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The Benton weekly record. [volume] (Benton, Mont.) 1880-1885, October 05, 1882, Image 5

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( icanone of thl above nam
S• ' ' " ! a p. in. n a ,a i rst. ana - irfi
'' nt', 1, i' .'i, Ir , (t i NIt Ir
., .ni b're'thrat are (ial y in
iITi S V -.(Nl ' ' . I \V. s4.
S 'n 1. 'r g t: : .k at their
. , thit ity, b,( i :ning( bu thers .. rer
t iaa tti t .
• . :. I . . a.a- , . t o 'hti.. a .
.. N .>cieti is 'ollig ,
aF rt Ho.R2 ýtw. ceak alternate
ti i i.:u l 7 p.m. Whbathi Schiol at
jli' 'vi p r inv.ited . to tnd
'recer n# s ire `o. 1.
'"lt s u' nighit t ii :Il, at Cash
IIt .. t i L t N,. S U -
':. l r, ' -to (-, t he i lo al tad er
- D 1t' i' fl it 'which C(ihoI
:. i h.-,,b I3e.- . , { and h . h' .l
S ,.t :itr 'vIll' l .5i t'tiients 'pc
A ('ALL.
'Fi:: tar ' (1-trol ( uttnirtt'' of ('haea
." P" :n,'-t at the Court house at Sp. ra.
, ., ,- ;, r 4. for the i'urpose of w oh uint
r... .. :. y t ,C ("u 1 in.tI).ni:' .
I. C'2. C. l A il. htiir an.
"I '-. ...:.:,,'p L:. {_,,l~ al '.,unl~ te(, o {-!iFeas
, i:,m . hi n o; io wi. sell sell th ine at
a in ;f .t i ,... S it, :ra neg tia'tag
Sil 1)0 t l i1d l ei.w fet'y, from the
tti . i1., im , . t!iS y ati'\ goi,' g" to
i , i" f 1 Irry thlis i i o eto 1
i 't J0 Ali., H r Cootile : -1
,...: { Th- map O i ;tve li:lý- a .kit" 111:;,,t
,1.,- '.. l ..... sh T'in:1,. y, ,f this plate, on.
\. iI;..i: :Al' ,.' an,1 wiHl start t -', ,da.
n i ik i , rect whi ; l:u: t:11(' ex
i' i i wil i:i . thle 1ext wXIIo X i,' ,
v ,iL a11 TuOlllp1sOni Lxp)ect ito go to
Sin, whlere tXX wi ll witNtI ralD
111;::l1r:ot m ill th Pe l'ir;t : Isrn
, mi ,, lit, i i.li 'cir k toii \ ii1 2pl e- ,v1her1-e
.1 . I 0.inla :1" Xn. h] vo with thi' t a1
:.,, itit' t'i: , ;it h i;lr c(col,'i.,.ln:ln c:alm ping
;ii;. . 1; i 1'.c 'Ve' r w lhi't li .y i t:ell! to
' : lI 1111i :IM te ti .
't I; ý.an's. a. ýtb2:t r
I: !'r::ite J1udg;e e:pct.t to receive
i I, , s5 f,'1 to . i l,. 1O t liI tl he :'lh itlOll
:,, . , o:,'.t .f l "c ]IeLnton~ ofn or" a otlJ- ll
II. . f i t1hber, :ild t(1e plat \rill be
I i 1. , tri t, hi.lormi:Ition of the plu blie 0o
i" : 1111: 1 :t; 'd'y 1)re(ed31gi that
H:. Ti 1~%l:11nk u pt lit', ti0o s will be fur
::- he r 0obate , udg8e at the proper
In, ,i o. 'ficlh due notice will :pp.[r in1
i1C','Li (,ihnS of the R /C)o I.
Iml proved Appearanec.
2.e1s-. ('rain & Green have taken- out
;I:: e whih stood in the centre of their
:m le ngtllened the room in the rear
(b 1ari1g dow1 the partition between it
u:+i tl 11 1 n Ilo l j 1tt lhellind it to the extent I
',,1);, toelty feet. The taking out of
t, int1. :1otl1 greatly improves the ap
I: l. ' (f the 1)room and makes it look a
. n;,i whPlt r than before.
SLate Arrivals.
(>. (eorge 1). Patterso1i adid 11. B.
aill I arr. in e .ateon yesterdlay after
at i.ut 1:80 ,P. M. from IIeicni. Mr.
hil has boe: for the last thrlee weeks in
1t0 I'. . p:rl : f the Terr'111tory on busi
t , cni liected ithl this paper, aind also
i, pr,,t at the Territorial Fair at
IiHh,';. O(n his r(ttrIn ie met MIr. Patter
: I: they came down together to this
i il )'ir. Patterson's spring WI.goll.
T'i: 1(f .1 lehII'lt Ilst Thu.'sdlay llmorning
"I 1I A. i , stopping over last Saturday
Iurt Shaw. From Prickley Pear can
Yo,:, with 1he exception of. being very
ri.y, tile road is always good; but friom
1I' I . hrk to Fenton, they found the rottds
xU. Iing1y had, more esp(ecially at the
, I. whih ws at dead pull :11ad the worst
;!lt , thei road(, and1 where they passed
eH(Ilna c1o0:1(h whi1h arrived here late
it Xvening. They fell in with Col. A
x:,,rI C. Botkin travelinIg i11 his own
,i: de vouIyaney , n1(d they all eau1to
et h r "t o ot.,, . . o
Ilor: Abouat Prairie l'irei.
Ti. rug-est, M1r. M. A. Fihllagal, re
1,1 I), t, Inltoll last Jighlt atter having
n , -bs,,t t Vw weeks. H1ie weout .owrni
i, h , !oIt on t[l( .2i:- souri ri.er to
PLt, I(, o I ti'est eamer Butte. 1ie says.
t t1n i i- wa to P-,ky v Pointithe saw
Iarge lres raging ill tle distaute, l-robably
1. 1,1 "2i mil,:s off, on01 ighwood and in
ti 1, ,1Ju1ith l[olanltains4 which wel' onlyI
IIu11 out by the late ruins. 1 The stockm uei
lf thI Warm Springs district sent men out1
t liII't the fires, and who -partiailvy sue
I.IdId iu plttihg them out wiihli their
owv,1 stockl range before the beginning .of
I ' Fa )I ..ta' _~ ii~l
jMtii v Xe .x: 1ýýo. Jiia!' Sodtd thirty
Th'e p1'0 liitt i0 that w~itijil 11h0
llie t tl iiit- t1 l i w l not. i-4j 0';? ill
_jtr)'i e';u' ' 'on.l;
'1 hf) lhita: That P'hil (:oi-w' Oi de n 011te }o
I) \-stoil iu'lf ha11 i' cpaucircli, ant thliex ai
n104 11i good we '0i_ C'i'codr I rOni Ihenton
iii 001111d of fi _(11 . IN . 1.1j'."..1 i ix 4
lu~oin~c at Moph No.el A-(o. with i; i
liillit'h It ia aoi i') toso 1'e t-I
211 01fg .1rtu
r 1'. ltd . 1 :aiili 1> 110W loading a tltti;·u.;i
M('.~~~~ rc i;r~hNe ( o. w ith a1)oeil
1 i0,t)() ht0o I U t i '1 inui ii lls" ioi
'00 0't . iee \"1 0 1 11''Vrl 1111+':t! t lo Ist 1 le-11
I1 i Wiitoy i.'B '1' 1 i"~ 11(1110)1.il f '
]tie r eiteh of 111(1 ih i B )ise, of11
11 (1 I) ltO `.' 1'1 h1 11. ii111'ilt ltild'd wi) 1)
:+1'. t .t ;r ( li 'lifu .ili tne fo) tileý1 till
r heracho :1l. " i Brr- o Iig1
( 11('5 .
Si'o'll~\ l iii I ; ''onlkeflint a> Gin:.- Wa' pro-il.~
j ~~'* Iti WaSit~l~c
-id'] 'i. 1). U t'ei i n a fo 0110 1:' ) l) 0 1i1
FC t ti -C i P i(7 to s ie i ý a
twi le tl at- iuv (1 ,1 0 11i% 0.-'n ii t heir'. xvif-l
to13 1tl tiooal i 0-a(i1 te toa.) tIV 0
-i'):_i u - 7,.fOt i 'i)tlatl! i '1 t "iit eor the'o-0)
i' ('otsh tIeli''''I ulPwthl
Sa i 2 r tieilleft~i at:10 ti ,t 111t'' ~ 011 i''
Cr 1't -'r ti,1 iat.i n that : a4 Iii' thl jON
coe0ting i long S'flu- liinr it. i '-i(17 1vn1orl'
eve tciix it I.(111 0., tile s 11110111g he wasri oi
suddenltiy sealtet1p'i ta to gi aithi catile
gre tit. hxis I(a-OSla Ntean e1:7 1 .10 mold
fri t '' r. U tt-i i 1V' it Oi(Tl (o.Ait e imat'f to stmii:
I)1If ci pdrtctl.''1' " en itI ithy te is now I
A ilcAi t 1 u iii) 111 Igi ell. i to t Mesrs It i .
B:k, (i Cu, , "1)..0' Pots of f'e-ie - wago
I gli- S :101 11 t''' yiV l - ' 1 oi 1Xiy 01'1100 l alii I
j liie lrih otit 1 111 1).(';a t hl'~ et Stel lt,
t'`a tt'e- e:;tS
erFrWsviiti o$ti ptei
I S llr rier. 'hu !lur i;illr InInid
I to (l:) :1 1. li k('r ci '()'.-''are wus
In o!'tde t a:iti1 l.i d , :!nid "prvent('
his rive, l: 0ioi 41i : ii sl1 bei.4 i ale tle
ýjct u, a jai.c '.-l iavEsti"gatlion, fair.
(co. ). t) t lp' a i guilty to two co0n
1H!i.t :1S bro iT'ilt iga ,t L lit 1 to-dai 4 in the
irobatie C(urt, .li JuIdge Taftan resoerved
hiis leci.i',, utii ht ca · ciltlirle 'furtherl
inoi the acu :I 1. t i I
"lThe \ entof , he 'ia.aen acia1-L(:le, i
-Ti e Jewish fieas ' ,f the tbernacles, cal l
(eln n He:rew t'Sutccotlli,' (booth) cont
lnilloced y 'sterdoaV cvCnitg at .sunset an I l l
will coi ntl!ini uiil niet' Tuesr' at tlhe
sttne tinlt. Tht lIi:t:?e cf ilit Jast day of
thie tht is in He1- rc-et] t:ic "aIoshan)i
hiabb.ea ' I' is time i.j = of t . t he tl)'4e ,gr't ii
tlnnutlf feasti s ins titut,..! 1,v }.,o e. whichi,1.
required the ! s.i'thlibiv of, all the I.srael
ites. i elittic s, chapd. - 23--34h.to 44thi
verses--the it(ar!d tolt Moses to (Collanll
all .Israelite to keep the 15rh tol, the
Sl day of the 'ti mlt1)1,4 (Tish'i) whichh
correspoinds witll Ocider, as a "holy coli
vocation,'' land that they were to tdo io
servile work on the sl.t 1and 8th dtays; 'a nrl
during the interval tley were to fibr tiup
certain offlrii,'s .and .s.4at'ites; and they
were a.io to tiwt4l1 in booths male of
1irlI1ches of trees, especially of palmus and
willows, itl coniumemnoration of their so
dwelling in the wilderness after their de
parture fromi0 Egypt ; a1dl( it was also to bo
with themli a '.ieast of harvest thanksgtiviig,
i1nd all the Israelites were told at the time
the fe.itvasis instituted, "It shall he : stat
utle forever in your generations." Iti is
generaily observed by the Jewish people l
as a feast of rejoicing andl thanksgivig ail
over the worl d . iWhen the Jews were 1
nation, in posCsession of .Judea, tl!hey as
seml.led yearly it Jertusalemi to.observe it
and (during its celebration they dwelt ii
tents and arbors minade of leafy Ioiughs of.
trees, oand it wasV 4.oerved with glitat dem
onstrhtions of joy, aold numerous satnri
liees were offbre'd lp during its continu
The Belt Creek Bridge.
Theo contract for the construction of the
Bolt creek bridge has. been awarded to
Messrs. Griffith & Caldwell. Mr. Griffith
is anl experiencd Lengintleer ani d was one of
the contractors of te New York eleVated
railway, sonie of the features of which we
are p)leased to notice have been introduced
in his plans and speci hications for the I}elt
creek bridge.
The entile 'eICngih Iof bridige, approatli(hs
Iiot inc'lu('ed, will be 242 feet. There will
b two 41-fo-ot spans :eross the in it chali
ncl, and the i.ltnd will be covered with
Stiestle bitIs, the piCrs -ousisting of a crib
work' Of tiumber. The bridge roidwa
will be sixte.en fcee wide,* and the heighth
of broid;g foim `utin-,g beam1s1 inel 'it.i
Tie 4 1i of th(.' 100, t' till be qUite tweiUtyi
feet above ,low- watitr anik, 1and ta peculiar
anchorage sCed in tlhe N1'ew RXork elevated
raiJlro t strulurl'e will beh introduced with
ood eflect ill this conit aNt. A flange tni d
to exteind titl:'r ivay ol' ;eachiinga teedg,
Spreparem d to ((ure. . it. I1o rS i str ig an
ý.h,)a1ge, an t(d, tbhe c'n4ectioiln reachig ig
the 1411) of the 1r idgc ' will sustain tlie
orut 4uiO 1egaiii :nay ctrrent that m'Iaye <
bIrouiollt agiinst it. The cost of the bridgt,
,il1 be tii." five htilndret.d i)llal's, which I
i a i low 1sun1 for t stritctuti of 0 li kiii lui
..iu the tItiopel 01r enheerinCgt skilt of 11e w
cot"tractors w'ill enable them to mak-i
o i 0 "tile doing a work creditiaile to
iiomnselves 4114 the (ounty.
4; -
t oaanaittio-ic, * :. ceIiut
iIhe Boarti of ('ou~ti 1FiSioitis 'vwe ie it
sessioul ýes;'-tia 111(1 tieateil uip all the
Itoh uniiishiuig ti,'ttiet's of the sp'ssitt. W
]- iB it crt-ek were opeiitl they were as;I
foiktas :
it .1. uowt, .$1 , t : a1 tol & \a. itl,
47 (100 (3i; riffithu & ('aidweh' 4,II5400.
' iTih Iatter- lu0p0oltl was' a('ee" te·, andtt it
;- was Or :~it'reJ thant a c'ontrat t, he( t'Ittered i~n
il.` I i ti etti t it (iitUi It 1 ' III' g (h'I iaud
l'Eltrth it ;or -hoot jl I ctrit' It bl (Itkil
tl l v i' j,ý; 1 eit' l,- :tn l 'to tl"t-i id th't a i 1
It ir ite to wili f eii .t·ni f)Ie
· lelli.t-UHf eth ji'ir. U~t i4vt'itJi miiieti
r1 i'tit tit! 0t1 ,t ~ ttt 1)i ~1 ie-. tat Bi lls
r{ X 't'N tY-~ '1 i' ItI~OV'.1 10 Bt tt lo Ro i.t e as
tXV llez"t i.adug it " t'tt o ("tlaiui & tt wm i th 1
P re. . titt I·. ii Mar i ji n uges. A . ut i~' t> grllt, M
ii li o' kii
i oA't'tt~ :II'tt i .. (;utr IU u itiiut : tIt .
- i . B ue0t , k, J. S . (4:'hltr' tiRt , Wl '. I t. 'tit tl . 1
(I' tt t Biver, at. A. M.laocka 1w, dge-ito
l ht i'tiii t ete1 I 'it'-, ''o. 0! 1iiiu n iu ii g', . JTB.
(- !i-oil
F rtý ( i t atl i , at ' i' i )l & t. '-. ti e- .J (irt Ii
-' )ept elas (te-, Toi. Burn. Roh. Sy urt
- I B')ge : 1(. ( . 'tinl t . E ( a. Ct I 'sti
ti Ieniie s n
Siatt) lti, a i ~not Ja. A 'its'--J dges
Jut i" 'a l 't* I (in. Jiie i~ttitJo-fly T'ittek
1 -~iJiiii ,t .1Vttgl ieotxt.i
r Mdttiels tlit III Stlt atit'--Jlt lt'I s teat'.
I~i th ji ht(
t L' hatowe t 'I.'Ive at J. S (,aeltititel
. i i'
Fiat0 (' unte, a t (';uirho 'srnthIn~g
- ( t i t . A.a E rt
( ild r(IHgs y, tccioieiat n o t& I 1i,'Iot'l-t
Gi "uton.
'I,.1e)' il 1e 'oa-ch woas dei.ayed yestl.rtlday
by the br,:ki4 i of an ::xe. near I)arborn,
about (i' , >i1.s froim [el(ena. 'lThrough
tihe kiinlls and c( ertsyv of a gent lela
livi!ng a shor.t tIis:tneeolm a wagon was
'I 'ocured, :rnl p1)ssesger41s,-mnail and( freight,
)pro0'ee led ot.: iheir wy iVn it h'aIving thae
broken ,\v1n stige onI .the spot where the
eiCCidit ea.t:'redI, andl they arrived in
Beutono aibout e9 e'loet k last night notwilh
staRning their mishlap.
From Fridays.Da ly.
The Missouri river ha riset two inches
sine vster, hy t>N o>1 11g.
. Major Li i>ol aanl Dir Bickfo)rd letft or
Fort Belktup i l)a priv.ae eonveyanee.
They dou nt expect to _et ro their desti
natio a unlil irext Suilliay'evehnillg.
Li et. (CB.. JIardin, of the 18hih U. S.
[nl:antry, with ten men, nrrived in Bentoin
tlhis i)lorning fIrom Fort ASsi;naloii.e. 11i
goes 0to worik soon rep.'rig the telegrapih
lines between here and that post so as to
have it in goad( order ifr next winter.
Mr. H. L. PowVrs, the agent for lhe Beli
ton.& Ilele>la Stage Colmplany, received
two lehters lately fromt the brother and sis
ter of Mr. Firank Pomeroy, both of themli
tha;king'hiim in the kindest mnaller-for
the nare :li iterest which he had taken
in their ibrothir, and cheerfully assuming
all pecuniary- obligations which he already
has taken or may hereafter take in his be
half. The first letter is from Toronto and:tl
the other f'rom cObli'ug, Canada. Mr.
Pomeroy has beeni lying very ill with ty
Ihoid fever fo tr he last three or four weelfs,
in the alley upon which the brewery is
situated and itmmediately adjoining it.
NBenetoliýS Nei Post-Offlice ITllaiterials.
The fiollowig nimaterials for our new
pohat-o ite, M r. M. A. Flanagan, Postmras
ter, were brought up the I-isson'ri river by
the steamer i lehitiia as tar s Wolf Point
'1 ael were the(l ieaitsferred to the steamer
:lltte aui( wre v by .r tbro0lught upl to
i iider's Lai>hngi, aind they are now being
I transpported to Beuton by Messri . Reunie
& TIhomp.'tisoi'i tc::nn and their arriv41 is
expected withi(i lite next !ten (Tihys. T'h(ere
are 7i lock ix',-s with bronze, ft.ronts at
tlhe; d to w .rlen box, .;' .are ,lazed anih j,
ati.er' o t. e i44 2.el pilion sh laied
with iblc.'k, a-in t 1 e4' lf box lt. .1 te..hlar
Sait.e '1. k- witho tlhree keyv s tl. eaclh d loc' , i
wirt, the keys of no two boxes iihier-|ha isg
able; 143 .: I1 l Ioxtos .rti1h si.'li salshesr
g thlze wiri d.tubl "e lthi--k i'e-t'ii gltass and ak
anuinieried o n.tie .gts in he samie stye .
it` iar na wil tt . .-.tm 'ut ril- as the lock
-a lti etn +ix,, e, , nea:i y lS _ i- e' l ( la) the top
anýI bth sides; two de3 dryv v>.i>ketsl; ioe
m-' y aud| tl i s t _) ). hi , rr:aliw',i, ,o' : o'f 10[
-il.t'l lets s a "'aI hlod; l ock r,1e sige. ,.f 1'5oi1id
broitlzi, witI r.ihed breze. he;ter, on ton
,amleled b ,kg,' u)d, tog dl-er wire i,,ier i
'.'s d paper h'o)i7s, ,i,,inerI work, doors, '- run- E.
.ers. ' mne, ( rderi' Unt l-,e.rtd'<rt'"d letter.
(o(4(1>l>1 r I. 4 Ai 0:- t'he. ao)0ve metl;tiolie (
things alt.4 th- very thafilt 1nteri'i!:, make
anid dsri r1ptioii ~, .
. .-. . . " -. . "
4i*n of the Ltrget Hvýsineis Iaou seu s
in .; eioiRl.
e Anvece wvishi.g to purchase groceriCes,
e li'quors, cigars, clothing, dry goods, Fish
fBro's. w;igols, both farm alnd freight,
Mc.t: or:i ck ae's r and mowers, Browne
Ssulky plows, Taylor's hay rakes, should
cadl on W. S. Wetzel. They also have
a Iarge assortment of cutlery, crockery,
gl1assware, and 1ooils and shoes. Their
t -stock of faucy an:d staple groceries is cx
1-ceptionally jine, and l was s-leeted by the
very best of judiges fro, thl finest stocks
in the eastern markets, am1 the house is
j prepared to offer special inducements l to
n; rch'hors, anl at prices that will make it
1o the incerest of everyone to buy of them.
1t )Th4 also do a large storage, forwarding
ait l co()l4) 1sion )us.ness, and, Will pl)y the
ttst pr'ni1es for robes, skins, fur's and p11]
(; ur V 3uddy Srcetse
1. We disclaim ily intention of wishing t1o
1ind faulit ithl our present County Comi
Inlsioners, but :t thl5e 5sae' time we econ
e('ie it to be our d uty to call their at teiI
tion to thy miserably nmuddy condition of
our str!eets. 'T'here is not a city or town in
Montan1011 whit'ere better inatural advantages
Sare preselted for ,d'rainage, yet the streets
of Benton ale a disgrace to any co!n
mlullily. The money paid out yeariy for
oct(' r's b)ills, the result of ld1:i4i aiinai ge,
wOthil more thall pay the expense of p4ro
perly drlainilnig the streets of the town.
Amlongst o11l' citizenls are a n1umber of the
(s(Sl (Civil elngineers iil Milontan., aicd t[le
- people. of Belltoll, a!i(i also of C(hot e:u
1C'ounty1, 0woulId c:iieerf,.lly sustai ii tlhc
('t(-ounltv Co!milissioners in having the
s.teeets (draili.d-nuneil preferring thlat
mlnethiod of spelding money t1 o tha:t of p.1:1 -
ing d(octor bills.
Fronm S4atlurl4ay's dai ly.
The Hlelena stage pa sed Si;n River at 5
o'clock this morning awnl will 1)10rob:1)l e
in B,'nton late this c('wning.
_ Messrs. Cr3ne (; ('reein hI1:-l a lI-w cou('011)
er', 81111 h.4: e .also . a 1new 1'\ r d14 i rectl (
over t!heir o e' . 01 1
Any one wishigilg to know the price 1 f
hbuftalo overcoats. will please call upon Mr.
W . B. Setl.le, at his 4),ftic' du'ri.ng' )usines.
- 'ir. WV. S. Wetzelc ame v'ery 1Ie.1r bciiig
- I '(logged" out of to-vn this mornlliing ly
.one of W'. 1. 't li]'"s thioroluglihrel d .at
s terrieri's.
ThI e Rev. M r. .. Mills con tenplates
bIlihlling ia new 10 larson-ae and 1 elhodistl
1 u-11'ch in Benton 5soon11, l1nt; prol.1:)1y not
Shctlfore 0It4xt sp)l'illg.
.Judge Lyttle left C;arlisle', lKe'ltdcky,
TI',e.:d' " week, .Sept. itlh, aln i., 'X :'c.ted
i o alrrive in Boatn1 every (lda. 14iabg'h it
S lln-,'!litll 141' X'11ey lilt lc e ll l' 4.e ]0 ll al O (
fis unticer'tain by '.vihichi 10111(' he may coInw('. i'
A p ri'ty ofI l:t.iies an11! genIt l42I11i spentE
last v'Oni very dlea.1.8tly lW)liny ll" g whi'-t.
The game41 is one whiiCh mst scto_, at It( t!1^idant
(by des'tined to lbecollme .lie .of the n-%st
ft shiona!)hb* pastimles in t-il clilct of uei ton.
Mr. T. C. i ;te ! arriv'il last i Satt1rlty
4j f1) io i'01t Naeleat , 'and is at the Chottan
house. lie his been for 5om)1' [line inl the
Blritisth .NorlthweIi t '-ri't:r-iory, ian Ise 41W'
on his way ba,-k to his h.ime hin Torointo,
Apropos lo the gradl,4t "1 bloilm " iII 1:1b1ieS
hi11-h is "lo'w taking 1Pl1iet i BeInto l '.1cer
laill ('el)bratoil plhyslcllialns say that ilhei
crying souht not bIl reelO).seds, as the con
sequenes of doing 0so mig'ht resuilt in t heir
hav ing l t. Vires dance or Iits.
r. N. A. Lewis' 0out1it consist. 11 igo.f
4four teams with lnnle yoke of oxen, and
three wlagons each, came iinto Blentoln yes
terday with 13,000 feet of lumber for
Messrs. I. G. Baker & Co< from Mc3Adow
& 1 'xter's saw mi ll at Maiden.
Mr. Louis Gross, 4,ho lkeeps the ',iuin
gle" s''looln on Frolnt sti'eet, hts formed .
par1'tnership withi Mri. L. iil. Lob:u 4d in
the saloon business, under tthe firm 1lmine
of Gross & Lombard, 11141 thle 11-11e of the i
saloon inov kept by Mr. Gross, is to be
changed tothatof "Dan's Place.",
A F'arewel- Screlnalle to Col. Deltany.
The Bentoln String Band hearing that
Col. Mic4haeiel hany, of tihe I. S. Quatrter
master Departmnent, intended leaving Ben
toil this morninilg onl the Helen coIch, on
his waly to his home in thile East5, 1gave him
a farewel'l seronade in whih4 they ae crluit
ted themselves very creditably md .par-i
tleularly so, when it is considered that this
5is the firsttime they he 4 ver played inX01 .1.
public, and owriang to the absence of Mr.
Geo(rge Thin, Mr. Jeff Grosbeck phi0ed41
the second violin instead of his usual in-1
strument in the band, the cla'rionet, and
Mr. McDonald had pr114.1iced bhit it~thl up-41
on tlhe bass violin.
The follo1wicng are the1. ni4mes o" thie gen
Stlemlen w1ho played at tile- e'renl1de5:. ,
11erman uOrentlhe', first violinist; • Jeff.
Grosbeck, second violinist; Pete 1(
SDonald,- bass viol I.
The following pieces, wei'e p]av.-- 1y4
them: , "
Silver City $chottisch.-L.oi.enze.
Galop, Orpheus il Hall' b Hettl.
S altz.---by Waldinna . '.
Waltz.--by MIueller. 1
I Waltz.-by Zikoft, (Greetingl to War
Greetings - from ITonL.--y ,osuphI
Galop Waltz.-by Loreinze.
Love 1Waltz. i
SMocking lBird Quadrille:. .iby i liner.
iGelriral Quadrill'.i >
The m1usicians werre frequently )app1ilud
ed and11 in addition t the abp-ve pi cc.s, i
flave,"d 'eve4'al others as eul'c0tl's,. "
Col. L)ela;ny dtturing his srtay in this .~"oi- I
munitv htis made for himsel a' ho-t o4 .
XwXarm fr1iends who regret ex(ceding'iy ' is
departure from uin" mnst, and exiend to
hi1 therl'sih-ere wishes fbr a 'afe jouri'ey 0
I n R1u- happy mtteetil)ng with-m.! of his- f",r,'n.da Is
i'd relati' ves1jl the Eh1,ast
i lS ' ul l it Jll sotiEii. ,'
I ht~t Mondayv againtSt Jones; & isr; i1 for '
O ~(00 din gwe l; reason o th .kfalur
to PuillflI theiir CoiLctt o built thid r lodge"
Snrout street, w i~hich: .Uýv°r a e lb !
dofiteid(ts uudert{rooi to Ib:'w u together c
with a store room folri Ir. WS,. =toeki i
co-jointly ii th s8anR cieiccfie
S C:-CEdgerton for t ic p1 urui f'
W n &l.i ,t e
}. ; trmi n M"ntrefortj fen aks; "
1~ ~ ~ i il~ae emt ~ tIi ciis 1
"l7 ni; 1'opierlo V %.neif i'tui 'iC~i' .1.'
Ii l''tt +iid (o .'s stow' uon t1elrt 1iest cor
Kitcr of F ront and Baker streets contemt
c plate inal-kint a side walk on i be north side
ii of :lakcr streeot to thei biuffs, bt ai~e as vet
C undccided as to wiatt inateri al is shall beC
' made of. TIhc wx ill also make a sstrong
'';effourt to have scwer-s madce along this
_pavcitmentýllIeh, If md w1ind ill 4rain all
ei of the jleoer v ifro Al'rnoii t Baker
StreCC, and wxincO -i also protsect the
Si 01f~ iioprt n . it ie~o 1100~11(31 frotaker'
') street to the 10IYcr resevtlo. in this
tt coniQ netionw ''i-Il~i1 suggest~..that the in
strmt on ci tie c raid jurx'y to tsoe count,
j ctsmisiner a.=U)the l~di''i' of a side-!
C 1val11 fron1 t[e wart 11005U to the jail, be
li hile' .'l'; o5)f) oh (1)5 fhe trustees
I1v'a'i-i once albZr~sel to contii'e th e xvalk
Slngteiicool lirope 'ty ýir W.1. Wet
z I u and other owners of iropnd along
- that street xxiil a'ravei ft'citn thme end of tlCii
- wlk to til utffs. -
tF oll ;Jooda 't! dri '.__
\A iit tise tis paper ývf t 1 o hl'e 1ss, the'
4 al~ 5:011 511 tc-V 1OiiiViI'Su
i N r. i Jelin \ h I ý, '+x ho 1 015 S be 12.. -
1Sf'Vernl[) ihtlho1 01"' -ist to his~ friendus in
- P~tifts11 100 + 'ailtrA a)* iti:lC lii
NM1* Jopi 'n laivaao dlIPvoedu t-dais to
*'t"5. I. (. linker 0C CO(,six very line
t( stockl eli·, oi liis own'iS neil, to 1he sent
O I. i' 'i ot
I ,1
Ir 11111'-..&id it -iiue s~i')u (li +1:ur ''treek
lie 11:: the 1n ' liquor of ctload in
(o' I) an ii I lioith ;tit tols .ntletuir , righ.It
. et. ii : I i o i who
1 1' Want I \ 01 a t i
('o isl ni i ult tIi-o l l:tat , l s h
I' '( i n{' ha )'e Fli-f
Oct 1,lt:= a l very ý leg'r' ui v £osS'l
iii Ii hem ',' lih 1i' i ea1te sin el'
-11 )1SXjiIl-)SIj
i'eIlt ii 1 0)1 i-ui I Ssf(isa~j '?'Z= ''4i n o5' 1)+') f i l
nie11 1'11lans t> ý (Sienit01 e' stal t
X5i i t- i
j 'iii - .s, 1)'liteci i~iiirxc' - etlnt d 'Owni - h
lOl<eit fij iO~+.ti 11 0111 good fo 1' It S ili,
l~iae (SI. 'l Sia 01 \ie aolf c'reek, an
wil t'( e~i 00 1!110 1 I..1; n i n x
I C'tstial Ilorst;ig to týe ; E fl Oery
(ina. ' II :i ( iha Le in ipartner
s.i'l. a cn y o ",.h ilan dr:, op:l Io-ie ., tur
phy, Ael & Coi . { O ,n Fro!it street. Ah Toi'(o
has been a re:ltdent of this coutltry for a
little o''er .eihteeil yeari , mor0C thl:ti two
yVaCrs cf I Whic he has litVd in Beiton, and
the 'reminlecri of thcjime in S:'i. Frtancis
co: i)uriin)g the tiihe lie has sojourined in
tihis country e h:ias returned to China four
times an lihe is now Coing back for the
tlifth time. ":tod i-s luiertattn , iether he will
ever return g'oin to this counti or not,
but will be governed by circumtances in
that respect after he returns to China,. le
expects o go tirect from Benton to San
1 Franctisco, and there take cne of the
ocetan steameris to Hotg hoog nd from
thence to Canton, and there he wvill emn
bar1,k c one of tihe bots pceuniir to thatp
eountry ai go tup) the C:inton river about i
500 mies to iis ,al-, ie plhec, . Woan Boo, al,
town of about 3,000i icltobitants, iw
mediately upont) the river, and in the Pro
vinee of Canton*. and where ho expects to
arrive about the tenth of next Novemnber.
The Hapgoid Pinwl'.
The ittention of all ranchi tnein-pr'epartoig
for fail plowing is called to the f iapgood
walking, riding, stituing, and breaking
plows, to be fountd ittthe house of Messrs.
'T. C. Power & Bro. Thet itapgood sulky
Splow wihith Is 12x14 t-nd 1n inch stirrhing
and breakinkg tt:elihmeniits is the snmtlest, -
lightest, strongest, and ctheapest plow inii
the market. It is built entirely of steel,
wrought lnd t malleable iron, and is war
ranted to draw ligilhtel evet a driver, tian
any wal king plow ma.de, as lhas been
proven inii h drcds of field tests. It can
not get out of reder, is easier "on itnrses,
a01d does its work better than any o:.her s
plow known to thei tadle - lso ai c implete e
line of cxtV s :atn :l'wa t bet found at it
I .I rs. T. C. Power & ' ro.'s sto"e. The
very best walking plows t re the jiapgoodv e
sitirrers ui'tdTroike-s. T.'i'liev ail have the t
:itcin - ctuvei st:indard hic t rentidert I i
thet twice as strong' :ashe lows ,ofot'herti
,In atl I t! t' i. Ti'.e-- ' i, kinnmi t theml
ait tole hot ::lf-'' i't·i ' S li' a''' l on .- '
Jmi ph -' 1' ''ice' +.nil e '.
. . , i- . f ' r g I'm l fc
dI (po :chin , : Pl f.rved in.i the very be ct
otyleo should'all ato fh.i' dlp.icctisc. , Mrs.
ohl reshlent of ,i''iip i. liuvinn'e bse, here
fo'r dne l:t: .eti 'ven years, had i. is ellI
t:{:,.vtIo 't his eoauaiUnfty,, and ,conbse
iuentiv lyas a ýerv -,l,,e i]d1_. dine run
or co touln, 't-)l t(n in average fe+_tls fl'om
1. : t . l ) er s ) .' . evert) 'al- wh 5 1 ;:h may
i.upon n iibih mt :i beifotuiHtvlit(he very in.t of
toodh.Fin :ii 01 tifthe dt.licaick"411 inthei -sea,
I son .'h¬ i plinee -,! business i er.eotre is
[ crowded _very day froms 5i o'lock il the
morning utttil eighltto dlock in1tie voxen
"inug. ,-ie hetr :t. 'll
-i JouxN T. )TrtuRLY.. SuL.Ut i:.. 3 W. W. IflcaoGIs. E. G. MAcLJA.
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Ihon and Steel!
l •
iMiners and Blacksmithl,
Tools, iron Roofing,;
• TI N W.AR E,
1 .1ose :!and1 iMur Shoes, Wagon Timbers, Cooking and IIeatiig Stoves, Croikery
Iitl Q(ueenswar, :tl' ts and ýV agon Covers, Sheep Tobacco, Schuttler
Wagons, Buckeye Machines, Ilay Rakes, fIarrows, I)rags,
l'lows anid W :a'ons, and the genuine S[NGER
(i.nrr stock iS (.olplet in every depal)Irmneit, bought at bottom tigures direct from
inýualItfLtu .ad p:akers. We are fully prepared to oflter our cVstomnersevery induce
- w ie f lth m,'uarket.
I • i". . as , - e do the icargest stock of strictly pure Liquors in the Territory. We
-l have always i' l hiland a full supply of the Ceiebratedl Carlisle Ilnume and Tayloi's
i.el. n, !i:h and O'Donnell%> Blue Ribbon "O'K" Whiskeys,and Schlitz Mil
- ttankee r.
IIlvitng the largest store and lire proof warehouse in Benton. We shall transact a
gener:• reaviv.:and torwarg" " business. All Wool, Ilidtes and general merchandise
t iind _ "ur ,'ar will receive !prompt and careful attention.
r .lstern Uiii r pi.chaies the entire stock foi0 four large Wholesale and Retail
esta:bli hment. TI.n., . enabling us to meet the closest competition. Do.i't fail to come
I me 'ec asc ' h' u; ii Vy~ sit Benton.
Murphy, Nee Co.
y . . Aic nz g/ & CO.
Aind BeaIeters in
We are in receipt of a large and cQmplete stock of goods consisting of
Dry Gooda: .Notitou, Groceries, DrDug.sB~oos anid Shoes, Cloth.
itig, Hats an Ca(~,p I.Iardware, Woodenware,
" Crickery, Ilarne§s, -·Tool Socks and
ITwine, Tents, tWagon SheetS,
,r.We have, on hand nidt to arrive a: larger stock that! ever )before. Ranclhmen and
Stoikmen are respectfully invited to examtine our goods andl prices before pur
.ihsing esewhere.
ForrT Swt, M. T'.sJune 1, 1832.
. J. H. McKnight & Co.
* ACI eCit. ip HMr. lvI.rro.1.
NMr. Malcomn1 Morrow, Sr., was riding, a
spirited black mare on Front street and
carrvin'i a1blooi1 at the seime time. The
broof friglhte,,'d her so much that she be
ga~un cirling arond-, and in doihg, so the
cinchi of his. :addle broke and he was
thrown in the good soft muddy hole just
in front of Messrs. Kliensclinidt & Bro.
store. The old gentleman is very hard to
throw, and he would not have beetthrownr
at all had not the cinch broken, and this is
about the only instance on record where
the cinch everd-sid break with him.
MON IRE-BI.CCICHO\-In Fort Bantun, at the
house of Loui iSourassa, on Sundlay, October 1st,
1S82, by the Rev. 8S. C. iBlackiston, Carrolton
Terry Monroe to. Marriance Bluchon.
By buying at dealers',prices. We will
sell you any article for family or per
sonal use,.in any quantity at Wholesale
Price. Whatever you wanit, send for
our catalogue (free) and you: will find
it there, We carry in stock thie largest
variety of goods.in the United States.
a227 & 229 Waash Avenue, :Chicago, .
ho.gi H i IM rin, 80 h-11
lhese Rains are froxi the flocks of some of
the best breeders of Thoroughbred
Sheep in the United States.
* The Merinos were
rýed by i .ne. 6eoo. Campbell,.
Of Verm iut, i ord are Cspeceally adapted to-the cli
mate of Montan., because of their comparative
freedom from wrnu 1t1e and grease, or yolk.
Our ranch is seven miles from Fort Benton, where
we shsll be pleased to see all parties interesteds in
-thoroughbred sbcep.
ItfCorrespoundi4e solicited.
oARI GilBsON & 8O$.
Fort lentcn, Jun 1,1881, ws

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