnoweyr
-don mt ' which are a loig, beautiful
The foot-hills of the Showers exteld into
"t- opn pasi $or the / oa d- henus.eIste!.
oft i l r, F ith X :d
t oe s i .tt ic . h o tftth v n ..tict I
u.,'th r tn iite n'lth it ":. TimIan to . t
X l Qll,. • .ttQfilý ... ? ff. W - 1 41- lN tll R l
Dne tt't4fAtc Iordd po or tmtepcintt I
, I after tie loif t.i 1 -ebt'lion, 3-22' t-ormi"- -
nating , a f hi 11"s 1#rig of 4he pire1 t 1.1,4
aer, r ol-o - wes t of the l ivotri1tn'i
inq' the grea, faiing ioff ini ltih i;t
prvtoIuct of the; i ttEs et of tho' :1tisteuri
r. erftincr e the etote: f the wr; ht' .e pf. i
th1 whohj l 11 eountriiy l0is b14 en ra)pidlty :1i- jin
t cIe.eI. Th 1Pm..r of sheep in the
Yseven largest- wool-grwinh States bet/wee;,i'-?S n
'I 1the Elstern :sea-board and thlie tMis.t'r! :
h rier was 27j500,000 ia 1371 ; il 1877 t7!lr re7 W
were. in the -.:,te =tates, 13',11)=1J sheep, I\
ma ki g.1 t iht; ting .f1"in the woo '! ip 1of
1thOsl" S'1ae1;-( al n of moire than It70 i0 ) ,0ad ; ,
pounid, 1'.- iltIdilg ti1 the Eastern and q1d
iig to etimte td.. d y m tl l a i
"t* ill wool 11raf ter 1 t l' in -toll j o1 ' '
o.rl , i" w1.,l: lip of l th t E it d Statet ' 1i
:,;. Terricit'ie; wa's 171'.000.000 pound,-, ni
8. i !, 22n...}01,r000 p, :l': i 1 ,i
U kin' g at I f'Ital i te.:ts1 , 0f lttlt- 000
,u1,1 ie Ehe swho.. (-o nt'. I It ipp ' ,
iheiref}re, thl t while there .,14s a {1,1re a:l.[
Siln tile whole pr4odu1 llt of ilthe E1 1: , i'l, 1th1 i {r"
Mi• Idle and (he! We(ler.." Stih) 44 t {of 11t1 t11#
'1i 1otri river of about 100,000,00 po.und,
,Te: '11 d the11{ (:Ou1ntry west of the ),it ss othi
-- `1111 edil 1, ':A1;1 of 14.J,(00.0{)0 tountlnl1, 1x1r- {101
Silig t1h. sal .e paiod. Th{e I (in '1roe( h in (.t- 11
ill'nia talo e -tt riin- t 0)1ix 4 ear ' ,r¾ e din, " ¾!r "
1th' r,> 1875, .as -.o,00,1-000 pounyltl÷.
I't is 4 :- ' ignificn t14et'0int the d(;1w' :n
wool-gro wi'! g otieiud 11 o)OV, ) , o u(}r'lll'..', 11 (il1
;ta !hp.1)14 of tie U-ion ('11'where -.!'p. obtu)11 i4 "
subsnaInHce u ,on poet're lands only a, th
p ormtion of tho .war, Cwhile1 the ,grreat increasei re1i1
of.f,,k.. too- . ph. wholhy in 110os( .-tates
anld Terr'l 91""ri' ; :'"ht1r'e perpet]al p[}turage 1 (,
l ,it r. 1 ;• T1 i iS m t; 'r: lol d ini I',ire. of
1 W,,l i n.11 1hr ,ta 1, '1': 1( ·t'()1it ,'ies ! t" '.)e
, 'l' o.:, o-1.ih1 thle woolen il1:i11'try, 1111t41
" O)(' 111 1 11 111- ,
ly !,i 1 (1 ' , 711 : 1 I "- y . ; ll 11 10e1 l 1 . ! . i!
l;'e ', . Tim .:,i-t 9:1t_.; of anuoc uph'{ie
± i111 s1 A! ili'it'-:(;:i t ". 1# 'be :4(4 h by 1); - M .
rh , 1-1:-1 - :vr. .i: 1 0 1 o
1 i '' t h 1 .. , : p w,, , , ea r 1f 11i , 1 1 1.- .
, 1'.1" (1,+ _i[+ 1)' tIP.., ilh .1".0 1 .'111 ,
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p& ' O ih o dihn posi ;'o1: '"., "1'ii1-'l y1`.1-. " ]i111.
:i ll th e 1.11 ' - a n d m l T , reito,r h p , - iP . "
adu ,pi:tnion )o 11:1,,+rd1 ,(', 11-h ,.':',.dry i; , ,l .
ltl le ;l l1' 14'41 on 1 ! f1'+:117i1 'it- '. 1 t';ot '5-- .I.
(. i .b g 41 is -onsida('td. '1'he ph:,'. v?4.41 1(111
1:1u.4-, f' }1t-hil!= :m:11,n111.-t':tI `11 p1; 141 1 2b.
1]aw! a i uh.I1n:.. g:row t of n::' g:. .
Swlile fthl lowne: 1!. 1'', v: r.- ; 'an. ra h - t-. ;]
' 16(1(1 : < 1e'1, g1;1w h of bu1i114/ 11d b1 ,,1 1 0wo
of other g '11c11 _ , - . .11.1 w1 )1 -h , a111 ,11, .I
'1'..t ,.ii 'e111ity o>f 1:?e d 1 o d4,1) 1 )' it' r- {h1Mi"
"11ep. , H thee 1r)s.s Almu.
11ittu':ag'e. "Thi t uiJ:1ly o{' wat1' for 11,." i- - .
1011111':1` W;lat 'file 'lFOlI ( .1"," 1 ,1 Wi n+l] k"'
S. =: all r:. 4.7-ic lly in 1an . othe r e, T"u1e1,:i!!'i ii'
,, b.i11 11 0 1)e(i1 "O --:0E1(4t1 in 0 11hb,,- ',all
; 7t. The 1 t,1 "1 WH: ill M{}li0;1 1 119 ti. "
}) rin e. ;1, r Ice p, 4 urr. ::( i.l - H <.111 -!,;I ;?
11n'i]. 11-11111' It'.:d ihll life 1100} h 11 ,!iiv,;d " )4d
" ;bc', · :: l 'iuit . tlt- i11 -'r . iý,t.-. s t ii t . t,
to ite -It' ool-klta t o ,-'te :! the i?: i l , t
Stll vig'. tio .f the , ' ,;ui ri' er to Fort,
Sreuilton. flr n ;-hi c ti point :i t le facilities1.
b are :titbr"ied d'uring the s-woton "'. wool
s Vlolplin'. Th is g't atd valrtage that nn iilt
uI tait has for mI:I;eting the clip, anu be tai
.l ftni (-) 'entl 1is ia pofid to '1ip wool hro i n
S ihe railroa 1 in h to lBostol, 's .gi'ollt
1- i O m} l ona-iti P-h;lt ' Ciii j fro 0 Fort Benton 1
Sto R-tton: The t vitgationl of the Misiuomi
S..river alone gives to Monthnit :on illentole \t
tiadrte poit-Lie over any other- wouol-grotwi'g to
' i efA-i e'1 the alr W4 "t, h
o til lt I- -i)~i'e lht 0'tnuulypb i ('-enicel'o kna- Il
h' ::'.--ý-1i ý-' -T,.tign i w-''.-3o:;E;'1 - a wool-tr'o
t lliaige section, thel clip of the ipr esenit
os :edr oit eding a millito on or a fmiliont of
ot:an< a xiarter pounts; but its l)evelopre ad
I v. "ealtitu a pet"'.n ,ti g .1 tirtMn iL it,on
1it 0' 1 che-r 0 d1 et eo"r ttartnltheSe or
u r n ._ I u-i e
nqtl l ei) c,_ moo;1 illn thi "Trrlorry wil t
on' '-- "eperha the fl '4--$er
:rea.al a .. hip) )0,000,000 pounds )efore. 1"
.i" mys:-eue rangey of I1. :l ilbowttone, n
tie TluS B abelot l.t e = Jn uii ii' t ini.te1 e th1 ,. i:
te i. : and t 140 Ii t ite e. i)te(lyV bite I el'
Sup.t All ri at' ,r! of mo:t ' n:tt bo'uD-' d on I
Sthe no'th by lUth tA 'l.ed, o4 1? he eg . o
ib{" U{kota, o:. 18 *tCh b Wyo:.ml, aifd wh
oni the \ &L;-et. b the Rdoelky m u il , et - ts
ia!i:tb it'. I1:1 as ni:arted to w\¢lo-,growl '. h
S111 l.o tk-rda~. fliici' rIvval of the vag- 4a
Aso:ra indistries of the e0intrV, diil, the "Tl
Snext two `';ars1 t (Mi geat: tract of contry fil
will b) completely odupied b1y sheep antd 1I:
eattle ow7ier-. _-ns Fort :Bdnton is the to
seipping point and comnmercial entei of a !ri
large poition of this cowuttry, wool-grooving sot
will increase more rapidiy in Choteau and shl
i eagher counties than elsewhere in Mort- ali
tana. " • ,'Mt
For some years _to come the flocks of sto
Montana 111U do more for its development ? t
in wealth acu popultitaon, tlan its mt=inets c:
its herds of cttle or its agr'iculture. or
,[n till v., '- i le ii i id tto o-"s . l tý i:
k aul oiC lr a*,.lrtn eis ,ainle0 t 'u , our e . ,ah 5
3rim.gs to bltah sumi falt u-tfac o o£'on- ftaes
.ettle ,,- f r :00" .xi w:ho ioute'.d, with tI sie
r III: nvtrretxoa if thc' tn:hh.
ha. 1. * ventd 'md n mlm~ ie Bir l'rt l i
ti'i ) nh# xx r'f he G lr l K;in
*ll i""i c-*_io2ýSii ; f?. 1J J'i -i {ant :! f if '
tt Ah ] i1-iI ° .fi;;' 11
1i 'id it
'dif i f'r too t I i-;iiri s of f 131 i ac1tire
'} 1 t un sur i}nr :iu(x-r-:: f+ ý
" f<0 0l;11 :1 c0.:.ibr111)r r1 i.. ,.... .ý_.....
off 't ii
III) CI ,tipi t i : iliii
;1 ._li #i'i i ý, '' 1 '-i n !::r·I::n,·- 1;e'il3 e. ,,;i'1
have t t tii * jI .
'I'ac ý
f,'1I1 ;`1???'i 0 :110 '.011 fr1'; :I'i i .. Tt,"
ti l i - i
we hu Vi Wi now in 31,,nn :- :ntid
I o I ufih:,m ; britk' Ls ,o .I or'F I -t i ,h> i , n it h F :
1 F, -'n it
Ih pin l:. h u t i l Fl1":.- in M "m i :i 1 t1!" i i < ,
l -, ' I S :£ s.- :-h i' it ;!O i t e i :t , 1 .:-tI i l .i t h,
11 .1 .A t- '-.. ii " . .r . , :;.ý u. c i : . (,..' _ :. . .i . \i
i ht2irer · glel ; utl o "it .lt 'iF 0110 , i t . tt:3; 1 'r
; ' full :' :mi :,.i.i i : ti vnt It i.
i.i j -' I t ""1 y a t :io)t'h'-rt 'Y fl, :' hi {'i -
i"i a; t ' tc3t.r 1 ( oii lI j:h. t ie q , fie V b
Ilt ) lo i' l lof till -iil i:Co 7 11 ttio 1i?. -h'
wy p'il't tU3 i ttott r t if O - I
'II 11' t't ' 1 t :tt1W i ii .'I 1t +i" e' shot 01in
sn i te p loeent ho rseion oi i tte I i1
- We wi'i ] ttemo.t . _h.t '-to ou e s ho : i , (o ,
1e t tonebh th'il tdI( ers tttat were .
- .I:- our: ~t.o L t if t (½ " t. .
1}1] 1 '-fil Pimbu`7 r3:'h. 'JThety w`.. - if 't _y ,t
-I Tlo'r ri - toni; s choi w .i0 h th1,y . tlt ,de e to ht '
I .
18 in length" - d w\'idth. u,(ld m:ul. chi storm- i·
thoa' mep n t hredited tli -y wtt! ou'-hli t'ev.r v,
reach :e1ro, o.l'T ey t 'i't Io n fo, r .:t':r7 ' i
-exi 1 cst:l- a (ikt.l yn 'iver .r p t. 1ie .n,
- twere ot8 e et be( i and 1 50 fll - on0. The;u t
n(.hd ls i tiytbifl t'mnaiktin ti'lto f '1 hiYttt i"r
tl- , ere!i0-for et onut . The'i istateroom wer :i
?In I ikega tflou 111t - hl lu z int'td he1111 o i-hj
-. (i 'ad lio! wa" tts.i lie" .'ti so-un rl team- ivt o
ren- -r4uoulit- 'dh-,1 t 'tol' o "fii ftes li outas r e i f 11
to'.ba-oes end o itthe Pcttiin g> --,,kieng p a h lnits
i "hcrS '. wee tud nti of h::tek 's it.!l-. -3ooa ':ot,
" e ho ti' e x"in: was l t uTleu :-: T e tt he, :oh
si oin lenlgth :O andi w t bore tand t ! ' ili tilo{ t-'.
bhouse. pr0on th, Ie iitio - nev er pi
I- reac Bent o h T ey !wfe"e t t ,ea,1'lan ,:.5 fea tier- onl:,; at '.III
-n he f a' e tit iin p.sner r.ebnt ' e -c
: These ters tool: on at Pitbnlurg'h ue c i h
ys Montanfreigi .:they d. -in-o lo b zing `
0I_ ihrough, conl. '-i !g of iron! h' adwa'e,
e- ni'ails, ghlii coal oFn iroi rootilng, tCh .
.e. e"lhe4 i i up to tha ' u 1l'? ea::i z"= yf with
1,e io.oading ingi upwards of t hlve'" banked 016
e tonz:; ehcig. " They pwassed d'own1 th.e Ohio 1110
r 0_iv -r, piekin:g u. ,rtom the Ktentucky 1hor10 ' vwe
some Ine b looded horses ia t mares ati d 1<i'
y' short hofin eittle for , Monata stock men,t
isad oili ief' llinois shore some(line bloodto So
-;erio shleep ,or Montana men. -Wiii l.go tio
f r_ wd on } . li eno shore oef i e loinoed "o
x i t 'ii r ' 1 1 -lxxiti-- ,t 1 -n : t ''t thu,
121--tI IIP4120l"1:i t r bi4
14 dl l. 4 l; Iirlrl:z: dt1'~1 (IL tl-*2111y.
r<<, Lut9tluP;ýn r.. tc t:+- e If unt zei.". -eit
c11tl14 whu. 21 112 1 sIII to11112.
I j.i;:ca t r-: cu to, ; ;:n6 lady or, hil'.'I. oilli'iing the f
%~litorx to m.,,-;1 ^s : t+_i itis v Aiin <-i-h on Sen
tintt 1
sift 1 '1,111'
2* c iýI : 'l' t tt 1 ;,
ýInv ?oe iv il I to- I-:,:y3'ý 1'F"
'Fiitat ctili~r i;·i-~ · :rci.· ·
131t row v u -.I i'ý_rr r'l·n t·u";!t
• .i.:: :::I, :... ! < It n:- L!. .:r .:i i ` t'`\;:; :'
'i?::' ,l i h' : ! '.'"1do w'r l: l L " :14<:t l.:, .'()': [
.11 1") 10411 o 110 t1
'1'.) :. . m.," , .:h(p:Wýe 1 t , 1 the " odi
_1. 1 ut
1 ' ' ;,1 , : :, ,;i :" ':: i ': , th· l: :-. 1 ;: ?;; ·: ' r d " v i iia
,i ;.ý:t ,r ; ", ' "i l t: ;a' i t',l r :1: .
11!- 1 ,1)' ' ::w n j,', , l y il 1
(0 1,11') .11l.1(, '
1' 1 1)' .- 1P 1 + , ? ~ ' ;,i i : t 'o ' :e,, 0 ' it th tl 1 tu , ' 1
I' 01'[i1:-'o e l) 4 i :''11'!l41:',
: '): 11 1.','.' 1 1r . h'',1: ' 111ma0l e ( 1:1C 1
Yc,: 1. , ,0 11 :t t ' 11111 ct a'} 'Y ' e wil', l n -
h ,- a v rt(, b! : v .nh, i l:st , - I t -.'il f re 0:: i to1 j
11;14111'1':;": ;'i 'to 111( 'l , i1Iw 'ri t 1 i'ing.
t 4:v~e _ l~ n o: a f x111 1,1 and I
a0n d n;F:Ye lk" t ct
ff, s e h: ,, ythhn agai :my
, in'it -,1, w 1: t:', i 1 t-lrty by -he
11 _e_ .i. e ry nit h144 . a i an'in re1,itXring 10 1
lys~elf. 1. at c th. end If y w k: o Ith
:`lS"" yea":, l`iY iq. ir eve.ry night wheter I
T have n'ed inz the hest way I ptm-bly could ii
h; 3ri, t ,e1 oetig" iin 'ing. i
1;1i I';.tvor to ll y utii :a t tO de' y wtl i-at - lO
11 d:-e111d'; W o- . 1:+ and ])ene'1 olom, qutlnie t)
1':.1:91 [N , i t°el :1)C101 . easyo co11 :mps
axc,; g'0( *t' of Thi oghes18 i
iei '14Wu Ihuti- i 10:1i ti 1'
1Ind oblig.1.g, dilg0t ail d i -e 0 i
Si li e1 L iy tb e lti g etehaaie ". .'
a, t41-, ail tHoines, htnd very Utt it e -per
t:i 1.0 r te., aniuo our inust Ody ait
Sllltlity is reachlly sen. e hv whe t.oher i h
i)ni1h . or dihcoverios e thmade b her was i

to.deibtz t.' Itid ll ithepworid s aof te, ha
1i n 011 : i n: d tteci etprolo. oimlse)-e t l
oh-ii:n n Ia I re-pctl', of a rilght t'Imp,
lt' vito , ' ) 0 -11 4 , 1: h n -: e-o ll tl(o - tl
XoX:1i li've ;Cl my tmue . . ,tin w . :c
atxii I alit g-&e of T ooghts i
-reeie Lh4 4nrd- t'of
."11'n it b" ow beit-r when trnl -
eed in onl iurellig,.ni e I en ome a 0low e"f t
Sthe other a id a lowr dwitules down X 1t
,- mere1oed 1y thi m""e exchauget 'i " v
on-is necessary upon our .1art to prove 1i
ae truth o' the al sertioi . *iis are so t, as
hratively few eaiskes wheve itipdaljt. in
henirns or discoveries:nre mile by-inde
Irodentoi1'estisbtiol.The f-thier aof thj
.p - le , rew9t:l i w rz -
dital soig". 1'm in'.reC!.
Re x Indt db hl ihsil
he atetogtgosbatltylt
5-fuse y nihigit hnar
- U --e tMtelagik egem
,i e rlit, tl o het - til:1ni fio e:t in l:t
to t-'ri¢- ohi~ .:-'t w- kht-ttg t fl , V- ?+
inl it:e! 1 kWi it g i - +dti iitt + ed froig t hivCti
:pariovii~esso r. u hi i- our fltitttV
;Thiink of ipnc-i-ig o bn's wlhle liif upoin :
-ii .0-tC ;s tlitL th -.-tnch ! f etnlltOiOOig I
fit the "Poe:i -- ibec."
it tweeti s' little - d y -t i. i-- re3tii a
Sde:al!. Wherne w-ie leavre off othera ctin bei
t tin, insteadr of bIn,-, oii-edi to ao titti ot--h
tei inllte iri'oceg tt mi" it .hat 'w:v a - i
ipe-'din e:ne~tr whi. th should be exertedi
f itn ad3ding. to. .thel-, fr thi.!.king exhau.Sts ;
tt- -nh.--vo--- FHhi.iiicttt xsurel a- walkin
Icx-:miste ttl mtst-c. "t int e tiho-gt-nit-i
,rh wealth, fru- th; -ight use of whh men
t-rot) o- - t -ttw e -cctur- . t "
Tih.er.'. i.; one lpower ot" hkv ,hind'A, tlhe reg- i·:
't . t -ct it . icpt*l~ i- li+t (lii titit-- 'ttt< hiii t ".
is tlh, .+."ni+,.er. {be exp, rien.led* ldush:.e!
uma wh, shoIhi H which ,las ,ill
thrive by:: i;l ,our i:n: ; l i cl ..1. who ,,houtbi (
Se..i , titi. tt fi-om Viie iE - 0tt- i
knt-t txt-:il'V whaiti r:tlrt g -tiian prunint.g
t1igS+ Idi+:S$ t14 i FO ma etile+t. ne+.i a rer+,UI };t'"/
ft[ !':{1 ha!ith wereJ Ebre.re tIk sho~iM 1h:
I,. tt ic-itci te d oi-ha which
il l , , we,: in oure n.tr.l : ,)il. f'om I
nowh,. which will prodhuce 11ower's., i ord,,r'
o.ur raihn wouki b..+ ilb-d willh ugaly lpois
{ol]nRs "w'..ds inlst"nd( of 10,, t1lv;W(-< whV}ichti
: h{otid[ be+ ithee. Exampl+'. of this a!'e,
thist! w'e tJontulsu. Trhe.y. maly he, seen~l
:. upon)I t'he",y SiI!e." lI touri s-cie'ty wa." llave+ a
ia line oppozrtu,,nity" lsr imp]rlovemen't. L,'t
th.''. be .fr-:" :'xch~ange: of thloutlK: amongI!.r
,1" u0 Let u},' ..v.<' enl(deav.or" ito .0'.\ NOe2({
',whiehfllh.T..ln uon':g'ood gro,.nd, " -vill (1~c
r .k •.. it i_ abul. ,e. " 'C. L. 31. [
. . ... .. . . ,: _ z . . . . . . .I
... ( ... .. 2-- 7 . :-: -
I ion
'rn 'Twon.hng: :ngo begone ith the nines
' Th:a: dairly wati e o'eri yon Siert,
_ heard i s, ng bourno on tile wi't--
t 'I·it' d t ' iit s t j on l. s wint i,'
S1 f tiling Iii'
" ? F. i!;! )ilcb( Yo, thro theri w.'o:)d
" 1- .ct`.- im.. Lavrie.
n thme:-- tho er' f :!mid r oat throng
u :1 y T! ]', " n ne ti.it-i: i tiltn th ton i t
e'Who l:new no Anuie Louri,.
NV!h wre are they now, tho?',:e or:I1gone." ,
at soourh5 the iore of California,
' I how: noble' htartst the al nly t ingtl'c-, 1
. d, .;.nc hve, c ,P':n 1,l a .hcilow g.: ,
(OI b te I t. UI':lRit L G.i g -3;
'o1e h , tittl'l'l2',ttltth Fie ware,
S,- lnklnown: to , nn.i. Lauric.
'it' i tt e i ?'c t'ilin' 1 ,"o'wt n tihe' deep
H Ant ndi:-lit ltver q ri rr',
..,Pa A _Od happy are thoe iiho sacred keep.
Their vows ito Annite IL urie. ,
i t I. '.t thave , 11w h on i-clnt wing,
il Yet i ,vc to hoar the miner'n sing
Of homet 1a( Auntuie Laurie.
't" ity su.tt of htopee h ,larlMy Sot, h .
S rr t. i t no for se thIi turignt toesorrowe
Tt' ' 11' , Oh, i e l'hi, perin. ' troves s
o ,lt i t ti . tal. s ". w nderhin gfairies
111"11 t, H . .e th nin 'alhv ro-ves
t ght ing- ,t"n ' Lat.irits.e "
I ,lln fit rcilly iuttclined to ceet;'ure the t
1 1e gluni.ble0r, ani vot( him a 1oo01l-1:do nul
my il.du'e, chatriTy :!aractcerietically suggests I
itihgiv-en.lis0 and.1 comp:lassi, : for aiter all
,. he t, t trieuces ,ery I11le, if aOyO h''appine's.
Litte Itji ymIiouleis surr'ou:< i i1 111l. ti 111e0- l Ia
il hi tse!oy:'. 'i 't inikreigiterc t temper con- (
ahMcte thile "1o,. s1 iike mediumi througi i
X li.h itIle ist ,tvtr kepti ii yointe hi reach. I
i T lii' 'il 1t nh ":iti.imttl where iml:tglnaly o
eiýhb-, al-g:.ig itn, -tb, and d:aplpohit- s
:i , g rm'' '-tl int x i '-: t i , it e uto l lie p to i
tle btli' ho11 to P. -. o. a' plait o thought (
tt hinh1-': 'illtieo hi. vI.:TUkm is xnity I
t I it it l piitoi-1 tl t . Bt'i t it , ahve50" x'olllnlit - it
11 1 , i.t " 1t.1t uh 5 I''r1:1111l','o ('1'a { t n 111 t
at- tfut ernce to a hogedinic if keiny ktindly
e '1 lpitles 0-g, t:o-1 is great t ttprcona'n0"1 io to elti
ny"- Mtay t 1 '. C:;'ttii tinl!2. i11d:ltthl by whicthl
'o to Ii S1,1)' ; 1ii ipi -fu_:- a:- le .1hor0t-lIItIngI I
l of a: s '.lto .tntso llE{ llio boori,'th proclivitites.
,ct NoI onll y hiis ,own n lit' it embittcrel by his d
I i rri'pr,'ste ch irishness, lint also the lives "
Sof thdre iJ th whom he is in inuediate cton-. i
LY' tae. Ii- unceasi:ing famlt-finding is to thea
h' I greailtst pance it reas the eontinual sh.opping
'to ileth \ut'oriln rock. Tile tmost e:liori'rt en-' 1
,., " deavor'S tl o :niittJipte his wishes liect with i t
It no rseturn short of smtvage ingratitude. And t
led this 'in a bo'ast'sd-ly enlightenedo and reyiI itet
Ith ! tage. Why. even a heathen said "cal la man
er ungrateful an"d yout ca'lll him everything that a
ctd is vile. Tihe - Lateetlenmonians rmatde in
gratitude peli'is ilse byhola. " South com
pt- pares it to the sea; that turns thie sweet ta
nd innileilces .of the clouds into brin ;padto al
et h grav e, whie is¬yas reeining. anl 'ever
is-t res toroin g 0i
k, Buit the gr.tmnbltr's chief victim have
n- no retcourse against his ingr atitudc, f1',o i., at
i is against loving hearts thit hie rost A
.; gr ievosly sin: ' antd of coiurse the :atl
le" wVou{ lisl in in ilece forever rathdtr tl0ul jl
at, expose his: co)ntemptible proceeding to it
; public cOImlnl{'it.1
IHe makes of thei naitural alnbeiotns and i
:.s intet for" him a guttapercha" covering, th
1,' iwtich his eno(i.oul impositions generally 3
, test to its utmost capacity. tat
P, Such ana ideint as his lloured visage ila
it I relIectinllg at genial smile lovingly bestowou
Upnhilosophy.0' To make others:; as misera
1 (abtle as.hiltslfi' seems to-be his1} principal D1
o and perhaps ;'amnbition. Askir him to ph
explain why hle is at Vanriance ;with everyit
Sthing, andt he wi) hinnediately proceed to 1-0
oienntcrate tho most ridlculous causes thi
ima,'gineble, well calcul!ated; to excite
Iderision, , but never sympiathy. Lb
e- (ouhl hIe b the sole victim of his oi3bwn e
ie u tnpardiot.icb l disagreeublene:ss, h1 would lTa
a sooni Sink into oblivion ; and no one0 but bet
?r the Worse' off br his existantce. ,But uu-(-''l
:n . fortunltelty sacelh-a inctubus is' mlost in- mhy
" .'(Yvarighlyhiastenetd upon suome affectionat.(i.(ace
e- family, who through mistaken kindness I '
e i in pandering to hi: caprieifosl moods, havei | Wa
0o assisred anid si11 continuem o assist hliir tha
1- hypochondriae, · ` Ma
1- It is, ,then, athome th-t he is most u --i
b- iearable. Tothe world he is not quite a lun
be a ;"l· because ihdilference here acts as '- me
it' tek. .-Opn him, whem-rea,, al.t huniej
Swgionied aId diteouagel :he arts c u et W
Salflrgn ampgl opolro.ity 1ir his inesh ,i! ne
ent.rindn tr ,e c e u~po u1
L: nl valrt- ndteh d it, the whio u id he
t 1n ni lI I ,
:Iy wihsuht utnebt-w h
CSpecial D tisptcleies tio the 1teco-rd.
Ditxnt:, li ce. 2S.-A special to, te
tDenv r Tritt. iboue, firom s Pino d1110 atied th
5thi; est. represents iati Ithe lotit" aton is
e !v ery e'iois there.
-I iatchi was to have starred from Los
i Pint s exterda y.
! ai.tch has gieven up :t0 hope of ecuring
,ci the Indians and :s his depa:rture is raniat
monirt to a decl:z'ratio' - of 't-r' muhnt
anxiety if it as to hif ffe.
Lts Pii " insn theI whietrt ", all tld w'ill not
nuboibr over twxeI-y-i'i. It Is ? lieved
thaI i the troop~i of e':ntlary, uitnidr it elfo-n;l'
wi, 'l statlc n ed a t l :lrt l 'a rian d , h el-d bl .:nit
: or tilll tt o 'it :1 ' i r ih i Los
Pinest' at oni,:e. Butl Ohl .4ann0t go! ,th.-re
SbetQ_1c' - e !mi ll.n. ma olic" 11 attlack milctes
i On'any -um'ednts in k pi lg ]tem qf,. l ; ,
litth: l o g,)-. If Hlatch has l.ft withutttl
ithe ld:, in is i+em il t'.red cri[lin that t
war ,gil 0, 51n at 0141o'n
Ion 'rit:, lc. 2.lt.-- i to is tie le
nItothitgtt ltasl be1le htlard I'ront the (Con
lissi.t. . Htci was tho itive left lfr
{ `ilt..' rtmch, thirty niles fr.,m LoPiinos,
it'st.'rd lv rtln t ur , it, wiVetiit' lie left or
t sta;id is not knowt . The anxietv is int1o -ie"
tandtl.i- thorI ftou itf tnloftler' ailtti-rt.
S;pectilal to the Pittr-Pt-es ssi" tthat
[tire Smelt, DJO it l.--i l;hor Geot-e .'alt
and John 3iinahatt, were foundl frozen toi
death in G.en Liver Countty, betyond the
poisnt wiNhe ithe conitruetion of thet
N ortherln Pacifeic is going on. Tiie met
lived iII Minneapolis.
(tirt.(o, Juivt'er 1.-. r1 ' . titw of the
busiue: tif 't!ici;t o dSring the year just
clo-' \d, shows it (1 1 ve .rcu f ui
LniTLci iROCK0, D='c. _lt,-_ ntol11 iI!IllllnowV
p'rties yetcrd ly l--asinattl Steit' l'gis
tIr Xi. D. Saddeir.
of 'leteltnd, ha' just isoil his Enllirhf
pItP-nts for the elictric li hihilig apparatus i
to a l''rge incorporat'd coipanly in Lon-i
dolt for thirty thousantttd pon'sa .
Nw tw a ,t Diec. "0.-Governor Vaa
has accepted the ues:-%in Misono.
Eý'.1Srt l: ti tY: i, Dc. ''l. 51a-tcrnltzt., *t; ·l
i t 4nile Wi"t gedi' Sout
Vii ''i~'I" 4. nj.
"0 ;'4.04..'. hy" p'ev.atiilli'4' hie( a4 ol l
ago., in re 4'frd t .0he Sit 4.14 h~ iiAl
Illy; grea4tly .iy bid, and it A now unite -i
Iaty t) 11eveo that.Lotire s .4111' "0400 :
ditiloutywi' ll be rech~~ed w otr3sri
tne" to forcible mieas iures onl sine. It i
nui- knowiin tha:t several eo"tl.;r'ttr
;cats have~v teleegaphed fromLior this 'ilp to Gov.
arill G:ircelo0 , earnesy. 4. isi1i g[il to agree.' 4
ICE- with ex-ento "('1o01 il01l4] pr 4'1 tos' I an'
nor- i arbitration tof 4 the~t t bi iii t ile 811w iltoe
cols- Court of the Sto te,. anti i 44 is t alersl!,w1 that
Stm t a 1i4,41,'.1 o }4.441401 4. i~ie "'('tort , 144(11441..
lacyhav i nduc it"4.004"1 the 10"ine J4.01j R 'ticft 1 tot
i4' 11.) t i ý,1i14 l. t o 4j
3:1 - 'eaing '4 t 1o.414.' 4b11t in t'll at o(4 (iat'ti ltii
-,;L ( oun' to ll~,4411 14) tllii- I 4,44i4 . tender.~
1n1; prtest, and e (:2tleavorOL to in eIseIgs
Irri?- tatril- t o tary utth ,pi o lt;la
l4.4- ani r t'ii' letter s4. ' whici 1 4, 4 44' ('10'
calll "laimsnl to it :i t .etch. itf ;
a1114' -)( --- --ii -44.1 FA 4cal11 ti i '4I4)1
4.4.0 '1044A 1441. 11144
orb , Ihi~lca 1 1 -ili r (I I· uE f,i t I itr ý rtill `a
sie"'nt tli ± '(to the Golvleror iot iaii in
11440-4.144 a."nr 114. 1441)ui inl 1) LS'outo'
4111"lL1C' 4.,14 ]Alh
Pol- included no p4 Cilnnilin hht nliel :!III(' Deno
li14." A person04 known for 4.14 4r~ t 4144. /'
ee Cashslee]te life 04 a' (hag]e-dr.ive t '' ]''] e ' 1
l 44414 d ng that time in 14(' hlf 411 ti41'd lais4i p
that a woan, 14 et
O'"·- ` Vssrrc cnxs , January .ih~t Scerrc I el
sect4 xl4.04 of h foreti lt' _ has 14404 'sit a circular va
d to announcing that proposals I thle sale to IT,
ver Go41crn.1ent of five million1 Bar of anyC eI
of the bondls of the Unite dtikes at di4 - o0
'av / ( eretioll, and notol to exee araebeow,4a
iv t'tkti4. d i1,_ he ll ' 44r'ei (.'td 11t ti 'illicit oi the
I'.'t Asstatill4 Treasur'er of' tile,1 4.1 14 ii e 1
l'X' ait New1 YorTk until4 noon4.04 tJ) 44141"41" 9
Jl4. J 414.ll,] i, at 4.hi1ch.1 tin d 4,l he
St Vi s4Inl'4.G05, Janua'iry (.T..here, 1. ft )t
'Intl a 41.14. alls' large 'tt'1 4 " e to- 4 .1 a I 13,
th, die '44.4. tu, ~ reception o resident '404
l14 . 'lir'. 114 .4 . The -'G',x4.'1' 1 at4 t;ion was '. ")
tastefully .n elabor 4ately 4riaited o wii l 4' ¬
ta; flalgs, tvel'gret'0 11 .l'.4o.i44 Iplant.1 sit
11 "4141m- 11lr, 00iDee-) 39.-A 1 fr o
131 Dundee Rage 4.14at: the app;44' c: tast' b
to pe olsteven tst the 4cit4.t ' of fi e144 i4, 4] 1he1
'o eig'lbhboolrho of th ft bd is for
seei thronlged wi\ith hlorror strict s·rir~itors. thef
i t e Nl E 4 .4 11Yo u 1 ) 1 1D e c.)4 4 . -04 ' "h - p a t fi do n Ot4
f04(tl04 sa'ys' thlat thir~e nl44444 b44)4s1hae 41410 e
vil been washs~ed ashore nea·:r ii lie of the .j
141l~ei '44 1 h~g (11 '144]ipt l' 41444' ' 0)1C 441 411
114.1 ' 3t' 44.ous1 In 4 .I4"il4.4'r l '4.1] . ' 1 4 1n lt(
3 inltlnlll' he 11a41. i41to the i'es of tlht'
.tt accident. - 0ces
Nary Y'oRx, Dee' 30" Tri4bune's the
sc c Washington speciarl says :' i;.arfeld sys pierr
I1 4 that in his canvass for t Ohlio s4444414, h t l c i
sat ha.s yeen followel f korty4 y.ears. < er
I4c n1t1'; to estabIlisi h1a4 ters a (o by. },
SOC4 linb4s and personally Sol the votes of1 '5s
'membhernsof the: le gsladn g tto
et' i 1ip L Dee '3 't Seere:t4.ri of the4s
N 15irn 'ui 1t4.0say' (l'nt 101 the 1?,,,part -: idt
tSn l xrji uisviiacinte ((I -ithe(a 41141g11404.hod o#, the 'reser'vation 1'4.'''
yIthen.. d v a noi dtlager of . ltbrea) arIo1okhetela.hs io o 4kýya .jp `le 4310
40 t'ld 1hxhul hIo know of 4 444.4441 .1h Ito,
1 0henntl'hiu 1141 4104. aeon Iy the cx-s
is Prid 44. 01114 trip to (at4 it Sherman .t the reed t1fi .his 'lafld '
'4.10011 114.torel4it the 4104 at a ioofa t
ti 'nb 0.o 11"n 4 St e! zt " e1Atie Ii to ii~~l1i .
e i in (to.. 1.[igo-) 140 corral4 10 Plo- t11 y9 m
'" u -VP0(44 I '·~ ' 'ti~loI f"
'1141 Shinin titlIt from.sh -on
ELF J a ry ;{; iu t sonlt "ran4.
olizecsr tec-ay wofne eta,1 Wt 0oat to t1)141411511
~ 44.{~.~~g1 ) 1 14j~l~ .41
iii2·· i1i
''ill '4i0N Jluy,. la ;i.'-A ` l c illl
Arittesta $frtttt that fi'e 1h1 l)rtuitJiH
Star' tIo e. 1rl clio' gel g (iadr', all)!
lIVlil ll ri0 tk 34'r '-o, po'"ted hi t ar
o' the interior of' the hujidin,,r, f,)l.
pone ofat nfli'huing the :llltlloriti.. :lily
teuenon thlat may a bie eeded.
P' e1 t I ll'' to i'II P.rTt'm ''ýIi
z btatoi' Centr 0; '0lgo it fl}
l'e'r, 01 t ,in " t ol i n1:i ler nf'
u ter'ni of te `ettr ·? I( T! not ll Derl1.,:c ir
p' I m 01 "li.'.iI -
1 optitif·i', Et:,t ttove!111(rl' (C'tr': i :r -,.ti
.10' Id ti/ toi-':P I)ThreItl Io n ).:1,r it"i
f, jic' sr lht Cioc("irr- t `
111t p all li "atl n ti' ;,t J e 'ho+l, i `, I
i l i ' t''i ll) t ih l' l 'I ' ll' ''I~r tl i '
I ill TO i'hlt Ci')~l'<l 1 P .,,t a (ll
10- .1111 ~lt l I"o > ao ii' 1 n I ir ,
1 t.1 ( (1. SI nlt ia 11," Ma, o
(Iiji. of ,il ' Porl. iiil~e ler['l,. '1
" lO 0ii1. jl ( IIl 1 ' ll1)rllltin',I It t 1.)
to-nu~c ~ rrolr, the party ill Lein·\vil
C 'illl'i !ll 0i I' ll ('\,,l'.1 tl' l b ' l''11
i bo ~uti \;·c~ilt 110 1 l,':,0'i '; Tito lii
IT:!l1. 11111)' ; '1011 alive to-'i al, s 0I
tci ilithe app1 1 ilrc· l5I'eig l hoil
1 ~iliri, trim ' ' appe1r11 t il ti (ll ln''hl.
t1'il'IDo paid. 'S 171.-Allýt ot rt
dut .l to-ju th nighti, 'crt Anr, logti,
''(Ii Stat 111')) o1 P1111a101' F NPt
ftlr~1 tiniZ-In, otllviu :t'1I
i that
h1iid-j The New Qualrtz Fihc- oIt'
aidel. tana.
Iot to
e ap- Bent-n tLite Prosticetive D[)e.r
c-loi " Suipplives.
ruler A Rich Mining egion.
iaw, Following the discowety of -hat
celo! known as the "idllstilh iiacrr" mirel
0 the vicinity of .ltonll, iamile i l lic
fior quat:lr.. lThe latceess of tlhe seasnl!
the early aii hard winer Ewevented d
: ain aetive operations in this line. Nots
was stantlin. this, it is Inr 45ood forltne
il- ' state tiha:t :any qltlrtz minles haw i -
tuoe- i discoveredi in the ilowr cin of the
tires Imoulntaills, near eHton,. the muot imf
coto- tilt of which is that known as
i o"Barker" lead, discovered ()cti er `
uIti 1879, by iE. A. Barker adl I'. It. uglg
has I Mr. Barker is an old re-ident of fhi0,
mer county, and hrI. lHiugheni is a thorou,
last practical mIiner anird prosppctor, cntely fI0
niet the Bla: f Itslls, but who 1has miiidi
wasi prospected in nlost of the mrilling coint
of the world.
[ The mine is located on what the dci
e- erers call "G.alena creek," which is as
ular tributary of the "Dry Fork" of Belt cn
e to The vein is easily traced, crosses GalI
any creek, anll has been oplxned on both 8i+
ilis- of the stream. It is well developeld i
low a:s opened, 11nd shows ia widtll of
thei FI 'I1 FEET 01 OLID Oitr-.
"tea' Thle chanctiir of the ore irs s r "ti;
lay. ouIs galena,"' through which lare se:' s i
be wh1t is c'tlle "briltle ilver" or-',
Scopper.;" he oic is vcry similnar t. !
niai fmound in the teleblrated Dives and. PIeik
at { tinee of Clear ('reek county. I(olondu.
itD Marty a.l:1vs hlave been imade, sotle
ams s which show lees thhn eighty or:nces of t
ilh ver to the tol, and some of which ,
show,'n as high as two hundred oitel1
Th :tmount of lead to the ton averg
a1o11t 86 pIer cent.
ant ihe mines edrh be reached froio-[ db`
Io- by a good wagon road, it is thoght,
ty ahout forty mriles, thei rottll being }
Ih presenting no obstatclcs '-l:lt'ser.-c cli
for a distaLrnce of about two iniiik 1
[tiere- will hise to be collie gidting 1
which will probably cost aIblut eight hi
-` ilrid dollars.
ie it is uoderstoodi that a1 I- -adin buth
e 1man of Benton ha< putrhase i Ian inter
Ir il tlitls tne, but Ias the terims were Pl
v ate, the consideration cannllot be sutte
I It s the illntenltiOll of tile Owinlelr to p'
ceed in taking out ore for shipment t'~
" the river, as it is rich enough to ,
ythem in doing so. They pro~rak. ,o qe
a --immetdiate'ly by express t'e- '0:u
it pounds of averatge or i to Newark, s
-. Jersey, to aseertain whitg it will prod[
0- by wttorkin assay.
of f Messrs. Baker antid uKiien h iave ;'al
icatedtthe "Grey Eagle," - a ye.nn 8la it
of I.he sime tcharater of csro and ti si
t- -with ias the Barker lode, aund sitscted V
in near to ita to the otAin a n tu i 'ild " '
1, 1.1on,' veeins iprodtueinggalena ore u
- I showing a wiidth of two ndlt on'e-half 1.
h!.e ditoa ver of these leads, a'ti15h
Slate in the -eastion, hias eretatei a0 Itt
Sexcitement, and caused 0 other to 11
n artangsm-eents to do extensive pro'peeti
i nhinst seiont Is soon as the welther I 1
. .as n, The0outr r- in the vic·uai of 1o
ton ..ieginunlug to show retoltu'ce of
:t. i "s i bbstantiad - a-- relre, 11 With mi
padi re"lands covered ioth herdts of a tlt
iditi nheep.and the yalekys with sis -u
t gren }lg grctin and garcons of -t sot
finn- t -i t g ta0les, -.did the sl a 0lt'r
t ngR s-a cant e Sa r ei i. ith riml -a
tit a lit with guidec, along which are L.
p 1 mirs- nne, -w5 uNhtlher r o-turt
t oti 's~ No "country on wnhiih i
s lnhisis h; s more to offer than t
Sf-er -" .asi much t.Ad toituni '
f it be isy t tht t hidden t're'
-e to di-soxvered untit this late da y, t
the im'-es will lIe home market for t
h-e sur plls oif the fainter- andd s'-t
raiie'Hs a theu ealth in il -'
u ill emain at hon.
ti t t that these disc overse
4 artz yii mole thant d1
al- abiior enitoug

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