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The Benton weekly record. (Benton, Mont.) 1880-1885, January 02, 1880, Image 3

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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t:, t? ai". u- t oi", n-i ztitc will stetit
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S- l:I i'. t.. I.. U :'( `i ~ li l~" :I !,"'i I tir i
1 !( I to 1 !l .l ; l h 'is'llie (ilil lFel
:'.·. ! "t,'ll~i i\-l 'i cii< d jv h ll-~
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;II }" 'i ;:t la (:I' 13:; ,114, '
I !t·· 'r · it slIrt I ,, tI:·:,·r,;; l :111k called
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lý' ,, .:, " ,'.l i, i'r:!';11i0 11d il l i if' 18 1
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ii-., :I , .i,,, iii t", :i ((l', ' ll' j 'il "tn ii
1'i ý',;i lr.,l 'I" lit: . 'Iit " Il, 1811 r
1 'I 1 , 1 liii" i iii 1(1,1 iI'i k l t'' el -
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t '"x !,,; -~i _r.:l ,i'li I ft si ll lilt'i lil
I'c ''-tihi'i8' t l iii' t t'iln- til111 I 'itt' t
c. r,.-" of 8 1
.A . .uii' l u'1'i I'1Ti- 't's'us lti'IStahtio ha111
Ll-,, tI w ii-ttit 81 n1Xjs t Ill th
II l- it -si ke line tstt's
.' : I I i " t , ii- i' i 11111 ilfri l,"l'ltttllt ad
< tn , l,^ 1" 11 I''" Ira 11111 (11 is't'rvl'l'(
1':iii 's si' t lt l it a" 11(1
.!li , " ir t +.1 . (tl' It- 'is ~itil! t i llte 41i
t'ii i ''Il"itt 011it the tt'41l
t'i:I l I;t" ,iL t ~"n ,'a, il
Ili11 t~iilt I tlit'l' t't~~i~l1'1t r ta,' t Ii'(ii
.1 ,111 I I tt itittt 'i i' it aI s "-'i
Os: ,i .r: d . .: r. 1slth ittl - glsllti It)r ('by.iu fi
` ', i i t't h,ýi"- Ire , "t 51 k tt i1!'i n thu T'l'iu
It .,'ll' lii ,~s-', r~li i 818," iti 5 of hr * tI
-11 i_ '1":,siI Illu t i; i'i k ,"ll "'4 a sin teill'
.iii'' 11th itt' tit~lst ttittit lita ', 15 "," .'it ' ;k ' l
'1 "tn :iv t ,6 :nnt ' 141 tr Ite I 'ietl salr Ii
iil'll iti~ i
dl!, ''ill. ,t lse l~l is's , 5e l out' t i tpe trr
,ilt!_1411 t 1 1" ''.4 i t"l" dtlor ei1. jfii'i1, i
t1t ii. tti lnstss]'n1 ~f sh t'ic QhltntktL
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it111"11. tu is M tttsstt,.'6
' Ii r, " ,1 'n n ' i u ti t lr --ii it
-(i.; tsj if ti-l iO~n88 "uri '"" ha/ ri
,441.41 t1 (rn g ls( l t t ir r S'
ss !' .,I .. g .8 ,1 i a st n l
t1!r 1ilt ,v : i~ i l""w ll ] - i. i )~ i'
1' t13:.' ('In ý /118 1/6 t /8 l /t !ltt7!l
3at. Furnell left for his Son River:
homte on Saturday.
L. II. Rosencrans has departed for HIele
na to participatewin a family reunion and
take in the sights of the capital.
3fr. iat. Furnell, one of the prosperous
stMock men of Suill River, arrived in town
on wednesday.
Ben. Mc(Couitouch, in charge of Broad
water & (.'o's. business atFr. Assitnboin e,
arrivedi from Helena Tuesday on his way
to the noat,.
Mr. Jo,. HIill after hii hair-lbreadth escape
from freezing during his trip to Ielena.
retrni":i TuI'eday' to the gratification of his
many frielnds, looking remarkalbly well
:f'e" hi, iourney.
A ii 811i w1as given on the evelntg
of lt e 27th at tile holl-:e oi J:. S:inlu orn,
a:t Poit conito.ri. li'tw.iihstainf the
le e:ther it was largely atlitidedl.
:-i voral eigith-,odl,4l of esit' b were il at
Ti, sill,'"k grlagers of the ihll kiin are
,i!, lin ,. fo ii :al0 1 sub iabial re.-iltences.
.i ilk 1-i1 I 1oe wiho ha 1' alorely built arii
C . W . Di at , |hive. M orr -o , (G eor .'e
I arhmll illl, G. ( ,I , atii terson'll , O'Reil y,
• ho<ph ','ohell. Milner & Boardman, John
('lailten a d .l Ii ' itr 1 4Ih. l i
' has.Ltonbetterknofina(Te(Iesee1110 "l
arriivi e in town oni Friday from Judith
-in, :anl in 'mlh X r1et0 rlin-g ill at f1e'
1181-: 'i'ennol t' has tIkeu a .uell er of'"
WVhitII (alf's tlue1 a< his wife, ant for thX fll
Slti'e expl (4- to 1ake the prairie lls home.
S0puty t i. t' arshal lHoyle return:d
fint an extehmed trip in the .ludih Basin,
on Friiiay. the 2d inth. 0I1. Botle had
41i1 (- lt r 'hel'4ll2 1 1i.l Ip 1s ol11 wil tIt1l, as he
t\e s ,'xp,, to ill t lhate cold snap, aln
Itd the 1itlri ' nne tll 1 bre1lak "a costly bl ggyll
o4 1he trip.
SAdv, n ,,,,m l one.r countryll state
ithat three In.11ired' families of half-1bree ds
!l 'wt wiling atll. i): near thie Ili bend ofI
Mil river.t There is also ill that: vicinity
11'r 5 'ej I i! 11110"11 -0ll :1t'10. 1 i hii m lit'
eabtout dill h1 h'; i :lnd fif ldump of:
ýiol, ": l Scih of 0itting. B itting c .hi l
"l ,y e onitl "t n Iitj'ibll" u vl,'y if ] !;nll't I
Freighter: -. over , Martinsale road'Ii
mirlh{ain Ito\f the hal hill nn Arrow ("rek, I
1)18(1 by- briudgil l' he t i!'Creek half tintoile 1
:!hove. nea r D1onnell 's ( .Ill fort. _Alt ost
anytlhin , / r1v11 be n. i. sprllhve lilnt on the t
"\re'"nt ,'a t as the hill is 81 o,'t inpns=
lre hor te:,1n in , the winter. r
Thed:uld r: i he hhll t Arrow r' reek cl
-.Sato haul of luhianl w, ho 1111-(y ,o can ey ;
cal e :; 1rti:_ the line. Their ml h fel inte 1 1,
_A Ierr'i'.ll in storm 1t-e.-ailel d 0or Wed- l :
to 101kw, chimlneys. fences, etc. The m01181 It
]'ri- 11:1" t 1- : FI t the new Odl Pel- a
, .l.:.y, howevhr, " h11 th : all will prob- tl
h i'klie- wi' l in the preSent ' a
lla . The yll,, of 1h7, was rmai rkable 11
'., lead1bee inauguraed with warm wiwh'! it
1rg;11; t ullhilw id thfaIirest of proSpe- a et
;'ill , ibhl, are movin v-i erg Soutgh i e:'tb , be- t
St. l'oni g t0h0le milk river valley, awT the o i
I .,- and hAssinaboinea iln the vicinwtO of el
tit Lit iu? , whnkieh, are plouthinl them ' at
111 't r ie1 rl e obl d t',. o h ; th1) wi' , n ,l
Stiht. o L ith , 011,. ae p sin h m a
Sheriff Htealy and Lnder-Sheriff Tal
1 rt retturned on Friday frlom the M3oc:a
i Iulltorllains wit-llh Spo.pee (Titutle), the
Eoot India:n who killed Charles Wa lmis
b ry. on ('t Balnk river, in October last.
Sp-pee was captured atmoltnl-g It h]unting
pIrty of loo;l, l'iegans and Blackficet
l1lom .ri' about lthree hlundred Jtdians.
u\',ite -:lf's b:and of fiegancs "Ire campiied
c *r ie .Iundih river, above the mnouthl of
i rm Spring C reek. Running Crane's.
:'.UIi ii 'also withi tlih e ie l at. the sai:ne
plee. IBd Boy, the North Pfiegumi bad
aritved froni the Norti alld wis going to
wrIds A'rlnlll's (reek iin isearch of bllfirmo,
TI Judith d :tin ik des.titute of lnitlhlo,
an -llle Ildiasll- were oblinged to live oin
sml gate. -which i plenty. The Crow
S'un s have nl.f gi to the Agency on
thi Y ,<,wat-T.nen ? order. iSnow( is
d, : tieg fli - '-e . i ty and Judith
.' :ais. Ti - i"i a ire supposedl to be
€ <'l .; it b t'a-'ie l , =.. ,ith olnlO lllt;ils atnd
Sr ,wh e ii ' h .i;h-.elI. The Crees
Ia t u- ,'!- :++ i the the Little
S. ->. i N . r [=ear Chief's, band
:: + on : :Iuselshell. So
i t- i!i k , - :- siltd Double {huil
.,. .e Bkd i- te Biear Paw ndll
ai ------ v-ib -i ii- 1ar it-s louth.
t'-' lBr. n e" uite a tile with
hris c -i-e f te diean, : and stormy
i .ei r. .i v- itt ^'t.--r, oem badly. Ju
t . I' a_.J 1 I - 'l y ifumitli es of halft
r,:- :~'it 4I Tru t, or lig Sprinig
( 'i b!: nfortalle hoases.
S , old sit e of Camp
- 1. : +'' J .td w iie- :re a iout two
illt- -It ., -a 1 ---'.is-ing of the Car
ro:i J -i at-L - -,.-siB loeati d oil thle
--'-...-. 5r-it~l.t.: 1' us atwhich takes iit
r :' si \t- 1---'i -3s-- bt.teeln the itwto
- Ai - - Sprinlg tin s
". -, the Teton river does
<i,-, i*ty. f i. .'.-', i'i lv ftor fiftlen i
d} ith I e -OC l 1S i , i, w ilt -
w+ ii ,nPs eps ito tile
-; ve -a'c -ti-i creek rolis the
.r'l t a. ti-0 thC i tnge is thei
D h~l eti < trader, hlas built
n---- J t, - w° lihe i iotth of Saoe
t t u!id- i n' i v ili tile sucee-a lie
- 11 .I $ .otte and old Bill
t ing lhunite's, hvie'
ilr mling post, but finid
till giinf siutce the
t _ .t' i N' trr -orth haie taken
- ountrv
-i' V sepi- :Piega ns went to
- C t az u tts a fewr weelks ago,
f on tlhe Judith, andi
-0 SioUXn w arriors,
on alld wouiintdedl
ft 1 - days afterwnd s,
in ii atedair
e ab ondeath tvomxa
aad is mi ing Aood
iterpreer, and being sked thether he
illedth41e bwhite iman, he stated that he
told the 'hetift the truth, ad- that Jie did
not hide anythiong. fe acknao led;eld the
killing of W amrsbury, but 'tated that he
was urgeld to commit the iimne bt "Good
Rider," the Indian arrested by Agent
Young. The Judge ordered the prisoner
to be held to await the action of the U. S. i
[Special to the REcot'n.1
IlELtEx., J:n. 2.-About i2 o'clock last
night a fire broke out in the rear of the,
dovei:orl' s office. on (lore street, in the
dwelling houne of tIsa: 31 lddell i. Miss
Neigh's ehtoe, anitiso a paint shop i
longing Lo Wim. Lorey were deatroyed.
Fotrttil:ttely it wea perfectly enhn. UIa
there been. a heavy wind Mlowin-, ilt,-ena
would l'have bt-'n in h to-day: .
[[Spetial to the Ite t l.]
IIELA , a Jtanualry 3.-T-t.," Jtt,l?;wig( li.n;
of thi.o nmrlin-g .ti matni thit d(1 ._:o''iO to
prioperty destroyed by the fire on Thurt i
day night a" fIll ws: ITwo-story frame
building belngig to Mllr. McCrony. }01:.
small frame buihling helonging to Klien
-lchmnidt & Btro., $0ti0it : -in:t1 ft:l , build
ing biolonging to Morton Bradfotlrd. $150:
per'.ýonl tpeol)erty, $:00, mnkin.g:t total of
$1,650, upon omne of-twhicih was there a:y
insIuanite'. The e'uilise fit t . l i' e is I1n
kno1wi1. ''
k'ourt Item.,
int the iiiskii .'url rosterday, the
Ju' , ill til, ca's-- of t" i h l.'e l irte o th- s "'is.
Gen}. W. Fox, \va- again e'Hed, and [:'r.
Jllle.0 Fr'yatt agaih repo0rt'eld absenti*. 1)r.
Schlesinger was nbpfltdend, nlod t-slitied
that Mr. IFrvyatt was still daa ,e'rousl siick
that his recovery was donbtlii, and that
there was no reasonable prospc't of himt
being able to appear in (Court i-or several
days. Judge Wade ihertupon dis harged
thie Jury 'o ti ftirtiher icoeiderat ion of the' :
case. ,.After ldi.}loing of at few motionsi
:ntlt demuret-, the h ,o.rt. was :adljourn-ed
.attic ti,-.
SThe tEdthcational hnlltrsts of Benton.
f; By i P tnoi.sisnt: Ilh .rt:.
' i ]tar year. a o, '- when tilhei poitl]:ittio o'
S.Oll t1it htt t t ll Ida vi tr I Ii}i"dejtr'eI bi
I st:mIlde- to th Bltack 1tll.. li l to ti ttit
Ite l. t~il ou t-o.l h ll It' 1I0 llt ilFt tta ' t 0lo 1: .
schctit n -:ools i'ait i ini" t e t titlt'e of, ittpl t
11 O11 ii ]i if' H>1 of :i " :1i1 l ti v. 1);t
I t(l ily Ilt'ilt Di t 0 Itintl -tll l tlill i'l: Ii'~'tll'.
itto tlii. 1:i n s'll ] ti xtt . n iiiit d i y mI ilr
edi tilUt roiniil il l siit'- c l D hit i _
kirtge brick 1:;i $linl. in HelenaI wl as th01 n
tIo tou t htilretn d pupilt. fillowe, b1i the
e,'t'tiotn of f.:' tniblidltgs in Bo melllan,
Ilutte 11 eer-Lotdl . :ultd ll tlentoin It i- liti
ta lil]: s1 tii vt. 'g ta tull ih eo bitt-ii ll i-lt
iof a pt id, when i 11, b t lsigHtily lt o" st rll a il
' o'- h.', it to give pl:ce to elg ":il Ib'rick (t.,;.
of te '",omii of proplnily"' in tIh T'erri
tory. It ii ]-ore thatn wugge..est-: -brwd ,
bati test itet t ai ke thei coni litilI o f tilt
puelie schoolt s a tll index of thell d'ri. cee of
lroTperity. (l )e of ti le t1 1 I.t it "li' acit- k
Sd l 011 t, 1t i I tprol) o Ai ilt lltll t t'ltI t") -tI I
oulntlry in. "what i tel att c i ytlir
-chools?" there i-' he impl! .Pd: in. '.
nminda of all pfa lirenl i is th til thtr i chibirc
:tm uch n olt! rt - cd :Ja tion eithan t erit,- .
lar 1 ood t tl siool privle.ot <. e 'iai-at lIt- t'
icage aith -lon g :l, ioli0,ve in ''n hi rthIl
countryl to send tiheir childhie ol In ]hool.r l
the la.t " ,e:-17i0 t pg- ii , ona tlir'd o
whom were ctilir.'n of n- n ~ ; w ,
re'idenlt. of Ole ,)Wtow durhlil' tte wilntý"
. v e rq - 1 Zro w d elt" n ull' ' , . - . :tt i:
iit wl l n -lt l't " tO buil : w1 vddirin il ti
tory th rie c br-ck fcbuli(n at a b -of -5t00 Silt
t.0 a one -toro tlickl at the at cntbt oa, I
think, nlotl oi vote rte tiund tot a o-is
Ithe tlt'oftied nItll iny seer. Itt t I' ioe"
sitillha' mane-i' havt" ilt e lhEo lil
boni crowded, and even a ow iW k hiol!%k
at W:alkervi.ll ha;-:l beet i uld hinte.ileii li.
A shillnir siate of llo ir'lXd1 exi-i' a t ilt :1oie.
in the ih<t .httool aSu!e'hint.ernt's r1.p1o
before ili'o thye whole attcnldanct, in ('hto
O:tlue c)ull- i< only -i9. 'l'li ynear 60l pu
i tiNt are in atte lance- ill lh t tiernon ti -
trict alone. The oncett itllielticie tly ltart
edioie hor bel.n)t ll ttoo Slll to aitulit0 o
date the pupilt s ilrtt y lt r'e cnt: hei.les,.
h-donblS-- keepinl away moany wh1ii wAo
attend if tile facilities were ei ter.
Next year, with the wave of hniira
tio ln which wil l ilillo ttin o II. dlrintig
i the coming, season, the ditticulty will irn
crease.l Steps shoutld be tak en at once to
provide for the erection oif a larger build
ing. The tox in Chotel Colunty is especi
ally light, while the assessment lit it cor
tainly increasing. No town in tie Terri
tory is in a better condition. A good
school house stipllied with necess:ury
apparatus and talented t'achers would
iattract residentl,, uilt lip the town adll
brierg; trade to our busi.uhw-t then, returni.r:;
ten-fold every dollar expi·.enled a, wilei ';
other elterprJi-e.% The old sjiityi.ý, it i
cheaper to build ,ndcool houses. rhI :I ail:
nlrd work ]lortls:e. in , tru e t' n ll e. Let olil"l
citize griv'> thcir united attelnilol to 111S,
plattelr anlad - their effhrts will bl. recol
ipenned, It is la lnatter of iltere-t ito (e+ve)ry
one wh],tiler flrtunateilV blesi-e.l "it1
children or linot. ]et the plroper efibrr i, bet
tional centre of -lonitall as well a- ( the
commercial centrie.t
lLOSSOM-T-o the wile of Jamnes P. .!os.oni, of
Sun Airr.. on C'hri-tinuts day. twin sco!1.
PATTA--Tothe wife of J. W. Titttm. or ors
Blentni, 31. T.., on Monday, D)ecenii)er ut, '
_elc. -,th, 117, Iewi.. at: Alsteil to 31rx. Clara
;l"it r o n . J u d g. e D o n n e l ly a f i ua atin g .
[Special to the RiEcoD.
FPOT S .vw, Jan. 1.-New Year's Eve
was passed in the mot, pleasant manner I
imaginable. A grand ball, given by the v
baudl, an.d itt].tnd( bI nearly all the i
people in the garrison, w:'s a sciie, -of0
anmusement. The room was very hand--f
I haetii-; . .... .viewd all ,:the h:,ie h r n
.......tio offarn in tNwYa'
Histltory of St. Patti S Parish Protestantar
t :piscoisu5. i~hitiei of Fore cr?'Eoro, .
___ Bextion.T H IMOS
ti-i jIZE OBTox.
I)uiin' Bieh'pop Tuttl'eie hist visit to Fort
1. Beti n litir u't, l . :1th poitrttul the
followintg c-uiliernrn s ce tlttiilpl; Wý. G.
Conrtad Th . St lull ' C.'Ifo-cxjt, Win.
H. Todi iiandA. B. l'cie't Ti tbis con
ofitter i:i (entrusted the fi(osro i l affatirs of
Ji, - li. tir l 'i i i r 'itet y h eection
Sof, r·. W'I. G. Conrlr:;1 a.- eiheirrnn, rsu,
tii i Icretar'
T .i('t ( I it
liiiiwi"i i ii i' = J hi h lii'h
ii *iii itLiit f lf o
Iv ol~li 1':itii ;'ii uu'bya ; itl~' It nit
(itr f_ it hul'..«_ur : l '.z z:+I' r tl
hut( .iiitt , o' ti1. t I'.~)~ I~tt '
l t irtii l l i i i ii";lt ",:,n a n I
ith ani ui :'' rl li t' l~iii ti:' lii ii i Z t iei)t
lioii lihiliu' 1'cit 0 V P tiitii ltt i'\u
litf ' liii h ii' l'l -I n o it'ie stal
cin it it I 'i ti tit i
pxines tlii i 't; tilr nit~i n li f tited (E dil
firi lit' tititi alitt l ii- ut~l till Iiiit( dii
oil t i ~ii I i Iii i
utlt -~u :Hii I a.' il~=Ii'n in i -ra
o i toa 1 i l~zi(Ii t"'~ I t3 t i
;If t1th rr l t~t 1>h :itu l
1,'l itt '~p (i1 I I to lll Ii I ' i '1
t~it-fli-' il~.t i ~ . . :
it d~lw=iroa itt
.1~titit\ i'itt" 1~'
' Ili ; ''otti l!H ! " _ ' , '' . . ,', tii n i
-1 1. 1. " .
'1 l t I 11i, ', i (: ": 'f . .1 " t F t
li- . -. I':{. ? 'J1 1 .. - : -i,:h IM tlr
t-. .Ofi 1 1 , , " 1 7. -,-, :I . . . T h -1 11ý3 it .
i . ,, 1 1 1. _l .c' : " ::. , ' =rl ý,t
itii ri Ii '' t - :
T tin. i. 1t. "t ii . '
t- F. i1 .t " ~ c1.1 . :j. 1i, hi' tr . i , l
W . Ii. .' p '. i5 .t 1 1 t
lire . H . '. )i ".- , of :, i ".
t.0i l i"i'' <i( - -: ; ii. 'at ' l I ' -
iwhich ' ° t'' iiii' It' iu, t'(i. th.iii' .- ioint,
t he 1wn y, ;c"." ' y, , 1,11(1 a 'ill'
oiti ,, i o t131inio .t , lto: ;ll ' . ,T i
thi n< sh a 1,( . r . \ 1 I 1e, 1l o'iti
t.l l• i],, 1 - to1' 1 itu-- 'i..t ,, 10:1 '-.1.
Ioti ti ?:h .- -li1it 1111 0 , ti: ti t -i rv 0 -
liri.o M . . h~- ir 'trdi r l f. (1. ' .t'i:i -
S (;II tl ", 1 0. 1 ' . I i ti i' . t .:.
( Ot1a lio'lctn love ltlitw: o . i, 1,1)1t11 t 1wi 1 d 1
titiiit ' , ,: WI 01 .. ' ,( -J , 1 it; '-i: u .x'hd1.--111
5T . 1 .iltll0t 1 11104 l: o ! to I ' i:im ofu .' w hool
adid hire o f- ;1:11 1:n1 " n ot te1 ,C,1l to 31
l1' riO s at t'1'( . lo tat< e 111 :1 = 1e11 1to 1 ' 1ii
i! e. i, t o s elln' t,:t hi" ti Bi o i ' ll. 11il 1 I
1 i tS4 tf il iiI i- of ' itlt ('l,- ri: h
III 3.i. to i o st' i 1 11n1, t';-n y. ( 1 ofl
911.11 (.1a ;: '-"t1;1s ~,'; -10111;' 11(."11 111,1 ( 11':
t(31(1 - ]im 0I ;' .-'-0ll 0)' ' it l) .)r (1,11'
--Witli 1(01,00 1 "ei >3" (: 111 11'1[11, i ll :l] '
tys g- ht to' oft-1 , : " an i 6t
ill hti( ;l ici .:liu : i l. . - '. t e . 1 e:.
(1 ll 0011(01, ' ,i. it 1 :1, -1 it) i, : ,y a!it. .
111111: the ver y 1% n 'et of/ hOo (h> :," 's wee {
<low, ted to it.? A ld! thy «-: " ' it , 11- Ih('
deivh, whh: is the 'ui onig -of 1111 Tll-(
in'rI'O 111 :ah r i 1i111 _' h ti., 11 i)n :i :
fho nhm ofr ,: r :111o1 iell fv,'11 obu-dlYho howt'i1'
min ei][;0f"d1:1th, t(h l1 w h ,n eiE '. th t-s re W
taIleil .uto w ih: :111=11 111 ,. a. .ot " r -
(1i1 ;.0-:.011 1 (110((' WI ?'.;'1:111 :1 ` e 'Oo i:: t
1 y. , gon 1` ., th i 'e:s~ to l uit wth Ahl
Clonu t ai n h1e1:,d- tCý: ('-OEi1. 1 ,- to i "?}oryV.
7;.w 1bs we'n t.aih,11d Ai 3", : I':1 h0 ¬'<:
, ,en ",ie, a r5.I-"', ,n beritr,; t} hum*1ln
,hat the ve r f'0 v 10,0 to s V d; e o, e'. e wo
' h b d1
tout btmo a w n anrf -
nolaing n ? nitof <iuen
his feeding-ground to other and far-off
localitiec; the half-breeds followed, and
these valleys became deserted.
We h'.d:nouiesitation to take up our quar
ters, for aiuie, in one of the vacanthouses,
nor did we fee theleast compunction todr aw
upon the dead occupants of an adjoining
graveyard for our supply of firewood, for
their resting-places were fenced with well
seasoned posts, which were just the right
length for our chimney.
After a few days of lonely res
idence, reports reached us that the
breeds were again coming to nwinter
here, beeause !,e bufftlo were ranging
this wayn :and soon whole families arrived
with their cart- loaded with household
goods and meat, and they took possession
of and moved into the houses sas qietly as
thouilh they h;ad been away on a visit in
ste:!! of anl bseillce of .two yelrs.
I. if tlo fat, of which at this season the half
b)iced women eatinordinate lulntities,)iives
the youcg _r ri, especially a sleek and oily
a:lppeaaunce, which makes them, even at a
great .ii tlan1ce, easily distingluiishAlc from
1he men. On this oci0 sio. their greasy
conllultln.'ces retlectedl the 1ltins rays like
plii 11shed mirriors., and when a few of the
mir,. sociably-inelined visited the cabins
otf Itll( rranlr, 'ie heat irmt tlhe fire-places
a:ctally ailicted them t s: it would so
tm:itly tlllnk.1ks of butter; in fIct, they fairly
mlllettd wihil the heat, their grments ap
tpe.lrin!, to drip With the disiolving irsb
stanu(e of their bodies.
Tisi. se o.o:p-fat girls were indtes
triout, however, and iupon tteir earnest
4soliciltaiiton i engaged one of theni
to 4,a.-b my "oiled liner, aUd in lien of
, t.pt, which v-:is a .earce article, I gave
ilhr a !x of contllcul.etrated 1ve1. Alas 4! Who
co:1i!4 have g1tes4 l I the horrible result?
31y ,shirl, tlie lhe and tilh girl mysteriously
di:peltsared. The last. I sLaw of her, she
was b111ily enga ll ed alt ti!e. wash-tub, biut
fro't brat time on she was seen no more.
Ihle oily Iplhuiible theory for her sutlden
4lIirt4u -!', i that thll chellical action of
ihe lye 1up1o thlteI oily slstlill'e of her body
mileld h(liri i lto ltp 0 of sop), an41d she
il problity fill into the tub anld was
i i't , i' 4, n -4iuall-44d1 . .l ttilig 1)upon
l t' I il4 4 i it'sI it obtaliin t bottle full
of tile r,-slllting' suds, which I wished to
r."q<-.,eantu inalm:lt:tble coi.<mtetic. It was,
i'ItI -+ 1 ', 4 is l:4I4 : 1.t1 VIicio s 1yl4.1s1 e lh li
d,'1 IIve'.1111 Itltb, ald it< contents.111 hid
1.i two 1 lutleSt'i" hole, leavin-' it an unde- I
-i; ld s..e-liot w!(ieth hrl' soil was down
ationl Ih i ):id ers or w ethe1 it r had
l,.' 0en, l.'l - to t 1aven in la s:n-hubble.
Ct'. If.
113," NES'SS FlietIfS OF BENTON.
31ew:ant ilh Reso'cres of the River !
" ' r1i''atitIt'1, ier01hanizing andi
The Sl t -.'arts anid Astors of i Mon
The dyt'ly receipt of lettersi from co0nu1er
!('i : :1enc'i ',, b1)IlSne-: s fii r 1 1 ild pi arties
1ta h ii'. ".L tt' qi In to o illltil ' r1'e, iulalr milIver
, '-:".lo.n l o()'Ur p1ronoi ito this, t le initial
n rl itllo(I fl' ti('l itrECo1n for" 1tI0, iand inl
i:! 't thvreO,,' 1 1blish a brie't discription of
:1" i'l tsl rm1 to e'1 bliricll at Rentoin itl
Srin.i1 - :1wcript vion apperl4l d i" a for
Ve 1'- , :t tl , 1 41 i vl - ' ti ' l l th inh verI '
I" the , li t-, t fril- th lil e tl ie
r<'-ich hu i m thit L probbleni t hat
tit' "t';0011., t ill tre 4en r" 1111(- felt t 1 all
11 t''n'1' :ii ,: thi 01.1etin 1 if .., tnth tll
S11it'll "e v' 'Vt 11 t. 1 1he s ll 1 3:4 h rtin: ltiol of
ic ll ,'l. ill lpor l4ta 1c, :nl11 itel'(st toi the
r '!i:;; !u)1 1110 i . We wo hl d dd a11 i that, the
It 3(';. l 1'ttl( " I llo e noHlt been, solicited
tll 0:' flur iiied by n liy lltnemtllers of
,the i!'l1tll; ll en ti oned
i '4 . 1i ' 'n AKtl' 0 &" CO,f
i41. 1 ,. 11-i'i 1. r 1 C'o.il, we t elieve, clai 1, to
be 1, < Ii+t fir ow1111 doitng furine010 ati
'" 1:olln, indi therefore properly h1e1 s the
Illt. 't1he Dolts'( tneited btstiness in
ti4, spring of, 1861 . l tPrevious thll thi thie se
nir lrni11t1r hait been con nected wit the
Aell rint'i. Fi nr1 ipainly, at d wast there
fi1rt one! of the earliest settlers of ontanla.
I'li'111 ti'r:lh ing wag the principal bnsiness
of thi firim Ull to r1874 lthoug(h they h:lI
((it'ldl, .Iolle Il tt nfiorn e to freihting and
for tarhu (inil'g frol thel tile nalviatinll on if
the i cst11111 beca114 all illportat inter
Iest. In 1874, they receivedX the contract for1
flurttishiln supplies to tleit North-West I
t11otled Police, ( o ilieh they still hold, and '
whichl has increased their business to an el
of line line of steamers, have tlading 1
1it)00 in the North-west Territory andi ia
various paris of Montana, have erected the I
l'arg1'es{,t and mlost costly bhrick store and I
S4arerooms in the Territory, hici are ln
d of)tedly one of the mb t properot s on thnd
w.cel thy ner 1anltile firmels in the North
i,. The jlulor a membere s and this gr p at e
;o1us1( a-1l C. O E.. Conrl.-, W. G. Conrad
:ald J. if. Conell. They are renurrkably
h'coinle c l busins llen, andt nte great wealth
a:mI p'ro4 )Ority of the firm are due to their i
pet ::'aritg energy and good management. I
S1.r, i..· , s ik 1ta:s for onsm e years past j
rI.'es'ii i' cii. Olllou, where the extensive
il I'rests of the dolu, demand his constant 1
aittention. We are informed that tie re- i
t.'ip!s and disbu:-semIents of this firm for
f1871r i.= llup ineto the t millions.
T.-oUthe above lnaeid houlse enijoys on envi
:lle relttalftiol tlrolghout the West and I
.o-rthlel t a. onei of the th'i ,t financially ,
_Sotti anSd enterprising firlems in Monlltanad i
It "an, formerly the leading f'r trading ý1
ethshlbiinlhent in the Territory, but sinere
the decline of the traffic in furs has been
large''ly engaged in steamboating, freight
lag and forwarding, and extensive mer- s
i1tile transactions. The Bentoli Line of
Steamers, - belonging to which are li
som1e of the finest boats on tthe
ger accomnmodations. Mr.i T. C. Power
con.n1enced busines at Benton in 1867, o
and -oon estiablished trading pOe,,ts
throughout Montan.a.l and thie 71ortlhwest
Terfitoiy. Mis rapidyin'ricsh!g business
however; soon conmpe!ed himn to establish
iranich dl4uses It Fort Shiaw nid vIelena.
After the Bentni L~ne of Steaners became I
maprmanen inustiturtin hi4 s heKadutalrter I.
v'e ec ,tbi f inb ll C hIic'o, while his-}
blrouleith \[r Tohit Po er, gae this whole )
tln0e and 1ttendton to the Benton Ho use. ._
b th~ finin - sse.- Iyenortmt They
, " i ti ...... t- .... t il the p nnjp l 1
poNi fo t.hlt mnig.robe and furs, and
b d ofto is r=,, e:{arl lupd oLat
If merchandise,importers of wi. sand liquor*s
i and laig ely engaged in freight~i g and for
w:rliun • They also do i large business
in furs and .peltries and their exportation
of furs amounts to many thousands of dol
,v lars. Mr. W. S. Wetzel Is a young, ener
g getic aud experienced business man, pop
ir ular wirh all persons with whom he has
I business or social relations, and is rapidly
t coming to the front as one of the merchant
princes of the Northwest. Mr. W. D.
s- Weatherwax, the junior member of the
a firm, is .lso a shrewd business man
,r and deservedly popular with everyone.
g Mr. Weatherwax was a snuccessful mer:
ol chant before coming to Moi,.,ana, and the
d prosperity of the House is 'greatly due to
a his long practical experience and able man
5agement. No business firth in Montana
has a more promising future than has W.
S. Wetzel & Co., and no business men in
If the Union are more worthy to rival lhe
mercantile positiona once held by Stewart
rand Astor.
n Mr. W. HI. Todd is at the head of a Ben
v ton branch of the greet grocery house of
e Murphy, Neel & Co., but Mr. Todd is so
c identified with the interest of Benton that
s io one seems to remoeniber that he is not
full proprietor of the establishment which
has become such a flourishing institution
undler his able management. It is now
one of the permanent. institutions of Ben
ion and is enjoying a profitable wholesale
and retail trade. Mr. Todd is also largely
-engaged in forwarding and freighting,
priiicipally with the Coulson Line of
steamers, and is the owner of somie of the
most vanluable real estate in town. Other
interests have also comrnandecd a share, of
his attention, and altogether Benton has no
firmer friend d aid advocate than Mr. Todd
has proved himself to be sice becoming a
permanent resident of the River Metrop
Another leading grocery house of Mon
tana, also has a branch establishment at
Benton under the management of Mr.
Heitman. Kleinsehmidt & Bro. do an im
ltlense business in groceries. They have
branch establishments in all the principal
towins of Monlltanla, :nid at teir h eatdqllaters
.in 1 elena they probablyh sell more goods at I
retail thain any other house West of the
Rocky Mounltains. They also do a large c
wholesale buIlln lles:, andl indeed lmay be
p1roperly classed among the heaviest
grocery merchants of the United Stttes.
One of the most encouraging signs off :
the progress made in Benton within the Ii
past few years is the establishment of new I
business Houses dealing only in one arti- I
cle of goods, or one special line of mer- (
chandise. Formely the stores advertised full t
lines of general mer,'anudice, whlich comi -
prised everything, from . wVatch-spring to t
a bull train: but drug, clothing, hardware,
noelity alnd other stoles have opelnied out
and divided utip the trade. Among the t
t'rst to mnate this new departure we-,r i
Mhes-rs. liirshberg & Nathnm, a large ~how t
York Clothintig House, devoted eklusi t- it
to the nmI:iunfieture and sale of clothing. a
They have only been established a little hi
over one year at Benton, but have ti
already built ip a flourishing a
business, with the best of prospects for an s
immense increase of trade during the pres- e
ent year. The firm is well and pIo, ' ly it
known in New York City, having a large
thetory and :aldes-rooms at No. 43 harvard
street. Mr Hirtshiirg is an old time Moll- I
tanian and well posted in all the requir-I h
mnents of business. 3Mr. Nathanl is a d
New Yorker, and only camne to Mon- F
tina last year, but in all thlatt
plertains to lhe clothing business, he is
thoroughly andi practically educate I. A-4
the establishment t at Benton of a hio -se ide
voted exclusively to one particular line of I1
business ws:a regarded is a ventlre of
doubtful suocc,. we have watched thei
I proi''-ss of _(Messrs tlirsbilterg and Nathan i
with peculiar interest, and while ! f
admitting that their success is al
most entirely dsle to good matiage-I
merit and busintess tact, we Iblieve tl
the real stecret of their prosperity lies tl
in the almost unlimitedl commercial re- i
i-orces of thits section of Ionltana-ml re- s
Hources of whiCch even o;/r best informed'i
business men;e have but slight concption. /,
While the above comprise :ll the leadin1
wholesale and retail houses of Benton
there are l:iny othier prosperoIus firm
Sidoinug profitable retail trade, and at
every year enlarging and extending thei
bunsiness. Mri. M. . Flanagan is runnint
Sthe leadiilg drug store of Benton, and lhal
I an establishmlnt lthat would dlo credit 1A
a much larger . town than Belton. II
lhas a line stock of drugs, ehemi
cals, paints,. oils, varnishes, glass
toilet articles, notions, confectionery, etc
The store is fitted uc: in a most attractive
manner, and contains a marble, silver
mounted, soda fountain--te oly olyl one, wi
believe, in the Tenitory. Mr. Flanagan ii
also our very eici ent and plpular Post
master and has saiisfactoriy discharge~
the dntiei of that position for a number o
years past.
The above is a icvnparatively new institu
tion, opened in the early part of last ye.:"',
and has filled al imuch needed requirement.
Mr. Crane has a fine stock of toys, notions,
confectionery and fruit, land deals largely
in books ani d periodicals. We believe the
proprietor of this establishment has no rea
son to complain of the trade of Benton, but,
on the contrary is enjoying a full share o01
patronage, which brings him a handsome
income anllually.
,J. H. Wackerlin e h:lised : tin shop
on Front street abot 1 two years ago, and
has since made himself so indisiptnsa.lic to
the pub l of Benton that the wonlder is
Often expressed how the tow.ni ever got along
without lhim. le is a moiot skillful work
man in his own line, but is always willing
to turn his hand to anything in the way
of gas or steam-hitting, plumbing, or put
ting up machinery, and inthis town where
skilled labor is inconveniently scarce, a
mechanic of this kind becomes a pub
lic benefactor. Mr... Wackeriin has
a large stock , of stoves, hardware,
queensware tin and sheet-iron goods.
Last year imported to Benton a supply of
base-burning coal stoves, the first of the
kind ever brougiit to MIontan; aind every
one of them were sold before -winter had
set in. Mr. Wackerliu is doing a thriving
business and well deserves the suiccess he
The Overland Hotel is the oldest and in
filet the only hounse of the kind in town
ihaving full :aciimmlnlodatious for guests.
Messra Huinusberger & Matkiitn 'are the
proprietors of the Overland and are botfi
popu6i r gentlemeinl ad excellent iauii',rini.
We lecrn that thlre is ,n enterprise on foot
to build the largset bnrick hotel iii Terri'oryi
at Benton. Certai ly no town in Mont mn a
stands i greater need of first-class aecom
umo'atious for qiuwsient and peSrnanent
gue stsI Dunring the sng summers and
Sfall months the pllae.is c- riowded with.
steamboat passengers and triavelers from
all parrts of the Tiprritor.y and the States,
nmr it frequ~entp isapp. s tha; the Over-i
land alnd Cextent'aal Hotels andt e:aeve
pnrxatehosuses alr tuaible to accomiiiodate
all the conmersand oers
Nextto tie Overland5 the Centennwal is
the beastappomted totel in ton a, although!
rlt 5llivau, o Jt believe, coueitplates
ope-bnsingdhe Twin Houae on Fiosat streetI
ne t spting. M n " w. xalsataekpereaced{
hott ki(eIi r and ill doubtless iiake a
t/ e4off hls 1iteGrplise.
There k Me 61-o verl rretaurants in
tou, tlino iof which3 ur
Benton has' three meat and vegetable
Is markets, two of which are owned by tihe
Tingley Bros., who are adso among the
1 chief cattle owners of this section. Bob.
- Tingley devotes nearly all his time to the
lBenton interest of the flrm, while his
s brother Attehdes to the cattle herds, and
y beef contracts with the Indian agencies
it and military posts. They are substantiad
men and are daily adding to their wealth.
e The other mirket is owned by J. J. Ken.
it nedy, who has been established only a
month or two, but we learn is doing a
profitable trade and is well satisfied with
e the prospects for future increase of patron
0 ge.
a The Tonsorial interestis represented by
Wim. Foster, who has so far defied all
o elmpetito-s in his partirular line, no other
e establishlhment of the kind having been able
t to coipete successfully with himns. In thei
REconn Alhanac published la.;t year ap
peatrs the following'notice of this establish
mlit-it: '"Mr. Wil. Foster has a gorgeous l
f tonsorial palice, on Front street. irnished
awith patent chairi, marble and silver
mounted toilet-, costly oil paintings, and
elegant bathing roonims. n the evening tlhe
1 ,'lvtie is illutninated with colored lightst,
supported by bronze chandeliers, which
add greatl v to the Oriental matgnificence of
the pldace. It is needless to stay that Foster
does a driving businless.'
Wnm. Joyce owns the first boot and shoe
store established at Betton. Joyce is
an en excellent workllman antd, as a onsie
qnuence, has a goold rmIun of etiStonm.
Neil McIntyre, tan industrious tand
painstaking workman, has a shop on
Front street, and is kept busy night and
dpy attending to tite wants of nis custo
mers. Mac. was formerly a workmman for
Mr. Joyce, but went into business on his
own account abcut a year ago.
Mr. John Glass is tihe one and only watcuh
maker and jeweler of which Benton can
boast, but the town is in need of no other
while Mr. G;lais chooses to reinaitn with is.
IHe is a most competent workman, msdl is
always at his post reai'tdy for business, an i
keeps a fine ctotkof watches. jeweilcv, etc.,
Iand w-arrallnt everything to b1e as represent
ed. Mr. Glats has linvested largely in real
estate since -oming to Denttonii, ti-i is now
t a substantial citizen of the N')rthtwest.
Benton is more than well supptlied with
saloons. The Occidental, Nick Welsh,
proprietor; Lilly's lall, owned by Johni
Lilly: the Extradition, owned by (.Captalin
Evans; the Jungle, owned by Talbert &
(roft; the Exchange, owned by Bounlasa: i
the Break O'Dayl , by Lee I:lt, bell, and
others so nuineroas that we have not tihe
the sp.ei, for extended notice of any.
lt IBellton also boasts of two 1:arnes< shops
he both in a tio!unithing cdionllition. 11r. L.
rit, itoseneran s. well andl popdariy known
I j thlrolughout the Territory, estahlished the
IY ! 'io4eer alliiess shop), severlI years ago
and if he is not wealthy, lie ought to be,
ie having done a thriving businiess from the
ve i first week of his arrival ini Benton. ie has
ig "l large and well assorted stock of harne.s,
an saddles anlid saddlers har lware, and is cel
s- ebrated for fine work and honorable deal
1y ing with his customers.
rd Hlas not been established so long as Mr.
1- Rosecr"as, but bids fair to letain andt
ir- hold a liberal share of patronage for an in
a definite period. Auguns is also a go'od
I- workman and invariable gives satistation.
ilt LIVl'Y sTABLEs.
1i Casihly & XM[iD vitt andl Chas. ('rawford
Shi avela mnonoply of this branch of business.
e- The first named have lbeen liltng eiabllih.ied
f and are loopllar with all their p:Gron=..
of .M. rawford, although mhorl reecilt
e established ha bus bilt up a profitable busi
tn iess and is inaking monlley r!)idlyl. Both
e firms are deserving and enterprising.
e- It is impossible of course to notice :ll
e the bnPsinii es'tablishItient of llenton in
e thle space of t single artti(i, )int th e above
C -
• includes a:ll the lenadiing firnn, in th(,ir re
sleetive liner.- of business. In aL future
issue we shall have iolnetliin to say con
cerning those who have not here been
r A Little Listory of Bentoni--ler Great
Success in the Past-The Near
le Y A G'rrizE Or Bla:xTox.
,' It is a curlous fact that freight destined
" for Helena and other inland Montana
te towns, is landed at the terminus of the
SNorthern Utah Railroad at lower 1igures
e itlan the:same class of freight is delivered
I L totownshrouh w through which the Union Pacifich
Sand its connection with the Northernl
Utah pass. For instance, hontana inland
lilerchantl get their goods deii vered .at the
terminus at less figures th:il tlhe merciarts
of Cheyenue, Ogden, Salt LA.e or Franik
lin. Does not this seem strange, that the'
samie railroad company is willing to cariry
I frei'iht many hundre.iniles furthei- for at
;M ontana: merihant th:an fior merchants <of
lhis own towus, and thut at ti les riat,
SWhy is this the ease. Be t:use the raiload
Scolmpiany futlly nlderstanids that the Mon
.tanat merchant is not their helpi,. vitim,i
Sas are the merlchanlts who live along thei
line of thier road. And why is this i?
Because the navigable head waters of the
mighty Missouri are too near 'it tlu er
chant's door. Let I1; iomagine that lithe
M ,,souri river is taken away from 3Mut
tafng-that it dloes not exist. Let us also
imagine that a railroad is comrpleted iitlo
'Montana. What rate do yeou siupp]iose the
IMontaina mierchants would iave to pay
un!lder such .Circluntallnee? IThink of this
seriously, youn citizens of ,montan.,, for
every one of you are interested mnore fully -
than you at first thought inimgyined. The
railroad company would jilst tiax y",l
enough less for your freight to keep S'31u 1
from hauling it in on ox and stille trail. i
Don't you believe this Well, if you dto
not, go and live a few mionthls il one of theit
railroad tlowns, isolated firom water oi,--: -
lets aund satisfy voti'self.
Thbisbrings a reilchcion! If the inland
towns of Motia l itu3ltod Ias th!ey are., oll
huindred :anil forty to two hlundtred an!ld fifty.
miles fromn the river'; in derive siluch gTret i
benefit froni the fiiver route, howt mch 1 i
greater are the iidvatit.ees of thi;t town ii
loca ted iimmediately on ithe river
Now, digest the above thought ell in.
Syour mind and then listenlto a little lit of
lisater-, whikih was in this wise : Fort
Benton ats- In Ol 0 miean l Fur C( oniian 1 t
Stmradin poot, eathblished i little over thir ty
I years ago -Asa t°Eda tlgpost it lhu1 a imost
iemukabible lietQry--beiingon of the naost i
1 suceuffu i n all the great Morthte-t, Tlhis i
ifet teaChe nfl nietliuig, if we w ill but hnt p
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eols h 7tt
e Arrival and Departure of Steamers, List of Fr t
sengers, etc., for the Season of 1870 , :
. y ° e A L I T " " . ..... .. .....
BENTON L E .P e Propriet
" . ...............................I' ..Stl ........... 2l9 i" -. . tz -
- .............................. Xeptel e" 2.th.. -t0 -l T I M " . ist
...... Octobe 0.r 2",.1: tk.......
f H elena ................................M tSit h it ............"; ' 10: ; :htl ' .. I ,i,,,
" ' ·. . ·.·. .. .................... _4, .............. .,;.
" ; t............ .. .............. ulc "tti........... i 1 G lham
ButtE e .................................... . un le .it- ... .. ...2 . at;rrti ...
. July uth 27 l Johnson .
...................... .....Octobe r 2 h o. L . »t `
: 1 `" ............................... . oa el niit lot.
1F . ] 1.33ticht r ...................t:ot0 ptr tber 27th.; S'I , 1. fi:-tllt ,
L. i tAPITt-I tTION.
It tusengers..... .. . 443
H orses ... . . . .. . . . . . . . . ...... ....
Sheep..- .. . 1.. . . . all hucs
*Last boat to leave Benton, October 9th.
ItoT-FF.m>_AZ--U2. I-i, _ . ·
i __________ ____S__ __ _.........._--__-"__
STEAMERs. DEPaRTrE, TOn.. GERS. C:APTAIN. I >,\'.S .ts';1,0.
Senton tot......... IT. Mariner.. tot . -
. . . . . . . . . . . . ". . ' .. . '. T 1 h .0 . :St S l i . n
..:. ,l . . . ,is S ,. - ! -
ob r ................ ., i tt l
elen . o no.............t ....... i y t .. . 3 .... ..... E t l.
.................. .... June 4t. .. ..... . 1 rt irU
ot .t.......... ....... ,uIt .. .... i 1 .3 Gll lla .."
Butte . ........ .......... uuut .. .. B ,r anto .
..... t tr C.trr Island.
. . .. .... No... vembcr d. 1:t a ut.
TBales ef ole . .. 121.. l04 bo .t1208
atles of anteloto and dct o tt . 40.013
ILio of mio,! f ui L .L . . u0.4L OS0
Sleer hoof s .. ..o .. I.to2 40.700
Pale. of sh.tjJ pclt. . :2r-.54
Pales of wool ..... .^,41: . :i,01
ack tt .. .. . S'9 70.731
l:i!e, of calf skinso. 5. 3S200
3licell:tneous 2,453
Total it ir of pound..t... ... i ,2i
*La.t boat and latest depaortuore ove lade from t "Ifana bty steaonler. Novemberd, s2i9.
BAKER. LINE--. G. Baker & (Co., Proprietors.
I-~L=~-~=--.----- -- -m ---"~
" DATE I - --r. - · ---
__~___ ___ __...i-`~ ''~ ______ i~---I ·.I-,
'S(01 Marblotd Apri2-il1G 00 olhn T. Massi.. Bnton
e 1. e 11:: 5: 93 Juilo illi
C( . I al 1,+ . 3o' 171 'O Join LaIIarge..
KeIl ( t:. t . JohnWilam .
Cu. arC-tJ.uli; tt. i)t '1o Paul Sinrpy.
R! I iJuly 4.2 Wil m
Col. [air-l:d JI[;- I ' 111 1
Ti F tI P 'M0 rh'.
00el ( M D1l0 31it? 21 1110 John UN Wolr 1"ul
(;ol.Mvleod..-. ... !itgnnty? t3 P ul~i rpty. .
Col. Macleor d Oprl 1.10 M'IoLow Island.
Pad (loudl... .. OMay .. .. 111~ms
- Cal. Maieleod .... .. 0a 2;330 ,:hrge.
ii I 4-- Slur-pL. I
ORei t~unll .111 .... .I' . ...tl I1 1111 llam
Cul 'alrly' .... . .luly I
l( oa1 3111}11. 11 1111111 11y
R~i t'Inr"1 ...P.-o...i Jul}- r.
Co. T FXMFnci. lO. 111 A1111'i. '1l10 U 110 !l 'ar'Tti p. 13 ,ITN
1I I(-lu Boil-u.:I2 , I fr;
lyax' 1
(A1 (~,. tln:lclod..... ... . i\oven bt' 3. 13 5: 1iuspic ('o 1 .15011
DAT , PASIl Ill)
r...1 _ . ..'pril g.1g 0,
i W110 'X ot 4111 1. B e1<n.
Roey S aol 11, Sias11 I
Far W et ....... , I.J1-",1l1. 1 203
lot bet. , ... ,Jun I2
?[o t 011 11iflf 0 s
i'ar Wes' . .. -0 ;.Jnv1' 00 .. 22G5;... ..
.Joep~hine.. . ..Ju!-, 10lo
.. Io-~ i _
Far est ..... ... .- . ....- - _ __ 7-uh 22 ~ T-liT~~ii~i~ . 22 s
Josephine ........... .. .-,.ii.,.,
Big Iio·fn...................Auguo 1E . 15
NOTE:-This tonage inaludeo all Government freight- landed at the ('oat Bunks And B st"1 4
plrwiate freight. The hist of paeoo-renge and lilinlel-of tuns dlown freight, the were unable to gat, a F ta
to hacelee (1! Coiilsou line agent.
I DATE OF P110.11.',
STEIAMERS. I DIIPARTI'aR.. 1r-ualo;,,' t l SCuo PA ('ira-id' i lt~ Alt
Eclipse. 1AproI 39 { 4' rattile ae
Ia ltue.1ht .1 . 3MIS ll
F \Iulina .." . 'Maye1-.. -n .I 0" cattle """
c e -li '10 .. in cattl e, . .. .1
Ia li ti ... ... . ., 2 1 0 PatItla.
lnr v cn st . u e 1h , . 60 I ntl tit.111'
Dakota ..7nlle °-.. 2.)0 cai . . ...... .... tt
Mo tn ,'ut 2- . 17,at1le
'1ak;,:u ...... ..... ..:talI-'.l... .. ikiu u 'i ....
rlip;L~t; .... ....... ... .. :Jolt; Is; ... 40 c attle ~ '
.1llO'1111i1.... . . 1 . 1111 ,.
Fnr Bt'l Jut~y 2~° ... .. u ku. n
,IJ i~ep::: n:: - . ., . - . w:::: i : t I...,.. I) tattle, .... I ·:·-··
1ISig ullu. ... 'Aogsio l ulugls t 74 .I.wn' t B..... ... .
Obaez'vatiotis Takeun at Vatrieaan, Points at the Samne dour.
IS . :P., J1lu11ia 2, 1889, 11 :55 s
Bauromneter. Tamperature. Jlu idlity. Direr-lion & enlocity-. Ste oa!; '",.f
Helena...... ......25.42 42 y- S it Fresh. F:
Shaw ......... ...... 41 110 SW Fresh. C r
Beinon .......... 26.42 '1 71- S Fresh. t''r 1!
A unnoaboine.. . 2672 43 7TO . SW. Fresh. A.. '
Eclill~~~~~~l·.........~~~00" 0''e2....!- -0clrt... *· _
even two railroads are to an inlalt. town
without the benefit of water transporta
The parie:~ theft; inter~sted. in Benton
onglt to keeip awiy iinnig;ration, because
it: coming wotlhl have det4roved their im
Inetnely profita:ble tradte. It-wa. even once
sunrronded bly an Indian Itservation which
extended as tir South a te fe fertile valley of
Sun Rilver. Forturitely the citizens of
Molt'a1a. realizing the importance of Ben
ton ai :a port of entry for their freiglits,
moved in the, matter and: the riscrviition
line-.werewiped out,
-But a very short time ago the inerea ing
herds-of Sun River and other portions of
M1o;uta.it :demanded more e(tended .por
t1ii~s, 1x11d began pre-singinear tO and even
beyond Bentio to the Northi, -Wet. an f
East .audnow co:nmen·cd thl transition
of Benton'i trade and iLurroindine. Fairm
_ i€? co1Incectld etthing 1in tie valley aind
along the fthot hills; xh ep tmen brought i
thelrhriiLelw d follo wivng the cattle ten,
and i1 a ve ry tenar utwble short =are ofc
tin the chxnte t. 'omnpli et. Be mol i
no Iongerati Indin ding i Ic t iit IS a
ou nerni a iittnfant of w onletfei mii rzr
tand shIe iwan her 110 ahelnn t frymiii e
bon )1011 of ny! ýrich naley -that are nrorh
than sufll rni oh supJprt lier. Intetd of
grej stateamrbo e'IJ of cool or,
ah how bda of:ll w
h by no means least, the valley of tj :
soul, itself rnow \well settled abo'.
below Bettot. TO the north are the ,
Paw mountains, rich in silver orce' .s.
developed, but well kiown tor exit- Lt
To the Ea.t, the Belt range, otn ..iO f
the new Jdilth gold-mines, and 4.L .
it, gold and silver iartiz. All thiet'
LA trihuttrvy to Bet on, and a gute i1
try it !iI t,,, ,to h in all thie
tteeIiry to Inmake p .rt perolus.
mallent 4(.o.tiltl,.
Snd now. to get hack to tthe sc;if
-irst caiseI atitentient-the nma
tfright The first eous lention ii
city of imtportancee, or in any prSa
city, tlhat inty h·lomn:e .p~tli
portant, its : tighwp:t over wine
iulaort .:1ti dxe rts ma be carri3e
It. st posible st. ;t Along aiture's 8
wa.'s-t!h great nvig'able Water ceos
and on the lakes and sea .hores,i
tait our pcrianent e'tties 1r iWL
iii of aI ' xx ; aid £ganfaist- s
fit-ou s ney tributsrvy to her she
"t nisi the a ntge
yivei. d; d 4 arerchant nd

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