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The Benton weekly record. (Benton, Mont.) 1880-1885, July 13, 1882, Image 5

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.tn oWI i>odge.No. 25,, A. F'. & A.1I.
'r ll ; at cpalo s of tIrh aelov named
rx, ' ;r theld tr. . no. l the fi rst and third
'rtrar ~ iceto f Rieter
Sl." i. ro lnz a.re, cordially i"n
. d... T S P AYNE, W '. M.
C OTE tu ~ou O , No, 11, 1 . (j. Fp
\ o' ~" i etivg of the atb :vi LT.dke will et
l),'i,"j ;,C, \ "..4 t :'..'-,,i-".IRý- (:V'en in :.tait O . . k a hti.. . .
#. ',!. ; ::i, iS lift.: tei E l:uOrn lrlr" r irthar are
,itA i.LES CO~ 31FOPtD, N. .
!n" "lii":;']lto D.'" ' ( rai,[ ctlh, DAILerY
r iii e 25 cents per 9
~·-~~~~~~ , ~ I'
1 , i'tr to.io anod Jack Miller ar
a ved 1,1m 1hc Ohid Agency to-day.
; ,::l frime! l Rot1 Sherwin resume(d
--r Miy talkino' the nlorrnin (coa(ch
- i. A ihli, r'pr'senting Selz,
, i C'o., Oi t .,,ago, arrived on to
X'. EI, ,r i rire , brother of Mrs. I
3Jln di. V'T'at:tan, wlio ihas been quite sick,
is i;,iro.v!'g Ill dlyl and will soon be out
Ie Xm wihii: t bet that the next lime
r i ll ditd oilor of, the Rikar Press wink1 at
:lo hal he will be quite .mre who it is he
M. J. M. Nathan, i.epresenlrtin og Brown
' 4 . of Sti n Francis-ero,, i in townIi
o' ii! t ofi1l ltYin.ll ts in the interest of
At are g' i.' report that Edi. [:lnsol,
itv ";i i a the recenOt cu Ittingl affray a nt
' iarroll, is :tbh to sit lip ani( is i8 n a fair1
o in.).tX r. Jr E
Till, Blciot :anid i Ielena St¬age Co., un-i
-r the t anw ia'inaag'elrcnt, have i,1ed ar- -i
ti , of i ic'orll rition in the offi-ce of thei
Setr:iary of thIe T'erritory.
(A.. I, n. Alole and tlligh ter arrivedl
roin Fir t'hn hw night before last. The
'-,eel ti looking well and we wish he te
ta1+ btack here agaic n !iermlnneitleli ly. ar
i. .1. W ckerlin & Co. have shipped
Buth a W intmeto( stock of hlard ware that in;
hey have no ioro to ;ccomllmodlate it p]entd- in
i lg it`, lom 0iletion of their new store.
Mi-. Jdlio W. Power's trotting mare rt-- up
rived ler sti.,ler Benton. She is a fine tot
iok ing aninil, and as soon as she gets in ,
Colmniitoii i, .e exp1t to see some fast time
C. !i: 11kIaw, . t Creek: W. O.I ex--I g
ter, B.rl Croek; Chas. Wlood, HIelena; J. 3
Mli.Uriny, Barker; John Green, Iowa; F. she
li'. tz, Mi{IPSOe ota: M. Fiazee, Minnesota, are
are at the Over'lantd. i C
Freti k P'ioeroy, employed at the Coa! iRu
Banks by I. G. Baker & Co., cut his foot era,
badly with an Eti : while chopoing wood at I
thait place, He was brought here ycster- San
daCy fr telical tr-eamr iltei!nt. " Sao
'i'he han'ldtsomE, harntess. tobe and whip,
, hi' is the prodinetionr of essrs'. ullivan
&t Goss, was raIll-d off yesterday at the St
in ti.;in saloon, and was won by tlr. Jere pare
Sullivan of the Choteau House. in hi
The Benton & St. Louis Cattle Co. sold T.
to W . Green One hundllll(lred and twety- to-dl
live head of steers for $5,000, bding $40 per mert
head. Thi: will bedrive- to the terminus Fort
of the Ci anotIian Pa tciic railroad. 3"
ie, r.rs. Underwood and Garrett, two Hole
,gentle'm.ei con.twe/ted with the Chicago, Burl
Mlilw H eit. ( St. Pantl raihlroad, are ill the at thl
ity. T'.he gtl entgleni are on a pleasure Mr
milp and will go down the river on the with
Col. E'. Moale and dlaughtller, Ft. Shaw; shoul
V. D. Cooiper, Helena; J. F. Patterson, atal i
Big ti; G. W. Garrett, Milwaukee; W. doing
J. U: ewood, 3ilwankee: J. M,. Nathan, I Jer
arl FaLeti-,o: J. W. Ciovir, White Sul- were
plt'ir Spirine; C. P. ('onklin. S..a Fran- ehai
cist ',,; C. W. Rn-on, Old Agency, are at harg
the Chltec.1 House, char
The "Verlict of thie J.ury" is the title of dismni
, new soar pu'bli hed by F. W. Hemlick was 1
I1 E'.tin street. Cincinnalti, Ohio. We have the Ci
,evivid a co!,y of the song, which the make
,eilit hler .-a 's is lhe most pttpilar piece of I Mr.
uiic ever published. Tile title page has wards
.ri i- all tim twmbers of the jiry
, ,,hr 1.iarties wiou ltgured in the Gut- RECO,
a ni.n i o
A .t y Paul, n relative of and working
f!r hra-nk .Deletraz, was using Parlis green
,h? mornii;g; for soPe purpose connected
wihi his :eties, when a sudden gust of
t i.! blew . qu:Untia y of it into his nose
;i ntHlh, produbiug tie most painful
)V"om of poisoning. lie was brought
lih, Iwn and taken to a doctor and at last
:a''nouits was doing wel I and out of danger.
A very :latghable incident to all but the
Pay coc'erned occurred on Main street
thi.- afternoon. A gentleman was quietly
\allig downtl the street, and when near
:kr's str( :a colt traveling in the same
tdir.-i. behind himnt suddenly made
:a ;~;and )tlanted his tore feet-on the
gYerthaw's shoulders. The mingled look
'I' a St.oh;niet, anger and disgust with
which h the hgentlemarn greeted this unex
I i'''ifl t.niliiarity on the colt's part,
an aii,;I the boys who_ witnessed it im
:"p.:j-, a:nd their laughter was long and
ITe streamer "Blenton" on her last trip
ul) b'rongtht ten head of Polled Angus Bulls
a'i heifers for T. C. Power & Bro's., herd
in: the Judith. The cattle were put off at
'al::t in .duet coadition after'.thelong trip
I) l'l ar hoat.
T!1e 0` h,"'wished for rain has put in an
ni"paran',-"e. Our city was visited to-day
at halif lpa't 12 with a violent rain storm r
hrcomiuanied by hail and wind. For up
"ardls of an hour the rain poured down In i
g're:tt sheets. ft was refreshing after the
long hot, dry spell we have been having.
Oe 'ear it will be too late to do the farmers
I' our imnediate vicinity any gpod, but
it ('erttainly gives us who live in town a
Ileat Iase of life, and we predict that every j
The will feel pit;a'snter and that the ordi
viny dlailty routine will run tourh samo.trler
now that the atmosphere is of a bearable r
IaturQ= o
Ti ilrd Arrival of the Benton.
The steamer Benton, of the Power Line,
A.il. arrived WTednesday, twelve days from
n Bismarck, with three hundred tons of
a freight and a good list of through passen
Sthirter gers and a small excursion party from Pop
tar River, thr, i:i:ttr including Lieut. Bad
Bear of the Poplatr River police force.
Mrs. R. Dunbar, Mr. Dunbar, Miss Liz
zie Dunbar, J. E. Dunbar and wife, R. A.
Diuibar, Sam. Dunbar, John Thain, Jas.
" . .' Thain, Geo. McFarguaher, E. H. Hyde,
i Miss Annie Ryan, M. E. Frazee, Frank
at;hteir Frazee, Mrs. Emma La Rue, Miss May
ors are IPhillips, William Murphy, R. Hart, Mrs.
.. ti Captain Read and daughter, Mrs. Dr. Mil
ler, Major Porter, wife and family, Mrs.
Jonefs and family, Lieut. Bad Bear.
under T. C. Power & Bro.. dr1, plackages: c
1yr . J. J Wackerlin & Co., 2,204; Geo. SteelIl
filed . 79,. " Knight, 7,2; Spencer & Co.,
ie White Sulphur Mpri gs 110; A. & 1). t
Paul, 23; Mag'ie McDevitt, 1; WV. L. Lew
iter, 15; A. M. henry, 4; P. W. Gah:an,
4- S. Clemons, 6; Rev. Father Camp, 12; n
arI .Y Kleinsuchmid & Bro.. 340; F. S Stilnson
per 9. J. Ihale, 2; Lt. F. W. Row, 1; V. F.
Sia.rd, 2; J. H. Ming, 1:35; EB. Kempton, ai
-- 1-1; L. B. St aletes, 15; S. B. .lutchinson, n
19; ,Iaeob Littrun, 14; J. J. Rohabaugi, e,
I wagon; G. Benedict. 15 packages: W. F.
SSanders, 1; B. & T. W. Vreeland, 4.
Total, 3 00 tons for Benton; 23 tons for 1
A Rich lillue. fi
nach Tom F. Healy, of Benton, who arrived
in town yesterday afternoon, is just now r
;iz feeling pwrticularly good over his prospect j
Sto- Iof becoming a bonanza king. He is one I
of the principal owners of the Sampson
res lode in the Montana District, about which Co
ick, there is at present much talk, not only in
out the district in which it is located, but also 15.
in surrounding districts. The Sampson i
ime ivein is ten feet wide and is increasing in 1Ma
:at. width as development progresses. 'The
he ore is silver-bearing and very rich. A re- hoc
cent ass.ay of rock from this lead grave as a
result 635.74 ounces to the ton. Mr. Healy stet
rn Idoes not think that the entire body of ore Poi
.vs will average quite that much, but he is con
of fident it is plenty rich enough to fix him S
for life. He and his l)artners are prepar- lei
ing to work it extensively.-Iuudepeý,dent, the
at, From Thursday's lDaty. i T
irit Ed. Lewis is loading his teams for I. G. Ben
Baker & Co., Fort Macleod. fros
1- iMr. J. HI. McKnight, of Fort Shaw, fav- TI
r- ored us with a call this morning. Line
e Prof. N. A. Foss and Mr. Geo. P. Fiske wool
d 'arrived on to-day's coach from Gold Run. aJ.
e The Western Union and Government E.a
e telegraph lines east and west of Helena Chot
are all down.
(1 Judge Tattan arrived home this morn- ing 3
t ng accompanied by his family from a trip sale
. in the country. and a
Win. Arndt is loading to-day on the The
- upper levee merchandise for Gebour, Hor- run
e ton & Co., Helena. lengt;
n I. G. Baker & Co. have covered their to jus
e warehouse on the levee with iron, making Th:
a good, safe building of it. been
Murphy, Neel & Co. have some portable an ap
sheep corrals made of wire. Sheep men some.
are invited to inspect them.
A Mr.
C. G. Fish, Highwood; N. A. Foss, Gold Mile C
Run; Jared Smith, Highwood; J. M. Sow- ging a
era, Helena; are at the Ovcrland. Peoph
If you want a fine Partaga cigar, or a grew
Santa Cruz rum punch, go to the Phoenix Fror
saloon, Barney Tierner, proprietor. from t7
Peter Smith has shipped up from the
States a turning lathe, and will be pre- commc
pared In a few days to turn out fine work
in his line. no
T. C. Power & Bro's. mule train arrived to fres
to-day frorm Fort Shaw, and will load with lay the
merchandise for T. C. Power & Bro. at waysr
Fort Walsh. vpea,
Mr. J. H. Emery and wife caine in from
two Helena to-day accompanied by Mr. H. D.
igo, Buckhardt, of Chicago, and are stopping
the at the Choteau House.
ure ~Mr. W. S. Evan's little son David met
the with a painful accident yesterday. Hie
was thrown from a horse, dislocating his
tw; shoulder. He was brought in town to-day,
on, afidl isnow under medical treatment and
W doing well.
an, Jerome )anning and P. Butler, who
ul- were arrested 4th of July night on the
l - charge of resisting an officer in the dis
charge of his duty, were brought before
Judge Kanouse to-day. The cases were
of dismissed as the' judge decided that there
k was 1no evidence to show that Mcllhenny,
ve the complainant, was duly authorized to
make arrests.
of Mr. Jos. Lessard, of the Wright & Ed
Is wards Mining Company, called at the
if RECORD office yesterday to pay up arrears
and renew his subscription for the ensuing
Syear. Mr. Lessard is one of the oldest
residents of Benton and one of the most
e1 eflicient miners connected with the famous
d Wright & Edwards.
of Messrs. J. E. Dunbar and M. E. Frazee,
e passengers on the steamer Benton, called
t at the RECORD office this morning to re
>t quest the publication of complimentary
r. resolutions pfiesented to the officers of the
steamer Benton. The gentlemen speak in
the highest terms of the courtesy and ef
t ficiency of the captain, clerk and other
y officers of the Benton.
r All the dogs and cats of the town that
Shave died for the past three months have
selected under the porch in front of Judge
STattan's office as their place of demise.
I The judge after breathing the fresh counr- h
try air, concluded to-day that the smell
was a little too strong and consequently b,
had the floor of the porch taken up and the yi
carcasses of several dogs and cats that were cit
found there removed.
We are in receipt of a letter from Mad- j(a
ame Luisa Cappiani, from New York, un
der date of the 26th of June, in which this.
talented lady announces her intention of
starting for Montana in three days. Mad
ame Cappiani will, if sufficient encourage- IN(
ment is given her oti her arrival here, give an
a concert. The letter she writes us is ac- thb
companied by high testimonials 'from
many persons of note, and we trust that
the lady will not pass us by.
IIeestif of the s. S. A. Po
The Shonkin Stock Associationr held an
informal meeting last evening in the REC
ORD. building for the purpose of :tditing Ste
the accounts of the late round-up.s b.P· er
who have bills against the assciation are a
requested to present them to M. E. Milner Na
or to John M. Green, 1'r
Hazens Spite.
Line, ! Generfi HEazen, chief of the Government
from signal service and telegraph, who wrote a
is of book to prove that the best farming lands
issen- of Dakota and Montana were barren and
Pop- unfit for agricultural or grazing purposes,
Bad is now making use of his official position
to get even with the press of both Terri
tories for denouncing his ridiculous effort
Liz- to write upon a subject that he knew
t. A. nothing about, by refusing to allow pres.
as. dispatches to pass over the line except at
yde, regular commercial rates. This Govern
rank ment telegraph line was long since voted
May a public nuisance rather than a con
vLrs. venience in towns like Benton where it
3111i- had excluded other and properly managed
Irs. lines. The managers are as independent
as government mules and apparently In
Sdifferent to all public interests. The in
ees; crease of rates on press despatches will not,
'ell, however, in the least affect the interests of
D.'j the papers published in this Territory
ew- for the reason that regular despatches
In, could not be obtained even at the full com
12; mercial rates, the manager at Bismarek
F. having refused to forward the despatches
on, at any price. If the government line had c
on, not been established at Benton, the West- c
. era Union or some private company would
have had a wire connecting with the main f
for line at Helena and the press and public 0
would not now be at the mercy of these h
military upstarts.
From Friday's Daily,
ed Mike Foley, of Hughes City, is in town.
)w Crane & Green have a lot of fresh Peach- SI
ct ,s and Apricots.
ýlr The brick work of . J. J. Wackerlin & sh
h Co's. new store is completed. to
in - Mr. Henry Sieben sold his wool, about li
0o 15.000 pounds, to Mr. Paris Gibsen. to
S Col. C. A. Broadwaterarrived from Fort P
n Maginnis by private conveyance this GP
e noon. Ge
N jMr. Sa; Kohlberg returned on the lee
Ssteamer Big Horn from a trip to Rocky Ch
e Point.
Sup't. J. M. Powers, of the Benton and do(
Helenta Stage Co., is In town looking after tail
the interests of his line. fou
There is an important message at the the
Benton telegraph office for D. ilReilly Tha
from Barancas, Florida. this
The steamer "Benton," of the Benton abl3
Line, left yesterday with 17,000 pounds of mid
wool, a lot of hides and 90 head of cattle. Sep
J. A. Penick, Iowa, F. A. Pierson, St, T
Paul, C. W. Fletcher and wife, Helena, riad
E. S. Baker, Iowa, are late arrivals at the worl
Choteau House. ing
J. S. HamakeFr'of St. Paul, represent- the
ing Messrs Forepaugh & Tarbox, whole- who
sale dealers and manufacturers in boots i depe
and shoes, arrived on to-day's coach, isurv
There is a company being organized to scrip
run an irrigating ditch eight miles in settl
length from a point near Castner's place an it,
to just above the sawmill on Belt creek. Ju
That campaign paper which was to have subs(
been started at Benton has not yet put in the F
an appearance. There ought to be another of on
paper in Benton. The RECORD feels lone- rears,
Mr. Graham, who has the ranch at Nine
Gold Mile Coulee on the Highwood road, is dig
sow- I ging a wel and will soon have good water.
People traveling on this road will find this
a great convenience.
enix From a gentleman who has just come in
from that locality we are informed that the
the crops on Belt and Highwood are doing
nicely and that some of the farmers have
pre- commenced cutting hay.
York Another refreshinig rain visited our city
to-day. It did not last long, but it served
d to freshen up things considerably and to
with lay the dust, an annoyance that we are al
. at ways afflicted with at this season of the
rom Messrs Gebour, Horton & Co., of Hele
D. na, are shipping a quantity of Electric
ing light machinery up the river Our friends
in Helena will be quite metropolitan when
met their streets are illuminated by the Elec- 1
Hfe tric light.
his The grand ball for the benefit of a build
Yd ing fund for the erection of a public hall t
at Hughes City, which was given there the e
,ho night of the 4th of July, was a success.
They had a b4i time and the receipts net
he I ted abour $400
ire The following lots of -wool have arrived
re in town in the past two days: Dearborn
re Sheep Co., 17,000 Ibs; Scofflin & Grey, r
iy, Old Agency, 10,000 Ibs; T. C. Poole,do 3,
to 500 lbs; W. D. Jones, do. 5,000 lbs; Mr.
Cooper, Dupuyer, 7,000 lbs. e
d- Our neighbors of Hughes City and Gold T
he Run celebrated the Fourth by having a base tr
Irs ball match between nines selected from
1g each place. The Hughes City nine were in
Eat victorious and are now prepared to receive Cl
at challenges from any base ball club in the isi
as territory. Su
Last spring Mr. C. G. Fish, of High
e, wood, lost or had stolen from him two ma
' horses. A few days since .a horse was left the
at his place that answered the description thi
3' of one of the lost animals,but a close exam~ tri
Sination convinced Mr. Fish that it was not
I his horse. For description of the animal
see notice in another column. The owner d"a
is notified that he can have his property by rat
proving same and paying all charges. Sal
eA curiosity. Ino
. The following message was sent from I the
. here some time since by a Chinaman: riv
1 Kyoot yare di yone yon sighee geen deen der
bun yacht jeck top chay dore oo kong hoo as •
yit kun gong say sop di yoong gaw how
chain afire you e e yop fun yak haw.geen gro
ja jeck wooly yom chit mock yowl uh. is it
SWhoever guesses gets a leather medal. mar
Third Trip of the Big l oru,
The Coulson Line steamner Big Horn, our
Nelson Todd, master, James fHuyes; clerk, ship
arrived about 3 o'clock last Friday with to tt
the following freight and passengers: day.
Amos Poole, T. A. Poole, A. J. Fan- redn
son, John Ridsdale, Frank Evans, Mrs. good
Powers. Call
FRnIaT, , Ttains
W. 8. Wetrel,1150 p kg 4 0. M; . HolteF t
: Bro., 312; Hamilton & Co., 40; Geo. Mr
Steelle. 12; W. G. Batley, I; D. H. Cuth- ful i
bert, I; Davidson & Co., I First National theuc
ank,63. Baker & DeLoarmer, 8; G. Her
than, l; C,. L. 'Spencers 10; A. & D. that;t
& Green, 4; W. II.. Burgess, 30; A. P.
Curtin, 2; F. W. Bucksen, 1; G. W.
ment Sweet, 18; Gans & Klein, 26; T. Wedge, 1;
Iote John Henner, 1; R. W. Noble, 2; I. G
otea Baker & Co., 75; Mrs. Scott, 19; Klein
lands schmidt & Bro., 256; F. C. Roosevelt, 473;
and Murphy, N.el & Co.. 2,266; C. Sel
oses, bridge, 2; Getbour, Horton & Co., 1; Steele
ition & Co, 1. Total, 185 tons.
erri- From Saturday's daily.
ffort I. G. Baker & Co's. train, W. H. H. Patrick
new wagon master, loaded to-day for Fort Mac
ires. leoed.
) at The chambermaid masher has got town
rn- to calling names. Two can play at that
led game, old splay foot.
Me it Messrs J. M. Nathan, San Francisco,
ied Col. Allen, of Chicago, left the city on this
ent morning's coach for Helena.
in- To-day's coach brought in Albert Klein. s
in- schmidt and J. C. Bothine from Helena, i t
lot, and F. D. Cooper from Sun River. i
of General Thos. H. Ruger, District Com- n
ry mrander of the Territory, arrived from 1
hies ielena yesterday on his way to Fort As- k.i
m- sinaboine. J
ek Mr. F. A. Pierson, representing Gordon l
les & Ferguson, wholesale hatand cap dealers Sa
ad of St. Paul, is in the city in the Interests .I
st- of his house. " I
Id E. LT. Smith's train came in yesterday 31
hi from the Barker Dist ict, loaded with 90,- Gi
iec 000 pounds of bullion and 5,000 pounds of
se hides and sheep pelts. sC
Col. Edw. Moale and daughter, after j
spending several days in our city visiting
friends, returned to their home at Fort B
Shaw this morning by private conveyance. iB
Henry MacDonald, one of our successful I bet
sheep growers from Arrow creek, is in bee
town. Mr. MacDonald estimates his wool nor
clip at about 40,000 pounds, and he is in 71.
town after teams to bring it in. lire:
W. L. M. Miller, Utica; R. W. Clifford, ous
Philbrook; E. J. Morrison, Philbrook;
Gen. Thos. iH. Huger, Helena; I. Mac
Donald, Arrow creek; J. Allen, Said Cou
lee, are among the late arrivals at the To t
Choteau House.
The Government line to Bisniarcek is on a
down and no news of the boats can be ob- new
tained. The IHelelna is probably on her P.
fourth trip to Benton, and we learn that Sani
the Wyoming is agaiM coming to Benton. tind,
The stage of water was never better at Geoi
this season of the year and boats will prob- the
ably continue to arrive at Benton until the Mart
middle of August and at Cow Island until finds
September or October. n fl
St, j TThere is a party of surveyors from Colo
a, rado, . under the charge of Mr. Chapman,
the ! working near SaInd.Coulee,that are survey
ing in the Territory on a new plah called
nt- the deposit system. Instead of the settler
le- who wishes his land surveyed making a
lots i deposit in the Surveyor General's office, the
surveyors make the deposit and take the
to scrip and survey the land, thus saving the
in settler an expense that in starting is quite
:,e an item.
Judging from the number of unsolicited
we subscriptions that are daily coming into
in the RECORD office, as -well as the number
zer of our old patirons who are paying up ar
'e- rears, the RECORD continues to give good
Isatisfaction wherever it is taken. We areº
Ie- certainly furnishing the largest paper, and
E- trying our level best to make it the best
r. journal in Montana for the money. The
s Weekly RECORD iS now in its eighth vol- f
umn and was seven years old on the firstof
in last February. o
i F rom Mon' daily d.
re Charles C. Turner is in from his sheep g
ranch on Belt creek.
y Fine Imported Madeira Wine at T. J. H]
d Todd & Co's. Try some of it. al
The celebrated Mable, Todd & Co.'s tI
e gold pens in all sizes at Crane & Green's. I
Edw. Thayer was lined $5 and costs for
disturbing the peace, and sent to jail in de- i
c fault of payment. la
s Messrs. Davidson & Moffit have a new kr
1 and handsome safe, of the celpbrated Die
- bold make, which arrived on one of the I `B
last boats. BE
The residents of Niehart have sent a pe
tition to Washington to have a post-office
established there. We hope they will sac
ceed in getting it. Pi(
Ford Caldwell, who lost his horses on car
his late trip from his ranch, found them tioi
to-day. A gentleman coming in over the on
road brought them in. I
Col. John J. Donnelly and J. fI. Mc- ten
Knight left the city this morning for an it
extended trip through the Judith basin, pail
They expect to be about a week on the not
trip. abli
Fly nets and all kinds of summer cloth- plac
ing in fancy dark colors for horses, sponges, tricl
Chamois skins, spurs, half-breed and Span- carr
ish bits and fancg, dog collars at Joseph and
Sullivan's. mil
Col. C. A. Broadivater left the city this asa
morning for Fort Assinniboine. From cOPa
thence the Col. will go down the river on cam;
the steamer Josephine for a two months reall
trip to the states. then
Major Davenport, after spending several
r days in Benton and making a visit to the
y ranch of Davenport, Ray & Co. in the Big
Sag, returned to his home in Helena by this
morning's coach.
M- r. H. Parkhardt will [email protected] the city in
, the morning for Clendennin. On his ar
rival there he will take charge of the Clen
denin Mining and Smelting Co's. works
as general manager.
rMr. Geo. Wells, a prominent. sheep
growel'fiom the south fork of Sun river,
is in town. Mr. Wells will bring to this
market 10,000 pounds of wool and says
there is plenty more coming.
Mr. A. B. Hamilton, after a sojourn in
our city of several weeks attending to the
shipping of Hamilton & Hazlett's goods
to the Old Agency, returned home yester
day. We are sorry to have him go.
T. C. Power & Bro. havemade a great
reduction in the price of summer dress
goods and ladies'-and misses' underwears,:
Call and see their largestock of tace Cir
tains, Shoes, Linen Table Cloths, .apkins,
etc. p n s
Mr. B. . Fitzpatrick. one of te successa
ful miners Hof the Montana District, isian
the city. The gentlemn ha seen all the
mhinng camps of the country and he saysn
thathe mines in the Belt mountains beat a
the world.
A. P. S. C. Edgerton, Maidenville; John El
, is, Fort Calgary; R. Patterson, Fort Cal
we, 1;
. G. garu; J. D. Weatherwax, Teton; Chas.
:lin- C. Turner. Box Elder; H1. W. Neville,
473; Barker, and Moses Solomon, Marias, are
Sel- registered at the Overland Hotel,
Ralph Berry, Muscleshell, C. E. Sever
ance, Oka, R. J, T. Merckle, Fort Walsh,
iM. J. Adams, Winnepeg, Geo. Wells,
trick South Fork Sun river, W. IL. McAlpin,
iaec- Fort Macleod, B. Dewittt, eletcna, L. W.
Peck, Hithwood, are registered at the
own Chotean House,
that Conpliments to the Officers of the
Steaimer Benton.
BENTON, July d, 1882.j
n e, the undersigned passengers of the
steamer. "Benton," do hereby extend our
na, tlnks to to te Captain and officers of said
i $teamer for their kind and courteous treat
mrn- ment while aboard their boat:
ow, Mrs. R. Dun bar, Mi. E. Frazee,
s- Miss Lizzie Dunbar, Frank Frazee,
J. E. Dunbar & wife, Miss Annie Ryan,
R. A. Dunbar, Mrs Emma LaRue,
on Harry Dunbar, Miss May Philips,
erSamuel Dunbar, nWm. Murphy,
ts Mr. B. Dunbar, B. Hart.
John Thain, -Mrs. Dr. Miller,
Maj Porter and family, James Thain
,v Mrs. Jonesand family, E. H. Hyde,
D Geo. McFarquar, Lieut. Bad Bear, .
of Mrs. Capt. Reed and daughter.
Ser-enl a.uda Half Miles of Poles and
.er Wire Down.
Mg Mr. Davis, the signal sergeant at Fort
t Benton, informs us that the Western Un
ion line is again down and communication
1I between Benton and Bismarck, which has
'1 been closed for a week past, is not yet open
nor is it likely to be for some days to come,
' 71 miles of poles and wire are down. The
/,break in the Western Union is also seri
S Iarkler and Its Surrolunditng.
- BI.RKER DISTICT, M., T., June 29, 1882.
STo the Editor of the Record:
There is considerable prospecting going
on at present, so that every day brings us
news of new strikes.
P. I. IHughes has struck a big bonanza.
Sat I)eI,orier is Pat's partner in his last
find, Charley Johnson and Old Uncle O
George ("bless your soul") have struck
the best mines of the season. Charley man
Martin is in with them. One of their new aeane
finds is called the "Whippoorwill" and an
other "Uncle George." Both of them are Ca
very promising. The owners are now have
packing ore to the Clendenin smelter for Kent
reduction. Their first lot sampled sixty- wanl
eight ounces to the ton. The second lot is
not yet sampled on account of Mr. Foss' I.a
absence, but the ore is high grade galena, gener
carrying sulphurets, and the vein is from con sii
six to nitne feet wide.
he Iii Wright, Dan Carpenter, James Stone
the and John Croff have struck a fine vein of
high grade galena ore. What the size of
ed the vein is I am unable to state, but I heard
to i say that he did not want any of the
er Wright & Edwards any more. The boys
r- have struck a good one if they have a bet
d ter mine than the W. & E. These new
.e mines are all in the Belt Park mining dis
d trict. There has bcen several new finds in
it and around the same neighborhood lately.
e John Clancey and George Seifert have
found a prospect good enough to stay with
a little while.
Some of the boys in Montana district are
doing well. Stellabras, Fitzpatrick and
Thos. Curran have packed in some high
grade ore to the smelter. It worked over
two hundred and sixty ounces to the ton.
Flow much of this ore they have I am un
able to state, but hope the boys have plen
ty of it. They are all hard workers and
deserve success.
r James Chamberlin and W. Bell have
made a new and rich find--thousand dol
lar rock. They have a big thing. It would
be well to state right here that what Is
known as Montana and Belt Park districts
are one and the same thing. If anything
Belt Park ts the oldest, as it has the first
locations recorded.
There is considerable attention being
paid just now to the Judith district. The
Pierce & Higbey is the main mine of the
camp so far. There are several other loca
tions in the camp, ba* not much work done
on them.
Running Wolf creek is attracting the at
tention of mining experts drawn towards
it just now. Three noted experts have
paid the camp a visit this week, and have
not yet returned, consequently I am un
able to state what they may think of the
place. Running Wolf is in the Judith dis
trict. Most of the ores of this district
carry gold and copper as well as galena,
and I am reliably informed that there is a
mine of free milling ore discovrred which
assays six hundred ounces in silver besides
copper and gold. Now all these outlying
camps are tributary to Barker or in fact
really belong to it, as in a straight line
there are none of them over fifteen- miles
It the outside from the C. & M. smelter,
o the whole Basin might be classed as the
Rarker minino,, rit,.rne
g To return to Barker again. All the pros
is pects for mines in the district are lying idle -
ior want of capitalzto open them. The fa
nr mous Barker mine is shut down for want
of proper machinery to work it. To prop
- eriy open the Barker mine it will take at
leash an outlay of fifty thousand dollars
With such an amount judiciously spent
would make it pay a dividend of ten thou
sand dollars per month. What better in
vestment than this can men of means re
quire ?
The Silver Bell is reported sold. Hope
it is, as I think it will open up as well if
not the best mine in Barker.
Now comes the old reliable, the famous
Wright & Edwards mine,with six hundred
feet of levels besides a tunnel two hundred
and fifty-three feet long and one hundred
and forty-one or two feet from the surface,
cutting the vein in:a magnificent body of
ore. The company are driving levels east
and west on the vein getting ,the mine in
shape so that it.canrbe worked with profit.
In sixty days the W. & B. will pay her
monthly dividends. der stock will `then
go up a booming. The hbaft is now down
ninety feet. Surface water retards the
work of sliking to a certai exent. As
soon as the rainy sea on is over th s oble
will ceas4,.
hln El- I
rt Cal
e v i l l e I . . 9 •
s, are
L. IV.
ltheG OCES
r the
'theWines, Liquors and Cigars.
i our
Iron and Steel!
Miners and Blacksmith
Tools, Iron Roofing,
12. Horse an:d MuleShoes, Wagon T'imnbers, Cooking and lieuting Stoves, Crocker
and Queensware, Tents and Wag on Covers, Sheepobco, Scc totl rcerl
SWagons, Bnckee Machli.s, y Rkes, a eo s ttler
,s| ,Piows and i Wagons, and the .genuine SING.. "
I Oustock is complete in every depaDrtmn, oht bou;ht at bottom figures direct from
Smanufacture and packers. We are fully prepared to offer our customers every induce
v mert of the market.
- Carrying as we do the largest stock of strictly pure Liquors in the Territory. We
have alwayson hand a full supply of the Celebrated Carlisle Ilume and Taylor's
" Kentuciky Sour M.sh Iand O'Donneli's Blue Ribbon "OK" Whiskeys, and Schlitz Mil
waukee Beer.
Having the largest store and fire proof warehouse in Benton. We shall transact a
general receiving and forwarding business. All Wool, Ilides and general merchandise
consigned to our care will receive prompt and careful attention.
Our Eastern buyer purchases the entire stock for four large Wholesale and Retail
establishments. Thus enabling us to meet the closest competition. Don't fall to come
and see us when you visit Benton.
Murphy, Neel Co.
ately. _
aTremredon S
s un
:5 rash ·in
dol-U F
ut is
411E¶ .mL T T
he L I
To make room for the
immense stock of goods
2 now en route from the
i East, by the first boats.
Eoe sure ada. oal C oMn
The Clothiers of Montana,
0 to
e; i aton, M0- toteontana.
JaW44wLt (Nastoor tQ SRaII of Nadthern Montana.).
$: i II

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