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The Benton weekly record. [volume] (Benton, Mont.) 1880-1885, May 18, 1882, Image 7

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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o l Ia 11X.4' i . di fwto. rth Long,
`<;al ' (I is rii}ibutedl his WVorld
Iy Goods
tii i l will of the late
. : . ',\. Lo n , llow, whiChl was present
S. , , ,,,te ,.,ll' F. CE n'umbridge,
t i, t-. II wa1 v .i.i r tel oni tinted
: ::Ti I Irdi 'Xary let
• . --, ti iiwriting of the
So : t' f - Mladee in
S - - iNg in:::ir in 1S7a. The
: . " , . : : w ' w 'itt nll oil
' I' of thel will, not being
a.t ill and tesiunenl' , of HeImnry
'r fmrgeflow, of (Ca. l iiige. ili
l 4 , i lv Of ll l4,' 0u(1d St' teof f las
.. - , ,'v s'* : : 1' 1; >iS te . l d .I
, Ni. e ''itctlO tot
7i ...n W and jj'C' l fN1 live4
, :1 ,l.t' 0 I) m dsIso('iX'e
0 i '1 liolea r,te
, , 1:, :,. ,¢i ,,1' t l rovide d (t Il
' .,' b a, i')l.x' l]L":; n~is m.; leg'acies to
..: ; .i.:: ..hn .a undt f':iendl s: ]Five
< ,.'i! ". hi, but the
S i,... . ,i.'L .... e , e:` e'ased
..,' ,,! ,i, al'tz w d', dailars:;!.i;nally"
": 1o ini-'; (1 1m1',
S hin this
vi w' eit~1 "f3,00 to be
IR . :. u m. ;, . , o d e
(;roc), of!' ' ' i 1>" ii. ) ,:!l ' thes e
.' i i i' ). Q to-li
1 I X 0111 itt'
"!"n 1:\ 11e Mtatnl of
. : 't,) 1 1t G r e"1i' .e! t R .
_ ?:S IgI`,'.a)l l " inl l . C
?. ;='4i rn X I g i 'L ll m' l l ilc l
! 1,1 the . ! . .,ei e', ' , of
" - ie, l t ., -. I 1.111'li i Jlh
*,. . I '' ., i ii. Ii,
II -: '-NOW ll,
. " ....): :.i i: i~ ,' l~ l\ lie . :, tail Ic~
- ia. M. S ( . 'lana.
ý' ' ' " ; ._.,r(~ ' !i~ i4('t li l fl(', -111 . : i I0 lf 1[
, 1 . : II ii11 itl t ': ii~ t, t i,. l 1 ýii'fJ .] l. ).lla .
, , : this, 111'
(' nw ~: - Wi~r,"1 11, < 1 1) se
¼"H:'m H'". rH~o O
. . t. i,": hi t m"' a to e Ii.'dea
S ,y W . L ' l' I'imOCX-,
...'.J ,t I:;, . ":i{, O l 1 S M onl 1}.'1.1[' V.e:!iy; {i
, : . :<:&~0:~! , p.i d by li- h"
, . 1(.,1)\\:";iV i i edt i in ( le l' of
11: i w ta 1 ri E 1(p ] felC ' e
.'IiEN 'N ,'
\W,.. 5!. Sa.w.
ST i- hij inelinu l\nd rsue
' ,T'lii ll. :ie itiO' ttl'
S,, : , h il 'i ,i . 'i I t I (i ' f'lre v lears.
.. : i, n, tild ii I t he l 'robate
,.,.pr:. ini thiti Ear eti'~, Lotng'fillow he
, :]i u,! i tlinil:{h HI/ Of theO es.tatt
A 1Ja)l h-itle Quo sTioll.
"I . ,,=0 of ":'i l )l oi urt'('(}i'[- a1.'I.. M ilurtu' s
r! <:;.;, IF, i" 1, lia' Tribun lu of . line, in Parim,
lt- ot!:i,.: t.i:v. It iw s in 1879 that M1 il e.
Mlanclihe il.lidecu rt, letaving he lir iothei''s
lo-s -e, id to F olk.e.stoue, and was there
iteind n the lt bonds of nmtrinon io to 31u
IrTs MBy. The pair lived togetlher in
I;,. .r a few: weeks, when the lady was
in .Nt.lu return to France. She is now
inuniri'lS! in a convetnt, awaiting the ire
i:. oi f t rie til: )ut in iL- mean tinme the
' ua 1"bu aI! i: debar"t tredl from all
:.:! li<':; (), v, rill iiis wift, being; even
<' ' to , he ~i~' sh is inow a Ct ll
Tp, ti;."! the action broug;ht by her
oT: i.eii, the -c tti sse eli V s".lntnC
n:eunoi rt.t It. i," tlted t dhat 31 e.d'lme
tl us ap:plcd to the .[pe, poin tingout
,;, ' .:elstine characterli( of the marriagte,
1 tok [ 1ace wVithu.-t1 her conlthent, and
'i:that it mty e anniulled byv the
I. I t is :said that Cardinal M annin -
.ngland, and Catrdinal Unibert, in
:':.i't' . ihave ,I ' i en comisioined by his
: h", , iivesrtidtnioe the delicate ques
,thl~ cble {Tauct of a Senl aftor's
Iv' oir , itill) 11a y Of thoe representts
'. re ulin;ki ttlielseves very utse ful
S : lyini attI-nt to( constill
Ith ' lT('! ;ctivT e L i iI linis whI'lo visit
I, TIis r nit 1 t ni-, as 31t. Lin
" ')Ii v sav id, of:t a story told by
t Il:tor Bin aiiil, tihe mother of
.-A . to'hr,, when hlr hiusbadi was
. g, .-': : " ,l, , - 'va lial le sis l-'i e.
ny oind : lIpTn of I tini}emi'tS tO line
hi:.- houe in Philadlelpiiaailand
. - , '' t i ru tal tditriet broke
M-' it, dn ' la priceless set of
- Tl, tit ror:i to kingi s andl
'" .i wi t in gold. -ociig the con
- :, ti l ;Silo i di tr ss ot ,.1 r gu'est, M r.s.
I ',l" lll ;:' .ll Ie rele'T '( it by saying to
S,": ` i . ii" o i p t' t l I. coe lo t'i a "... I.
i" t of l c.)t se,;qlue ce, for this \Vtl'a e
tlhingly' briinle and breaks very
" " ls i,.,ýrlo ;=n1 11 way of an illutis
...'; >}N';" tlook td a lriate before, her as
ithen o.ii r ri-g the pieces to be
) way anQ f s1 plats tr' ou.lt. The
' i :. i h !d t;" hi.l i, lond of lmorti
ak 1 t;(1lli hie mitl1, and lie voted
C. clones.
it IA I , \ May l .--A Parson's, Ktusas
{(ial says: A tr tilde cyclone I aied
,c Ma,.Allistir in the Indialln Territory.
-liy lighit. The destruction of life and
lIrpert(11 y.wtas terrible. Seven people were
killed out ight, four fatally, eleven dian
ge0toilyl and thirty-nine more or. less
Blrt tF iftv-nine houses were demnolished.
M,::1rn) C:ry, Mo., May l1:O.--0thi town
was struck by a cyclone Mohiidy -e.lifing
t hatt lemolished houses .a.nd .,i.ed the
crops. X one was hurt. '
,: .
'The R.obeirsoniian Plan.
Mr. Ilewitt's resolution of Jan. 17th,
calling upon the Secretary oif the Navy for
information in regard to the cost of repairs
on vessels in the United States Navy, i.
drawing out figures which Secor ]Robeson,
John Roach, and other advocates ofsa rc:
construnted navy would be glad to see sup
p ressed.
Pthe history of the third-rate ironglad
Miantonomoh ailords.a. typical example of
what can e dlone in the way of recon
tructionll upon the Robbersonian plam.
This ship is now laid up at League Island
undergoing repairs. She has been under
goi ng repairs ever since Secor Robeson first
fixed his eyes upon her. 'Take the item of
engines, boilers, &c., coming under the
supervision of the Bureau of Steam En
gineering. The Miantonomoh's machinery
was originally built by contract, and, at
Wxar prices, cost $240,522. At the time of
Robeson's accession to oflice the repairs to
rnachiniery had cost exactly $16,572. Then
Secor Robeson tried his haind at repairing.
Ini his time the Miantonomoi's milachinery
4 cosjt $:J,8 1, orover liftty per cent. more
than its original cost. And since Steeo;
flobeson went out of office honester :cre
taries have been obliged to spenai, l I-,
117 upon the Miantonomoh's l'a rhiniery it
order to get it into condition to work.
On the engines and boilers of the Ten
neIsee, originally costing $764,515 at the
high t prices of the years imnmediateiv fol
lowing the war, Secor Robeson spent
:182,711 in eight years; and when he went
out of ofic:e it cost Dick Thoinpson's ad
ministration $142,632 to iinker them nup ti
even the Thoimpsoniain standard of eilici
An ,' so it aptpears by the statisties fore
ed fromn the Chief Engineer Shock, Sec- e
iRoleson i's old pal and 1 subordinate, thitn
the repairs up to date on the engines :nit
boilers alone of these ten ships, namely,
ieI M,.innesota, Colorado, Pensacola,: A las
ka, Juniata, Swatara, G len-a, Irc,,les.
Nipsic, and Lataniastecr, 1lave cost the peopld
These are specimen eases. It will be im
possile to compute the total amount stolen
on account of the several vessels .until w,
have the figures from the Bureau of CN:( -
struetion and Repairs. The system li
book-keeping in the Navy T)epartmuent is
to "arranged as to shelter the utmost limit
of possibility the iniquities of the Robber
s(,,ia ll plan1. The facts will come slowly,
but come they must, If Congress engages
in a new oerics of Rlobbersoninn recoe
strmictions witithout full inforiimatioit as to
the history and expense of the old series,
it will probably iot be the fault of i:trs.h
Hewitt, Randall, and WIhitthorne.-.-. ).
A Skeleton in a Tri'ee.
s Two men in the northern part of Giiniea
'culiity, Geotrgti:a, chased a fox to is- cover:
whicil pr'oved to be an iimmense hle;loo,
tri nk, charred land bhlwkened by fore.<
`cires. It was comparatively but a h::..i
,.itimp. pbeing , oti more than t went-y t!elt
- igh. h'!'e wily robber of the .I naner ,
: ihad entered an apertture near the base oi
to the tree, and all efforts at smoking him oiI
' had proved futile As a last resort one of
:them suggeste(d barring the fox's mode of
entrance and then felling the tree. This
plan was adopted, and a few vigoroui
strokes of their axes sent the old shell
crashing to the earth, and lReynard, in en
s deavoring to make his escape, was sum
1 iar ily dispatched with. an ax. As they
, were preparing to take their departure one
of the men discreaed something white
gleaming in the old hollow stump, and-ulp
on examination, was horrified to behold
- the bleached bones of a dismemered hu
mlan skeleton. On closer,inspection a
powder horn and bullet-pouch were
irought to light, together with a fen
- ieuldering articles of raiment, but noth
ing else was found that would testify as to
} who the person had been.--Vorti h C;:,,org/i,,
t' Cit "iit.
AT an evening party in Kelkheimin Ger
itailn, a few weeks ago, the question arose
how many kisses could be exchanged be
tween two lovers within a certain space of
time. A youth offered to bet anybody
fifty dollars that he and his betrothed
would kiss one another 10,000 times with
n ten hours, provided they were permit
ted to partake of some slight refreshmen:
at intervals of half an hour during th::
plerformance. His wager having been ac
cepted, the affianced couple addressed
theiiiselves to the achievement of their
task. At the expiration of the first hour
theiri' account stood credited with 2,000
kisses. Dturting the second they added n;l
other thousand, and during the third 750
to that number. Theni they both birolk
down. The ynuth's lips were stricken with
:cramp, and the maiden fainted.l way.
Later on in the evening she was compelled
to take to her bed with a sharp attack of
ineuralgia. An even more distressing re
Fsult ensued, for it led to the breaking off,
Iby mutual consent, of the matrilnonial en
An old printer who played his first game
of ten-pins and knocked them all down,
said : '"Pi'd, by jingo !" We wrote it: "T1lie
bloom is fading from your cheek." .The
compositor made it: "The groom is wal
ing through the creek." iHe came in, and,
taking a seat at' the desk, asked: "Well,
what shall I write about?" The editor told
him lie had better right-abotit-face.
House and Sign.
{f4 te
r _
U~l -I
r- 4
..i, ~ ·X 13, -
trrt·r .:- B
Cýe5ý - -
= It
P = P o e 7' Z frkili i ~uit'
ýI ' ... .- ..
,,. ..... _ ._ . _ ..ý . . __.,._ . ý:ý i .,ý ý ..4 . 2 .
W.E 1tmd f.or pu.blic --'
tie fJrk i (er, Stab :
the season , I ,
C ( 111 Ill C P C ..I n
7 ,, E . ovd ,
iati-ul- Ir apply to
. ,OR..2
P'AR K IC ; 0. ý . , 1. :
t i
i, l rS 1 JJ ,, ,L ý1: " S. : , -i ý 'K;,!,:: .ý'l~ý'a h..
Sh,","p g '. thpe Lh'i:. n aH,?.5.
Of Vorronti . d are e ;r .if':y a :}' i t 'i, .
Ehatoe of M ntan, bca of their _ .
h shall hbe lpkl'Q id to See t- i arles : h e,.; ]ntcrck .
th-r oughbrei she r.
PRICES 1 O . A E."
'Correspondence solicited.
Fort- JBento n,.Tune 1. tr- .
to any address upon ap
plication. Contains de
scriptions of everything
required for Personal or Family use,
with over 1,900 illustrations .Te sell
all .goods at wholesale prices in
q~iantities to suit the purchaser. The
only institution in America who make
this their special business. Address
.22s and 22e W1abash Arvenue, Chcao 1m.
H9,TE 0 1
Besies a liarge q. a t it of
Laths -and Shingles,
O: thc way to Fort; Benon.
echm t t
Z'' tijd.W=--'...... f l f l
d 00%P. M.- II- w w ri
ý/ . . + L.].r , _a : o. 1o--'
& r
", ....] -;___"' : -:-dB _ B .
~s i:th " - Res; AIol ic-da-tions in the City
%:ma+lfe Ifm :ma 0 ea ;+- -s f,, Traveling eien.
_AA - .IA D _ _ _ ttaohed!
SSU LLIVI T, P(roip .
-acjr, 0icg- s .r . Prit stiO e s.
-Nu- , #, n 'Yer, r -k tn, S oN.-ta..
D i. I g-!· -, +
5~ ",. f~4_ 2
N, B s6~ .. .~U au'lcBre,- &a~
- - 'I
C~ ~~;:_;·~s~ ~'~r;oizp~ l~daPczsjn~l it
$500 RIEWAR.
Wil be paid by the Chot:eu and u , e:n
gher Counties Stock Protective Ass cia;rio
for the apprehension and conviption of ac
person or persons who shall barter r o ir
any intoxicating liquor to Indians oih~i t
ranges of the stockmen who are lmeimbirs
of the Association.
$100 Reward.
Will be paid for the arr.ret ai.nd c+,vii'
cion of the first person or persous deect:tii
selling, bartering or giving whisk or i i!tr
intoxicating drinks to half-breeds ,'1 the
ranges of the above Association.
$500 Reward.
Will be paid for the plprh-iet sin a
persfon or persons who mnay mLiclil, :,i
carelessly set out prairie lies lupon) tb
ranges of the members of this Associa
By order of Executive Committee Cho
teau and Meagher Counties Stock Associ
M. fi. 2ILNrx n,
oret lary
i N 8 ~LM K
For marine si surance isi 8P r'st
class comxisanies iiss-Luri rI v. ",
shippers can apply dtrinaig 2 I e
boating season of I;ti0 to nhe
Ashby Insumiranne a1gen- "., a-Erna
sel nite y Gl(eo. i. Parker·a ;4F ii 4
Ienton, i.. T., anmd 1'. J. Tdesi4iL a1I
fiaism.a.cila I~alkol a.
CANA DA 1'AC it.,
Railroad ; rad i;n'
laving enteredi into contralitw1.t t1 - +a'', ian
i';ai itfiCrilwavy tlCompany for the r.0.rcoi ltri )li ,}i'
50I) h iles of its line West of \4 innipeg, we. i i m:
Iiired to Le subltte sttl1. A pro ilo Il thlin ::.;,
milles anbeo seen and all nt-c-sar ii')
obtainedt at ouir oofes inll tiiir olib ai d i t.
Paul, Minn. This 200 miles is at ,o,, ,ar
aging 12,010 artlds per mile. TIhe reia;!inder a ,
ilar in cl racttr. WTlral d grass tare rnttl,., ti.i;l
nud wood is amnpleforcamip purposes. Tihe wi-k
i1'g saeason commences May lt a ii dili NoVi
er 1st to 15th. Duties on stock, ilrAilu unt- ando
outlit are from 20 to 0 per cOut ad vaior.nl- 1
ties on wo0king stock ret.il'unle to the il. tus, \o]i1n
work is done, will be refiund ed, o( c itln bii :
wintoered v'r5" cl(eailtly on tlhe line,. Special trlnii.
portation lOrates will e given i y as fr llSt. I l i
the boutndary andL .'l'ee tlransplorltai0on over lli1_:
,f C. 7P. railtvay. uOats at endul" ftrac"k not 'excee i
inig 70 ceItS per hbuhl and tla .12 per i.ii, Th
til iof track 2[?;y 1t, 1,52, willCbe atbout IS0 mile
inrt hofFort tfo!rtl. Stock catn 1,b ,:iVe u :i~uVt;I
th!e lh usir 'anllp d dutis n.id to ýý!;iO l.t of ý,TIu! t
,i t lyliceati he il-rst timi tiary stot ": :1,ld. ;'i,
1;-:'ties owning a large numlb~ier of tleu sl. ' ;tit j
offler special mnhcement and pric.. w ti.h wa i:
It good profit. W e invite Sli.h aarti. I,)t'.S \ i, ' in
the prolilesand coller W t il . I tie< who
int own or1 colntrol tleiir a ten l !li onn.it 0 l.lli 1 .1 o
alpily LAN;DON, SHI tEPAII) i ts
St. laul, March 31, 1S52.
J, F. Taylor, 'ge t.
Address--Helena or Old Agency, M.. T.
Range - Between Teton and Marins .ivers,
Choteau county.
Ear-marks-Crop and half under crop in left
ear. Calves of the year 1iS0 and of succcecdilg
syears are branded only on left side.
Vent--Same as brand invorted oni leift shliiildler
----I-' ----~-..~~--.----5- '
Ji. ,. Taylor, rgen'.
Address--Helens or Old Agency, M. T.
Range - Between Teton and Marias Rivers,
Chot;eau county.
Ear-marks--Crep and half over crop in cleft
ear. Calves of the year 1879 and of succeeding
yearIs are branded only on left side.
Horses branded same as cattle on left shoildtr.
a- t--Same as brand inverted on left shoulder.
W. II. B 1AJ N A.ic .
Address--Fort Shaw, M. T.
Range-North Fork Sun River, M. T,
W. Wk. WIN DA2L.
Range--Willow Creek, N. W. T.
Address-F-{ort McLeod, N. W. T.
This year's calves, double crank on left hip
and wattle on throat.
C1rw E , caman and h id s rded ii 187.
I-mI .'
Addres--F,.ort Be-ton, M. T.
Ear - , aris-Left ar'tr clt off.
"'*{ - f -r- - !, . .. . tj. \ . T .
kl 11,,s Creeks.
4 01
--r a tId :issoluri River.
riia cr anm two Iotcets
,u t ':.i " ' r. O i cattle have E. f,.
--- -
r<ss--r.ti , NMet'e,~r co nt:, M. T.
1 A ne.,'.rs o- ;aule brani ed " 22 on left ribs.
Address- Sn River, . T.
t- }t - '-i
i E) ma ptt in- lef ear.
Ven, - B u ,-. "N.t
Address--Old tt'ttiig:t T.
Ea',r-markos--andoitope in left ear and roi bfs
- "ver to Benton, M. T.
Address-Sun River. 3. T.
Eai-murks-alf unilerrop in t er and rop
O right ear.
R i Sin Rimr t etn .T
Adilcsa Cn Rive M J
F r m'~~j~: ri l i eeo nlfteradco
luýL1ý lýý ýýCt* "" Y ;J: " dirk, t n~d~in'
44 W"gEb%'%',3r 1f i ,I .VJyIi 1
Addr,,st.~s-f·"ort Bet, ton, At. T.
ýr ng-e3Mouth of Judithi River.
Horses branded same as catte on left shoulder
td d
' ` UJ u SIW~m~-o~~ , `Er
TrnE~`TEt &s SW~EET.C`
Addrd ssItica, Rte aggher county, M. T.
Range--Judith Basin.
llor',es branidecd with a 2, inch square on the
nglu sfhoulder.
ýdR s nRver, ILT.
Q l uRe -x to·tM
R r n r s T s o s i s I n l f a .1o s s b a d e s s u I t s o ~ n

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